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DSC / Digital Security Controls

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
417527DSC / Digital Security Controls1A2AG1 Amp Fuse (2 Ag, 250 V).$1.06Details
417529DSC / Digital Security Controls3G2055USAImpassa Hspa 3G Wireless Alramcommunicat$214.12Details
895204DSC / Digital Security Controls3G2060RTELPowerseries Hspa Alam Communicator$330.48Details
417530DSC / Digital Security Controls3G2060RUPGUpgrade Kit For 3G2060R Hspa$252.00Details
417531DSC / Digital Security Controls3G2060RUSAHspa (3G) Wireless Alarm Communicator$229.68Details
785419DSC / Digital Security Controls3G2080RUSANeo Low Current Output Module$351.14Details
417533DSC / Digital Security Controls3G3070CFUSAHspa (3G) Universal Wireless Alarm Commu$592.81Details
613843DSC / Digital Security Controls3G3070PCBReplacement Pcb For 3G3070-Usa$292.07Details
417536DSC / Digital Security Controls3G3070USA3G3070 Hspa Alarm Communicator$344.25Details
793976DSC / Digital Security Controls3G4010USA3G (Hspa) Cellular Alarm Communicator$289.17Details
733364DSC / Digital Security Controls3G8080ATPowerseries Neo Communicator W/Zwave$413.10Details
165980DSC / Digital Security ControlsAC100Acuity Digital Glassbreak Detector W/ Fo$60.58Details
417546DSC / Digital Security ControlsAC101Acuity Dig Glassbreak Detectorw/ Form A$62.02Details
417547DSC / Digital Security ControlsAC102Acuity Dig Glassbreak Detectorw/ Form C$67.79Details
417548DSC / Digital Security ControlsAC500Acuity Ceiling Mt Digital Glassbreak W/$66.33Details
151931DSC / Digital Security ControlsACCK1NTAccessory Kit$38.28Details
417549DSC / Digital Security ControlsADP1310NA13.8Vdc, 1Amp Transformer Forgs3060 Univ$20.66Details
417550DSC / Digital Security ControlsAFT100Glassbreak Simulator$157.33Details
417551DSC / Digital Security ControlsAMA100Addressable Acuity Digital Glassbreak De$42.35Details
417552DSC / Digital Security ControlsAMB300Addressable Passive Infrared Motion Dete$37.27Details
417553DSC / Digital Security ControlsAMB500Addressable Ceiling Mt Passiveinfrared D$74.69Details
165983DSC / Digital Security ControlsAMB600Addressable Dual Element Pet Immunity Pa$48.71Details
417554DSC / Digital Security ControlsAML770BAdd Multi Loop(Aml) Isolator Module Use$117.67Details
417555DSC / Digital Security ControlsAMP700Address Magnetic Door/Window Contact W/$19.91Details
417556DSC / Digital Security ControlsAMP701Address Door/Window Contact W/Normally C$41.08Details
417557DSC / Digital Security ControlsAMP702Address Fire Contact Module W/Normally O$29.06Details
417558DSC / Digital Security ControlsAMP704Address 4Zone Door/Window Contact Module$70.07Details
417560DSC / Digital Security ControlsAMX400Address Loop Repeater/Isolatormodule$47.92Details
992006DSC / Digital Security ControlsBATT13036V3.6V Replacement Battery For Pgx901/911$29.58Details
417563DSC / Digital Security ControlsBD231212V, 2.3Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery For$23.88Details
417564DSC / Digital Security ControlsBD356Battery: 6V, 3.5Ah Rechargable, Sealed$20.76Details
151935DSC / Digital Security ControlsBD412Battery 12V, 4Ah Rechargable Sealed$30.33Details
184453DSC / Digital Security ControlsBD712Battery: 12V,7Ah Rechargeablesealed$45.12Details
165984DSC / Digital Security ControlsBV300Passive Ir Motion Detector W/Form A Alar$29.58Details
613850DSC / Digital Security ControlsBV300DDig Passive Ir Motion Detectorform A Ala$30.51Details
165985DSC / Digital Security ControlsBV300DPDig Passive Ir Motion Detectorpet Imm Up$48.55Details
417567DSC / Digital Security ControlsBV300PPassive Ir Motion Detector Petimmunity/F$44.81Details
417572DSC / Digital Security ControlsBV500Ceiling Mt Passive It Detectorform A Ala$62.44Details
417573DSC / Digital Security ControlsBV500GBBravo5 360 Ceiling Mt Pir Motdetector W/$99.51Details
417574DSC / Digital Security ControlsBV501Ceiling Mt Passive Ir Detectorform A Ala$67.79Details
417575DSC / Digital Security ControlsBV501GBCeiling Mnt Passive Infrared Detector W/$103.28Details
417576DSC / Digital Security ControlsBV502Ceiling Mt Passive Ir Detectorw/ Form C$77.88Details
417577DSC / Digital Security ControlsBV502GBCeiling Mt Passive Ir Detectorw/ Glassbr$111.93Details
151936DSC / Digital Security ControlsBV600Dual Element Pet Imm Passive Ir Motion D$57.99Details
613851DSC / Digital Security ControlsBV601Dual Element Pet Imm Passive Ir Detector$63.74Details
417579DSC / Digital Security ControlsBV602Dual Element Pet Imm Passive Ir Motion D$78.26Details
417580DSC / Digital Security ControlsBVL1Wall To Wall Lens$8.38Details
417582DSC / Digital Security ControlsBVL2Corridor Lens$5.78Details
417583DSC / Digital Security ControlsBVL3Curtain Lens$8.38Details
417584DSC / Digital Security ControlsBVL4Pet Alley Lens$8.38Details
417587DSC / Digital Security ControlsC24CAM54IRC24 Interactive Indoor/Outdoorip54 Rated$325.31Details
417588DSC / Digital Security ControlsC24CAMANLC24 Interactive Single Channelanalog Vid$254.77Details
417589DSC / Digital Security ControlsC24HUBC24 Interactive Gateway Provides Private$360.42Details
417599DSC / Digital Security ControlsCMC1Commercial Attack Resistant Cabinet$113.96Details
417605DSC / Digital Security ControlsDG50AUAnalog Glass Break Detector$55.54Details
417607DSC / Digital Security ControlsDMCCeiling Mt Motion Detector Mouting Brack$16.14Details
417608DSC / Digital Security ControlsDMWWall Mt Motion Detector Mountbracket$9.45Details
417614DSC / Digital Security ControlsEC300DPEncore Digital Pet Immune Pirmotion Dete$50.05Details
417615DSC / Digital Security ControlsEC301DSwivel Mt Digital Pass Ir Motion Detect$56.77Details
613853DSC / Digital Security ControlsEC301DPSwivel Mt Dig Pass Ir Motion Detect/Form$56.98Details
417622DSC / Digital Security ControlsESCORT4580Maxsys Telephone Interface Andautomation$159.56Details
184463DSC / Digital Security ControlsESCORT5580TCPowerseries Telephone Intface& Automatio$159.56Details
151942DSC / Digital Security ControlsEVDW4917Wireless Recessed Door Transmitter$47.11Details
613854DSC / Digital Security ControlsEVDW4927SSWireless Shock Sensor W/Singleserial Num$53.52Details
184464DSC / Digital Security ControlsEVDW4975Wireless Vanishing Door/Windowcontact 5/$38.08Details
417628DSC / Digital Security ControlsFMDSLPassive Dsl Filter/Splitter$33.52Details
159740DSC / Digital Security ControlsFSA210B2-Wire Photoelectric Smoke Detector$51.88Details
417630DSC / Digital Security ControlsFSA210BRT2 Wire Photelec Smoke Detectorw/ Aux Rel$56.45Details
417631DSC / Digital Security ControlsFSA210BST2 Wire Photoelec Smoke Detectw/ Integral$57.38Details
417632DSC / Digital Security ControlsFSA210BT2 Wire Photoelec Smoke Detectw/ Heat Det$53.39Details
417633DSC / Digital Security ControlsFSA410B4 Wire Photoelec Smoke Detect$54.64Details
613855DSC / Digital Security ControlsFSA410BRST4-Wire Photoelectric Smoke Detector With$65.97Details
417635DSC / Digital Security ControlsFSA410BS4 Wire Photoelec Smoke Detectw/ Integral$58.03Details
159743DSC / Digital Security ControlsFSA410BST4 Wire Photoelec Smoke Detectw/ Int Soun$57.38Details
151943DSC / Digital Security ControlsFSA410BT4 Wire Photoelec Smoke Detectw/ Heat Det$54.64Details
159744DSC / Digital Security ControlsFSB210B2 Wire Photoelec Smoke Detect$51.88Details
159745DSC / Digital Security ControlsFSB210BT2 Wire Photoelec Smoke Detectw/ Heat Det$33.80Details
151944DSC / Digital Security ControlsGS15ANT15 Ft Antenna Extension Kit With Mnting$69.58Details
151945DSC / Digital Security ControlsGS2065USABackup And Primary Gsm/Gprs Alarm Commun$330.48Details
184470DSC / Digital Security ControlsGS25ANT25 Ft. Antenna Extension Kit W/ Mnting$276.43Details
417639DSC / Digital Security ControlsGS25ANTQ25' Quad Band External Antennaextension$201.92Details
151946DSC / Digital Security ControlsGS50ANTGs3055-I 50Ft Antenna Ext. Kitwith Mount$305.98Details
417643DSC / Digital Security ControlsGS50ANTQ50 Ft Quad Band External Antenna Extensi$319.88Details
613856DSC / Digital Security ControlsGS8ANTPImpassa 8 Ft Extension Antenna$109.62Details
613860DSC / Digital Security ControlsHS2032NKNeo Hs2032 Control Panel In Alarge Cabin$128.03Details
738356DSC / Digital Security ControlsHS2032NKCP01Neo Hs2032 Control Panel Cp01Software In$128.03Details
613861DSC / Digital Security ControlsHS2032PCBNeo Hs2032 Printed Circuit Board Only.$112.98Details
869109DSC / Digital Security ControlsHS2032PCBCP01Neo Hs2032 Printed Circuit Board Only W/$113.01Details
795248DSC / Digital Security ControlsHS2064NKNeo Hs2064 Control Panel In Alarge Cabin$163.06Details
904536DSC / Digital Security ControlsHS2064NKCP01Neo Hs2064 Control Panel Cp01Software In$163.06Details
613862DSC / Digital Security ControlsHS2064PCBNeo Hs2064 Printed Circuit Board Only.$115.11Details
822788DSC / Digital Security ControlsHS2064PCBCP01Neo Hs2064 Printed Circuit Board Only Cp$115.11Details
837584DSC / Digital Security ControlsHS2128NKCP01Neo Hs2128 Control Panel With Software$404.53Details
613870DSC / Digital Security ControlsHS2LCDNeo Full Message Lcd Hardwiredkeypad.$202.62Details
613871DSC / Digital Security ControlsHS2LCDENGNeo Full Message Lcd Hardwired Keypad$202.62Details
613874DSC / Digital Security ControlsHS2LCDRF9Neo Full Message Lcd Hardwiredkeypad Wit$251.05Details
613878DSC / Digital Security ControlsHS2LCDWF9Neo Wireless Full Message Lcd$231.32Details
856357DSC / Digital Security ControlsHS2TCHPBLKPowerseries Neo Touchscreen$396.59Details
613883DSC / Digital Security ControlsHS32119Neo Control Panel Kit. Contains One Hs20$419.99Details
613884DSC / Digital Security ControlsHS32119CP01Neo Control Panel Kit$419.99Details
613889DSC / Digital Security ControlsHSM2108Neo 8-Hardwired Zone Expandermodule. Com$59.74Details
613890DSC / Digital Security ControlsHSM2204Neo High Current Output Module.$126.59Details
613891DSC / Digital Security ControlsHSM2208Neo Low Current Output Module$64.44Details
613892DSC / Digital Security ControlsHSM2300Neo Power Supply Module$105.59Details
613893DSC / Digital Security ControlsHSM2HOST9Powerg 915Mhz Host Transceiver Module$136.22Details
184476DSC / Digital Security ControlsIT100Serial Integration Module Fordsc Powerse$119.95Details
151948DSC / Digital Security ControlsIT120Integration Module For Powerseries Contr$361.46Details
417676DSC / Digital Security ControlsIT230Powerseries Rs-422 C24 Inter Face Module$74.20Details
417681DSC / Digital Security ControlsKIT16101SCP01NTPower Series 6-16 Zone Hybridno Transfor$247.13Details
613894DSC / Digital Security ControlsKIT16120CP01NTWireless Control Panel W/Cp-01Cabinet, R$251.90Details
417689DSC / Digital Security ControlsKIT16120NTPower Series 6-16 Zone Wireless - No Tra$251.90Details
613896DSC / Digital Security ControlsKIT32120LCP01NTPowerseries Pc1832 8 Zone Hybrid Wireles$276.17Details
159755DSC / Digital Security ControlsKIT32219CP01NTPowerseries 8-32 Zone Hybrid Wireless Re$424.35Details
613897DSC / Digital Security ControlsKIT32219NTPowerseries 8-32 Zones Hybridwireless Re$424.35Details
417697DSC / Digital Security ControlsKIT3251CP01NTPower Series 8-32 Zone Hybridwireless Co$371.29Details
417698DSC / Digital Security ControlsKIT3251NTKit32-51 Incl Pc1832Nk/Pk5500Acck-2 - No$371.29Details
417699DSC / Digital Security ControlsKIT32POWER5NTKit32-Power-5 Incl Pc1832Nk Pk5501/ No T$274.23Details
417700DSC / Digital Security ControlsKIT32PWR5CP01NTKit 32 Power 5 W/Cp-01 Softwar8-32 Zone$274.23Details
417702DSC / Digital Security ControlsKIT44710CP01HEPower Series 9047 Kit 34 Zonesself Conta$785.88Details
613898DSC / Digital Security ControlsKIT44712CP01HEPowerseries 9047 Kit Wirelessalarm High$499.32Details
184478DSC / Digital Security ControlsKIT4471CP01HEPower Series 9047Kit Alarm Syshigh Effic$445.32Details
417711DSC / Digital Security ControlsKIT45712Impassa Self Contained Wireleskit, Conta$481.95Details
417712DSC / Digital Security ControlsKIT45714Impassa Self Contained Wireleskit, Conta$298.11Details
417717DSC / Digital Security ControlsKIT45796HADTImpassa Self Contained Wireless Kit Adt$716.04Details
613902DSC / Digital Security ControlsKIT45799HImpassa Self Contained Wireleskit Contai$729.30Details
184481DSC / Digital Security ControlsKIT49512CP01Wireless Panel And Lcd Keypad,Motion Det$548.06Details
151955DSC / Digital Security ControlsKIT49516CP01Alexor Panel, Lcd Keypad, Wlesmotion Dec$619.65Details
417724DSC / Digital Security ControlsKIT49517CP01Alexor System Kit W/Pc9155 Twoway Wirele$384.98Details
417730DSC / Digital Security ControlsKIT4951CP01Wireless Panel,Lcd Keypad, 12V2.3A,Phone$619.65Details
151960DSC / Digital Security ControlsL1Cabinet Lock W/ 2 Keys$5.62Details
166002DSC / Digital Security ControlsLC100PI6PKLc-100-Pi Passive Infrared Motdetector W$73.07Details
151961DSC / Digital Security ControlsLC104PIMWWPassive Infrared Motion Detection Dopple$55.30Details
417742DSC / Digital Security ControlsLC120PIPassive Infrared Motion Det. W/Pet Immun$27.41Details
613906DSC / Digital Security ControlsLC124PIMWWNLPassive Infrared Motion Detectors Form C$89.42Details
184484DSC / Digital Security ControlsLC151Outdoor Motion Detector$96.15Details
417743DSC / Digital Security ControlsLC171Dual Tech Outdoor Motion Det.With Pet Im$225.01Details
417744DSC / Digital Security ControlsLCB115XBracket For Lc-151 Motion Detector$25.76Details
166003DSC / Digital Security ControlsLCD4501Maxsys Programmable Msg Lcd Keypad W/ 5$228.41Details
417752DSC / Digital Security ControlsLCD5511Powerseries Icon Lcd Keypad$68.88Details
417754DSC / Digital Security ControlsLCL115XCorridor Lens For Lc-151 Motion Detector$30.19Details
417755DSC / Digital Security ControlsLCL1STMnt.Bracket Fot Lc Series Motion Detecto$2.64Details
417759DSC / Digital Security ControlsMAXKITMaxsys/Pc4020Nk/Pc4820/Lcd4501P225W26/10$1,039.94Details
1047939DSC / Digital Security ControlsMAXKITWHAmp Max Kit, Wh$899.41Details
613909DSC / Digital Security ControlsMD12HESerial Modem For Dsc Downloading Softwar$209.44Details
782705DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC1404RKZYellow Backlight Keypad$49.69Details
417776DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC1404SNKPc1404 Panel With Small Cabinet$98.31Details
417794DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC1616NK6 Zone Hybrid Control Panel Exp To 16 Zo$100.45Details
417796DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC1616NKCP016 Zone Hybrid Control Panel Exp 16 Zone$100.45Details
613911DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC1616PCB6 Zone Hybrid Control Panel Exp 16 Zones$86.70Details
417801DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC1616SNKPowerseries Pc1616 6-16 Zone Control Pan$93.70Details
613913DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC1832NK8 Zone Hybrid Control Panel Exp To 32 Zo$129.99Details
184488DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC1832NKCP018 Zone Hybrid Control Panel Exp 32 Zones$129.99Details
417806DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC1832NKCULPower Series 8-32 Hybrid Zonecontrol Pan$204.75Details
159766DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC1832PCB8 Zone Hybrid Control Panel Exp To 32 Zo$110.88Details
613914DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC1832PCBCP018 Zone Hybrid Control Panel W/Cp-01 Sftw$110.88Details
417809DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC1864NKPowerseries Pc1864 8-62 Zone Control In$166.43Details
417810DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC1864NKCP01Powerseries 8 Zone Hybrid Control W/Cp-0$166.43Details
417813DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC1864PCBPowerseries 8 Zone Ctrl Panelexpand To 6$136.75Details
417819DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC4001CMaxsys Large Cabinet$92.96Details
417820DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC4002CMaxsys Medium Cabinet$86.97Details
417821DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC4003CMaxsys Small Cabinet$36.66Details
184493DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC4020NKMaxsys 16-128 Cone Control Panel W/ Cabi$436.66Details
417825DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC4020PCBMaxsys 13-128 Zone Control Panel Pcb Onl$325.32Details
417829DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC4020XFRM120V 60Hz Transformer For Pc4020Cf$39.99Details
417830DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC4050CMaxsys Large Cabinet$63.10Details
417831DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC4050CARMaxsys Attack Resistant Largecabinet$58.38Details
417834DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC4052CMaxsys Beige Cabinet 12"Hx12"Wx4.5"D$42.89Details
417836DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC4054CMaxsys Beige Cabinet 8.6Hx6.7Wx2.5D$36.71Details
151974DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC4108Maxsys 8 Hdwe Zone Expander$98.04Details
417839DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC4116Maxsys 16 Hdwe Zone Expander$154.03Details
613915DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC4204Maxsys Power Supply/4 Relay Output Modul$122.36Details
184496DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC4204CXMaxsys Power Supply/4-Relay Output/Combu$191.87Details
417840DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC4216Maxsys 16 Low Voltage Output Module$112.07Details
417841DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC4401Maxsys Data Interface Module$127.09Details
417842DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC4600LAGSet Of 16 Green Led Assemblies$173.08Details
417844DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC4600LARSet Of 16 Red Led Assemblies$173.08Details
417845DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC4600LAYSet Of 16 Yellow Led Assemblie$173.08Details
417847DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC4632Maxsys 32 Point Graphic Annunciator$282.96Details
417849DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC4664Maxsys 64 Point Graphic Annunciator$542.20Details
417852DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC4820Maxsys 2-Reader Access Controlmodule In$513.07Details
159775DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC5001CPPowerseries Small Plastic Cabinet$15.51Details
184499DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC5002CPowerseries Cabinet For Pc5204Module$21.35Details
166013DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC5003CPowerseries Main Panel Cabinet$31.32Details
417857DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC5004CPowerseries Cabinet For Escort5580 Or Pc$35.60Details
417865DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC5100Powerseries Addressable Devicezone Expan$63.24Details
184500DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC5108Power Series 8 Hardwire Zone Expander$69.26Details
417868DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC5200Powerseries 1 Amp Power Supplymodule$99.68Details
166015DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC5204Powerseries 1 Amp Power Supplymodule W/$136.26Details
151976DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC5208Powerseries 8 Low Voltage Output Module$42.72Details
159778DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC5320Powerseries Multiple Wirelessreceiver Mo$103.08Details
417870DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC5400Powerseries Printer Interfacemodule$143.68Details
417877DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC5601Powerseries Tri-Color Led Status Module$37.63Details
417878DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC5700Powerseries Commercial Fire/ Burg Dual P$130.66Details
417882DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC5950Universal 2Way Vox Audio Verification Mo$141.37Details
417883DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC5961White Audio Station For Use W/Pc5950 Aud$50.07Details
417886DSC / Digital Security ControlsPC9155CP01Stand Alone Alexor Wireless Panel,12V 2.$302.94Details
417890DSC / Digital Security ControlsPCLINKEXPSpare Connect Cable For Tl250To Dsc Cont$15.30Details
417891DSC / Digital Security ControlsPCLINKSCWConnector Cable For Dls Programming Od P$27.56Details
758237DSC / Digital Security ControlsPG9901Powerg 915Mhz Wireless Indoorsiren.$108.95Details
916604DSC / Digital Security ControlsPG9911BPowerg 915Mhz Wireless Outdoorsiren$228.03Details
897864DSC / Digital Security ControlsPG9913Powerg 915Mhz Wireless Carbonmonoxide De$151.55Details
868124DSC / Digital Security ControlsPG9920Powerg 915Mhz Wireless Repeater$195.13Details
838167DSC / Digital Security ControlsPG9926Powerg 915Mhz Wireless Smoke Detector$145.63Details
785978DSC / Digital Security ControlsPG9938Powerg 915Mhz Wireless Panic Key.$72.56Details
613922DSC / Digital Security ControlsPG9945Powerg 915Mhz Wireless Door Window Conta$56.80Details
613923DSC / Digital Security ControlsPG9974PPowerg 915Mhz Wireless Mirror Motion Det$112.49Details
613924DSC / Digital Security ControlsPG9975Powerg 915Mhz Vanishing Wireless Door/Wi$57.99Details
613925DSC / Digital Security ControlsPG9984PPowerg 915Mhz Wireless Dual Tech Motion$144.23Details
417892DSC / Digital Security ControlsPK550064 Zone Full Message Keypad$219.76Details
417893DSC / Digital Security ControlsPK5500ADTAdt Dealer 64 Zone Full Msglcdkeypad For$185.36Details
184503DSC / Digital Security ControlsPK5500ENG64 Zone Full Message Lcd Withenglish Fun$140.27Details
878152DSC / Digital Security ControlsPK5500ENGRBRb 64 Zone Full Message Lcd W/English Fu$177.90Details
417895DSC / Digital Security ControlsPK550164 Zone Picture Icon Keypad$111.06Details
417898DSC / Digital Security ControlsPK55088 Zone Led Keypad$102.38Details
613928DSC / Digital Security ControlsPK5508ADTAdt Dealer 8 Zone Lcd Keypad For Dsc Pwr$91.77Details
417899DSC / Digital Security ControlsPK551616 Zone Led Keypad$111.06Details
417900DSC / Digital Security ControlsPK5516ENG16 Zone Led Keypad With English Function$111.06Details
417901DSC / Digital Security ControlsPKBASEWLOGOBase Door Unit From The Dsc-Pk5500.$5.98Details
957259DSC / Digital Security ControlsPLUSKITWHAmp Plus Kit, Wh$423.78Details
613930DSC / Digital Security ControlsPRM2WPolarity Reversal Module For 4Wire Smoke$45.70Details
417915DSC / Digital Security ControlsPRM2WCPolarity Rev Module In Plasticcase For 2$55.78Details
159785DSC / Digital Security ControlsPRM4WPolarity Rev Module Pcb Only For 4 Wire$45.70Details
417916DSC / Digital Security ControlsPRM4WCPolarity Rev Module In Plasticcase For 4$55.78Details
417919DSC / Digital Security ControlsPS1520Power Supply 1.5Amp 6-12 Vdc$20.36Details
417920DSC / Digital Security ControlsPS3020Power Supply 3Amp 6-12Vdc$45.12Details
417921DSC / Digital Security ControlsPS3085Power Supply 3 Amp 12Vdc$77.11Details
151987DSC / Digital Security ControlsPT4Proximity Tag To Be Used Withwt5500P$14.72Details
613931DSC / Digital Security ControlsPTD1620UPlug-In Transformer/16V 20Va$11.29Details
613932DSC / Digital Security ControlsPTK5507SPowerseries Touchscreen Silver$416.41Details
417923DSC / Digital Security ControlsPTK5507WPowerseries Touchscreen White$416.41Details
417928DSC / Digital Security ControlsRF4164433Maxsys 433Mhz Wireless Reciver$315.20Details
417929DSC / Digital Security ControlsRF5108433Powerseries 8 Zone 433Mhz Wireless Recei$102.34Details
417931DSC / Digital Security ControlsRF5132433Power Series Wireless Receiversupports A$110.42Details
613935DSC / Digital Security ControlsRF5132WKK1433Wireless Receiver Kit Includesrf5132-433$144.58Details
417934DSC / Digital Security ControlsRFK550064 Zone Full Message Keypad W/Builtin Wi$168.80Details
417935DSC / Digital Security ControlsRFK550164 Zone Picture Icon Keypad W/Builtin Wi$154.38Details
417936DSC / Digital Security ControlsRFK55088 Zone Led Keypad W/ Builtin Wireless Re$145.71Details
417938DSC / Digital Security ControlsRFK556464 Wireless Zone Full Messagekeypad With$272.89Details
613937DSC / Digital Security ControlsRFK5564ENGADTAdt Dealer 64 Wireless Zone Full Message$259.88Details
151990DSC / Digital Security ControlsRM1Single Relay Module W/ Wire Leads$12.62Details
417940DSC / Digital Security ControlsRM1CSingle Relay Module W/ Terminals$9.14Details
417942DSC / Digital Security ControlsRM1ULRelay Module Ul$12.89Details
151991DSC / Digital Security ControlsRM2End Of Line Pwr Supervison Relay For 4Wi$35.50Details
613938DSC / Digital Security ControlsRXL24332 Channel Wireless Receiver$80.75Details
417963DSC / Digital Security ControlsSCW447CP01HEPowerseries 9047 Stand Alone Unit. See N$341.21Details
417965DSC / Digital Security ControlsSCW457Impassa Standalone Unit Thatis G-Ready$302.94Details
966917DSC / Digital Security ControlsSCW457HImpassa Standalone Unit With Gsm$564.57Details
417968DSC / Digital Security ControlsSCWBATTERYReplacement Battery For Powerseries 9047$35.50Details
151996DSC / Digital Security ControlsSD15W15 Watt Dual Tone Surface Mt Siren$8.42Details
613946DSC / Digital Security ControlsSD15WULF15 Watt Dual Tone Surface Mt Siren (Ul)$9.93Details
613947DSC / Digital Security ControlsSD20W20 Watt Dual Tone Siren$9.08Details
159796DSC / Digital Security ControlsSD30W30 Watt Dual Tone Siren$15.30Details
166034DSC / Digital Security ControlsSDM100Dual Tone Siren Driver$29.82Details
613950DSC / Digital Security ControlsSGSIIRMKSur-Gard System Ii Rack Mountkit$196.35Details
418038DSC / Digital Security ControlsSGSYSTEMISur-Gard Sys 1 Special Order Only: Can N$4,562.80Details
418039DSC / Digital Security ControlsSGSYSTEMIISur-Gard System Ii Single Lineip Receive$2,921.88Details
847520DSC / Digital Security ControlsSGSYSTEMIIB1B Sur-Gard System Ii Single Line Ip Rece$1,726.56Details
904375DSC / Digital Security ControlsSGSYSTEMIIB2B Sur-Gard System Ii Single Line Ip Rece$1,328.13Details
418041DSC / Digital Security ControlsSGSYSTEMIIPSur-Gard System I Multi-Formatspecial Or$5,703.50Details
418053DSC / Digital Security ControlsSS102Shock Sensor With Pulse Count$50.79Details
418059DSC / Digital Security ControlsSTANDOFFSPCBCircuit Board Standoffs 3/8" For Cabinet$0.40Details
151998DSC / Digital Security ControlsT1Tamper Switch$13.48Details
613951DSC / Digital Security ControlsTJP1000Rf31X-Ul50 Telephone Jack And2Ft Cord$5.53Details
418062DSC / Digital Security ControlsTL150Residential Ip Alarm Communicator$161.04Details
418064DSC / Digital Security ControlsTL2603GRUSAIp And Hspa (3G) Dual-Path Alarm Communi$425.56Details
613954DSC / Digital Security ControlsTL260RNAPowerseries Ip Alarm Communicaw/Rs-422 I$201.92Details
418067DSC / Digital Security ControlsTL265GSUSAFully Redundant Internet And Gsm/Gprs Du$425.56Details
714405DSC / Digital Security ControlsTL2803GRUSANeo Internet For Kantech Entrapass$442.02Details
613955DSC / Digital Security ControlsTL2803GUSANeo Internet And Hspa Dual-Path Alarm Co$421.36Details
970610DSC / Digital Security ControlsTL280REPowerseries Neo Alarm W/Rs-232$221.34Details
418069DSC / Digital Security ControlsTL300Universal Ip Alarm Communicator W/ Pc500$347.69Details
152000DSC / Digital Security ControlsTLINKTL250Internet Alarm Communicator$289.75Details
418072DSC / Digital Security ControlsTR5164433Powerseries 2-Way Wireless Transceiver M$164.95Details
755091DSC / Digital Security ControlsWEBSASTNDALONE1Websa Standalone 1Yr Activation Code$573.75Details
152002DSC / Digital Security ControlsWLS912L433Wireless 433 Mhz Glassbreak Detector Wit$93.06Details
418089DSC / Digital Security ControlsWLS914433Wireless 433 Mhz Passive Inframotion Det$203.95Details
418094DSC / Digital Security ControlsWP433Wireless 433Mhz Device Programmer$168.25Details
159804DSC / Digital Security ControlsWS4904PWireless Motion Detector Pet-Immune Pass$98.34Details
418095DSC / Digital Security ControlsWS4913Wireless Co Detector For Alexor Wireless$142.77Details
166040DSC / Digital Security ControlsWS4916Wireless 433Mhz Photoelectricsmoke Detec$136.29Details
418097DSC / Digital Security ControlsWS4920HEWireless Repeater Module$187.50Details
418099DSC / Digital Security ControlsWS4938Wireless 433Mhz 1-Button Persopanic W/ N$43.36Details
184527DSC / Digital Security ControlsWS4939Wireless 433Mhz 4-Button Wireless Key W/$37.41Details
418101DSC / Digital Security ControlsWS4939ADT4-Button 433Mhz Wireless Key For Adt Dea$50.29Details
166044DSC / Digital Security ControlsWS4945Wireless Door/Window Contact W/Normally$59.43Details
613960DSC / Digital Security ControlsWS4945N433Mhz Wireless Door/Window Normally Ope$59.12Details
418105DSC / Digital Security ControlsWS4949Wireless 433Mhz 2-Button,3-Chwireless Ke$29.87Details
418107DSC / Digital Security ControlsWS4959Wireless 433Mhz 5-Button,12-Chwireless K$60.76Details
152006DSC / Digital Security ControlsWS4965Wireless 433Mhz Tri-Zone Door/Window Con$66.19Details
159810DSC / Digital Security ControlsWS4979433Mhz Wireless 4 Button Wallplate$56.80Details
152007DSC / Digital Security ControlsWS4985Wireless Flood Detector$86.55Details
184534DSC / Digital Security ControlsWT49012 Way Wireless Indoor Siren Sounding At$103.84Details
418108DSC / Digital Security ControlsWT4911B2 Way Wireless Outdoor Siren With Blue S$216.34Details
966659DSC / Digital Security ControlsWT4911R2 Way Wireless Outdoor Siren Red Strobe$216.34Details
166046DSC / Digital Security ControlsWT49892 Way Wireless Key With Icon Display$77.88Details
184536DSC / Digital Security ControlsWT55002 Way Wireless Wire Free Keypa2X16 Full$233.66Details
184538DSC / Digital Security ControlsWT5500D2 Way Wireless Keypad With 2X16,Deskstan$265.37Details
418114DSC / Digital Security ControlsWT5500DMKAccessory Kit For Wt5500 Keypad W/Deskst$35.84Details
159813DSC / Digital Security ControlsWT5500P2 Way Wireless Keypad,2X16 Display,Pt4 P$276.92Details
418116DSC / Digital Security ControlsWT5500XHigh Efficiency Transformer For The Alex$20.40Details