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Corning Gilbert

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
997785Corning Gilbert44344Conn F For Rg11 Coax With Separate Gold Center Pin$4.18Details
1072189Corning GilbertG11BAHS460SAdapter F Conn Crimp .475 To Ks Female Swivel Design$8.05Details
989705Corning GilbertG375Panel Nut 1/2" Hex Size 3/8 - 32 Thread Size 100/Pk$12.80Details
1034424Corning GilbertG375SPCLPanel Nut 7/16" Hex Size 3/8 - 32 Thread Size 100/Pk$16.34Details
956484Corning GilbertGABNC6AHS342LBnc Plug 75 Ohms Crimp Braid &Amp; For Rg6 Has Integral Center Pin$11.76Details
933733Corning GilbertGABNCUR59Compression Bnc Conn. For Rg59 Pvc 60% To Quad Shield Braid Ultrarange$5.60Details
1062250Corning GilbertGABNCUR59HECCompression Bnc Conn. For Rg59Hec Headend Pvc Coax Cable UltrarangeCall for Price.Details
1011753Corning GilbertGABNCUR6Compression Bnc Conn. For Rg6 Pvc 60% To Quad Shield Braid Ultrarange$5.67Details
1009546Corning GilbertGAF11AHS460F Male .475 Hex Crimp For Rg11 With Up To 90% Braid Cover$7.47Details
1067539Corning GilbertGAFUR11MHCompression "F" Conn. For Rg11 Pvc 60% To Quad Shield Braid Ultrarange Rohs$5.26Details
938024Corning GilbertGAFUR11MHSRCompression "F" Conn. For Rg11 Quad Shield Braid W/ Seal Ring Ultrarange SeriesCall for Price.Details
1045065Corning GilbertGAFUR11PLCompression "F" Conn. For Rg11 Plenum 60% Quad Shield Ultrarange Rohs$6.34Details
1082326Corning GilbertGARCAUE59Connector, Rca Compression For Rg59, 60% To Trishield Black Band$2.92Details
940979Corning GilbertGBNC6AHS322LBnc Conn Crimp-On W/Separate Ctr Cond Pin, 75 Ohm Crimp .324/.068$9.82Details
1038274Corning GilbertGBNCFFMAdapter Bnc Female To F Male 75 Ohms$10.16Details
1077802Corning GilbertGBNCFMFAdapter Bnc Male To F Female 75 Ohms$11.75Details
984231Corning GilbertGCATASCompression Tool For Gilbert F Sns "F" Conn For Rg11 And 7 Coax Cable$123.30Details
948873Corning GilbertGCATUNIVERSLFXCompression Tool For Gilbert F, Bnc &Amp; Rca Conns For Rg59 &Amp; Rg6 Coax Cables$84.91Details
989644Corning GilbertGCHBAFFKSAdapter Ks Female To F Female Outdoor$15.31Details
988034Corning GilbertGCPT1100Strip Tool For Rg7 &Amp; 11 Coax Conn$82.22Details
1039890Corning GilbertGCPT6590Strip Tool For Rg59 &Amp; 6 Coax Conn$50.49Details
1011473Corning GilbertGF10971Miniature F Connector For Micro Computer Cable Pk/25$42.64Details
949209Corning GilbertGF11300P388F Conn For Rg11 Quad Shield W/ Body, Crimp Ring And Pin For Plenum$6.57Details
1019438Corning GilbertGF11AHP450F Male .100/.475 Hex Crimp For Rg11 Plenum$9.22Details
1001258Corning GilbertGF11AHS460F Male .100/.475 Hex Crimp For Rg11 Up To 90% Braid Separate Center Pin 5/Pk.$12.46Details
939222Corning GilbertGF36059QF Conn 360 Degree Crimp Seal For Rg59 Quad Shield Coax Cabl$0.62Details
1080082Corning GilbertGF3606F Conn 360 Degree Crimp Seal For Rg6 Coax Cable$0.64Details
1052729Corning GilbertGF3606QF Conn 360 Degree Crimp Seal For Rg6 Quad Shield Coax Cable$0.64Details
1038344Corning GilbertGF59AHP312F Male .324 Hex Crimp For Rg59 High Braid Plenum 25/Pk$20.21Details
991231Corning GilbertGF59AHS342F Conn W/.342 Attchd Irridite Irridite Pltd 1/2" Ferrule For Quad Rg59 Cbl 100/Pk$25.88Details
998105Corning GilbertGF59AHSUSAF Male .360 Crimp For Rg59 60% To Quad Shield Braid Cover Pk/100$39.95Details
1078898Corning GilbertGF625CHDCBTAdapter F Female To Ks Male Ac (60Hz) Power Blocking$12.66Details
934370Corning GilbertGF625CHTAdapter F Female To Ks Male With Long Pin$6.68Details
1039377Corning GilbertGF6AHP328F Male .384 Hex For Rg6 High Braid PlenumCall for Price.Details
1062698Corning GilbertGF6AHS322F Male .324 Hex Crimp For Rg6 With 40-60% Braid Pk/100$40.50Details
938783Corning GilbertGF6AHSUSAF Male .360 Crimp For Rg6 60% To Quad Shield Braid Cover$0.64Details
1041590Corning GilbertGF81F Splice Connector Without Nut &Amp; Washer 1.06" Over All Length 10/Pk$7.13Details
1041979Corning GilbertGF81AF Splice Connector Without Nut &Amp; Washer .81" Over All Length$0.90Details
1076788Corning GilbertGF81HFB"F" Splice Conn High Frequency 5 Mhz To 2.3 Ghz 1.14"Long W/O Nut &Amp; Washer$1.28Details
953993Corning GilbertGFMF90Adapter F Male To F Female Right Angle$1.36Details
978972Corning GilbertGFSFC6Fcac Compression "F" Conn. For Rg6 Pvc 60% To Quad Shie$0.70Details
982015Corning GilbertGFUE59Conn F Compression 1 Pc Design Brass Construction For Rg59 Coax, Ultraease Rohs$0.68Details
977622Corning GilbertGFUE59QConn F Compression Type One Pc Design,All Brass For Rg59 Coax Quad Shield Cable$0.58Details
949662Corning GilbertGFUE6Conn F Compression Type One Pc Design All Brass Construction For Rg6 Coax Cable$0.58Details
961548Corning GilbertGFUE6QConn F Compression Type One Pc Design,All Brass Construction For Rg6 Quad Shield$0.58Details
1017059Corning GilbertGFUR59Compression "F" Conn. For Rg59 Pvc 60% To Quad Shield Braid Ultrarange Rohs$0.72Details
1067837Corning GilbertGFUR6PLCompression "F" Conn. For Rg6 60%To Quad Shield Braid Plenum Ultrarange Rohs$0.02Details
1076055Corning GilbertGGBHFBDUF Grounding Block With 2 High Frequency F81 Conn. 5 Mhz To 2.3 Ghz$5.56Details
1057566Corning GilbertGGBHFBDUSCRF Grnd Blck W/Screws &Amp; 2 High Frequency F81Conn. 5 Mhz To 2.3 GhzCall for Price.Details
1008036Corning GilbertGGBHFBU"F" Ground Block With High Frequency F81 Pressed In 5 Mhz To 2.3 Ghz$2.82Details
1013648Corning GilbertGGTT7Terminator Tool Locking With Extension For Gtp59 Theft- Proof Terminator$23.64Details
1019741Corning GilbertGKSKSMNRAdapter Straight Ks Male To Ks Male Non Rotational$6.98Details
1010413Corning GilbertGKSKSMTAdapter Ks Male To Ks Male Rotational With A 2.31 Lg Pin$8.62Details
973853Corning GilbertGP90Adapter Right Angle Ks To Equipment$14.07Details
1070245Corning GilbertGP90180Adapter Ks Type Splice Or In Line Or Right Angle$39.83Details
983669Corning GilbertGP90TAdapter Right Angle Ks Pin To Equipment With Long Pin$14.60Details
949958Corning GilbertGPF59Adapter F Male To F Female Push On (Quick Disconnect)$4.45Details
939775Corning GilbertGPPA30Adapter Ks Socket Contact 180 Degree To Equipment 3.0" Ext. Length$29.86Details
968059Corning GilbertGRS500AFMDU03F Male For .500" Hard Line Coax Accepts .109 Cent Cond W/Integral Sleeve$32.16Details
938422Corning GilbertGRS500BAFFDU03F Female For .500" Hard Line Coax Accepts .109 Cent Cond W/Integral Sleeve$20.79Details
1071845Corning GilbertGRS500BDU03F Connector Feed Through Conn For .500 Hardline Coax .119 Cent. Cond$6.97Details
967741Corning GilbertGRS500CHDU03TKs Pin Type Conn .500" Accepts .109 Center Conductor 2.31 Long Pin$8.94Details
1054871Corning GilbertGRS500EXTDU03TKs Extention Conn For .500" Hard Line Coax Accepts .109 Long Pin$16.52Details
946816Corning GilbertGRS500SPDU03Ks Adapter .500" Straight Accepts .109 Center Conductor$19.80Details
1003007Corning GilbertGRS625CHDU02TF Pin Conn For .625" Hardline Accepts .137 Long Centr Cond W/Integral Sleeve$12.95Details
1049223Corning GilbertGRS750AFMDU03F Male Conn To .750" Hardline Conn .177 Center Conductor W/Integral Sleeve$35.90Details
998501Corning GilbertGRS750BAFFDU01F Female For .750" Hard Line Coax Accepts .177" Cent Cond W/Integral Sleeve$15.48Details
1038126Corning GilbertGRS750BAFFDU03F Fem Conn To .750" Hardline Conn .177 Center Conductor W/Integral Sleeve$22.14Details
1041397Corning GilbertGRS750BDU03Feed Thru F Conn For .750" Hardline Accepts .177" C. C. W/Integral Sleeve$7.83Details
968252Corning GilbertGRS750CHDU01TKs Long Pin Type Conn .750" Accept .167 Center Conductor$19.61Details
951603Corning GilbertGRS750CHDU03Pin Type Connector .750" .177" Center Conductor W/Integral Sleeve$19.08Details
1004878Corning GilbertGRS750EXTDU03Extension F Conn For .750"Hard Line Accepts .177 C. C. Lg Pin W/ Integral Sleeve$24.47Details
1032084Corning GilbertGS200Security Sleeve Tool$23.22Details
999673Corning GilbertGTP59F Terminator (Resistor) Theft-Proof Locking$1.32Details
1017665Corning GilbertGTR59AF Terminator Male 75 Ohm$0.72Details
1013024Corning GilbertGTR59DCBF Male Terminator 75 Ohm Power Blocking$4.97Details
929211Corning GilbertGTR59SF Male Terminator Theft Proof With Security Sleeve$0.90Details
964290Corning GilbertGTRMTTerminator Ks Port 75 Ohm 2.31" Long$8.56Details