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Access Control Systems

Parking Equipment

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
147873Communications Supply / CSC190008Accessory, Traffic Loop Detector, Imsa 51-3, 14 Aw$175.57Details
186327FAAC2557Flexible Conduit, Pave-Over Style Loops, With 50'Call for Price.Details
162211FAAC2559Flexible Conduit, Pave-Over Style Loops, With 50'Call for Price.Details
171675FAAC2566Saw-Cut Loop, 4' X 8', With 50' Twisted Pair Lead-Call for Price.Details
153750FAAC2569Saw-Cut Loop, 6' X 12', With 30' Twisted Pair LeadCall for Price.Details
162212FAAC2664Loop Detector, Diablo, Wire Terminals, No EnclosurCall for Price.Details
153765FAAC490043Option, Positive Stop, Heavy Duty, Model 84 Long,Call for Price.Details
171692FAAC490109Positive Stop, 84-400, 4 Rod, Concealed Call for Price.Details
153788FAAC785152Photocell Set: 2 Infrared Beam Cells Provide All-WCall for Price.Details
171724FAAC785163Photocell Set, Directional W/ Diagonal Alignment,Call for Price.Details
760596International Electronics / IEIAMRRRReceiver, Remote Radio, To Allow Extended Range Re$168.15Details
781861International Electronics / IEIEXA2000Accessory, Antenna, Remote Directional, Includes M$39.22Details
837227International Electronics / IEIWORReceiver, Wiegand, Access Control Interface, Adds$159.40Details
232324Linear Corporation2532Rf Splitter / Combiner, Bi-Directional, 2-Way, Dtv$4.01Details
210549Linear Corporation2534Rf Splitter / Combiner, Bi-Directional, 4-Way, Dtv$6.07Details
272904Linear CorporationACT21B1 Channel Keyring Transmitter. 1 Channel Keyring Transmitter. Wireless Button. Custom Coded, Lithium Battery. Facility Code/Starting Number$23.55Details
272905Linear CorporationACT22B3 Channel Keyring Transmitter. For Wor Receiver. Wireless Button. Custom Coded, Lithium Battery$26.40Details
232378Linear CorporationACT31B1 Channel Transmitter. 1 Channel Transmitter. Non Custom. Acp00879$17.01Details
232379Linear CorporationACT31CTransmitter, 1-Button, 1-Channel, Custom Block Cod$21.62Details
200578Linear CorporationACT34BTransmitter, Block Coded, Key Chain, 4 Channel *Mu$19.77Details
200579Linear CorporationACT34CTransmitter, 4-Button, 4-Channel, Custom Block Cod$24.47Details
200631Linear CorporationD67Receiver, Std Digital, 1-Channel, Form C Relay Out$57.18Details
210941Linear CorporationDX12Rx Add-On, 1-Channel, Extended Range, Relay Output$71.86Details
273011Linear CorporationDXR701Dx Radio Receiver, Wireless, 1-Channel, Momentary,$55.80Details
210944Linear CorporationDXR702Dx Radio Receiver, Wireless, 2-Channel, Momentary,$63.98Details
210945Linear CorporationDXS23Transmitter, Hand-Held, Three Button, 4-Channel, S$40.99Details
200678Linear CorporationDXS25Transmitter, Hand-Held, Five Button, 8-Channel, Su$55.80Details
210949Linear CorporationDXSR1508Dx Radio Receiver, Wireless, 8 Channel, Momentary,$78.29Details
200684Linear CorporationDXT41Keyfob, Mini Transmitter, 1-Button, 1-Channel, Com$42.72Details
232593Linear CorporationMDRGGate Receiver, Megacode, 1 Channel $41.14Details
200796Linear CorporationMDT1ATransmitter, Megacode, Deluxe 1 Channel, Hand Held$21.48Details
341506Linear CorporationMDT1BTransmitter, Block Coded, Deluxe 1 Channel, Hand H$25.40Details
200798Linear CorporationMDT2BTransmitter, Block Coded, Deluxe 2 Channel, Hand H$28.25Details
273127Linear CorporationMDT4BTransmitter, Block Coded, Deluxe 4 Channel, Hand H$39.05Details
200817Linear CorporationMT1BTransmitter, Block Coded, Visor, 1 Channel *Must O$17.01Details
232609Linear CorporationMT2BTransmitter, Block Coded, Visor, 2 Channel *Sold I$19.77Details
211315Linear CorporationSMDRGSngl Chan Megacode Rec. 318Mhz. 24Vac/Dc, Form C Relay, Gate. Memory Holds 40 Transmitters. Linear, 5.5 X 1.25 X 4 Inches. 9In F-Con Antena,Mntg Bracket$46.97Details
211339Linear CorporationT1248DCXtended Receiver Accessory, Power Supply, Wireless$20.81Details
211405Linear CorporationXR1Receiver, Single Channel, Extended Range, Supervis$215.35Details
232758Linear CorporationXR16Receiver, 16 Channel, Supervised, Form C Alarm Out$273.62Details