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Audio Video Systems

Testers, Telephone

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
832300Belden WireCPPT1Pen Toner Blue, LightCall for Price.Details
964161Belden WireTS18Toner Set Blue, LightCall for Price.Details
1046891CDWDURAFON1XCDWPART786891Engenius Durafon-1X Cordless Phone$841.09Details
1041056Emerson Network Power / VertivF019127One-Pair Pocket Tester For Rls Block &Amp; 3M Ss-25$40.09Details
1069402Emerson Network Power / VertivP22368One-Pair Tester With Five Foot Cord For Bt 25-Pair Block F522368$34.63Details
1055097Emerson Network Power / VertivP33392One-Pair Tester Has 5-Ft Leads For Cqf 50-Pr Screwtype Term Block F533392$37.41Details
1015355Emerson Network Power / VertivP62633One-Pair Pocket Tester For Cqf 50-Pair Block F562633$25.82Details
789729Fluke Networks19800003Buttset Tone/Pulse/Lastnumber/ Hi-Impedance/Alligator Clips &Amp; Banana Jacks Ts19$157.21Details
911994Fluke Networks19800009Ts19 Buttset Tone/Pulse/Angled Bed-Of-Nails Cord/ Last Number Redial$157.21Details
784539Fluke Networks22800001Ts22 Test Set Amp/Spkr/Memory Dialer/Tone/Pulse/Mute/Angled Piercing Pin Clip$365.07Details
824392Fluke Networks22800009Ts22 Test Set Amp/Spkr/Memory Dialer/Tone/Pulse/Mute/Angled Bed-Of-Nails Cord$365.07Details
889968Fluke Networks22801001Ts22A Buttset 2Way Speakerphon Datasafe/Callback Ringer/ Std Angled Clips$428.25Details
812589Fluke Networks22801004Ts22A Test Set With 346A Cord$428.25Details
1033689Fluke Networks22801009Set Test Ts22A Hndsfr W/Spkr Datasafe Ringer F/Callback W/ Angled Bed Of Nail$380.17Details
874144Fluke Networks25501004Ts25D Test Set W/346A Plug 2327346$339.82Details
853043Fluke Networks25501009Ts25D Test Set With Lcd &Amp; Amplified Speaker Angled Bed Of Nails$290.55Details
801899Fluke Networks25501109Ts25D Test Set Kit With Lcd &Amp; Amplified Speaker Headset &Amp; Pouch$314.56Details
736809Fluke Networks26000900Pro3000 Tone And Probe Kit With Pouch$124.47Details
817332Fluke Networks26100103Pro 3000 Replacement Tip$15.43Details
815409Fluke Networks26100900Pro3000 Analog Probe$81.12Details
912966Fluke Networks26200900Pro3000 Analog Tone Generator$56.53Details
755682Fluke Networks30800001Ts30 Test Set With Piercing Pin Clips 2328034$301.93Details
755295Fluke Networks30800009Ts30 Buttset/Hi-Impedance/Data -Safe/Rain-Safe/Redial/ Angled Bed-Of-Nails$301.93Details
879078Fluke Networks42801004Ts42 Deluxe Buttset With 346A PlugCall for Price.Details
890492Fluke Networks50801004Ts44 Pro Test Set With 346A Plug 3 Yr WarrantyCall for Price.Details
743411Fluke Networks52801001Ts52 Pro Test Set With Piercing Pin (Pp) Only 3327436$529.31Details
875409Fluke Networks52801004Ts52 Pro Test Set With 346A P Plug$529.31Details
782833Fluke Networks52801009Ts52 Pro Test Set With Abn &Amp; Piercing Pin$529.31Details
861589Fluke Networks52801RJ9Ts52 Pro Test Set With Abn/Pp And Rj11 Plug$554.58Details
780133Fluke NetworksADAPPTNXKITAccessory Kit-Alligator Clips, Rj45/11 Adapter,Rca/Bnc/Brwire Connector$64.19Details
914174Fluke NetworksMT820049AMicromapper Tone Generator C/W Tp Patch Cable$160.65Details
913371Fluke NetworksMT820063AIntellitone Pro 200 Probe$206.74Details
774987Fluke NetworksPTNX1Pocket Toner Nx1 Includes Nx1 Unit And Toner$47.49Details
899836Fluke NetworksPTNX2Pocket Toner Nx2 Includes Nx2 Unit And Toner$57.65Details
846061Fluke NetworksPTNX2CABLEPocket Toner Nx1 Cable Kit Includes Adapters, Batt, Case$77.28Details
809248Fluke NetworksPTNX2DLXPocket Toner Nx1 Deluxe Kit Includes Dial Tone Detective, Adapters, Batt, Case$124.47Details
879827Fluke NetworksPTNX8Pocket Toner Nx8 -Includes Nx8 Unit, Toner And 8 Id Caps With Built-In Led$77.28Details
774485Fluke NetworksPTNX8CABLEPocket Toner Nx8 Cable Kit W/8 Id Caps, Clips, Adapters Battery, Belt-Clip$116.59Details
766870Fluke NetworksPTNX8CTPocket Toner Nx8 Cable/Tel Kit W/Caps, Adapter, Clips Case, Belt-Clip$142.79Details
767019Fluke NetworksPTNX8DLXPocket Toner Nx8 Deluxe Kit W/Caps, Adapter, Clips Case And Belt-Clip$163.74Details
760229Fluke NetworksPTNX8VVPROPocket Toner Nx8 Voice,Video Pro Kit- Toner, Caps, Adapter Clip And Case$195.19Details
980526Fluke NetworksTS54A09TDRTs54 Pro Lcd Butt-Set Tdr, Abn With Piercing Pin 3 Yr Warranty$735.97Details
807677Greenlee Textron11375002Sidekick T&Amp;N Loop Tester For Pots Lines$1,820.64Details
821345Greenlee Textron11435000Sidekick Voc-Single Setup Test 0-100 V Dc/ 0-200 V Vms With Low-Batt Indicator$932.76Details
876730Greenlee Textron177Precision Tone Source 577.5Hz For Pair Id/Fault Location/ Variable 0-30Db$471.04Details
842487Greenlee Textron200CCarrying Case Leather/Belt- Hung For 200B &Amp; 200Ep$14.07Details
189573Greenlee Textron200GXGx Series Inductive Amplifier Led Signal Strength Indicator Volume Control$111.73Details
189596Greenlee Textron46040Modular Adapter And Polarity Tester, Check Power &Amp; Polarity On Telephone CircuitCall for Price.Details
857552Greenlee Textron468RModular Tester Receiver$74.79Details
863477Greenlee Textron468TModular Tester Transmitter With Tone Generator$99.34Details
774877Greenlee Textron711CSCarrying Case For 711K Professional Tone &Amp; Probe Kit$24.99Details
847735Greenlee Textron77CSCarrying Case Leather For 77- Series Tone Generators-Belt Hung$14.12Details
166517Greenlee Textron77GX2Gx Series Tone Generator 2-Line Polarity Telco Clips Modular Plug$73.98Details
835457Greenlee Textron77HP6ACHigh Powered Tone Generator W/ Modular Cord Cloth Leads And 6A Alligator Clips$46.88Details
812351Greenlee TextronAT8Adaptoner Tone Generator/8- Terminals For Test Clips/8-Pos Mod Jack$101.79Details
189630Greenlee TextronAT8LLan Toner 2 Selectable Tones 8 Position Modular Breakouts Polarity Indication$107.67Details
916734Greenlee TextronPE830Tele-Mate Pro Test Set W/Headset/Adj Volume/Ringer/ Redial/Telco Clips$253.13Details
177547Greenlee TextronPE930Telephone Test Set Data Safe Adjustable Ringer Waterproof$333.44Details
166599Greenlee TextronRMT1Probe Tips Nickel-Plated Brass Pencil-Style/For 200B &Amp; 200Ep Probes=Two$10.36Details
1004443Ideal NetworksR156003Signaltek Nt: 1Gig Network/Cbl Transmission Performance Tester$2,577.55Details
994470Ideal NetworksR156004Signaltek Ct: 1Gig Cable Transmission Performance Tester$1,717.85Details
1081789Jonard ToolsTET700Multi-Function Cable Tester &Amp; Toner$66.28Details
1003346Jonard ToolsTETP900Multi-Function Cable Tester &Amp; Tone &Amp; Probe Kit$119.28Details
271032Klein ToolsMM2000True Rms Digital Multimeter$147.69Details
636595Klein ToolsVDV500060Probe Plus - Tone Tracing Probe$58.58Details
198329Klein ToolsVDV500808Tone Cube And Probe Plus Kit$106.60Details
203966Klein ToolsVDV526054Trace All Tone And Probe$48.52Details
786708Leviton49560TTSTone Generator Test Set$46.98Details
779068Leviton49561SSPInductive Speaker Probe$70.38Details
851937Leviton49562TSKTone Test Set With Alligator Clips$129.44Details
676129Plantronics / WalkerWTS501Test Set With Volume Control$135.79Details
336420Platinum ToolsT62Recon Test Set$287.54Details
220838SiemonSTM8Utp Cable Tester With Remote, 2 Universal Plug-Ended Modular Cords &Amp; Case$312.61Details
881008SiemonSTM8STwisted Pair Cable Tester Screened And Fully Shielded$416.58Details
1078955Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsT012001KCbl Tester Wire Tracker Tone Generator Rj45 Rj11 Bnc W Led T012-001-K$117.52Details
855435Viavi SolutionsCSCETHLPP1Smartclass Ethernet Electrical Loopback Configuration$1,775.11Details
926605Viavi SolutionsCSCETHLPP2Smartclass Ethernet Electrical And Optical Loopback Configuration$3,503.28Details
870430Viavi SolutionsCSCETHLPP3Smartclass Ethernet Electrical And Optical Loopback With Accessories$4,023.89Details
861400Viavi SolutionsCSCETHTRP1Smartclass Ethernet Electrical Package/ Does Not Contain Optical Option$4,023.89Details
908640Viavi SolutionsCSCETHTRP2Smartclass Ethernet Optical Package, Needs Axe# 362088 For Upgrade Option$5,700.51Details
902641Viavi SolutionsCSCETHTRP3Smartclass Ethernet Complete Package-Contains Optical Cable For Optical Option$6,315.28Details
726743Viavi SolutionsHST3000ETHP1Ethernet Value Package 10Ft Cat5 Cbl/ Lrg Str Hook W/ Wraps/ Carrying Case$7,730.65Details
777529Viavi SolutionsHST3000ETHP3Optical Ethernet Gold Package Hand Held Ethernet Tester Gige,10/100 Ethernet$15,467.26Details
860806Viavi SolutionsHSTPKG2Loaded Adsl2+ Testing Package, Copper Tesst Tdr And Ftp Option$5,403.36Details
824414Viavi SolutionsHSTPKG3Copper Testing Package W/Hst Option$4,909.76Details
891883Viavi SolutionsHSTPKG6Hst-3000-T1, Isdn Pri Module$6,874.60Details
880593Viavi SolutionsHSTPKG7Hst-3000 - T1 + T3 Module$10,112.68Details
788271Viavi SolutionsHSTPKG8Hst-3000 - T1, T3 And Isdn Pri Module$8,221.87Details
797165Viavi SolutionsHSTPKG9Hst-3000 - Copper, T1 And Idsn Pri Module$8,593.85Details
915695Viavi SolutionsKP101Tone And Probe Kit, Tt100 And Tg100 W/ Pouch$114.70Details
898145Viavi SolutionsTT100Analog Probe$60.07Details