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Costar Video Systems

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
414208Costar Video SystemsCBC3500LEnvirocam 1/3In Ccd, 4-9Mm Auto Iris LenCall for Price.Details
414209Costar Video SystemsCBC3500LFIRMini Ir Max Envirocam 1/3In Ccd, Day/NigCall for Price.Details
414210Costar Video SystemsCBC3500LIRMini Ir Max Envirocam 1/3In Ccd, Day/NigCall for Price.Details
607748Costar Video SystemsCBC3500SMIRCamera, Bullet, Color, 540 Tvl,3.6 Mm, 2Call for Price.Details
414211Costar Video SystemsCBC3510MMaximizer 2.8-11Mm 540Tvl Dc Iris W/OsdCall for Price.Details
414212Costar Video SystemsCBC3520IRIr 24Led 9-22-Mm 540Tvl Dc Iris W/ OsdCall for Price.Details
414213Costar Video SystemsCBC3550IRIr Max Envirocam 1/3In Ccd True Day/NighCall for Price.Details
414214Costar Video SystemsCBC3550IRBSTOCKCbc3550Ir B Stock ItemCall for Price.Details
414215Costar Video SystemsCBC3550MMaximizer 5-50Mm 540Tvl Dc Iris W/OsdCall for Price.Details
414216Costar Video SystemsCBC3600LFIRCamera, Bullet, Color, 560Tvl, 24Leds, ICall for Price.Details
414217Costar Video SystemsCBC3610IRCamera Bullet, Ir, 48 Leds, ColorCall for Price.Details
414218Costar Video SystemsCBC3610MWdr Outdoor Bullet 2.8-12 Wdr MaximizerCall for Price.Details
414219Costar Video SystemsCBC3611IRIr Max Envirocam 1/3"Ccd True D/N Cam Bullet IrCall for Price.Details
414220Costar Video SystemsCBC3611MMaximizer Envirocam Bullet Camera, ColorCall for Price.Details
414221Costar Video SystemsCBC3620IRCamera Bullet, Ir, 48 Leds, ColorCall for Price.Details
1006313Costar Video SystemsCBC3650Camera Bullet Color 700Tvl D/N Ip66 5-50Mm VflensCall for Price.Details
414222Costar Video SystemsCBC3651IRCamera, Bullet, Ir, 42 Led'S, Color, 600 Tvl,Call for Price.Details
607753Costar Video SystemsCBC3710LIRCamera, Bullet, Color, 700Tvl, 18 Ir LedCall for Price.Details
896164Costar Video SystemsCBC3712EVIRBullet Type, Vandal, Wall Mount, Hi ResCall for Price.Details
853975Costar Video SystemsCBCBBBack Box Mount For Cbc3650 Bullet CameraCall for Price.Details
607754Costar Video SystemsCBCJBJunction Box For Surface Mounting Cbc36 Series EnvCall for Price.Details
934594Costar Video SystemsCBCPMPole Mount Adapter Cbc3650Call for Price.Details
607755Costar Video SystemsCBI2109IRF2 Mega Pixel Direct Ip Bullet, 1080P, 3-Call for Price.Details
1054045Costar Video SystemsCBI2112IRInex Bullet,Network,2 Mega Pixel,Day/Night,13Call for Price.Details
990247Costar Video SystemsCBI2112XIRInex Bullet Network 2Mp D/N 25 Super Ir'S 1080PCall for Price.Details
914165Costar Video SystemsCBT2312IRFW2Mp Bullet Camera Indoor/Outdoor Analog Hd TviCall for Price.Details
997192Costar Video SystemsCC3643NBCamera Micro-Board 700Tvl Color 4.3Mm PinholdlensCall for Price.Details
607761Costar Video SystemsCCC3400PDB1/3"Ccd,Color Height Strip Camera Black,3.7Mm PinhCall for Price.Details
607762Costar Video SystemsCCC3400PDS1/3"Ccd,Color Height Strip Camera SilverCall for Price.Details
607763Costar Video SystemsCCC3400PXBlack Mini Prox Hid Reader Capable CamerCall for Price.Details
805906Costar Video SystemsCCC3400PXSSilver Mini Prox Hid Reader Capable CameCall for Price.Details
1033790Costar Video SystemsCCC3520ATM1/3" Mini Pixim Atm Kit,Color Cam,520 Tvl,Day/NighCall for Price.Details
607764Costar Video SystemsCCC3520ATMKIT11/3" Ccd Miniature Pixim Atm Kit, ColorCall for Price.Details
1014796Costar Video SystemsCCC3520WKIT1/3 Mini Pixim Atm Kit,WallCall for Price.Details
607766Costar Video SystemsCCC3525NWDCamera, 1/3", Miniature Dsp, Day/Night,Call for Price.Details
414224Costar Video SystemsCCC35301/3Inccd Maximizer Color CameraCall for Price.Details
414225Costar Video SystemsCCC3560NWD600Tvl Wdr D/N Box Cam 12/24VoltCall for Price.Details
607768Costar Video SystemsCCC3600NWDCamera, Color, Super Low Light, Wdr, DayCall for Price.Details
607772Costar Video SystemsCCC3602TBWCamera 1/3'Tower Cam/Pixim/600Tvl/Wdr/0.5Lux/F1.2Call for Price.Details
414226Costar Video SystemsCCC36101/3 Color Maximizer 600Tvl Dn CameraCall for Price.Details
955348Costar Video SystemsCCC3620NWDCMini-Cube Sony Cmos 600Tvl Wdr 1/3"Camera 3.3MmCall for Price.Details
1039968Costar Video SystemsCCI2100Camera,Indoor,Direct Ip,2Mp 1080P True/D/N/D-WdrCall for Price.Details
607775Costar Video SystemsCCI2100M2 Mega Pixel Mini Box, True Day/Night, BCall for Price.Details
1056550Costar Video SystemsCCI2110HW2Mp Mini-Box Camera Network Wdr 1080P/Bnc/Rj45Call for Price.Details
1052379Costar Video SystemsCCI2138PXBInex Camera Covert Mini Door Or Wall Mount 2MpCall for Price.Details
607777Costar Video SystemsCCI2138PXSMini Strip 2 Mega Pixel Camera, 3.8 Mm LCall for Price.Details
995348Costar Video SystemsCCI2138PXSSILVERInex Camera/Covert/Mini Door Or Wall Mount 2MpCall for Price.Details
607778Costar Video SystemsCCI5100Inex Camera, Network, 5 Megapixel, 1/2.5Call for Price.Details
414227Costar Video SystemsCCIH2002 Megapixel Inex Network Box Camera, 1/2Call for Price.Details
607779Costar Video SystemsCCIH200SCBInex Camera, Covert, Door Or Wall Mount,2 Mega PixCall for Price.Details
607780Costar Video SystemsCCIH200SCSInex Camera,Covert,Door Or Wall Mount,2 Mega PixCall for Price.Details
1027155Costar Video SystemsCCT2100Box Camera 2Mp Analog Hd Tvi No Lens(C&Cs Mount)Call for Price.Details
1058639Costar Video SystemsCCT2143HSB2Mp Tvi Height Strip Camera "Hd Over CoaCall for Price.Details
784401Costar Video SystemsCCT2312WCamera Indoor 2Mp Analog 2.8-12Mm Lens 0.01 LuxwdrCall for Price.Details
1040403Costar Video SystemsCD3000CMFlex Dom Drop Cel Supt PlateCall for Price.Details
414228Costar Video SystemsCD8ACode Distribution Amplifier 8Ch Rs485Call for Price.Details
872092Costar Video SystemsCDASS18Outdoor Sun ShieldCall for Price.Details
414229Costar Video SystemsCDC2040MOStar Dome Ptz 480Tvl Color 10X 240VacCall for Price.Details
414230Costar Video SystemsCDC2040MXDO10X Pan Tilt Zoom Outdoor CameraCall for Price.Details
935896Costar Video SystemsCDC2450MTPtz Vand, 22X, D/N, 480TvlCall for Price.Details
931886Costar Video SystemsCDC2490Ptz Plate For Cdc2450/45Call for Price.Details
414233Costar Video SystemsCDC2500MXO480Txl 27X D/N Ptz 240Vac Wall MountCall for Price.Details
607794Costar Video SystemsCDC2500PHIndoor Pendant Hard Ceiling Kit, IncludeCall for Price.Details
1042759Costar Video SystemsCDC2550LXStardome Fastrax Ii Dome Controller,2 Line LcdCall for Price.Details
607797Costar Video SystemsCDC2600CLStardome Ceiling Mount, 1.3Ft Total LengCall for Price.Details
971730Costar Video SystemsCDC2600WMStar Dome Wall Mount F/Use W/Cdc2600WmCall for Price.Details
1029221Costar Video SystemsCDC3128ICFlex-Dome Indoor Panasonic Ccd 960H Eyenix B4-Call for Price.Details
942534Costar Video SystemsCDC3128IWDBFlex Dome Indoor Sony-Cmos Imx238-Wdr 1000Tvl-BlckCall for Price.Details
985194Costar Video SystemsCDC3128IWDCFlex-Dome/Indoor/Sony Cmos/Imx238/Wdr/1000Tvl/Call for Price.Details
1005456Costar Video SystemsCDC3128IWDW1000 Tvl Flexdome Camera 2.8-12Mm LensCall for Price.Details
1039956Costar Video SystemsCDC3128VCDome 3-Axis Vandal Flush/Surface Mnt Color/700TvlCall for Price.Details
957679Costar Video SystemsCDC3128VHDome 3-Axis Vandal Flush/Surface Mount ColorCall for Price.Details
1044921Costar Video SystemsCDC3128VIRFlex Dome Vandal Panasonic Ccd 960H Eyenix B3 700Call for Price.Details
987677Costar Video SystemsCDC3128VTIRBall Turret Dome Vandal Surface Mount PansonicCall for Price.Details
934349Costar Video SystemsCDC3128VWDCDome 3-Axis Vandal Flush/Surface Mount Color 1000TCall for Price.Details
1069970Costar Video SystemsCDC3128VWDHDome 3-Axis Vandal Flush/Surface-Mnt Color 1000TvlCall for Price.Details
939922Costar Video SystemsCDC3128VWDUFlex Dome Vandal Sony Cmos Imx238 Wdr ColorCall for Price.Details
935105Costar Video SystemsCDC3150IWDCFlex Dome Indoor, 5-50Mm VarifocalCall for Price.Details
414250Costar Video SystemsCDC3600XFStardome Outdoor Flush Mount KitCall for Price.Details
414251Costar Video SystemsCDC3600XPAMStardome Outdoor Parapet Mount KitCall for Price.Details
607814Costar Video SystemsCDC3600XWOutdoor Wall Mount, Kit Includes: Cdc360Call for Price.Details
414253Costar Video SystemsCDC3610MVSCAMaximizer 4In Diameter Mini, Indr/OtdrCall for Price.Details
414254Costar Video SystemsCDC3611IRVAHigh Security, Die Cast AlumCall for Price.Details
1020360Costar Video SystemsCDC3613FEWHMKit-Dome 3-Axis Vndl Resis FCall for Price.Details
986035Costar Video SystemsCDC3649FBFlex Dome Indoor D/N 5'Dia 3 Axis Color SonyCall for Price.Details
934819Costar Video SystemsCDC3651FEWDome 3 Axis Vandal Flush Surface Mount Colr 600TvlCall for Price.Details
1030676Costar Video SystemsCDC3724VDome,Vandal,Mini,1/3",Surface Mount,Hi Res CCall for Price.Details
983085Costar Video SystemsCDCFLEXITTrim Ring Assembly For Indoor Flex DomesCall for Price.Details
607834Costar Video SystemsCDHKMHeater Kit For Maximizer Vandal ResistanCall for Price.Details
607835Costar Video SystemsCDI2000EVIRCamera, Hd Eseries, Ball, Network, VandaCall for Price.Details
979277Costar Video SystemsCDI2000KBKeyboard Controller Network Ethernet Rs485Call for Price.Details
1004072Costar Video SystemsCDI2109Dome,Indoor,Direct Ip,Network,2MpCall for Price.Details
953536Costar Video SystemsCDI2109IRDome Indoor Direct Ip Network 2Mp 1080P D/N 3-9MmCall for Price.Details
1025069Costar Video SystemsCDI2109VIRDome,Vandal,Direct Ip,Network,2Megapixel,1080PCall for Price.Details
1073047Costar Video SystemsCDI2109VWDome Outdoor Vandal Direct Ip Wdr 2Mp 3-9Mm 2 WayCall for Price.Details
828035Costar Video SystemsCDI2110IRFDome Indoor Direct Ip Network Remote Focus 2MpCall for Price.Details
935965Costar Video SystemsCDI2110RFDome Indoor Direct Ip Network Remote Focus 2MpCall for Price.Details
1002818Costar Video SystemsCDI2110VIRFDome Outdoor Vandal Direct Ip Network RemotefocusCall for Price.Details
974594Costar Video SystemsCDI2110VIRFHDome Direct Ip Outdoor Vandal Ir Remote Focus/ZoomCall for Price.Details
1060631Costar Video SystemsCDI2110VIRFWDome/Indoor/Outdoor/Vandal/1080P/2Mp/Directip/WdrCall for Price.Details
946934Costar Video SystemsCDI2110VIRHDome/Outdoor/Vandal/Direct Ip/Network/RemotefocusCall for Price.Details
607840Costar Video SystemsCDI2112PZInex Dome, Network, Mini- Ptz,2 Mega Pixel, 1/2.8"Call for Price.Details
956242Costar Video SystemsCDI2112PZ22 Mega Pixel Mini- Ptz, 1080P Cmos, 12XCall for Price.Details
1082025Costar Video SystemsCDI2112SVDome Onvif/Outdoor 2Mp Vandal Flush/Surfce DomeCall for Price.Details
927612Costar Video SystemsCDI2112SVKPKit-2Mp Vandal Flush/Surface Dome D-Wdr/1080P/Call for Price.Details
935633Costar Video SystemsCDI2134Dome,Mini Indr,Direct Ip,Ntwrk,2MpCall for Price.Details
1032471Costar Video SystemsCDI2136VIRInex Dome Network Vandal Surface Mount 2Mp D/NCall for Price.Details
607844Costar Video SystemsCDI5112VIR5Mega Pixel,D/N,1/2.5 12 Super Irs, 3.3-12MCall for Price.Details
1013212Costar Video SystemsCDI51360DV5Meagapixal In/Out Dome Vandal 360Degree Day/NightCall for Price.Details
414257Costar Video SystemsCDIH109Network Megapix Indoor Dome CameraCall for Price.Details
607848Costar Video SystemsCDIH116PMFPendant Mount (For Cdih116Vir Only)Call for Price.Details
607851Costar Video SystemsCDIH116WMWall Mount, Cdih116V OnlyCall for Price.Details
607852Costar Video SystemsCDIH116WMFWall Mount (For Cdih116Vir Only)Call for Price.Details
414258Costar Video SystemsCDIH200F2Mp 4Mm Digital CameraCall for Price.Details
1003926Costar Video SystemsCDIH209RFInex Dome, Network, Indoor, Surface Mount,1/2.7' CCall for Price.Details
414259Costar Video SystemsCDIH226VInex Dome Network Vandal Surface Mount True D/NCall for Price.Details
1015501Costar Video SystemsCDJBD10Junction Box F/Cdi2110V SeriesCall for Price.Details
1036440Costar Video SystemsCDMCPMounting Kit, Ceiling Pendant For Flex Dome Cdc35XCall for Price.Details
607861Costar Video SystemsCDMKMMounting Kit, Wall And Pendant, For M SeCall for Price.Details
414260Costar Video SystemsCDMKVMounting Hardware Kit For Irva SeriesCall for Price.Details
607862Costar Video SystemsCDMKVFEWall Bracket Mounting Kit,E Series Extreme EnvirCall for Price.Details
607863Costar Video SystemsCDMKVMEWall Bracket Mounting Kit, E SeriesCall for Price.Details
1048402Costar Video SystemsCDMPM10Pendant Mount For Cdi2109 SeriesCall for Price.Details
767399Costar Video SystemsCDMPM20Pendant MountCall for Price.Details
607865Costar Video SystemsCDMWM10Wall Mount Adapter For Cdi2109 SeriesCall for Price.Details
867053Costar Video SystemsCDMWM20Wall MountCall for Price.Details
919446Costar Video SystemsCDMWMD10Wall Mount - Cdi2110Vir Outdoor SeriesCall for Price.Details
1000868Costar Video SystemsCDMWMD11Wall Mount For Cdi2110Virfw And Cdi51360DvCall for Price.Details
1024544Costar Video SystemsCDMWMS10Outdoor Wall Mount For Cdi2112SvCall for Price.Details
880918Costar Video SystemsCDMWMU10Wall Mount - For Cdt2312Vir &Amp; Cdt2312VirCall for Price.Details
969659Costar Video SystemsCDT2312IRIndoor Dome 2Mp Analog Hd Tvi 2.8-12Mm Tdn LensCall for Price.Details
1029594Costar Video SystemsCDT2312IRFW2Mp Analog Hd Tvi Remote Mfz 2.8-12Mm Tdn LensCall for Price.Details
941679Costar Video SystemsCDT2312VIRDome Vandal Indoor/Outdoor 2Mp Analog Hd TviCall for Price.Details
1001575Costar Video SystemsCDT2312VIRFWDome Vandal Dome Indoor/Outdoor 2Mp Analog Hd TviCall for Price.Details
1007658Costar Video SystemsCDTRSCeiling Mount Adapter W/Plastic Trim RingCall for Price.Details
607881Costar Video SystemsCHG1300Wall Camera Mounting BracketCall for Price.Details
414261Costar Video SystemsCHG2500Corner Mount Adapter, 63.5 Lbs.Call for Price.Details
607885Costar Video SystemsCHG2501Adapter Corner Mount For Bullet Cameras,Call for Price.Details
607886Costar Video SystemsCHG2511Adapter Pole Mount For Bullet Cameras&WallbrcktsCall for Price.Details
607887Costar Video SystemsCHG270010" Lt Duty Alum. Wall Brket Ball JCall for Price.Details
774239Costar Video SystemsCHG2700WBracket, Die-Cast Aluminum, Wall BracketCall for Price.Details
607894Costar Video SystemsCHG320013" Die Cast/Extruded Ip66 Rated AluminuCall for Price.Details
414262Costar Video SystemsCHG3502MFVCCorner Mount Vandal Camera 580Tvl 2.5MmCall for Price.Details
414263Costar Video SystemsCLS0770DM1/2", 7-70Mm, C Mount, Dc Iris, 3.0 MegaCall for Price.Details
607899Costar Video SystemsCLS0770SM1/2", 7-70Mm, C Mount, Dc Iris, 3.0 MegaCall for Price.Details
414264Costar Video SystemsCLS2808DM271/2.7", 2.8-8Mm, Dc Iris, Cs Mount, 3.0Call for Price.Details
607902Costar Video SystemsCLS2812D1/3", 2.8-12 Mm, F1.4-360, Direct Drive,Call for Price.Details
984624Costar Video SystemsCLS2812DM272.7/Lens,1/3",2.8-12Mm,D/N,Ir Corrected Dc IrisCall for Price.Details
607904Costar Video SystemsCLS2812M1/3", 2.8-12 Mm, F1.4, Manual Iris, Cs MCall for Price.Details
414265Costar Video SystemsCLS3580D1/3In, 3.5-8 Mm, F1.4-360, Direct DriveCall for Price.Details
414266Costar Video SystemsCLS5100DLens 1/3" 5-100Mm F1.8 Direct DriveCall for Price.Details
607907Costar Video SystemsCLS6600D1/3, 6-60 Mm, F1.6-360, Direct Drive, CCall for Price.Details
1020482Costar Video SystemsCM19HD18.5"Led Monitor 1366X766 16:9/4/3 Scale OptionsCall for Price.Details
881645Costar Video SystemsCM19LED18.5" Led Monitor: 1366 X 768; Option ToCall for Price.Details
414267Costar Video SystemsCMC19LCD19In Lcd Monitor,1280 X 1024Call for Price.Details
976615Costar Video SystemsCMC19MBWWall Mount,10"-24"Lcd Monitors,Max,75X75X100Mm,VesCall for Price.Details
414268Costar Video SystemsCMC19PSPower Supply 12V Dc 3.33AmpCall for Price.Details
607911Costar Video SystemsCMC2000MBWall Mount, 15" To 21" Lcd Monitors, 75Call for Price.Details
607912Costar Video SystemsCMC2000MBWWall Mount, 15" To 21" Lcd Monitors, 75Call for Price.Details
1021320Costar Video SystemsCMC2010PVC20.1" Tft Lcd Monitor W/Built-In Hi Res CameraCall for Price.Details
1076926Costar Video SystemsCMC26LEDPVC26" Led Monitor W/Camera A/I LensCall for Price.Details
1082697Costar Video SystemsCMC26LEDPVIPPublic View Monitor 26"Led W/4Mp Dwdr Vf(2.8-12Mm)Call for Price.Details
1053866Costar Video SystemsCMI2636PV(Cmi2636Pv) 26" Led, 1080P Mega Pixel Public ViewCall for Price.Details
1069393Costar Video SystemsCMIPVMPublic View Monitor Streaming Decoder Upto 4X4Call for Price.Details
1030939Costar Video SystemsCMM1200NCmm1200N 12" B&Amp;W MonitorCall for Price.Details
414269Costar Video SystemsCP1243ULPower Supply,1 Channel, 24Vac, 3 Amp, 100Va, NemaCall for Price.Details
414270Costar Video SystemsCP16248ULPower Supply, 16 Ch, 24 Vac, 12 AmpCall for Price.Details
1018417Costar Video SystemsCP241040Ps, 1 Ch 24 Vac, 40 VaCall for Price.Details
1038456Costar Video SystemsCP4244ULPs, 4Ch, 24Vac, 4AmpCall for Price.Details
1036118Costar Video SystemsCP82412Ps 8Ch 24Vac Smart Fuse 12AmpCall for Price.Details
414271Costar Video SystemsCP8244ULPower Supply 8 Channel 4 AmpCall for Price.Details
414272Costar Video SystemsCPS1209Power Supply 12Vdc 9Ch 7AmpCall for Price.Details
607922Costar Video SystemsCR1000INRNetwork Video Decoder, Inex 1 Ch, DualCall for Price.Details
607923Costar Video SystemsCR1000INTNetwork Video Encoder, Inex 1 Ch, DualCall for Price.Details
607925Costar Video SystemsCR1600E100016-Channel Digital Video Recorder, H.264Call for Price.Details
607926Costar Video SystemsCR1600E200016-Channel Digital Video Recorder, H.264Call for Price.Details
1023176Costar Video SystemsCR1600E2000DRecorder,H.264 Dig Vid,16Ch,480Ips,4Ch Aud,Usb,2TbCall for Price.Details
787653Costar Video SystemsCR1600ET1TB16-Ch Recorder, Full Hd Coax Digital VidCall for Price.Details
903508Costar Video SystemsCR1600ET2TBRecorder Full Hd Coax Digital Video 16Ch 2TbCall for Price.Details
710306Costar Video SystemsCR1600ET3TB16-Ch Recorder, Full Hd Coax Digital VidCall for Price.Details
994649Costar Video SystemsCR1600ET4TBRecorder Full Hd Coax Digital Video 16Ch Use W/TviCall for Price.Details
764333Costar Video SystemsCR1600ET6TBRecorder Full Hd-Coax Digital Vid 16Chl Use W/TviCall for Price.Details
764352Costar Video SystemsCR1600ET9TBEt Series 16Ch Hd Over Coax Digitalvideorec 9TbCall for Price.Details
607929Costar Video SystemsCR1600EV1000Recorder, Edge Video, 16 Channel, H.264,Call for Price.Details
607930Costar Video SystemsCR1600EV2000Recorder, Edge Video, 16 Channel, H.264,Call for Price.Details
607932Costar Video SystemsCR1600EV4000Recorder Edge Video 16Chl H.264 480Ips 1Ch AudCall for Price.Details
959087Costar Video SystemsCR1600PC2TB16Ch Hybrid Nvr Analog/And/Ip Recorder 4Cifto1080PCall for Price.Details
1015071Costar Video SystemsCR1600PC4TB16Ch Hybrid Analog & Ip Recorder 4Cif To 1080PCall for Price.Details
962958Costar Video SystemsCR1600PC6TB16Ch Hybrid Analog & Ip Recorder 4Cifto 1080PCall for Price.Details
941181Costar Video SystemsCR1600PC8TB16Ch Hybrid Analog&Ip Recorder 4Cif To 1080P ResCall for Price.Details
607933Costar Video SystemsCR1600SP1000D16-Ch Real Time H.264 Digital Video, 1TbCall for Price.Details
607934Costar Video SystemsCR1600XDH1000DXdh Hybrid Series 32-Channel Recorder (1Call for Price.Details
607935Costar Video SystemsCR1600XDH2000DXdh Hybrid Series 32-Channel Recorder (1Call for Price.Details
607937Costar Video SystemsCR1600XDH4000DXdh Hybrid Series 32-Channel Recorder (1Call for Price.Details
946150Costar Video SystemsCR1600XDI12TBRecorder Xdi Series 16Chl/Nvr Upto 30Ips@1080/12TbCall for Price.Details
607940Costar Video SystemsCR1600XDI2TBXdi Series, 16 Channel Nvr Recorder, 2TbCall for Price.Details
607941Costar Video SystemsCR1600XDI3TBXdi Series, 16 Channel Nvr Recorder, 3TbCall for Price.Details
607942Costar Video SystemsCR1600XDI6TBRecorder, Xdi Series, 16 Channel Nvr, Up To 30 IpsCall for Price.Details
607943Costar Video SystemsCR1600XDI9TBXdi Series, 16 Channel Nvr Recorder, 9TbCall for Price.Details
607944Costar Video SystemsCR1610SP1000D16-Channel, 1 Tb, Sp10 Series Dvr, 480 ICall for Price.Details
607945Costar Video SystemsCR1610SP2000DRecorder,H.264 Digital Video, 16 Channel Looping,Call for Price.Details
607946Costar Video SystemsCR1610SP3000DRecorder,H.264 Digital Video,16 Channel Looping480Call for Price.Details
950324Costar Video SystemsCR1610SP4000DRecorder H.264 Digital Video 16Chl Looping 480IpsCall for Price.Details
607949Costar Video SystemsCR1610SP6000DRecorder H.264 Digital Video 16 ChannelCall for Price.Details
1068647Costar Video SystemsCR1610XDI12TBXdi Series,16Chnl Nvr Rec 12TbCall for Price.Details
871251Costar Video SystemsCR1610XDI18TB16Ch Nvr Recorder Xdi Pro Series Upto 30Ips@1080PCall for Price.Details
1061113Costar Video SystemsCR1610XDI1TBRecorder, Xdi Pro Series, 16 Channel NvrCall for Price.Details
1023579Costar Video SystemsCR1610XDI3TBXdi Series, 16-Channel Nvr Recorder, BuiCall for Price.Details
999573Costar Video SystemsCR1610XDI6TBXdi Series, 16 Channel Nvr Recorder, 6TbCall for Price.Details
955310Costar Video SystemsCR3200PC10TB32Ch/Hybrid And Ip Recorder-480Cifto1080P/10TCall for Price.Details
1077540Costar Video SystemsCR3200PC2TB32Ch Hybrid/Analog/Ip/Recorder 4Cif To1080P 2TbCall for Price.Details
960922Costar Video SystemsCR3200PC4TB32Ch Hybrid Analog&Ip Recorder(Nvr)4Cifto1080P-4TbCall for Price.Details
969570Costar Video SystemsCR3200PC6TB32Ch/Hybrid&Ip/Recorder(Nvr)/480Cifto1080P/6TbCall for Price.Details
1058565Costar Video SystemsCR3200PC8TB32Ch/Hybrid & Ip Recorder(Nvr) 480Cifto1080P 8TbCall for Price.Details
607953Costar Video SystemsCR3200XDI6TBXdi Series, 32 Channel Nvr Recorder, 4TbCall for Price.Details
607954Costar Video SystemsCR3200XDI9TBXdi Series, 32 Channel Nvr Recorder, 9TbCall for Price.Details
833695Costar Video SystemsCR3210XDI12TBRecorder, Xdi Series, 32 Channel Nvr, Up To 15 IpsCall for Price.Details
953989Costar Video SystemsCR3210XDI15TBXdi Series 32Ch Nvr Upto 15 Ips@1080P/15TbCall for Price.Details
1017275Costar Video SystemsCR3210XDI18TBRecorder Xdi Series 32Ch Nvr Upto15Ips@1080P 18TCall for Price.Details
980293Costar Video SystemsCR3210XDI24TBRecorder Xdi Series 32Chl Nvr Up To 151Ps@1080PCall for Price.Details
951017Costar Video SystemsCR3210XDI36TB32-Ch, Xdi 10 Series, Nvr Recorder, BuilCall for Price.Details
963297Costar Video SystemsCR3210XDI3HK32Ch 3Tb Nvr Hybrid Kit 2X Cri800Vs EncoderCall for Price.Details
916718Costar Video SystemsCR3210XDI3TB32-Ch, Xdi 10 Series Nvr, Supports DirecCall for Price.Details
1062771Costar Video SystemsCR3210XDI6HKRecorder Kit-Qty 1 Xdi Series 32Ch Nvr Upto 15IpsCall for Price.Details
921276Costar Video SystemsCR3210XDI6TB32-Ch, Xdi 10 Series Nvr, Direct Ip CameCall for Price.Details
922750Costar Video SystemsCR3210XDI9TBXdi Series, 32 Channel Nvr Recorder, 9TbCall for Price.Details
918056Costar Video SystemsCR4000E1000BSTOCK4-Channel Digital Video Recorder, H.264Call for Price.Details
765141Costar Video SystemsCR4000ET2TBRecorder Full Hd Coax Digital Video 4Ch 2TbCall for Price.Details
969801Costar Video SystemsCR4000ET3TBRecorder Fullhd Coax Digital Video 4Chl Usew/Tvi3TCall for Price.Details
607958Costar Video SystemsCR4000INTIp Video Encoder, 4 Ch, Dual H.264 &Amp; MpeCall for Price.Details
607959Costar Video SystemsCR4000SP1000DSp Series 4-Channel Real Time H.264 DigiCall for Price.Details
607963Costar Video SystemsCR4000XDI1TBXdi Series, 4 Channel Nvr Recorder, SuppCall for Price.Details
607964Costar Video SystemsCR4000XDI2TBXdi Series, 4 Channel Nvr Recorder, 2TbCall for Price.Details
607965Costar Video SystemsCR4000XDI3TBXdi Series, 4 Channel Nvr Recorder, 3TbCall for Price.Details
607966Costar Video SystemsCR4000XDI6TBXdi Series, 4 Channel Nvr Recorder, 6TbCall for Price.Details
928141Costar Video SystemsCR4010XDI2TB-Ch, Xdi 10 Series, Nvr, Built-In 4 PortCall for Price.Details
607967Costar Video SystemsCR416R1000D16-Channel H.264 Digital Video Recorder,Call for Price.Details
607968Costar Video SystemsCR416R2000D16-Channel H.264 Digital Video Recorder,Call for Price.Details
607969Costar Video SystemsCR416R3000D16-Channel H.264 Digital Video Recorder,Call for Price.Details
607970Costar Video SystemsCR416R4000D16-Channel H.264 Digital Video Recorder,Call for Price.Details
607972Costar Video SystemsCR432R1000D32-Channel H.264 Digital Video Recorder,Call for Price.Details
607973Costar Video SystemsCR432R1000DSS05BRecorder, H.264 Digital Video, 32Ch, 960Call for Price.Details
607974Costar Video SystemsCR432R2000D32-Channel H.264 Digital Video Recorder,Call for Price.Details
607975Costar Video SystemsCR432R3000D32-Channel H.264 Digital Video Recorder,Call for Price.Details
607976Costar Video SystemsCR432R4000D32-Channel H.264 Digital Video Recorder,Call for Price.Details
607977Costar Video SystemsCR432R4000DSS05B32-Ch, H.264 Dvr, Dvd-Rw, Os On Solid StCall for Price.Details
607978Costar Video SystemsCR432R6000D32-Channel, 4 Tb, 960 Frames/Sec RecordiCall for Price.Details
1001565Costar Video SystemsCR432R8000DRecorder, H.264 Digital Video, 32Ch, 960 Fps, 8TbCall for Price.Details
787632Costar Video SystemsCR432R8000DSSDigital Video Recorder, 32Ch, 8Tb, 960 FCall for Price.Details
607980Costar Video SystemsCR8000E20008-Channel Digital Video Recorder, H.264Call for Price.Details
839179Costar Video SystemsCR8000ET1TB8-Ch Recorder, Full Hd Coax Digital VideCall for Price.Details
730690Costar Video SystemsCR8000ET2TB8-Ch Recorder, Full Hd Coax Digital VideCall for Price.Details
1060182Costar Video SystemsCR8000ET6TBRecorder Full Hd Coax Digital Video 8Ch 6TbCall for Price.Details
1016815Costar Video SystemsCR8000EV20008Ch Edge Dvr H.264 240Ips Looping 1Ch Aud Bnc&VgaCall for Price.Details
1043974Costar Video SystemsCR8000XDI1TB8-Ch, Xdi Series Nvr, Supports Direct IpCall for Price.Details
607987Costar Video SystemsCR8000XDI2TBXdi Series, 8 Channel Nvr Recorder, 2TbCall for Price.Details
607988Costar Video SystemsCR8000XDI3TBXdi Series, 8 Channel Nvr Recorder, 3TbCall for Price.Details
607989Costar Video SystemsCR8000XDI6TBXdi Series, 8 Channel Nvr Recorder, 6TbCall for Price.Details
1064797Costar Video SystemsCR8000XDI9TBXdi , 8 Ch. Nvr Rec., 9TbCall for Price.Details
607991Costar Video SystemsCR8010SP1000DSp10 Series 8-Channel Looping Real TimeCall for Price.Details
949737Costar Video SystemsCR8010SP2000DRecorder,H.264 Digital Video,8Channel,480Ips,Call for Price.Details
1027984Costar Video SystemsCR8010SP3000Recorder H.264 Digital Video 8Ch 480Ips 3000GbCall for Price.Details
1069133Costar Video SystemsCR8010SP4000Recorder H.264 Digital Video 8Ch 480Ips 4000Gb HdCall for Price.Details
940258Costar Video SystemsCR8010SP5000Recorder H.264 Digital Video 8Ch 480Ips 5000Gb(5GbCall for Price.Details
1001948Costar Video SystemsCR8010SP6000Recorder H.264 Digital Video 8Chl 480Ips 6000Gb(6)Call for Price.Details
607994Costar Video SystemsCREVS4R12TBExtended Video Storage, Rack Mounted, 1Call for Price.Details
607995Costar Video SystemsCREVS4R3TBExtended Video Storage 3Tb Rack Mounted 1U ChassisCall for Price.Details
607996Costar Video SystemsCREVS4R4TBExtended Video Storage 4Tb Rackmount 1U ChassisCall for Price.Details
607998Costar Video SystemsCREVS4R9TBExtended Video Storage, Rack Mounted, 1Call for Price.Details
607999Costar Video SystemsCRI4000EB2TB4Ch, Hd Eseries Nvr, 2Tb, Security BundlCall for Price.Details
608000Costar Video SystemsCRI4000VSXdi 4 Channel Analog Encoder, 704X480Call for Price.Details
608001Costar Video SystemsCRI8000VSXdi 8 Channel Analog Encoder, 704X480Call for Price.Details
608002Costar Video SystemsCRINEX08R2TB8 Channel Inex 2U Chassis Standard NetwoCall for Price.Details
608012Costar Video SystemsCRINEX166TB16 Channel Inex 4U Chassis Standard NetwCall for Price.Details
608013Costar Video SystemsCRINEX169TB16 Channel Inex 4U Chassis Standard NetwCall for Price.Details
608018Costar Video SystemsCRINEX2410TB24Ch Inex Server 10Tb HdCall for Price.Details
950775Costar Video SystemsCRINEX2418TB24-Channel Inex 4U Chassis Standard Network VideoCall for Price.Details
1001255Costar Video SystemsCRINEX3218TBNvr-Inex Standard/Series/32Ch/Windows/Os/Call for Price.Details
970591Costar Video SystemsCRINEX3221TBInex Nvr Server Win Xp 21Tb Upto 960Ips@D1Call for Price.Details
1034394Costar Video SystemsCRINEX3230TB32Ch Inex Nvr Server Windows Xp 30Tb Up To 960IpsCall for Price.Details
952262Costar Video SystemsCRINEX323TB32Ch Inex Stnd Ntwk Video 3TbCall for Price.Details
1037646Costar Video SystemsCRINEXPC10TBInex Nvr Server, Windows Xp, 10Tb, Up ToCall for Price.Details
608038Costar Video SystemsCRINEXPC7Inex Desktop Client Server Computer, I7Call for Price.Details
608039Costar Video SystemsCRINEXSN042TB4 Channel Inex Nas Network Video RecordiCall for Price.Details
608040Costar Video SystemsCRINEXSN044TB4 Channel Inex Nas Network Video RecordiCall for Price.Details
608041Costar Video SystemsCRINEXSN082TB8 Channel Inex Nas Network Video RecordiCall for Price.Details
608042Costar Video SystemsCRINEXSN084TB8 Channel Inex Nas Nvr 4TbCall for Price.Details
608044Costar Video SystemsCRINEXSN162TB16 Ch Inex Nas Server, Linux, 2Tb, Up ToCall for Price.Details
608045Costar Video SystemsCRINEXSN164TB16 Channel Inex Nas Network Video Recording ServerCall for Price.Details
608046Costar Video SystemsCRINEXSN166TB16Ch Inex Nas Server Linus 6Tb Upto 480 Ips@2MpCall for Price.Details
923681Costar Video SystemsCRIS10Switch, Xdi Series, Gigabit, Supports 8Call for Price.Details
608047Costar Video SystemsCRIS12Xdi Gigabit Poe Switch, Supports 8 Poe PCall for Price.Details
806969Costar Video SystemsCRIS18Di Gigabit Poe Switch, Supports 16 Poe Ports (10/1Call for Price.Details
608048Costar Video SystemsCRIS28Xdi Gigabit Poe Switch, Supports 24 PoeCall for Price.Details
414273Costar Video SystemsCRLB500Dvr Lock Box For Cr Series Embedded DvrsCall for Price.Details
414274Costar Video SystemsCRSV12001Ch Video Encoder/Decoder D1 ResCall for Price.Details
829800Costar Video SystemsCRVS1000TIp Video Server, 1 Ch, Dual H.264 &Amp; MjpeCall for Price.Details
818586Costar Video SystemsCSTCDC2660Stardome Fastrax Ii Outdoor Housing, BloCall for Price.Details
940762Costar Video SystemsCT200MT7 Inch Monitor Ip Camera Tester With MulCall for Price.Details
972189Costar Video SystemsCT2312IRFW2Mp Dome Indoor Analog Hd Tvi Remote Mfz-2.8-12MmCall for Price.Details
1053446Costar Video SystemsCUTP01HDHd Utp Single Balun For Use/W/Cutp04Hd/Cutp08HdCall for Price.Details
1010688Costar Video SystemsCUTP04HDHd Utp Kit 4Chl Active Hub 4Hd Tvi Transcvr 787FtCall for Price.Details
976857Costar Video SystemsCUTP08HDHd Utp Kit 8Chl Active Hub 8Hd Tvi TransceiversCall for Price.Details
608055Costar Video SystemsCUTP16Utp Passive Balun Hub, 16 Channels, RackCall for Price.Details
1047292Costar Video SystemsCUTP16HDHd Utp Kit 16Chl Active Hub 16 Hd Tvi TrnscvrCall for Price.Details
608056Costar Video SystemsCUTPVPVideo Balun, 1Ch Passive Video And PowerCall for Price.Details
970879Costar Video SystemsCV2000Single Ch Utp BalunCall for Price.Details
945546Costar Video SystemsCX3208NMatrix Swticher 32 Video Input W/Looping OutputCall for Price.Details
934645Costar Video SystemsCX4500Ptz Controller W/Menu Display 3D JoystickCall for Price.Details
414275Costar Video SystemsFUBCR1000S1Tb Replacement Hard DriveCall for Price.Details
996617Costar Video SystemsSUBCDC2500EBASEPCBStardome Fastrax Iie Dome Base Pcb ReplcementCall for Price.Details
608058Costar Video SystemsSUBCR1600EPSPower Supply For Cr1600E Series DvrCall for Price.Details
608059Costar Video SystemsSUBCR2000SSub-Cr2000S/Hard Drive 2Tb,32 Mb, 7200 SataCall for Price.Details
874775Costar Video SystemsSUBCR3000SHard Drive 3Tb, 64Mb, 5400 SataCall for Price.Details
945267Costar Video SystemsSUBCRPSAReplacement Power Supply,200Watt,For Cxxxx X SeCall for Price.Details
414276Costar Video SystemsSUBCRPSMPower Supply, For Embedded DvrCall for Price.Details
608060Costar Video SystemsSUBCRSATAXPs Sata Converter From Ide To Sata For CCall for Price.Details
965768Costar Video SystemsSUBCRVREMRemote For V Series Dvr'SCall for Price.Details
414277Costar Video SystemsSUBITXCR4400PSPower Supply For Cr440 DvrCall for Price.Details
608062Costar Video SystemsUTP88 Channel Passive Video Hub, Compact DesCall for Price.Details