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Bosch Security

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
962252Bosch Security1715C6Input Mixer-Power Amp Mainfrm$655.19Details
999694Bosch Security25027686006Cable Assy Dc Power Supply, Wire Length$67.90Details
940339Bosch Security2504000300Cord Black F/730161$12.19Details
1007803Bosch Security323ECE1MVg4 Camera Im300 26X D/N$2,758.74Details
135232Bosch Security34026Lithium Battery, 3.5 V $5.74Details
1041181Bosch Security3791Black Windscreen Pop Filter "For Mc Series,"$17.99Details
1018429Bosch Security4098T8" 70V 8W Max Tap Spkr$76.99Details
1042827Bosch Security450M1NC450D450M-1 Microphone (Nc450D)$151.19Details
134465Bosch Security5601PHeat Detector, Rate-Of-Rise, Fixed Temperature, 13$12.87Details
134467Bosch Security5602Heat Detector, 194 Fixed Ror Signal $12.87Details
134468Bosch Security5603Heat Detector, 135 Fixed Ror Signal $12.87Details
134469Bosch Security5604Heat Detector, 194 Fixed Ror Signal $12.87Details
134470Bosch Security5621Dual Heat Detector, 135 Fixed Ror Signal $29.51Details
135848Bosch Security5622Dual Heat Detector, 194 Fixed Ror Signal $29.51Details
135235Bosch Security5623Dual Heat Detector, 135 Fixed Ror Signal $28.64Details
134895Bosch Security5624Dual Heat Detector, 194 Fixed Ror Signal $28.64Details
1051929Bosch Security59840001Deb-2-Dual Earphone$15.49Details
134896Bosch Security60362103195Standard D/W Sensor White$52.27Details
135236Bosch Security60362113195Standard Door / Windowsensor, Brown $52.27Details
134897Bosch Security60452103195Pendant Panic Sensor $53.77Details
134472Bosch Security60457103195Panic Sensor, Double Button $47.79Details
134898Bosch Security60458103195Panic Sensor, Single Button $47.79Details
135849Bosch Security60462103195Glass Guard Sensor, White $60.56Details
135850Bosch Security60499103195Door/Window Sensor, Slim, White $56.24Details
135851Bosch Security60499113195Door/Window Sensor, Slim, Brown $56.24Details
134473Bosch Security60504103195Freeze Sensor, 45-Degrees $57.68Details
134899Bosch Security605110195Pir Motion Detector, Ds924I $139.87Details
134474Bosch Security605110295Pir Motion Detector, Ds924Ipet $139.87Details
134900Bosch Security605781095Water Resistant Pendant$56.24Details
134475Bosch Security606063195Keychain Touchpad, 4-Button $56.24Details
134476Bosch Security6060731952-Button Keychain Touchpad$47.79Details
134901Bosch Security606600195RRf Receiver, 16-Points, Ge/Iti Quik Bridge $103.82Details
134478Bosch Security606881195Micro Door/Window Sensor, Brown $59.12Details
134479Bosch Security6068895Micro Door/Window Sensor, White $59.12Details
134480Bosch Security6074195Door / Window Transmitter, Recessed Mount, White <$56.75Details
135244Bosch Security6083495Audio Glass Break Detector, Wireless $147.08Details
135854Bosch Security6088695Shock Sensor, White $86.52Details
957903Bosch Security6100I01D6100I 120 Vac-Transformer-Us$2,136.24Details
1006498Bosch Security6513CTable Top Mics$444.14Details
1072904Bosch Security71063074Fmr 70Wls W/Wt55 Blt Pck Xmtr W/Wlm50 Lavalr/198.1$731.89Details
986214Bosch Security71135074Handheld Xmtr Fmr70Ht200/65$323.99Details
1060233Bosch Security71155XXXSr-50-Single Channel Receiver$76.99Details
1078793Bosch Security7189311Fmr500 Receiver Only Channel A$363.14Details
1005642Bosch Security71912000St-300-17-Channel-Base-Station-Transmitter$548.09Details
966322Bosch Security71913000Sr-400-17-Channel Receiver$215.59Details
1059290Bosch Security71914000Pst-170-17-Channel Portable Transmitter$464.39Details
1069953Bosch Security730161Power Supply 12Vdc 1.25A 90-260VaCall for Price.Details
1065887Bosch SecurityAB2$65.79Details
1040524Bosch SecurityABZELBArray Bracket Adapter For 2 Or4 Zx1I$121.79Details
134481Bosch SecurityACAATR13Proximity Tag, Read-Only, Key Ring Sized, 125 Khz,$122.79Details
134903Bosch SecurityACAIC16K3710Adhesive Tag, 37-Bit, Iclass, 16K *Pack Of 10* $44.60Details
135247Bosch SecurityACAIC2K2610Adhesive Tag, 26-Bit, Iclass, 2K *Pack Of 10* $31.68Details
944978Bosch SecurityACAIC2K2650$193.19Details
135248Bosch SecurityACDATR11ISORfid Proximity Card, Read-Only, 125 Khz, Iso Stand$111.26Details
135249Bosch SecurityACDATR14CSRfid Proximity Card, Read-Only, Clamshell, For Wie$55.00Details
135250Bosch SecurityACDIC16K2650Cards, Iclass, 16K, 26 Bit *Pack Of 50* $252.42Details
135251Bosch SecurityACDIC16K3750Cards, Iclass, 16K, 37 Bit *Pack Of 50* $252.42Details
135253Bosch SecurityACDIC16KP265016K, 26-Bit Dual Tech Iclass Card (Combination Proximity And Smart Card Technology) - 50Pk$456.57Details
134482Bosch SecurityACDIC16KP3750Card, 37-Bit, Iclass, 16K *Pack Of 50* $456.57Details
135254Bosch SecurityACDIC2K2650Card, 26-Bit, Iclass, 2K *Pack Of 50* $181.66Details
134483Bosch SecurityACDIC2K3750Card, 37-Bit, Iclass, 2K *Pack Of 50* $181.66Details
1030196Bosch SecurityACDMFCISOCard, Mifare Classic, 1Kb, Iso, (2) Application Ar$139.30Details
134906Bosch SecurityACTIC16K2610Keyfob, 26-Bit, Iclass, 16K *Pack Of 10* $65.02Details
134484Bosch SecurityACTIC16K3710Keyfob, 37-Bit, Iclass, 16K *Pack Of 10* $65.02Details
134485Bosch SecurityACTIC2K2610Keyfob, 26-Bit, Iclass, 2K *Pack Of 10* $57.45Details
135855Bosch SecurityACTIC2K3710Keyfob, 37-Bit, Iclass, 2K *Pack Of 10* $57.45Details
1011076Bosch SecurityACXAMC2PLUGSAccessory, Amc2 Plugs $112.00Details
134908Bosch SecurityACXRAIL250Accessory, Din Rail, 250Mm $16.19Details
134909Bosch SecurityACXRAIL400Accessory, Din Rail, 250Mm $23.54Details
1056097Bosch SecurityADTNONHG3QM33Adapter Npt1.5 Ext - G3/4 & M33 Ext$21.75Details
134910Bosch SecurityAE1Enclosure, Universal, Small, Grey Security Escort$29.36Details
134879Bosch SecurityAE100Enclosure Kit, Indoor, For Ea102A Security Escort$58.10Details
135859Bosch SecurityAE101Outdoor Encl Kit For 102A & 120A Security Escort $138.60Details
135910Bosch SecurityAE2Fire Control Accessory, Housing, Universal, Small,$31.68Details
135255Bosch SecurityAE20To Be Discontinued 12-31-04, Accessory, Enclosure,$10.20Details
134880Bosch SecurityAE203REnclosure Accessory, Red $17.70Details
135911Bosch SecurityAE3Enclosure, Universal, Large, Grey Security Escort$59.84Details
135912Bosch SecurityAE4Ds7400Xi Accessory, Housing, Universal, Large, Red$73.82Details
135915Bosch SecurityAECAEC21EXT1Access Easy Controller 2.1 Extension Enclosure With 100-240Vac Power Supply Unit$280.00Details
785635Bosch SecurityAECAMC2ENC3Enclosure, Amc2 W/ Single Din Rail, Power Supply,$271.15Details
134881Bosch SecurityAECAMC2UL1Enclosure, (1) Din Rail, Small $151.06Details
134912Bosch SecurityAECAMC2UL2Enclosure, (2) Din Rails, Large $206.00Details
593400Bosch SecurityAECMASP2USEAec Master Controller 80Gb Hdd$2,794.99Details
992628Bosch SecurityAECPANEL194DRAccessory, Mounting Plate W/ (4) Din Rails, Can Co$208.60Details
977102Bosch SecurityAECPANEL19UPSAccessory, Mounting Plate W/ (2) Din Rails, A Batt$330.24Details
135259Bosch SecurityAH12WPRHorn, 12 V, Red, Weatherproof, Sync $27.05Details
134883Bosch SecurityAH24WPRHorn, 24 V, Red, Weatherproof, Sync $28.88Details
135916Bosch SecurityAIMAEC21CVTReader Extension Module. Adds The Ability To Add And Additional 16 Readers To An Aec 2.1 System (4X Api-Aec21-4Wr And 4X Api-Aec21-8I8O)$327.38Details
135260Bosch SecurityAL1002WALPower Extender, Nac $464.68Details
135918Bosch SecurityAL300ULPD4RPower Supply, Fire, Ul, For Altron $278.37Details
135919Bosch SecurityAL300ULXRPower Supply W/ Cord, 2.5 A, 12 / 24V $220.29Details
135920Bosch SecurityAL400ULPD4RPower Supply/Charger, 4-Outputs, Protected, Class$295.03Details
134915Bosch SecurityAL600ULBPower Supply, For Al802 $267.72Details
134916Bosch SecurityAL800LGK9EAl802 Al1002 Logic Board$333.40Details
135262Bosch SecurityAL802WALPower Support, Walmart, Nac $432.23Details
1026504Bosch SecurityALP600Alp Antenna Kit$730.59Details
1044723Bosch SecurityALP700F01U144728Alp-700, Bi-Directional Log Periodic Antenna Cover$724.09Details
593401Bosch SecurityALTV2416ULX3Power Supply, 16-Channel, 7 Amp Total Output, 120$196.00Details
355409Bosch SecurityALTV244ULPower Supply, 4-Channel, 3.5 Amp Total Output, 120$98.00Details
355408Bosch SecurityALTV248UL3Power Supply, 8-Channel, 3.5 Amp Total Output, 120$105.00Details
134975Bosch SecurityAMT1224RHorn, Multitone, 12/24 V, Red $58.97Details
134918Bosch SecurityAMT1224RNYCHorn, Multitone, 12/24 V, Red $58.97Details
1042423Bosch SecurityANTFPF01U117869Flat Patch Antenna Btr24$193.19Details
134977Bosch SecurityAPCAEC21UPS1Aec2.1 Main Enclosure, Psu1 Access Easy Controller 2.1 Enclosure With Cpu Board, 4 Wiegand Reader Board, 100-240Vac Power Supply Unit, Compact Flash, Quick Start Guide And Cd-Rom Containing Program And Manua$1,550.00Details
134922Bosch SecurityAPCAEMCSVRAccess Easy Master Controller, Allplex Series, 16$1,812.50Details
135264Bosch SecurityAPCAMC24R4CFDoor Controller, Rs485 W/ Cf Card $1,249.73Details
135265Bosch SecurityAPCAMC24WCFAccess Modular Controller, Up To (4) Doors, (4) Wi$1,249.73Details
932139Bosch SecurityAPCAMC2DCUADoor Control Unit, Access Manger For (1) Or (2) En$1,205.10Details
135266Bosch SecurityAPIAEC214WRAccess Easy Controller 2.1 4 Wiegand Reader With 8 Input-Output Board$590.63Details
134979Bosch SecurityAPIAEC218I8OAccessory, 8-Input / Output Board, For Apc-Aec21-U$418.50Details
981193Bosch SecurityAPIAMC216IEAccessory, 16-Input/Output Extension Board, Up To$655.61Details
135922Bosch SecurityAPIAMC216IOEExpansion Module, 16 Additional Inputs / Outputs,$739.64Details
927488Bosch SecurityAPIAMC216IONAccess Data Controller, (16) Analog Inputs, (16) R$1,243.26Details
1082578Bosch SecurityAPIAMC24IOBAccessory, 4-Input/Output Board $171.50Details
134923Bosch SecurityAPIAMC24WEDoor Controller, Extension Wiegand $994.88Details
135923Bosch SecurityAPIAMC28IOEExpansion Module, 8 Additional Inputs / Outputs, S$648.89Details
788557Bosch SecurityAPMAEC21MCPU1Accessory, Ace2.1 Module Cpu Board $858.00Details
318612Bosch SecurityAPMAEC21MPU1Aec 2.1 Module Cpu Board$939.89Details
135924Bosch SecurityAPRAdapter Plate, Red $8.79Details
1012648Bosch SecurityAPS1COMBSPLTAps-1, Antenna Combiner/Splitter$275.39Details
135925Bosch SecurityAPSAEC21PSU1Access Easy Controller 2.1 100-240 Vac Power Supply Unit$217.00Details
135926Bosch SecurityAPSPBC60Amc Power Supply Selectable 12Vdc @ 5 A Or 24Vdc @ 2.5 A, With Cables$304.59Details
993540Bosch SecurityAPSPSU60Accessory, Amc Power Supply Unit $304.43Details
135267Bosch SecurityAR13183Detector Accessory, Ds938 Mirror 13' To 18' Ceilin$15.97Details
1050233Bosch SecurityARAOSDPACNLLectus Secure Address Config Set$58.80Details
946586Bosch SecurityARDAYBS6260Reader, Proximity, Indoor/Outdoor, Ip65 Rated, Sup$138.60Details
1048835Bosch SecurityARDAYBS6360Reader W/2X6 Keypad, Proximity, Indoor/Outdoor, Ip$193.90Details
134924Bosch SecurityARDAYCE65BRfid Proximity Card Reader, W/ Piezoelectric Keypa$308.31Details
134980Bosch SecurityARDAYH12Rfid Proximity Card Reader, Wiegand Output For 125$142.81Details
134981Bosch SecurityARDAYJ12Rfid Proximity Card Reader, Wiegand Output For 125$133.29Details
134982Bosch SecurityARDAYK12Rfid Proximity Card Reader, Wiegand Output For 125$88.48Details
135269Bosch SecurityARDAYQ12Rfid Proximity Card Reader, Slim, 26-Bit Wiegand O$273.80Details
135927Bosch SecurityARDAYZ12Rfid Reader, 26-Bit Wiegand Output For 125 Khz Car$599.37Details
593402Bosch SecurityARDFPBEPHPOCReader, Bioentry Plus, Hid Proximity $803.40Details
318611Bosch SecurityARDFPBEPICOCSuprema Fingerprint With Iclass Reader$730.95Details
990582Bosch SecurityARDFPLNOCReader W/Keypad, Biolite Net, Fingerprint/Pin/Card$1,050.40Details
135929Bosch SecurityARDR90Contactless Smart Card Reader, Read-Only, Iclass,$787.70Details
752865Bosch SecurityARDSER10WIReader, Iclass, Lectus Secure 1000 Wi $140.00Details
982157Bosch SecurityARDSER15ROLectus Secure 2000 Ro Iclass Reader$293.63Details
1068527Bosch SecurityARDSER40ROLectus Secure 4000 Ro Iclass Reader$293.63Details
850886Bosch SecurityARDSER40WIReader, Lectus Secure 4000, W1, Iclass $273.00Details
936529Bosch SecurityARDSERK40ROLectus Secure 5000 Ro Iclass Reader W/ Keypad$506.25Details
927060Bosch SecurityARDSERK40W1Reader, Lectus Secure 5000, W1, Iclass, Amc $486.00Details
134927Bosch SecurityASLAEC21SWKAccessory, Aec2.1 Software Kit W/Cf $182.00Details
953427Bosch SecurityASLAPE3PAPIApe - Basic Sdk For Cardholder Information$675.00Details
593403Bosch SecurityASLAPE3PBASEComes With 16 Readers, 1 Client Connection And 2,000 Cardholders. System Expansion Is Available Through The Licensing Options.$58.00Details
593404Bosch SecurityASLAPE3PBEXTComes With 64 Readers, 3 Client Connections And 10,000 Cardholders. System Expansion Is Available Through The Licensing Options.$210.00Details
593405Bosch SecurityASLAPE3PCLIThis Add 1 Additional Concurrent Client To The System Up To The Limit Of 16.$105.00Details
593406Bosch SecurityASLAPE3PRDRThis Adds Additional Readers To The System In Increments Of 16 Readers Up To The Limit Of 128.$245.00Details
1016378Bosch SecurityASLAPE3PRDRLApe - Reader Expansion Up To 512 Reader$3,965.00Details
593407Bosch SecurityASLAPE3PVIDBActivates The Core Video Functionality And Provides 16 Video Channels For Integration With Bosch Video Solutions.$245.00Details
593408Bosch SecurityASLAPE3PVIDEThis Adds Additional Video Channels To The System In Increments Of 16 Up To The System Limit Of 128.$210.00Details
953139Bosch SecurityASLAPE3PXPROApe - Xprotect Interface Activation$140.00Details
134987Bosch SecurityASLAPESWSoftware, Access Personal Edition V1.0, For Access$70.00Details
135930Bosch SecurityASWP2475CFRAudible Strobe, 75 Candela, 24 Vdc, Outdoor, Wall$60.17Details
134931Bosch SecurityASWP2475WFRAudible Strobe, 75 Candela, 24 Vdc, Outdoor, Wall$56.60Details
134988Bosch SecurityAVSMRGang Sync Control Module, 8 V, Red, Synchronizes M$47.53Details
135931Bosch SecurityAVSMWGang Sync Control Module, 12-16 V, White, Synchron$48.33Details
411691Bosch SecurityB10Accessory, Control Panel Enclosure, Medium, White$30.00Details
805767Bosch SecurityB10RAccessory, Control Panel, Medium, Red $34.80Details
859917Bosch SecurityB10R1640120WIAccessory, Control Panel, Medium, 40 Va, 16.5 Vac,$68.60Details
411692Bosch SecurityB11Accessory, Control Panel Enclosure, Small, White $22.50Details
1056125Bosch SecurityB11RRed Enclosure, Control Panel, Small$28.50Details
411693Bosch SecurityB12Mounting Plate For B Series Panels And B520 To D8103 Or D8108A$13.20Details
593409Bosch SecurityB2012-Wire Smoke Detector Module For B3512, B4512 And B5512$22.43Details
134933Bosch SecurityB208Input Module, (8), For Sdi2 Bus $83.64Details
903401Bosch SecurityB299Accessory, Popex Module, For B9512G/B8512G $64.40Details
135500Bosch SecurityB308Relay Module, (8), For Sdi2 $92.29Details
134934Bosch SecurityB328Detector Accessory, Swivel Mounting Bracket Intrus$9.00Details
134989Bosch SecurityB3353Detector Accessory, Swivel Mount, For 774 / 932 Se$10.63Details
135933Bosch SecurityB338Bracket, Universal Ceiling 782695066331 $7.42Details
593410Bosch SecurityB3512Accessory, Control Communicator, 16-Point *Availab$119.00Details
593411Bosch SecurityB3512DC1Intrusion Kit, Includes (1) B3512, (1) B11, (1) Cx$297.00Details
593412Bosch SecurityB3512DC1920Intrusion Kit, Includes (1) B3512, (1) B11, (1) Cx$398.25Details
593413Bosch SecurityB3512DPIntrusion Kit, Includes (1) B3512, (1) B11, (1) Cx$182.00Details
593414Bosch SecurityB3512DP920Intrusion Kit, Includes (1) B3512, (1) B11, (1) Cx$276.75Details
1057916Bosch SecurityB3512E16 Point Control Communicator, No Ip$131.59Details
593415Bosch SecurityB3512EDC1B3512 Cellular Kit (Not Ethernet) Includes:B3512E, Cx4010, B11, B441$266.00Details
593416Bosch SecurityB3512EDC1915B3512E Cellular Kit (No Ethernet) Includes:B3512E, Cx4010, B11, B441, B915$310.50Details
593417Bosch SecurityB3512EDPB3512 Pstn Kit (Not Ethernet) Includes: B3512E, Cx4010, B11, B430$126.00Details
593418Bosch SecurityB3512EDP915B3512E Pstn Kit (No Ethernet) Includes: B3512E, Cx4010, B11, B430, B915$182.00Details
964407Bosch SecurityB3512KDKit (B3512, B11, Cx4010)$148.36Details
1076204Bosch SecurityB3512KD915Kit (B3512, B11, Cx4010, B915)$232.36Details
927638Bosch SecurityB3512NC16 Point Control Communicator (Non Cloud)$89.25Details
949155Bosch SecurityB40MB50Indoor/Outdoor Multiband Antenna, Cell, 50Ft Cable$153.99Details
411695Bosch SecurityB426Accessory, Contettix Ip Ethernet Interface $194.60Details
411696Bosch SecurityB430Plug-In Communicator, Telephone $43.50Details
411697Bosch SecurityB440Plug-In Cellular Communicator, Verizon Evdo (3G) $231.00Details
1081890Bosch SecurityB440CPlug-In Cellular Module, Verizon 3G, Cold$231.00Details
593419Bosch SecurityB441Plug-In Cellular Communicator, Verizon Cdma $168.00Details
1052408Bosch SecurityB441CPlug-In Cellular Module, Verizon Cdma, Cold$168.00Details
1054081Bosch SecurityB443Plug-In Cellular Communicator, Hspa+ (3G/4G) $254.80Details
1057959Bosch SecurityB443ATTHspa+ Plug-In W/ Att Sim$272.30Details
593420Bosch SecurityB450Plug-In Communication Module Adapter For B Series, G Series And Fpd7024 Panels$84.00Details
593421Bosch SecurityB450CCellular Add On Kit, Includes (1) B440, (1) B450 $303.75Details
593422Bosch SecurityB450C1Cellular Add On Kit, Includes (1) B441, (1) B450 $252.00Details
411698Bosch SecurityB4512Control Communicator, (28) Point $140.00Details
411699Bosch SecurityB4512CCommunicator Kit, Includes (1) B4513, (1) Transfor$168.00Details
411700Bosch SecurityB4512C920Communicator Kit, Includes (1) B4512, (1) B10, (1$273.00Details
861791Bosch SecurityB4512C921CCommunicator Kit, Includes (1) B4512, (1) B10, (1)$273.00Details
411701Bosch SecurityB4512C930Communicator Kit, Includes (1) B4512, (1) B10, (1$303.75Details
411702Bosch SecurityB4512CCCommunicator Kit, Includes (1) B4512, (1) B10, (1)$384.75Details
411703Bosch SecurityB4512CC920Communicator Kit, Includes (1) B4512, (1) B10, (1)$486.00Details
411704Bosch SecurityB4512CC930Communicator Kit, Includes (1) B4512, (1) B10, (1)$526.50Details
411705Bosch SecurityB4512CPCommunicator Kit, Includes (1) B4512, (1) B10, (1)$210.00Details
411706Bosch SecurityB4512CP920Communicator Kit, Includes (1) B4512, (1) B10, (1)$303.75Details
874983Bosch SecurityB4512CP920K1Communicator Kit, Includes (1) B4512, (1) B430, (1$588.60Details
766932Bosch SecurityB4512CP921CCommunicator Kit, Includes (1) B4512, (1) B10, (1)$303.75Details
411707Bosch SecurityB4512CP930Communicator Kit, Includes (1) B4512, (1) B10, (1)$344.25Details
411708Bosch SecurityB4512DCommunicator Kit, Includes (1) B4513, (1) Transfor$161.00Details
411709Bosch SecurityB4512D920Communicator Kit, Includes (1) B4512, (1) B11, (1)$266.00Details
881892Bosch SecurityB4512D921CCommunicator Kit, Includes (1) B4512, (1) B11, (1)$266.00Details
411710Bosch SecurityB4512D930Communicator Kit, Includes (1) B4512, (1) B11, (1)$297.00Details
411711Bosch SecurityB4512DCCommunicator Kit, Includes (1) B4512, (1) B11, (1)$378.00Details
914352Bosch SecurityB4512DC1Communicator Kit, Includes (1) B4512, (1) B11, (1)$317.25Details
1066896Bosch SecurityB4512DC1930Communicator Kit, Includes (1) B4512, (1) B11, (1)$459.00Details
829339Bosch SecurityB4512DC920Communicator Kit, Includes (1) B5512, (1) B11, (1)$425.25Details
411712Bosch SecurityB4512DC930Communicator Kit, Includes (1) B4512, (1) B11, (1)$519.75Details
411713Bosch SecurityB4512DPCommunicator Kit, Includes (1) B4512, (1) B11, (1)$203.00Details
411714Bosch SecurityB4512DP920Communicator Kit, Includes (1) B4512, (1) B11, (1)$297.00Details
411715Bosch SecurityB4512DP930Communicator Kit, Includes (1) B4512, (1) B11, (1)$337.50Details
593423Bosch SecurityB4512EDC1B4512 Cellular Kit (Not Ethernet) Includes:B4512E, Cx4010, B11, B441$280.00Details
593424Bosch SecurityB4512EDC1915B4512E Cellular Kit (No Ethernet) Includes:B4512E, Cx4010, B11, B441, B915$324.00Details
593425Bosch SecurityB4512EDPB4512 Pstn Kit (Not Ethernet) Includes:B4512E, Cx4010, B11, B430$133.00Details
593426Bosch SecurityB4512EDP915B4512E Pstn Kit (No Ethernet) Includes:B4512E, Cx4010, B11, B430, B915$189.00Details
1070423Bosch SecurityB4512KCKit (B4512, B10, Cx4010)$176.36Details
1007037Bosch SecurityB4512KC920Kit (B4512, B10, Cx4010, B920)$271.31Details
996620Bosch SecurityB4512NC28 Point Control Communicator (Non Cloud)$105.00Details
863312Bosch SecurityB46Accessory, External Annunciator $18.00Details
722883Bosch SecurityB465Accessory, Universal Dual Path Communicator $203.00Details
984655Bosch SecurityB465MR120WIKit (B465 Communicator, B10R-1640-120Wi Medium Red Enclosure W/16.5 Vac 40Va, B46 External Annunciator, D101 Lock & Key)$281.02Details
982751Bosch SecurityB465MR1640Kit (B465 Communicator, B10R Medium Red Enclosure, B46 External Annunciator, D101 Lock & Key, D1640 Transformer, D8004 Transformer Enclosure)$296.96Details
997069Bosch SecurityB465MRC120WIKit (B465 Communicator, B10R-1640-120Wi Medium Red Enclosure W/16.5 Vac 40Va, B46 External Annunciator, B440 Cdma Cellular Communicator, D101 Lock & Key)$503.77Details
984374Bosch SecurityB465MRC1640Kit (B465 Communicator, B10R Medium Red Enclosure, B46 External Annunciator, D101 Lock & Key, B440 Cdma Cellular Communicator, D1640 Transformer, D8004 Transformer Enclosure)$519.71Details
1067975Bosch SecurityB465MW1640Kit (B465 Communicator, B10 Medium White Enclosure, D101 Lock & Key, D1640 Transformer)$243.98Details
931459Bosch SecurityB465MWC1640Kit (B465 Communicator, B10 Medium White Enclosure, D101 Lock & Key, B440 Cdma Cellular Communicator, D1640 Transformer)$458.01Details
1075519Bosch SecurityB465SR1640Kit (B465 Communicator, B11R Small Red Enclosure, D101 Lock & Key, D1640 Transformer, D8004 Transformer Enclosure)$278.56Details
1033429Bosch SecurityB465SRC1640Kit (B465 Communicator, B11R Small Red Enclosure, D101 Lock & Key, B440 Cdma Cellular Communicator, D1640 Transformer, D8004 Transformer Enclosure)$491.36Details
965101Bosch SecurityB465SW1640Kit (B465 Communicator, B11 Small White Enclosure, D101 Lock & Key, D1640 Transformer)$236.98Details
947294Bosch SecurityB465SWC1640Kit (B465 Communicator, B11 Small White Enclosure, D101 Lock & Key, B440 Cdma Cellular Communicator, D1640 Transformer)$451.26Details
923624Bosch SecurityB50110Cable, Sdi-2 Molex *Pack Of 10* $17.25Details
411716Bosch SecurityB520Accessory, Sd12 Auxiliary Power Supply, 2 Amps $224.00Details
411717Bosch SecurityB520BB520 Power Supply With Tr1850 Transformer And B10 Enclosure$266.00Details
411718Bosch SecurityB520CB520 Power Supply With Tr1850 Transformer, B8103 Enclosure And B12 Mounting Plate$280.00Details
411719Bosch SecurityB5512Control Communicator, (48) Point $161.00Details
411720Bosch SecurityB5512CCommunicator Kit, Includes (1) B5512, (1) Transfor$189.00Details
411721Bosch SecurityB5512C920Communicator Control Panel, 48-Point, 2-Line Alpha$283.50Details
411722Bosch SecurityB5512C930Communicator Control Panel, 48-Point, Atm Style Al$324.00Details
411723Bosch SecurityB5512CCCommunicator Kit, Includes (1) B5512, (1) B10, (1)$405.00Details
411724Bosch SecurityB5512CC920Communicator Kit, Includes (1) B5512, (1) B10, (1)$506.25Details
411725Bosch SecurityB5512CC930Communicator Kit, Includes (1) B5512, (1) B10, (1)$546.75Details
411726Bosch SecurityB5512CPCommunicator Kit, Includes (1) B5512, (1) B10, (1)$231.00Details
411727Bosch SecurityB5512CP920Communicator Kit, Includes (1) B5512, (1) B10, (1)$324.00Details
411728Bosch SecurityB5512CP930Communicator Kit, Includes (1) B5512, (1) B10, (1)$364.50Details
411729Bosch SecurityB5512DCommunicator Kit, Includes (1) B5512, (1) Transfor$182.00Details
411730Bosch SecurityB5512D920Communicator Kit, Includes (1) B5512, (1) B10, (1)$276.75Details
411731Bosch SecurityB5512D930Communicator Kit, Includes (1) B5512, (1) B10, (1)$317.25Details
411732Bosch SecurityB5512DCCommunicator Kit, Includes (1) B5512, (1) B11, (1)$398.25Details
411733Bosch SecurityB5512DC920Communicator Kit, Includes (1) B5512, (1)B11, (1)$499.50Details
411734Bosch SecurityB5512DC930Communicator Kit, Includes (1) B5512, (1) B11, (1)$540.00Details
411735Bosch SecurityB5512DPCommunicator Kit, Includes (1) B5512, (1) B11, (1)$224.00Details
411736Bosch SecurityB5512DP920Communicator Kit, Includes (1) B5512, (1) B11, (1)$317.25Details
411737Bosch SecurityB5512DP930Communicator Kit, Includes (1) B5512, (1) B11, (1)$357.75Details
593427Bosch SecurityB5512EDC1B5512 Cellular Kit (Not Ethernet) Includes :B5512E , Cx4010, B11, B441$283.50Details
593428Bosch SecurityB5512EDC1915B5512E Cellular Kit (No Ethernet) Includes :B5512E, Cx4010, B11, B441, B915$337.50Details
593429Bosch SecurityB5512EDPB5512 Pstn Kit (Not Ethernet) Includes:B5512E, Cx4010, B11, B430$140.00Details
593430Bosch SecurityB5512EDP915B5512E Pstn Kit (No Ethernet) Includes:B5512E, Cx4010, B11, B430, B915$196.00Details
977867Bosch SecurityB5512KCKit (B5512, B10, Cx4010)$197.36Details
987766Bosch SecurityB5512KC920Kit (B5512, B10, Cx4010. B920)$291.56Details
978434Bosch SecurityB5512NC48 Point Control Communicator (Non Cloud)$120.75Details
593431Bosch SecurityB56Accessory, B Series, Keypad Surface Mount Back Box$14.85Details
902533Bosch SecurityB600Accessory, Zonex Module, For B9512G/B8512G $64.40Details
1079087Bosch SecurityB6512Control Communicator, 96 Point, W/ 4 Doors $280.00Details
930513Bosch SecurityB6512KCKit (B6512, B10, Cx4010)$305.06Details
1009280Bosch SecurityB6512KC920Kit (B6512, B10, Cx4010,B920)$406.31Details
134935Bosch SecurityB800Detector Accessory, Ceiling Mount Bracket Intrusio$7.42Details
411738Bosch SecurityB810Receiver, For Use W/ B Series Or Gv4 $84.00Details
922971Bosch SecurityB8103Accessory, Commercial Enclosure, White $32.86Details
1075614Bosch SecurityB810KKit (Radion-Rcvr, Pir, 2X Door/Window)$230.30Details
135934Bosch SecurityB820Interface, Inovonics Sdi2 $64.89Details
860543Bosch SecurityB8512GIntrusion/Fire/Access Control Panel 99 Points 8 Doors$344.25Details
899855Bosch SecurityB8512GBPFire Kit (B8512G, D8109, D1640, D122, D161(2), B430 (2), D101F)$445.50Details
742871Bosch SecurityB8512GCIntrusion/Fire/Access Kit, Includes (1) B8512G, (1$384.75Details
898664Bosch SecurityB8512GCCIntrusion/Fire/Access Kit, Includes (1) B512G, (1)$607.50Details
876087Bosch SecurityB8512GCC1Intrusion/Fire/Access Kit, Includes (1) B8512G, (1$546.75Details
765763Bosch SecurityB8512GCPIntrusion/Fire/Access Kit, Includes (1) B8512G, (1$425.25Details
711912Bosch SecurityB8512GECCIntrusion/Fire/Access Kit, Includes (1) B8512G-E,$472.50Details
783721Bosch SecurityB8512GECC1Intrusion/Fire/Access Kit, Includes (1) B8512G-E,$411.75Details
781024Bosch SecurityB8512GECPIntrusion/Fire/Access Kit, Includes (1) B8512G-E,$290.25Details
885305Bosch SecurityB901Accessory, Door Control Module, Sdi2/Sdi $175.92Details
593432Bosch SecurityB915Accessory, Basic Text Keypad $84.00Details
969260Bosch SecurityB915IBasic Text Keypad (Icon Keys)$84.00Details
411739Bosch SecurityB920Keypad, 2-Line, Alpha Numeric, Sd12 $105.00Details
593433Bosch SecurityB921CAccessory, 2-Line Lcd Capacitive Touch Keypad $119.00Details
725783Bosch SecurityB925FCombination Fire And Intrusion Keypad/Annunciator For B8512G And B9512G$126.00Details
911344Bosch SecurityB926FAccessory, Combination Fire/Intrusion Keypad, Annu$126.00Details
411740Bosch SecurityB930Keypad, Atm Style, Alpha Numeric, Sd12 $147.00Details
593434Bosch SecurityB942Color Graphic Touch Screen Keypad With Prox (Black)$252.00Details
593435Bosch SecurityB942WColor Graphic Touch Screen Keypad With Prox (White)$252.00Details
832855Bosch SecurityB9512GIntrusion/Fire/Access Control Panel 599 Points 32 Doors$519.75Details
899496Bosch SecurityB9512GBPFire Kit (B9512G, D8109, D1640, D122, D161(2), B430 (2), D101F)$607.50Details
762698Bosch SecurityB9512GCKit, Includes (1) B9512G, (1) B8103, (1) D1640 $560.25Details
710825Bosch SecurityB9512GCCKit, Includes (1) B9512G, (1) B8103, (1) B440, (1)$754.00Details
735566Bosch SecurityB9512GCC1Kit, Includes (1) B9512G, (1) B8103, (1) B441, (1)$695.50Details
806385Bosch SecurityB9512GCC930B9512G Cellular Kit, Includes (1) B930, (1) B440 $889.20Details
765791Bosch SecurityB9512GCPKit, Includes (1) B9512G, (1) B8103, (1) B430, (1)$600.75Details
893617Bosch SecurityB9512GECCKit, Includes (1) B9512G-E, (1) B8103, (1) B440, ($648.00Details
740075Bosch SecurityB9512GECC1Kit, Includes (1) B9512G-E, (1) B8103, (1) B441, ($587.25Details
809097Bosch SecurityB9512GECPKit, Includes (1) B9512G-E, (1) B8103, (1) B430, ($465.75Details
411741Bosch SecurityB96Accessory, Trim Plate, For B Series Keypads $9.90Details
411742Bosch SecurityB99Accessory, Usb Cable, For B Series Programming /$16.50Details
135502Bosch SecurityBATB40Battery Box, Without Shelf Fire $214.17Details
135935Bosch SecurityBATB80Battery Box, W/ Shelf Fire $237.12Details
135503Bosch SecurityBATBSHELFBattery Box Shelf Fire $31.68Details
134991Bosch SecurityBBRBackbox, 4", Indoor, Red $6.41Details
994997Bosch SecurityBC102Two Up Battery Charge F/ Sr-50$145.59Details
1061598Bosch SecurityBDS1358DSHigh-Fidelity Illumination, 135O, 850Nm, Includes$2,291.24Details
808602Bosch SecurityBH12TAccessory, Heater, For Isc-Fpb1-Xxx Photo Beams $43.50Details
1053258Bosch SecurityBP10001 Channel Belt Pack$253.39Details
930320Bosch SecurityBP1002$306.44Details
956588Bosch SecurityBP20002 Channel Belt Pack$311.84Details
1049834Bosch SecurityBP20022Ch Portable Metal Belt Pack$410.39Details
1028769Bosch SecurityBP300ABodypack Transmitter$99.39Details
1030620Bosch SecurityBP300BBp-300 B Band Bodypack Transmitter$99.39Details
930418Bosch SecurityBP319A4FF01U1187591 Channel Portable Metal Beltpack W/Call Light$357.74Details
1003761Bosch SecurityBPU2GF01U1461881112 Channel Wireless Bodypack Transmitter$184.79Details
318608Bosch SecurityBRSBASE04ARecording Station Base License 4 Ip$573.74Details
411746Bosch SecurityBRSBASE08ARecording Station Base License 8 Ip$977.59Details
411747Bosch SecurityBRSBASE16ARecording Station Base License 16 Ip$1,756.24Details
593436Bosch SecurityBRSBASE32ARecording Station Base License 32 Ip$3,389.99Details
411748Bosch SecurityBRSDEMO32ARecording Station Demo License 32 Ip Cameras$47.84Details
411749Bosch SecurityBRSDVD00ABosch Recording Station Dvd Box&Manual$76.99Details
411750Bosch SecurityBRSDVD16ABosch Recording Station Dvd Box 16 Ip$1,756.24Details
411751Bosch SecurityBRSDVD32ABosch Recording Station Dvd Box 32Ip$3,389.99Details
318607Bosch SecurityBRSFATMARecording Station Feature Atm Pos Bridge$573.74Details
355402Bosch SecurityBRSFWRIAReceiver Station Feature Cd/Dv Writing$123.19Details
593437Bosch SecurityBRSR410S2E116Brs Kit 1U Rk 16 A/V Ch 4Tb Raid-5$9,964.95Details
593438Bosch SecurityBRSR810S6E232Brs Kit 2U Rk 32 A/V Ch 8Tb Raid-5$16,341.89Details
593439Bosch SecurityBRSR820S2E116Brs Kit 2U Rk 16 A/V Ch 16Tb Raid$15,545.23Details
411753Bosch SecurityBRSR820S6E232Brs Kit 2U Rk 32 A/V Ch 16Tb Raid$18,999.05Details
411754Bosch SecurityBRSRAC14100ARecording Station Ip Vid Mgmt Appliance Rec Srvr4T$5,713.25Details
411755Bosch SecurityBRSRAC28100ABrs 2U 19" Rackmount 8Tb$7,839.71Details
411756Bosch SecurityBRSRAC28200A19" Rackmount 16Tb$10,496.87Details
593440Bosch SecurityBRST410S0E108Brs Kit/Twr 8 A/V Ch 4Tb Intrnl Dvd$6,642.89Details
411757Bosch SecurityBRST410S2E116Brs Kit-Twr 16 A/V Ch 4Tb Int Dvd$8,370.41Details
593441Bosch SecurityBRSTOW4100ABrs Tower 4Tb Recording Station Ip Video$4,118.71Details
318605Bosch SecurityBRSXCAM04ABosch Recrding Station Expsnion Lic 4 Ip Ch E-Lic$573.74Details
411758Bosch SecurityBRSXCAM32ARecording Station Expansion 32 Cameras$3,267.49Details
1032050Bosch SecurityBRSXREM01ARecording Station Expansion 1 Remote St.$183.39Details
971952Bosch SecurityBTR242.4Ghz Multi-Channel Wireless Base Station$1,533.74Details
1001131Bosch SecurityBTR240A4MNAF01U168686Btr-240 Base Station, A4M Headset Jack$3,199.99Details
1057357Bosch SecurityBTR300Wireless Intercom Base Station$2,877.49Details
1067693Bosch SecurityBTR500Rcvr Base 2 Channel$1,264.89Details
1058551Bosch SecurityBTR500SETRcvr Base Belt Back$2,208.74Details
1030805Bosch SecurityBTR800Uhf 2 Chn Synth Intercom Stat$4,994.67Details
968974Bosch SecurityBTR80NNarrow Band Uhf 2 Chan Wireless Base Station$5,093.49Details
985333Bosch SecurityBUBCLRFDIClr Bubble Dm 4/5000 Indr$26.25Details
927471Bosch SecurityBUBCLRFDOClr Bubble Dm 4/5000 Otdr$26.25Details
936101Bosch SecurityBUBG3APWTIBubg3Apwti Indr,Pdnt Wht,Tntd$118.99Details
1020112Bosch SecurityBUBG3ASCLG3 Dome Indr Drop Ceiling Clr$79.79Details
1006727Bosch SecurityBUBTINFDITinted Buble Dm 4/5000 Indr$26.25Details
1065117Bosch SecurityBUBTINFDOTinted Buble Dm 4/5000 Otdr$26.25Details
355398Bosch SecurityBVCCamera Software, Manages Up To (16) Hd And/Or Sd VCall for Price.Details
318600Bosch SecurityBVCESIP01ABosch Video Client License, 1-Channel, Windows Pc$70.00Details
355397Bosch SecurityBVCESIP08ABvc Expansion License, 8-Channel $540.00Details
411764Bosch SecurityBVCESIP112ABosch Video Client License, 112-Channel, Windows P$6,832.00Details
355396Bosch SecurityBVCESIP16ABvc Expansion License, 16-Channel $1,040.00Details
355395Bosch SecurityBVCESIP32ABosch Video Client License, 32-Channel, Windows Pc$2,000.00Details
411765Bosch SecurityBVCESIP48ABosch Video Client License, 48-Channel, Windows Pc$3,000.00Details
931543Bosch SecurityBVCESIP6464 Channel Ip Bvc License$4,130.91Details
411766Bosch SecurityBVCESIP64ABosch Video Client License, 64-Channel, Windows Pc$3,904.00Details
411767Bosch SecurityBVCESIP80ABosch Video Client License, 80-Channel, Windows Pc$4,880.00Details
411768Bosch SecurityBVCESIP96ABosch Video Client License, 96-Channel, Windows Pc$5,856.00Details
1077050Bosch SecurityBVMSLITEPRO32Upgrade Blite 32 Topro W 32Chls$5,913.33Details
934009Bosch SecurityBVMSLTITEPRO64Upgrad Blite To Pro W/64Chls$8,304.53Details
936388Bosch SecurityC16162USTwo Line Tone Remote$3,001.24Details
1004702Bosch SecurityC16164US4 Four Line Tone Remote$3,674.63Details
1038809Bosch SecurityC16166USSix Line Tone Remote$4,176.05Details
593444Bosch SecurityC1BPAccessory, Blank Panel, For C1 Rack, 1-Slot Width$26.93Details
318599Bosch SecurityC1INEia Rack, 19 Inch, 120-230 Vac, For Cnfe2Mc Media$715.00Details
980443Bosch SecurityC8Ear Cushion$10.21Details
134994Bosch SecurityC900V2Ethernet Dialer Capture, Ip Communication Module $298.96Details
134995Bosch SecurityCBB8Backbox, 8 Inch, For Round Speaker $15.33Details
962474Bosch SecurityCCS12Ear Cushions Pkg 12$8.62Details
742534Bosch SecurityCCSCMSChairman Unit Short Microphone$533.24Details
900695Bosch SecurityCCSDSDelegate Unit Short Microphone$438.74Details
1079757Bosch SecurityCCSSC10Suitcase For 10 Delegate Units$465.74Details
1046168Bosch SecurityCCSSC6Suitcase Contrl Unit /6 Delegate$456.29Details
1044001Bosch SecurityCDGF01U131160Cdg, Kit, Accessory, Dual Gland Nut Cover, Eva$49.29Details
1052016Bosch SecurityCDP850T60W Compund Diffraction Pro$779.99Details
1020254Bosch SecurityCES2F01U118419Ces-2 Complete Earset$82.59Details
134996Bosch SecurityCH70241575WFRChime Strobe, 15/75 Candela, 24 Vdc, Wall Mount, R$128.13Details
135936Bosch SecurityCH7024MCWFRChime Strobe, 15-110 Candela, 24 Vdc, Wall Mount,$108.61Details
134937Bosch SecurityCH7024MCWFWChime Strobe, 15-110 Candela, 24 Vdc, Wall Mount,$108.61Details
135506Bosch SecurityCH7024MCWHFRChime Strobe, 135-185 Candela, 24 Vdc, Square, Wal$138.60Details
135507Bosch SecurityCH7024MCWHFWChime Strobe, 135-185 Candela, 24 Vdc, Square, Wal$116.27Details
135938Bosch SecurityCH7024RChime, 24 Vdc, Square, Red, Wall / Ceiling Mount <$60.12Details
135988Bosch SecurityCH7024WChime, 24 Vdc, Square, White, Wall / Ceiling Mount$52.29Details
1030702Bosch SecurityCIA1000Call Light Indicator With Front Mounted Red Flshlt$576.44Details
984319Bosch SecurityCLA31/2 Wave Colinear Antenna Red$102.19Details
1058262Bosch SecurityCLA5Have Wire Antenna$102.19Details
1063245Bosch SecurityCM1Cobranet Modul$1,175.19Details
951845Bosch SecurityCMT25'(1.5M) With 1/4" Straight Connector Gray$32.63Details
318595Bosch SecurityCNFE2MCINAccessory, Media Converter W/ Sfp Socket, Surface/$534.53Details
593445Bosch SecurityCRSMIYS37FIMiys37 Wristband Trnsmttr W/Black Button (U.S)$59.50Details
593447Bosch SecurityCRSNC4RUUSRelay Unit Us$694.19Details
593448Bosch SecurityCRSNCMDUSMiymd Mandown (434.01) (Us Version)$274.04Details
593449Bosch SecurityCRSNCN462RUSMiyn46 Wall Transmitter With Two Relays (Us Versn)$223.99Details
593450Bosch SecurityCRSNCRACUSMiy Wireless Contact Rac (434.01) (Us Version)$117.59Details
593451Bosch SecurityCRSNCS35RSUSMiys35 Pendant Transmitter W/Reset Possibility U.S$137.19Details
593452Bosch SecurityCRSNCS35USMiys35 Pendant W/O String (Us)$131.59Details
593453Bosch SecurityCRSNCS37LLODMiys37L Wristband Transmitter-Dimentia (Us Vrsn)$188.99Details
593454Bosch SecurityCRSNCS37LUSMiys37L Wristband Locator Us Version$188.99Details
593455Bosch SecurityCRSNCS37RSUSMiys37 Wristband Trnsmttr W/Reset Possibility U.S.$103.59Details
1006186Bosch SecurityCSGF01U131159Csg, Kit, Accessory, Single Gland Nut Cover, Eva$36.98Details
134997Bosch SecurityCTS170Enclosure Tamper Kit, Switch Security Escort $4.82Details
1051617Bosch SecurityCX2550Ohm Copper Stranded Coax$51.48Details
134998Bosch SecurityCX4010Accessory, Transformer, 18 Vac, 22 Va $9.85Details
1081273Bosch SecurityCXU100$345.59Details
1073355Bosch SecurityCXU2525'-50 0Hm-Low-Loss-Coaxil Cable-Tnc-M-Connector$90.99Details
1082100Bosch SecurityCXU50F01U118164$233.79Details
134941Bosch SecurityD1001Test Pole, Calibrated, Magnetic $387.98Details
135509Bosch SecurityD1003Smoke Test Magnet $16.80Details
135510Bosch SecurityD1005Test Cable, 3' $7.87Details
135991Bosch SecurityD101Lock & Key Set, Std. $3.89Details
134942Bosch SecurityD101FLock & Key Set, Fire $4.12Details
134943Bosch SecurityD101XLock & Key Set, For D2803 Enclosures $3.89Details
135001Bosch SecurityD102Key, For D101 Lock Std $1.02Details
135992Bosch SecurityD102FKey, For D101F Lock, Fire $1.10Details
784745Bosch SecurityD110Tamper Switch, 2 Pk $7.60Details
135003Bosch SecurityD113Supervision Module, Battery Lead $63.87Details
135994Bosch SecurityD116Siren, 12V, 15 Watt $10.02Details
135515Bosch SecurityD117Siren, 12V, 30 Watt $14.44Details
135005Bosch SecurityD118Speaker, 12V, 15 Watt $10.02Details
135516Bosch SecurityD119Speaker, 12V, 30 Watt $18.15Details
135517Bosch SecurityD1218Battery, 12 V, 18 Ah Security Escort $64.25Details
135006Bosch SecurityD122Dual Battery Harness $9.44Details
134945Bosch SecurityD122LDual Battery Harness, Long Leads $12.77Details
355391Bosch SecurityD1250Battery, 38 Ah, 12 Volt $15.45Details
135009Bosch SecurityD1255Alpha Numeric Command Center With Vacuum Fluorescent Display - Off-White Enclosure$142.76Details
135010Bosch SecurityD1255BAlpha Numeric Command Center With Vacuum Fluorescent Display - Gray And White Enclosure$142.76Details
134946Bosch SecurityD1255RBFull Function Fire Keypad With Vacuum Florescent Display$142.76Details
135522Bosch SecurityD1255USAFire Control Keypad, 16-Character, Vfd Display, 14$142.76Details
134947Bosch SecurityD1255WAlpha Numeric Command Center With Vacuum Fluorescent Display - White Enclosure$142.76Details
134949Bosch SecurityD1256RBFire Annunciator/Keypad With Vacuum Florescent Display$142.76Details
134950Bosch SecurityD1257RBTwo Button Fire Annunciator With Vacuum Florescent Display$142.76Details
134951Bosch SecurityD125BInitiating Module, Dual, 12 / 24 V $37.69Details
136003Bosch SecurityD126Battery, 12 V, 7 Ah $24.33Details
135012Bosch SecurityD1260Atm Style Alpha Command Center With Lcd Display - Off-White Enclosure$209.09Details
134953Bosch SecurityD1260BAtm Style Alpha Command Center With Lcd Display - Grey And White Enclosure$209.09Details
135013Bosch SecurityD1260BLKAtm Style Alpha Command Center With Lcd Display - Black Enclosure$209.09Details
134954Bosch SecurityD1260RAtm Style Alpha Command Center With Lcd Display - Red Enclosure$209.09Details
135015Bosch SecurityD1260WAtm Style Alpha Command Center With Lcd Display - White Enclosure$209.09Details
135527Bosch SecurityD127Reversing Relay Module $59.12Details
135017Bosch SecurityD129Circuit Module, Dual Initiating , Fire, Loop, Clas$66.84Details
136007Bosch SecurityD130Relay Module, 5 Amp $23.18Details
135018Bosch SecurityD132AReversing Relay, For D263Ths $33.84Details
136008Bosch SecurityD132BReversing Relay, Multi-Use $34.86Details
134955Bosch SecurityD133Relay Module, 2 Amp, 12 Vdc $16.22Details
134956Bosch SecurityD134Relay Module, Dual, 2 Amp, 12 Vdc $29.36Details
135019Bosch SecurityD135ACutoff Module, Low Battery $17.00Details
134958Bosch SecurityD137Mounting Bracket <$9.17Details
135530Bosch SecurityD138Module Bracket, Right Angle, For D9124 $13.33Details
134959Bosch SecurityD160Phone Cord, W/ Plug $7.42Details
135021Bosch SecurityD161Phone Cord, 7', Dual Modular $7.42Details
134960Bosch SecurityD162Phone Cord, 2', Dual Modular $7.42Details
135022Bosch SecurityD1625Transformer, Wall, 16 Vac, 25 Va $9.85Details
135023Bosch SecurityD163Phone Cord, 7', Ground Start $7.42Details
135531Bosch SecurityD164Phone Cord, 7', 8 Conductor, Small $4.82Details
135024Bosch SecurityD1640Transformer, 16 Vac, 40 Va $11.72Details
136014Bosch SecurityD166Phone Jack, Rj31X $7.42Details
135025Bosch SecurityD167Earth Ground Clamp $3.89Details
134961Bosch SecurityD185Accessory, Interface Module, Reverse Polatiry $95.06Details
135534Bosch SecurityD192GModule, Notification Circuit Module, 12 Vdc $63.87Details
135028Bosch SecurityD203Housing, 3/5 Module $14.27Details
136211Bosch SecurityD250ADetector Base, 6" $8.83Details
135147Bosch SecurityD253Heat Detector Base, 24 V $15.74Details
135045Bosch SecurityD254Heat Detector Head, 135 Deg $9.92Details
135545Bosch SecurityD256AHeat Detector Head, Rate-Of Rise, 135 Deg $32.89Details
135047Bosch SecurityD261AWSmoke Detector Base, 12 V, 2 Wire, 6", White $10.46Details
135149Bosch SecurityD261WSmoke Detector Base, 12 / 24 V, 2 Wire, 6", White$10.64Details
136213Bosch SecurityD263Smoke Detector, Photoelectric, 2 Wire $34.86Details
1003865Bosch SecurityD263KIT6 Ds-D263$222.59Details
135150Bosch SecurityD263THSmoke / Heat Detector, Photoelectric, 2 Wire $37.24Details
1020651Bosch SecurityD263THKIT6 Ds-D263Th$235.19Details
135151Bosch SecurityD263THSSmoke / Heat Detector, 2 Wire, Sounder $46.75Details
135152Bosch SecurityD265AWSmoke Detector Head, Photoelectric, 12 / 24 V $39.61Details
135548Bosch SecurityD273Smoke Detector, Photoelectric, 4 Wire, 12 / 24 V $36.44Details
135153Bosch SecurityD273ISSmoke Detector, 4 Wire, Isolated Heat Sensor, Soun$55.06Details
965130Bosch SecurityD273KIT6 Ds-D273$228.19Details
135549Bosch SecurityD273THSmoke / Heat Detector, 4 Wire $38.82Details
135048Bosch SecurityD273THCSmoke / Heat Detector, 4 Wire, Auxiliary Relay $46.75Details
136215Bosch SecurityD273THCSSmoke / Heat Detector, 4 Wire, Auxiliary Relay, So$55.85Details
135154Bosch SecurityD273THESmoke / Heat Detector, 4 Wire, Eol Relay $49.91Details
135155Bosch SecurityD273THESSmoke / Heat Detector W/ Eol Relay, 4-Wire, Sounde$55.46Details
135049Bosch SecurityD273THRSmoke / Heat Detector, 4 Wire, Trouble Relay $49.91Details
135156Bosch SecurityD273THSSmoke / Heat Detector, 4 Wire, Sounder $47.53Details
135051Bosch SecurityD274Power Supervisor Module, 12 V $16.42Details
135551Bosch SecurityD278SDetector Base, Addressable, 4 Wire, 12 V $28.64Details
136218Bosch SecurityD279AIndependant Zone Control $87.96Details