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CE Labs / Cable Electronics

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
143087CE Labs / Cable Electronics1080P80GIGHARDDRIVE1080P 80Gig Hard Drive$789.09Details
144239CE Labs / Cable Electronics15VDC400MA15V-Dc-400-Milli-Amp-Power Supply-Call for Price.Details
145987CE Labs / Cable Electronics15VDC450MAPower Supply For The Av400 And Av700Call for Price.Details
143088CE Labs / Cable Electronics15VDC600MA15 Dc Power SupplyCall for Price.Details
145988CE Labs / Cable Electronics250220401Component Cable Hd300Zx$18.75Details
145989CE Labs / Cable Electronics250220405Composite Cable Hd300Zx$18.75Details
143089CE Labs / Cable Electronics250220407Vga Cable Hd300Zx$18.75Details
1006568CE Labs / Cable Electronics250221337PPB16WHT16Mm Plastic Push Button, White$18.75Details
143565CE Labs / Cable Electronics400COMPPSAv400Comp Power SupplyCall for Price.Details
144240CE Labs / Cable Electronics60021Ghz 1In1Out Bidirectional Drop Amp Rf Distro Amp$50.74Details
145992CE Labs / Cable Electronics900221002Hdmi 1 In 8 Out Distribution Amplifier V1.3B$376.64Details
747952CE Labs / Cable Electronics9002211111 In 4 Out Ultra Hd Hdmi Audio/Video Distribution$236.59Details
926736CE Labs / Cable Electronics900222401Uhd 4K Network Digital Signage Player W/ Hdmi In,$472.49Details
743114CE Labs / Cable Electronics900232603Wifi Dongle 80211N$52.93Details
865657CE Labs / Cable Electronics900304001HX40MHdmi Utp Single Cat5E/6 Extender Kt 40M /130' W/Ir$152.59Details
143567CE Labs / Cable Electronics92000070115V Dc 400Ma Power Supply$18.75Details
143568CE Labs / Cable Electronics9200010019 Volt A/C 600Ma Power SupplyCall for Price.Details
143569CE Labs / Cable Electronics920301902Power Supply For Extender Or Receiver Part/Hm6Ek-3Call for Price.Details
144241CE Labs / Cable Electronics920503001Power SupplyCall for Price.Details
144242CE Labs / Cable Electronics920503001W41AH100042Call for Price.Details
144243CE Labs / Cable Electronics921502624Hdmi Matrix Switch Remote Cntr$27.75Details
143570CE Labs / Cable Electronics921505701Replment Remote Ctrl Hd300Zx$27.75Details
143091CE Labs / Cable Electronics921505801Replcmnt Remot Cntrl7C-Sw204Hd$27.75Details
145993CE Labs / Cable Electronics9VAC1000M9V Milli Amp$18.75Details
144396CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsAC600MA9V 600Ma Power SupplyCall for Price.Details
143092CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsACOOLSOFTPpt Video Convertor Software$64.39Details
143571CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsAIO156HD15.6"Screen And Media Player Component In One Unit$565.64Details
144397CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsAIO22HDAll In One Hd Media Player And 22" Lcd$873.59Details
144398CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsAIO32HDAll In One Hd Media Player And 32" Lcd$1,613.74Details
353784CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsAIO70Media Player& Lcd 7 Inch Model #(990-3520-01)$197.39Details
412961CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsAIO710Hd 10" Touchscreen Net Digital Media Player W/Hdmi$973.69Details
144399CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsAPW9VAC600MAPower Supply For Ab400Comp, Cat5Tx, Cat5Rx$18.75Details
144400CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsAV4001 In 4 Out Composite Video Audio Distribution Amp$58.10Details
144465CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsAV400COMP1 In 4 Out Component Video&Audio Distribution Amp$92.39Details
143094CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsAV501HDXComponent A/V Amp,1In 5 Out, New Model$149.79Details
144466CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsAV501HDXI1 In, 5 Out Hdtv/Component W/Ground Isolation$271.59Details
143095CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsAV7001 In 7 Out Composite Vid & Aud Distribution Amp$75.59Details
144467CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsAV901COMP1 In 9 Out Component Video&Audio Distribution Amp$116.19Details
143968CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsAV901HD1 In 9Out Hdtv/Cmpnnt W/Dig Audio A/V Distrobution$204.39Details
145994CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsC5HDPHd-Utp-Cat5/6-Balun$47.84Details
143969CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsC5HDP2Hd-Utp-Cat5/6-Balun$56.54Details
143970CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsC5RMRack Mount Front Plate Ganging Twelve C5Hdp Baluns$31.89Details
144468CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsC5T6Component Cat5 Transmitter/Receiver Hub$204.39Details
1008246CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsCAT5RXA/V Cat5 Distr Recev$109.19Details
1014878CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsCAT5TXA/C Cat 5 Distribution Hub$95.19Details
144469CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsCCMCcm Enterprise Software$8,862.07Details
144470CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsCEX100C100' 5Wire Component Cabling$187.59Details
143973CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsCEX25C25' 5Wire Component Cabling$49.29Details
143975CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsCEX50C50' 5Wire Component Cabling$85.39Details
143977CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsCEX75C75' 5Wire Component Cabling$135.79Details
143978CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsCMP500RHd Digi 1080P Medi Plyr Inc Sw$787.79Details
143979CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsDCB101Dc Blocker$41.33Details
353783CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsDVP141080P Video Wall Processor 1 Input 4 Outputs$4,726.27Details
316979CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsDVP19Video Wall Processor$6,498.93Details
597851CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsDVPS444X4 Hdmi Matrix & Wall Processor$2,874.99Details
876189CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsHA44K1 In 4 Out Ultra Hd 4K-2K 30Hz Hdmi Distribution A$237.99Details
316978CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsHA841 In 8 Out Hdmi Distribution Amp With Hdmi 1.4Cabl$491.39Details
745707CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsHE02EI1Kit Hdmi & Ir Cat5 Extender -70M$272.99Details
145998CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsHM1CK3Hdmi Utp Cat5E/6 Extender Kit$411.74Details
143982CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsHM41SR$144.19Details
144476CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsHM6EK3Hdmi Utp Cat5 Xtndr Kit$125.99Details
144477CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsHS1033 In 1 Out Hdmi Auto Switch$34.08Details
144478CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsHSC16Video Scaler Vga To Hdmi$88.19Details
143100CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsHSC20Video Scaler Component To Hdmi$90.99Details
597852CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsHSMRPLUSReceiver Balun F/Hsw88C-Plus & Hsw44C-Plus$271.59Details
316977CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsHSW44C4X4 Hdmi Matrix Swithc W/Receiver 4Hdmi Outputs$2,269.99Details
316976CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsHSW44CPLS4 Cat6 Out Hdmi 4X4 Matris Switcher With Ir Remote$2,269.99Details
316975CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsHSW44CPLUS4 Hdmi In 4 Cat6 Out Matric Switcher$2,269.99Details
146000CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsHSW88CHdmi Matrix Switcher W/Ir Rmte$4,653.07Details
143986CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsHSW88CPLUSHdmi Matrix Switcher W/Ir Rmte$4,653.07Details
143101CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsHX1K3Hdmi Utp Cat5E/6 Ext Kit$380.69Details
747896CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMC62Digi Medi Play W/Hdmi/Comp Otp$102.19Details
143987CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMP400A1080P Digital Media Player W/Multi Layering$787.79Details
143988CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMP500B900220850Hd Digital Media Player W/Gpio 6 Button$612.89Details
316973CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMP500MHd Dig Media Plyr W/Atsc Tuner$2,496.24Details
146003CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMP500R900220821Hd Digital Media Player$572.39Details
144480CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMP500T900220832Hd Digital Media Player W/Atsc Tuner$612.89Details
353782CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMP70Full 1080P Hd Media Player With Hdmi Output$375.29Details
316972CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMP700Full Hd 1080 P Media Player$554.84Details
412963CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMP700GHd Media Player W/4 Av Type Outputs W/8 Gpio Ports$595.34Details
412964CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMP700GTHd Media Player Hdmi,Vga,Comp,Analog Audio$627.74Details
412965CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMP700RHd Media Player W/4 Av Type Outputs$554.84Details
412966CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMP700THd Media Plyr W/4 Av Type Outputs W/Qam Atsc Tuner$595.34Details
353781CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMPS500G08Hd Digital Media Player W/8 Gb Included$665.54Details
353780CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMPS500G16Hd Digital Media Player W/16 Gb Cf Included$653.89Details
144481CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsPB75WHTWhite Push Buttons For Mp75 Media Player$10.21Details
412967CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsQM101Sngle 1080P Hd Qam Dgtal Modulaor W/Hdmi In Mpeg$1,403.74Details
412968CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsQM102Dual 1080P Hd Qam Dgtal Modulator W/Hdmi In Mpeg2$2,221.24Details
1053669CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsQMPRO1100900240501Professional-Grade Hd Rf Modulator/Encoder$1,179.09Details
144482CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsQS300Quick Start Software Hd300Zx$118.99Details
143990CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsQS400Quick Start Software Hd300Zx$118.99Details
144484CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsSS400900220550Simple Set-Pkg-Includes Hd400Zx Qs300 Acoolsofttem$956.79Details
812172CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsUH84K1 In 8 Out Ultra Hd Hdmi Audio/Video Distribution$359.09Details
146006CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsVG41DA1 In 4 Out Vga Dist Amp$102.19Details
143992CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsVG5EKLCat5 Vga Extender Kit W/Loop Thru$204.39Details
143103CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsVG81DA1 In 8 Out Vga Dist Amp$152.59Details