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ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
956238BSS by HARMANBLU100Network Signal Processor, 12 Mic/Line$1,749.99Details
967478BSS by HARMANBLU101Network Signal Processor, 12 Mic/Line, Aec$2,354.99Details
959391BSS by HARMANBLU102Network Signal Processor, 10 Mic/Line, Aec, Tel$2,354.99Details
983005BSS by HARMANBLU103Network Signal Processor, Voip$2,354.99Details
1011637BSS by HARMANBLU160Network Signal Processor & Blu Link Chassis$2,527.49Details
939703BSS by HARMANBLU326Networked I/O Expander W/Dante$2,958.74Details
1001200BSS by HARMANBLU50Network Signal Processor, 4 Mic/Line$989.29Details
951965BSS by HARMANBLU806Networked Signal Processor W/Dante$4,581.09Details
968145BSS by HARMANBLUBIB8-Channel Analog Break-In Box W/ Blu Link & Switch$673.64Details
959024BSS by HARMANBLUBOB18-Channel Analog Break-Out Box W/ Blu Link (Half R$569.69Details
1047664BSS by HARMANBLUBOB28-Channel Analog Break-Out Box W/ Blu Link (Rack M$620.99Details
948794BSS by HARMANBLUCARDIN4 Analog Input Mic/Line Card$271.34Details
962762BSS by HARMANBLUCARDOUTBlu 4Chnl Lin Output_Card$271.34Details
1038193BSS by HARMANBLUDANBlu Link To Dante Bridge$764.39Details
952565BSS by HARMANBLUSI32X32 Interface For Soundcraft Si$552.14Details
1029853BSS by HARMANBSS3RSU1REMOTE3 Rsu For 1 Bss Remote$109.19Details
1037146BSS by HARMANBSS3RSU2REMOTE3 Rsu For 2 Bss Remotes$121.79Details
977543BSS by HARMANBSSAC5SBLKVBss,Hiqnet Wc,Ac5S,Blk,Us$74.19Details
1071084BSS by HARMANBSSAC5SWHTVBss,Hiqnet Wc,Ac5S,Wht,Us$74.19Details
950656BSS by HARMANBSSACVBLKVAnalog Controller W/Vol, Black$74.19Details
1058484BSS by HARMANBSSBLU10MEthernet Rmt Ctrl W/8 Touch Zone Mys$1,227.19Details
1069694BSS by HARMANBSSBLU805Bss,Blu805,Signal Processor$4,581.09Details
1035014BSS by HARMANBSSBLU8V2BLKMBssblu8V2,Wall Controller,Blk,Malaysia$541.34Details
1040029BSS by HARMANBSSBLU8V2WHTMBssblu8V2,Wall Controller,Wht,Malaysia$541.34Details
980485BSS by HARMANBSSBLUGPXBss,Blu-Gpx,Gpio Expander$1,333.74Details
946300BSS by HARMANBSSBLUUSBMUSBss,Blu-Usb,8X8 Usb To Blu Link,Mly,Us_J$225.39Details
1013181BSS by HARMANBSSECVBLKMEthernet Controller W/Vol, Blk$148.39Details
1067319BSS by HARMANBSSECVWHTMEthernet Controller W/Vol,$148.39Details
998526BSS by HARMANBSSSW9015USS/Web Wall Panel (Us) 8-Way$151.19Details
1056927BSS by HARMANEC4BVBLKEthernet Controller W/Vol, 4 Button, Blk$223.99Details
1044065BSS by HARMANEC4BVWHTEthernet Controller W/Vol, 4 Button, Wht$223.99Details
1074101BSS by HARMANEC8BVBLKKEthernet Controller W/Vol, 8 Button, Blk$287.54Details
1072897BSS by HARMANEC8BVWHTEthernet Controller W/Vol, 8 Button, Wht$287.54Details
965499BSS by HARMANSW9012US5 Position Source/Preset Selector$131.59Details