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Central Vacuum Systems


ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
615859Electrolux335131Spade 1/4" Female Lv Low Voltage Trigger Connectio$0.42Details
191117Hayden / Canplas2005WH90Deg.Flanged Elbow (2005-01)$0.18Details
168453Hayden / Canplas2014WHValve Extension White$0.78Details
191120Hayden / Canplas2016WHHayden Pipe Adapter-White$0.86Details
191123Hayden / Canplas2031WHPipe Collar-Wht 2031-01$0.92Details
191125Hayden / Canplas2038WH38 Elbow-White 2038-01$0.18Details
178748Hayden / Canplas2045WH45 Deg. Double Wye-White (150)$1.30Details
178749Hayden / Canplas2091WHMedium 90 Elbow 2091-01$1.22Details
173744Hayden / Canplas2092WHMedium 90 Spigot 2092-01$1.20Details
178750Hayden / Canplas3317WH3 Inlet Kit W/Square Door Valve$59.50Details
347227Hayden / Canplas70202066"Cylinder Exhaust Muffler Wht$4.77Details
628295Hayden / Canplas75200290 Degree Sweep Elbow Spigot$0.76Details
628296Hayden / Canplas75200490 Degree Short Elbow$0.68Details
628297Hayden / Canplas75200845 Degree Elbow$0.66Details
628298Hayden / Canplas75200945 Degree Spigot$0.66Details
628299Hayden / Canplas752010Couplings (2010-1)$0.30Details
173753Hayden / Canplas752013Slip Cap For Pipe Termination$0.70Details
931990Hayden / Canplas752016Pipe Adaptr 1.75-Wh$1.22Details
168459Hayden / Canplas752017Pipe Strap$0.30Details
310800Hayden / Canplas75214645 Degree Wye White$1.38Details
997467Hayden / Canplas765501WTee Sweep 90 Wh$0.94Details
936210Hayden / Canplas765504W90 Degree Short Elbow$1.20Details
628309Hayden / Canplas765507WVaculin 90 Shrt Elbw Spigot$1.00Details
191135Hayden / Canplas765510WPvc Vac 90 Deg Sweep Elbow White$0.72Details
628310Hayden / Canplas765519W30 Deg Elbow, White$0.96Details
191136Hayden / Canplas76551WPvc Vac Double Flange T Gsk$0.68Details
191139Hayden / Canplas7655502WWHITE203301Short Tee-White(2033-01)$1.50Details
628312Hayden / Canplas765553WElbow-Flanged 90-White$2.24Details
912162Hayden / Canplas765556WFlanged 90 Deg Short Elbow W/Gasket$2.20Details
173762Hayden / Canplas775601BLKBlack Vaccu Sweep Trim Plate$1.00Details
168467Hayden / Canplas775601WWhite Vaccu Sweep Trim Plate$3.46Details
1021038Hayden / Canplas791044WBackup Plate For 2"X3"Stud$1.00Details
178761Hayden / Canplas791048Mounting Plate Comb.Steel$3.30Details
743780Hayden / Canplas791300WTemp Cover W/Screws, White$1.16Details
1043520Hayden / Canplas791600WValve Trim Plate$1.38Details
1015644Hayden / Canplas793375IV3 Inlet Kit-Ivory W/Supervalve$29.99Details
1023977Hayden / Canplas8030SB4PKWWSExecutive Hosekit With 30Ft Hose$360.44Details
1024375Hayden / Canplas8035SB4PKWWSExecutive Hosekit W/35Ft Hose$368.54Details
948505Linear / Music & SoundVM1072 90 Deg Flng Wall L$1.98Details
639003Linear / Music & SoundVM1112" 90 Deg Flng Wall "T" W/Gskt$3.98Details
639014Linear / Music & SoundVM124M&S Vm124 2 Hose Clamp$1.62Details
1008230Linear / Music & SoundVM1475545 2 Tubing Strap/Trap$0.70Details
237648Nutone326NInlet Kit F/Existing Home$34.79Details
652801Nutone376100' Wire 18/2$20.25Details
237653Nutone378Nail Plate$2.90Details
743559Nutone39643 Valve Rough In Kit$56.54Details
205854NutoneCF328Plaster Guard$1.80Details
227425NutoneCF329Mouting Plate$3.87Details
652810NutoneCF36890 Degree Elbow$1.22Details
205856NutoneCF36945 Defree Street Ell$1.22Details
205861NutoneCF38290 Degree Sweep Elbow$1.14Details
276808NutoneCF382S90 Degree Short Elbow$1.14Details
276809NutoneCF3843 Way Ell Vac Fitting$2.50Details
205862NutoneCF38545 Degree Elbow Vaccuum Fitting$1.00Details
652812NutoneCF38745 Degree 4 Vaccuum Fitting$2.20Details
237689NutoneCI3301RKInlet Valve Roughin Kit$44.94Details
237690NutoneCI3303RKInlet Roughin Kit 3 Vacs$59.50Details
765015Smart Vac By Beam Industries0253102"-Steel-Fittings-Slip-Coupling$7.54Details
263469Smart Vac By Beam Industries0253112"Steel-Fittings-45-Degree-Elbow$7.54Details
287855Smart Vac By Beam Industries025313Steel 2" 90 Degree$23.99Details
263470Smart Vac By Beam Industries025319001Fire Stop Ring$31.18Details
843524Smart Vac By Beam Industries030010005Cvac: Inlet Valve Ext Min Purch Qty 5$3.96Details
920440Smart Vac By Beam Industries030013005Cvac: Stud Mounting Bracket/5Pack$9.39Details
508063Smart Vac By Beam Industries030018075Universal Mounting Bracket Plastic$117.59Details
263475Smart Vac By Beam Industries030020005Cv Short 90 Degree 5 Pack$3.70Details
287860Smart Vac By Beam Industries030025001Short Tee$3.78Details
508064Smart Vac By Beam Industries030072Ss Vac Pan Cvr Plt$14.03Details
806767Smart Vac By Beam Industries030107Fit: Wht 2" 30 El$2.20Details
251060Smart Vac By Beam Industries03010707530Dgr Elbow W/Ext 75 Peice$67.19Details
251061Smart Vac By Beam Industries03011012545 Elbow Bulk$56.54Details
251062Smart Vac By Beam Industries0301110005Cv 45 Degree Elbow 5 Pack$3.50Details
221325Smart Vac By Beam Industries030115005Cv 45 Degree Spigot 5 Pack$3.50Details
251063Smart Vac By Beam Industries03011512545 Elbow W/Extension Bulk$56.54Details
251064Smart Vac By Beam Industries030120005Cv90 Degree Sweep Elbow 5 Pack$3.69Details
251065Smart Vac By Beam Industries03012011590 Degree Sweep Elbow Box 115$65.10Details
263478Smart Vac By Beam Industries030125005Cv 90 Degree Sweep Elbow W/Spigot 5 Pack$3.87Details
221326Smart Vac By Beam Industries03012511590 Sweep W/Extension Bulk$65.10Details
287863Smart Vac By Beam Industries030130005Cv 45 Degree Sweep Ty 5 Pack$6.03Details
287864Smart Vac By Beam Industries03013004545 Single Y Bulk$44.23Details
263479Smart Vac By Beam Industries030140005Cv90 Degree Sweep Ty 5 Pack$5.40Details
287865Smart Vac By Beam Industries03014045White 90 Degree Sweep Tee Fitt$21.75Details
251066Smart Vac By Beam Industries030145005Cv Coupling 5 Pack$2.30Details
263481Smart Vac By Beam Industries030145200Stop Coupler Bulk$50.03Details
221327Smart Vac By Beam Industries030147200Slip Coupler$111.99Details
251070Smart Vac By Beam Industries030156White Exhaust Vent Cap$4.77Details
221332Smart Vac By Beam Industries0301720005Cv Pipe Straps 5 Pack$1.72Details
251074Smart Vac By Beam Industries03112090 Degree El Clear$1.26Details
287869Smart Vac By Beam Industries0400122Inlet Kit For All In One Kits$58.10Details
221335Smart Vac By Beam Industries0400161 Inlet Add On Kit$15.16Details
251079Smart Vac By Beam Industries040904016Hardware Pack Electrovalve 12G 14" Long$510.29Details
251086Smart Vac By Beam Industries045162Mini Blind Attatchment$12.69Details
251093Smart Vac By Beam Industries045417Power Head$254.79Details
287885Smart Vac By Beam Industries045419Premier Power Head$261.79Details
287890Smart Vac By Beam Industries05068030 Hv Electric Hose$102.19Details
508065Smart Vac By Beam Industries050721Prism Hose$282.14Details
263505Smart Vac By Beam Industries05079730Ft Total Control Hose Convertible Cuff$194.59Details
263520Smart Vac By Beam Industries105401Bag Adptr W/90 Degree Elbow$5.49Details
221411Smart Vac By Beam Industries3601692" Hose Clamp$2.10Details
686551Smart Vac By Beam Industries37789119NCover Bleeder Supply For Hoses And Handles$3.50Details
508032Smart Vac By Beam Industries4B030016Plaster Guard For Plastic Mtg Bracket$1.46Details
263562Smart Vac By Beam Industries605521Swtch /Wire Harness Elec Hose$6.30Details
221954Specified TechnologyLCC2002" Firestop Collar$17.25Details