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Allied Telesis

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
799826Allied TelesisAT2701FTXMT901Adptr Card Trade Act Complnt 100Fx (Mt-Rj) &Amp; 10/100Tx At-2701Ftx/Mt-901$193.58Details
886883Allied TelesisAT2701FTXSC901Adptr Card Trade Act Complnt 100Base-Fx Mt At-2701Ftx/Sc--901$185.08Details
816048Allied TelesisAT2701FTXST901Adptr Card Trade Act Complnt 100Fx (Mt-St) &Amp; 10/100Tx At-2701Ftx/St-901$185.08Details
726064Allied TelesisAT2701FXSC901Adptr Card Trade Act Complnt 100 Base Fx At-2701Fx/Sc-901$174.90Details
923397Allied TelesisAT2701FXST901At-2700 Network Adapter Card 100Fx (St) At-2701Fx/St-901$175.25Details
768542Allied TelesisAT2711FXST901At-2700 Network Adapter Card 100Fx (St) At-2711Fx/St-901$185.46Details
925375Allied TelesisAT2911SXSC0011000Sx Sc Pci Express X1 Adapter CardCall for Price.Details
826703Allied TelesisAT2912T90110/100/1000T Pci Express Ethernet Adapt Card$134.41Details
837865Allied TelesisAT2916SXLC901Fast Ethernet Cardbus Adapter 1000Base-Sx Lc Nic$234.79Details
852256Allied TelesisAT2916SXSC901Fast Ethernet Cardbus Adapter 1000Base-Sx Sc Nic At-2916Sx/Sc-901$234.79Details
923138Allied TelesisAT2931SXSC901Fiber Cardbus Adapter 1000Base-Sx Sc Fiber Nic At-2931Sx/Sc-901$229.68Details
723179Allied TelesisAT2972SX901Fed Comp 32/64 Bit, Pci-Expres Server Adpt Card, Lc Connector$383.91Details
799317Allied TelesisAT2973SXLC901Fed Comp. Pci-E X4, 2-Port Virtualization Server Adapter Card, Lc Connect$572.58Details
851770Allied TelesisAT2973T4901Fed Comp. Pci-E X4, 2-Port Virtualization Server Adapter Card$410.16Details
771086Allied TelesisAT2973T901Fed Comp. Pci-E X4, 2-Port Virtualization Server Adapter Card$219.49Details
914817Allied TelesisAT6101G10Power Over Ethernet Injector Single Port Ieee 802.3Af 10/100/1000T Lines$66.36Details
1031856Allied TelesisAT6101GP10Single Port Poe+ Injector (Gigabit Ethernet)$119.10Details
831702Allied TelesisAT80008POE108 Port 10/100Tx Poe Managed Switch + 1Combo Copper Gig Port &Amp; 1 Sfp Bay$644.77Details
853517Allied TelesisAT8000GS241024 Port Layer 2 Switch W/24-10 /100/1000Base-T Ports W/4 Combo Sfp Slot Unpop$1,142.25Details
746553Allied TelesisAT8000GS24POE1024 Port Layer 2 Switch W/24-10 /100/1000Base-T Ports W/4 Combo Sfp Slot Unpop$1,707.49Details
1010728Allied TelesisAT8000GS481048 Port Layer 2 Switch With 48-10/100/1000Base-T Ports$1,870.03Details
873987Allied TelesisAT8000S161016 Port Managed Fast Ethernet Switch With One Sfp Expansion Bay$483.99Details
804399Allied TelesisAT8000S241024-Port Managed Stackable Fast Ethernet Switch With Two Combo Sfp Slots$566.01Details
1037655Allied TelesisAT8000S24POE1024-Port Managed Poe Stackable Fast Ethernet Switch With Two Combo Sfp$0.02Details
804026Allied TelesisAT8000S481048-Port Managed Stackable Fast Ethernet Switch W/Two Combo Sfp Slots$1,113.81Details
803172Allied TelesisAT8000S48POE1048 Port Layer 2 Switch W/24-10 /100Base-T Ports W/2 Combo Sfp Slot Unpop$1,214.92Details
896665Allied TelesisAT8516FSC10L2+ Switch W/6-100Fx Ports + 2 Expansion Slots (Us Ac Power Cords)$2,129.80Details
988960Allied TelesisAT8600PIM008600 Feature License For Pim-Dm And Pim-Sm$245.00Details
914798Allied TelesisAT8624POE10V2Managed Layer 3 Switch 24 X 10/100Tx, W/2 Expan. Bays Power Over Ethernet$3,296.48Details
852238Allied TelesisAT8624T2M10Layer 3 Switch W/24-10/100Tx Ports + 2 Expansion Slots (Us Ac Power Cords)$1,437.08Details
1039717Allied TelesisAT8648T2SP10L3 Switch With 48-10/100Tx Ports Plus 2 Sfp Slots (Ac Power$2,231.58Details
967237Allied TelesisAT8900ADVL3UPGRD00Advanced Layer 3 Software Upgrade For 8900 Series Switches Includes$1,257.83Details
982342Allied TelesisAT900012POE10L2, 8 X 10/100/1000T Poe+ With 4 G/Sfp Combo$1,101.18Details
800813Allied TelesisAT90002810Eco Switch 28 Port Gig Managed (24) Prt 10/100/1000Mbps Fixed 4 100/1000Mbps Sfp$1,037.99Details
773444Allied TelesisAT900028POE1028-Port Edge Switch Managed (24)10/100/1000T Poe+(4) G/Sfp Combo$1,532.78Details
770912Allied TelesisAT900028SP10Layr 2 Switch W/4 10/100/1000T 28 100/1000 Sfp Ports Ecoswitch$2,144.99Details
934807Allied TelesisAT900028SPE10Extended Temperature 28-Port Gigabit Managed L2$2,369.81Details
713079Allied TelesisAT9000521048 Port Layer 3 Switch W/ 4 Sfp Slots Ecoswitch$1,756.09Details
923445Allied TelesisAT9424TPOE1024 Port 10/100/1000Tx Poe Manage Layer 3 Switch 4 Combo Sfp Bay$3,416.48Details
943805Allied TelesisAT9424TSXP1024-Port 10/100/1000Base-T Managed Base Layer 3 Switch With 2 10Gbe Xfp$3,287.35Details
726872Allied TelesisAT9448TSXP1048-10/100/1000Base-T Port Switch W/2 Active Xfp Slots (Unpopulated)$5,773.44Details
1083470Allied TelesisAT9900ADVL3UPGRD00At-9900 Advanced Layer 3 Upgrade: Ipv6, Bgp-4$3,503.06Details
972879Allied TelesisAT9900FL3UPGRD00Full Layer 3 Upgrade: Rsvp, Dvmrp, Vrrp, Pim Sm, Pim$1,391.50Details
875470Allied TelesisAT9924SPV26024 X 100X/1000X Sfp Bay High Performance Layer 3+ Switch Univ. Power Supply$7,063.34Details
867506Allied TelesisAT9924T0024X10/100/1000T Layer 3+ With 4 X Sfp Bays$0.02Details
882180Allied TelesisATA4200Gbic Slot For Rapier Switches$217.77Details
881475Allied TelesisATA45SCUplink Module 100Fx X 1Port (Sc)$161.63Details
720918Allied TelesisATA45SCSM15Uplink Module 1 X 100Fx Port Sc Sm Up To 15Km Full Duplex$464.31Details
846405Allied TelesisATA46Allied Telesyn Module For At-8024M And 8016F 10/100/1000Base T$74.86Details
714439Allied TelesisATA65Combo 10/100/1000T And 1000X Sfp Expansion Module$219.49Details
1063248Allied TelesisATAES3DES003Des + Aes Encryption License Key For Ar450S, Ar440S, Ar750S &Amp; Ar770S$446.24Details
965233Allied TelesisATAR3DES0013Des Encryption License Key - Requires Ar011I, Ar061, Ar450S, Or$411.80Details
780474Allied TelesisATAR415S10Modular Branch Office Router 1X10/100 Wan, 4 10/100 Lan 1Xasync,1 Pic Slot$769.41Details
1005431Allied TelesisATAR442S10G.Shdsl Secure Router + Pic Slot + 5 X 10/100Tx$1,455.31Details
974797Allied TelesisATAR750S10Secure Vpn Router, 7X 10/100 Lan / Wan, 1X Async, 2X Pic$1,906.49Details
997362Allied TelesisATAR750SDPDual Psu Secure Vpn Router, 7X 10/100 Lan / Wan, 1X Async, 2X Pic$2,164.74Details
1003745Allied TelesisATAR8900FL3UPGRD00Full Layer 3 Upgrade: Rsvp, Dvmrp, Vrrp, Pim Sm, Pim$1,083.78Details
980643Allied TelesisATARAES00Aes Encryption License Key For Ar450S, Ar440S, Ar750S &Amp; Ar770S$411.80Details
944758Allied TelesisATAROSUP00Alliedware Os Software Version Upgrade$785.20Details
956928Allied TelesisATARVLANDTAG00At-9924 Vlan Double Tagging (Q-In-Q / Nested Vlans) Upgrade$541.42Details
763641Allied TelesisATBRKTJ26Ceiling Mount Kit For At-Tq2450$120.79Details
737618Allied TelesisATCM30110/100Tx To 100Fx (St/Mm) Converteon Line Card$298.59Details
790660Allied TelesisATCM302Converteon Mod: 10/100Tx To 100Fx(Sc) 2 Port Switch$298.59Details
862827Allied TelesisATCM3K0S10/100/1000T - Sfp Converteon Blade With 802.3Ah Oam$383.91Details
916002Allied TelesisATCM70S4 X T1/E1 + 10/100Mbps Ethernet To Fiber Sfp$788.35Details
878836Allied TelesisATCV1000101 Slot Stand Alone Chassis With External Ac Adapter$71.47Details
886102Allied TelesisATCV1200PSURedundant Psu For At-Cv1200 At-Cv1200Psu$44.05Details
814781Allied TelesisATCV1203102 Slot Stand Alone Chassis With External Ac Adapter$176.95Details
787099Allied TelesisATCV1KSSConverteon Line Card 1000X Sfp To 1000X Sfp$265.43Details
878155Allied TelesisATCV5001Converteon 18Slot Media Cnvtr Chassis - No Pwr Supp$575.86Details
862235Allied TelesisATCV5M02Converteon Management Module$469.23Details
874584Allied TelesisATCVFANConverteon Fan Tray$105.49Details
921833Allied TelesisATCVMCRNetwork Device Locking Kit$18.23Details
714679Allied TelesisATCVR01Plastic Cover For At-Tq2450$64.65Details
809165Allied TelesisATDC2552XSTor Data Center Switch 10Gx48Ports, 40Gx4 Port$20,015.78Details
730252Allied TelesisATDC2552XSL3Tor Data Center Switch 10Gx48Ports, 40Gx4 Port$15,434.39Details
998981Allied TelesisATFL18B4000 Firewall Sessions License For Ar415S Only$125.90Details
1005629Allied TelesisATFL18C8000 Firewall Sessions License For Ar415S And Ar442S$190.57Details
1076878Allied TelesisATFL18D16000 Firewall Sessions License For Ar442S Only$253.01Details
956277Allied TelesisATFL18E32000 Firewall Sessions License For Ar442S Only$306.18Details
1040767Allied TelesisATFL18G60000 Firewall Sessions License For Ar442S Only$366.77Details
1012783Allied TelesisATFL19B5 Vpn Sessions License For Ar415S Only$125.90Details
1024769Allied TelesisATFL19C10 Vpn Sessions License For Ar415S Only$190.57Details
928043Allied TelesisATFL19D25 Vpn Sessions License For Ar415S Only$253.51Details
968527Allied TelesisATFL19EMax (50) Vpn Sessions License For Ar415S Only$306.80Details
1058668Allied TelesisATFLCF4AM40Amf Master License Of Sbx8112 (Cfc400) Up To 40 Nodes$12,231.87Details
941493Allied TelesisATFLRADIUSFULL(Full Radius Support Lim$614.01Details
1026396Allied TelesisATFLSBX8101At-Sbx8112 Premium License -Ospf,Pim-Sm/Dm,Q In Q, Radius-Full$9,965.68Details
882717Allied TelesisATFLSBX902Advanced Layer 3 Mod Switch$1,126.44Details
981833Allied TelesisATFLSBX9AM40Amf Master License Of Sbx908 Up To 40 Nodes$12,231.87Details
992892Allied TelesisATFLX51001X510 Premium License$1,244.95Details
920644Allied TelesisATFS2019010/100Tx To 100Fx(St) Multi-Mode Fiber, Standalone Media Converter$263.70Details
733577Allied TelesisATFS2029010/100Tx To 100Fx(Sc) Multi-Mode Fiber, Standalone Rate &Amp; Media Convert$263.70Details
892396Allied TelesisATFS23216010/100Tx(Rj45) To 100Fx (Sc) Sm (15Km) 2 Port Switch W/ Univ. Power Adapter$441.34Details
737661Allied TelesisATFS23226010/100Tx (Rj-45) To 100Fx (Sc) Sm (40Km) 2 Port Switch W/ Univ. Power Adpt$588.98Details
863756Allied TelesisATFS2326010/100Tx (Rj-45) To 100Fx (Sc) 2 Prt Unmanaged Switch W/ Univ. Power Adpt$238.20Details
931199Allied TelesisATFS238A160Single-Fiber 10/100M Bridging Converter With 1310Tx/1550Rx$298.59Details
1002082Allied TelesisATFS238B160Single-Fiber 10/100M Bridging Converter With 1310Tx/1550Rx$298.59Details
783990Allied TelesisATFS705EFCSC60Unmanaged Fast Ethernet Switch 4X10/100Tx, 1X 100Fx (Sc) Inc Ext Power Supply$154.50Details
905023Allied TelesisATFS705L10Unmanaged Fast Ethernet Switch 5 Port 10/100Tx$45.82Details
885956Allied TelesisATFS705LE105 Port 10/100Base-Tx Unmanaged Switch, External P/S$37.00Details
904153Allied TelesisATFS70810Centrecom Fast Ethernet Switch 8Pt,10/100B-T,Unmanaged Internal Pwr Supply$64.65Details
866569Allied TelesisATFS708LE108 Port 10/100 Unmanaged Switch With External Power Supply$52.87Details
839641Allied TelesisATFS708POE108 Port 10/100Tx Poe Switch With 1 Sfp Uplink Port$282.18Details
869353Allied TelesisATFS709FC109 Port Fast Ethernet Switch: 8Xrj45 10/100-Tx + 100-Fx H/F Duplex Us Power Cord$221.19Details
752300Allied TelesisATFS716L1016 Port 10/100Tx (Rj45) Unmanaged Fast Ethernet Switch W/Int Pwr Sup$93.58Details
837782Allied TelesisATFS717FCSC1016 Port 10/100Tx (Rj45) Unmgd Fast Ethernet With 1 100Fx Sc Fiber Uplink$340.56Details
801005Allied TelesisATFS724L1024 Port 10/100 Fast Ethernet Unmanaged Switch$141.22Details
969851Allied TelesisATFS750161016 Port Fe Websmart Switch With 2 Sfp$243.31Details
1033827Allied TelesisATFS750241024 Port Fe Websmart Switch With 2 Sfp$231.06Details
869039Allied TelesisATFS75024POE1024 Port 10/100Tx Websmart Poe Switch W/2 Sfp/1000T Combo Ports$0.02Details
964131Allied TelesisATFS75028PS1024Port 10/100Tx+2 10/100/1000T +2 1000T/Sfp Websmart Poe$648.05Details
886399Allied TelesisATFS750481048 Port 10/100Tx Websmart Fe Switch W/2 Sfp/1000T Combo Ports$510.85Details
977014Allied TelesisATFS970M24LPS1024Port Managed Fast Ethernet Poe+ Switch. (Poe Pwr 185W) Single Ac Us$1,290.76Details
920260Allied TelesisATFS970M24PS1024 Port Swith Fast Ethernet Poe+Managed Dual Ac Pwr Supply At-Fs970M/24Ps-10$1,251.75Details
846677Allied TelesisATFS970M8108 Port Managed Standalone Fast Ethernet Switch. Single Ac Power Supply$424.93Details
746000Allied TelesisATFS970M8PS108-P Poe+Fast Ethernet Switch Managed Standalone 2 Sfp At-Fs970M/8Ps-10$655.64Details
767086Allied TelesisATFS970M8PSE108 Port 10/100Tx Poe+ With 2 G/Sfp Combo Ports At-Fs970M/8Ps-E-10$1,420.36Details
876713Allied TelesisATG8LX10Gigabit Interface Converter 10Km Lx Gbic$322.56Details
742311Allied TelesisATG8SX01Ati Gigabit Switch Module Uplink 1000-Base Sx$186.77Details
839089Allied TelesisATGS2002SP6010/100/1000Base-T, Sfp, Standalone Bridging Converter Lc Connector$308.43Details
910995Allied TelesisATGS900161016 Port 10/100/1000Tx Unmanged Switch$255.21Details
889765Allied TelesisATGS900241024 Port 10/100/1000Tx Unmanged Gigabit Switch, Internal Psu Rackmountable$360.94Details
764993Allied TelesisATGS9005E105 Port 10/100/1000Tx Unmanged Gigabit Switch External Power Supply$59.54Details
833705Allied TelesisATGS9008108 Port 10/100/1000Tx Unmanged Switch Internal Power Supply$127.60Details
817690Allied TelesisATGS9008E108 Port 10/100/1000Tx Unmanged Gigabit Switch External Power Supply$85.06Details
781831Allied TelesisATGS9008PS108 Ports Unmanaged Gigabit Switch, W/ 1 Gig/Sfp Uplink, At-Gs900/8Ps-10$383.91Details
938584Allied TelesisATGS924MPX10Gb Ethernet Managed Switch 24X 10/100/1000T Poe Ports, Us Power Cord$2,473.10Details
1024631Allied TelesisATGS948MPX10Gb Ethernet Managed Switch 48X 10/100/1000T Poe Ports, Us Power Cord$3,752.59Details
789906Allied TelesisATGS95010PS108 X 10/100/1000T Websmart Switch, W/ 2 Sfp Combo Ports At-Gs950/10Ps-10$490.56Details
916157Allied TelesisATGS950161016 X 10/100/1000T Switch W/2 Combo Sfp Uplink Ports$426.57Details
816819Allied TelesisATGS95016PS1016 X 10/100/1000T Websmart Switch, W/ 2 Sfp Combo Ports At-Gs950/16Ps-10$780.46Details
813614Allied TelesisATGS950241024 Port 10/100/1000T Websmart Switch W/2 Sfp Combo Ports$554.53Details
973516Allied TelesisATGS95028PS1024X 10/100/1000T Websmart Switch, W/ 4 Sfp Combo Ports At-Gs950/28Ps-10$1,253.26Details
840916Allied TelesisATGS950481048 Port 10/100/1000T Websmart Switch W/4 Sfp Combo Ports$903.68Details
769194Allied TelesisATGS95048PS1048 X 10/100/1000T Websmart Switch, W/ 4 Sfp Combo Ports At-Gs950/48Ps-10$1,441.64Details
819427Allied TelesisATGS9508108 X 10/100/1000T Switch W/2 Combo Sfp Uplink Ports$279.03Details
767487Allied TelesisATGS9508POE108 X 10/100/1000T 'Websmart' 4 Poe Switch With 2 Combo Sfp Bays$362.58Details
827919Allied TelesisATHSSTKCBL10Stacking Cable To Suit Xcalibur/Sbx908 Switch Only (1.0M)$1,120.13Details
724207Allied TelesisATIE2006FP4 X 10/100 + 2 Sfp Managed Industrial Poe+ Switch$1,341.36Details
1066482Allied TelesisATIE2006FP80Managed Industrial Switch 2X 100/1000 Sfp, 4X 10/100Tx Poe+ External Dc Pwr$1,821.41Details
825172Allied TelesisATIE2006FT4 X 10/100 + 2 Sfp Industrial Switch$1,066.42Details
827327Allied TelesisATIE2006GP4 X10/100/1000T + 2 Sfp Managed Industrial Poe+ Switch$1,578.35Details
932759Allied TelesisATIE2006GP80Gigabit Industrial Switch 2X100/1000X Sfp 4X10/100/1000T Poe+ Support$2,049.28Details
913844Allied TelesisATIE2006GT4 X 10/100/1000T + 2 Sfp Managed Industrial Switch$1,230.72Details
740677Allied TelesisATIFS802SP808 Port 10/100Tx Industrial Managed Switch With 2 Sfp Combo Ports$789.95Details
815700Allied TelesisATIFS802SPPOEW808Port 10/100Tx Industrial Mgd Poe Switch W/2 Sfp Ports At-Ifs802Sp/Poe-W-80$1,153.31Details
907097Allied TelesisATIMC1000TPSFP80100/1000X Sfp Media Converter 10/100/1000Tx Poe+, Din Rail At-Imc1000Tp/Sfp-80$739.38Details
794167Allied TelesisATIMG2426FGbit Fttx Multiservice Gateway$592.27Details
806258Allied TelesisATIMG2504Fixed Form Factor Img, Gig Wan, 4 - 10/100/1000 Lan$569.31Details
790325Allied TelesisATIMG2522Gbit Fttx Multiservice Gateway$603.75Details
915541Allied TelesisATIMG2524Gbit Fttx Multiservice Gateway$628.37Details
1076557Allied TelesisATIX528GPX0024 Port Poe+ 10/100/1000T Stackable Gigabit Edge Switch W/ 4 Sfp+$3,989.81Details
909876Allied TelesisATMC1004101000T To 1000Sx/Sc Media Converter$429.84Details
807432Allied TelesisATMC1008GB601000Mb/S Media Converter; Gbic Optical Fiber Slot; Univ. Power Adapter$293.68Details
747057Allied TelesisATMC1008SP601000Bt To Sfp, Standalone Media Converter$293.68Details
879072Allied TelesisATMC101XL90Fast Ethernet Media Converter 100Tx (Rj45) To 100Fx (St)$0.02Details
833833Allied TelesisATMC102XL90Fast Ethernet Media Converter 100Tx (Rj45) To 100Fx (Sc)$227.99Details
807494Allied TelesisATMC103LH60100Tx (Rj45) To 100Fx (Sc) Sm (40Km) Media Conver W/ Univ. Power Adapter$613.60Details
820716Allied TelesisATMC103XL102 Port 100Btx To 100Bfx/Sc Ethernet Media Converter Single Mode$467.57Details
783779Allied TelesisATMC104XL60Media Converter, 100B-Fx Multimode To Singlemode Fiber Sc Conn Univeral Ver$588.98Details
816310Allied TelesisATMC115XL60Fast Ethernet Media Converter 10/100Tx To 10Fl/100Sx St Mm 850Nm 300M$192.26Details
756561Allied TelesisATMC116XL60Fast Ethernet Media Converter 10/100Tx To 10Fl/100Sx Sc Mm 850Nm 300M$192.26Details
837284Allied TelesisATMC1360Centrecom Media Converter 10B-T(Rj45),10B-F 62.5/125(St) External Pwr Supply$219.49Details
876340Allied TelesisATMC60560Media Converter Vdsl To 100Tx &Amp; Pots Port$192.26Details
842849Allied TelesisATMC6066010/100Tx Media Converter, Vdsl Bnc Ext, 4Psu, Lf, Intl Power Adapter-Us, Eu, Uk$192.26Details
871441Allied TelesisATMCF2000Chassis Media Converter Suppor Up To 24 Channels$243.31Details
773195Allied TelesisATMCF2012LC12 Channel 10/100Basetx To 100 (Mm 2Km) Media Blade For At-Mcf2000 Chassis.$1,579.86Details
724180Allied TelesisATMCF2012LC112 Channel 10/100Basetx To 100 (Sm 15Km) Media Blade For At-Mcf2000 Chassis.$2,685.78Details
788447Allied TelesisATMCF2032SP12 Channel 10/100/1000Baset To 100 /1000Mbps Sfpfx Media Blade$1,579.86Details
756355Allied TelesisATMCF2300Multi-Ch 4 Slot Mod Chassis$469.23Details
983305Allied TelesisATMCF2300AC60Auto-Sensing Ac Power Supply Module (Universal - All 4 Power$511.87Details
820217Allied TelesisATMCPWR60External Power Adapter For Mc/ Fs Series W/ Us/Eu/Uk/Aus Ac Plugs$25.52Details
830635Allied TelesisATMCR110Media Converter Chassis 1 Slots For Mc Or Fs Series$88.48Details
816947Allied TelesisATMCR1210Media Converter Chassis 12 Slots W/ Int Power Supply$383.91Details
864457Allied TelesisATMCR180Media Converter Chassis 1 Slots For Mc Or Fs Series 48Vdc$110.59Details
972221Allied TelesisATMTP121Mpo Cable For At-Qsfpsr, 1M$615.24Details
824985Allied TelesisATPC2002POE10100/1000Tx (Rj45) Poe To Sfp Media Converter$293.68Details
738886Allied TelesisATPC232POE10100Tx (Rj45) Poe To 100Fx (Sc) Fast Ethernet Media$293.68Details
837291Allied TelesisATPWR0300Hot Swappable Ac Power Supply For At-Ar750S-Dp.$993.73Details
1047969Allied TelesisATPWR0380Hot Swappable Dc Power Supply For At-Ar750S-Dp.$1,232.31Details
778768Allied TelesisATPWR0580Hot-Swappable Load-Sharing Power Supply Module For At-X908, -48Vdc$2,505.01Details
848491Allied TelesisATPWR300400Redundant Power Supply Module For Rps3004$410.16Details
1038246Allied TelesisATPWR310100Redundant Power Supply Module For Rps3104$511.87Details
974497Allied TelesisATQSFPSRQsfp+ Module$3,404.33Details
969993Allied TelesisATRKMTJ05Rack-Mount Kit For At-X210-9Gt$86.77Details
792482Allied TelesisATRPS3000Chassis For Up To 2 Redundant Power Supplies-Psus Not Included$1,822.93Details
1040396Allied TelesisATRPS310410Ac Redundant Power Supply For At-8524Poe. Pre-Populated W/ (1) At-Pwr3101;$2,240.69Details
793098Allied TelesisATSBX31066 Slot Chassis Including Fan$5,092.90Details
724654Allied TelesisATSBX311212Sl Chas+4 Ac Inlet,Lf$0.02Details
832897Allied TelesisATSBX3112NCB1Netcover Basic Basic One Year Support PackageCall for Price.Details
745213Allied TelesisATSBX31CFCNCB1Netcover Basic Plus One Year Support PackageCall for Price.Details
822127Allied TelesisATSBX31GS24NCB1Netcover Basic Basic One Year Support PackageCall for Price.Details
778762Allied TelesisATSBX31XZ44 Port 10Gbe Xfp Line Card At-Sbx31Xz4$4,630.31Details
866649Allied TelesisATSBX81XS1616 Port 10Gbe Sfp + Line Card For At-Sbx81 Series$14,433.59Details
923196Allied TelesisATSBX90800X900 Series - High Performance Layer 3+ Switch$9,153.88Details
791852Allied TelesisATSP10ER40I10Gig Sfp+Lr 40Km I-Temp,Lf$4,281.90Details
725243Allied TelesisATSP10LR10 Gbps Lr Sfp+$1,278.11Details
890532Allied TelesisATSP10LR20I10Gig Sfp+Lr 20Km I-Temp,Lf$4,281.90Details
728790Allied TelesisATSP10LRM10Gig Sfp+Lrm,Mm,Lf$1,124.86Details
814428Allied TelesisATSP10SR10Gig Sfp+Sr,Lf$590.64Details
855773Allied TelesisATSP10TW110Gbe Sfp+ 1M Direct Attach Cable At-Sp10Tw1$283.84Details
718413Allied TelesisATSP10TW710Gbe Sfp+ 7M Direct Attach Cable At-Sp10Tw7$584.08Details
1037492Allied TelesisATSP20LRI10G, 20Km, 1330 Nm, Sfp+, I$4,928.82Details
851790Allied TelesisATSPBD101310Km Bi-Directional Gbe Smf Sfp 1310Tx/1490Rx Hot Swappable$263.70Details
748827Allied TelesisATSPBD101410Km Bi-Directional Gbe Smf Sfp 1490Tx/1310Rx Hot Swappable$263.70Details
1033912Allied TelesisATSPBD20DUAL1420Km, 1Gig, Csfp, Tx1490, Rx1310 Supports Two - One Gig$1,709.00Details
926956Allied TelesisATSPBD20EPON13ISfp-Based Epon Optics Bidirectional 20 Km$1,314.03Details
957933Allied TelesisATSPBD40DUAL1440Km, 1Gig, Csfp, Tx1490, Rx1310 Supports Two - One Gig$2,222.45Details
877509Allied TelesisATSPEXSmall Form Pluggable Module 2Km 1310Nm 1000Base-Sx Mm Plug &Amp; Play$183.75Details
1007966Allied TelesisATSPFX1515Km 100Fx (Lc) Small Form Pluggable, Smf$163.34Details
768727Allied TelesisATSPFX2002Km 100Fx (Lc) Small Form Pluggable (Sfp) Mmf$86.77Details
986751Allied TelesisATSPFXBDLC13100Basefx, Tx=1330Nm, Single-Mode Bidi Fiber Sfp$199.07Details
943413Allied TelesisATSPFXBDLC15100Basefx, Tx=1550Nm, Single-Mode Bidi Fiber Sfp$199.07Details
742670Allied TelesisATSPLX10Uplink Module 1000Base-Lx 10Km Small Form Pluggable Hot Swappable$175.25Details
849599Allied TelesisATSPLX10IUplink Module 1000Base-Lx 10Km Small Form Pluggable Industrial Temp$362.58Details
750708Allied TelesisATSPLX40Uplink Module 1000Base-Lx 40Km Small Form Pluggable Hot Swap 1310Nm$1,421.89Details
833707Allied TelesisATSPSXSfp Module, Mm Fiber 1000Mbps, Lc 850Nm$78.27Details
739786Allied TelesisATSPSXI500Nm, 850Nm, 1000Base-Sx Small Form Pluggable Module$298.59Details
808321Allied TelesisATSPTX10/100/1000T Copper Sfp Module Small Form Pluggable 100M$159.94Details
805072Allied TelesisATSPZX80Uplink Module 1000Base-Lx 80Km Small Form Plug (Sm) Hot Swap 1550Nm$2,684.26Details
990544Allied TelesisATSTACKOP03Optical Stacking Module Over Mmf For X510. 1 Piece. Cable Not$2,141.94Details
990760Allied TelesisATSTACKOP90Optical Stacking Module Over Smf For X510. 1 Piece. Cable Not$3,281.28Details
840391Allied TelesisATSTACKXG00Stack Module For At-9448Ts/Xp Incl 1Xat-Stackxg/0.5-00 Cable At-Stackxg-00$652.50Details
1042912Allied TelesisATSTACKXS101 Meter Stacking Cable With A Pair Of Module For X510$344.53Details
736131Allied TelesisATTN250GBImap 9700 Chassis 17-Slot$10,006.42Details
1024133Allied TelesisATTQ240310Ent 2Wlan Abg Ap,Us,Lf - Not For Sales In Canada$671.31Details
807497Allied TelesisATTQ4600Wireless Access Point$946.34Details
1028742Allied TelesisATWR2304N10Wireless "N" Soho Router$100.39Details
1003606Allied TelesisATX23010GP1010/100/1000T(Poe-Out) × 8 + Sfp Slot × 2 Us Power Cord$0.02Details
889271Allied TelesisATX23018GP1010/100/1000T(Poe-Out) × 16 + Sfp Slot × 2$1,263.90Details
948522Allied TelesisATX23028GP10L2+ Managed Switch, 24X10/100/ 1000Mbbps Ports(Poe+), 4 Sfp Uplink Slots, Ac Pwr$1,532.78Details
819501Allied TelesisATX31026FP10Intelligent Stackable Poe+ 10/100Tx × 24 + 2 Combo Port$1,543.41Details
1057631Allied TelesisATX31026FT1024 X 10/100Tx Switch With 2 Combo Sfp Ports And 2 Sfp Ports$987.42Details
812650Allied TelesisATX31050FP10Intelligent Stackable Poe+ 10/100Tx × 48 + 2 Combo Port$2,400.19Details
738397Allied TelesisATX31050FT10Intelligent Stackable 10/100Tx × 24 + 2 Combo Port$1,599.61Details
887521Allied TelesisATX51028GPX1024 Port Poe+ 10/100/1000T Stackable Gigabit Edge Switch At-X510-28Gpx-10$3,404.33Details
724368Allied TelesisATX51028GSX80Fiber Gbit Edge Switch$6,658.59Details
767406Allied TelesisATX51052GPX1048 Port Poe+ 10/100/1000T Stackable Gigabit Edge Switch At-X510-52Gpx-10$6,102.59Details
797525Allied TelesisATX510DP28GTX24 Port 10/100/1000T Gigabit Stackable Gigabit Tor Switch$3,989.81Details
1036361Allied TelesisATX510L28GP10Stackable Gigabit Edge Switch 24 X 10/100/1000T, 4X Sfp+ Prt Us Power Cord$2,562.74Details
806035Allied TelesisATX60024TS24-Port Gigabit Advanced Layer 3 Switch W/ 4 Combo$3,304.06Details
811622Allied TelesisATX60024TSNCB3Netcover Basic Three Year Support Package At-X600-24Ts-Ncb3Call for Price.Details
794094Allied TelesisATX60024TSNCB5Netcover Basic Five Year Support PackageCall for Price.Details
827003Allied TelesisATX60024TSPOE6024 X Poe 10/100/1000T Layer 3+ Switch 4 Combo Sfp Bays$4,777.11Details
883183Allied TelesisATX61024TSPOE24 Port Poe+ Gigabit Advanced Layer 3 Switch W/ 4 Sfp Combo Ports$5,143.32Details
738277Allied TelesisATX61024TSXPOE24Xgigabit Poe Switch With 4 Combo Sfp Bays 2Fsp+Bays At-X610-24Ts/X-Poe+$5,588.10Details
794194Allied TelesisATX61048TSPOE48Xgigabit Poe Switch With 2 Combo Sfp Bays Stacking Bay At-X610-48Ts-Poe+$7,227.91Details
867040Allied TelesisATX61048TSXPOE48Xgigabit Poe Switch With 2 Combo Sfp Bays 2Sfp+Bays At-X610-48Ts/X-Poe+$8,451.10Details
802078Allied TelesisATX6EMXS2Expansion Plug-In Module, 2 Ports, 10 Gbps$2,108.53Details
883313Allied TelesisATX90024XSP6024-Port Gigabit Sfp Expandable L3+ Ipv4/Ipv6 Switch W/ Ac Power Supply$12,676.67Details
730319Allied TelesisATX90024XTP6024-Port Gigabit Expandable L3+ Ipv4/Ipv6 Switch W/ Ac Power Supply$11,675.88Details
1050906Allied TelesisATX93028GPX0024X Gigabit Poe+ Switch Stackable, 4 Sfp+ Ports, 2X Hot-Swap Psu Bays$5,559.94Details
979458Allied TelesisATX93052GPX0048X Gigabit Poe+ Switch Stackable, 4 Sfp+ Ports, 2X Hot-Swap Psu Bays$7,783.92Details
812841Allied TelesisATXEM12SNCB3Netcover Basic Three Year Support Package At-Xem-12S-Ncb3Call for Price.Details
801811Allied TelesisATXEM12SV212 X Sfp Uplink Module$5,082.52Details
749041Allied TelesisATXEM12T12 X 10/100/1000T Expansion Module$4,447.95Details
891687Allied TelesisATXEM12TNCB3Netcover Basic Three Year Support Package At-Xem-12T-Ncb3Call for Price.Details
769065Allied TelesisATXEM12TV212X 10/100/1000T Uplink Module$4,447.95Details
716120Allied TelesisATXEM12TV2NCB3Netcover Basic Three Year Support Package At-Xem-12Tv2-Ncb3Call for Price.Details
904754Allied TelesisATXEM1XP1X10Gigabit Xfp Expansion Module$2,824.44Details
835247Allied TelesisATXEM24THigh Speed Expansion Modules 24 X 10/100/1000T(Rj Point 5)$9,174.64Details
901963Allied TelesisATXEM2XP2 X 10Gigabit Xfp Expansion Module$6,115.93Details
917402Allied TelesisATXEM2XPNCB1Netcover Basic One Year Support PackageCall for Price.Details
844502Allied TelesisATXEM2XPNCB3Netcover Basic Three Year Support Package At-Xem-2Xp-Ncb3Call for Price.Details
775628Allied TelesisATXEM2XS2 X 10Gbps Sfp+ Uplink Module$6,839.47Details
724312Allied TelesisATXEM2XSNCB3Netcover Basic Three Year Support Package At-Xem-2Xs-Ncb3Call for Price.Details
909781Allied TelesisATXEM2XT2 X 10Gbe Rj45 Uplink Module$7,895.11Details
843736Allied TelesisATXEMSTKStacking Module For Sbx908, X900-24Xt, X900-24Xs X900-12Xt/S$2,187.51Details
813140Allied TelesisATXEMSTKCBL050.5M Stacking Cable For Use With Xem-Stk Module$467.57Details
868249Allied TelesisATXEMSTKNCB1Netcover Basic One Year Support Package$66.18Details
719802Allied TelesisATXPER4010Gbps Xfp, 40Km$8,894.42Details
747752Allied TelesisATXPER8010Gbps Xfp, 80Km$11,118.40Details
857060Allied TelesisATXPLR10Gbe (Lr/Sm) Module To Suit 10Gbe Line Card Or Xem Module$2,620.45Details
877456Allied TelesisATXPLRNCB1Netcover Basic One Year Support PackageCall for Price.Details
861118Allied TelesisATXPSR10Gbe (Sr/Mm) Module To Suit 10Gbe Line Card Or Xem Module$1,315.55Details