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3M Electrical Products Division

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
10730523M Electrical Products Division00072Scotch Vinyl Color Coding Electrical Tape 35, 3/4 In X 66 Ft, GrayCall for Price.Details
9564753M Electrical Products Division06296Mounting Base (Bagged) 1" X 1" 05400706296$82.88Details
9396003M Electrical Products Division09656Scotch Rubber Mastic Tape 2228, 2 In X 10 FtCall for Price.Details
10582323M Electrical Products Division10810Scotch Vinyl Color Coding Electrical Tape 35, 3/4 In X 66 Ft, RedCall for Price.Details
9694863M Electrical Products Division10828Scotch Vinyl Color Coding Electrical Tape 35, 3/4 In X 66 Ft, WhitCall for Price.Details
10268853M Electrical Products Division10836Scotch Vinyl Color Coding Electrical Tape 35, 3/4 In X 66 Ft, BlueCall for Price.Details
9868453M Electrical Products Division10844Scotch Vinyl Color Coding Electrical Tape 35, 3/4 In X 66 Ft, YellCall for Price.Details
9943343M Electrical Products Division10851Scotch Vinyl Color Coding Electrical Tape 35, 3/4 In X 66 Ft, GreeCall for Price.Details
10407123M Electrical Products Division10869Scotch Vinyl Color Coding Electrical Tape 35, 3/4 In X 66 Ft, OranCall for Price.Details
9658933M Electrical Products Division10885Scotch Vinyl Color Coding Electrical Tape 35, 3/4 In X 66 Ft, BrowCall for Price.Details
10816593M Electrical Products Division11271Scotch Vinyl Color Coding Electrical Tape 35, 3/4 In X 66 Ft, ViolCall for Price.Details
10182703M Electrical Products Division11954Write-On Wire Marker Dispenser$44.34Details
10231203M Electrical Products Division121743M Scotchcode Wire Marker Tape Dispenser Std-0-9Call for Price.Details
9095973M Electrical Products Division1301X10FT1 In X 10 Ft (25 Mm X 3 M) Linerless Ethylene Propylene Rubber$9.17Details
8543573M Electrical Products Division130C2X30FTLinerless Rubber Splicing Tape 2" X 30' Splices &Amp; Terminates Wire &Amp; Cable$44.01Details
8788643M Electrical Products Division130C34X30Linerless Rubber Splicing Tape 130C 3/4"X30 Ft$18.32Details
8188463M Electrical Products Division130C34X30FTLinerless Rubber Splicing Tape 3/4 In X 30 Ft$18.32Details
7576953M Electrical Products Division1421XRIDId Extended Range Marker Ball Telephone 80611142193$26.67Details
9938693M Electrical Products Division1601Scotch Insulating Spray 1601, Clear, Net Wt. 12 OzCall for Price.Details
9725663M Electrical Products Division1602RScotch Insulating Spray 1602-R, Red, Net Wt. 12 OzCall for Price.Details
1035493M Electrical Products Division17003M Temflex General Use Grade Tape 3/4" X 60' Vinyl Black$1.82Details
1035503M Electrical Products Division1700CBLUETape Vinyl Blue 3/4" X 66'$3.64Details
8488083M Electrical Products Division1700CGRAYTape Vinyl Gray 3/4" X 66'$3.42Details
1031223M Electrical Products Division1700CGREENTape Vinyl Green 3/4" X 66'$3.42Details
8273043M Electrical Products Division1700CORANGETape Vinyl Orange 3/4" X 66'$3.42Details
1039253M Electrical Products Division1700CREDTape Vinyl Red 3/4" X 66'$3.62Details
1035523M Electrical Products Division1700CWHITETape Vinyl White 3/4" X 66'$3.42Details
1035533M Electrical Products Division1700CYELLOWTape Vinyl Yellow 3/4" X 66'$3.42Details
9964693M Electrical Products Division171033323/4 By 60Ft Black Electric Tape$2.66Details
9479613M Electrical Products Division21296Scotch Vinyl Mastic Pad 2200, 6 1/2 In X 4 1/2 InCall for Price.Details
7772543M Electrical Products Division2170Fusion Splice Protective Heat Shrink Sleeve &Amp; Ss Rod$3.71Details
7730503M Electrical Products Division2178LLExtra Large Fiber Otic Splice Case$383.32Details
7483353M Electrical Products Division2178LL4LUGFiber Otic Splice Case$402.68Details
7508543M Electrical Products Division2178MLSSplice Closure 48/96 Fiber Add Four 2524 Trays For Outdoor Splicing$437.55Details
7804583M Electrical Products Division2178SSmall Fiber Splice Case Osp Holds 2Trays 80611486608$290.40Details
8882593M Electrical Products Division2178XLFiber Splice Closure Large 864 Fibers Max$910.98Details
8070983M Electrical Products Division2178XSBFiber Splice Rugged Closure, 48 Fusion &Amp; 144 Ribbon Fibers$163.41Details
8895393M Electrical Products Division2178XSBEG0TFiber Splice Rugged Closure For Armored/Dielectric Cable$172.91Details
7992753M Electrical Products Division2178XSBEG2TFiber Splice Rugged Closure$212.95Details
8670393M Electrical Products Division21834X100Wrap 4" X 100' E-Z Vinyl 3 Mil Wrap Does Not Contain Printed Indicator$8.93Details
9403703M Electrical Products Division2229334X10FTMastic Tape 3 3/4 In X 10 Ft$44.05Details
9229173M Electrical Products Division2501Assembly Tool Fiberlok Holds &Amp; Crimps Fibrlok Splices$85.90Details
7665233M Electrical Products Division2501ASFibrlok Assembly Tool$102.42Details
8504793M Electrical Products Division2521FFusion Splice Insert 12 Fiber For 2522/2523/Fd100 Trays Includes Set Of 2$13.28Details
7591833M Electrical Products Division2522Splice Tray Sm/Mm 12/24 Fiber Add Inserts For 2178 Closure$31.03Details
7553303M Electrical Products Division2523Fiber Splice Organizer Tray Upc 05113836523$35.18Details
8254113M Electrical Products Division252348SFHolds 48 Single Fusion 2521 Splice Inserts/Routed W/ 2520 Tubing$47.44Details
8397203M Electrical Products Division2524Splice Tray Sm/Mm 24 Fiber Holds Fibrlok Splices For 2178 Closure$48.01Details
8824223M Electrical Products Division2524FTSplice Tray Sm/Mm 24 Fiber For Heat Shrink Fusion Splices For 2178 Closure$53.78Details
8510813M Electrical Products Division2527Fiber Splice Organizer Tray Upc 05113889008$37.98Details
8994063M Electrical Products Division252748SFHolds 48 Single Fusion Splices, Up To 8 Buffer Tubes/Corners Hinged$37.98Details
7245313M Electrical Products Division2529Fibrlok Ii Univ. Optical Fiber Splice 250 To 900 Micron Fiber Sm/Mm 6/Pk$75.11Details
7532473M Electrical Products Division2529ASFibrlok Ii Unvrl Splice Fiber Type: 250, 900 Um Cleave Is Angled$15.92Details
7404643M Electrical Products Division2529KFibrlok Ii Unvrl Splice Fiber Type: 250, 900 Um Cleave Is Flat$755.61Details
1039263M Electrical Products Division2532Fiber Splice Organizer Tray Upc 05111516220$23.54Details
8610913M Electrical Products Division253912SFHolds 12 Single Fusion Splices, Up To 8 Buffer Tubes/Corners Hinged$20.69Details
9271883M Electrical Products Division254012SF36MFHolds 12 Single Fusion Splices, Up To 8 Buffer Tubes/Corners Hinged$21.90Details
7925223M Electrical Products Division2540ASFibrlok Ii Splice/ Holder$9.57Details
7575453M Electrical Products Division2543S144MFHolds 144 Mass Fusion Entry All Corners/Routed Using Lbt Tubes$38.85Details
9129183M Electrical Products Division2543S24SF24MMHolds 24 Single Fusion Entry All Corners For 2171 Heat Shrink Sleeve$38.85Details
8169233M Electrical Products Division2543S24SF30MMHolds 24 Single Fusion Entry All Corners For 2170 Heat Shrink Sleeve$38.85Details
7567293M Electrical Products Division2543T144MFHolds 144 Mass Fusion Entry All Corners/2520-6Rf Tubing That Zips$44.27Details
8203213M Electrical Products Division2543U24SF3MM144MFHolds 24 Single Fusion Or 144 Mass Fusion, Routed W/2520-6Rf Tubing That Zips$44.27Details
7403093M Electrical Products Division2559Fibrlok Splice Kit$391.96Details
7451973M Electrical Products Division2559CFibrlok Splice Kit/For 250M Fiber Splice, For Flat Splice W/ Fiber Cleaver$1,384.15Details
8122163M Electrical Products Division2565Fiber Optic Angle Cleave Kit Includes Cleaver And Other Necessary Tools$3,623.73Details
7289223M Electrical Products Division263X005SLapping Film 263X Type P, 0.05 Mic, 4.5" X 5.5" Sht, 5114485931$0.88Details
9005713M Electrical Products Division2DS24BB2X24 Inch Buried Closure Split Sleeve$70.83Details
10132023M Electrical Products Division300Scotch Barricade Tape 300, Caution, 3 In X 1000 Ft, YellowCall for Price.Details
10498333M Electrical Products Division302Scotch Buried Barricade Tape 302, Caution Buried Electric Line, 3 InCall for Price.Details
9753383M Electrical Products Division3104Mining Cable Splice Tape Kit 2 Kv$98.45Details
10685113M Electrical Products Division33SUPERVinyl Tape 3/4" X 66' - 20 Rl U-Shaped$6.79Details
8607473M Electrical Products Division33SUPER34X66FTTape Vinyl Plastic 3/4" X 66' Black$7.60Details
9699033M Electrical Products Division3534X66RDTape 3/4" X 66' Electrical Vinyl Plastic 80-6108-3390-9 Red$7.07Details
8184203M Electrical Products Division35BLUE121/2" X 20' Tape Electrical Vinyl Plastic Blue 80-6108-3391-7$2.44Details
8352463M Electrical Products Division35BLUE34Tape 3/4" X 66' Electrical Vinyl Plastic 80-6108-3392-5 Blue$7.07Details
9219683M Electrical Products Division35BROWN12Tape 1/2" X 20' Electrical Vinyl Plastic Brown$2.44Details
9000223M Electrical Products Division35BROWN34Tape 3/4" X 66' Electrical Vinyl Plastic Brown$7.07Details
7331953M Electrical Products Division35GRAY12Tape 1/2" X 20' Electrical Plastic Vinyl 80-6108-3405-5 Gray$2.30Details
7917043M Electrical Products Division35GRAY34Tape 3/4" X 66' Electrical Vinyl Plastic 80-6108-3406-3 Gray$7.07Details
8698203M Electrical Products Division35GREEN12Vinyl Electrical Color Coding Tape 1/2 In X 20 Ft Green$2.44Details
7500853M Electrical Products Division35GREEN34Tape 3/4" X 66' Electrical Vinyl Plastic 80-6108-3404-8 Green$5.96Details
7363703M Electrical Products Division35ORANGE12Vinyl Electrical Color Coding Tape 1/2 In X 20 Ft Orange$2.44Details
7937413M Electrical Products Division35ORANGE34Tape 3/4" X 66' Electrical Orange 80-6108-3402-2$7.07Details
9194883M Electrical Products Division35RED12Tape 1/2" X 20' Vinyl Plastic Red$2.44Details
7140573M Electrical Products Division35RED343/4 X 66' Tape Electrical Vinyl Plastic Red$7.07Details
7529153M Electrical Products Division35VIOLET12Tape 1/2" X 20' Electrical Vinyl Plastic Violet$2.44Details
8038413M Electrical Products Division35WHITE12Tape 1/2" X 20' Vinyl Plastic White$2.44Details
9229253M Electrical Products Division35WHITE34Tape 3/4" X 66' Electrical Vinyl Plastic 80-6108-3398-2 White$7.07Details
7364053M Electrical Products Division35YELLOW12Vinyl Electrical Color Coding Tape 1/2 In X 20 Ft Yellow$2.44Details
7958223M Electrical Products Division35YELLOW34Tape 3/4" X 66' Electrical Vinyl Plastic Yellow 80-6108-3396-6$7.07Details
9536413M Electrical Products Division366193M Heat Shrink Tubing Assortmt Pk Fp-301-1/8-Assort: 6 In Length PiecesCall for Price.Details
10747923M Electrical Products Division366203M Heat Shrink Tubing Assortmt Pk Fp-301-3/16-Assort Colors, Pn 36620, 3Call for Price.Details
10602483M Electrical Products Division366213M Heat Shrink Thin Wall Tubing Assortment Pack Fp-301-1/4-AssoCall for Price.Details
10767863M Electrical Products Division366223M Heat Shrink Tubing Assortmt Pk Fp-301-3/8-Assort: 6 In Length PiecesCall for Price.Details
9385803M Electrical Products Division366233M Heat Shrink Tubing Assortmt Pk Fp-301-1/2-Assort: 6 In Length PiecesCall for Price.Details
9302493M Electrical Products Division368Scotch Buried Barricade Tape 368, Caution Buried Electric Line BelowCall for Price.Details
8121053M Electrical Products Division3700APCSingle-Mode, 900 Um Cable W Sc/Upc, Grenn Shell, White BooCall for Price.Details
9807803M Electrical Products Division376773M Heat Shrink Tubing Fp-301-Color-AssortmentCall for Price.Details
9513543M Electrical Products Division381393M Heat Shrink Tubing Assorted Blk Kit Fp-301-BlackCall for Price.Details
7914143M Electrical Products Division3DS24BB3X24 Inch Buried Closure Split Sleeve U1R(Bx)$1,661.76Details
7294283M Electrical Products Division3M710AP105055-Pair Hand Presser Blades$54.91Details
7652623M Electrical Products Division3M710AP10525S25-Pair Steel Blade M710-Ap105-25-Sh Metal Blade Holder$102.45Details
8641053M Electrical Products Division3M710AP10525SH25-Pair Steel Blade Holder Tool$109.89Details
7324393M Electrical Products Division3M710AP1062525-Pair Bridge Module Support$11.22Details
7991203M Electrical Products Division3M710BC125710 Conn 2 Piece 25Pr F/Bridging 22-26 Awg Cbl Dry 103062709 24/Pk$144.89Details
8053633M Electrical Products Division3M710BD125710 Connector 2 Piece 25Pr F/Bridging 22-26 Awg Cbl Dry 103274569 24/Pk$118.22Details
8018133M Electrical Products Division3M710BRT10ABridge Removal Tool$116.07Details
8137463M Electrical Products Division3M710BSPConnector Presser Tool$636.44Details
7207623M Electrical Products Division3M710CRT10Cap Removal Tool$413.34Details
8384833M Electrical Products Division3M710HMK05A5-Pair Hand Presser Tool Maint Kit 945A Spare Parts$226.17Details
8522223M Electrical Products Division3M710HT05APair Hand Presser Tool$347.38Details
8130643M Electrical Products Division3M710SC125Splice Connector 25Pr Module Filled Inline For 22-26 Awg Cbl$8.01Details
1039333M Electrical Products Division3M710SCL25710 Splice Conn Module 25 Pr Filled Inline For 22-24 Awg Cbl 103628418 24/Pk$152.68Details
8867303M Electrical Products Division3M710SD125U710 25Pr Splice Connector Straight/Halftap 22-26Awg Cbl Rohs 24/Pk$116.56Details
9056453M Electrical Products Division3M710SDL25710 Splice Conn Module 25 Pr Filled Inline For 22-24 Awg$6.37Details
8468443M Electrical Products Division3M710TC125710 Conn 25Pr Straight/Halftap Joins 22-26Awg Cbl Filled W/O Interruption 24/Pk$148.99Details
7116043M Electrical Products Division3M710TCL25710 Conn 25Pr Straight/Halftap Joins 22-26Awg Cbl Filled W/O Interruption 24/Pk$150.23Details
7922813M Electrical Products Division3M710TMK10A1Base$102.30Details
8403603M Electrical Products Division3M710TMK10A2Tool Clamp$198.34Details
7343933M Electrical Products Division3M710TMK10A3Swivel Bar$213.25Details
8527483M Electrical Products Division3M710TMK10A4Tube Clamp$217.20Details
8743773M Electrical Products Division3M710TMK10A5Vise Clamp$357.86Details
7821883M Electrical Products Division3M710TMK10A6Swivel Knob$328.02Details
8931143M Electrical Products Division3M710TMK10A7Tube/Clamp$362.31Details
7643743M Electrical Products Division3M710TMK10A890 Degree Mount$181.41Details
8826923M Electrical Products Division3M710TPK10710 Connector Tripod Kit$828.27Details
9248533M Electrical Products Division3M710UMK25A25-Pair Maintenance Kit$205.02Details
8565963M Electrical Products Division3M710UT25A710 Tool Only 25-Pr Unipresser$1,601.18Details
8826723M Electrical Products Division3M710UTK25A710 Tool Kit 25-Pr Unipresser$1,862.74Details
8157043M Electrical Products Division4000DCOSplice Connector Module 25 Pr Filled Inline For 22-28 Awg Cable 12/Pk$55.27Details
8490113M Electrical Products Division4000DTR24Splice Connector Module 25 Pr$4.68Details
8052323M Electrical Products Division4000DTTRSplice Connector Module 25 Pr Gel Inline For 22-28Awg$4.68Details
8693513M Electrical Products Division4000DWPTRSplice Connector Module 25 Pr With Sealant Box &Amp; 1 Insertion 12 Pcs Per Pack$8.75Details
7209823M Electrical Products Division4000GTRSplice Connector Module 25 Pr Gel Inline For 22-28Awg 24 Pack$117.80Details
8963713M Electrical Products Division4005DBMTRNBSplice Connector Module 25 Pr Gel Inline For 22-28Awg$6.48Details
8530253M Electrical Products Division4005DPMFRSplice Connector 25 Pr Super- Mini Mod F/Str + Bridge Flame Retardant$139.92Details
8228673M Electrical Products Division4005DPMTRSplice Connector Module 25 Pr Supermini Mod For Straight &Amp; Dry 24/Pk$116.14Details
9101913M Electrical Products Division4005GBMTRNBSplice Connector Module 25 Pr$8.48Details
10246423M Electrical Products Division4008255253/4 X 7 Yds Foam Mounting Tape Dble Side$15.54Details
7633983M Electrical Products Division4008DCOSplice Connector Module 25 Pr Gel Inline For 22-28Awg$5.20Details
8214253M Electrical Products Division4008DTRSplice Connector Module 25 Pr Half-Tap For 22-28 Awg W/One Adapter Plate$96.87Details
8499123M Electrical Products Division4008GTRConnector Mini Mod.4008C 24/Pk Gel Half Tap For 22-28 Awg Transparent$137.09Details
7279503M Electrical Products Division4051Wire Insertion Cut-Off Tool To Replace Wires Back Into Ms2 Module$59.85Details
8775543M Electrical Products Division4053PMTool For Separating Ms2 Supermate 4005Dpm/Tr Module From Other Module$288.60Details
10600773M Electrical Products Division417503M Scotchfil Electrical Insulation PuttyCall for Price.Details
9730193M Electrical Products Division419294 Inch Black 18Lbs. (Bag)$0.02Details
9652003M Electrical Products Division419314 Inch Natural 18Lbs. (Bag)$0.02Details
9431013M Electrical Products Division419398 Inch Black 50 Lbs. (Bag)$0.04Details
9779143M Electrical Products Division425Aluminum Foil Tape Silver 4.6 Mil 2In X 60Yd Rolls$118.71Details
7952513M Electrical Products Division44071500FEncapsulant And Blocking Compound 1500 Grams 1500F$93.21Details
7250383M Electrical Products Division4407AEncapsulant And Blocking Compound 4407 Size A$13.28Details
8188603M Electrical Products Division4407BEncapsulant And Blocking Compound 209 Gm 7.4Oz Size B$15.87Details
7351223M Electrical Products Division4407CEncapsulant And Blocking Compound 420 Gm 15Oz. Size C$25.52Details
8195863M Electrical Products Division4407DEncapsulant And Blocking Compound 675 Grams 23.8Oz Size D$32.31Details
7668853M Electrical Products Division4407EEncapsulant And Blocking Compound 300 Gm Size E$19.44Details
8452583M Electrical Products Division44306X20Spacer Web 6X20$82.82Details
8956663M Electrical Products Division4460Shield Bond Connector 4460 Scotchlok For Cable Over 100 Pr$1.88Details
7966873M Electrical Products Division4460DShield Bond Connector 4460-D Scotchlok For Cable Of 100 Pr Or Less$1.70Details
7741303M Electrical Products Division4460DFOStrength Member &Amp; Shield Bond Connector For Armored Fiber Cable 0.8" Max Od$5.87Details
7990523M Electrical Products Division4460SShield Bond Connector 4460-S Scotchlok With Shoe Rohs$2.36Details
7535653M Electrical Products Division4462Shield Bond Connector 4462 Scotchlok$1.72Details
9311053M Electrical Products Division495173M Scotchcode Wire Marker Tape Dispenser Std-Cx 49517Call for Price.Details
10639353M Electrical Products Division495183M Scotchcode Wire Marker Tape Dispenser Std-0-9XCall for Price.Details
7864683M Electrical Products Division4DS24BB4X24 Inch Buried Closure Split Sleeve$103.60Details
7762833M Electrical Products Division5016FOWarning Stickers 1" X 6" Printed " Caution Fiber Optic" 288 Per Roll$137.27Details
10440603M Electrical Products Division506223M Wire Pulling Lubricant Gel Wl-Qt, One QuartCall for Price.Details
9551923M Electrical Products Division586713M Scotchlok Female Disconnect Vinyl Insulated, 100/Bottle, Mvu14-25Call for Price.Details
10391863M Electrical Products Division587773M Scotchlok Female Disconnect Nylon Insulated, 100/Bottle, Mnu14-25Call for Price.Details
10257393M Electrical Products Division587903M Scotchlok Female Disconnect Vinyl Insulated, 100/Bottle, Mvu18-25Call for Price.Details
10463823M Electrical Products Division589363M Scotchlok Female Disconnect Vinyl Insulated, 50/Bottle, Mvi10-250Call for Price.Details
9476783M Electrical Products Division592733M Cable Tie Ct4Bk18-CCall for Price.Details
10328843M Electrical Products Division592753M Cable Tie Ct4Nt18-CCall for Price.Details
9550863M Electrical Products Division592843M Cable Tie Ct6Bk30-CCall for Price.Details
10380003M Electrical Products Division592863M Cable Tie Ct6Nt30-CCall for Price.Details
9896883M Electrical Products Division592933M Cable Tie Ct8Bk50-CCall for Price.Details
10021313M Electrical Products Division592973M Cable Tie Ct8Nt50-CCall for Price.Details
10216133M Electrical Products Division593003M Cable Tie Ct11Bk50-CCall for Price.Details
9535693M Electrical Products Division593023M Cable Tie Ct11Nt50-CCall for Price.Details
9327753M Electrical Products Division593043M Cable Tie Ct15Bk50-CCall for Price.Details
9915143M Electrical Products Division593073M Cable Tie Ct15Nt50-CCall for Price.Details
10029253M Electrical Products Division593123M Cable Tie Ct15Bk120-CCall for Price.Details
10226043M Electrical Products Division593153M Cable Tie Ct15Nt120-CCall for Price.Details
9981303M Electrical Products Division593183M Cable Tie Ct24Bk175-LCall for Price.Details
10424533M Electrical Products Division593193M Cable Tie Ct24Nt175-LCall for Price.Details
9954453M Electrical Products Division593203M Cable Tie Ct36Bk175-LCall for Price.Details
10108693M Electrical Products Division593213M Cable Tie Ct36Nt175-LCall for Price.Details
10773803M Electrical Products Division595773M Heat Shrink Thin-Wall Tubing Fp301-1/4-48"-Black-12 Pcs, 48 In Length StCall for Price.Details
9752553M Electrical Products Division599913M Highland Vinyl Insulated Block Fork Terminal Bfv14-6Q, Awg 16-14Call for Price.Details
7123513M Electrical Products Division5DS26BB5X26 Inch Buried Closure Split Sleeve$129.72Details
1039373M Electrical Products Division6100BMm, Black, St, 125 Um Jacketed, 250/900 Um$8.37Details
8640803M Electrical Products Division6100B1KSMm, Black, St, 125 Um Jacketed, 250/900 Um$8.68Details
8452303M Electrical Products Division6100B512Mm, Black, St, 125 Um Jacketed, 250/900 Um$8.84Details
8351863M Electrical Products Division6100WSt Conn 50&Amp;62.5/125 Mm Cer Adhesive 3.0Mm/900Um Jkt Hot Melt, White Boot$8.37Details
7860573M Electrical Products Division6100W1KSMm, White, St, 125 Um Jacketed, 250/900 Um$8.68Details
8350413M Electrical Products Division6192APolishing Film For Hot Melt Connectors 1-Step Hand Polish 50 Sheets Film$51.36Details
8213233M Electrical Products Division6192B254X2D4HLapping Film, 254X Type R3, 2 Mircon W/ Hole, 50 Per Pack$0.48Details
5783133M Electrical Products Division6300WSc Connector 50&Amp;62.5/125 Um Adhesive 3.0Mm/900Mm Jkt Hot Melt$8.37Details
8759193M Electrical Products Division6300W1KSMm, White, Sc, 125 Um Jacketed, 250/900 Um$8.68Details
7906973M Electrical Products Division6300W512Mm, White, Sc, 125 Um Jacketed, 250/900 Um$8.87Details
8947243M Electrical Products Division6362230VHot Melt Fiber Termination Kit Sc/St/Fc Sm/Mm Hotmelt 230V$1,876.05Details
3616333M Electrical Products Division6366Hot Melt Fiber Termination Kit Sc/St/Fc Sm/Mm Hotmelt 120V$1,747.09Details
7250593M Electrical Products Division6601DLc Multimode Duplex Connector For Terminating Of 900 Micron Buffered Fiber$30.17Details
8732823M Electrical Products Division6602DConnector Lc Mm Hot Melt Duplex 1.6-2.0 Cable Wh/Be Boot$28.83Details
7904363M Electrical Products Division6602SConnector Lc Mm Hot Melt Simplex 1.6-2.0 Cable White Boot$17.39Details
8485043M Electrical Products Division6603DLc Mm Hot Melt Connector Duplex 2.4-3.0 Cable White/Beige Boots$25.31Details
7493513M Electrical Products Division6604DMm, Red/Black, Duplex, Fiber Size 125 Um, Jacketed, 250/900 Um$21.63Details
8555153M Electrical Products Division6605DMm, Red/Black, Duplex, Fiber Size 125 Um, Jacketed, 250/900 Um$23.16Details
3684873M Electrical Products Division6650LCLc Expansion Kit$977.96Details
7481793M Electrical Products Division6700PS506700-Ps/50 Crimplok + Conn Sc 50Um Mm 250/900Um W/ Ps Tool$14.62Details
9114243M Electrical Products Division6700PS50LOMMF6700-Ps/50/Lommf Crimplok + Conn Sc 50Um Mm 250/900Um W/ Ps Tool$15.30Details
7705333M Electrical Products Division6700PS6256700-Ps/62.5 Crimplok +Conn Sc 62.5Um Mm 250/900 W/ Ps Tool$14.62Details
10802933M Electrical Products Division6934X663/4" X 66' Glass Cloth Tape Upc# 054007-09910 Rohs$23.21Details
9420253M Electrical Products Division70071403516Cal Gas 34L 10% Le$269.71Details
9726773M Electrical Products Division70071403854740 Sensor Pack 4 Gas$982.28Details
10077623M Electrical Products Division70071486073740 Calibration Hood$9.42Details
10260383M Electrical Products Division70071564986Cm-E1 Pca Wire Harness$7.87Details
9420623M Electrical Products Division70071608023Combustible Gas Detector$408.23Details
9836573M Electrical Products Division70290000075Tx-6 -Am Amonia, Am Fixed Gas$582.50Details
9682923M Electrical Products Division70290000378Combustable Gas Detector$408.23Details
8704753M Electrical Products Division7695S4Cld Shrink Qt3 Term Kit 5Kv 700-1500 15Kv 500-1000 Ins Od 1.05-1.8 3/Kt$785.06Details
7184943M Electrical Products Division80610760052Closure, Aerial, Slic, 2.6X29 Floating Bond, Spiral End Seal Slic-2.6X29-Ba/Ses$59.82Details
8697553M Electrical Products Division80610863575Sealant Filled Box For 4005Dpm/Tr,4000D/Tr,4000Dt/Tr 4077-B 12/Pk$5.69Details
8182183M Electrical Products Division80611150238Super-Mate Bridge Module Gel Transparent 4005-Gbm/Tr 24/Pk$161.73Details
8270663M Electrical Products Division80611314305Connector,Lc Mm Hot Melt Simplex 2.4-3.0Mm Jkt,Wht/Bge Boots, 6603-S$15.08Details
7932273M Electrical Products Division80611314354Hot Melt Connector Lc Mm Duplex 2.4-3.0 Jkt Red/Black Boots, 6606-D$24.72Details
9115523M Electrical Products Division8061132759626-19 Awg Butt Connector Ur2-Box 100/Pk$14.73Details
9607243M Electrical Products Division80611487820Closure, Aerial, Slic, 2.6X29 Spiral End Seal Slic-2.6X29-Ba/Ses-N$59.05Details
5783173M Electrical Products Division8100Y1KSSm, Yellow, St, Fiber Size 125 Um, Jacketed 250/900Um, 1000/Pk$6,959.86Details
8930643M Electrical Products Division8100YSSt Connector Sm Cer Adhesive 3.0Mm/900Um Jkt Hot Melt Yellow Boot$12.69Details
8049903M Electrical Products Division8106St Connector Sm Cer Epoxy Oc 3.0Mm Jkt$5.38Details
8421333M Electrical Products Division8200WFc Connector Sm Cer Adhesive 3.0Mm/900Um Jkt Hot Melt White Boot$12.57Details
7286033M Electrical Products Division8300Sc Connector Sm Cer Adhesive 3.0Mm/900Um Jkt Hot Melt White Boot$12.21Details
7907963M Electrical Products Division8300W1KSSm, White, Sc, 125 Um Jacketed, 250/900 Um$9.42Details
10421393M Electrical Products Division842611Cold Shrink Insulator 1Kv 2/0 Awg- 252Kcmil$24.78Details
10440043M Electrical Products Division855915002Macurco Explosion Proof$1,419.24Details
8589353M Electrical Products Division8600SConnector Lc Sm Hot Melt Simplex 900 Micron Cable White Boot$15.76Details
8676083M Electrical Products Division8601DSinglemode Duplex Connector For Termination Of 900 Micron Buffered Fiber$29.39Details
8225723M Electrical Products Division8602DConnector Lc Sm Hot Melt Duplex 1.6-2.0 Cable Wh/Be Boot$27.33Details
9069713M Electrical Products Division8602SConnector Lc Sm Hot Melt Simplex 1.6-2.0 Cable White Boot$15.84Details
9233423M Electrical Products Division8603SSm, White, Simplex, Fiber Size 125 Um, Jacketed, 250/900 Um$21.23Details
7889923M Electrical Products Division8700PSAPCSingle-Mode, 900 Um Cable W Sc/Upc, Green Shell, White Boo$22.19Details
8252943M Electrical Products Division8700PSUPCSingle-Mode, 900 Um Cable W Sc/Upc, Blue Shell, White Boot$16.74Details
8297473M Electrical Products Division8700UPCSingle-Mode, 900 Um Cable W Sc/Upc, Blue Shell, White Boot$16.74Details
9036113M Electrical Products Division8765APCCrimplok + Sc/Apc Connector Kit$1,985.08Details
7828923M Electrical Products Division8765UPCCrimplok + Sc/Upc Connector Kit$2,061.43Details
9202723M Electrical Products Division88821500F8882-1500/F 1648Ml High Gel Foil Unipak Reenterable Encap 80611166077$41.41Details
7933603M Electrical Products Division88821900C8882-1900C 1979Ml High Gel Reenterable Encapsulant 80611166085$46.60Details
8752873M Electrical Products Division88823000C(Size C 3123Ml) High Gel Reenterable Encapsulant$81.63Details
9178173M Electrical Products Division88823000F8882-3000/F 3297 Ml High Gel Foil Unipak Reenterable Encap 80611166093$80.77Details
7915823M Electrical Products Division88824500C(Size C 4683Ml) High Gel Reenterable Encapsulant$109.79Details
7686863M Electrical Products Division88825000C8882-5000C 5203 Ml High Gel Reenterable Encapsulant$119.25Details
8196593M Electrical Products Division8882500C8882-500C 521 Ml High Gel Reenterable Encapsulant$119.25Details
7397213M Electrical Products Division888260008882-6000 6593 Ml High Gel Pouch-In-Pail Encapsulant$123.83Details
7481773M Electrical Products Division8882750C8882-750C 781 Ml High Gel Reenterable Encapsulant$19.22Details
8240983M Electrical Products Division8882750F8882-750/F 824 Ml High Gel Foil Unipak Reenterable Encap 80611166127$25.22Details
8993063M Electrical Products Division88828000C8882-8000C 8333 Ml High Gel Reenterable Encapsulant$168.99Details
8522873M Electrical Products Division8882A8882-A (Size A 90 Ml) High Gel Reenterable Encapsulant$6.52Details
7181383M Electrical Products Division8882C8882-C (Size C 385Ml) High Gel Reenterable Encapsulant 80611166044$18.90Details
8883723M Electrical Products Division8882D8882-D (Size D 659Ml) High Gel Reenterable Encapsulant 80-6111-6605-1$22.77Details
8628963M Electrical Products Division8882E8882-E (Size E 292Ml) High Gel Reenterable Encapsulant$15.93Details
10091313M Electrical Products Division88SUPER34X66FTVinyl Electrical Tape Black 3/4 In X 66 Ft$8.55Details
7331133M Electrical Products Division88T075X36Tape 3/4" X 36' Electrical Vinyl Plastic Black$3.22Details
8667743M Electrical Products Division88T075X60Tape 3/4" X 60' Electrical Vinyl Plastic Black$5.65Details
7387133M Electrical Products Division88T1X36Tape 1" X 36' Electrical Vinyl Plastic Black$3.85Details
7124243M Electrical Products Division898107Closure Buried 1.5" Max Splice Opening Use With 4Pr Conn 82 Gram Gel Included$25.19Details
1031423M Electrical Products Division89818882HIGHGELClosure Buried 1.5" Splice Opening 0.5" Splice Bundle Dia Use 4Pr Conn Rigid$22.67Details
7299363M Electrical Products Division898207Closure Buried 5.25" Max Splice Opening Use W/18Pr Conn 300Gram Gel Included$34.61Details
7521473M Electrical Products Division89828882HIGHGELClosure Buried 0.9" Splice Bundle Dia 18Pr Scotchlok Conn Rigid Body Kit$45.33Details
8588213M Electrical Products Division898307Closure Buried Two Entry End Cap For 4" Better Buried Closure$58.17Details
9173363M Electrical Products Division89838882HIGHGELClosure Buried 1-1/4" Splice Bundle Dia 50Pr Scotchlok Conn Rigid Body Kit$70.08Details
7127073M Electrical Products Division898407Closure Buried 9" Max Splice Opening 100 Pr Max Rigid Body 1350 Gm Gel Included$120.75Details
9151613M Electrical Products Division89848882HIGHGELClosure Buried 2 1/4" Splice Bundle Dia 100Pr Scotchlk Conn Rigid Body Kit$133.39Details
8505953M Electrical Products Division89858882HIGHGELClosure Buried 400 Pr W/4462 Bond Clamps &Amp; 8882 Gel 22Awg Max$232.67Details
8550443M Electrical Products Division898607Rigid Body Closure Kit W/ S'Cast 4407 Encapsulant$405.54Details
8500833M Electrical Products Division89868882HIGHGELClosure Buried 600 Pr W/4462 Bond Clamps &Amp; 8882 Gel Rus Listed$372.96Details
10752503M Electrical Products Division931100300740 3-Gas Sensor Pack Co, Ox, Ex (Calibr$488.88Details
9549803M Electrical Products Division931100400740 Sensor Pack 4 Gas Ox/Ex/Co/Hs$510.30Details
9961843M Electrical Products DivisionAM1FCKField Test &Amp; Calibration Kit$621.90Details
1039453M Electrical Products DivisionBB2X128882HIGHGELClosure Buried 2" X 12" Inline Splice With 8882 High Gel 80611147820$98.36Details
7805143M Electrical Products DivisionBB2X12SB2SCLHSClosure Buried 2" X 12" With 2 Single End Caps 600 Gr Gel Required$51.26Details
1036133M Electrical Products DivisionBB2X248882HIGHGELClosure Buried 2" X 24" Inline Splice With 8882 High Gel 80611147838$142.17Details
9109603M Electrical Products DivisionBB2X24SB2SCLHSClosure Buried 2" X 24" Inline Splice With 2 Sgl Port End Cap Gel Not Included$61.25Details
8862763M Electrical Products DivisionBB3X12SB2DCLHSClosure Buried 3" X 12" With 2 Single End Caps 600 Gr Gel Required$82.57Details
3684983M Electrical Products DivisionBB3X248882HIGHGELClosure Buried 3" X 24" Inline Splice With 8882 High Gel 80611147846$233.73Details
8289183M Electrical Products DivisionBB3X24SB2SCLHSClosure Buried 3" X 24" Inline Splice With 2 Sgl Port End Cap 3000 Gm Of Gel Req'D$80.36Details
7715053M Electrical Products DivisionBB3X24SBSCDCLHSClosure Buried 3" X 24" Inline Splice W/1 Sgl &Amp; 1 Dbl End Cap 3000 Gm Of Gel Req'D$80.36Details
3684993M Electrical Products DivisionBB4X248882HIGHGELClosure Buried 4" X 24" Inline Splice With 8882 High Gel 80611147853$313.04Details
8020583M Electrical Products DivisionBB4X24SBSCDCLHSClosure Buried 4" X 24" Inline Splice W/1 Sgl &Amp; 1 Dbl End Cap 4500 Gm Of Gel Req'D$123.54Details
8238923M Electrical Products DivisionBB5X268882HIGHGELClosure Buried 5" X 26" Inline Splice 1Sgl &Amp; 1Dbl Endcap 4462 Bb5X26-8882/Highgel$500.24Details
7452503M Electrical Products DivisionBB5X26SB2SCLHSClosure Buried 5" X 26" Inline Splice W/Sgl End Caps 7200Gram Of 4442 Gel Req'D$148.04Details
7910413M Electrical Products DivisionBB7X26SB2DCLHSClosure Buried 7" X 26" Inline Splice With 2 Double End Caps 15000 Gm Gel Req'D$238.03Details
7287213M Electrical Products DivisionBB9X26SB2DCLHSClosure Buried 9" X 26" With 2 Single End Caps 600 Gr Gel Required$272.67Details
9068213M Electrical Products DivisionBB9X26SBDCTCLHSClosure Buried 9" X 26" With 1 Double &Amp; 1 Triple End Cap 21000 Gm Gel Req'D$273.54Details
10044783M Electrical Products DivisionBFV1010QVinyl Insulated Block Fork Terminal Bfv10-10Q Awg 12-10 25/Bag$10.08Details
10405593M Electrical Products DivisionBFV108QVinyl Insulated Block Fork Terminal Bfv10-8Q Awg 12-10 25/Bag$10.08Details
9329223M Electrical Products DivisionBFV1410QVinyl Insulated Block Fork Terminal Bfv14-10Q Awg 16-14 25/Bag$8.78Details
9676203M Electrical Products DivisionBFV148QVinyl Insulated Block Fork Terminal Bfv14-8Q Awg 16-14 25/Bag$8.78Details
10208413M Electrical Products DivisionBFV1810QVinyl Insulated Block Fork Terminal Bfv18-10Q Awg 22-18 25/Bag$8.78Details
9956073M Electrical Products DivisionBFV186QVinyl Insulated Block Fork Terminal Bfv18-6Q Awg 22-18 25/Bag$8.78Details
9656243M Electrical Products DivisionBFV188QVinyl Insulated Block Fork Terminal Bfv18-8Q Awg 22-18 25/Bag$8.78Details
9810543M Electrical Products DivisionBSV10QVinyl Insulated Butt Connector Terminal Bsv10Q Awg 12-10 25/Bag$10.08Details
9483583M Electrical Products DivisionBSV14QVinyl Insulated Butt Connector Terminal Bsv14Q Awg 16-14 25/Bag$8.78Details
10840803M Electrical Products DivisionBSV18QVinyl Insulated Butt Connector Terminal Bsv18Q Awg 22-18 25/Bag$8.78Details
10116553M Electrical Products DivisionCANN200PPMCarbon Monoxide Calibration Gas, 17L 200$88.96Details
10748643M Electrical Products DivisionCANN20MMacurco Methane Repl Gas 34L 20% Lel$177.91Details
10560203M Electrical Products DivisionCANN50PPMCarbon Monoxide Calibration Gas 250Ppm$88.96Details
9605893M Electrical Products DivisionCD6Carbon Dioxide Co2 Fixed Gas Detector Co$408.23Details
9856673M Electrical Products DivisionCGLCR3M Comfort Grip Glove Cgl-Cr, Cut Resistant (Ansi 3), Size LCall for Price.Details
9964923M Electrical Products DivisionCGLGU3M Comfort Grip Glove Cgl-Gu, General Use, Size LCall for Price.Details
10695463M Electrical Products DivisionCGLW3M Comfort Grip Glove Cgl-W, Winter, Size LCall for Price.Details
9999893M Electrical Products DivisionCGMCR3M Comfort Grip Glove Cgm-Cr, Cut Resistant (Ansi 3), Size MCall for Price.Details
10761763M Electrical Products DivisionCGMCRE3M Comfort Grip Glove Cgm-Cre, Cut Resistant (Ansi 2), Size MCall for Price.Details
10215163M Electrical Products DivisionCGMGU3M Comfort Grip Glove Cgm-Gu, General Use, Size MCall for Price.Details
10776643M Electrical Products DivisionCGMW3M Comfort Grip Glove Cgm-W, Winter, Size MCall for Price.Details
10247283M Electrical Products DivisionCGXLCR3M Comfort Grip Glove Cgxl-Cr, Cut Resistant (Ansi 3), Size XlCall for Price.Details
10155953M Electrical Products DivisionCGXLCRE3M Comfort Grip Glove Cgxl-Cre, Cut Resistant (Ansi 2), Size XlCall for Price.Details
10328163M Electrical Products DivisionCGXLGU3M Comfort Grip Glove Cgxl-Gu, General Use, Size XlCall for Price.Details
10269823M Electrical Products DivisionCGXLW3M Comfort Grip Glove Cgxl-W, Winter, Size XlCall for Price.Details
10354493M Electrical Products DivisionCM1Portable Cabon Monxide Detector$132.29Details
10760083M Electrical Products DivisionCM12120V Carbon Monoxide Fixed Gas Det Cntrl$428.64Details
9583273M Electrical Products DivisionCM15FTKCarbon Monoxide Test Kit, 17L 400Ppm Co,$350.93Details
10783023M Electrical Products DivisionCM21A*Eol* Macurco Carbon Monoxide$326.35Details
9618223M Electrical Products DivisionCM2B***Eol ***$412.90Details
10098483M Electrical Products DivisionCM2DMacurco Analog Co Transducer$533.49Details
10472413M Electrical Products DivisionCM4Co 2 Transducer$358.32Details
10138233M Electrical Products DivisionCM6Carbon Monoxide Detector$408.23Details
10219843M Electrical Products DivisionCM6CHCalibration Hood Used To Test Or Calibra$23.82Details
9428643M Electrical Products DivisionCME1Co Detector 9-32Vdc, 2 Relays, Buzzer, U$75.53Details
10481143M Electrical Products DivisionCME1FTGCo Field Test Gas 11L, 500 Ppm Aerosol$67.82Details
9356803M Electrical Products DivisionCME1FTKCarbon Monoxide Field Test Kit$643.36Details
9990423M Electrical Products DivisionCME1IAK10Installation Adaptor Kit 10/Case$111.17Details
10141453M Electrical Products DivisionCMEFCKCarbon Monoxide Calibration Kit 17 Liter$536.13Details
10057693M Electrical Products DivisionCMPMacurco Transformer For Gd-2A$95.21Details
9363983M Electrical Products DivisionCMP12VTransformer For Cm-1B$38.12Details
9421073M Electrical Products DivisionCMSFCKCarbon Monoxide Cal Kit, 17L 50Ppm, Uc-K$471.78Details
7291933M Electrical Products DivisionCP25WB101Cartridge Fire Barrier 10.1 Oz Caulk No-Sag Water-Based Halogenfree Firestop$17.70Details
10348543M Electrical Products DivisionDMK1Macurco Duct Mounting Kit$164.91Details
9567293M Electrical Products DivisionDVP120120Volt 12 Sensor Contrl Panel 700714031$1,089.06Details
8410783M Electrical Products DivisionE9BMCrimp Tool Parallel Adjustable Jaws 10:1 Advantage For All Scotchlocks$78.53Details
7782313M Electrical Products DivisionE9JWork Saving Crimp Tool Jaws 10:1 Advantage For All Scotchlocks$56.75Details
1036183M Electrical Products DivisionE9YCrimp Tool Stepped Jaws For Use With Scotchlok Butt &Amp; Tap Connectors$27.63Details
7449783M Electrical Products DivisionE9YPE-9Y Step Jaw Crimping Mechanical Advantage Not For 19Awg PlusCall for Price.Details
9682683M Electrical Products DivisionEC13M Cold Shrink End Cap Ec-1, Use Range Of 0.46-0.82 In (11,6-20,9 Mm)Call for Price.Details
10695363M Electrical Products DivisionEC23M Cold Shrink End Cap Ec-2, Use Range Of 0.63-1.18 In (15,9-30,1 Mm)Call for Price.Details
10088263M Electrical Products DivisionEC33M Cold Shrink End Cap Ec-3, Use Range Of 1.02-1.94 In (26,0-49,2 Mm)Call for Price.Details
10619423M Electrical Products DivisionEC43M Cold Shrink End Cap Ec-4, Use Range Of 1.79-3.32 In (45,5-84,3 Mm)Call for Price.Details
9188103M Electrical Products DivisionFB269Fire Barrier Pillow Fb269 2" X 6" X 9" Firestop Red$28.14Details
7758413M Electrical Products DivisionFDC08MAN1N01CAFo Closure 1Gnd 20Mm(1), 12Mm(1) 2540 Tray (1)$248.46Details
9221973M Electrical Products DivisionFDC08SAN0N01ABFdc-08S-A-N0N-01A-B Foclos 2Gnd, 20Mm(1), 12Mm(0) 2538(1)Tray$280.83Details
8218483M Electrical Products DivisionFDC10SDNN001FGFo Closure 7Gnd 27Mm,18Mm-0 2541-48-Sf3Mm Tray-1$429.19Details
8623153M Electrical Products DivisionFDC12SF2NN01JCFo Closure 3Gnd 27Mm-1,27Smm-2,2542-Sf3Mm Tr-1$714.47Details
10089843M Electrical Products DivisionFDI10250QNylon Fully Insulated Female Disconnect Terminal Fdi10-250Q Awg 12-10 25/Bag$10.08Details
10619873M Electrical Products DivisionFDI14250QNylon Fully Insulated Female Disconnect Terminal Fdi14-250Q Awg 16-14 25/Bag$8.78Details
10254003M Electrical Products DivisionFDI18250QNylon Fully Insulated Female Disconnect Terminal Fdi18-250Q Awg 22-18 25/Bag$8.78Details
9948123M Electrical Products DivisionFDV10250QVinyl Insulated Fem Disconnect Terminal Fdv10-250Q Awg 12-10 25/Bag$10.08Details
9985933M Electrical Products DivisionFDV14250QVinyl Insulated Fem Disconnect Terminal Fdv14-250Q Awg 16-14 25/Bag$8.78Details
10355763M Electrical Products DivisionFDV18250QVinyl Insulated Fem Disconnect Terminal Fdv18-250Q Awg 22-18 25/Bag$8.78Details
9303783M Electrical Products DivisionFP30111648BLACK25PCS3M Heat Shrink Tubing Fp301-1/16-48"-Black-25 Pcs 48 In Length StCall for Price.Details
10697413M Electrical Products DivisionFP3011248BLACK12PCS3M Heat Shrink Tubing Fp301-1/2-48"-Black-12 Pcs 48 In Length StCall for Price.Details
9716993M Electrical Products DivisionFP301148BLACK5PCS3M Heat Shrink Thin-Wall Fp301-1-48"-Black-5 Pcs 48 In Length StCall for Price.Details
10784403M Electrical Products DivisionFP30115BLACK100FTHeat Shrink 1.5" 100Ft Black$141.69Details
10152383M Electrical Products DivisionFP3011848BLACK25PCS3M Heat Shrink Tubing Fp301-1/8-48"-Black-25 Pcs 48 In Length StCall for Price.Details
9361833M Electrical Products DivisionFP30131648BLACK25PCS3M Heat Shrink Tubing Fp301-3/16-48"-Black-25 Pcs 48 In Length StCall for Price.Details
10518513M Electrical Products DivisionFP30133248BLACK25PCS3M Heat Shrink Tubing Fp301-3/32-48"-Black-25 Pcs 48 In Length StCall for Price.Details
9287033M Electrical Products DivisionFP3013448BLACK12PCS3M Heat Shrink Tubing Fp301-3/4-48"-Black-12 Pcs 48 In Length StCall for Price.Details
10655593M Electrical Products DivisionFP30136448BLACK25PCS3M Heat Shrink Tubing Fp301-3/64-48"-Black-25 Pcs 48 In Length StCall for Price.Details
9976353M Electrical Products DivisionFP3013848BLACK12PCS3M Heat Shrink Tubing Fp301-3/8-48"-Black-12 Pcs 48 In Length StCall for Price.Details
9744443M Electrical Products DivisionGD12Combustible Gas Detector, Controller And$428.64Details
9549603M Electrical Products DivisionGD1S*Eol*$113.23Details
9888343M Electrical Products DivisionGD21***Eol***$188.71Details
10713593M Electrical Products DivisionGD2ACombustible Fixed Natural Gas Detector 1$128.20Details
9867333M Electrical Products DivisionGD2BCombustible Fixed Gas Detector$128.20Details
10629963M Electrical Products DivisionGD6Advanced Combustible Gas Detector With T$408.23Details
9982903M Electrical Products DivisionH713RHardhat Short Brim Pink$13.79Details
10105563M Electrical Products DivisionH713RUVHardhat Short Brim Pink$15.38Details
10093443M Electrical Products DivisionH813RHardhat Full Brim Pink$18.03Details
10417223M Electrical Products DivisionH813RUVHardhat Full Brim Pink$20.87Details
10723773M Electrical Products DivisionHD11Macurco Hydrogen, 12-24V,$285.20Details
9597573M Electrical Products DivisionHD12Macurco Hydrogen, 12-24V,$322.95Details
10251643M Electrical Products DivisionHD211RBHydrogen Detector 1 20V, 1 Relay Buzzer$296.51Details
10788973M Electrical Products DivisionHD21RB120 Vac Alarm Relay 4X4Mnt$275.83Details
10154263M Electrical Products DivisionHTK13M Highland Terminal Kit, Htk-1, 180 PiecesCall for Price.Details
10094873M Electrical Products DivisionITCSN04006BLACK25PCS3M Heat Shrink Sleeve Itcsn-0400-6"-Black-25 Pcs Itcsn-0400-6-BoxCall for Price.Details
10809293M Electrical Products DivisionITCSN08006BLACK25PCS3M Heat Shrink Sleeve Itcsn-0800-6"-Black-25 Pcs Itcsn-0800-6-BoxCall for Price.Details
9633803M Electrical Products DivisionITCSN08009BLACK25PCS3M Heat Shrink Sleeve Itcsn-0800-9"-Black-25 Pcs Itcsn-0800-9-BoxCall for Price.Details
10484013M Electrical Products DivisionITCSN11006BLACK25PCS3M Heat Shrink Sleeve Itcsn-1100-6"-Black-25 Pcs Itcsn-1100-6-BoxCall for Price.Details
10449623M Electrical Products DivisionITCSN11009BLACK25PCS3M Heat Shrink Sleeve Itcsn-1100-9"-Black-25 Pcs Itcsn-1100-9-BoxCall for Price.Details
10562683M Electrical Products DivisionMNU10250DFIX3M Scotchlok Female Disconnect Nylon Insulated, 50/Bottle, Mnu10-250Call for Price.Details
8052233M Electrical Products DivisionMP14X11Fire Barrier Moldable Stix 1.4" Sq X 11" Long Firestop 98040054177$28.74Details
9807773M Electrical Products DivisionMP355152*Eol*Black Dual Locking Velcro$102.61Details
7105803M Electrical Products DivisionMPP4X8Fire Barrier Moldable Firestop Putty Pad 4" X 8" 98-0400-5399-7$8.08Details
9935653M Electrical Products DivisionMPSTICKFire Barrier Moldable Putty Stix, 1.54" X 6" Long Firestop 98040054540$9.37Details
10472983M Electrical Products DivisionMRS485Modbus Rs-485 Adapter$105.83Details
10575953M Electrical Products DivisionMTI10250QNylon Fully Insulated Male Disconnect Terminal Mti10-250Q Awg 12-10 25/Bag$10.08Details
10393663M Electrical Products DivisionMTI14250QNylon Fully Insulated Male Disconnect Terminal Mti14-250Q Awg 16-14 25/Bag$8.78Details
9359573M Electrical Products DivisionMTI18250QNylon Fully Insulated Male Disconnect Terminal Mti18-250Q Awg 22-18 25/Bag$8.78Details
10215273M Electrical Products DivisionMTV10250QVinyl Insulated Male Disconnect Terminal Mtv10-250Q Awg 12-10 25/Bag$10.08Details
9824943M Electrical Products DivisionMTV14250QVinyl Insulated Male Disconnect Terminal Mtv14-250Q Awg 16-14 25/Bag$8.78Details
10496853M Electrical Products DivisionMTV18250QVinyl Insulated Male Disconnect Terminal Mtv18-250Q Awg 22-18 25/Bag$8.78Details
10633693M Electrical Products DivisionMU186RSK3M Comfort Grip Glove Cgl-Cre, Cut Resistant (Ansi 2), Size LCall for Price.Details
9456563M Electrical Products DivisionMV1010FBXBlock Fork Vinyl Insulated 50/Bottle Mv10-10Fbx$75.67Details
10714193M Electrical Products DivisionMV1010RXRing Vinyl Insulated 50/Bottle Mv10-10Rx$75.67Details
9665823M Electrical Products DivisionMV1014RSXRing Vinyl Insulated 50/Bottle Mv10-14R/Sx$89.53Details
10110413M Electrical Products DivisionMV108FBXBlock Fork Vinyl Insulated 50/Bottle Mv10-8Fbx$75.67Details
9775013M Electrical Products DivisionMV108RXRing Vinyl Insulated 50/Bottle Mv10-8Rx$75.67Details
9931873M Electrical Products DivisionMV10BCXButt Connector Seamless Vinyl Insulated 50/Bottle Mv10Bcx$87.81Details
10281833M Electrical Products DivisionMV1410FBXBlock Fork Vinyl Insulated 100/Bottle Mv14-10Fbx$58.25Details
10440993M Electrical Products DivisionMV1410RLXRing Vinyl Insulated 100/Bottle Mv14-10R/Lx$58.25Details
10022443M Electrical Products DivisionMV146FBXBlock Fork Vinyl Insulated 100/Bottle Mv14-6Fbx$58.25Details
10691883M Electrical Products DivisionMV148FBXBlock Fork Vinyl Insulated 100/Bottle Mv14-8Fbx$58.25Details
10565963M Electrical Products DivisionMV148RLXRing Vinyl Insulated 100/Bottle Mv14-8R/Lx$58.25Details
9561893M Electrical Products DivisionMV14BCXButt Connector Seamless Vinyl Insulated 100/Bottle Mv14Bcx$60.51Details
10681533M Electrical Products DivisionMV1810FBX3M Scotchlok Block Fork Vinyl Insulated, 100/Bottle, Mv18-10FbxCall for Price.Details
9304453M Electrical Products DivisionMV1810RLXRing Vinyl Insulated 100/Bottle Mv18-10R/Lx$58.25Details
10771243M Electrical Products DivisionMV186FBX3M Scotchlok Block Fork Vinyl Insulated, 100/Bottle, Mv18-6FbxCall for Price.Details
10292913M Electrical Products DivisionMV188FBX3M Scotchlok Block Fork Vinyl Insulated, 100/Bottle, Mv18-8FbxCall for Price.Details
9444693M Electrical Products DivisionMV188RLXRing Vinyl Insulated 100/Bottle Mv18-8R/Lx$58.25Details
10737493M Electrical Products DivisionMV18BCXButt Connector Seamless Vinyl Insulated 100/Bottle Mv18Bcx$60.51Details
9428383M Electrical Products DivisionNDSENSORTx-6-Nd / Tx-12-Nd Nitrogen Dioxide Repl$190.16Details
10452933M Electrical Products DivisionOX1O2 Single Gas Monitor$125.93Details
9547553M Electrical Products DivisionPS12Plug In Transfrmr 120V Ac To 12Vdc$34.54Details
10476983M Electrical Products DivisionRD12120V Refrigerant Fixed Gas Detector Cont$599.68Details
9274833M Electrical Products DivisionRD65A Control Relay$582.50Details
10079983M Electrical Products DivisionRV1010QVinyl Insulated Ring Terminal Rv10-10Q Awg 12-10 25/Bag$10.08Details
10510883M Electrical Products DivisionRV1014QVinyl Insulated Ring Terminal Rv10-14Q Awg 12-10 25/Bag$10.08Details
10591593M Electrical Products DivisionRV108QVinyl Insulated Ring Terminal Rv10-8Q Awg 12-10 25/Bag$10.08Details
9588613M Electrical Products DivisionRV1410QVinyl Insulated Ring Terminal Rv14-10Q Awg 16-14 25/Bag$8.78Details
9991273M Electrical Products DivisionRV146QVinyl Insulated Ring Terminal Rv14-6Q Awg 16-14 25/Bag$8.78Details
10750373M Electrical Products DivisionRV148QVinyl Insulated Ring Terminal Rv14-8Q Awg 16-14 25/Bag$8.78Details
9481013M Electrical Products DivisionRV1810QVinyl Insulated Ring Terminal Rv18-10Q Awg 22-18 25/Bag$8.78Details
9537823M Electrical Products DivisionRV186QVinyl Insulated Ring Terminal Rv18-6Q Awg 22-18 25/Bag$8.78Details
10749363M Electrical Products DivisionRV188QVinyl Insulated Ring Terminal Rv18-8Q Awg 22-18 25/Bag$8.78Details
10506033M Electrical Products DivisionSI13M Cable Stacker Si-1Call for Price.Details
10788453M Electrical Products DivisionSIFS13M Furring Strip Cable Stacker Sifs-1Call for Price.Details
10247883M Electrical Products DivisionSLC716Slim Lock Classic Closure Offers Protection For Din-716 Cbl Dia Of 0.53-0.63$26.39Details
10747533M Electrical Products DivisionSLCBNANOSlim Lock Nano Closure Offers Protection For Conn Cbl Dia Of 0.56-0.66$27.21Details
8450463M Electrical Products DivisionSLIC22X19BASESClosure Aerial Slic Kit W/Spiral End Seals &Amp; Floating Bond$54.36Details
8603063M Electrical Products DivisionSLIC22X19SESSlic Aerial Closure With Spiral End Seal$50.34Details
7768183M Electrical Products DivisionSLIC26X29SESSlic Aerial Closure With Spiral End Seal$56.27Details
7351513M Electrical Products DivisionSLIC26X29SRSESSlic Aerial Closure With Spiral End Seal$65.09Details
7954863M Electrical Products DivisionSLIC36X19BASESClosure Aerial Slic Kit W/Spiral End Seals &Amp; Floating Bond$69.09Details
8145563M Electrical Products DivisionSLIC36X19SESClosure Aerial Slic Kit W/Spiral End Seals &Amp; Floating Bond$57.04Details
8276793M Electrical Products DivisionSLIC36X33SESSlic Aerial Closure With Spiral End Seal$59.61Details
10710903M Electrical Products DivisionSLIC36X33SESNSlic Aerial Closure Kit Slic 3.6X33-Ses-NCall for Price.Details
8829843M Electrical Products DivisionSLIC36X33SRSESSlic Aerial Closure With Spiral End Seal$74.98Details
7886963M Electrical Products DivisionSLIC56X33SESClosure Aerial Slic Kit W/Spiral End Seals &Amp; Floating Bond$109.68Details
7104923M Electrical Products DivisionSLIC56X33SRSESClosure Aerial Slic Kit W/Spiral End Seals &Amp; Floating Bond$125.44Details
8739553M Electrical Products DivisionSLIC76X33SESClosure Aerial Slic Kit W/Spiral End Seals &Amp; Floating Bond$163.14Details
8136213M Electrical Products DivisionSLIC96X36SRSESClosure Aerial Slic Kit W/Spiral End Seals &Amp; Floating Bond$237.87Details
9263443M Electrical Products DivisionSLWRScotch Code Refills$35.16Details
9696603M Electrical Products DivisionSPB01Pre-Printed Wire Marker Book Spb-01$23.51Details
10511603M Electrical Products DivisionSPB02Pre-Printed Wire Marker Book Spb-02$23.51Details
10772843M Electrical Products DivisionSPB033M Scotchcode Pre-Printed Wire Marker Book 1-45 Numeric Markers$23.51Details
7320183M Electrical Products DivisionSPB12Pre-Printed Wire Marker Book Spb-12$23.51Details
10311373M Electrical Products DivisionSPB14Pre-Printed Wire Marker Book Spb-14$23.51Details
10052703M Electrical Products DivisionSS102HCMacurco Co Detector$491.98Details
9974963M Electrical Products DivisionSS10310AMacurco 120Vac,10 Sensor Cntrl$1,606.51Details
10013873M Electrical Products DivisionSTD09XWire Mkr 0-9 54007-49518-5$43.67Details
9897903M Electrical Products DivisionSTDCColor Code Wheel Dispenser With Colored Tapes$49.52Details
9702903M Electrical Products DivisionSWB13M Scotchcode Write On Wire Marker Book Swb-1Call for Price.Details
9689983M Electrical Products DivisionSWB23M Scotchcode Write On Wire Marker Book Swb-2Call for Price.Details
9953463M Electrical Products DivisionSWB33M Scotchcode Write On Wire Marker Book Swb-3Call for Price.Details
1031733M Electrical Products DivisionSWDScotch Code Wire Marker Dispenser$39.05Details
5783263M Electrical Products DivisionSWDRScotch Code Write-On Dispenser Refill Roll W/250 Markers$30.22Details
7540933M Electrical Products DivisionTEMFLEX34X60Vinyl Electrical Tape 3/4" X 60' Black$2.40Details
10218823M Electrical Products DivisionTRJUGWire Connector, Tan/Red 750/Pk$153.50Details
9701343M Electrical Products DivisionTX12ND120V Nitrogen Dioxide Fixed Gas Det Cntr$569.93Details
10331953M Electrical Products DivisionTX6AMAmmonia Am Fixed Gas Detector Controller$582.50Details
10538583M Electrical Products DivisionTX6HSHydrogen Sulfide H2S Fixed Gas Det Cntrl$549.52Details
9920563M Electrical Products DivisionTX6NDLow Voltage, Dual Relay Nitrogen Dioxide$549.52Details
10350673M Electrical Products DivisionUG2BOXUg Connector 100 Pc Box$18.95Details
7544533M Electrical Products DivisionUR2BULKScotchlok Connectors 2- To 3- Filled 19-26Awg Ur2(Bulk)$14.72Details
10191983M Electrical Products DivisionUR2D19-26 Awg Butt Connector (Dry)$0.18Details
8712663M Electrical Products DivisionUR2JAR500Splice Connector 2 Or 3-Wire Filled 19-26Awg$14.73Details
7874903M Electrical Products DivisionURBXSplice Connector 2 Or 3-Wire Filled 19-26Awg Air Or 22-26 Awg Filled 100/Pk$16.35Details
8096173M Electrical Products DivisionURJAR500Scotchlok Connector Filled 19-26Awg Air/22-26AwgCall for Price.Details
8411433M Electrical Products DivisionUY2BXSplice Connector 2 Or 3-Wire Filled 19-26Awg/2 Cond Conn. 100/Box Uy2(Bx)$12.85Details
10259313M Electrical Products DivisionUY2CARTBox (10 Cartridges Of 12 Uy2)$15.38Details
10702783M Electrical Products DivisionUY2D*Eol* Filled Splice Module$15.15Details
5783283M Electrical Products DivisionUY2JAR500Connector Scotchlok Gel Uy2-Jar500$1,013.17Details
7623943M Electrical Products DivisionUYBXSplice Connector 2 Wire Filled 22-26 Awg 100/Pk$13.78Details
9941343M Electrical Products DivisionWL1Wire Pulling Lubricant Translucent White 1 Gal$27.96Details
9599193M Electrical Products DivisionWL5Wire Pulling Lubricant Translucent White 5 Gal$98.10Details
9662243M Electrical Products DivisionWLC13M Clear Wire Pulling Lubricant Wlc-1Call for Price.Details
10352773M Electrical Products DivisionWLC53M Clear Wire Pulling Lubricant Wlc-5Call for Price.Details
10321403M Electrical Products DivisionWLCQTClear Wire Pulling Lubricant Wlc-Qt$15.84Details
9922863M Electrical Products DivisionWLX13M Wire Pulling Lubricant Wax Wlx-1, One GallonCall for Price.Details
9757713M Electrical Products DivisionWLX53M Wire Pulling Lubricant Wax Wlx-5, Five GallonsCall for Price.Details
9356163M Electrical Products DivisionWLXQT3M Wire Pulling Lubricant Wax Wlx-Qt, One QuartCall for Price.Details