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Access Control Systems

Cards, Wiegand

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
935240Adams RiteAH20W14NNNNAh20 1:1 Wiegand Hub$205.79Details
596940Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCVCSAProx Card For Cv-601 ( The Cv-Csa Is 34$3.67Details
596967Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCVTAC4WCAccess Control Device, Weigand Controll$204.39Details
149441Corby4045Wiegand Swipe Card - 26-Bit$8.59Details
156054Corby4149Weigand 30 Bit Foto Id,2 Sides$8.44Details
149458Corby4216Prox Card &26Wiegand$8.10Details
156060Corby4220Proximity Card 30Bit Wiegand$7.54Details
937845Dortronics1508134Awid Prox Keytag Key Fob - Special Card$8.26Details
1025366Dortronics1508138Idteckidk 50 Keyfob- Special Card Number$9.06Details
967077Dortronics1815051Surface Or Post Mount Lighted$272.78Details
990838Dortronics18304013000 Memory 300 No Cards$284.69Details
622048Fargo / HID84013Hdp Ymckk Full-Color Ribbon;400 Images,$218.33Details
624214GE Security / UTC Fire & Security700300001Mifare 1K, Iso Thickness, Composite, Glo$8.39Details
624409GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityAL145050PKGAlliance Clamshell Smart Card 50 Pk$129.09Details
347758H.A.I. Home Automation75A002Access Control Card Reader 125Khz High Security$239.47Details
190509H.A.I. Home Automation78A002Small 125Khz High Security Prox Key Tag$64.92Details
628406HID010655Plastic Card Dispenser$75.43Details
178804HID1090086Weigand Swip Card Plain White, Graphics$7.81Details
191179HID1122321Non-Custom Card To A Non-Plain White Version$7.54Details
628432HID1190181.037" Wiegand Sensor Card With Grap$7.40Details
628437HID1326LCSMV1108661326 125Khz Clamshell Card With Custom L$4.27Details
628467HID1336LGGSHSPECDuoprox Ii, Prog, F-Gloss$6.14Details
793164HID1346LNSMNPACK10Hid Prox Key Ii Keyfob Weigand 10 Pack$6.05Details
820148HID1346LSSMNSPEC*Eol* Discontinued:Use Hic-1346Lnsmnspec$5.81Details
178908HID1490225Weigand/28Bit/Gloss Wht Frt/Back Custom Inkjet Loc$8.98Details
774507HID2000PGGMHSPECIclass 2K/2 Prgmd F-Glss, B-Glss Match #$4.39Details
628652HID2004PG1NNIclass 32K (16K/16 + 16K/1), Prog., F-Gl$8.61Details
628658HID2020BGGMNNSPECIclass 2K With Proximity (Pvc) D$8.65Details
628781HID3000PGGSSVIclass 2K/2, Prog, Se, F-Gloss, B-Gloss$9.36Details
628788HID3052PGGMNIclass 16K/16 Se,Compste,Prog,F/B-Gls,Mtch,No Slot$8.62Details
1059622HID312102491Omnikey 3121 (Fw2.04) Standard Sb Taa, R$30.73Details
628803HID3150BNN00Iclass Cp400 Programmer Standard Sec$1,431.84Details
935486HID3250PNNRNIclass Se Keyfob 2K/2, Prog Iclass, Blac$5.71Details
887226HID3406PGGNNHid Mifare 4K Se, Prog, F-Gloss, B-Gloss$6.91Details
826873HID3500RGGMNMHid Mif/Prx 1K Se,Prg,F/B-Gls,Match,No Slot$6.86Details
956839HID5359CK100Thin Line Ii Wiegand,Black$157.82Details
179094HID5395CK100Thinline Ii Black Pigtail. Proximity Reader. With Pigtail$157.82Details
839182HID6120CKN000D30*Eol*R40 Iclass Reader$185.22Details
887570HID6130BGN000014*Eol*26 Bit Wiegand Reader/Keypad Comb$327.98Details
847030HID910NMNNEKEA001R15 Icls Se,Wg,Pig,Blk,Hf Std/Sio/Seos/Ma,Mob Enab$230.92Details
786874HID921NMNNEKEA002Rk40 Icls Se,Wieg,Pig,Blk,Hf Std/Sio/Seos/Ma$363.70Details
806709HIDSEC9XCRD0013WCfg Card, Se, Std, Cfg Pfl, Lf Off, Hf S$25.77Details
169081HIDW1190142.037 Gq Glossy Inkjet Pin$7.54Details
195916InovonicsEN1215EOLUniversal Transmitter, Echostream, 900 Mhz, Wall T$64.13Details
1076051International Electronics / IEILRMBWgn 900Mhc 11.5 Inch Ln Sd X Sd Up Dwn$53.35Details
952627International Electronics / IEIMT26SAwid Compatible, High Frequency, Metal M$14.87Details
635826KantechWEIC11SNKSpecial Order Wiegand Card (1190198), 26$7.79Details
636299Keri SystemsLRT5WVehicle Tags Wiegand Format$32.96Details
203292Keri SystemsNXTC50Standard Light Proximity Cards (Pk/50)$118.68Details
1079402Paxton Access125201USWiegand Activation Card With Genuine Hid$44.75Details
679483RF LogicsIDC17026Bit Wiegand Cards 100 Minium$3.66Details
679785Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYHR12BSingle Gang Style Proximity Card Reader$64.27Details
258542Rutherford Controls / RCI93210UCPBUnencoded Card Token 10 Pack$44.72Details
261333Secura KeyETCIW2625Iso Cards Printable Weigand Encrpted Pack 25$111.99Details
218329Secura KeyETSTW26PK25Compact Key Tag, Encrypted 26-Bit Wiegand Pk Of 25$120.39Details
854715Secura KeySKC01Cards (Insert Shim Card$6.68Details
683388Secura KeyWCCI11NMBGABNWiegand Card, 37 Mil , No Artwork, Match$6.53Details
507463Secura KeyWCCI11NMBGANNWiegand Card, 37 Mil Thick, No Custom Ar$6.53Details
683389Secura KeyWCCI11NMBMANLWiegand Card, 37 Mil Thick, No Custom Ar$6.53Details
683390Secura KeyWCCI11SNFFMANNNWeig,37Mil,Match,#On Frnt,Matte,No Mag Or Slot$6.93Details
897379Secura KeyWCCI11SSFFMANNNWieg Crd 37Mil,Swp,Sec Ky Art,# On Frnt,Ma,No Mag$7.72Details
683393Secura KeyWCCI11SSMBMANNNWiegand Card, 37 Mil, Swipe, Af #7725, I$6.53Details
743695Secura KeyWCCI11SSNBMANNN37Mil Wig Sw Crd.Securakey Logo W/Non-Matching Id$8.44Details
683394Secura KeyWCCI14SSOBMANNNWeig 14Mil Swipe Matted No Stripe/Slot,Id Match$8.62Details
287215SentexSNACWK3Wg Key Card 30 Bit Spcl Order$11.86Details
685633SentexSNACWK32ORSN7000028300230 Bit Weigand Key Crd Facil Codes Between 1-12$11.86Details
287216SentexSNACWS34Wiegand Swipe Crd 30Bit Fac#04$6.21Details
262717SentexSNACWS35Weigand Swipe 30Bit Card Facility Code 5$6.21Details
717640USA Vision Systems81EA125K0T001Gv-As Id Card Thin Thin Type 125Khz$2.26Details
697685USA Vision Systems81EK125101Gv-As Id Card Tag Type 125Khz$2.58Details
702728Viscount Communications400802GSd Card, Industrial Grade, Programmed, 2$70.56Details
702731Viscount Communications416MSKTRMesh Proxi Key Tag- Random No.$11.35Details