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Evax Systems

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
757495Evax Systems03322Fuse Capacitors Ptc 6R025$10.21Details
350558Evax Systems1008ZEvax 100 Panel With 8 Speaker Zones$3,027.49Details
874539Evax Systems5250075Key #Ws93 Wind Corp$6.57Details
791643Evax SystemsA60533" 10 Pin Ribbon Cable$18.75Details
185881Evax SystemsA61024" 10 Pin Ribbon Cable$44.23Details
734379Evax SystemsA6144" 10 Pin Ribbon Cable$18.75Details
153333Evax SystemsA6164" 14 Pin Cable Connector$35.53Details
729603Evax SystemsABRM1Remote Mic Card$135.79Details
314065Evax SystemsAP15TUCR$141.39Details
761675Evax SystemsASCRNDF1Mxmbr Mother Board Relay$85.39Details
350557Evax SystemsDMRM16Upgraded Chip W/Message Bilngl$85.39Details
956245Evax SystemsDPS25PDistributed Panel, Single Channel, 25 Wa$2,731.65Details
916969Evax SystemsEF12FACPAddressable Fire Panel 2 Loop 120V Red Back Box$932.09Details
787618Evax SystemsEFGSSPK241575WLPWSpkr Clng/Wl Mnt Fixed Candela$72.79Details
828327Evax SystemsEFGSSPK24CLPWSpkr Clng/Wl Mnt Slct Candela$72.79Details
787072Evax SystemsEFGSSPKCLPWSpeaker, Ceiling Or Wall Mount, Low Profile, 25/70$30.44Details
314064Evax SystemsEVAHMXMP32PEvahmxmp32/P$3,562.49Details
350556Evax SystemsEVAMIAudio / Module Interface$261.79Details
350555Evax SystemsEVAMXMBKEvamxmbk$170.79Details
153336Evax SystemsEVAX100100W Includes Back Box, Amp & Microphone$2,269.99Details
161713Evax SystemsEVAX10012Z100Watt 12Zne Evax Panel (Large Cabinet)$3,557.49Details
153337Evax SystemsEVAX10016ZVoice Evac Panel,100 Watts,16Zones In Large Cab$3,840.55Details
161714Evax SystemsEVAX1004ZEvax 100 Panel With 4 Class B Speaker Zones$2,648.74Details
617053Evax SystemsEVAX1004ZAEvax 100 Panel With 4 Class A Speaker Zones$3,027.49Details
171218Evax SystemsEVAX1008ZEvax 100 Panel With 8 Class B Speaker Zones$3,027.49Details
617054Evax SystemsEVAX1008ZAEvax 100 Panel With 8 Class A Speaker Zones$3,840.55Details
161716Evax SystemsEVAX100EVoice Expander Panel 100W W/O Dmr Or Mic Gray$1,977.49Details
812668Evax SystemsEVAX100EREDVoice Expander Panel 100W W/O Dmr Or Mic Red$1,589.99Details
766864Evax SystemsEVAX100RVoice Evac Panel 100W Red$3,178.74Details
161717Evax SystemsEVAX150Voice Evac Panel 150 Watts$3,481.24Details
171219Evax SystemsEVAX15012Z150 Watt Voice Evacuation Panel With Dmr, And 12 C$4,505.45Details
314062Evax SystemsEVAX15016Z150 Watt Voice Evacuation Panel With Dmr, And 16 C$4,875.11Details
617055Evax SystemsEVAX1508Z150 Watt Voice Evacuation Panel W/Dmr,And 8 Cls B$4,135.79Details
419336Evax SystemsEVAX150R8Z150W 8 Spkr Circuit Evax Panel$4,135.79Details
161719Evax SystemsEVAX200Voice Evac Panel, 200 Watts.$3,692.93Details
171220Evax SystemsEVAX20012Z200 Watt Voice Evacuation Panel With Dmr, And 12 C$4,800.69Details
617056Evax SystemsEVAX20016Z200 Watt Voice Evacuation Panel With Dmr,And16Ch$5,170.35Details
161720Evax SystemsEVAX2008Z200 Watt Voice Evacuation Panel With Dmr, And 8 Cl$4,431.03Details
161721Evax SystemsEVAX200EVoice Expander Panel, 2 - 100W , W/O Dmr Or Mic$3,253.74Details
825749Evax SystemsEVAX200EMVoice Evac Panel 200Watts W/O Dmr$3,395.28Details
161722Evax SystemsEVAX200R8Z200 Watt Voice Evacuation Panel With Dmr, And 8 Cl$4,431.03Details
161723Evax SystemsEVAX25Voice Evac Panel 25W Gray$1,469.99Details
171221Evax SystemsEVAX254ZEvax 25 Panel With 4 Class B Speaker Zones$1,892.49Details
171222Evax SystemsEVAX25E25 Watt Expander Module (No Mic, No Dmr)$1,164.79Details
617057Evax SystemsEVAX25RVoice Evac Panel 25W$1,513.74Details
739118Evax SystemsEVAX25REFRefurbished Voice Evac Panel, 25W$787.79Details
171223Evax SystemsEVAX50Voice Evac Panel 50 Watt Gray$1,892.49Details
153338Evax SystemsEVAX504ZEvax 50 Panel With 4 Class B Speaker Zones$2,158.74Details
153339Evax SystemsEVAX504ZAEvax 50 Panel With 4 Class A Speaker Zones$2,648.74Details
161724Evax SystemsEVAX508ZEvax 50 Panel With 8 Class B Speaker Zones$2,648.74Details
171224Evax SystemsEVAX50EVoice Expander Panel 50W W/O Dmr Or Mic$1,287.49Details
856375Evax SystemsEVAX50E4Z50 Watt Expander Unit With 4 Output Zones$1,664.99Details
818213Evax SystemsEVAX50RVoice Evac Panel 50 Watt Red Cabinet$1,892.49Details
185887Evax SystemsEVAX50R2ZA50 Panel/ Red Cab 2 Class Speaker Zones$2,269.99Details
617058Evax SystemsEVAX50R4ZVoice Evac 50W 4 Zones Red$2,269.99Details
350552Evax SystemsEVAX600EVoice Expander Panel, 6 - 100W , W/O Dmr Or Mic$10,044.25Details
1074416Evax SystemsEVAXBA100Back Up Amplifier Switching Card$170.79Details
871363Evax SystemsEVAXCAB1Standard Cabinet Grey$207.42Details
153340Evax SystemsEVDMREvax Recorded Message Card$132.99Details
419337Evax SystemsEVDMRM01Standard Male Evax Voice Message$132.99Details
957570Evax SystemsEVDMRM02Special Message File$86.44Details
314058Evax SystemsEVDMRM16Female Voice Chip F/Evax Sytm English/Spanish$135.79Details
161726Evax SystemsEVX100100Watt Voice Evacuation Module With Mic.$2,118.74Details
185888Evax SystemsEVX100E100 Watt Expander Module (No Mic, No Dmr)$1,438.74Details
617060Evax SystemsEVX10FAF10Amp Fast Action Fuse$10.21Details
1019943Evax SystemsEVX4ZAC4 Zone Splitter With All Call Switch$409.04Details
1032581Evax SystemsEVX4ZASSMZone Splitter 4 Class B Zones$409.04Details
185891Evax SystemsEVX5050Watt Voice Evacuation Module With Microphone.$1,816.24Details
161728Evax SystemsEVX50E50 Watt Expander Module (No Mic, No Dmr)$1,180.39Details
153342Evax SystemsEVXATMAudio Matching-Line Input/Output Card.$170.79Details
161729Evax SystemsEVXBA100Backup Amplifier Switching Module.$170.79Details
350549Evax SystemsEVXBB2RLarge Size Back Box, No Door 14 1/4" X 27" X 4"Red$176.39Details
617061Evax SystemsEVXBYCBattery Y Cable$35.53Details
617062Evax SystemsEVXCAB1Standard Size Cabinet . 14 1/4" X 18" X 4".$204.39Details
1062573Evax SystemsEVXCAB1RStandard Cabinet Red$204.39Details
617063Evax SystemsEVXCAB2Large Cabinet. Gray.$237.99Details
751949Evax SystemsEVXCORECore Charge Ordering Ev-Evx4Z$170.79Details
314057Evax SystemsEVXDFP1Dead Front Plate For Standard Cabinet$85.39Details
617064Evax SystemsEVXIL88 Position Input/Led Card$409.04Details
153343Evax SystemsEVXLOCKSETLock And Key Set For Evax Panel$10.21Details
185892Evax SystemsEVXMICMicrphone For The Evax Panels$85.39Details
617065Evax SystemsEVXMIC1818" Mic Extension Cable$44.23Details
617066Evax SystemsEVXMIC48Microphone Ext. Cable 48"$52.93Details
617067Evax SystemsEVXOL88 Position Output/Led Card$409.04Details
617068Evax SystemsEVXRLYMTRelay Control Matrix$409.04Details
185893Evax SystemsEVXRMSupervised Remote Microphone Gray$409.04Details
816813Evax SystemsEVXRM8SMicrophone Panel/Remote Paging - 8 Switch/Led'S$865.79Details
171230Evax SystemsEVXRMRRemote Microphone In Red$409.04Details
171232Evax SystemsEVXSCSupervisory Card For Evx-Rm$135.79Details
617069Evax SystemsEVXSL88 Programmable Switch Led Card$409.04Details
617070Evax SystemsEVXZMZone Module 4 Class B / 2 Class A Speake$416.69Details
711522Evax SystemsEVXZMASSMZone Module Assembly & Cables$409.04Details
617071Evax SystemsEXPEDITINGFEEEvax Expediting Fee$409.04Details
829878Evax SystemsEXVCAB2RBack Box And Door 14.25 X 27 X 4.5$241.99Details
185894Evax SystemsHMXDB20042Audio Panl,Sngl Ch,400W Cab-42$674.69Details
185895Evax SystemsHMXDB200P42Dist Banked Audio Panel,Dual Channel, 200W 4Wire$7,882.41Details
314056Evax SystemsHMXDB50Distributed Panel 2 - 50W Outputs.$3,853.97Details
153345Evax SystemsHMXDBS25Distributed Amp Panl,Sngl Chann,25W,Audio Ckts$1,689.99Details
171233Evax SystemsHMXDBS25PDistributed Panel,25W Amp W/1 Mx-Ami,Fp , Red$1,976.24Details
735456Evax SystemsHMXDPDistributor Panel For Audio Circuits$1,816.24Details
161734Evax SystemsHMXDP100Distributed Pnl Dual Chnl 100W$4,157.75Details
171234Evax SystemsHMXDP100PDst Pnl Dual Chnl 100W Fir Phn$4,444.45Details
350548Evax SystemsHMXDP100RDstrt Pnl Sng Chanel Red Cabinet 100W$4,157.75Details
967303Evax SystemsHMXDP50PDistribution Panel Single Channel 2-50W$4,051.86Details
350547Evax SystemsHMXDPPDistributed Panel, 4 Fire Phone Ckts$1,939.99Details
161735Evax SystemsHMXDPS100PDistributed Panel, 100W, Fire Phone,Single Channel$3,126.24Details
314055Evax SystemsHMXDPS100R$2,832.49Details
837651Evax SystemsHMXDPS100RPDisctributed Panel Sngle Chnl W/Fire Phone Red$3,221.24Details
185897Evax SystemsHMXDPS25PDstrt Pnl Sng Chnl 25W Firepn$2,599.99Details
1049212Evax SystemsHMXDPS25RSingle Channel 25 W Distributed Panel$2,269.99Details
161736Evax SystemsHMXDPS50PDistribution Panel Single Channel 50W$2,826.24Details
954428Evax SystemsHMXDPS50RED$2,648.74Details
989713Evax SystemsHMXMP16Master Panel 16 Switch$2,784.99Details
161738Evax SystemsHMXMP16PMaster Panel, 16 Switch, Master Fire Pho$3,158.74Details
350546Evax SystemsHMXMP16RMaster Panel, Red, 16 Switch$2,703.74Details
992059Evax SystemsHMXMP16RPMaster Panel 16 Switch Red With Fire Phone$3,253.74Details
171237Evax SystemsHMXMP32PMaster Panel 32 Switch/Input Master Fire$3,457.49Details
711965Evax SystemsHMXMP32RPMaster Panel 32 Switch$3,562.49Details
185898Evax SystemsHMXMP48PMaster Panel 48 Swt Mst Fire$3,811.27Details
350545Evax SystemsHMXMP64PMaster Panel 64 Swt Mst Fire$4,102.85Details
161739Evax SystemsMXAMIAudio Module Interface$261.79Details
314053Evax SystemsMXDPDMRDistributed Panel Dmr Option$787.79Details
153349Evax SystemsMXFHFire Phone Handset$103.71Details
185899Evax SystemsMXFJFire Phone Jack S.S. Plate$29.25Details
617072Evax SystemsMXFOFiber Optic Card$425.24Details
350542Evax SystemsMXFP02Fire Phone Output$56.54Details
153350Evax SystemsMXFPIFire Phone Interface$333.36Details
161740Evax SystemsMXFPO2Fire Phone Output Vertical Terminals$53.71Details
617073Evax SystemsMXFS$311.84Details
171238Evax SystemsMXIIInput Interface Card That Is Used In An$170.79Details
350541Evax SystemsMXMBBRMaster Panel Back Box No Door Red$221.19Details
787090Evax SystemsMXMBIMaster Mother Board Interface$85.39Details
185900Evax SystemsMXMBKMother Board Relays$155.55Details
1017549Evax SystemsMXMBRMother Board/Remote$350.01Details
826851Evax SystemsMXMFAMaster Fire Phone Assembly F/Voice Evac And Fire$539.99Details
185901Evax SystemsMXMFPMaster Fire Phone Interface$271.59Details
153352Evax SystemsMXMFPHSMaster Fire Panel Handset$109.19Details
791102Evax SystemsMXOIOutput Interface$276.56Details
913168Evax SystemsMXPWRPower Supply$276.56Details
789954Evax SystemsMXSSCSwitch Scan Card$350.01Details
161744Evax SystemsMXTCFire Phone Handset Cabinet$425.24Details
748991Evax SystemsMXTCRFire Phone Handset Cabinet Red$425.24Details
153353Evax SystemsMXWSWarden Station With Armored Cable$344.24Details
717469Evax SystemsMXXIInput Card$172.84Details
737151Evax SystemsPVX15012ZR3500008150 Watt Voice Panel With 12 Class B Speakers$4,505.45Details
419349Evax SystemsS2Weather Alert Male Voice$135.79Details
419350Evax SystemsSCSupervisory Card For Remote Mic$117.53Details
161745Evax SystemsT17528Power Transformer Open Frame 28Vac @ 180Va$135.79Details
161746Evax SystemsT2885Transformer Open Frame F/Evx25$123.19Details
819026Evax SystemsXI5200AMicrophone Clip$10.21Details
153354Evax SystemsXMFPRReverse Polarity Card$135.79Details