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Access Control Systems

Electrical Parts

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
324341ACSI31513501Solenoid For Arrow Bm17. 24Vdc, Fail Safe/Secure$126.63Details
361595ACSI31513502Solenoid For Arrow Bm17. 12Vdc, Fail Safe/Secure$126.63Details
361594ACSI31513503Solenoid For Arrow Bm17. 24Vac, Fail Safe/Secure$126.63Details
369019ACSI31513504Solenoid For Arrow Bm17$126.63Details
361593ACSI31518303Solenoid For Sargent 8200. 24Vac/Dc, Fail Safe/Secure$93.80Details
361592ACSI3155401Solenoid For Von Duprin Trim$131.32Details
361591ACSI3155901Solenoid For Schlage L9000. 24Vdc, Fail Safe/Secure$126.63Details
324339ACSI3155902Solenoid For Schlage L9000. 12Vdc, Fail Safe/Secure$126.63Details
594634Brinks010338043Pc Wire Harness Assy. 3020-2020. Fs Lss$361.80Details
413511Command Access TechnologiesVLPULKITEl Mod Kit Field Install. Fits 3 Foot And 4 Foot. For Fire Rated Devices. Does Not Include Baseplate$245.00Details
987842Dynalock500178Power Cord For Power Supply$28.80Details
312829Folger Adam EDC0022301387Fhpms 4-40 X 3/16 Uc Sst. 700 Series Screw$102.48Details
349295Folger Adam EDC0030007001300/700 Series Locking Lever S. Locking Lever Spring$2.90Details
312827Folger Adam EDC0030202001730 Series Locking Cam Spring$4.36Details
312826Folger Adam EDC0030203001310 Ser Latchbolt Kpr Spring. Latchbolt Keeper Spring$4.41Details
312825Folger Adam EDC0030208001700 Series Locking Cam Spring. 710, 722 Series$4.41Details
349294Folger Adam EDC0030209001700 Series Fs Locking Cam Spg. Locking Cam Spring. Fail Safe$4.41Details
349293Folger Adam EDC0030210001300 Ser Locking Cam Sprg Fs. Locking Cam Spring Fail Safe$4.19Details
312824Folger Adam EDC0030211001300 Ser Lcking Cam Sprg Nfs. Locking Cam Spring Fail Secure$4.14Details
312823Folger Adam EDC0030301001310 Ser Lcm Switch Tripper Fs. Locking Cam Switch Tripper$7.06Details
312822Folger Adam EDC0030302001310 Ser Lcm Switch Tripper Nfs. Locking Cam Switch Tripper$7.43Details
442395Folger Adam EDC0050719001300/700 Series Sw Insulator$2.90Details
442396Folger Adam EDC0054905001700 Ser Strain Relief Insert$2.66Details
312821Folger Adam EDC0080401001310 Series Upper Cover Plate$15.63Details
312820Folger Adam EDC0080402001310 Series Lower Cover Plate$15.63Details
442398Folger Adam EDC0080601001700 Series Back Cover Plate$21.42Details
349292Folger Adam EDC0080603001700 Series Baffle$6.41Details
442400Folger Adam EDC0080605001700 Series Front Cover Plate$21.42Details
349291Folger Adam EDC0110401001310 Series Ltbt Kpr Pin W/Ntch. Latchbolt Keeper Pin. With Notch$5.76Details
312819Folger Adam EDC0110402001310 Series Locking Cam Pin$2.92Details
349290Folger Adam EDC0110404001310 Series Locking Lever Spcr. Locking Lever Spacer$5.62Details
349289Folger Adam EDC0110405001310 Series Locking Cam Spacer$2.92Details
442401Folger Adam EDC0110601001700 Series Locking Cam Pin$2.66Details
442402Folger Adam EDC0110602001700 Series Locking Lever Pin$8.82Details
442403Folger Adam EDC0110603001700 Series Keeper Pin W/Notch$4.41Details
442404Folger Adam EDC0120455001310 Latchbolt U Keeper$73.58Details
442405Folger Adam EDC0120459001310 Lbt Kpr Swtch U Keeper$84.67Details
349288Folger Adam EDC0120460001310 Series Locking Cam$10.58Details
349287Folger Adam EDC0120462001310 Series Locking Lever$51.16Details
312818Folger Adam EDC0120487001310 Latchbolt Keeper 1/2 In$67.03Details
312817Folger Adam EDC0120488001310 Latchbolt Keeper 3/4 In$49.94Details
312816Folger Adam EDC0120489001310 Latchbolt Pullman Keeper$67.03Details
312815Folger Adam EDC0120491001310 Ltchbt Kpr Fr Swtch 1/2 In. Latchbolt Keeper For Switch$84.17Details
312814Folger Adam EDC0120492001310 Ltchbt Kpr Fr Swtch 3/4 In. Latchbolt Keeper For Switch$84.17Details
312813Folger Adam EDC0120493001310 Ltchbt Kpr Fr Swtch Pk. Latchbolt Keeper For Switch. Pullman Keeper$84.17Details
442406Folger Adam EDC0120495001310 Latchbolt Keeper 1 In$67.03Details
442407Folger Adam EDC0120496001310 Latchbt Kpr Fr Switch 1 In$34.97Details
442408Folger Adam EDC0120607001700 Series 1/2 Inch Keeper$65.52Details
349286Folger Adam EDC0120608001700 Series 1/2 Inch Keeper, Sw. For Switch$80.14Details
312812Folger Adam EDC0120612001700 Series Locking Lever$50.18Details
442409Folger Adam EDC0120613001700 Series 3/4 Inch Keeper$65.52Details
442410Folger Adam EDC0120614001700 Series 3/4 Inch Keeper, Sw$80.14Details
349279Folger Adam EDC0760106002700 Series Push Solenoid 12Dc. 710 - Fail Safe. 730 - Non Fail Safe$76.08Details
349278Folger Adam EDC0760106004700 Series Push Solenoid 24Dc. 710 - Fail Safe. 730 - Non Fail Safe$76.08Details
312804Folger Adam EDC0760107002700 Series Pull Solenoid 12Dc. 710 - Non Fail Safe. 730 - Fail Safe$76.08Details
312803Folger Adam EDC0760107004700 Series Pull Solenoid 24Dc. 710 - Non Fail Safe. 730 - Fail Safe$76.08Details
349277Folger Adam EDC0760121002310 Ser Solenoid 12Vdc Fs. Solenoid Assembly. Fail Safe$76.80Details
349276Folger Adam EDC0760121003310 Ser Solenoid 24Vdc Fs. Solenoid Assembly. Fail Safe$76.80Details
312802Folger Adam EDC0760122002310 Ser Solenoid 12Vdc Nfs. Solenoid Assembly. Non Fail Safe$76.80Details
349275Folger Adam EDC0760122003310 Ser Solenoid 24Vdc Nfs. Solenoid Assembly. Non Fail Safe$76.80Details
312801Folger Adam EDC0760200001700 Series Locking Cam Assy. 710, 722 Series$50.18Details
312800Folger Adam EDC0760201001730 Series Locking Cam Assy$50.18Details
312799Folger Adam EDC0761200001310 Ser Lbm Limit Switch Assy. Limit Switch Assembly$57.25Details
312798Folger Adam EDC0761201001310 Ser Lcm/Lcbm Limit Sw Assy. Limit Switch Assembly. For Locking Cam Monitor/. Locking Cam/Latchbolt Monitor$57.25Details
349274Folger Adam EDC0761202001700 Ser Lbm Limit Switch Assy. For Latchbolt Monitor$56.10Details
312797Folger Adam EDC0761203001700 Series Switch Assmbly Lcm$56.10Details
498316Rixson0100385700401 Series Std Cover Plate$32.57Details
498318Rixson0101588700RH401 Cover For Manual Release$32.57Details
498319Rixson0101588800LH401 Cover For Manual Release$32.57Details
335558Rixson994510689Armature For 994 Holder. Sprayed Aluminum$99.96Details
299784Rixson9962193VMagnet For Elmag Door Release$115.84Details
335557Rixson996325626Screw Set For Rix 996 Series. 26D Finish$22.23Details
299783Rixson9963693V996 Magnet Assly & Bracket. 900 Series. Magnet Assembly And Bracket$134.32Details
497035Rixson996501689996 Surf Mount Box Housing$71.99Details
497036Rixson9966316891-1/2" Extension For 997 & 998$76.44Details
335553Rixson997510689980/990 Series Door Armature. Aluminum$99.96Details
335552Rixson997510696980/990 Series Door Armature. Brght Brass$99.96Details
335548Rixson998300689998 Series Screw Kit 689. Aluminum$22.23Details
497145Rixson998300696997 Screw Kit Sp Gold$22.23Details
679551Rixson998315600994,996,997,998 Cover$53.07Details
335547Rixson998315689994,996,997,998 Cover. Sprayed Aluminum$53.07Details
497146Rixson998315696994,996,997,998 Cover$53.07Details
299780Rixson9983693VMagnet For Elmag Door Release$134.32Details
299779Rixson998512689998 Series Armature 689. Aluminum$93.07Details
335546Rixson998512691998 Series Armature 691. Sprayed Light Bronze$93.07Details
335542Rixson999318689999 Series Screw Kit 689. Aluminum$22.23Details
514006ROFU International9960Momentary Button, Blue Cap$56.35Details
261381Securitron03011000Leds- Green 2.2V (Pb3)$14.64Details
261456SecuritronDKWRICircuit Board For Dk-16, Dk-26. For Dk-16 Or Dk-26 Wiegand$128.80Details
285965SecuritronDKXBExpansion Circuit Board Kit. Expansion Circuit Board. Upgrade Kit$128.80Details