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Access Control Systems

Cabinet Keys

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
180147HPCKB10PKey Control Rack 10 Keys$10.97Details
180148HPCKEKAB120Kekab Single-Tag 120 Keys. 120 Key Capacity$84.91Details
170483HPCKEKAB160XKekab Single-Tag 160Ky Exp. 160 Keys Expandable To 330$108.79Details
183380HPCKEKAB160XDCKekab Single-Tag 160Key Exp. With Dual Control Lock$161.60Details
192768HPCKEKAB240Kekab Single-Tag 240 Keys. 240 Key Caracity$146.44Details
192769HPCKEKAB30Kekab Single-Tag 30 Keys. 30 Key Capacity$38.45Details
192770HPCKEKAB330Kekab Single-Tag 330 Keys. 300 Key Capacity$181.69Details
170485HPCKEKAB40Kekab Single-Tag 40 Keys. 40 Key Capacity$44.89Details
449372HPCKEKAB4W65Cabinet 65 Key Capacity$106.72Details
170487HPCKEKAB500Kekab Single-Tag 500 Keys. 500 Key Capacity$281.35Details
180149HPCKEKAB60Kekab Single-Tag 60 Keyss. 60 Key Capacity$62.05Details
170488HPCKEKAB730Kekab Single-Tag 730 Keys. 730 Key Capacity$386.11Details
183381HPCKEKAB8Kekab Single-Tag 8 Keys. 8 Key Capacity$29.44Details
180150HPCKEKAB80Kekab Single-Tag 80 Keys. 80 Key Capacity$70.36Details
183382HPCKEKAB8REDKekab Single-Tag 8 Keys Red. 8 Key Capacity$33.51Details
180151HPCKEKABALeaf Single Tag 161-330. Expansion Leaf 160 To 330$103.88Details
170489HPCKEKABBLeaf Single Tag 261-500. Expansion Leaf 260 To 500$133.28Details
192771HPCKEKABC80Kekab Carrying 80 Key. 80 Key Capacity Portable$125.37Details
170490HPCKEKABDALeaf Digital Kekab 170 Key. Expansion Leaf 95 To 265$104.20Details
170491HPCKEKABDC120Kekab Single-Tag 120 Key. With Dual Control Lock$111.75Details
449373HPCKEKABDC240Kekab Tag-240 Key$179.02Details
449374HPCKEKABDC60Kekab Single-Tag 60 Keys$103.32Details
180152HPCKEKABDL265Kekab Digital 265 Key$351.08Details
346466HPCKEKABDL65Kekab Digital 65 Key. 65 Key Capacity Digital Entry$251.66Details
310041HPCKEKABDL95XKekab Digital 95 Key Exp. 95 Key Exp To 265Digital Entry$290.45Details
310040HPCKEKABDLJHJump Harness For Dig Kekab$16.05Details
183385HPCKEKABKK265Keyable Key Cabinet 265 Keys. Key Cabinet Holds 265 Keys. With A Mortise Cylinder Lock$250.98Details
183386HPCKEKABKK65Kekab Keyable 65 Keys. 65 Key Cap Mortise Cyl Lock$177.09Details
180153HPCKEKABKK95XKekab Keyable 95 Keys. Add Own Mortise Cyl W/Ar Cam$180.81Details
346464HPCKEKABLK5 Wafer Cam Lock For Kekab$8.37Details
346463HPCKEKABLKKA5 Wafer Cam Lock For Kekab. Keyed Alike$8.37Details
449375HPCKEKABPEGKekab Peg Board$177.18Details
310036HPCKEKABT30Cabinet 2-Tag 30 Key. 30 Key Capacity$140.64Details
346459HPCKEKABT40XCabinet 2-Tag 40 Key Exp. 40 Key Expandable To 60$142.65Details
346457HPCKEKABT60Cabinet 2-Tag 60 Key$194.11Details
310034HPCKEKABTL2-Tag Leaf (120-200)$168.84Details
180155HPCKEKABV50Kekab Vertical 50 Key. 50 Key Capacity$73.99Details
183387HPCKEP1295Over Dr Key Keeper Ka-3395. Keyed Alike 3395 Tubular Lock$29.65Details
949035HPCKEP1296Over Dr Key Keeper$29.65Details
183388HPCKEP13301Over Dr Key Keeper Ka-301. Keyed Alike 301 W Wafer Lock$26.51Details
310033HPCKEP1495Auto Key Keeper Ka-3395. Keyed Alike 3395 Tubular Lock$29.65Details
310032HPCKEP15301Auto Key Keeper Ka-301 Waf. Keyed Alike 301 W Wafer Lock$28.59Details
192772HPCKEP1695Truck Key Keeper Ka-3395. Keyed Alike 3395 Tubular Lock$33.67Details
180156HPCKEP17301Truck Key Keeper Ka-301 Wa. Keyed Alike 301 W Wafer Lock$28.59Details
192774HPCKEP5LK3395Tumbler Keyed To 3395 W/1Key$22.73Details
183390HPCKEPKEY95Keys For Kep-5Lk Ka-3395$14.59Details
310031HPCKEPM2301Drop Box Ka Cam Lock 30 Ky. Drop Box For Keys On Tags$44.17Details
170493HPCKFS6Key File Set 4 6Pc W/Case. Qty 6 Of 4 Inch Files$33.68Details
449380HPCLKINSCMBOKekab Sm Cmb Lck Installed$53.29Details
346447HPCMEDIKAB3Cabinet Pharmaceutic Small$60.58Details
346446HPCMEDIKAB6Cabinet Pharmaceutic Large$100.48Details
449404HPCOT10Out Tags For Kekabs 10Pk$8.03Details
170496HPCOT100Out Tags For Kekabs 100Pk$15.08Details
449405HPCOT2TOut Tags For Kekabs 20Pk$8.32Details
183396HPCPLT1Plain Tags For Kekab 100Pk$23.73Details
170497HPCPLT20Plain Tags For Kekab 20Pk$8.15Details
183397HPCPLT2TPlain Loaner Tags 100Pk$30.38Details
192777HPCPPT2TPlain Perm Tags 100Pk$45.66Details
180161HPCSK15XSlimcab W/15Key Cap-Expand. 15 Keys Expand To 25$35.44Details
192781HPCSK20XSlimcab W/20Key Cap-Expand. 20 Keys Expand To 35$38.85Details
449513HPCSK25Slimcab W/25 Key Capacity$44.30Details
183398HPCSK35Slimcab W/35 Key Capacity$50.56Details
346371HPCSK55XSlimcab W/55 Key Cap-Expan. 55 Key Capacity$69.59Details
192783HPCSK75Slimcab W/75 Key Capacity. 75 Key Capacity$75.46Details
192784HPCSK90Slimcab W/90 Key Capacity. 90 Key Capacity$87.37Details
183399HPCSLK10Slimkab Ex Leaf Sk-15X/25. Slim Cab Exp Leaf 15 To 25 Key$26.52Details
449534HPCSLK15Slimkab Ex Leaf Sk-20X/35$29.62Details
449535HPCSLK30Slimkab Ex Leaf Sk-45X/75$40.82Details
183401HPCSLK35Slimkab Ex Leaf For Sk-55X. Slim Cab Exp Leaf 55 To 90 Key$42.40Details
192785HPCSN100Snap Hooks For Kekab 100Pk$19.07Details
274191Master Lock Company5401DWall Mnt Key Storage Box 3.5. Wall Mounted. Key Storage Box$32.34Details
234446Master Lock Company5406DMaster Select Access Lock. Holds 2-3 Keys,2-3/4"W,4-1/4"L$20.13Details
302357Norton137540-0203-1103-536 Buffer Spring$4.09Details
517324Supra1005Keysafe Port Cs Dl Black$34.51Details
517325Supra1010Keysafe Port Cs Dl Titanium$35.50Details
517326Supra1012Keysafe Port Rs Dl Titanium$35.50Details
517337Supra1014Keysafe Perm Rs Dl Titanium$31.55Details
517328Supra1015Keysafe Perm Rs Pb Titanium$34.03Details
517320Supra1017Keysafe Port Rs Odm Pb Titan$36.99Details
517330Supra1166Keysafe Port Rs Ps Titanium$36.99Details
517331Supra1170Keysafe Slimline Rs Titanium$33.52Details
517334Supra1194Key Safe Slimline Lid Titanium$28.86Details
517335Supra124Key Safe Portable Lid Titanium$22.65Details
517265Supra1266Keysafe Pro Bulk Pb Black$57.12Details
517355Supra1267Keysafe Pro Rs Pb Black$53.24Details
517299Supra1310Key Safe Portable Lid Black$7.34Details
960696Supra1312Perm Auto Mnt Clshll Titanium$44.37Details
517231Supra1352Keysafe Port Cs Pb Black$36.99Details
517236Supra1371Keysafe Slimline Cs Clay$33.52Details
517228Supra1375Key Safe Slimline Cover Black$11.12Details
517238Supra1404Keysafe Port Rs Pb Clay$36.99Details
517239Supra1406Keysafe Port Rs Pb Black$36.99Details
517240Supra1408Keysafe Perm Rs Pb White$34.03Details
517241Supra1409Keysafe Perm Rs Pb Clay$34.03Details
517242Supra1413Keysafe Slimline Rs White$33.52Details
517243Supra1414Keysafe Slimline Rs Clay$33.52Details
517244Supra1509Keysafe Pro Cover Black$8.43Details
517219Supra1520Key Safe Slimline Lid Clay$28.86Details
957138Supra164144Industrial Max$57.95Details
517217Supra1773Touchpoint Lock Mtl Brkt Titan$34.32Details
517235Supra1795Key Cabinet Pro T 30-Key Clay$62.54Details
517212Supra1796Key Cabinet Pro T 60-Key Clay$91.94Details
517213Supra1797Key Cabinet Pro T 120-Key Clay$133.10Details
517214Supra1798Touchpoint Lock Mtl Brkt Clay$34.32Details
517215Supra1801Key Cabinet Pro S 30-Key Clay$40.41Details
517216Supra1802Key Cabinet Pro S 60-Key Clay$62.54Details
945414Supra1803Key Cabinet Pro S 120-Key Clay$103.70Details
517227Supra1819Key Cab Pro Extra Key Tags 120$24.99Details
517218Supra1827Touchpoint Lock Wd Vrt Titan$40.41Details
517210Supra1859Locking Stor-A-Key Charcoal$9.14Details
517220Supra2047Keysafe P500 Rs Titanium$61.60Details
517221Supra2048Keysafe P500 Rs W/As Titanium$67.20Details
517222Supra384154Supra Safe 1$230.54Details
517223Supra394Keysafe Port Cs Dl Black$34.51Details
517224Supra404Keysafe Perm Cs Dl Black$30.09Details
517225Supra514Keysafe Perm Rs Dl Black$30.09Details
517226Supra524Keysafe Port Rs Dl Black$34.51Details
713710Supra524154Supra Safe 2Hs$330.75Details
517253Supra534Keysafe Perm Rs Mc Black$30.67Details
517281Supra604Keysafe Port Rs Odm Dl Black$35.02Details