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ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
316273Corby0051Replacement Bulb$3.18Details
156821Corby0086Timer Module With Relay$61.74Details
156031Corby1000System 1 One Door System 250 Users With$383.39Details
607668Corby1000CORBYSys 1 Access Control System$583.20Details
181825Corby11Tamper Box Recessed Sngl Gang$11.52Details
156032Corby12Tamperbox Surface Mount Front &Amp; Rear C.C$20.25Details
156033Corby14Mounting Box Surface Mount. Heavy Duty 0.045 Inch Thick. Form A Hermetically Sealed. Front And Rear Sealing. 3.31Inchw X 5.06Inchl X 1.1Inc$91.41Details
607669Corby1503Plate- Mounts 4203 Prox Reader To Old 4044 Positio$47.84Details
181828Corby2000Interface Used To Link The 2025 2-Door S$634.01Details
413990Corby2003Sys 2 Access Control System$989.26Details
149428Corby2016Sys.2/2 Dr 3000 Usr/Rs232 Network 16 Scheds Code$734.79Details
607670Corby2017Dator Chip Wond W/Adp F/Sys 2000$85.22Details
607671Corby2018Data Chip Program Wand System2$62.89Details
149430Corby2023Upgrade Prom$118.99Details
181830Corby2024Sys 2 Rep Pcb Only F/2016$708.49Details
149431Corby20252 Door Panel$1,171.65Details
607672Corby2027System 2000 Eprom Upgrade$198.79Details
181831Corby2028Board Only F/2025$681.19Details
156035Corby2030Corby 2030 Systems 2000 Repl.Network Int$613.66Details
868591Corby2032Null Modem Cable 9 Pin Female To 9 Pin Female$8.98Details
156825Corby2110001 Door System With 250 Users$383.39Details
413991Corby221224VRelay,Latching 12Vdc,Spst$25.13Details
413992Corby222016Corby Controller Board$734.79Details
156037Corby25Relay Momentary 12Vdc Spdt 6In Wires Ez$16.53Details
149433Corby2540054 Door System With 750 Users$602.09Details
607673Corby2820252 Door Panel Works With # 2000$911.29Details
156826Corby334320Data Chips For The Above Systems$7.90Details
607674Corby374201Single Gang Proximity Card Reader,Indoor$96.38Details
149434Corby4005Spec Sys5 750 User250 Evnt 4-I/O Prts Lss Crt/Prnt$602.09Details
181832Corby4009Scu/Slave/Batt Transfer$630.44Details
413993Corby4010CORKeypad,Indoor,1 Gang,1 Grn Led$63.00Details
156827Corby4012System Keypad Outdoor Smah. Surface Mount Aluminum House. Spaing Loaded Cover. 2.8 W X 4.6 L X 0.875 D Inches. Red And Green 12Vdc$110.64Details
156040Corby4013Ribbon Cartrdg F/4007 Printer 4 Pak$86.58Details
149435Corby4014Hiddn Vw/Spyprf Red/Green Leds$163.07Details
149436Corby4020Keypad Indoor W/1 Green 1 Red Led$52.32Details
156042Corby4020CORKeypd,Ind,1 Gang,1Red/1Grn Led$68.80Details
413995Corby4023Wire 1000Ft Standard 8Cond 22G$761.25Details
156828Corby4025System 5 Pcb With Eprom &Amp; #4021 Telecom$585.32Details
739617Corby4028Replacement Board For System 4$562.49Details
149438Corby4031System 10 Dpm Pcb With Eprom$737.11Details
149439Corby4035Request To Exit Switch Hd 12Vd$81.79Details
413996Corby4042Wiegand Rer Sm In/Outdr Beige$273.00Details
156045Corby4044Card-Reader Wiegand Classic Black R-G L$453.09Details
149441Corby4045Wiegand Swipe Card - 26-Bit$8.59Details
413997Corby4047Wiegand Card White Photo Id$9.49Details
413998Corby4048Wiegand Cardlogo Photo Id$9.49Details
413999Corby4052Flush Mount Plateinsert Readr$55.10Details
156831Corby4056Line Extender Module 12Vdc$77.95Details
414000Corby4058Large Metal Cabinet Used With System 4,5$87.92Details
414001Corby4060Goose Neck Mounting Hardware For Wiegand$58.30Details
149446Corby4061Gooseneck /Stnls Stl Mnt Plate$3.30Details
414002Corby4062Keypadoutdoorcast Metal$530.55Details
414003Corby4063Keypadindoorflush Mount$79.80Details
156832Corby4064Outdoor Heavy Duty W/Lock Box$398.24Details
156833Corby4066Out Door Metal Keypad W/ No Cover$146.16Details
414004Corby4068Zone Reporter Module$68.82Details
414005Corby4073Mag Strip Card Reader Black$4.50Details
149449Corby4074Corby 4074 Access Card/$4.50Details
181845Corby4075Magnetic Swip Card Reader F/Indr/Outdr U$293.46Details
316272Corby4077Small Black Insertion Reader For 26 Or 3$467.94Details
156050Corby4082Reader 26 Bit Flex Pass$494.02Details
414006Corby4093Power Supply 12 Or 24 Volt$42.06Details
156051Corby4094Power Supply 6-12 Vdc At 1 2/10 Amps 4A$64.15Details
156052Corby411008Replacement Pcb For System 1$257.59Details
414007Corby4118Short Haul Modem Rs 232 1Mile$520.99Details
414008Corby4120CORPhone Modem,For Sys 4 Or 5$604.21Details
414009Corby4121Modem For Sys 5 Vdc Or Pc$600.59Details
414010Corby4122CORPhone Modem,For System 10 Dpm$714.22Details
414011Corby4123Phone Modem For Sys 10 Pc$589.73Details
414012Corby4125Short Haul Modem Rs 232 1Mile$374.46Details
414013Corby4126Phone Modem System 1 Or 2$587.93Details
156053Corby4135Request To Exit Switch. Spring Loaded Large Red Button. Mounted Single Gang Plate. One 12Vdc Green Led. Faceplate 2.75W X 4.5L X 1.7H$75.04Details
414014Corby4140Wiegand Reader4141Rim4042Rdr$280.00Details
149452Corby4141Reader Interface Mod 2.5"X3.25$50.78Details
414015Corby4143Wiegand Reader4141Rim4044Rdr$280.00Details
156054Corby4149Weigand 30 Bit Foto Id,2 Sides$8.44Details
414016Corby4150Bar Code Readerin/Out Drblk$286.20Details
156055Corby4151Credit Card Sz Bar Code Card$3.60Details
149455Corby4171Hid Proximity Card,Badge Slot$6.05Details
414017Corby4172Hid Prox Card For Photo Id 26B$9.08Details
181846Corby4173Hid Prox Rdr In/Outdor Er Gray$897.00Details
181847Corby4174Hid Prox Rdr In/Outdor Mr Gray$370.98Details
156836Corby4176Hid Prox Rdr In/Outdor Ms Gray$322.38Details
181848Corby4177Prox Rdr Classic Inot Blck$435.78Details
156056Corby4178Prox Rdr Mullion Style Inot B$435.78Details
181849Corby4179Prox Rdr Wall Plate Size Inot$435.78Details
414018Corby4182Prox Reader5-8Read Rangebge$534.60Details
414019Corby4183Prox Reader5-8Read Rangeblk$534.60Details
414020Corby4184Prox Reader12Read Range$900.90Details
414021Corby4186Prox Readerup To 30Read Rnge$1,185.60Details
181851Corby4190Prox Cardkey Tag Size 30 Bit P$6.12Details
181852Corby4192Prox Card,Key Tag Size,30 Bit$9.90Details
149456Corby419532 Bit Indala Flex Tag$7.90Details
156057Corby4203Prox Reader-Pyramid-Single Gang-26/30 Bi$109.90Details
149457Corby4215Prox Card Credit Card Size$4.05Details
149458Corby4216Prox Card &26Wiegand$8.10Details
156058Corby4218Prox Card Pyramid 26 Bit Key Tag Style$8.23Details
156059Corby4219Proximity Card - Ultrasecure™ 30-Bit$4.05Details
156060Corby4220Proximity Card 30Bit Wiegand$7.54Details
149459Corby4237Surge Protector For The Rs232$135.27Details
414022Corby4238Ac Surge Protection Device$314.54Details
414023Corby4239Surge Protection Device Rs232$58.16Details
149460Corby4240Ac Surge Protection Device$146.33Details
414024Corby4262Wire 250Ft Plenum 8 Cond22Gaug$193.84Details
414025Corby4263Wire 250 Ft 8 Cond 22 Gauge$134.44Details
414026Corby4264Wire 500Ft Plenum 8 Cond 22Gau$334.67Details
414027Corby4265Wire500Ft8Cond22 Gauge$225.12Details
149464Corby43Led Red W/Rist 12V Red$3.30Details
181857Corby4301Data Chip Intefac Adptr F/Sys 1-4-5-10$219.80Details
156838Corby4303Data Chip Single Gang Reader W/Red &Amp; Grn$60.87Details
156839Corby4304Data Chip Nrw Rdr W/1 Grn 12Vdc Led$60.87Details
181858Corby4305Mullion Data Chip Reader With 1-Red And$60.87Details
353053Corby4306Reader Head$42.78Details
149465Corby4307Data Chp Reader Mull Surf Mt. Data Chip Reader In/Outdoor. Surface Mount 12Vdc Black. Plastic Mullion Sized Housing. 1.5 W X 4 L X 1 D Inches$107.52Details
414028Corby4310CORData Chp Reader,26Bit Adap.Mod$152.60Details
607677Corby4318Datachip No Id-Label/Keytag Bag Of 25$67.98Details
156840Corby4319Data Chip W/Corby Keytag Only For System 2 & 2000$6.93Details
149466Corby4320Coin Data Chp On Keyring F/Sys 1,4,5,10,Or Std Alo$7.90Details
353052Corby4320CORData Chip Assemblied,Metal Tag$9.21Details
156061Corby4321Datachip W Code Label No Keytag Bag$9.21Details
149467Corby4323Datachip 3M-Super-Adhesive 100 Dots-0.6$20.10Details
181859Corby4340Single Gang Plate 1 Grn Led. Data Chip Reader-Single Door. Indoor Flush Mount 12Vdc. Reader-2.75In W X 4.5In L X 1I. Green Led Aluminum Plate$139.12Details
156841Corby4341Std Data Chip Acc Sys Grn/Red. Data Chip Reader-Single Door. Standard Single Gang Plate. Reader-2.75In W X 4.5In L X 1I. Green/Red Led Aluminum$125.99Details
156842Corby4342Std Mullion Plate 1 Grn Led. Data Chip Reader-Single Door. Standard Mullion Plate. Reader 1.375 W X 3.125 L X 1In. Green Led Aluminum Plate$125.40Details
316271Corby4343Std Data Chip Acc Sys Map Grn$125.99Details
156843Corby4344Std Data Chip Surf Mt In/Out B. Data Chip Reader-Single Door. Indoor/Outdoor Surface Mount. Reader 1.5 W X 4 L X 1 Inchs D. Bi Color$145.95Details
181860Corby4345Replacement Circuit Board$67.90Details
149468Corby4444 Led Green W/Rist 12V$2.90Details
181861Corby4405Door/Prt Mod/4 Doors$857.99Details
156844Corby4406Com Board For System 10$751.39Details
316270Corby4407Corby Sys 10 New Style Board$647.87Details
414029Corby4411CORBackup/Restore Software,Sys 5$65.66Details
353050Corby4450PCComputer F/System 10 Access Ctrl Door Access$1,264.99Details
607678Corby45Led Yellow W/Rist 12V$6.12Details
414030Corby51Replacement Bulb$3.18Details
607680Corby5201Slvr Magnetic Lock 650Lb Holding Ability$279.19Details
1082248Corby5205Magnetic Lock 1500Lbs Hf Silvr$325.34Details
607681Corby524012Outdoor Weather Proof System Keypad With A Cover$117.59Details
353048Corby5301Door Strike 12Vdc Silver Continuous Duty Fsure$132.99Details
316269Corby5303Electric Strike 24Vdc Fail Secure$132.99Details
353047Corby544056Line Extender Module Weigand Reader Exte$55.97Details
156847Corby60Keypad 12-Button Mod Keytop$12.19Details
414031Corby6021Keypad 2 Gangflush Mt Plate$110.88Details
414032Corby6022Keypad 12Vdc Only Cover R/G$147.00Details
414033Corby6024Keypdhidden View Tmper Switch$177.24Details
414034Corby6040Keypad 1 Gangflush Mount Plate$89.04Details
414035Corby6062Keypad,Mounted In Lockbox,Mtl$29.33Details
414036Corby6063Keypad 12Vdc Only Indorr Flsh$125.16Details
414037Corby6064Keypad Mounted In Lockbox Mtl$398.52Details
414038Corby6066Kypd 12Vdc Onlyout Dr Flsh R/G$196.00Details
414039Corby6071Keypad 2 Gangflush Mount Plate$125.16Details
414040Corby6099Keypad Control Center Only$413.10Details
156848Corby65006500 Series Control Board$71.39Details
181862Corby6520Keypd Indoor Flush Mount Led. Keypad Single Door Indoor. Flush Mount Plate 2 Leds. 2.75 W X 4.5 L X 1.2 D Inches. Red And Green 12Vdc$91.74Details
181863Corby6521Prgrmbl Indr Dbl Gng 2Led 165$127.39Details
156064Corby6522Keypd Surf Mt Cov Plate R/G. Keypad Single Door Outdoor. Surface Mount Aluminum House. Spring Loaded Over. Red/Green 2.8W X 4.6L X 1.5Din$155.30Details
156849Corby6524Keypd Hidden View Tamp Swch. Keypad Single Door Hidden View. Indoor Model Surface Mount. 3 W X 4.625 L X 2.8 D Inches. Red And Green 12Vdc$183.15Details
156850Corby6530Pro Kpd Indr 3 Leds, 165 Users$94.23Details
181864Corby6540Programmable Keypad Green-Yel-Yel-Red 12$96.98Details
414041Corby6562Keypad Hd In Lock Box Pedestal$540.00Details
414042Corby6563Keypad In Door Hd Flush Monut$156.80Details
156851Corby6564Keypad Hd Lock Box Grn Red. Keypad Single Door Lock Box. Outdoor Model Heavy Duty Lg. 4.75 W X 5.3 L X 5.5 D Inches. Red And Green Built In 12Vdc$359.09Details
156065Corby6566Keypad Hd Fl Mt Hd Grn/Red. Keypad Single Door Outdoor. Large Heavy Duty Weather. Resistant 3.23 W X 5 L X 0.4I. Red And Green Built In 12Vdc$186.19Details
414043Corby65716500 Series Double Gang Plate With 3 Le$143.82Details
156852Corby66Keypad Hd On Sg Plate Rg-Leds Retro Plus$101.46Details
414044Corby7010Keypad 1 Gangflush Mt1Grn Led$55.10Details
149471Corby7020Keypd Single Fl Mt 1 Gang R/G. Keypad Single Door Indoor. 2 Leds Flush Mount Plate. 2.75 W X 4.5 L X 0.92 D Inches. Red And Green 12Vdc$62.99Details
156066Corby7021Keypd 2 Gang Fl Mount Plate$129.36Details
181865Corby7022Keypd Surf Mt Cov Plate R/G$116.54Details
149472Corby7024Keypd Hidden View Tamp Swch. Keypad Single Door Hidden View. Indoor Model Surface Mount. 3 W X 4.625 L X 2.8 D Inches. Red And Green 12Vdc$146.99Details
181866Corby7030Keypad Single Door Single Gang 3 Led'S$64.96Details
414045Corby70404 Led, Single Door Keypad With 1 Code$46.39Details
414046Corby7063Keypad Flush Mtgrn & Red Led$79.80Details
156853Corby7066Indoor/Outdoor Single Code Kpd$135.16Details
414047Corby7071Keypd 2Gang Fl Mt Plte Inr/Y/G$106.20Details
156067Corby7100Decoder Pcb F/7000 Series 6-24Vdc$40.59Details
149473Corby7120Corby 7120 Keypad 2 Leds$27.75Details
181867Corby7121Double Gang Plate W/1-Red & 1 Green Led$31.18Details
885411Corby7122Keypad Weatherproof$58.10Details
1073352Corby7130Single Gang__3 Led Plate Only No Electronics$30.44Details
156855Corby716500Rplcmnt Board Only For 6500 Series Keypads$71.39Details
149475Corby74434217 User Stnd Alone Data Chp System W/ Mullionrdr$125.99Details
181868Corby74434417 User Stnd Alone Data Chp Sys. W/ Blk Mullion Rd$141.39Details
156069Corby7520Platinum Series Stand Alone Mullion Keyp$343.12Details
181870Corby7530Plat Rec Mortise Tch Keypad 200 Users$440.22Details
414048Corby78Electronic Relay Module Spdt$36.82Details
181871Corby8021Rs232 To Ethernet Srvr Cnvrtr$531.89Details
353046Corby810043Red Led 12-14Vdc @15Ma$1.50Details
353045Corby810044Green Led$1.74Details
149476Corby810045Yellow Le D$3.90Details
607682Corby810051Bulb For Nitelite$2.70Details
758109Corby817120Repair Part- Keypad$27.29Details
156129Corby827120Only Keypads & Plate W/Led$27.75Details
181872Corby827122Keypads & Plate W/Led$58.10Details
149477Corby86Digital Timer Contr Module. Programmable Relay 5Amp. Panic Latching Regular 24Vdc. 6-18Vdc 1.5Inch W X 2Inch L X. Use With 7000 Series$65.10Details
414049Corby935203Maglock, 1300Lbs$268.27Details
607683Corby950011Single Gang Flush Mount Tamper Box$13.18Details
149478Corby950012Surface Mount Tamper Box W/ 2 Amp Swtches$20.21Details
181873Corby950014Surf. Mnt Tamper Box W/ 2 Tamper Swtches$97.99Details
414050CorbyASP6030Keypad,1Gang,Flush Mt Plate$29.41Details
988306CorbyCD3000CMDrop Ceiling Support, Indoor. Uses 3/4”$29.06Details
1076585CorbyCD3000WPWWall Bracket, Plastic, White, For 5' Dom$21.48Details
414051CorbyCORBY4301Data Chp Reader,Adaptor Module$285.12Details
414052CorbyCORBY4302Data Chip Reader,1Gang,W/Plate$68.60Details
414053CorbyCORBY4303Data Chip Reader,1Gang,W/Plate$78.96Details
607684CorbyCY4005Special System5 750 User Access Cntrl$697.18Details
414054CorbyCY4009System5 Slave Control Unit$628.88Details