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Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Bells

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
113750Alarm ControlsSC110N110V AC STEADY LOUD SONALERT$99.71Details
114381Alarm ControlsSC110NPSONALERT 110VAC PLSING$146.03Details
322970Alarm ControlsSC616NPLOUD SONALERT FAST PULSE BUZZER$84.81Details
141913Canadian Flexi DrillBH245BELL HANGER 5/16X24IN$11.68Details
745623Cooper / Wheelock3T115NS**eol**WH3T-115-NS 115 VAC,$37.28Details
154650Cooper / Wheelock43TG10115RBell, 10", Red, 115 VAC, Vibrating, Outdoor 43T Series $80.22Details
151798Cooper / Wheelock43TG10115SBell, 10", Silver, 115 VAC, Vibrating, Industrial Series 43T $80.22Details
181121Cooper / Wheelock43TG1024RBell, 10", Red, 24 VAC, Vibrating, Outdoor 43T Series $80.22Details
148658Cooper / Wheelock43TG1024S43T BELL 10 INCH GRAY 24VAC$80.22Details
151799Cooper / Wheelock43TG6115RBell, 6", Red, 115 VAC, Vibrating, Outdoor 43T Series $59.26Details
148660Cooper / Wheelock43TG6115SBell, 6", Silver, 115 VAC, Vibrating, Industrial Series 43T $59.26Details
154651Cooper / Wheelock43TG624RBell, 6", Red, 24 VAC, Vibrating, Outdoor 43T Series $Call for Price.Details
181129Cooper / WheelockAMT1224WStrobe, White, 12-24 VDC, Addressable Input Appliance, Horn, Industrial AMT Series $52.11Details
156088Cooper / WheelockASWP2475CFWHorn / Strobe, AS Series, White, Ceiling Mount, 3 dB, 75 Candela, Weatherproof, 24 VDC *Optional Carton Quantity (20)* $Call for Price.Details
149034Cooper / WheelockASWP24MCCHFRAudible Strobe, Outdoor, AS Series, Universal mount, 2-Wire, 24 VDC Selectable, 115/177 Candela, Red $65.24Details
156103Cooper / WheelockCSXG10115SBell, Explosion Proof, Industrial, Single Stroke, 10" Shell, Silver, Outdoor, 115 VAC Series CVX/CSX $1320.95Details
156104Cooper / WheelockCSXG1024RBell, 10", Red, 24 VDC, Outdoor, Single Stroke, Explosion Proof, High Sound Output CSX Series $1320.95Details
181156Cooper / WheelockCVX10115SBell, Explosion Proof, Industrial, Vibrating, 10" Shell, Silver, Indoor, 115 VAC Series CVX/CSX $780.17Details
156107Cooper / WheelockCVXG10115RBell, 10", Red, 115 VAC, Vibrating, Outdoor, Explosion Proof, High Sound Output CVX Series $1320.95Details
181184Cooper / WheelockE7024MCCALWSpeaker/Strobe, E70 Series, Square, White, Ceiling Mount, 2-Watt Speaker Taps, Alert Lettering, 15/30/75/95-Candela, 24 VDC $64.23Details
154485Cooper / WheelockE7024MCWALWSpeaker / Strobe, E70 Series, White, Square, Wall Mount, 2 Watt, Selectable 15/30/75/110 Candela, 24 VDC *Optional Carton Quantity (8)* $64.23Details
181214Cooper / WheelockET7024MCWNWSpeaker w/ Strobe, ET Series, Indoor, 8 Watt, 15 / 30 / 75 / 110 Candela Options, Non Sync / Sync Strobe, Selectable 25 / 70 VRMS, White, Wall Mount, 24 VDC *NO Letters* $74.49Details
181217Cooper / WheelockET70WP24185WFRSpeaker Strobe, ET Series, Outdoor, Selectable 25/70 VRMS, 1/8 - 8 Watts, 185 CD, Wall Mount, Red $89.47Details
181221Cooper / WheelockET70WP2475WALRSpeaker / Strobe, ET70 Series, Red, Wall Mount, 8 Watt, 75 Candela, Weatherproof, UL1638/UL1480, 24 VDC *Optional Carton Quantity (12)* $82.70Details
607534Cooper / WheelockLSTWNAStrobe, Exceder Series, w/ LED, Amber Lens, (8) Candela Settings, 15 / 30 / 75 / 110 cd, Low-Profile, Small Footprint Design, Wall Mount, (4) Convenient Mounting Options Including LSBB Exceder Single Gang Backboxes, White, 2 Watts, 12 / 24 VDC, No Letteri$46.46Details
156409Cooper / WheelockMBG1012RMotor Bell, 10", Red, 12 VDC, Outdoor $52.43Details
156410Cooper / WheelockMBG1024RMotor Bell, 10", Red, 24 VDC, O utdoor$52.19Details
154541Cooper / WheelockMBG612RMotor Bell, 6", Red, 12 VDC, Outdoor $38.61Details
181250Cooper / WheelockMBG612SMotor Bell, 6", Silver, 12 VDC, Industrial Series MB $40.57Details
149128Cooper / WheelockMBG624RMotor Bell, 6", Red, 24 VDC, Outdoor MB Series $38.43Details
149129Cooper / WheelockMBG624SMB BELL 6 INCH 24DC GRAY$40.57Details
156411Cooper / WheelockMBG66RMotor Bell, 6", Red, 6 VDC, Industrial Series MB $38.80Details
149130Cooper / WheelockMIDACINDUSTRIAL AUDIBLE SIGNAL,32 TONES$91.69Details
154549Cooper / WheelockMPS200Pull Station, Fire, Manual, SPST, Double Action, Key Reset, Mounts On Single Gang Backbox Series MPS $57.88Details
156428Cooper / WheelockMTA24MCCHNWMultitone Strobe, High Intensity, MT Series, 24 VDC, Selectable 115/177 Candela, Ceiling Mount, White, Amber Lens, No Lettering $69.89Details
181265Cooper / WheelockMTWP24MCWHFRStrobe, MT Series, Outdoor, Multitone, 24 VDC Selectable, 135/185 Candela, Universal Mounting, Red $79.09Details
149146Cooper / WheelockMTWP24MCWHFWStrobe, MT Series, Outdoor, Multitone, 24 VDC Selectable, 135/185 Candela, Universal Mounting, White $79.09Details
154795Cooper / WheelockRPWMounting Accessory, Retrofit Plate, White $8.44Details
181332Cooper / WheelockRSSPA24MCCNWStrobe Plate, RSS Series, 24 VDC, Selectable 15/30/75/110 Candela, White, Amber Lens, No Letting $57.68Details
156498Cooper / WheelockRSSPA24MCWALWStrobe, w/ Plate, Amber Lens, White, Wall Mount, Selectable 15/30/75/110 Candela, 24 VDC *Optional Carton Quantity (12)* $57.68Details
156509Cooper / WheelockRSSWPS2475WNWOUTDR STRB 24 VLT AMBER LENS NO WRDING W$46.34Details
894284Cooper / WheelockSM87HXBDB1PUL24CLEARRED**EOL**24V HORN/STROBE CLEAR LENS RED$2714.51Details
154840Cooper / WheelockSP4LOCKITHVAC Emergency Shutoff KIT, Safepath $260.16Details
820209Cooper / WheelockSPS40S*EOL*multi-function facility comm..$1401.04Details
154853Cooper / WheelockSTH2RSafePath Accessory, Speaker Sys, 3 STH-15SR Horns Mounted To A NEMA Type 1 Galvanized Enclosure $489.47Details
181392Cooper / WheelockSTH90R24MCCHNRANGL CLS SPKR 2 HRNS W/RSS MLTI$661.82Details
149268Cooper / WheelockTB592Telephone Alert, Telco, Modular Bell, 6", Outdoor, 18-30 VAC/VDC, 100 dB, Mounting Backbox Included Series TB $102.19Details
314496DSI / Designed SecurityES4300A703K1Weatherized ES4300A-K1$310.82Details
185140Edwards / GS Building Systems105LAAMBER LENS$66.51Details
831187Edwards / GS Building Systems114PSTAEK*eol*MT OEM STROBE AMBER$68.82Details
152628Edwards / GS Building Systems116EXMSTAN5EXPLSION PRF STRB AMBER$1331.60Details
185286Edwards / GS Building Systems156G3AMGeneral Purpose Bell 6-8 VDC, 0.8 A; 8-1$74.47Details
845686Edwards / GS Building Systems156G3AXBELL GENERAL PURPOSE 3"12-18V$72.79Details
152677Edwards / GS Building Systems156G3G13" 24VDC BELL$72.79Details
185287Edwards / GS Building Systems156G3G53"24V GROUNDED BELL MNTR GONG$71.39Details
830000Edwards / GS Building Systems156G4AM4 IN BELL MONITOR 6-8V DC 8-10V AC$82.59Details
160880Edwards / GS Building Systems156G4G124VDC 4" BELL$81.19Details
152679Edwards / GS Building Systems156G4G5General Purpose Bell 24Vac$79.79Details
169325Edwards / GS Building Systems156G6AM6 IN BELL MONITOR 6-8V DC 8-10V AC$88.19Details
615676Edwards / GS Building Systems156G6G1BELL 6"24VDC$92.01Details
160881Edwards / GS Building Systems156G6G5BELL 24VAC 6"$88.19Details
160901Edwards / GS Building Systems2453BSA1575RBELL STROBE ADAPTER PLATE 24VDC 15/75 CANDELLA RED$107.79Details
169349Edwards / GS Building Systems323D10AWREDW 323D10AWR 10''BELL$166.59Details
419026Edwards / GS Building Systems33210N5BELL 10IN 120V60HZ$227.08Details
314226Edwards / GS Building Systems3326N5BELL 6IN 120V60HZ$207.59Details
710839Edwards / GS Building Systems3330755AASD160 7 ASD320 REPLCMT FILL$29.73Details
185330Edwards / GS Building Systems33310G110 IN SGL STROKE BELL 24V DC$244.64Details
160922Edwards / GS Building Systems34010G510" 24V VIBRATING BELL$174.99Details
859436Edwards / GS Building Systems3404FM4" 16V VIBRATNG ADAPTABEL$138.59Details
160923Edwards / GS Building Systems3404G54" 24V VIBRATNG ADAPTABLE$111.27Details
152711Edwards / GS Building Systems3406E56" 12V VIBRATNG ADAPTABLE$165.19Details
185332Edwards / GS Building Systems3406G56" 24V VIBRATNG ADAPTABLE$144.19Details
152712Edwards / GS Building Systems3406N56" 120V VIBRATE ADAPTABLE$141.39Details
160926Edwards / GS Building Systems432G5BELL 2 1/2 BRS SHEL 24V$39.14Details
419030Edwards / GS Building Systems432N5BELL 2.5"120 VOLT 60HZ BRASS$42.78Details
169355Edwards / GS Building Systems4344N54 INCH AC VIBRATING BELL.$170.79Details
713514Edwards / GS Building Systems43510E110"SIZE 12VDC OPERATING RANGE$158.19Details
314224Edwards / GS Building Systems43510G110' 24V BELL$158.19Details
314223Edwards / GS Building Systems4354E14" 12V DC VIBRTING ADAPTABLE$100.93Details
185336Edwards / GS Building Systems4354G1Adaptabel DC Vibrating Bells PLC Compati$113.39Details
185337Edwards / GS Building Systems4356E16 inch bell 12vdc$109.34Details
160930Edwards / GS Building Systems4358C1ADAPTOR BELL 6V DC 8"$160.99Details
350821Edwards / GS Building Systems435DEX6G16" EXPLOSION PROOF BELL 24DC$1030.89Details
152722Edwards / GS Building Systems435EX10G110" Exlposionproof Vibrating Bell 24 VDC$1216.79Details
160931Edwards / GS Building Systems435EX6G16 IN VIBRATING BELL EXPL PRF 24V DC$1047.03Details
615704Edwards / GS Building Systems438D10N5BELL 10" GREY 120 VOLT AC$72.79Details
185340Edwards / GS Building Systems438D6N5FIRE ALARM BELL 6"120 VOLT GRAY$61.59Details
787491Edwards / GS Building Systems438D8N5Fire Alarm Bell, 8", Hazardous Location,$66.30Details
152724Edwards / GS Building Systems438D8N5RFire Alarm Bell, 8", Hazardous Location,$66.30Details
419031Edwards / GS Building Systems439D10AUPOLARIZED 10'' 12V FIRE BELL$140.88Details
169356Edwards / GS Building Systems439D10AW10" FIRE ALARM BELL 20-24DCDIODE GREY$75.59Details
615705Edwards / GS Building Systems439D10RAUBELL 10"10-12VDC$158.52Details
160932Edwards / GS Building Systems439D6AWRPOLARIZD 6"24V FIRE BELL$40.15Details
160933Edwards / GS Building Systems439D8AWRPOLARIZD 8"24V FIRE BELL$59.50Details
870653Edwards / GS Building Systems439DEX10AWFire Alarm Bell, 10", Explosion-Proof, 2$627.44Details
160954Edwards / GS Building Systems5520DN5120V HRN/SIREN$808.93Details
160955Edwards / GS Building Systems5522MDAW24 VDC POLARIZED HORN$1760.19Details
169377Edwards / GS Building Systems5523MAQ24v FIRE AND EXPLOSION PROOF SIREN$1760.19Details
160956Edwards / GS Building Systems5530MD24A5530MD- 24AW ADAP.24VOLT$770.00Details
160962Edwards / GS Building Systems554G5BELL4" GEN PURPOSE 24V$67.90Details
160964Edwards / GS Building Systems556AMAUDIO COUPLER BOARD MILLENNIUM$75.59Details
169386Edwards / GS Building Systems556G5BELL 6"GEN PURPOSE 24V$76.99Details
152775Edwards / GS Building Systems744Bell 4IN 3-6DC 6-8AC$24.75Details
161007Edwards / GS Building Systems879EXG1EXPLOSION PROOF VIBRATING HORN. 24V DC$952.02Details
161019Edwards / GS Building Systems94RN5120V STRB W/RED LENS$479.34Details
161026Edwards / GS Building SystemsAC30106POST BRACKET F/ C SERIES AIR HRN$256.55Details
161029Edwards / GS Building SystemsC1ESINGLE TONE SPUN BELL$1122.00Details
169435Edwards / GS Building SystemsCASINGLE TONE MACHINED BELL$1127.00Details
152824Edwards / GS Building SystemsCBSINGLE TONE SPUN BELL$1106.27Details
839457Edwards / GS Building SystemsEG1RCChime, Wall Mt., 24VDC, Red$45.82Details
169452Edwards / GS Building SystemsEG1RFCChime, Wall Mt., Marked "Fire", 24VDC, R$42.28Details
615809Edwards / GS Building SystemsG4LFWFH520HZ LOW FREQ HORN WHT W/FIRE$58.10Details
615811Edwards / GS Building SystemsG4LFWNH520HZ LOW FREQ HORN WHT W/FIRE$58.10Details
174053Fire Detection DevicesCF165MPFIXED TEMP ONLY 165 DEG$79.83Details
154404Fire-Lite / HoneywellIPDACT2INTERNET DIG ALRM with 2 additional sup$Call for Price.Details
154412Fire-Lite / HoneywellMBG1024R10" 24V VIBRATING BELL RED$54.81Details
154413Fire-Lite / HoneywellMBG624RBELL MOTOR 24 VOLT 6" RED VIBRATING$41.33Details
154429Fire-Lite / HoneywellPRN6FASSY FNL,PRINTER F/L$1179.36Details
793402Fire-Lite / HoneywellPRN7PRINTER,SERIAL MATRIX,80 COL$1188.30Details
154653Fire-Lite / HoneywellSSM2410BELL 24V, 10 INCH$62.30Details
186996Fire-Lite / HoneywellSSM2466" BELL 24 VOLT$45.68Details
174416Fire-Lite / HoneywellVISORALARMPLUSUScentral station IP receiver$2720.48Details
624042GE Security / UTC Fire & Security439DEX8AWFire Alarm Bell, 8", Explosion-Proof, 24$747.36Details
789614Gentex904127800224V 6" RED BELL$28.49Details
171985Gentex9041279GB10-24 10" 24VDC BELL$35.53Details
189355GentexGB10120GB110120 10" BELL 120 VOLT$33.81Details
177222GentexGB62424VOLT 6 IN BELL$26.46Details
177236GentexGEH12WW12volt horn white$21.48Details
177270GentexSSPK24WPLWspeaker strobe 24VDC, wall mount, low pr$58.93Details
172053GentexWGEC2475PWWWTHRPROOF HRN STRB 24VDC 75 CAND$63.98Details
918221GentexWGESR2475PWRLPWeatherproof strobe, red lens, red body$55.81Details
179625Home SafeguardHOVTODOPEN DELIVERY TEST KIT$457.27Details
236074Mircom TechnologiesBL6B24VDC Motorized 6" Bell$22.20Details
204365MitekAP30TGRAY HORN W/TRANSFRMR$175.57Details
204429MitekSWSM15WSTANDARD DECOR WHITE 74V 15W$88.13Details
205896NutoneLA203RWHPLUG IN CHIM$26.70Details
242297Potter ElectricABB1012BELL BOX SLIMLINE BEIGE$Call for Price.Details
211867Potter ElectricABB1014AMSECO LARGE HINGED BELL IN A$Call for Price.Details
247411Potter ElectricABB1014ULBELL BOX HINGED$79.79Details
247412Potter ElectricABB1033AMSECO MOTOR BELL AND BOX$60.86Details
242326Potter ElectricBA10G12PV2AMSECO 12VDC VIBRATORY BURGLAR$24.05Details
212087Potter ElectricCSL24CGWSTROB LIGHT W/GREEN LENS WHITE BDY$36.96Details
247752Potter ElectricESZ26BDUAL TONE PIEZO SOUNDER$15.90Details
242364Potter ElectricEVAX200R8Z200W VOICE W/8 ZONE & MIC PHONE$5371.87Details
280883Potter ElectricEXB8A424AMSECO EXB-8-A4-24 FIRE BELL$26.88Details
247761Potter ElectricHMXDPS100PEVAX DIST PAN SINGL CH 100W FIR PHN$3453.21Details
212117Potter ElectricIBA1206120 VAC 6" GRAY NONFIRE BELL$54.38Details
336385Potter ElectricIBA1208GRAY 8" 120 VOLT INDUST BELL$69.30Details
212118Potter ElectricIBA2410industrial bell grey$55.09Details
242381Potter ElectricIBA246IND GRY BELL 24VAC 6" NON FIRE$38.43Details
336384Potter ElectricIBD2410INDUSTRIAL BELL 24 VDC 10 INCH$38.43Details
280900Potter ElectricIBD24624V DC 16'' INDUSTRIAL BELL IN GREY$35.53Details
336383Potter ElectricIBD248INDUSTRIAL BELL 24 VDC 8 INCH$43.49Details
242385Potter ElectricMBA1012CAN-MBA 10"12VDC MOTORIZD BELL (1750060)$39.44Details
242386Potter ElectricMBA1024FIRE BELL 10" 24VDC RED$39.88Details
247764Potter ElectricMBA10G12PV212VDC FIRE BELL-GREG$29.90Details
336379Potter ElectricMBA1210US - MBA 10" 12 VDC BELL (1750060)$39.44Details
242387Potter ElectricMBA2410US - MBA 10" 24 VDC BELL [1750090]$Call for Price.Details
876726Potter ElectricMBA246**EOL**US - MBA 6" 24 VDC BELL (1750100)$27.48Details
242388Potter ElectricMBA612CAN-MBA 6" 12VDC MOTORIZD BELL (1750070)$27.48Details
280906Potter ElectricMBA624CAN-MBA 6" 24VDC MOTORIZD BELL [1750100]$Call for Price.Details
242389Potter ElectricMBA812MBA 8" 12VDC MOTORIZD BELL (1750080)$34.79Details
212125Potter ElectricMBA8248 VIBRATING FIRE BELL 24 VOLT RED$34.79Details
738664Potter ElectricMSB08PV424**EOL** MSB-08-PV4-24 8IN 24V$24.48Details
807450Potter ElectricMSB6BPV412AMS AMSECO 12V 6" MOTOR BELL$21.81Details
280908Potter ElectricMSB8BPV424AMSECO MSB8PV424 24V 8" MOTOR$31.89Details
769629Potter ElectricMSB8PV412AMS 8" BELL 12VDC$29.12Details
280926Potter ElectricPBA12010PBA-12010 - 10" 120 VAC BELL$39.44Details
242407Potter ElectricPBA1206POTTER 120VAC 6" BELLS$27.75Details
280927Potter ElectricPBA12088" 120VAC MOTOR BELL [1808120]$Call for Price.Details
247779Potter ElectricPBA2410**EOL**10'' 24VAC VIBRATING BELL$39.44Details
280928Potter ElectricPBA2466" POTTER BELL 24 VAC$27.48Details
247780Potter ElectricPBA248*EOL* POTTER 8" 24VAC BELL$34.89Details
280929Potter ElectricPCS3001B1/2 HP Pump Control Switch - Brass$214.09Details
280973Potter ElectricSB624153075R6" STROBE AND BELL COMBO 24VDC$48.81Details
242446Potter ElectricSCM24C177RRED CHIME STROB$52.32Details
258830Saf-Com20999795SIMPLEX ADDRSBLE PULL STATION$151.87Details
245706Saf-ComA1010" Vibratone Gong, combine with 500 or$159.28Details
258841Saf-ComMBA6246" 120 vac red indr/outdr vib fire alarm$30.91Details
283440Saf-ComPBA81208" 120vac red indr/outdr vib fire alarm$40.56Details
731352Safety Technology Inc. / STIAP3GIALERT POINT W/ BEACON - GREEN - EMERGENCY EXIT$233.79Details
245817Safety Technology Inc. / STISL2307White Stopper Station, SLIM LINE Series, Polycarbonate Housing, UV-Stabilized, Momentary Red Illuminated Push Button, Fits In Small, Narrow Areas Such As Door Frames, Form "C" Switch Contacts Protected By Plastic Collar & Includes 5-Lead Wire, Form "C" Co$29.55Details
215643Safety Technology Inc. / STISS2042FRed Stopper Station w/ Mini Stopper II Cover & Horn, Mushroom Push Button, Button Phrase: "FIRE", Push-To-Activate & Key-To-Reset Button Activation, Stainless Steel Backplate w/ Ground Lug, Polycarbonate Station Housing, UV-Stabilized, (2) Form "C" Contac$89.25Details
215661Safety Technology Inc. / STISS2085Red Stopper Station w/ Clear Polycarbonate Mini Stopper II Cover w/ Spacer & Horn, Red Momentary Mushroom Push Button, Button Phrase: "Push", Polycarbonate Station Housing, UV-Stabilized, Stainless Steel Backplate, Unique Curved Design, (2) Form "C" Conta$116.75Details
259181Safety Technology Inc. / STISS2440EBUTTON W/STI-6600,HORN,BLUE$108.93Details
246113Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI1130RCSTOPPER II 24V RLYCNCT/HRN/SPC$103.21Details
764571Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI3300Wireless Doorbell Extender with Receiver$44.72Details
259426Safety Technology Inc. / STISUBSA504white backbox kit for$8.05Details
774905Safety Technology Inc. / STIWS109Outdoor Bell Box$80.99Details
250734Silent CallDB10032DOOR BELL W/BUTTON$72.79Details
287556Silent CallDB10041DOORBELL TRANSMITTER WITH BATTERY$72.79Details
251493SpaceageSSU03001BXenon Strobe with a Red Plate and Clear$46.28Details
225452System SensorSSM2410SSM2410 Fire Alarm Bell 10" 24 VDC$Call for Price.Details
253882System SensorSSM246SYS SNSR 6" 24VDC BELL$Call for Price.Details
225453System SensorSSM248S.SENSOR 8" 24VOLT DC BELL$44.23Details
253883System SensorSSV12010SYS SENSOR SSV12010 10" ALARM$47.84Details
253884System SensorSSV1206BK-SSV1206$34.79Details
289385System SensorSSV1208BK-SSV1208$44.23Details
761747TekToneBE00824V buzzer with bracket$47.33Details
515534Thomas & BettsDH922WIRED CHROME BELL 6"HX2 1/2W X 1 1/8 DEEP$29.73Details
295923Thomas & BettsDH924CHROME 4" WIRED BELL$30.44Details