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Central Vacuum Systems

Central Power Unit

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
125664Atlas SoundAPS20Power Strip, (9) Total Outlets Including (1) Front$133.04Details
908554Electrolux000300Electrolux Beam 225A$413.09Details
615857Electrolux012305Cleaning Set With 35 Foot Hose$390.14Details
170228Electrolux100582Control Module For Cv3391D$151.19Details
734728Electrolux140431Mtr: Boxed 5.7 115V 119992-00$81.19Details
170239Electrolux30185Mufler Black Sound Off$26.99Details
170241ElectroluxCV190BEureka Cv190B Electric Set$263.19Details
152920ElectroluxPU3650Electrolux Power Unit Lcd Model 8,000 Sq Ft$492.74Details
161192ElectroluxPU3900CQuiet Clean Power Unit$650.69Details
769093ElectroluxZCV900Oxygen Central Vac. Power Unit$409.04Details
185520ElectroluxZCV910Electrolux Cvac Unit To 5000 Sq Ft$491.39Details
185521ElectroluxZCV920HElectrolux Cvac Unit To 10,000 Sq Ft$612.89Details
168028H.A.I. Home Automation32A121Omni Touch Display Stand$72.16Details
178359H.A.I. Home Automation38A04BRHlc Room Cntrlr Colr Change Kit$4.72Details
173736Hayden / Canplas141010Vacusweep Sweep Inlet Vlv Blk$24.32Details
628247Hayden / Canplas203301Tee Short White$0.96Details
628250Hayden / Canplas317800ARough In Kit 14 Awg 6Ft$14.65Details
628252Hayden / Canplas317800CRough In Kit 12Awg 6Ft$16.05Details
628253Hayden / Canplas331501Hayden Three Inlet Kit$33.16Details
628263Hayden / Canplas404900DEMOHayden Floor Display StandCall for Price.Details
628269Hayden / Canplas427002Hayden Low Voltage Hose Grey$65.81Details
839874Hayden / Canplas440402TC*Eol*Hayden Airpack, Gray 30Ft Cp$168.31Details
628272Hayden / Canplas445102RVLDHayden Super Pack 30Ft Wire$270.63Details
628274Hayden / Canplas446102LDHayden Super Pack, Gray 30Ft$306.10Details
628275Hayden / Canplas446102LDDEMOHayden Super Pack,Gray 30Ft CpCall for Price.Details
628276Hayden / Canplas446102RVHayden Sperpack W/ 30' Hose No$308.50Details
628277Hayden / Canplas446103LDHayden Ivory Super Pack$306.10Details
628281Hayden / Canplas449DEMOHayden Floor Display StandCall for Price.Details
628285Hayden / Canplas490000AHayden Tall Boy Pack W/$996.20Details
628291Hayden / Canplas750003SLPwr Head Deluxe Ivory Sl W/ Wands$126.73Details
168458Hayden / Canplas751002Hayden Turbo Cat Head$128.21Details
752529Hayden / Canplas818705ASv90 Motor$253.39Details
628365Hayden / Canplas818739Rplcmnt Brushes F/Unit Motors$17.10Details
178795Hayden / Canplas81SV70Super Vac 7000,2 Stage Motor, 550 Air Watt,114Cfm$441.44Details
191162Hayden / Canplas81SV90CLASupervac Classic Power Unit$445.49Details
628376Hayden / Canplas876600369TKGControl Module For Sv6000$70.56Details
628377Hayden / Canplas8767DEMOHayden Wall BracketCall for Price.Details
628380Hayden / CanplasPERFORMCOMBOKITHayden C/W Performcobo-Rv &Amp;$599.67Details
628381Hayden / CanplasSV3600Hayden Supervac 3600, 115334$356.10Details
628382Hayden / CanplasSV9000Hayden Supervac Premier Unit,$441.90Details
639147Linear / Music & SoundZX5800M S Zx5800 "Filtex Gold, 2-Sta$407.55Details
639148Linear / Music & SoundZX6000M S Zx6000 Gold Series Central$463.94Details
276836NutoneCT700Deluxe Electric Led Power Brush$168.57Details
237754NutoneVX3916Replacement Bags F/Vx475 3Pack$15.92Details
227510NutoneVX475CCentral Vaccum Power Unit$319.94Details
1041159On-Q / LegrandRW3U600WCC4Wall Vac Sensor 3 Wire 600W Wh$57.67Details
654913PeerlessHCW101Adaptive Ada Compliant High Traffic Wall System$947.69Details
512999Samsung TechwinSPB1NEMA4X Cast Aluminum Power Box,110/220 To 24Vac At 96W$338.84Details
926431Smart Vac By Beam Industries004080Vac: H750A Honeywell 120V Sub For 004035$464.39Details
263453Smart Vac By Beam Industries005212H803AHw Central Vacuum$465.74Details
263454Smart Vac By Beam Industries008325Yellow Jacket Unit$116.19Details
287899Smart Vac By Beam Industries060141Deluxe Air Package$254.79Details
251108Smart Vac By Beam Industries100614Control Module 120 Volt High$76.99Details
263516Smart Vac By Beam Industries100615Control Module 120 V High W/Kit$78.39Details
287910Smart Vac By Beam Industries100629Ecs Board 120V High With Kit$69.30Details
297030Smart Vac By Beam Industries115077Switch Cover For Sui Cover For H703$3.10Details
221384Smart Vac By Beam Industries125421Upper Cylinder For H803$135.79Details
287922Smart Vac By Beam Industries140222Replacement Motor$102.19Details
287923Smart Vac By Beam Industries140226Boxed Motor$121.79Details
508040Smart Vac By Beam Industries140233Central Vac Motor$223.99Details
263531Smart Vac By Beam Industries140234Replacement Motor F/801A$228.19Details
263532Smart Vac By Beam Industries1403042- 40 Volt Motor$123.19Details
287924Smart Vac By Beam Industries140347Replacement Motor For H402$72.79Details
287925Smart Vac By Beam Industries140411Boxed Motor 119708-00$95.19Details
251122Smart Vac By Beam Industries140414Replacement Motor$86.79Details
251123Smart Vac By Beam Industries140415Boxed Motor For 119678-00$95.19Details
251125Smart Vac By Beam Industries140432Motor Boxed 7.2$235.19Details
221387Smart Vac By Beam Industries140434Boxed Motor For H403$36.98Details
251144Smart Vac By Beam Industries170064Handle Total Control Complete$30.44Details
251155Smart Vac By Beam Industries170409Total Control Handle Valves$18.75Details
800913Smart Vac By Beam Industries545113Motor Hold Down Spring$1.10Details
221415Smart Vac By Beam IndustriesH403BP U 3000 Sq Ft 500Aw$253.39Details
251163Smart Vac By Beam IndustriesH503P U, 3500 Sq Ft 540 Aw, Triumph Fltr, Bglss$340.19Details
251164Smart Vac By Beam IndustriesH703P U, 8000 Sq Ft 590 Aw, Triumph Fltr, Bglss$431.99Details
221416Smart Vac By Beam IndustriesH750AHoneywell Pwr Unit 8000 Sq Ft$450.89Details
251165Smart Vac By Beam IndustriesH803BUnit For Homes 12,000 Sq Ft$485.99Details
251166Smart Vac By Beam IndustriesH803KITCentral Vacuum Kit$705.89Details
263567Smart Vac By Beam IndustriesH902Honeywell Model H-902 Dual Motor Unit 240V$585.89Details
764462Vanco280571Re-Synthesizer Conditioner$127.39Details
995790zBoost859938Dc/Dc 12V/3.3A Power Adapter$11.86Details