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Access Control Systems

Electric Strike Faceplate

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
442461Folger Adam EDC310234605310-2 3/4 Faceplate Only$214.90Details
187287Folger Adam EDC310234606310-2 3/4 Faceplate Only. Satin Brass$196.70Details
442462Folger Adam EDC310234612310-2 3/4 Faceplate Only$196.70Details
163113Folger Adam EDC310234613310-2 3/4 Faceplate Only. Oil Rubbed Bronze$175.00Details
442463Folger Adam EDC310234629310-2 3/4 Faceplate Only$214.90Details
174530Folger Adam EDC310234630310-2 3/4 Faceplate Only. Satin Stainless Steel$151.90Details
154987Folger Adam EDC310234OB605310-2 3/4Ob Faceplate Only. Bright Brass$319.95Details
174533Folger Adam EDC310234OB606310-2 3/4Ob Faceplate Only. Satin Brass$302.40Details
187288Folger Adam EDC310234OB612310-2 3/4Ob Faceplate Only. Satin Bronze$302.40Details
154988Folger Adam EDC310234OB613310-2 3/4Ob Faceplate Only. Oil Rubbed Bronze$282.83Details
442489Folger Adam EDC310234OB629310-2 3/4Ob Faceplate Only$319.95Details
187289Folger Adam EDC310234OB630310-2 3/4Ob Faceplate Only. Satin Stainless Steel$268.10Details
154992Folger Adam EDC3102605310-2 Faceplate Only. Bright Brass$156.80Details
163116Folger Adam EDC3102606310-2 Faceplate Only. Satin Brass$137.20Details
154993Folger Adam EDC3102612310-2 Faceplate Only. Satin Bronze$137.20Details
187291Folger Adam EDC3102613310-2 Faceplate Only. Oil Rubbed Bronze$115.50Details
442502Folger Adam EDC3102629310-2 Faceplate Only$156.80Details
163117Folger Adam EDC3102630310-2 Faceplate Only. Satin Stainless Steel$92.40Details
442528Folger Adam EDC31031605310-3-1 Faceplate With Plug$299.03Details
163120Folger Adam EDC31031606310-3-1 Faceplate With Plug. Satin Brass$283.50Details
154995Folger Adam EDC31031612310-3-1 Faceplate With Plug. Satin Bronze$283.50Details
163121Folger Adam EDC31031613310-3-1 Faceplate With Plug. Oil Rubbed Bronze$273.70Details
154996Folger Adam EDC31031629310-3-1 Faceplate With Plug. Bright Stainless Steel$299.03Details
349250Folger Adam EDC31031630310-3-1 Faceplate With Plug. Satin Stainless Steel$276.50Details
442575Folger Adam EDC31041605310-4-1 Faceplate Only$259.00Details
174543Folger Adam EDC31041606310-4-1 Faceplate Only. Satin Brass$236.60Details
442576Folger Adam EDC31041612310-4-1 Faceplate Only$236.60Details
174545Folger Adam EDC31041613310-4-1 Faceplate Only. Oil Rubbed Bronze$231.70Details
442577Folger Adam EDC31041629310-4-1 Faceplate Only$259.00Details
174547Folger Adam EDC31041630310-4-1 Faceplate Only. Satin Stainless Steel$231.70Details
174551Folger Adam EDC31042605310-4-2 Faceplate Only. Bright Brass$259.00Details
163125Folger Adam EDC31042606310-4-2 Faceplate Only. Satin Brass$236.60Details
187301Folger Adam EDC31042612310-4-2 Faceplate Only. Satin Bronze$236.60Details
163126Folger Adam EDC31042613310-4-2 Faceplate Only. Oil Rubbed Bronze$231.70Details
442622Folger Adam EDC31042629310-4-2 Faceplate Only$259.00Details
154998Folger Adam EDC31042630310-4-2 Faceplate Only. Satin Stainless Steel$231.70Details
442664Folger Adam EDC310430605310-4-30 Faceplate Only$288.23Details
442665Folger Adam EDC310430606310-4-30 Faceplate Only$277.90Details
442666Folger Adam EDC310430612310-4-30 Faceplate Only$277.90Details
163130Folger Adam EDC310430613310-4-30 Faceplate Only. Oil Rubbed Bronze$270.90Details
442667Folger Adam EDC310430629310-4-30 Faceplate Only$288.23Details
442668Folger Adam EDC310430630310-4-30 Faceplate Only$270.90Details
442711Folger Adam EDC31043605310-4-3 Faceplate Only$288.23Details
187308Folger Adam EDC31043606310-4-3 Faceplate Only. Satin Brass$277.90Details
442712Folger Adam EDC31043612310-4-3 Faceplate Only$277.90Details
187309Folger Adam EDC31043613310-4-3 Faceplate Only. Oil Rubbed Bronze$270.90Details
442713Folger Adam EDC31043629310-4-3 Faceplate Only$288.23Details
349233Folger Adam EDC31043630310-4-3 Faceplate Only. Satin Stainless Steel$270.90Details
442737Folger Adam EDC3104605310-4 Faceplate Only$177.80Details
442738Folger Adam EDC3104606310-4 Faceplate Only$158.90Details
442739Folger Adam EDC3104612310-4 Faceplate Only$158.90Details
187310Folger Adam EDC3104613310-4 Faceplate Only. Oil Rubbed Bronze$135.80Details
163133Folger Adam EDC3104629310-4 Faceplate Only. Bright Stainless Steel$177.80Details
155004Folger Adam EDC3104630310-4 Faceplate Only. Satin Stainless Steel$111.30Details
442776Folger Adam EDC3104S605310-4S Faceplate Only$193.90Details
163136Folger Adam EDC3104S606310-4S Faceplate Only. Satin Brass$175.00Details
442777Folger Adam EDC3104S612310-4S Faceplate Only$175.00Details
163148Folger Adam EDC3104S613310-4S Faceplate Only. Oil Rubbed Bronze$153.30Details
442778Folger Adam EDC3104S629310-4S Faceplate Only$193.90Details
155009Folger Adam EDC3104S630310-4S Faceplate Only. Satin Stainless Steel$129.50Details
174562Folger Adam EDC31061612310-6-1 Faceplate Only. Satin Bronze$363.83Details
442805Folger Adam EDC31061627310-6-1 Faceplate Only$238.00Details
442820Folger Adam EDC31062612310-6-2 Faceplate Only$363.83Details
163151Folger Adam EDC31062627310-6-2 Faceplate Only. Satin Aluminum$238.00Details
187317Folger Adam EDC310630612310-6-30 Faceplate Only. Satin Bronze$363.83Details
187319Folger Adam EDC310630627310-6-30 Faceplate Only. Satin Aluminum$238.00Details
442844Folger Adam EDC31063612310-6-3 Faceplate Only$363.83Details
155013Folger Adam EDC31063627310-6-3 Faceplate Only. Satin Aluminum$238.00Details
442858Folger Adam EDC31068612310-6-8 Faceplate Only$363.83Details
174569Folger Adam EDC31068627310-6-8 Faceplate Only. Satin Aluminum$238.00Details
442881Folger Adam EDC712732605712/732 Faceplate Only$149.80Details
163164Folger Adam EDC712732606712/732 Faceplate Only. Satin Brass$131.60Details
163165Folger Adam EDC712732612712/732 Faceplate Only. Satin Bronze$131.60Details
163166Folger Adam EDC712732613712/732 Faceplate Only. Oil Rubbed Bronze$108.50Details
442882Folger Adam EDC712732629712/732 Faceplate Only$131.60Details
187336Folger Adam EDC712732630712/732 Faceplate Only. Satin Stainless Steel$84.70Details
163170Folger Adam EDC7127573275605712-75/732-75 Faceplate Only. Bright Brass$166.60Details
442894Folger Adam EDC7127573275606712-75/732-75 Faceplate Only$146.30Details
163171Folger Adam EDC7127573275612712-75/732-75 Faceplate Only. Satin Bronze$146.30Details
163172Folger Adam EDC7127573275613712-75/732-75 Faceplate Only. Oil Rubbed Bronze$126.00Details
155024Folger Adam EDC7127573275629712-75/732-75 Faceplate Only. Bright Stainless Steel$146.30Details
187339Folger Adam EDC7127573275630712-75/732-75 Faceplate Only. Satin Stainless Steel$101.50Details
443027Folger Adam EDC74275605742-75 Faceplate Only$159.60Details
443028Folger Adam EDC74275606742-75 Faceplate Only$140.00Details
443029Folger Adam EDC74275612742-75 Faceplate Only$140.00Details
443030Folger Adam EDC74275613742-75 Faceplate Only$116.90Details
443031Folger Adam EDC74275629742-75 Faceplate Only$140.00Details
155047Folger Adam EDC74275630742-75 Faceplate Only. Satin Stainless Steel$93.80Details
447602Hanchett Entry Systems / HESDB2KIT6051006 Faceplate Kit N2 T2 A2 H2$73.82Details
447603Hanchett Entry Systems / HESDB2KIT6061006 Faceplate Kit N2 T2 A2 H2$63.84Details
447604Hanchett Entry Systems / HESDB2KIT6121006 Faceplate Kit N2 T2 A2 H2$63.84Details
447606Hanchett Entry Systems / HESDB2KIT6291006 Faceplate Kit N2 T2 A2 H2$63.84Details
447607Hanchett Entry Systems / HESDB2KIT6301006 Faceplate Kit N2 T2 A2 H2$53.04Details
447608Hanchett Entry Systems / HESDB2KITBLK1006 Faceplate Kit N2 T2 A2 H2$56.53Details
447609Hanchett Entry Systems / HESDBKIT6051006 Faceplate Kit A, H, T$60.52Details
447610Hanchett Entry Systems / HESDBKIT6061006 Faceplate Kit A, H, T$55.10Details
447611Hanchett Entry Systems / HESDBKIT6121006 Faceplate Kit A, H, T$55.10Details
447613Hanchett Entry Systems / HESDBKIT6291006 Faceplate Kit A, H, T$55.10Details
447614Hanchett Entry Systems / HESDBKIT6301006 Faceplate Kit A, H, T$36.51Details
447703Hanchett Entry Systems / HESLBKIT6051006 Faceplate Kit J, Km, Kd$59.85Details
447704Hanchett Entry Systems / HESLBKIT6061006 Faceplate Kit J, Km, Kd$54.42Details
447705Hanchett Entry Systems / HESLBKIT6121006 Faceplate Kit J, Km, Kd$54.42Details
447706Hanchett Entry Systems / HESLBKIT6131006 Faceplate Kit J, Km, Kd$33.06Details
447707Hanchett Entry Systems / HESLBKIT6291006 Faceplate Kit J, Km, Kd$54.42Details
447708Hanchett Entry Systems / HESLBKIT6301006 Faceplate Kit J, Km, Kd$22.80Details
447709Hanchett Entry Systems / HESLBKITBLK1006 Faceplate Kit J, Km, Kd$33.06Details
513692SDC / Security Door Controls50ADUniflex F Faceplate 606$43.50Details
513693SDC / Security Door Controls50AGUniflex F Faceplate 612$43.50Details
513694SDC / Security Door Controls50AHUniflex F Faceplate 613$43.50Details
513695SDC / Security Door Controls50APUniflex F Faceplate 625$43.50Details
513696SDC / Security Door Controls50AQUniflex F Faceplate 626$43.50Details
513671SDC / Security Door Controls50AUUniflex F Faceplate 630$16.50Details
513690SDC / Security Door Controls50BDUniflex B Faceplate 606$58.00Details
513688SDC / Security Door Controls50BGUniflex B Faceplate 612$58.00Details
513663SDC / Security Door Controls50BHUniflex B Faceplate 613$58.00Details
513664SDC / Security Door Controls50BPUniflex B Faceplate 625$58.00Details
513665SDC / Security Door Controls50BQUniflex B Faceplate 626$58.00Details
513666SDC / Security Door Controls50BUUniflex B Faceplate 630$30.00Details
513667SDC / Security Door Controls50CDUniflex C Faceplate 606$58.00Details
513668SDC / Security Door Controls50CGUniflex C Faceplate 612$58.00Details
513679SDC / Security Door Controls50CHUniflex C Faceplate 613$58.00Details
513670SDC / Security Door Controls50CPUniflex C Faceplate 625$58.00Details
513662SDC / Security Door Controls50CQUniflex C Faceplate 626$43.50Details
513672SDC / Security Door Controls50CUUniflex C Faceplate 630$30.00Details
513673SDC / Security Door Controls50DDUniflex D Faceplate 606$58.00Details
513674SDC / Security Door Controls50DGUniflex D Faceplate 612$58.00Details
513675SDC / Security Door Controls50DHUniflex D Faceplate 613$58.00Details
513676SDC / Security Door Controls50DPUniflex D Faceplate 625$58.00Details
513677SDC / Security Door Controls50DQUniflex D Faceplate 626$58.00Details
217607SDC / Security Door Controls50DU50 Series D Faceplate 630$30.00Details
513678SDC / Security Door Controls50EDUniflex E Faceplate 606$58.00Details
513608SDC / Security Door Controls50EGUniflex E Faceplate 612$58.00Details
513554SDC / Security Door Controls50EHUniflex E Faceplate 613$58.00Details
513627SDC / Security Door Controls50EPUniflex E Faceplate 625$58.00Details
513573SDC / Security Door Controls50EQUniflex E Faceplate 626$58.00Details
513574SDC / Security Door Controls50EUUniflex E Faceplate 630$30.00Details
513575SDC / Security Door Controls50FDUniflex F Faceplate 606$58.00Details
513576SDC / Security Door Controls50FGUniflex F Faceplate 612$58.00Details
513577SDC / Security Door Controls50FHUniflex F Faceplate 613$58.00Details
513588SDC / Security Door Controls50FPUniflex F Faceplate 625$58.00Details
513579SDC / Security Door Controls50FQUniflex F Faceplate 626$58.00Details
513571SDC / Security Door Controls50FUUniflex F Faceplate 630$30.00Details
1003732Vanderbilt IndustriesCKALUM4200 Series Facia/Trimskirt$17.82Details
976757Vanderbilt IndustriesCKBLK4200 Series Facia/Trimskirt$17.82Details
973637Vanderbilt IndustriesCKDKBZ4200 Series Facia/Trimskirt$17.82Details
1063934Vanderbilt IndustriesCKGRN4200 Series Facia/Trimskirt$17.82Details
959164Vanderbilt IndustriesCKPK4200 Series 4 Facia/Trimskirt$55.10Details
974778Vanderbilt IndustriesCKWHT4200 Series Facia/Trimskirt$17.82Details