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CentraLite Systems is no longer in business.
We have no stock remaining as of 12/20.

Dragon Technologies now supports Legacy Centralite Systems

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
146327CentraLite Systems1070001WWall Plate, Single Gang, Traditional Style White 
143997CentraLite Systems1070003WWall Plate, Triple Gang, Traditional Style White 
143110CentraLite Systems1070004WWall Plate,Quad Gang, Traditional Style White 
144491CentraLite Systems1071001BWall Plate Single Gang, Classic Style Black 
146328CentraLite Systems1071001IWall Plate, Single Gang,Classic Style Ivory 
146329CentraLite Systems1071001LAWall Plate, Single Gang, Classic Style 
144492CentraLite Systems1071001WWall Plate, Single Gang, Classic Style White 
143999CentraLite Systems1071002BWall Plate,Double Gang,Classic Style Black 
144000CentraLite Systems1071002IWall Plate, Double Gang, Classic Style Ivory 
146330CentraLite Systems1071002LAWall Plate, Double Gang, Classic Style 
144493CentraLite Systems1071002WWall Plate, Double Gang, Classic Style White 
143111CentraLite Systems1071003BWall Plate,Triple Gang,Classic Style Black 
143112CentraLite Systems1071003IWall Plate,Triple Gang,Classic Style Ivory 
143113CentraLite Systems1071003LAWall Plate, Triple Gang, Classic Style 
143114CentraLite Systems1071003WWall Plate, Triple Gang, Classic Style White 
146331CentraLite Systems1071004BWall Plate,Quad Gang,Classic Style Black 
146332CentraLite Systems1071004IWall Plate,Quad Gang,Classic Style Ivory 
144494CentraLite Systems1071004LAWall Plate, Quad Gang, Classic Style Light Almond 
144495CentraLite Systems1071004WWall Plate, Quad Gang, Classic Style White 
144001CentraLite Systems117001410 Amp Relay For Led & Cfl Lighting 
810847CentraLite Systems1170116Relay, Cwd-2450 Zero Cross Non-Dim 
146334CentraLite Systems1251010Rough In Enclosure Kit F/Sst 
144497CentraLite Systems1252300Rough In Enclosure F/Mcp 
146335CentraLite Systems1260109Transformer 9V Ac 
144503CentraLite Systems2152025Back-Up Dip Switch 
143118CentraLite Systems2152310Relay Driver Board-Elegance Xl 
913763CentraLite Systems2371001Cable Set, Litejet/Xl 6 Cables 
316970CentraLite Systems255006SCWJetstream Pro Pak With Snapcaptm, White 
316969CentraLite Systems2730495Hp 1910-8G-Poe 180W Switch 
144504CentraLite Systems3151000Litejet, Master Controller Panel (Mcp) 
316968CentraLite Systems3151020Litejet/Elegance Xl Relay Module, 4 Dimmer 
143119CentraLite Systems3152030Elegance Star W/24 Inputs 
144505CentraLite Systems3152040Superstar - (Upper Assembly Only) 
143120CentraLite Systems3152096Elegance Mstr Control 
143121CentraLite Systems3152192Elegance Master Control Panel 192 Loads 
143122CentraLite Systems3152300Relay Drvr,3-Phase,Elgnce W/Transfrmr 
144004CentraLite Systems3155000Jet Stream Rs-232 Bridge With Time Clock 
144508CentraLite Systems3155002Jetstream Usb Bridge 
1009413CentraLite Systems3200G3-Series Smart Outlet /Lamp Module 
143123CentraLite Systems3251016Enclosure-Fan Speed, Mcp, Or Lv Relay Board 
144509CentraLite Systems3271002AEuropa 2 Button Keypad, Almond 
146341CentraLite Systems3271002LAEuropa 2 Button Keypad, Lt Almond 
143124CentraLite Systems3271004LAEuropa 4 Button Keypad, Lt Almond 
143125CentraLite Systems3271006LAEuropa 6 Button Keypad, Lt Almond 
858096CentraLite Systems3271031LAKeypad, Classica, 1-Button, Universal-With Rj-45 C 
890712CentraLite Systems3271031UBKeypad,Classica,Universal,1-Btn,Blk With Wallplate 
829063CentraLite Systems3271032LAKeypad, Classica, 2-Button, Universal-With Rj-45 C 
412982CentraLite Systems3271032UBKeypad, Classica, 2-Button, Universal-With Rj-45 C 
761708CentraLite Systems3271033LAKeypad, Classica, 3-Button, Universal-With Rj-45 C 
412984CentraLite Systems3271033UWKypd,Classica,3-Bttn,Unvrsl-W/Rj-45 Cnnctr & Scrw 
877552CentraLite Systems3271034LAKeypad, Classica, 4-Button, Universal-With Rj-45 C 
412985CentraLite Systems3271034UBKeypad, Classica, 4-Button, Universal-With Rj-45 C 
316966CentraLite Systems3272002AKypd,Europa,2 Bttn W/Scrw Trm-Almd 
412987CentraLite Systems3272002WKypd,Europa,2-Bttn,Scrw Trm-Wh 
353777CentraLite Systems3272004AKypd,Europa,4 Bttn Scrw Trm-Almd 
412988CentraLite Systems3272004WKypd,Europa,4-Bttn,Scrw Trm -Wh 
316965CentraLite Systems3272006AKypd,Europa,6 Bttn Scrw Trm- Almd 
412989CentraLite Systems3272006WKypd,Europa 6-Bttn,Scrw Trm-Wh 
146344CentraLite Systems3272008LAKypd,Europa 8-Bttn, Scrw Trm-Lt Alm 
146345CentraLite Systems3272008WKypd,Europa 8-Bttn, Scrw Trm-Wh 
146346CentraLite Systems3321005Remote Kit 110V 
316964CentraLite Systems3345001SCBJtstrm,1-Btn Ass Cmplt,Snpcptmb,I,La,And W Black 
316963CentraLite Systems3345001SCIAzela 1-Button Asmbly,Ivy,Cmplte 
353776CentraLite Systems3345001SCLAAzela 1-Button Asmbly,Lt Almd,Cmplte 
353775CentraLite Systems3345001SCWAzela 1-Button Asmbly,Wht,Cmplte 
316962CentraLite Systems3345003SCBAzela 3-Button Asmbly,Blk,Cmplte 
316961CentraLite Systems3345003SCIAzela 3-Button Asmbly,Ivy,Cmplte 
316960CentraLite Systems3345003SCLAAzela 3-Button Asmbly,Lt Almd,Cmplte 
353774CentraLite Systems3345003SCWAzela 3-Button Asmbly,Wht,Cmplte 
857185CentraLite Systems3382003LAElegance Traditional 3 Button Keypad Light Almond 
316959CentraLite Systems3382004WKeypad,Traditional 4-Button,White W/Screw Terminal 
143128CentraLite Systems3385001IJetstream 1 Button 800W Dimmer Ivory 
144514CentraLite Systems3385001RIJetstream 1 Button Relay Switch 1000W Ivory 
146348CentraLite Systems3385001RSCJetstream One-Button 1000W Relay Switch 
143129CentraLite Systems3385001RSCWJetstream, 1-Button Relay Switch, 1000W, White 
144012CentraLite Systems3385001RWJetsream Relay Switch 1-Button 1000W White 
316956CentraLite Systems3385001RZHABAzela 1-Button On/Off Rly,Blk 1000W 
144013CentraLite Systems3385001SCB 
144014CentraLite Systems3385001SCLAJetstream 1 Button 800W Dimmer, Light Almond 
143131CentraLite Systems3385001SCWJetstream 1 Button 800W Dimmer White 
353771CentraLite Systems3385001ZHABAzela 1-Button Dimmer,800W Blk 
353769CentraLite Systems3385001ZHALAAzela 1-Button Dimmer,800W Lt Almond 
144516CentraLite Systems3385003BJetstream 3 Button Dimmer, Black 
144517CentraLite Systems3385003IJetstream 3 Button Dimmer, Ivory 
144015CentraLite Systems3385003RLAJetstream Relay Switch 1000W 
597874CentraLite Systems3385003RSCJetstream Three-Button 1000W Relay Switch White 
744442CentraLite Systems3385003RSCIJetstream Three-Button 1000W Relay Switch Ivory 
146351CentraLite Systems3385003RSCWJetstream, 3-Button Relay Switch, 1000W, White 
144016CentraLite Systems3385003RWJetstream Relay Switch 3Button 1000W White 
146352CentraLite Systems3385003SCLAJetstream 3 Button Dimmer, Light Almond 
353768CentraLite Systems3385003SCWJetstream Three-Button 800W Dimmer 
802997CentraLite Systems3385003WJet Stream, 3 Button Dimmer 
146353CentraLite Systems338503RIJetstream Relay Switch 1000W Ivory 
795367CentraLite Systems3385203SCLAJetstream, Three Btn Dimmer Sc Lt Amd, 240 Volt 
143133CentraLite Systems3412102WWKeypad Assy, Finesse, 2-Button White 
146355CentraLite Systems3412104WWKeypad Assy, Finesse 4-Button White 
144519CentraLite Systems3412106WWKeypad Assy Finesse 6 Button Wht 
143137CentraLite Systems3412108WWKeypad Assy, Finesse, 8-Button White 
144521CentraLite Systems4152001Eleg/Eleg Xl Fan Speed Contrl Board 
144020CentraLite Systems4152010W24 Load Switch F/Sst White 
146356CentraLite Systems4152040Superstar Input Board 
143138CentraLite Systems4160003Ir/Rs-232 Converter Kit 
146357CentraLite Systems4250500Hot Box All On/All Off 
412991CentraLite Systems4252012Elegance Dmr Pnl,Incld 12 Dmng Rly 120V 
144029CentraLite Systems4252024Elegance Dimmer Panel 24 Dimming Relays 
808763CentraLite Systems4252036Panel, Elegance 36-Relay 
144522CentraLite Systems4252048Elegance Dimmer Panel W/48 Dim Relays 
144523CentraLite Systems4252202Starpak - (2) Stars Mounted In Gp16 Enclosure 
144524CentraLite Systems4252203Starpak-3Star Brds Mntd Enclsr 
143139CentraLite Systems4252241Super Star 96 Inputs In Enclosure 
144526CentraLite Systems42523111 Eleg Fan Speed Cntrl Board W/Encl 
143140CentraLite Systems42523122-Eleg Fan Spd Cntrlboard W/Enc 
146358CentraLite Systems4252411Eleg Lo Volt Relay Brd W/Encls 
814269CentraLite Systems42524122- Low Voltage Relay Board Mounted In Gp16 Enclosu 
144527CentraLite Systems4255003Jetstream Car Remote 
144528CentraLite Systems4255008Jetstream 8 Button Table Top Keypad White 
146360CentraLite Systems4255010RCJetstream Motion Sensor 3.03 
144030CentraLite Systems4255050Jetstream Lamp Module White 
144529CentraLite Systems4255500Demo Case, Jetstream 
144031CentraLite Systems5152010ASst With Enclosure Almond 
146361CentraLite Systems5152010ISst With Enclosure Ivory 
144032CentraLite Systems5152010WSst With Enclosure White 
813187CentraLite Systems6255006SCWJetstream Pro Pak With Snapcaptm, White 
144034CentraLite Systems6255006WJetstream Pro-Pack Lighting Kit White 
945023CentraLite Systems7252012NSElegance Xl, 120V, 12 Load Relay Panel, Dip Switch 
143145CentraLite Systems7252024Elegnce Xl,120V,24Load Rly Pnl With Superstar 
144532CentraLite Systems7252024NSElegnce Xl,120V,24Load Rly Pnl W/O Superstar 
906009CentraLite Systems8U3382003AKeypad, Traditional 3-Button Almond 
715332CentraLite SystemsDONOTUSEUltra Mercedes 6 Button Keypad White 
353766CentraLite SystemsENGRAVINGCustom Laser Etching-Per Buttn 
824986CentraLite SystemsEXPEDITEFEEExpedite Fee 
144041CentraLite SystemsULT2B2LBALMUltra Mercedes Keypad 2-Button Assy Alm, Blue Led 
144042CentraLite SystemsULT2B2LBBLKUltra Mercedes Keypad,2 Button Assy Blk, Blue Led 
144536CentraLite SystemsULT2B2LBIVRUltra Mercedes Keypad,2 Button Assy Ivr, Blue Led 
144043CentraLite SystemsULT4B4LBALMUltra Mercedes Keypad 4 Button Assy Alm, Blue Led 
144537CentraLite SystemsULT4B4LBBLKUltra Mercedes Keypad 4 Button Assy Blk, Blue Led 
146364CentraLite SystemsULT4B4LBIVRUltra Mercedes Keypad 4 Button Assy Ivr, Blue Led 
144538CentraLite SystemsULT4B4LBWHTUltra Mercedes Keypad 4 Button Assy Wht, Blue Led 
146365CentraLite SystemsULT6B6LBALMUltra Mercedes Keypad 6 Button Assy Alm, Blue Led 
144044CentraLite SystemsULT6B6LBBLKUltra Mercedes Keypad 6 Button Assy Blk, Blue Led 
144539CentraLite SystemsULT6B6LBIVRUltra Mercedes Keypad 6 Button Assy Ivr, Blue Led 
844424CentraLite SystemsULTS10202AWHTB002Keypad, Ultra-Mercedes, 2-Button Assembly, Blue Le 
903579CentraLite SystemsULTS10404AIVRB002Kp Ultra-Mercedes 4 Button Assembly Ivory 4Led 
813946CentraLite SystemsULTS10404AWHTB002Keypad, Ultra-Mercedes, 4-Button Assembly, Blue Le 
830516CentraLite SystemsULTS10606AWHTB002Keypad, Ultra-Mercedes, 6-Button Assembly, Blue Le