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Access Control Systems

Cards, Magnetic Stripe

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
585460Applied Wireless / AWIDLR2000GRUHFGraphic Card For Use With Lr-2000$5.94Details
149449Corby4074Corby 4074 Access Card/$4.50Details
1040687Dortronics12120401212 Skc-03 Access Cards$8.66Details
994445Dortronics1508132Doorking Programed And Printed Clamshell$5.74Details
1002137Dortronics1815216Dks Mullion Mount Card Reader$117.87Details
623412GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1200201Magnetic Stripe Card, Blank, Photo, Cust$7.74Details
623413GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1200202Magnetic Stripe Cards, Guardall Logo, Pr$3.89Details
623414GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1200203Magnetic Stripe Cards, Guardall Logo, Pr$43.12Details
623415GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1200205Magnetic Stripe Cards, Inova Logo, (Prog$52.01Details
623416GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1200206Magstripe Card, Verex Logo, 1$3.89Details
623417GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1200207Magstripe Card, Verex Logo, 25$43.12Details
624205GE Security / UTC Fire & Security700184002Iso Proxlite Card W/ Magstripe Wht Glss$6.07Details
628566HID1456CNGGNNComp Hid Desfire Ev1 8Kb,Kb:No Prg F/B-Gls,No Slot$5.71Details
191343HID2100PG1MBIclass Composite Gloss/Gloss W/Mag Stripe No Slot$5.94Details
895258HID2100PG1MHComposite Iclass, 2K/2, Prog, F-Gloss, F$5.94Details
168722HID31144453Card, Prox, Hid Format, Empi Magstripe Encoding &$5.49Details
310730HID3150RGGMNMCard, Iclass Se, Proximity, Composite, 2K Bits (25$8.81Details
628853HID5006PGGMNComp Icls Seos 8Kb,Prg,F/B-Gloss,Lam,Match,No Slot$4.28Details
448062HIDCC20000007000D14Configuration Card,Rpk40, Beep/Led=00 Mifare=02$9.88Details
629450HIDCC20000500000004Cnfg:Cci,Htog,Piv,All Rdrs,Facn Only,200 Bit,Twid$9.44Details
1035215HIDCC20002007000003Config: Cci,Mltcls,Wg,Magneto, Aba Card, All Aba D$9.88Details
179364HIDCXISOSSSCVA0000Card, Cxiso, Indala, Pvc, Vertical Slot $5.04Details
310592HIDELIDT33411Easylobby Hardware Accessory, Mag Stripe Reader, I$153.01Details
174951HIDIODSB00620Mag Stripe Card, Non-Programmed$0.46Details
179408HIDR302100151Omnikey 3021(Fw2.03) Rohs Confdesktop Us$18.32Details
756455HIDR302102091Desktop Reader, Omnikey 3021 (Fw2.04) Ta$20.22Details
819240HIDR54270001INDALAOmnikey 5427Ck (Fwsp3) Rohs Conf$178.00Details
718701HIDSEC9XCRDMAD0151Mobile Admin Card, Security Of Los Angel$29.55Details
1047584HIDSEC9XCRDMKYDEMOCfg Card, Se, Std,Ice0235/Mob0001/Mob002$25.77Details
179786Honeywell Access / Northern ComputerCMFBSCustom Card Mag Stripe$3.40Details
346801Honeywell Access / Northern ComputerPRIMA461Holographic Overlay Film W/Snowflake Des 1000/Roll$750.09Details
180633Honeywell Access / Northern ComputerPVCH6Dual Glsy./Mag. Stripe$8.56Details
1018643infiniasPXCID7510M1Iso/Magstripe Card Iso/Mags Compa$6.30Details
633871International Electronics / IEIMAGCRD250200025Ssmagcrd25 Magstp Cds 25Pk$66.50Details
197440Jam Plastics509MBBLACKClassic Mini Bak W/Strap Swivel Black$4.86Details
270738Keri SystemsMT10XM50Multi Tech Imageable Card W/Mag Stripe 50 Pack$270.19Details
198046Keri SystemsNXTSISOPROXPrintable Cards W/Mag Stripe$6.93Details
201196LockneticsCLENCODER2Campu Slck Mag. Strp Encoder, Iso Comp. Hgh/Low$2,361.24Details
481745Mercury SecurityBR2012OWK1T3Br20 Mag Kpd/Rdr Trk2 75Bpi 12V W/Baran-Tec Keypad$572.39Details
759750Mercury SecurityBR2012T3Track 3 Mag Stripe Card Reader 12 V (Weatherized)$602.09Details
900995Mercury SecurityMR1012BKT1Mr10 Mag Stripe Rdr 12Volts Trk 1 Reader Black$239.39Details
219576Mercury SecurityMR1012T3Mag Stripe Reader 12 Volt Track Iii$239.39Details
235104Mercury SecurityMR105T3Mr10 5 Volt Track 3 Mag Stripe$246.39Details
202763Mercury SecurityMRCC100Custom Mag Strp Encoded White Cards/ 5/6/1 Format$179.19Details
235110Mercury SecurityMRCC50Mag Stripe Cards Pckage Of 50$89.59Details
202766Mercury SecuritySR10CCXXCstm Crd For Sr10 -Enc-All W/Same Block #Upto1600U$2.50Details
654764Paxton Access692148USMifare Plus 1K Iso Card, No Magstripe, P$55.13Details
676716Potter ElectricAMST21BR5/8" Gap Press Fit Recessed Terminal Br$2.98Details
679061RBH Access TechnologiesMC200YMCKO300 Card Film Cartridge$230.34Details
283149Rutherford Controls / RCI93150RCIUCP50 Rci User Cards$116.19Details
683349Secura KeyET8ROWME*Tag® Contactless Smart Card Reader, 13$107.98Details
683352Secura KeyETCI044Iso Card, 2K Bit Memory, 26 Or 32 Bit En$5.36Details
1058332Security LockPOL25MMag Stripe Swipe Card Reader$146.99Details
966884Security LockSMR512VMag Stripe Card Reader, 12 Volt$318.59Details
794593Stanley Security SolutionsVPAPOLYBox Of 500 Mag Cards$1,516.24Details
696922Ultra Electronics36520051Rio Pro Ultracoverplus 1 Year Warranty E$417.35Details
696923Ultra Electronics36520051DRio Pro Duo Ultracover Plus 1 Year Warra$461.28Details
696927Ultra ElectronicsFG36520160Printhead Assembly - Rio Pro$596.59Details
696932Ultra ElectronicsHOLOFLEXREPMagicard Custom Holokote Flex Kit Repeat$273.35Details
696933Ultra ElectronicsHOLOFLEXREPLMagicard Custom Holokote Flex Kit Repeat$273.35Details
696934Ultra ElectronicsHOLOFLEXSETMagicard Custom Holokote Flex Kit Artwor$571.10Details
696935Ultra ElectronicsHOLOFLEXSETLMagicard Custom Holokote Flex Kit Artwor$571.10Details
696936Ultra ElectronicsHOLOREPMagicard Custom Holokote Kit Repeat Key$227.79Details
696937Ultra ElectronicsHOLOREPLMagicard Custom Holokote Kit Repeat Key$227.79Details
696939Ultra ElectronicsHOLOSETLMagicard Custom Holokote Kit Artwork Set$483.26Details
696944Ultra ElectronicsM3610065A30 Mil Cr80 60/40 Pvc/Poly Cards - 100 P$45.65Details
696945Ultra ElectronicsM3610067A30 Mil Cr80 60/40 Pvc/Poly Cards W/Hico$59.84Details
696946Ultra ElectronicsM361008330 Mil Cr80 Cards W/Gold Holopatch - 100$47.84Details
696947Ultra ElectronicsM361008530 Mil Cr80 Pvc Cards W/Hico And Gold Ho$86.48Details
696948Ultra ElectronicsM361008714 Mil Cr80 Self Adhesive Cards W/Gold H$77.00Details
696967Ultra ElectronicsM9006794A30 Mil Cr80 Cards W/Hico Mag Stripe - 50$82.92Details
696968Ultra ElectronicsM900679630 Mil Cr80 Cards W/Gold Holopatch - 500$225.06Details
696969Ultra ElectronicsM900679730 Mil Cr80 Cards W/Hico Mag Stripe And$411.21Details
697690USA Vision Systems81MA13560F002Geofinger Id Card Thin Typ 13.56 Mhz$2.58Details
1035964UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix700200001Card,Iso-15693,Whte,Gloss,Sli-2,Vert Magstrpe-Aba$6.48Details
716457UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixDIALUPKITDialup Kit For Acu$446.84Details
878705UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixIGRRMS10SIGBReader, Rms10 Magnetic Stripe, Industrial Grade Ho$210.85Details
801234UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixIGRRMS10SIGWReader, Magstripe, Mullion Mount, Industrial Grade$210.85Details