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Access Control Systems

Locking Devices

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
607060Continental AccessCICPM1200Maglock, Powermag, Napco, 1200 Lbs, Field SelectabCall for Price.Details
607065Continental AccessCICPM600BISee Cicpm600B1, Maglock, 600 Lbs, 12-24 Vdc, L 9 7Call for Price.Details
607074Continental AccessCICPMAZ1Z Bracket, Adjustable, Use With Cicpm6001 & Cicpm6Call for Price.Details
607075Continental AccessCICPMAZ2Z Bracket, Adjustable, Use With Cicpm1200, Cicpm12Call for Price.Details
225928NapcoRB3008Relay Board, Octal $143.88Details
258492Rutherford Controls / RCI8372X28Lock, Minimag, Surface, Double, 28 Finish, 12 / 24$430.10Details
730745Rutherford Controls / RCI930LGX32DLatch Guard, Fits Mortise Or Cylindrical Lock Stri$33.94Details
283165Rutherford Controls / RCI950718WFlex Loop, 18", Surface Mount, Hollow Loop For 4 C$17.91Details
681259Rutherford Controls / RCIAB20X288 Series Accessory, Angle Bracket, 1" X 1" X 21",$44.33Details
884374Rutherford Controls / RCIAB713X408 Series Accessory, Angle Bracket, 1-1/2" X 2" X 9$34.64Details
762179Rutherford Controls / RCIAB723X288 Series Accessory, Angle Bracket, 1-1/2" X 2" X 1$49.17Details
771390Rutherford Controls / RCIAB723X408 Series Accessory, Angle Bracket, 1-1/2" X 2" X 1$52.64Details
215324Rutherford Controls / RCIDSR02Accessory, Dss Retrofit Kit, For 5/8" 8310, 8330 &$80.25Details
514671Rutherford Controls / RCIFB01X288310 Accessory, Filler Bar, 1/4" X 3/4" X 10-1/2",$21.50Details
779132Rutherford Controls / RCIFB23X288320 Accessory, Filler Bar, 5/8" X 3/4" X 21", 28$42.95Details
514672Rutherford Controls / RCIFB710X288371 Accessory, Filler Bar, 1/4" X 3/4" X 9-3/8",$21.50Details
514674Rutherford Controls / RCIFB711X288371 Accessory, Filler Bar, 3/8" X 3/4" X 9-3/8",$22.92Details
797149Rutherford Controls / RCIGB7112X328371 Accessory, Glass Door Bracket, 1/2", 32 Finis$104.99Details
215373Rutherford Controls / RCILEK034 & 7 Series Strike Option, 3" Lip Extension Kit,$56.80Details
681402Rutherford Controls / RCISP20X288320 Accessory, Spacer, 1/4" X 1-5/8" X 21", 28 Fi$38.79Details
845499Rutherford Controls / RCISP23X288320 Accessory, Spacer, 5/8" X 1-5/8" X 21", 28 Fi$42.95Details
726651Schlage / Allegion7764Switch, Door Position, Concealed Flush Mount, 0.5$112.07Details
260616SDC / Security Door Controls1511Maglock, Emlock, Single, 1650 Lbs Holding Force, ACall for Price.Details
217504SDC / Security Door Controls1512Maglock, Emlock, Double, 1650 Lbs Holding Force, ACall for Price.Details
217510SDC / Security Door Controls1513Maglock, Emlock, Split Amature, 1650 Lbs Holding FCall for Price.Details
260650SDC / Security Door Controls1561TJMaglock, Micro Shear Emlock, 200 Lbs, Surface MounCall for Price.Details
247668SDC / Security Door Controls1576UGate Maglock Face Drill 12/24D. Gate Emlock Face Drilled$275.59Details
217531SDC / Security Door Controls1581Maglock, Emlock, Single, 650 Lbs Holding Force, AuCall for Price.Details
217539SDC / Security Door Controls1582Maglock, Emlock, Single, 650 Lbs Holding Force, AuCall for Price.Details
285355SDC / Security Door Controls7000DGAccessory, Drill Guide, Laser, For Door Core Call for Price.Details
217874SDC / Security Door ControlsSK1Option, Spacer Kit, For 1.375 Inches Door ThicknesCall for Price.Details
248300SDC / Security Door ControlsZ7852Lock, Electrified Lockset, Fail-Secure, Outside LoCall for Price.Details
1060892Trigon Electronics02A20000Postal Lock Box $140.78Details