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Access Control Systems

Egress Switches

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
387559Alarm Controls407370AMomentary Keyswitch Key Pull When Switch$39.86Details
387563Alarm ControlsCY1AEXKEYAdditional Key For Cy1A$8.77Details
113207Alarm ControlsDRC1Door Release Console 1 Normally Open Switch$64.54Details
114152Alarm ControlsKA105Ace Keyswitch, On / Off, Keyed Different, Key Remo$44.85Details
114020Alarm ControlsKA107Ace Keyswitch, Momentary, Keyed Different, Key Rem$29.64Details
113665Alarm ControlsKA109AFlat Keyswitch, On / Off, Keyed Alike, Key Removab$29.06Details
114154Alarm ControlsKR11Plate 302 Stainless Steel Latching Key Reset Btn$161.97Details
114155Alarm ControlsKR11GRPanic Btn N/O N/C 302S/S,Gr$196.45Details
114031Alarm ControlsMCK13Mortise Cylinder Station, Dpdt Momentary Action Sw$66.54Details
114032Alarm ControlsMCK14Mortise Cylinder Station, Dpdt Alternate Action Sw$70.97Details
114872Alarm ControlsRP3MRemote Plate,Narrow R/G Medico Hole,N/C$18.90Details
115026Alarm ControlsSPN1112M2 Med Desk Console W/7 Dsw1 Switches Blue Non Ill$270.61Details
387598Alarm ControlsSPN2218Ts-15 Screened In Black Ink "Exit"$183.61Details
387599Alarm ControlsSPN3135M-2 Console With 6 Dsw-3 Switches$257.78Details
779055BEAPIEZOBUTTONSingle Gang Request To Exit Switch – Pi$142.52Details
596187Camden Door Controls / Camden Marketing4010RSpring Return Switch, Monetary On/Off$62.96Details
596199Camden Door Controls / Camden Marketing5085REMushroom Red Buttn Ext Switch$237.17Details
596230Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCI1KXTamper Resistant Key Switch. Diecast Alum, Painted Gray$108.35Details
596301Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM11507112Cast Alum. Single Gang Key Switch 2 Spdt Momentary$103.49Details
596305Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM1160Aluminium Key Switch, 2 Spdt Maintained$105.41Details
596320Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM1185Dpst 1-60 Scnd Sngle Gang Flush$219.62Details
596321Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM11857212Flush Key Switch W/Dpst 1-60 Sec Pneumat$243.04Details
955273Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM11907012Flush Mount Key Switch Dpdt Red Led$98.83Details
596352Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM1285S/S Switch,Spdt 1-60 Sec Pnue$248.89Details
596365Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM1703Keysw Off-Auto Maint Narr Fp. Narrow Keyswitch. Stainless Steel Faceplate. Off-Auto-Hold Open. Maintained$53.07Details
596375Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM1KXSExterior Industrial Key Switch, With Wea$127.37Details
596378Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM20007212Alum.Key Switch Spst.Momen.$90.76Details
596395Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM2205Stainless Steel Narrow Key Switch, Spst$74.66Details
596454Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM3020R12Illum Red Switch, N/O &Amp; N/C Mom 12V$105.41Details
596465Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM30CIlluminated Exit Switch$45.50Details
596466Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM30CLEDUniversal Illuminated Exit Switch W/Led$67.34Details
596494Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM3210Double Gang Key Switch - Stainless Steel$95.17Details
596507Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM3243NSure-Wave Switch Narrow Jamb Hand/Wave$146.41Details
596510Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM3243WTouchless Switch Dg.Hand/Wave$146.41Details
914380Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM32540SWHands Free Switch., 'Short Range', 1 Rel$161.04Details
596568Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM4044Round Ss Switch W/Hcap &Amp; Push To Open$73.21Details
596574Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM40502NCMushroom Switch Single Gang, Red Mushroo$87.84Details
596616Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM4207Mushroom Exit Switch, Stainless Steel Fa$67.34Details
788692Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM4520Dpdt Switch For Cm/40,41,45$26.67Details
596645Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM452WRAll Active Switch Handicap Logo C/W Weat$85.15Details
1029841Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM5000INTELE01Custom Switch$138.00Details
596689Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM5020RPTEMushroom Exit Switch Single Gang$98.10Details
596716Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM6016" Round Push Switch,$73.21Details
846781Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM60DP36" Round Push Plate Switch Dpdt Switch I$92.23Details
854415Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM8120RRed Push Switch, N/O &Amp; N/C, Narrow$60.30Details
797272Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCMRFL254Lazerpoint Rf Wireless Switch Package.$256.59Details
941710Chamberlain Professional / Sentex41ASWG0119Release Key F/ La400$6.08Details
149852Cyrex Networks / ComelitSK9050GFob For Simplekey Green$8.24Details
149854Cyrex Networks / ComelitSK9050GYFob For Simplekey - Grey/Yellow$8.24Details
182275Cyrex Networks / ComelitSK9050YToken (Yellow)$8.24Details
414431Da-Lite74490Key-Operated 115-Volt Wall Switchkey$100.60Details
712931Detex CorporationEAX300SK1XIC7Sounder With Ic7 Cylinders.$316.70Details
734911Detex CorporationECL405DT012Dt012 Key$2.46Details
760634Detex CorporationECL405DT013Cover Lock Key$2.46Details
884547Detex CorporationECL405DT015Key$2.46Details
829669Detex CorporationECL405DT020Cover Lock Key$2.46Details
1011033Dortronics1211083No Touch Exit Button$57.68Details
1030480Dortronics1401080Fire Dept. Lock Box - Accepts Knox Key$62.86Details
985231Dortronics1615016Photo Cell Light Switch$51.59Details
777600Dortronics514114Key Switch With No Key Cylinder$65.51Details
613219Dortronics514114XKXLSpdt Maintained Action Key Switch W/L.E.$98.80Details
417283Dortronics514114XLSpdt Alternate Action Keyswitch With Bic$74.42Details
417284Dortronics514115XLSpdt Momentary Action Keyswitch With Bic$70.56Details
184018Dortronics514124Key Switch, Dpdt, Alternate Action, Single Gang Pl$80.82Details
417285Dortronics514125XATXKKey Switch 1 Gang Dpdt W/Time Delay &Amp; Cy$143.68Details
985655Dortronics514125XKDpdt Momentary Action Key Switch On Sing$98.80Details
779162Dortronics5222015SCMMicro Switch For Delayed Egress Lock$20.61Details
759270Dortronics5241K12Key Switch, 5240 Series, Sp N.O. Momentary Key, Re$53.16Details
165674Dortronics5241K24Key Switch, Spdt, Maintained, Key Removable In On$46.52Details
184036Dortronics5246K24Key Switch, 3/8 Inch Diameter, Spdt, Key Removable$80.19Details
739550Dortronics7286PT524XKExit Door Alarm$364.95Details
417317DortronicsN5277PZLXE6Piezo Switch-B Delay, Custom Engraved T$191.80Details
165716DortronicsN5286P25Push Plate Switch, Narrow, 1 1/2 Inch Wide, Dpdt,$64.15Details
965746DortronicsW5277PZLXE3Piezo Switch-B W/Delay "Exit" Text$189.24Details
417329DortronicsW5286P23DAXE1XUS4Request To Exit W/ Neumatic Time Delay S$266.20Details
417330DortronicsW5286P23DAxE5Pneum Time Delay Exit Button$225.79Details
760932Draper121018Ks-3 Key Operated 3 Position Switch$91.97Details
613977DSI / Designed SecurityES4300ANLK2Exit Alarm Barrel Key Switch No Logo$278.36Details
160022DSI / Designed SecurityK2Key, Set Of 2, Barrel $11.90Details
166677DSI / Designed SecurityRPK3K3 Keyswitch Replacement$83.40Details
418685Dynalock6230PBPalm Switch Momentary Form Z$56.98Details
418687Dynalock6261Palm Swch 1-5/8 Dia.Mom.Nc.Dpst$103.89Details
418708Dynalock7000CYLCylinder For Keyswitch$28.74Details
614799Dynalock7001US32DMaintained Spdt Key Switch$87.81Details
614807Dynalock7023DBLAUDCYLKEYUS32DKey Switch Maintained Double Gang, Audib$138.07Details
818689DynalockDY7024CYLMomentary Key Switch With (2) Dpdt Conta$149.38Details
314169Edwards / GS Building SystemsRKEYRemote Key Switch$47.24Details
190475H.A.I. Home Automation37A001Hlc White Auxiliary Switch For Remote$33.10Details
173397H.A.I. Home Automation79A00112Vdc Electric Door Strike Fail Secure$62.50Details
811284Hanchett Entry Systems / HESSFICSfic, 2 Keys , 1 Control, 1 User$61.33Details
174902HIDASR505NGRBGEReader, Ngr, Indala, 18 Inch Cable, Beige, Wall Mo$275.65Details
918031HIDR532102383Omnikey 5321 Cl Sam (Fw5.31) [V2.0] Taa,$82.47Details
957651HoffmanAL48Quick-Release Latch Kit (2) Fiberglass$42.11Details
630642HoffmanALFSWDDoor Operated Switch 115/230V 50/60Hz$31.23Details
959299International Electronics / IEILS1C10BAMLs1C10Bam Amron Key In Lever$679.19Details
940115International Electronics / IEILS1D26DCRKADead Bult W/Keyed Alike$648.77Details
770429Keyscan / Cardac909S*Eol*Mount Rocker Switch$44.85Details
480382MobitexOPTENTRY1PWKey Access Control Module Including Keyp$451.09Details
651521NascomN135WGWSWCAPECapsule Switch, Stick-On, End Lead, Zip Cord, Whit$1.72Details
651938NascomN707AUSTBms Contact/Standard Magnet Set, Ul2 High Security$354.12Details
503861Paxton Access337773USController Poe Extension Switch Only$237.66Details
1025089ROFU International9301Exit Switch, Standard Plate, 2 Blue Butt$91.01Details
514782Rutherford Controls / RCI1200A36X40Rim Exit Device, 24”-36” Finish 40$241.82Details
514783Rutherford Controls / RCI1200AS13601200Ass1 36" Rim Ext W/Switch$284.36Details
514784Rutherford Controls / RCI1200AS13681200Ass1 36” Rim Ext W/Swtch 28$278.85Details
334812Rutherford Controls / RCI940PTE940 Push To Exit Mo Door Swtich 32D Fini$55.84Details
283160Rutherford Controls / RCI945DMO940/950 Dmo Dpdt Switch Option$28.41Details
258567Rutherford Controls / RCI950HP6MO950Hp6 Mo Door Switch 32D$56.23Details
245327Rutherford Controls / RCI950P6MOSwitch Handicapped 6" Rnd Ss$57.15Details
514557Rutherford Controls / RCI960DMALX28960 Key Switch Dpdt Ma With Led In 28$94.99Details
514548Rutherford Controls / RCI960DMAX28960Dma Keyswitch 28$91.91Details
750170Rutherford Controls / RCI960NMOLX28960 Narrow Mo Led Keyswitch 28$57.99Details
681245Rutherford Controls / RCI97MOMSwitch Only For 970 Push But.$29.75Details
765557Rutherford Controls / RCIR909SMOW**Eol**Duplicate Use Ruc-909Smow$27.14Details
215550Safety Technology Inc. / STI16200Door Alarmed” Label For The Exit Stopper$4.45Details
258894Safety Technology Inc. / STI19016Tamper Wrench For The Exit/Theft Stopper$3.84Details
856261Schlage / Allegion050270Rx 2 Switch Kit Request To Exit$196.84Details
1037088Schlage / AllegionCS222232Schl/Lock Al80Pd Sat 626 Al80Pd Sat 626$174.24Details
796088Schlage / AllegionCS329520Von Duprin 996L-R&Amp;V Us26D 996L-R&Amp;V Us26D$374.88Details
892357Schlage / AllegionCS329522Von Duprin 996L-R&Amp;V Us26D 996L-R&Amp;V Us26D$374.88Details
766132Schlage / AllegionCS512826Best Access Systems 9K-3-7-D-15-D-S3-626$341.40Details
961454SDC / Security Door Controls00514514 Doromatic 990, 1090 Switch Kit$112.57Details
513631SDC / Security Door Controls431CURMaintain Switch, Normally Closed, Red Bu$79.38Details
513682SDC / Security Door Controls452Sdc Exit Switch, Vandal Res.5/8" S.S., S$108.25Details
513685SDC / Security Door Controls474Touchless Sense Switch$56.06Details
247912SDC / Security Door Controls701TKey Switch, 6 Amp, 20-Gauge, Stainless Steel FacepCall for Price.Details
843441SDC / Security Door Controls702RULock/Alarm Reset Key Switch$79.38Details
285397SDC / Security Door Controls809ALKey Switch, 6 Amp, 1/4 Inch Thick, Aluminum Plate,Call for Price.Details
513397SDC / Security Door ControlsAML24EBA3AA03Replacement Switch$48.17Details
285426SDC / Security Door ControlsCYLKDQ1 1/8" Mortise Key Cylinder 626 X 2 Keys$23.21Details
507972SDC / Security Door ControlsSDC00511Von Duprin 55 Switch Kit$108.25Details
507437Seco-LarmSD71002V0Shunt (Maintained) Nc Turn-To-Open Keylo$20.37Details
507467Seco-LarmSD71051V0Spring-Loaded (Momentary) Keylock Switch$21.57Details
507469Seco-LarmSD72002V0Same As Sd-71002-V0, But Single-Gang Pla$22.94Details
507471Seco-LarmSD72051V0Spring-Loaded Keylock Swtch 1Gang S.Steel Plt 1300$23.81Details
298363Seco-LarmSS032QRDRed N.O. Momentary Pushbutton Switch For$2.28Details
683335Seco-LarmSS033QBKBlack N.C. Momentary Pushbutton Switch F$2.28Details
261290Seco-LarmSS0901H0Similar To Ss-090-2H0, Key Removable$11.35Details
261291Seco-LarmSS0902H0Spst, Shunt-On/Off High-Security$9.92Details
218199Seco-LarmSS0902H1Spst, Shunt-On/Off High-Security$9.92Details
248554Seco-LarmSS090KN3Extra Pre-Cut Keys For Ss-090$2.28Details
248556Seco-LarmSS090KN8Extra Pre-Cut Keys For Ss-090 Series And$2.28Details
261303Seco-LarmSS0951H1Momentary Key Switch Key Code 1301$11.24Details
285791Seco-LarmSS0951H7Spst, Momentary-On/Shunt-Off$11.24Details
683337Seco-LarmSS0951H8High-Security Tubular Key Lock. Spst, Mo$11.24Details
218211Seco-LarmSS0951H9High-Security Tubular Key Lock. Spst, Mo$11.24Details
218411SecuritronAQD58FAccupower 5/3A 12/24Vdc Supervised Pwr Supply W/ Charger 8 Fused Out$225.37Details
261550SecuritronMKSA2Mk Series Add-On Switch Alt. Add-On Switch. For Mk Series Keyswitch. Alternate Action Dpdt$37.67Details
508907SpaceageSSU01707Key Switch$130.07Details
221875SpaceageSSU01907Aux Key Switch Momentary Label$41.33Details
221881SpaceageSSU02204Key Switch Rain Gaurd$23.24Details
694145Talk-A-Phone42884EKey Set For Webs Mic Door Lock$10.40Details
516826Tane Alarm ProductsSM35CGYC Form Switch Spdt Gray$5.33Details
516837Tane Alarm ProductsSM35CWHC Form Switch Spdt$5.33Details
515426TekToneSF1184CEmergency Call Switch, Call Assurance Led, Four Po$20.61Details
873468Telular / TelguardGDC1Garage Door Controller, Z-Wave, Uses The Binary Sw$112.94Details
1019280TEPGPK625Key Only$1.72Details
969909TEPGRMS6TUTDouble Pole, Double Throw Terminal Block$52.08Details