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Commercial Product Group / CPG

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
353490Commercial Product Group / CPG0101567Assy Xenon Flash Tube$27.75Details
1001335Commercial Product Group / CPG1000810Hsps-1T-Ko Key Operate Station$35.53Details
413512Commercial Product Group / CPG12G271210200T500F500Deg,Vertical Mount Stainless Steel Hex Head$319.94Details
146749Commercial Product Group / CPG12G27121020500Heat Detector,Stainless S 500D$326.69Details
1058426Commercial Product Group / CPG143040327121 Heat Detector,Vertical Mnt,190 Degree F N/O$253.39Details
857844Commercial Product Group / CPG143042327121 Heat Detector Vertical Mount 500 Degree F Nc$326.69Details
148058Commercial Product Group / CPG1980180Globe For The Lsex24Mc$90.99Details
151237Commercial Product Group / CPG1980181Replacement Red Glass Globe$177.79Details
146751Commercial Product Group / CPG2380075Single Action Pull Station$21.75Details
151239Commercial Product Group / CPG2380087Pull Station,Sngle,Pig Tail Connect,Norm Open$27.75Details
148059Commercial Product Group / CPG2380088Pull Station,Sngle,W Terminal Connections,$27.75Details
912548Commercial Product Group / CPG2380089Single Action Pull Station$21.75Details
151240Commercial Product Group / CPG2380090Pull Station Single Action Key Operated Red$35.53Details
605841Commercial Product Group / CPG2380112Hsps-Bb Indoor Surface Back Box$13.84Details
148060Commercial Product Group / CPG2380116Pull Station Explosion Proof$348.29Details
316706Commercial Product Group / CPG2380126Gr Rplcmnt Glss Rod For The Hsps Srs Pull Stations$1.96Details
878895Commercial Product Group / CPG2380135Pull Station Dual Action Explos Proof Wthr Proof$353.69Details
151242Commercial Product Group / CPG2380170Pull Station Weatherproof Explosion Proof Sng Act$340.19Details
605842Commercial Product Group / CPG270210190190D Hrzntl Flush Mnt Normally Open Daf Heat Det$271.59Details
605843Commercial Product Group / CPG271200160Heat Det,Vert Mnt,160Deg,N/C, Haz Loc Exprf$253.39Details
796194Commercial Product Group / CPG271200190Heat Detector Vertical Mount 190 Degrees N/C$249.19Details
605844Commercial Product Group / CPG271210140Heat Detector Vertical Mount 140 Degee$240.79Details
147569Commercial Product Group / CPG271210190Heat Detector Vertical Mount 190Degree$253.39Details
151243Commercial Product Group / CPG271210225Thermal Detector Vertical Mount 225 Degree$253.39Details
605845Commercial Product Group / CPG271210275Fed Sig 27121-0275 Heat Detector$263.19Details
151244Commercial Product Group / CPG271210325Fenwal Heat Detector 325 Deg$250.59Details
148061Commercial Product Group / CPG271210450Heat Detector 450 Degrees Vertical Mount Norm Open$271.59Details
605846Commercial Product Group / CPG271210725Stainless Steel Vertical Heat Detector 725 Degrees$336.14Details
148063Commercial Product Group / CPG2WB$15.75Details
147570Commercial Product Group / CPG302AW135Heat Detector, 135 Deg., Vertical Mt., All-Weather$40.59Details
413513Commercial Product Group / CPG302AW194$40.59Details
147571Commercial Product Group / CPG302EPM135Heat Detector,135 Deg,Vertical Mt,Hex Bushing$78.39Details
151247Commercial Product Group / CPG302EPM194Heat Detector,194 Deg,Vertical Mt,Hex Bushing$78.39Details
151248Commercial Product Group / CPG302ET135Heat Detector,135 Deg,Vertical Mt,Hex Bushing$40.59Details
148064Commercial Product Group / CPG302ET194Heat Detector,194 Deg,Vertical Mt,Hex Bushing$40.59Details
151250Commercial Product Group / CPG3356152Special Msg$81.19Details
148065Commercial Product Group / CPG3450207Pwr 2Ck Initiatng Hs3000 Zn2Bi$148.39Details
148066Commercial Product Group / CPG35800069Door Holder 24Vdc/120Vac Sf Mt Sng Coil Pwrd Chr$54.30Details
316704Commercial Product Group / CPG3580067Door Holder 120V Semi Flush Mt Powder Coated Chr$66.50Details
147575Commercial Product Group / CPG3670183Wire Guard For Horns And Horn Strobes 7 X 7 X 6$27.75Details
146756Commercial Product Group / CPG3670211Wire Guard,6"X5"X4",Chrome$29.73Details
726935Commercial Product Group / CPG4040001Sharpeye Ss Tilt Mount Bracket$286.19Details
605848Commercial Product Group / CPG4040LBUv/Ir Flame Detector$3,188.74Details
823162Commercial Product Group / CPG4040UFLSharpeye Optical Flame Detector Stainless Steel$3,732.49Details
151251Commercial Product Group / CPG4050001T$21.75Details
413514Commercial Product Group / CPG4WRB4-Wire Base W/Relay, Remote Led & Test$42.78Details
146758Commercial Product Group / CPG5130107032 Circuit Alarm Indicating Module$179.19Details
146759Commercial Product Group / CPG5130413Fa50/52 Break Tube$1.84Details
316703Commercial Product Group / CPG5601PSingle-Circuit,135 Fixed/Rate-Of-Rise Plain Housin$17.25Details
316702Commercial Product Group / CPG5621Dual-Circuit, 135 Fixed/Rate-Of-Rise$34.79Details
151253Commercial Product Group / CPG8550C095038550C09503 Lens For Fxes Red$21.75Details
147577Commercial Product Group / CPGASHH24SMRFdsg Amp Spkr Hzrds Area 24Vdc$498.14Details
316699Commercial Product Group / CPGCE1P100DM12Z100 Watt Amp W/ Dmr & Mic (12) Spk Circuits,$3,378.74Details
316698Commercial Product Group / CPGCE1P100DM4Z100 Watt Amp W/ Dmr & Mic (4) Spk Circuits, 2 Styl$2,516.24Details
353486Commercial Product Group / CPGCE1P100DM8Z100 Watt Amp W/ Dmr & Mic (8) Spk Circuits, Style$2,876.24Details
316697Commercial Product Group / CPGCE1P100DM8ZA100 Watt Amp W/ Dmr & Mic (8) Spk Circuits, 2 Styl$3,378.74Details
316696Commercial Product Group / CPGCE1P25DM25 Watt Amp W/ Dmr & Mic (1) Spk Circuit Style$882.69Details
316695Commercial Product Group / CPGCE1P25DM2ZA25 Watt Amp W/ Dmr & Mic (2) Spk Circuits$1,797.49Details
316694Commercial Product Group / CPGCE1P25DM4Z25 Watt Amp W/ Dmr & Mic (8) Spk Circuits$1,797.49Details
353485Commercial Product Group / CPGCE1P25DM4ZA25 Watt Amp W/ Dmr & Mic (4) Spk Circuits$2,157.49Details
316693Commercial Product Group / CPGCE1P25DM8Z25 Watt Amp W/ Dmr & Mic (4) Spk Circuits,$2,157.49Details
316691Commercial Product Group / CPGCE1P50DM2ZA50 Watt Amp W/ Dmr & Mic (4) Spk Circuits, Style Y$2,157.49Details
316690Commercial Product Group / CPGCE1P50DM4Z50 Watt Amp W/ Dmr & Mic (4) Spk Circuits, 2 Style$2,157.49Details
316689Commercial Product Group / CPGCE1P50DM4ZA50 Watt Amp W/ Dmr & Mic (2) Spk Circuits, 2 Style$2,516.24Details
316688Commercial Product Group / CPGCE1P50DM8Z50 Watt Amplifier W/ Dmr & Mic (8) Speaker Circuit$2,516.24Details
316687Commercial Product Group / CPGCE2ZAZone Splitter, 2 Class "A" Zones -$388.79Details
353484Commercial Product Group / CPGCE4ZZone Splitter, 2Rclass "B" Zones -$388.79Details
605850Commercial Product Group / CPGCEATMAudio Matching Circuit$162.39Details
605851Commercial Product Group / CPGCEDMRSpecial Message Other Than Standard$100.79Details
316686Commercial Product Group / CPGCEMICMicrophone$81.19Details
316685Commercial Product Group / CPGCERLYRelay Card$45.68Details
316684Commercial Product Group / CPGCERMSupervised Remote Mic$409.04Details
605852Commercial Product Group / CPGCERSIRemote Serial Interface$388.79Details
353483Commercial Product Group / CPGCESCSupervision Module For Remote Mic$130.19Details
353482Commercial Product Group / CPGCF135EWT135-Deg Fixed Weatherproof Heat Detector$338.84Details
605853Commercial Product Group / CPGCMXCRSBCeiling Mount Bracket For Fsex Strobe$386.09Details
148072Commercial Product Group / CPGDFE135Hochiki Ht Dtctr,Fxd Tmp,135Dg$18.75Details
148073Commercial Product Group / CPGDFE190Hochiki Ht Dtctr,Fxd Tmp,190Dg$18.75Details
605854Commercial Product Group / CPGDGXCSBDome Guard F.Fsex Series$142.79Details
1030454Commercial Product Group / CPGEVAX100100Watt Base Amplifier W/Dmr & Mic (1)$2,157.49Details
147579Commercial Product Group / CPGFHEX24SMRExpf Hrn Plz Hrzntl Area 24Vdc$1,381.24Details
720878Commercial Product Group / CPGFSEX24PMA2Exp Strobe Amber W/O Mounting$1,782.49Details
883709Commercial Product Group / CPGFSEXCPGHI2Explosion- Proof Strobe Light, Haz. Areas (Div. 1)$1,242.79Details
605856Commercial Product Group / CPGFST624Tube, Sampling, 24"$22.49Details
316682Commercial Product Group / CPGFST672Tube, Sampling, 72"$47.13Details
914353Commercial Product Group / CPGHPSP1TKO1000810Single Action Key Operated Manual Pull Station$35.53Details
146876Commercial Product Group / CPGHSC221LHeat Det Base W/Led$17.25Details
316681Commercial Product Group / CPGHSC4RFd Hochiki 4Wre Smk Base 43Ma$17.25Details
605857Commercial Product Group / CPGHSPS1TLPWPPull Station Dual Action Weatherproof W/Contact$109.19Details
1067143Commercial Product Group / CPGHSPS6TDAHEXPWP2380178Dual Action, Explosionproof & Weatherproof$352.34Details
148075Commercial Product Group / CPGHSPS6TEXPWPDAHPULLSTAIONPull Station, W Glass Hammer, Expl Prf,Weather Prf$400.94Details
413517Commercial Product Group / CPGHSPS6TEXPWPYELLOWExplosion Proof Yellow Pullstation$350.99Details
1021902Commercial Product Group / CPGLCMB2Mounting Kits$264.59Details
148076Commercial Product Group / CPGLITFSEX01AReplacement Tube For Fsex Strobe$144.19Details
148077Commercial Product Group / CPGLSEX24CMCCeiling Mount Clear Lens$638.54Details
151258Commercial Product Group / CPGLSEX24CMRCeiling Mount For Explosion Proof Strobe Red Lens$700.69Details
151259Commercial Product Group / CPGLSEX24WMCWall Mount Clear Lens$665.59Details
148078Commercial Product Group / CPGLSEX24WMRWall Mount Red Lens Explosion Proof 24Vdc$716.29Details
146879Commercial Product Group / CPGMPEXXal53 Expl Proof Pullstation$633.14Details
146880Commercial Product Group / CPGNS6100Heater Dector Base Used W/Dfe And Dcd$6.93Details
146881Commercial Product Group / CPGNS62206 Base-2-Wire-93-Miliamps$8.56Details
146882Commercial Product Group / CPGNS62216" Base For Smoke Head$8.56Details
147635Commercial Product Group / CPGNS62242 Wire Base 24Vdc 6" Pulls 43Ma$8.56Details
146884Commercial Product Group / CPGPAM1Single End Of The Line Relay$15.99Details
148080Commercial Product Group / CPGPAM2End Of Line Pwr Sprvsy Rly 24V$15.68Details
723379Commercial Product Group / CPGPMXCRSBPendant Mount For The Fsex-Cpg-Hi-2 Strobe$127.39Details
151261Commercial Product Group / CPGPTBDSignal Power Tone Module$287.54Details
151262Commercial Product Group / CPGPTCK25Fedsig 25Vrms Crd F/Amp Spkr$45.68Details
1078989Commercial Product Group / CPGQ5016Explosion Proof Duct Housing W/ 3 Ft Inlet Tube$2,486.24Details
146886Commercial Product Group / CPGSLR24HPlug In Smoke Head W/Heat Detector$58.10Details
951868Commercial Product Group / CPGSLR24VNSmoke Detector Head$42.04Details
147638Commercial Product Group / CPGSLR835BH2W2 Wire Baseless Photo Heat Detector White$53.64Details
148083Commercial Product Group / CPGSPHHDVSMRHazrdous Area Surf Mnt 25/70V$337.49Details
147639Commercial Product Group / CPGSPHXDVSMRHazrdous Area Div 1&2 Surf Mnt/Sphx-Dvsmr$740.99Details
147640Commercial Product Group / CPGSSMSync Module For The Fsex$152.59Details
1057979Commercial Product Group / CPGU5015Explosion Proof Smoke Duct Detector$7,506.65Details
148085Commercial Product Group / CPGURMT23 Relay Module W/2 Circuit 12 Or 24Vdc$35.53Details
151265Commercial Product Group / CPGUTCUniversal Tone Card$64.39Details
151266Commercial Product Group / CPGVSYNCMMaster Sync Module 2 Class B$60.90Details
605859Commercial Product Group / CPGWMXC4RSBFdsg 90Deg Wall Mnt 121X,27Xst$525.14Details