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Bolide Technology Group

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
593192Bolide Technology GroupBC1009PTZMINIEBolide High Speed Mini Ptz Dome, Sony 70$500.04Details
784830Bolide Technology GroupBC1010Color Smoke Alarm Hidden Video Camera$155.55Details
1042402Bolide Technology GroupBC1109PTZMINIAH10X Optical Zoom, Ip66, 5-55Mm Lens, Sma$600.87Details
772338Bolide Technology GroupBC1135Mini Bullet, 1/3" 1.3M Sony, 1100Tvl, 0.$112.70Details
879279Bolide Technology GroupBC1135AHNew Angelo Hd Series High Definition Ove$61.95Details
734234Bolide Technology GroupBC113628Big Bullet 1/3" 1/3M Sony 1100Tvl 0.01 L$85.04Details
841251Bolide Technology GroupBC1209AVAIRAH2.0Mp/1080P, 5*30Pcs Led With Up To 82Ft$116.07Details
1043527Bolide Technology GroupBC1209AVAIRAHQ2.8-12Mm, Ip66, Ir Up To 95Ft, 12Vdc, Ah$112.70Details
855618Bolide Technology GroupBC1209IRODAH2.0Mp/1080P ,5*30Pcs Led,Upto 65Ft Ir,3.$67.65Details
1009984Bolide Technology GroupBC1209IRODAHQ3.6Mm, Ip66, Ir Up To 65Ft, 12Vdc, Ahd/T$51.92Details
1039684Bolide Technology GroupBC1209IRODVA28AHQ2.8-12Mm, Ip66, Ir Up To 95Ft, 12Vdc, Ah$81.23Details
942778Bolide Technology GroupBC1209IRPTZAHLAUAhd 1080P Outdoor High Speed 36X Optical$1,388.99Details
712700Bolide Technology GroupBC1235AH2.0Mp/1080P, 5*30Pcs Led Upto 65Ft Ir,3.$76.90Details
1058368Bolide Technology GroupBC123622MAHQ6-22Mm With Motorized Auto-Focus Lens, C$223.33Details
785435Bolide Technology GroupBC123628AH2.0Mp/1080P, 5*36Pcs Led, Upto 130Ft Ir,$110.39Details
948278Bolide Technology GroupBC1237AH1.0Mp/720P Ir Metal Bullet Camera, With$188.76Details
993538Bolide Technology GroupBC1290IRODAHWQ3.6Mm, Ip66, Ir Up To 65Ft, 12Vdc, Ahd/T$67.65Details
593196Bolide Technology GroupBC3735PL35-40M Ir Distance,1/3'' Sony, 600Tvl, S$275.87Details
318906Bolide Technology GroupBC6035HIr 1/3In Ccd Bullet Camera$85.61Details
318905Bolide Technology GroupBC6035HB3Axis Ir Bullet Camera Weatherproof$64.22Details
721564Bolide Technology GroupBE8013EOCPower Ethernet Extender / Coax Converter$224.70Details
1003152Bolide Technology GroupBE8016HDP1Ch. Hd Passive Video Balun, (Pair)$15.94Details
1054798Bolide Technology GroupBE8016HDPPVDVideo/Audio/Data/Power All In One Balun$22.22Details
1071811Bolide Technology GroupBE8216EOCMINIPassive Ethernet Over Coax Converter.$33.12Details
968909Bolide Technology GroupBE8216POEPFDPoe And Midspan Finder And Tester$18.53Details
410988Bolide Technology GroupBEDRAD300Coaxial Convertor$350.49Details
318904Bolide Technology GroupBEDRAD3001616 Channel Coaxitron Translator$1,124.16Details
777934Bolide Technology GroupBEHDD4TB4Tb Hard Drive, Proffessional Av Grade 7$498.37Details
789389Bolide Technology GroupBEPARAPETParapet Mount$416.69Details
925220Bolide Technology GroupBEWALLRAPHAELFits Onto Junction Box Or Corner Mount B$52.27Details
729064Bolide Technology GroupBN1008FE6 Mega 360° Fisheye Dome Camera With 6Pc$946.97Details
729586Bolide Technology GroupBN1009IRPTZ20Full Hd 1080P Ir Ip Ptz, 2.0 Mega, 30Fps$1,583.31Details
593206Bolide Technology GroupBN1009MPTZ22Full Hd Ip Ptz Camera With 22X Zoom Bloc$2,160.63Details
761711Bolide Technology GroupBN1009PTZ3GIPOutdoor Ip Ptz, With Wall Mount . Two Wa$2,006.30Details
827844Bolide Technology GroupBN1009PTZWDRIPHigh Speed Outdoor Ptz, 1/4" Sony Ex-Vie$2,314.95Details
1002323Bolide Technology GroupBN5009M2M3 Axis Design And Ip66 Dome Camera$206.04Details
884372Bolide Technology GroupBN5009MAOutdoor Vandle Dome,1.3 Meg Pixel . Sony$486.69Details
593211Bolide Technology GroupBN5035M5Full Hd Ip Nightvision Bullet Camera Wi$633.37Details
884590Bolide Technology GroupBN5035MAIr Bullet,1.3 Meg Pixel . Sony Ccd, Day$878.49Details
965420Bolide Technology GroupBN6009M2Dome Camera Ipacmeg 1920 X 1080 Resoluti$413.36Details
923705Bolide Technology GroupBN6009M44Mp Wdr Ip Vandalproof Dome With Ir Led.$499.37Details
878760Bolide Technology GroupBN6035M2Full Hd Ip Outdoor Bullet Camera With Ir$392.01Details
1055784Bolide Technology GroupBN7019H.265 4Mp Ip Camera With Poe (Small Dome$171.12Details
1066269Bolide Technology GroupBN7029H.265 4Mp Ip Camera With Poe (Big Dome,$279.34Details
1044419Bolide Technology GroupBN7029AVAIRH.265 4Mp Ip Camera With Poe (Vandal Pro$298.69Details
964964Bolide Technology GroupBN7035H.265 4Mp Ip Camera With Poe (Bullet, 3.$171.12Details
934754Bolide Technology GroupBN7036H.265 4Mp Ip Camera With Poe (New Bullet$292.02Details
742149Bolide Technology GroupBNLICENSEADVBolide Ipac 2.5 Vms Advanced Lincese$138.28Details
975766Bolide Technology GroupBNNVR16NX16-Channel Nvr With 16-Port Built-In Poe$665.04Details
1074745Bolide Technology GroupBNNVR16NX12TB16-Channel Nvr With 16-Port Built-In Poe$1,541.76Details
1022166Bolide Technology GroupBNNVR16NX4TB16-Channel Nvr With 16-Port Built-In Poe$985.49Details
1014643Bolide Technology GroupBNNVR16NX6TB16-Channel Nvr With 16-Port Built-In Poe$1,121.93Details
1058671Bolide Technology GroupBNNVR16NX8TB16-Channel Nvr With 16-Port Built-In Poe$1,279.40Details
1007633Bolide Technology GroupBNNVR32NX32-Channel Nvr With 16-Port Built-In Poe$800.90Details
950564Bolide Technology GroupBNNVR32NX12TB32-Channel Nvr With 16-Port Built-In Poe$1,696.09Details
980385Bolide Technology GroupBNNVR32NX4TB32-Channel Nvr With 16-Port Built-In Poe$1,145.99Details
994375Bolide Technology GroupBNNVR32NX6TB32-Channel Nvr With 16-Port Built-In Poe$1,282.42Details
930413Bolide Technology GroupBNNVR32NX8TB32-Channel Nvr With 16-Port Built-In Poe$1,433.73Details
932161Bolide Technology GroupBNNVR8NXH.265 Compression Nvr, Supports Up To 4K$498.37Details
1001027Bolide Technology GroupBNNVR8NX12TBH.265 Compression Nvr, Supports Up To 4K$1,387.43Details
942406Bolide Technology GroupBNNVR8NX1TBH.265 Compression Nvr, Supports Up To 4K$630.03Details
960234Bolide Technology GroupBNNVR8NX2TBH.265 Compression Nvr, Supports Up To 4K$664.48Details
1079701Bolide Technology GroupBNNVR8NX4TBH.265 Compression Nvr, Supports Up To 4K$824.99Details
1043299Bolide Technology GroupBNNVR8NX6TBH.265 Compression Nvr, Supports Up To 4K$961.43Details
982496Bolide Technology GroupBNNVR8NX8TBH.265 Compression Nvr, Supports Up To 4K$1,170.08Details
923976Bolide Technology GroupBNNVRM4POE4 Ch 1080P Mini Nvr With 4Ch Poe, With B$498.69Details
717783Bolide Technology GroupBNNVRM4POE1TB4 Ch 1080P Mini Nvr With 4Ch Poe, With B$506.79Details
753933Bolide Technology GroupBNNVRM4POESYS4Ch Poe Nvr, 4Pcs Bn5009M2M 1Tb Hdd$1,282.75Details
713924Bolide Technology GroupBNNVRMSPOESYSVD44 Ch 1080P Mini Nvr With 4Ch Poe, With B$1,043.26Details
756101Bolide Technology GroupBNNVRPC3226TB32 To 64 Channel Recording Server ( 1 2$5,401.48Details
764228Bolide Technology GroupBNNVRPC322TB32Ch Pc Based Nvr Server With 2Tb Hdd, W$2,453.86Details
593212Bolide Technology GroupBNNVRS162TBIpac Network Video Recorder 16 Channel$1,123.53Details
593213Bolide Technology GroupBNNVRS163TBIpac Network Video Recorder 16 Channel$1,203.79Details
898008Bolide Technology GroupBNNVRS16H4TB16Ch Nvr, 1080P 4Hdd, Recording: 5Mega/3$1,203.79Details
718629Bolide Technology GroupBNNVRS16H8TB16Ch Nvr, 1080P 4Hdd, Recording: 5Mega/3$1,620.46Details
1005576Bolide Technology GroupBNNVRS16POE16 Ch Network Video Recorder With 4$909.10Details
724539Bolide Technology GroupBNNVRS16POE16TB16-Channel Stand-Alone Nvr With Built-In$2,534.73Details
1024233Bolide Technology GroupBNNVRS32H4TB32Ch Nvr 4 Tb Hdd, Up To 8 Sata Hdd. R$1,607.20Details
846917Bolide Technology GroupBNNVRS4POE1TB4Ch Nvr Hotswap 2Hdd, Recoding/Playback$800.27Details
762679Bolide Technology GroupBNNVRS8POE4TB8Ch Nvr, Recording/Playback: 1080P/720P/$1,270.54Details
774248Bolide Technology GroupBNNVRS8POE8TB8Ch Nvr, Recording/Playback: 1080P/720P/$1,684.68Details
901409Bolide Technology GroupBP0004S1500*Eol*12Vdc 1500 Ma Power Supply$12.59Details
889974Bolide Technology GroupBP0008Pig Tail , Dc Power Adaptor Cable Connec$3.12Details
890837Bolide Technology GroupBP0022*Eol*$22.22Details
132459Bolide Technology GroupBP0033CRg59 Combo Siamese 500Ft, White$89.35Details
1075957Bolide Technology GroupBP0033CAT5EBLUECat5E Blue 1000Ft Pull Box$85.02Details
760053Bolide Technology GroupBP0033CAT5ECMRBLUE1000Ft. Ul Listed Cat5E Copper Cmr Rated$108.54Details
725644Bolide Technology GroupBP0033CAT5ECMRYELLOW1000Ft. Ul Listed Cat5E Copper Cmr Rate$108.54Details
932989Bolide Technology GroupBP0033CAT5EGREYCat5E Grey 1000Ft Pull Box$85.02Details
957611Bolide Technology GroupBP0033CAT5EWHITECat5E White 1000Ft Pull Box$85.02Details
942574Bolide Technology GroupBP0033CBRg59 20Bc 95% 18/2 Blk 500 Pull Box$91.83Details
1021816Bolide Technology GroupBP0033CB1000ERg59 W/18/2 Black 1000Ft Cca$156.74Details
355693Bolide Technology GroupBP0033CBERg59 Combo Siamese De 500Ft, Black$69.93Details
318902Bolide Technology GroupBP0033CE*Eol* Rg59 Combo Siamese 500Ft, White E$69.93Details
593216Bolide Technology GroupBP0033PM100W100Ft Pro Cable With Bnc Connection$22.22Details
593217Bolide Technology GroupBP0033PM150W150' Siamese Zip Cable With Bnc Connecti$29.63Details
593218Bolide Technology GroupBP0033PM25W25Ft Pro Cable With Bnc Connection$10.18Details
593219Bolide Technology GroupBP0033PM60W60Ft Pro Cable With Bnc Connection$16.30Details
785354Bolide Technology GroupBP0033RG6Q1000W1000Ft. Ul Listed Professional Grade Wh$85.83Details
968462Bolide Technology GroupBP0033RG6QUAD1000WHITERg6Quad 1000Ft Reel In Box White$85.83Details
892629Bolide Technology GroupBP0035Bnc Twist-On Male Connector$0.88Details
850830Bolide Technology GroupBP0036C2Compression Bnc Crimp-On Connector (2Pcs$1.72Details
989254Bolide Technology GroupBP005095* Eol *12Vdc 5Amp Regulated Power Supply$56.25Details
934019Bolide Technology GroupCAT5ECMRBLUECat5E Cmr Blue, 1Kft Pull Boxes$117.31Details
1076975Bolide Technology GroupCAT5ECMRGRAYCat5E Cmr Gray, 1Kft Pull Boxes$117.31Details
997423Bolide Technology GroupCAT5ECMRWHITECat5E Cmr White, 1Kft Pull Boxes$117.31Details
966437Bolide Technology GroupCAT5ECMRYELLOWCat5E Cmr Yellow, 1Kft Pull Boxes$117.31Details
983298Bolide Technology GroupCAT6CMPBLUCat6 Plenum 1000Ft Blue$371.82Details
1046029Bolide Technology GroupCAT6CMPWHTCat6 Plenum 1000Ft Box White$453.29Details
990950Bolide Technology GroupKPC600WDR23.6Mm Pinhole 12Vdc, Hd/Analog Hybrid, O$153.83Details
878757Bolide Technology GroupMVPPPTDECODERIntercom Decoder$259.28Details
767758Bolide Technology GroupMVR90043GAdvanced 4Ch Mobile Dvr With Gps, 3G, Wi$961.74Details
788649Bolide Technology GroupMVR9004SD4 Channels Sd Card Mdvr, 2 Sd Card Stora$498.69Details
913698Bolide Technology GroupMVRPTTInterphone, Push To Talk Over Cellular ($140.45Details
845528Bolide Technology GroupSVR9000SMOBMobile 4Ch Dvr. Compact H.264 Compressio$583.36Details
887902Bolide Technology GroupSVR9004AHD4Ch Dvr 720P Ahd And Tvi , Hdmi, Esata P$172.84Details
973265Bolide Technology GroupSVR9004AHDKIT14Ch Dvr 720P Ahd And Tvi , Hdmi, Esata P$513.31Details
1065109Bolide Technology GroupSVR9004ATHDC4-Channel 1080P Dvr, Compatible With Ahd$258.52Details
1019023Bolide Technology GroupSVR9004ATHDC1TB4Ch, 1080P, H.264, Ahd/Tvi, Vga &Amp;Hdmi, A$414.30Details
987398Bolide Technology GroupSVR9004ATHDC2TB4-Channel 1080P Dvr, Compatible With Ahd$440.95Details
1078535Bolide Technology GroupSVR9004ATHDC4TB4-Channel 1080P Dvr, Compatible With Ahd$607.65Details
1053685Bolide Technology GroupSVR9004ATHDC6TB4-Channel 1080P Dvr, Compatible With Ahd$721.55Details
754376Bolide Technology GroupSVR9004CHDPKIT1Pc. Svr9004Chdp-1Tb, 4Pcs. Bc6835/Tp (8$458.37Details
760544Bolide Technology GroupSVR9004CHDPKIT11Pc. Svr9004Chdp-1Tb, 4Pcs. Bc6835/Tp (8$458.37Details
862453Bolide Technology GroupSVR9004CHDPKIT21Pc. Svr9004Chd 1Tb, 4 Pcs Bc1109 Eyebal$475.02Details
918957Bolide Technology GroupSVR9008AHDKIT18Ch Dvr 720P Ahd And Tvi , Hdmi, Esata P$659.62Details
1001928Bolide Technology GroupSVR9008ATHDC8-Channel 1080P Dvr, Compatible With Ahd$285.03Details
931075Bolide Technology GroupSVR9008ATHDC1TB8Ch, 1080P, H.264, Ahd/Tvi, Vga &Amp;Hdmi,$489.83Details
1019850Bolide Technology GroupSVR9008ATHDC2TB8-Channel 1080P Dvr, Compatible With Ahd$476.70Details
1057822Bolide Technology GroupSVR9008ATHDC4TB8-Channel 1080P Dvr, Compatible With Ahd$643.37Details
1058485Bolide Technology GroupSVR9008ATHDC6TB8-Channel 1080P Dvr, Compatible With Ahd$755.98Details
801747Bolide Technology GroupSVR9008HDPKIT11Pc. Svr9008Hdp-1Tb, 4Pcs. Bc1109 Eyebal$565.03Details
903624Bolide Technology GroupSVR9008HDPKIT21Pc. Svr9008Hdp-1Tb, 4Pcs. Bc1135 Bullet$565.03Details
759535Bolide Technology GroupSVR9016AHD2TB16 Ch. Ahd 720P Ahd And Tvi, P2P. E Sata$691.77Details
937881Bolide Technology GroupSVR9016ATHDC16-Channel 1080P Dvr, Compatible With Ah$433.36Details
1028756Bolide Technology GroupSVR9016ATHDC12TB16-Channel 1080P Dvr, Compatible With Ah$1,327.25Details
937778Bolide Technology GroupSVR9016ATHDC1TB16-Channel 1080P Dvr, Compatible With Ah$565.03Details
927522Bolide Technology GroupSVR9016ATHDC2TB16Ch, 1080P, H.264, Ahd/Tvi, Vga &Amp;Hdmi,$625.04Details
973217Bolide Technology GroupSVR9016ATHDC4TB16-Channel 1080P Dvr, Compatible With Ah$762.40Details
980859Bolide Technology GroupSVR9016ATHDC6TB16-Channel 1080P Dvr, Compatible With Ah$898.82Details
1051805Bolide Technology GroupSVR9016ATHDC8TB16-Channel 1080P Dvr, Compatible With Ah$1,107.47Details
740368Bolide Technology GroupSVR9904ATHD2TB4Ch 1080P, H.264, Ahd/Tvi, Vga &Amp;Hdmi, Au$464.31Details
1010961Bolide Technology GroupSVR9904ATHDKIT21TB4Ch 1080P, H.264, Ahd/Tvi, Vga &Amp;Hdmi, Au$657.19Details
827630Bolide Technology GroupSVR9904KITAhd Kit Includes 4 Ch Dvr, 4 Cams And Po$625.04Details
770549Bolide Technology GroupSVR9908ATHD2TB8Ch 1080P, H.264, Ahd/Tvi, Vga &Amp;Hdmi, Au$539.84Details
869703Bolide Technology GroupSVR9908ATHD4TB8Ch 1080P, H.264, Ahd/Tvi, Vga &Amp;Hdmi, Au$783.58Details
864843Bolide Technology GroupSVR9908ATHDKIT18Ch 1080P, H.264, Ahd/Tvi, Vga &Amp;Hdmi, Au$697.44Details
1023506Bolide Technology GroupSVR9908ATHDKIT21TB8Ch 1080P, H.264, Ahd/Tvi, Vga &Amp;Hdmi, Au$718.37Details
1030598Bolide Technology GroupSVR9908ATHDKIT32TB1 Svr9908Athd 8 Bc1235/Ah - Fixed Lens B$1,040.31Details
1034735Bolide Technology GroupSVR9908ATHDKIT42TB1 Svr9908Athd 8 Bc1209Irod/Ah - Fixed Le$1,040.31Details
835730Bolide Technology GroupSVR9916ATHD1TB16Ch 1080P, H.264, Ahd/Tvi, Vga &Amp;Hdmi, A$713.05Details
737267Bolide Technology GroupSVR9916ATHD4TB16Ch 1080P, H.264, Ahd/Tvi, Vga &Amp;Hdmi, A$1,017.91Details
832616Bolide Technology GroupSVR9916ATHDKIT22TB16 Bc1209Irod/Ah - Fixed Lens Eyeball 1$1,713.28Details