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Alltel / Windstream Supply

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
359934Alltel / Windstream Supply1072STDoor Plate Speaker Asembly Stainless$44.94Details
116498Alltel / Windstream Supply255413VBA20MBw Tt Me Fm Sc Wc Head Set Beige$49.29Details
117705Alltel / Windstream Supply255447VBA20MWall Phone With Armoured Cable$50.74Details
387961Alltel / Windstream Supply4700568F1Netvanta 1638$4,188.25Details
387962Alltel / Windstream Supply4700569F1Netvanta 1638P$6,516.01Details
583021Alltel / Windstream Supply936471Grill Assy For V-1040 Clean Room Ceiling Speaker$24.75Details
782878Alltel / Windstream SupplyM150RMM150 Block With 1 Male 25Pr Conn$56.54Details
117707Alltel / Windstream SupplyOHP6500Music On Hold Ksu- Less Systm$404.99Details
116980Alltel / Windstream SupplyOHP8000Music On Hold$214.19Details
901711Alltel / Windstream SupplyOHP8000USBUsb Flash Drive Digital On-Hold Audio System$240.79Details
771442Alltel / Windstream SupplyP25CC10L3G25Pr Fem/Fem 10Ft Cable Assy$23.25Details
117607Alltel / Windstream SupplyS4222By2 Lay-In Clarity Speaker W/Switch Volume Contrl$56.54Details
359933Alltel / Windstream SupplyS422A2Lay In Speaker 2By2 W/Transformer$60.19Details
117608Alltel / Windstream SupplyS500VC8"Spkr W/25-70V Xfmr Vol Cntrl$39.88Details
117609Alltel / Windstream SupplyS5038" Talkback Ceiling Speaker W/45Ohm Voice Coil$29.73Details
984652Alltel / Windstream SupplyS504Metal Wall Mounted One Way 25/70V Speaker Grey$53.64Details
116499Alltel / Windstream SupplyS505VC8" Speaker W.Vol Control$74.19Details
116981Alltel / Windstream SupplyS515W45 Ohm Tkbk Wall Mount Speaker, White$57.99Details
583022Alltel / Windstream SupplyS520BBKRound Pendant Speaker, 8Ohm, 5 Watt, Black$135.79Details
116500Alltel / Windstream SupplyS520BW25/70/100 Pendant Speaker Wht$88.19Details
117610Alltel / Windstream SupplyS5222X2 Valcom Wall Speaker$67.19Details
116501Alltel / Windstream SupplyS522A22Ft 2Ft Lay In Ceiling Spkr$67.19Details
839999Alltel / Windstream SupplyS522B22'X2' Lay-In Ceiling Speaker With Backbox & Vol Ea$67.19Details
322725Alltel / Windstream SupplyS525A22Ftx2Ft Lay In Ceiling Spkr W/Backbox & Vol Switch$60.19Details
117611Alltel / Windstream SupplyS52770Vlt Clarity Wall Speakerswhite$76.99Details
116982Alltel / Windstream SupplyS5505Speaker Support Bridge$16.48Details
116983Alltel / Windstream SupplyS551Speaker Bk Bx Enclosure$15.99Details
117612Alltel / Windstream SupplyS6044 Watt Pg Flex Horn$88.19Details
841448Alltel / Windstream SupplyS660AExplosion Proof Horn-30 Watt With 70Volt$661.69Details
583024Alltel / Windstream SupplyS7508 In Co Axial Ceiling Speaker With 25 70 Volt Trsf$57.99Details
771396Alltel / Windstream SupplyS89BStandoff Bracket For M1-25 & M1-50 Blocks$2.40Details
117296Alltel / Windstream SupplySBS400Dynamic Desk Paging Microphone$124.59Details
117297Alltel / Windstream SupplySMA6060 Watt Mixer/Amplifier$707.19Details
117613Alltel / Windstream SupplySMARMKRm F 4/Sma Rack$23.99Details
117298Alltel / Windstream SupplySMB102200 Watt Wall Mount Fxm$134.39Details
117299Alltel / Windstream SupplySMB200200 Watt Mixer/Amplifier$816.39Details
117708Alltel / Windstream SupplySMB201Dual 100W Rack Mount Xfms$179.19Details
117300Alltel / Windstream SupplySWM100A100 Watt Amplifier/Mixer$572.39Details
117301Alltel / Windstream SupplySWM1515 Watt Wall Mount Mixer/Amplfier$246.39Details
116502Alltel / Windstream SupplySWM35A35 Watt Wall Mount Mixer Amp$445.49Details
117614Alltel / Windstream SupplySWM60AAmplifier Wall Mounted 60W$573.74Details
117615Alltel / Windstream SupplySX15TPg Horn 15W 70V$97.99Details
901419Alltel / Windstream SupplySX15TGY15 Watt Horn, Grey, 25/70 Volt$97.99Details
322724Alltel / Windstream SupplySX15TM15 Watt Pg Horn W/25/70/100V$107.79Details
116503Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1001Valcom Ptec Ceiling Speaker$55.83Details
117709Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1011MR4" Recessed Spkr W/Mtg Rng$111.99Details
116504Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1012BB8" 1 Way Self Amplified Speaker With Back Box$103.59Details
116505Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1013BBKBLACK1Watt Track Style Speaker Black$114.79Details
117710Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1013BGY1Watt Track Style Speaker Gray$111.99Details
117711Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1013BWW1Watt Track Style Speaker White White$118.99Details
116506Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1013BWWHITE1 Watt Track Style Speaker White$123.19Details
117712Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1014BBK5Watt Track Style Speaker Blck$125.99Details
117616Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1015BBK5Watt Pendant Spkr Bk$116.19Details
583025Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1015BGYLo Profile Gray Pendant Speaker,Alum 6Ft Chain$118.99Details
359931Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1015BW5 Watt Pendant Speaker Wht Encl. Black Grill$116.19Details
117713Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1015BWWWhite Pendant Speaker With A White Grill And Chain$118.99Details
116507Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1016BKBlack 1-Way Wall Speaker/Amplifier$74.19Details
116508Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1019BBKTkbk Pendant Spkr Bk$75.59Details
387964Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1019BWPendant Full Range Speaker White$78.39Details
117302Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1020CVal Speaker Ceiling W/Vc$46.39Details
1012674Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1020CCC8" Round Amplified Ceiling Speaker$65.79Details
117617Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1021C1 Way Plastic Ceiling Speaker$44.94Details
117303Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1022C70V Walnut Wall Baffle$72.79Details
117714Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1024CCorner Wall Speaker$74.19Details
117618Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1025CCorner Mount Woodgrain Spkr W/ Brown Cloth Grille$74.19Details
116509Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1026C1-Way Woodgrain Corridor Speaker$95.19Details
117715Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1026CWWh Bi-Direc Corridor Spkr W/Wh Cloth Grille$95.19Details
116510Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1030C1 Way 5Watt 24V Amplfd Horn$107.79Details
116511Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1030CX31Way 5W 24V W/Amp And Vc Horn$103.59Details
117716Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1030M5 Watt Marine Horn$125.99Details
808672Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1030MWHITEWeather Resistant, 5 Watt Amplified Horn Spkr Whte$125.99Details
117304Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1036C1 Way 15 Watt Amplified Horn$130.19Details
117717Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1036M15W Marine Rated Horn O/D$145.59Details
117718Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1038Valcom 30Watt Ampl Horn, 1 Way$148.39Details
116512Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1039A1 Way 7-Watt Horn$890.49Details
117719Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1040Clean Room Speaker$239.39Details
117720Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1040BClean Room Speaker$223.99Details
117619Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1042Slim Line Wall Speaker$89.59Details
117620Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1042BKWall Mount Speaker Black$90.99Details
912305Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1042BRSlimline Wall Speaker Brown$90.99Details
117306Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1042GYSlimline Wall Speaker Gray$90.99Details
116513Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1042WWall Mount Speaker White$90.99Details
117621Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1046BKSlim Line Speak/Talkback Black$69.99Details
117622Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1046GRSlim Line Speak/Talkback Gray$58.79Details
117623Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1046WSlim Line Speak/Talkback White$67.90Details
116514Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1048CTalkbalk Horn$82.59Details
359930Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1048CGYGrau Talkbalk Horn$82.59Details
117307Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1048MTalkback Marine Horn$82.59Details
117308Alltel / Windstream SupplyV10505W Bidir Horn$232.39Details
117624Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1050C5W Bi-Directional Horn$232.39Details
116515Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1052C8" Ampl Wall Spkr. Metal$59.50Details
833310Alltel / Windstream SupplyV10541Way Corner Wl Spker Mtl$56.70Details
117625Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1060AValcom Tlkbck Clng Spkr$38.43Details
819244Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1060B8Inch Ceiling Speaker W/Led Indicator$42.04Details
117309Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1061BKTalkback Wall Speaker Black$44.40Details
116516Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1061WTalkback Wall Speaker White$71.39Details
117310Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1062ATalkback Wall Speaker$62.99Details
117626Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1063ATalkback Wall Speaker$62.99Details
117627Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1069AExplosion Proof Horn$815.09Details
985998Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1070P-Tec Surface Mount Talkback Ceiling Speaker$51.48Details
322723Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1071V-1071 Talkback Wall Mnt Speaker Gray W/Blck Grill$49.29Details
116517Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1072ASTValcom Steel Door Phone$44.94Details
116518Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1072BSTDoorplate Spkr Flush W/Led Stainless Steel$62.99Details
117721Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1074Doorplate Speaker$49.29Details
764443Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1080Flexhorn - Water Resistant$102.19Details
117311Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1090GYTalkback Harsh Weather Spkr$66.50Details
117723Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1090WTalk Back Horn White$66.50Details
117724Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1092Volume Control$36.98Details
871787Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1092BWall Mount Volume Control Without Box$35.53Details
117312Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1094AMusic Preamp Interface$51.48Details
827346Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1094BPage Port Preamp/Expander, Without Bell Box$48.58Details
117313Alltel / Windstream SupplyV109570Vlt Paging Expander$57.39Details
583026Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1096Audio Interface$42.04Details
117314Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1109RTVA9 Zone Page Control$409.04Details
117628Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1220Dual Input Ceiling Speaker$62.99Details
116519Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1420High Fidelity Ceiling Speaker$110.59Details
117725Alltel / Windstream SupplyV14222X2 Lay In Hi-Fi Speaker$142.79Details
117629Alltel / Windstream SupplyV14409Valcom Ceiling Speaker$148.39Details
117630Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1440BK1 Way Signature Io Mntr Spkr$148.39Details
117315Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1440W1 Way Signature Io Montr Spkr$148.39Details
116520Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1920CSelf Amplified Speaker With Square Grille$47.84Details
117632Alltel / Windstream SupplyV19916MMetal Bridge Backbox 8 Spkr$29.73Details
116521Alltel / Windstream SupplyV2000A1-Zone Page Control Unit$148.39Details
117726Alltel / Windstream SupplyV2001A1Zone Enhanced Page Control$222.59Details
117633Alltel / Windstream SupplyV2003A3 Zone Page Control/Interface$329.39Details
117318Alltel / Windstream SupplyV2006A6 Zone Page Control$430.64Details
116522Alltel / Windstream SupplyV2900One Zone Door Answering Device$257.59Details
116523Alltel / Windstream SupplyV2901ADoor Answerer$388.79Details
116524Alltel / Windstream SupplyV2904Four Door Answering Device$623.69Details
117634Alltel / Windstream SupplyV2924AExpandable Talkback Intrcm Sys$1,055.59Details
117635Alltel / Windstream SupplyV2925AAdd-Onn Expansion Unit$548.09Details
116525Alltel / Windstream SupplyV2926Option Board$425.24Details
117636Alltel / Windstream SupplyV2927Option Card With Time Event Scheduling Software$581.84Details
117727Alltel / Windstream SupplyV2928Opt Board$824.19Details
117637Alltel / Windstream SupplyV2952Fm Tuner$132.99Details
117728Alltel / Windstream SupplyV2970Emergency Normal Call Switch$38.43Details
117729Alltel / Windstream SupplyV2971Call In Switch W/Vol Control$29.99Details
117730Alltel / Windstream SupplyV2972PKPush Button Call Sw$15.68Details
116526Alltel / Windstream SupplyV2991WCall Switch W/ Volume Control White$29.99Details
117319Alltel / Windstream SupplyV2992WWall Mount Volume Control White$36.98Details
117731Alltel / Windstream SupplyV2994WPage Port Pre Amp/Expander Wht$51.48Details
387965Alltel / Windstream SupplyV2995WEmergency/Normal Call In Switch W/Volume Control$36.98Details
116527Alltel / Windstream SupplyV420Dynamic Noise Cancelling Mic$128.79Details
846407Alltel / Windstream SupplyV450Goosneck Microphone$128.79Details
117320Alltel / Windstream SupplyV5323008Pagepac 8 Pg Adp$809.89Details
751881Alltel / Windstream SupplyV5323100Page Pac Plus$1,220.69Details
117638Alltel / Windstream SupplyV5323105Page Pack W/ Power Supply$1,496.24Details
116528Alltel / Windstream SupplyV5324001Door Phn Contrl & Unit$711.09Details
117639Alltel / Windstream SupplyV5325100Multi Messaging Unit$3,411.24Details
117322Alltel / Windstream SupplyV5328040D40 Pagepac Plus Amp$776.09Details
116529Alltel / Windstream SupplyV5328100APagepac 100W Amp$1,624.99Details
117640Alltel / Windstream SupplyV5330120Univ Voice Coil Door Spkr$237.99Details
117323Alltel / Windstream SupplyV5330200Page Pac Pt 70 Volt Speaker$88.19Details
359928Alltel / Windstream SupplyV533023070 Volt Door Speaker$254.79Details
116530Alltel / Windstream SupplyV533120015 Watt Horn 70V$208.59Details
387966Alltel / Windstream SupplyV533510016 Pt Expansion Unit F/Page Pk$1,141.39Details
117641Alltel / Windstream SupplyV5335700Pagepal Interface$638.54Details
117324Alltel / Windstream SupplyV5580041Valcom 70Volt Paging Strobe$492.74Details
116531Alltel / Windstream SupplyV5580041APage Pac Stobe$479.24Details
773162Alltel / Windstream SupplyV5580041BAda Compliant Strobe$499.49Details
583027Alltel / Windstream SupplyV61206-Channel Amplifier 120 Watts$576.44Details
117732Alltel / Windstream SupplyV762WTalk Back Dk Top Wall Speaker White$46.39Details
117325Alltel / Windstream SupplyV763BKAmplified Wall/Desk Spkr Black$67.19Details
117642Alltel / Windstream SupplyV763WWall/Desk Speaker One Way$69.99Details
117643Alltel / Windstream SupplyV764BKDesktop Talkback Speaker Black$54.38Details
117733Alltel / Windstream SupplyV764GYDesktop Talkback Speaker Gray$54.38Details
117388Alltel / Windstream SupplyV764WDesktop Talkback Speaker White$58.10Details
116532Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9010WSrfc Mnt Vndl Resist Speaker$114.79Details
117389Alltel / Windstream SupplyV90211 X 2 Ceiling Speaker$76.99Details
117734Alltel / Windstream SupplyV90222'X2' Grill Speaker$74.19Details
117644Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9022A22X2 24V Lay-In Ceiling Speaker (Qty 1)$76.99Details
117735Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9022CC2X2 Lay In Ceiling Speaker$102.19Details
583028Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9022ECLay-In Ceiling Spkr 600Mm X 600Mm$83.99Details
117645Alltel / Windstream SupplyV90282By2 Dual Input Layin Ceilin Spkr System$95.19Details
926310Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9130WRemote Input Module$74.19Details
729739Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9211Cds-Classical Piano$616.94Details
117390Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9364008" 25/70V Speaker W/Hardware$23.25Details
117736Alltel / Windstream SupplyV936418Clock Speaker No Grill$15.75Details
117391Alltel / Windstream SupplyV936474Valcom 8 Inch Round Grill Cover$20.25Details
116533Alltel / Windstream SupplyV936480Square Grille No Hole In Center W/Hardware$14.83Details
117392Alltel / Windstream SupplyV94222X2 Spot Sound Making Speaker$137.19Details
117393Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9804Speaker Mounting Bracket$24.75Details
117737Alltel / Windstream SupplyV98049Valcom Spk Bracket For V-1440$19.49Details
116535Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9806Vandal Resistant Faceplate$43.49Details
116536Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9807Vandl Resist 8In Wallspk Enclo$83.99Details
116537Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9809Vandal Resistant Flexhorn Enclosure$83.99Details
117646Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9816MCeiling Bridge&Back Box Metal$63.70Details
790155Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9830Stealth Horn (Indoor/Outdoor)$263.19Details
117647Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9852Vandal Resistant 8" Wallspeaker W/Enclosure$117.59Details
1004970Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9871Vandl Resist 8In Wallspk$97.99Details
116538Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9880Vandal Resistant Flexhorn$186.19Details
117394Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9885Dual Flexhorn One-Way$279.44Details
116539Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9890Valcom Vandal Resist Enclosure$145.59Details
117648Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9904M5Ceiling Bridge Metal$12.38Details
117395Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9908Valcom Microphone Mes Pnl$686.39Details
117649Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9910BKDoorbox Weather Guard Black$30.44Details
117650Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9910YELDoorbox Weather Guard Yellow$30.44Details
117651Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9912M10Metal Speaker Support Ring$24.75Details
117396Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9912P12Plastic Speaker Support Ring For Sheetrock$12.69Details
117652Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9915M5Ceiling Back Box Metal$16.48Details
117653Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9916MMetal Bridge Backbox Combo$28.49Details
116540Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9923BCode Call Control$503.54Details
117399Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9924CC.O. Audible Ringer$111.99Details
117738Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9925ALoud Warble Horn$144.19Details
117654Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9927AMulti Tone Generator$121.79Details
117655Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9928Wall Mount 5 Watt Amp W/Volume$82.59Details
117739Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9933AAnti Blast Control$334.79Details
117656Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9934Remote Microphone F/V-9933A$42.04Details
117657Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9936A6 C/O Audible Ringing Unit$152.59Details
117740Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9937Single Zone Page Port$183.39Details
117400Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9939BMicrophone Adapters Black$130.19Details
117401Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9940Expandable Station Page Adptr$237.99Details
117741Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9941A1Zone Talk Back Control Unit$237.99Details
116541Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9955Aux Rly Unit$79.79Details
117402Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9956Talkback Module F/V 2006$261.79Details
117658Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9964Stackable Feedback Eliminator$616.94Details
116700Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9970Digtl 1 Zone Page Control$268.79Details
117660Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9983WIn Wall Mixer White$350.99Details
117403Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9984WIn Wall Remote Mixer White$155.39Details
117743Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9985WIn Wall Mixer W/Remote 4 Gang White$467.09Details
117744Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9988Val-Com Messanger Usb$311.84Details
116701Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9989Dgtl Moh$388.79Details
117745Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9992Digital Sound Level Multimeter$152.59Details
975319Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9999End Of Line Module$47.84Details
117661Alltel / Windstream SupplyVA11012Wired Analog Clk Blk Surf Mnt$156.79Details
117404Alltel / Windstream SupplyVA1101616" Wired Analog Clk Blk Sfmnt$209.99Details
116702Alltel / Windstream SupplyVA2412Double Side Clock$158.19Details
117405Alltel / Windstream SupplyVA241616" Rnd Clock Blk Surf Mnt 24V$209.99Details
927929Alltel / Windstream SupplyVA2416B16" Round Clock, Black, Surface Mount 24V$219.79Details
117662Alltel / Windstream SupplyVAW12A12" Rnd Wireless W/Rptr$214.19Details
117663Alltel / Windstream SupplyVAW12AMD12" Round Wrls Clock Black Surface Mount Batt Oper$214.19Details
117746Alltel / Windstream SupplyVAW12LP12"Round Wireless Clock Black Surface Mount 110V$249.19Details
116704Alltel / Windstream SupplyVAW16Analog Surf.Mnt Blk 110V 16"$279.44Details
117406Alltel / Windstream SupplyVAW16A16" Rnd Clk W/Rptr$280.79Details
117747Alltel / Windstream SupplyVAW16LP16 Inch Wireless Clock$298.34Details
116705Alltel / Windstream SupplyVBB1424Battery Box W/Batt$257.59Details
117407Alltel / Windstream SupplyVBDM12412"Double Mount Bracket$131.59Details
870632Alltel / Windstream SupplyVBDM12M12" Clock Double Mount Bracket$163.79Details
117408Alltel / Windstream SupplyVBDM164Double Mnt Brkt 16" Analog Clk$152.59Details
716970Alltel / Windstream SupplyVBDM16S16" Analog Clock Double Mount Bracket$212.79Details
868327Alltel / Windstream SupplyVBR12Recessed Mount For Vip-418, 418-Ic, 428, 428-Ic$63.70Details
387967Alltel / Windstream SupplyVBR19Rcssd Mnt For Vip-412-Df/Vip-412-Df-Ic/Vip-432-D$69.99Details
583029Alltel / Windstream SupplyVBS11Surface Mount-Vip-418-Ic/Vip-428$63.70Details
322722Alltel / Windstream SupplyVBS20Clock Speakers Baffles$69.99Details
741959Alltel / Windstream SupplyVC1061BKTalkback Wall Speaker , Black$69.99Details
895311Alltel / Windstream SupplyVC1061WTalkback Wall Speaker , White$69.99Details
771046Alltel / Windstream SupplyVC1062ATalkback Wall Speaker, Wood Grain$62.30Details
869722Alltel / Windstream SupplyVC1063ATalkback Wall Speaker, Dark Brown$62.30Details
892767Alltel / Windstream SupplyVC1090BGETalkback Flexhorn , Beige$67.90Details
728064Alltel / Windstream SupplyVC1090GYTalkback Flexhorn , Grey$67.90Details
757974Alltel / Windstream SupplyVC1090WTalkback Flexhorn , White$67.90Details
117748Alltel / Windstream SupplyVC40R16T1 6 Position Backplane Cable$467.09Details
117409Alltel / Windstream SupplyVC40R44 Position Backplane Cable$128.79Details
836295Alltel / Windstream SupplyVC40R9T9 Position Backplane Cable$240.79Details
117410Alltel / Windstream SupplyVC6124PPower Supply 6 Amp$282.14Details
117664Alltel / Windstream SupplyVC806PK8" Talkback Ceiling Speaker W/Taps 6 Per Pack$21.75Details
1053825Alltel / Windstream SupplyVCCU6Amp 2 Wire Clock Server 24V Clocks$319.94Details
117749Alltel / Windstream SupplyVCIOClock Relay Card F/V2924A$631.79Details
117665Alltel / Windstream SupplyVCLKClock Control Interface Package$1,279.99Details
117666Alltel / Windstream SupplyVCLK2924Clock Correction Kit F/V2924A$1,597.49Details
117411Alltel / Windstream SupplyVCPU4Multipath System Cup, 4 Links$2,783.74Details
117750Alltel / Windstream SupplyVCSB12S12In Analog Clock 8In Spkr Sur$62.30Details
387968Alltel / Windstream SupplyVCSB252 .5 In Digital Clock/8 In Speaker Baffle$46.39Details
117412Alltel / Windstream SupplyVCSBFBSurface Mount Backbox Vcsb12S$63.70Details
117667Alltel / Windstream SupplyVCTLTalkback 2X2 Lay-In Ceiling Speaker$56.70Details
116706Alltel / Windstream SupplyVCTLA22X2 Talkbck Layin Ceilin Spk 2$58.79Details
359927Alltel / Windstream SupplyVCTSQPKTalkback Ceiling Spkr W/Square Grille$26.25Details
117751Alltel / Windstream SupplyVD11025Hardwire 110V 2.5" Digital$394.19Details
117668Alltel / Windstream SupplyVD11025A2.5"Digital Clock 110Vac 24 L/T/T$315.89Details
117752Alltel / Windstream SupplyVD11040Hardwire 110V 4.0" Digital$511.64Details
117753Alltel / Windstream SupplyVD2425Hardwire 24V 2.5" Digital$230.99Details
117669Alltel / Windstream SupplyVD2440Hardwired 24V 4" Digital Clock$275.39Details
732705Alltel / Windstream SupplyVD2440BWitred Digital Clock$275.39Details
117413Alltel / Windstream SupplyVD24452.5" Wireless Digital Clock 24V$211.39Details
117754Alltel / Windstream SupplyVDCHHeadend Ki$824.19Details
117670Alltel / Windstream SupplyVDCPIDig Clock Protocol 24V Clocks$186.19Details
117671Alltel / Windstream SupplyVDM254Dbl Mt Brkt$109.19Details
116707Alltel / Windstream SupplyVDM404Double Mount Bracket For Clock$110.59Details
774749Alltel / Windstream SupplyVDMKITDouble Sided Mounting Kit$135.79Details
117755Alltel / Windstream SupplyVDSPMultipath Large Display Packge$1,164.79Details
117672Alltel / Windstream SupplyVDW11025Digi Wall Flsh Or Double Mnt Black 110V 2.5"$301.04Details
387969Alltel / Windstream SupplyVDW11025AW Ireless Digital Clock$305.09Details
117673Alltel / Windstream SupplyVDW11040Digi Wall Flsh Or Double Mnt Black 110V 4"$345.59Details
117674Alltel / Windstream SupplyVDW2425Dig Wall Flsh Or Double Mnt Black 24V 2.5"$296.99Details
117756Alltel / Windstream SupplyVDW2440Digi Wall Flsh Double Mnt Blk 24V 4"$341.54Details
749428Alltel / Windstream SupplyVE8014ARQuad Network Station (Fxs) Port (Rack Mount)$712.39Details
756224Alltel / Windstream SupplyVEADPAdmin Telephone Console$323.99Details
949687Alltel / Windstream SupplyVEWRK4 Position Wall Rack & Power Harness$554.84Details
322721Alltel / Windstream SupplyVFM25Flush Mount Housing For 2.5 In Digital Clock$42.78Details
117757Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP120Ip-8"-Ceiling-Speaker-1-Way$517.04Details
1036995Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP120A8" Round Ip Ceiling Speaker, One-Way$415.79Details
746559Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP120AICIp Ceiling Round 8" Speaker, White$534.59Details
1047930Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP130ALBGEICIp Horn Beige$641.24Details
791600Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP130ALGYICInformacast Ip Horn - Gray$641.24Details
992426Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP130ALMIp Poe One-Way Horn$593.99Details
841931Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP130ALMICInformacast Ip Horn - Marine (White)$657.44Details
359926Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP130LIp-Paging Horn$580.49Details
751901Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP148ALBGEIp Talkback Paging Horn - Beige$714.99Details
359925Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP148LIp Talkback Horn$720.19Details
117415Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP1608" Ip Talkback Ceiling Speaker$664.19Details
854399Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP172ALBRASSIp Intercom Flush Mount Brass$587.24Details
736650Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP172ALSTIp Intercom Flush Mount Stainless Steel$564.29Details
746815Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP172ALVRSSIp Intercom Vandal Resistant Stainless Steel$593.99Details
117416Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP172LBRIp Intercom-Brass Plate$598.04Details
117759Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP172LSTIp Intercom - Steel Plate$488.69Details
117760Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP172LVRValcom Ip Intcm Link,Vandal Resistant$593.99Details
117677Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP172LVRSSIp Intcm Vndl Resistnt, 16 Gauge Stainless Steel$593.99Details
923434Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP172RLYRelay Block$35.53Details
912233Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP201ASip Based Paging Server-1 Analog Outputs$519.74Details
117761Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP204Sip-Based-Paging Server$646.64Details
952203Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP204ASip Paging Gateway$669.59Details
117417Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP324Power Supply 24V$37.69Details
387970Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP324DAc Adapter - Small Plug-In$38.43Details
359924Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP401Ip 1 Ft X 2 Ft Lay-In Ceiling Speaker White$556.19Details
117762Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP402Ip Lay-In 2X2 One Way Ceiling Speaker$561.59Details
887344Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP402AIp Lay-In Ceiling Speaker 2 X 2 - One Way$564.29Details
852877Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP402AICIp 2' X 2' Lay-In Ceiling Speaker, White$623.69Details
583031Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP402ICIp 2'X2' Lay-In Ceiling Speaker - White$604.79Details
116709Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP410Ip Wall Speaker One Way$576.44Details
979164Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP410AICIp Informacast Wall Speaker Grey$641.24Details
359923Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP411DSOne Way Ip Surface Mount Speaker W/Digital Clock$692.89Details
583032Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP412DFICIp Spkr Fcplt Unit Flush Mt W/Digital Clock - Gray$773.49Details
117763Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP418Ip Square Faceplate 8" Speaker White$561.59Details
894936Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP418IC8" Ip Square Faceplate Speaker White$622.34Details
116710Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP422Ip Talkback Lay-In Ceiling Speaker White$696.79Details
737637Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP428AIp Square Faceplate 8" Speaker, White$714.99Details
583033Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP430Ip Talkback Wall Speaker - Gray With Black Grill$700.69Details
891485Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP430AIp Wall Speaker - One Way$714.99Details
820456Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP430AICIp Wall Speaker Assembly, Gray W/Black Grille$772.19Details
710944Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP431ADSICIp Speaker Surface Mt. W/Digital Clock, Gray W/Bla$900.89Details
387971Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP431AICIp Talkback Speaker W/ Informacast Analog Clock$929.49Details
117678Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP432DFIp Talkback Speaker Faceplate Flush Mount$818.99Details
810974Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP480ALWICOne-Way Flexhorn$635.84Details
359922Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP480LGYIC12WKLEADTIMEIp Flex Horn Waterproof Interior/Exterior$622.34Details
583034Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP483ICIp Flexhorn, Stainless Steel Grill, Vandal Resista$654.74Details
932401Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP581AIp Flexhorn Angled Surface Mount Unit (Vandal-Resi$638.54Details
922830Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP801AEnhanced Network Audio Port$445.49Details
117765Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP801ICOne Audio Port Networked$504.89Details
117766Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP802Dual Inhanced Audio Port Network$507.59Details
995230Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP802ADual Enhanced Network Audio Port$507.59Details
117418Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP804Quad Enhansed Network Audio Port$616.94Details
984521Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP804AQuad Enhanced Network Audio Port$593.99Details
116712Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP811811 Ip Enhanced Network Station Port$512.99Details
783891Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP811AEnhanced Network Station Port$519.74Details
116713Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP812Dual Enhanced Network Station$593.99Details
117419Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP814Quad Enhance$1,107.59Details
117679Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP820Network Track Port$481.94Details
116714Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP821Voip Enh Ntwrk Trp Prt$448.19Details
1003067Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP821AEnhanced Network Trunk Port$445.49Details
117680Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP824Voit Quad Enhance Network Trunk Kit$1,302.49Details
746907Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP848Networked Input & Relay Module$445.49Details
117881Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP854Voip Tie Ln Ch$593.99Details
359920Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP904Quad Voip Handsfree Hybrid$187.59Details
765490Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP9890ACBIp Talkback Call Station, Vandal Resistant, Yellow$848.89Details
117882Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIPA12Ip Poe 12" Analog Clock$346.94Details
116715Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIPA16Ip Poe 16" Analog Clock$421.19Details
117420Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIPD425Ip Poe 2.5"/4 Digit Dig Clk$407.69Details
117681Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIPD440Ip Poe 4 Digit 4" Dig Clock$430.64Details
117682Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIPD440DSIp Poe 4 Digit 4" Double Sided Digital Clock$595.34Details
117883Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIPD625Ip Poe 6 Digit 2.5" Digital Clock$433.34Details
117884Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIPD640Ip Poe 6 Digit 4 Inch Digital Clock$517.04Details
117421Alltel / Windstream SupplyVLPTValcom Paging Adapter$29.73Details
583035Alltel / Windstream SupplyVM186Rj45 Extender Junction Box$19.49Details
117422Alltel / Windstream SupplyVMCRK9 Position Card Cage (Rack Mount$720.19Details
583036Alltel / Windstream SupplyVMT1Input/Line Transformer$35.53Details
116716Alltel / Windstream SupplyVMT2600 Ohm Isolation Transformer$36.98Details
117683Alltel / Windstream SupplyVP1124DAmp Switching Pwer Supply$90.99Details
117423Alltel / Windstream SupplyVP1212412Amp Power Supply$445.49Details
117684Alltel / Windstream SupplyVP2124D24V 2 Amp Wall Mt Pwr Supply$118.99Details
117424Alltel / Windstream SupplyVP2148DRack/Wall Mnt 48V Pwr Supply$222.59Details
118000Alltel / Windstream SupplyVP324DPwr Sup 250 Ma 24V$29.73Details
117425Alltel / Windstream SupplyVP4124DSwtchg Power Supply 4A/24VCall for Price.Details
117887Alltel / Windstream SupplyVP61246Amp Power Supply Wall Mnt$275.39Details
117888Alltel / Windstream SupplyVP6124UPSBattery Charger F/Vp6124$193.19Details
117889Alltel / Windstream SupplyVP624D24Vdc Power Supply$58.79Details
118003Alltel / Windstream SupplyVP9022Shelf For 4/6-Amp Supply$60.19Details
117890Alltel / Windstream SupplyVP9202Shelf 2Ru For Dual 6A/4A Switching Pwr Supplies$60.19Details
117426Alltel / Windstream SupplyVPB260Val-Com Battery Backup Unit$305.09Details
117891Alltel / Windstream SupplyVPDPProgram Distribution Panel 3Ru$974.99Details
118004Alltel / Windstream SupplyVPR72Multi Path 1Way Paging System 72 Zone$8,888.91Details
118005Alltel / Windstream SupplyVPW24Multipath One Way Paging Systm$5,380.19Details
117892Alltel / Windstream SupplyVRDPRack Mt Control Panel W/Am/Fm Cd$600.74Details
116720Alltel / Windstream SupplyVSA1020C8" Amplified Ceiling Speaker W/O Hardware Packaged$38.43Details
118006Alltel / Windstream SupplyVSERMultipath Serial Card$686.39Details
746643Alltel / Windstream SupplyVSLCSlic Card$641.24Details
116721Alltel / Windstream SupplyVSM25Surface Mount Housing For 2.5"Digital$34.08Details
387972Alltel / Windstream SupplyVSM25ASurace Wall Mt Housing 2.5 In Digital Clock$29.25Details
116722Alltel / Windstream SupplyVSM40Surface Wall Mntg Housing$38.43Details
387973Alltel / Windstream SupplyVSM40ASurface Wall Mount Housing For 4.0 Digital Clock$39.88Details
116723Alltel / Windstream SupplyVSMR1212 In Clock Surface Mount Ring$86.79Details
118007Alltel / Windstream SupplyVSMR1616" Clock Surf Mount Ring$110.59Details
117429Alltel / Windstream SupplyVSTX24 Point One Way Paging Card$1,752.49Details
116725Alltel / Windstream SupplyVTCM24 Point Talkback Intercom$1,793.74Details
1027974Alltel / Windstream SupplyVTR24Multipath Talkback Intercom, 24 To 192 Zones$6,248.83Details
117893Alltel / Windstream SupplyVTR48Multipath Talkback Intercom System 48 Zones$7,919.01Details
118008Alltel / Windstream SupplyVTR72Multipath Talkback Intercom Sys. 72-192 Zones Rack$9,619.69Details
118009Alltel / Windstream SupplyVTR96Multipath Talkback Intercom$11,582.67Details
746289Alltel / Windstream SupplyVTW2424Zone Expandable To 72Zone Wm$5,985.31Details
117894Alltel / Windstream SupplyVTW48Multi-Path Intercom System 48 Zone$7,596.93Details
359919Alltel / Windstream SupplyVURIUniversal Relay Card$2,043.74Details
116726Alltel / Windstream SupplyVVCU6 Ampt 2 Wire Clock Driver$618.29Details
117895Alltel / Windstream SupplyVVFM25Flush Mount Housing For 2.5"Digital$42.78Details
117896Alltel / Windstream SupplyVVFM40Flush Mount Housing For The 4.0" Digital$60.19Details
117897Alltel / Windstream SupplyVVUC6 Amp 2 Wire Clock Driver$656.49Details
118010Alltel / Windstream SupplyVWGA1212 In Wire Guard For Ana Clock$125.99Details
116727Alltel / Windstream SupplyVWGA1616" Wire Guard For Analog Clck$142.79Details
921915Alltel / Windstream SupplyVWGACLKWire Guard For Analog Clocks$152.59Details
816794Alltel / Windstream SupplyVWGD4Wire Guard$190.39Details
117430Alltel / Windstream SupplyVWGD44Wire Guard For Dig Clock$235.19Details
117898Alltel / Windstream SupplyVWGFLEX2Wire Guard For Flex Horns$137.19Details
713773Alltel / Windstream SupplyVWGHORN2 Paging Horn Wire Guard$152.59Details
116728Alltel / Windstream SupplyVWGHORN2Wire Guard For Horns Ea$152.59Details
116729Alltel / Windstream SupplyVWGWALL2Wire Cage Use With Wall Spks$127.39Details
117899Alltel / Windstream SupplyVWMCMaster Clock Transciever$2,011.24Details
118011Alltel / Windstream SupplyVWMCAWireless Master Clock Transceiver$1,999.99Details
117900Alltel / Windstream SupplyVWMCRWireless Master Clock Repeater$876.19Details
118012Alltel / Windstream SupplyVWMCRAWireless Master Clock Repeater$877.49Details
117901Alltel / Windstream SupplyVWTGY8" Talkback Wall Spk$39.88Details
116730Alltel / Windstream SupplyXPRFBPlug Up Adapter Station Card$223.99Details
820012Alltel / Windstream SupplyXPTCM12Multipath Xp Talkback Intercom System$1,236.29Details
322718Alltel / Windstream SupplyZIP431DSIp Talkback Speaker Surf Mnt Digi Clock Gray/Blck$847.59Details