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Angell & Giroux

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
122777Angell & Giroux900034$5.49Details
121719Angell & GirouxAG1000HWBT1000Series Bellbox W/10"Bell&Plungr Tpmr Swtch Bge$81.19Details
122779Angell & GirouxAG1010HWHBell Box,Hinged,Wh Pwdr Coat,Less Bell&Tampers$41.33Details
123522Angell & GirouxAG1010LZ$43.49Details
122502Angell & GirouxAG1010ZBeige Box With Bolts & No Bell$42.78Details
121721Angell & GirouxAG1010ZSSSs Bell Box Without Bell Or Tamper$72.79Details
121722Angell & GirouxAG1010ZSSWBTBell Box With Tamper Switch Installed Stainlss Stl$137.19Details
122780Angell & GirouxAG136PGEncl Gasketed W/Remove Panel 24X36X12 Gray$409.04Details
950363Angell & GirouxAGSB2Large Siren Box 11" X 9" X 6"$27.75Details
121723Angell & GirouxAGUC100$22.49Details
122782Angell & GirouxCBB2BECmplt Ca Bell Box-Hinged Beige$95.19Details
122783Angell & GirouxCBB2WHCmplt Ca Box-Bell-Tamper White$97.99Details
121724Angell & GirouxCBB4BEComplete Bell,Box&Tampers,Bge$97.99Details