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Access Control Systems

Patient Wandering Systems

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
593447Bosch SecurityCRSNC4RUUSRelay Unit Us$694.19Details
593448Bosch SecurityCRSNCMDUSMiymd Mandown (434.01) (Us Version)$274.04Details
593449Bosch SecurityCRSNCN462RUSMiyn46 Wall Transmitter With Two Relays (Us Versn)$223.99Details
593450Bosch SecurityCRSNCRACUSMiy Wireless Contact Rac (434.01) (Us Version)$117.59Details
593451Bosch SecurityCRSNCS35RSUSMiys35 Pendant Transmitter W/Reset Possibility U.S$137.19Details
593452Bosch SecurityCRSNCS35USMiys35 Pendant W/O String (Us)$131.59Details
593453Bosch SecurityCRSNCS37LLODMiys37L Wristband Transmitter-Dimentia (Us Vrsn)$188.99Details
593454Bosch SecurityCRSNCS37LUSMiys37L Wristband Locator Us Version$188.99Details
593455Bosch SecurityCRSNCS37RSUSMiys37 Wristband Trnsmttr W/Reset Possibility U.S.$103.59Details
797332Schlage / AllegionSCANIIWHITE$309.14Details
858574Security Lock10FLYKITBIndustrial Motion Sensor$88.19Details
262649SentexCWPIRCwp Wireless Motn Alrt Add On Sensor$43.49Details
685589SentexK74G0589Hall Effect Sensor$30.44Details
1021863Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark0120135Thumb Screw$16.49Details
1037332Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark15605Keypad, Indoor, For Stanley Healthcare Access Cont$140.78Details
958483Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark15625Keypad, Pressure-Sensitive, For Stanley Healthcare$156.42Details
941383Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark25150Nurse Call Interface Cord$24.75Details
1020914Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark610000038000Power Cord, 2 Cond, 6Ft 7In$21.75Details
1066326Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark72100Cordless Fall Monitor$79.79Details
976911Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark72110Cordless Transmitter$336.14Details
947927Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark73060180-Day Chair Pad$1,684.99Details
976613Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark801A2701Accessory, Vinyl Strap, W/ Metal Snap *Pack Of 10*$26.70Details
1056525Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark804A1301Receiver, Roamalert, For Locating Or Emergency Cal$175.98Details
1069705Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark804A1401Accessory, Removal Tool, For Stanley Healthcare Se$85.40Details
1067817Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark804A1601Accessory, Strap, Size 1, Package Of (5), For Stan$141.25Details
970696Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark804A1604Accessory, Strap, Size 4, Package Of (5), For Stan$141.25Details
1032824Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark804A1607Accessory, Strap, Size 7, Package Of (5), For Stan$141.25Details
1009412Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark804A1610Accessory, Strap, Size 10, Package Of (5), For Sta$141.25Details
992609Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark804A1614Accessory, Strap, Size 14, Package Of (5), For Sta$141.25Details
949556Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark804A1617Accessory, Strap, Size 17, Package Of (5), For Sta$141.25Details
952763Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark804A1620Accessory, Strap, Size 20, Package Of (5), For Sta$141.25Details
931101Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark804A2401Wrist Tag, Securaband, 3-Year Pro-Rated Warranty $124.82Details
1070106Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark804A2501Wrist Tag, Secraband, W/ Tlm Beaconing, 1-Year Pro$79.93Details
1037296Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark804A2601Starter Kit, Stanley Healthcare Securaband, Includ$274.52Details
1050421Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark804A3001Hardware Option, Exciter Antenna, For Stanley Heal$395.94Details
972961Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark804A3101Hardware Option, Integrated Network Manager, Conve$565.64Details
1013760Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark804A3201Accessory, Upgrade Kit, Elevator Firmware $527.18Details
950885Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark804A6401Exciter Antenna$503.54Details
1054365Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark804A9701Hardware Option, Eco To Id Upgrade Kit, For Use W/$300.92Details
977112Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark804A9801Hardware Option, Firmware Upgrade Kit, For Use W/$233.86Details
1078500Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark80604501Travel Charge, For Certification Commissioning Ins$1,447.33Details
1053882Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark80604701On-Site Commissioning Charge, Stanley Healthcare A$1,815.61Details
1014043Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / Xmark91230Patient Protector, Safety Sentry, Ps-3$17.99Details
1064731Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAGEAN01060Annunciator, Ann-6L, 6-Zone, Optional Hardware $303.18Details
988906Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAGEFB01000Accessory, Foil Storage Bag, For Tags *Pack Of 10*$18.18Details
964816Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAGESM01016Sound Module, Select, Optional Hardware $116.54Details
1061529Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAGETR01000Tag Rack, Wall Mount$394.19Details
1073446Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAR2KC01030Bypass Equipment, Keypad Cable $56.31Details
957872Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAR2NR01485Component Part, Rs-485 Repeater $527.18Details
1079801Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAR2RA01000Service Part, Replacement Whip Rx Antenna, For Sta$29.97Details
1022013Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAR2RA01L00Replacement Antenna, Whip Rx, For Elevator Control$89.17Details
974166Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAR3AT01000Accessory, Sra Attenuator $48.60Details
953092Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAR3DU01000Accessory, Tag Id Display $294.12Details
944155Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAR3IM01008Accessory, I/O-8 Module $390.66Details
960535Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAR3KY01030Bypass Equipment, Access Keypad Kit Patient Wander$321.27Details
1082518Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAR3PT010RAPatient Trcking &Missed Tag Pulse Alarms Sftwr Lic$1,396.63Details
1006388Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAR3PT010RASMThis Is A License That Is Emailed To Your Customer$518.39Details
1004302Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAR3RA010IDDoor Controller, Roamalert $980.43Details
1062647Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAR3RA01ECODoor Controller, Roamalert Eco $867.87Details
1038216Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAR3RS01485Accessory, Converter, Stand Alone, Rs-485 To Rs-23$288.85Details
1057533Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAR3SB010RARoamalert Integrity Bundle, Plug-In Server $5,108.24Details
995341Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAR3SB01ORASMAr3Sb01-Orasm Support & Maintenance For Roam$642.59Details
973933Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAR3SI010RARoamalert Integrity Bundle, Self-Install Server $2,723.43Details
963346Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAR3SI010RASMSupport & Maint For Roamalert Self-Inst Serv Kit$670.94Details
1065445Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAR3SR010RAWorkstation License, Roamalert $601.83Details
969869Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAR3SR010RASMAnnual Software Agreement For Work Station Softwar$305.09Details
1069457Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAR3TA0100ATransponder, Asset $56.39Details
1069484Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAR3TA0100DTransponder, Staff / Bypass Tag $85.40Details
1053086Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAR3TR02POCHardware Option, Pocket Tag Reader, For Stanley He$482.68Details
1075711Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAR3WI01000Bypass Equipment, Wiegand Interface $280.00Details
960952Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAR3WK010RARoamalert Integrity Bundle, Workstation $3,685.69Details
1034139Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAR3WK010RASMSupport & Maintenance For Roam Alert Workstation B$294.29Details
1075470Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAR3WS01STFStaff / Bypass Tag Lanyard Strap, 10 Pack $53.30Details
1073879Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkAR4WSD1ELSDisposable Wrist Strap$295.64Details
1006374Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkARPRC01000Replacement Covers, For Sea-E Surface Mount Antenn$114.97Details
1020081Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkARSI010RASMArsi01-0Rasm License$1,372.49Details
1005864Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkSASCT01000Door Monitor, Protecpoint $725.52Details
1063825Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkSR3ID03Exit Control Hardware, Roamalert Id, W/ 1.5 Amp, 2$1,509.75Details
931760Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkSR3ID03NKDoor Controller Kit, Stanley Healthcare Roamalert,$1,370.09Details
934752Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkSR3L03EElevator Hardware, Roamalert Elevator Sys $2,849.81Details
1046554Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkSR3RZ02Exit Control Hardware, Roamalert Eco, W/ 1.5 Amp,$1,291.18Details
1040424Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkSR3RZ02NKEco Door Controller Excludes Keypad And Pwr Supply$1,197.57Details
1031537Stanely Healthcare / Instantel / XmarkSR4PT01Wireless Tag Reader, Stanley Healthcare Roamalert,$377.10Details