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Applied Wireless / AWID

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
585456Applied Wireless / AWIDCSAWID0Awi Clam Shell Style Prox Badge$2.82Details
123283Applied Wireless / AWIDCSAWID00Clamshell Badge, 125 Khz, Awid Logo *Minimum Order$2.54Details
388655Applied Wireless / AWIDCSAWIDP025 Pack Clamshell Cards$49.29Details
124212Applied Wireless / AWIDCSUHF00Clamshell Badge, Uhf, 902 To 928 Mhz, Awid Logo, F$2.64Details
359004Applied Wireless / AWIDDC1023GR0Csn Read Only,Dual Frequency Reader,Gray,Awid Logo$160.38Details
359003Applied Wireless / AWIDDK1025GR0Csn Read Only,Dual Freq Reader W/Integrated Keypad$254.79Details
359002Applied Wireless / AWIDDL1027GR0Csn Read Only,Dual Frequency Reader,Gray,Awid Logo$118.99Details
122380Applied Wireless / AWIDGRAWID00Badge, 125 Khz, Graphics Quality,*Minimum Order Qu$4.00Details
792976Applied Wireless / AWIDGRCBCGraphic Combination Card, Hf/Lf *Contact Psa For ACall for Price.Details
322115Applied Wireless / AWIDGRHFM1Iso Graphics Card, Hf, Mifare, 1K *Lead Time 2 To$3.92Details
322114Applied Wireless / AWIDGRHFM4Iso Graphics Card, Hf, Mifare, 4K *Contact Psa For$6.62Details
322113Applied Wireless / AWIDGRHFS1Iso Graphics Card, Hf, I-Code, 1K *Lead Time 2 To$3.70Details
722038Applied Wireless / AWIDGRMAG00Badge, 125 Khz, W/ Magnetic Stripe, Graphics Quali$4.54Details
123569Applied Wireless / AWIDGRMAGAWID00Badge, 125 Khz Lf, Graphics Quality, W/ Magnetic S$4.54Details
123284Applied Wireless / AWIDGRUHF00Badge, Uhf, 902 To 928 Mhz, Graphics Quality, For$4.23Details
388657Applied Wireless / AWIDHH6600B2DHand Held Reader$3,692.93Details
585457Applied Wireless / AWIDHTCUSTOM1UUhfhang Tag, Custom Printed 1Color On Fr$8.42Details
585458Applied Wireless / AWIDHTCUSTOM2LLf Hang Tag Custom Printed 1 Color On Fr$11.62Details
123285Applied Wireless / AWIDHTUHF00Hang Tag, Uhf, 902 To 928 Mhz, Blank, For Use With$5.80Details
722574Applied Wireless / AWIDKP6840Gray, Integrated Keypad Reader$195.64Details
122383Applied Wireless / AWIDKP6840GR0Kp-6840Gray Integrated Keypad,Wiegand &$195.64Details
122385Applied Wireless / AWIDKP6840GRMPReader, Kp-6840, Integrated Keypad, Proximity, 6-8$188.73Details
585459Applied Wireless / AWIDKTAwi Key Tags$4.32Details
739218Applied Wireless / AWIDKTAWID00Key Fob, 125 Khz For Key Ring, W/ Awid Logo *Min$3.78Details
122386Applied Wireless / AWIDKTAWIDG0Key Fob, 125 Khz, Awid Logo, For Key Rings *Minimu$3.78Details
388658Applied Wireless / AWIDKTAWIDP010 Pack Of Key Tags$32.63Details
918527Applied Wireless / AWIDKTUHF00Key Fob, Uhf, For Key Rings, Awid Logo, 902-928 Mh$4.95Details
123287Applied Wireless / AWIDLR2000Beige, Awid Logo, Long Range Reader$1,260.03Details
124218Applied Wireless / AWIDLR2000BUReader, Perimeter Access Control, Long Range, 902$1,264.12Details
585460Applied Wireless / AWIDLR2000GRUHFGraphic Card For Use With Lr-2000$5.94Details
122387Applied Wireless / AWIDLR2000HILOMABUReader, Perimeter Access Control, Long Range, (2)$1,443.41Details
585461Applied Wireless / AWIDLR2000HTUHFHang Tag For Use With The Lr-2000$7.33Details
122388Applied Wireless / AWIDLR2000KIT00Kit, Sales Demo For Long Range Readers, 902 To 928$671.29Details
585462Applied Wireless / AWIDLR2000MTUHFMetal Tag For Lr-2000$12.09Details
585463Applied Wireless / AWIDLR2000RVUHFRearview Mirror Tag For Use With Lr-2000$9.55Details
358998Applied Wireless / AWIDLR2200Uhf Extra Long Range Reader -European Ve$1,772.63Details
358997Applied Wireless / AWIDLR2200BUReader, Lr-2200, Perimeter Access Control, Long Ra$1,519.38Details
388659Applied Wireless / AWIDLR3000BULong Range Reader, Lr-3000, White, Awid Logo, Rugg$1,622.98Details
123288Applied Wireless / AWIDLR911Long Range Hi Freq Rder 9-11' Read Range$1,260.03Details
322112Applied Wireless / AWIDLR911B0Beige, Awid Logo, Long Range Reader, 9-1$1,260.03Details
900945Applied Wireless / AWIDLR911B0B2B2 Prox-Lr-911, Sentinel Prox, Available$724.05Details
122389Applied Wireless / AWIDLR911HILOMAB02 Units W/Antenna & 6Ft Coax Cable, Long Range Rea$1,496.28Details
585465Applied Wireless / AWIDLR911KITDealer Installation Kit$268.80Details
585467Applied Wireless / AWIDLR911MT1014Metal Tag For Lr-911$13.60Details
585468Applied Wireless / AWIDLR911WS1216Windshield Tag For Lr-911$13.60Details
1008849Applied Wireless / AWIDLRINProvides Audible/Visual Feed Back For Ai$212.66Details
585470Applied Wireless / AWIDLRKIT00Lr-3000 Whte Awid Logo Lng Range Reader$670.11Details
122390Applied Wireless / AWIDLRMBMnt Bracket$48.17Details
123571Applied Wireless / AWIDLRMB00Mounting Bracket, For Lr Readers, Only Rohs *Lead$46.47Details
721466Applied Wireless / AWIDLRTEK00Lr Technical Installation Kit, For Long Range Read$153.16Details
585471Applied Wireless / AWIDMISCACCESSCustom Prox Wafer Must Call For Each Use$14.03Details
770883Applied Wireless / AWIDMM6800Mullion Mount Reder, Gray, Awid Logo, 6-$121.88Details
123289Applied Wireless / AWIDMM6800GR0Mullion Mount Reader , Gray 6-8In Mm-680$130.19Details
711791Applied Wireless / AWIDMM6800GRMPReader, W/ Awid Logo, Multi Protocol, Mullion Moun$117.57Details
585472Applied Wireless / AWIDMPR2010BRLong Range 12-15 Ft Radio Freqidentifica$1,293.28Details
124223Applied Wireless / AWIDMR1824G0Mr-1824, Grey Awid Logo Mediumrange Read$242.79Details
752418Applied Wireless / AWIDMR1824GMPReader, W/ Awid Logo, Proximity Medium Read Range,$219.67Details
780269Applied Wireless / AWIDMR1824GRMPMr-1824, Gray, Awid Logo, Medium Range R$242.79Details
123572Applied Wireless / AWIDMR1824HILOG0Reader, 125 Khz, Awid Logo, (2) Hilo Units, Medium$408.74Details
758091Applied Wireless / AWIDMR1824HILOGMPReader, Mr-1824, Medium Range, Hilo, 2 Units, 18-2$408.74Details
826787Applied Wireless / AWIDMR1824HILOMCMr1824 Hi Lo, 2 Units, Metal Compensated$596.32Details
834989Applied Wireless / AWIDMR1824HILOMCGMPReader, Mr-1824, Medium Range  Hilo, 2 Units, Meta$575.25Details
358995Applied Wireless / AWIDMR1824MCGSentinel-Prox Longrange Reader Metal Compensated$311.84Details
710934Applied Wireless / AWIDMR1824MCGMPReader, Mr-1824, Medium Range, Metal Compensated,$283.43Details
585473Applied Wireless / AWIDMR1824MCGOMetal Compensated Medium Range18-24 In,$324.69Details
123291Applied Wireless / AWIDMT101400Tag, Metal, For Use With Lr-911 Only *Minimum Ord$11.67Details
123292Applied Wireless / AWIDMTUHF00Tag, Metal Mount, Uhf, 902 To 928 Mhz, For Use Wit$11.67Details
585474Applied Wireless / AWIDNDK2025LFS0Ruggedized Steel Keypad Reader$515.69Details
585475Applied Wireless / AWIDNDK2025SR0Grey Steel Ruggedized Keypad$540.27Details
123293Applied Wireless / AWIDNDK2300S0Sentinel Prox Keypad Reader$431.45Details
122392Applied Wireless / AWIDPS121ALinear, Regulated Plug In Transformer (1$56.13Details
124227Applied Wireless / AWIDPS121A00Accessory For Mr-1824 Readers, Power Supply, 12V,$56.09Details
124228Applied Wireless / AWIDPS1233A00Power Supply, 3.3 Amp, 12 V, For Lr Readers *Lead$40.06Details
716965Applied Wireless / AWIDPTUHF00Tag, Portable, 902-928 Mhz, Uhf Credentials For Lr$12.92Details
123294Applied Wireless / AWIDPWAWID00Proximity Wafer, Mini, 125 Khz, Awid Logo *Minimum$3.98Details
585476Applied Wireless / AWIDREPAIRCHARGEAWIDRepair Chargs For Awid$747.50Details
123295Applied Wireless / AWIDRVUHF00Tag, Hang From Rear View Mirror, Uhf, 902 To 928 M$9.03Details
585477Applied Wireless / AWIDSETUPFEEOne Time Set Up Fee$85.39Details
358993Applied Wireless / AWIDSILKSCREENCHARGESilk Screen Printing Charge Per Card$3.78Details
1055569Applied Wireless / AWIDSOAppliedWirelessIDGroupIncSpecial Order Item Not In Catalog - Applied WireleCall for Price.Details
1079488Applied Wireless / AWIDSP6280Wiegand And Rs232 (Simultaneous) Proxim$121.88Details
122393Applied Wireless / AWIDSP6820Switch Plate Reader Gray$121.88Details
124231Applied Wireless / AWIDSP6820BR0Reader, Awid Logo, Switchplate-Type, 125 Khz, Read$117.57Details
585478Applied Wireless / AWIDSP6820BRMPReader, Switchplate-Type, Sp-6820, Beige, Awid Log$117.57Details
767684Applied Wireless / AWIDSP6820COVERG0Replacement Cover Gray$15.99Details
123576Applied Wireless / AWIDSP6820GRMPReader, W/ Awid Logo, Multi Protocol, Sentinel-Pro$117.57Details
122395Applied Wireless / AWIDSR2400Wiegand Output, 4 -5.5 Inches Read$78.58Details
718404Applied Wireless / AWIDSR2400BR0*Eol*Beige Wiegand Output, 4-5.5 Inches$88.40Details
122398Applied Wireless / AWIDSR2400GR0Sr-2400-Gr-0E Reader, 4-5.5 In Range Gry$55.09Details
123577Applied Wireless / AWIDSR2400GRMPReader, W/ Awid Logo, Multi Protocol, 4-5.5 Inch,$75.81Details
912105Applied Wireless / AWIDSTUHF00Metal Mount Tag, Uhf Extended Read Range, For Lr-2$35.16Details
845304Applied Wireless / AWIDSVUHF00Tag, Side View Mirror, 902-928 Mhz, Vehicle-Mounte$9.49Details
123296Applied Wireless / AWIDUA612MUReader, Perimeter Access Control, Awid Logo, Switc$278.46Details
123578Applied Wireless / AWIDVTUHF00Tag, Visor, Uhf, 902 To 928 Mhz, For Use With Lr-2$8.06Details
123298Applied Wireless / AWIDWS121600Tag, Windsheild, For Use With Lr-911 Only *Minimu$11.67Details
122399Applied Wireless / AWIDWSUHF00Tag, Windshield, Adhesive Mount, Uhf, 902 To 928 M$9.03Details
585479Applied Wireless / AWIDWSUHF0UUhf Windshield Tag Adhesive Mount$9.55Details
585480Applied Wireless / AWIDWSUHF0URVUHF00Awi Uhf Windshield Tag Adhesive Mount Uh$10.05Details
585481Applied Wireless / AWIDWSUHFOUIRVUHF00Awi Uhf Windshield Lag, Adhesive Mount I$9.83Details
1013549Applied Wireless / AWIDXK3640GR0Reader, Xp-3640, Uaxcess, Access Control, Uhf Swit$232.05Details
903319Applied Wireless / AWIDXP3620GR0Reader, Xp-3620, Uaxcess, Access Control, Uhf Swit$148.51Details
867194Applied Wireless / AWIDXR3600GR0Reader, Xp-3600, Uaxcess, Access Control, Mullion$123.76Details