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Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Control Panels

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
582217Aiphone285080Lp Beacon/Strobe SmallCall for Price.Details
114083Alarm ControlsSPN1681Sing Gang 302 Stnlssstel Dpdt Psh To Cal$72.16Details
114437Alarm ControlsSPN3695Dg Ss 1Es 1/2" Red Led$33.22Details
122375APC / American Power ConversionW4910350Cw Spare Humidifier Cannister 5Lb 20-27K$345.02Details
134946Bosch SecurityD1255RBFull Function Fire Keypad With Vacuum Florescent Display$142.76Details
135522Bosch SecurityD1255USAFire Control Keypad, 16-Character, Vfd Display, 14$142.76Details
134949Bosch SecurityD1256RBFire Annunciator/Keypad With Vacuum Florescent Display$142.76Details
134950Bosch SecurityD1257RBTwo Button Fire Annunciator With Vacuum Florescent Display$142.76Details
135563Bosch SecurityD307Remote Test / Reset Annunciator Plate $94.85Details
135080Bosch SecurityD6100RMKRack Mount Kit, For D6100 $23.18Details
135379Bosch SecurityD7030XS8Led Annunciator, 8 Zone, 8 Supervisory Led Zones <$54.67Details
136285Bosch SecurityD9068Fire Alarm Communicator Transmitter, Digital $145.33Details
136604Bosch SecurityFPC7034Accessory, Expander, 4-Zone, For Fpd-7024 $81.07Details
136605Bosch SecurityFPD7024Fire Alarm Control Panel, 4-Zone, Built-In Dact, L$423.99Details
866182Cooper / Wheelock109202002*Eol* Prf Strb 10 Joules Haz Loc$433.40Details
911269Cooper / Wheelock109206001*Eol**Proof Multiton 93 Dba 24Vdc Re$1,294.29Details
148661Cooper / WheelockA32099065Wheelock Screw Covers Red$3.44Details
151806Cooper / WheelockAH12WWall Or Ceiling Mount Horns / 12Volt W$22.68Details
156081Cooper / WheelockAMT241575WFW8 Multitone Strb,Wall,24Vdc,15/75Cd$111.85Details
154459Cooper / WheelockDB1PULA012D1D2NNNR27 Tone Sounder, Marine Grade Alloy, Upt$1,688.39Details
156113Cooper / WheelockDB425ULXN2CRZSpkr,70 Vrms,25W,Cl1/Div2,Red$857.81Details
156310Cooper / WheelockECHSG60FWGrill, For Speaker Strobe, E60 Series, White, W/ F$7.76Details
149104Cooper / WheelockHNRHorn, Exceder, White, Wall Mount, 12 / 24 Vdc $24.84Details
149105Cooper / WheelockHNRSHorn,Red,2W,Wall,12/24V$49.84Details
154526Cooper / WheelockHNWHorn, Exceder, Red, Wall Mount, 12 / 24 Vdc $24.84Details
156400Cooper / WheelockHS424MCCFWHorn W/ Strobe, Hs4 Series, Indoor, 15 /30 / 75 /$63.69Details
1048660Cooper / WheelockLFHNKW520Hz Low Frequency Sounder, 110Cd, Wall$52.00Details
975822Cooper / WheelockLFHNKWNLf Hn,Kit,Wht,2W,Wall,24V,No Ltr$52.00Details
181254Cooper / WheelockMINT*Eol*Siren - Audible 7-56Ma - 113Db$50.14Details
156449Cooper / WheelockPBUL4C6C4DSN7RPush Button Fire Label Rd.$733.73Details
149167Cooper / WheelockPS6Power Supply 6 Amp$461.25Details
154786Cooper / WheelockPX62500274Db3/Xb11 Ul 24V Clear/Red 24 Volt Horn/S$2,223.60Details
817525Cooper / WheelockPX62501076Db48/Xb11Ul Red/Red 70V And Capacitor$1,572.44Details
154808Cooper / WheelockRSSA24MCWALWStrobe, Amber Lens, White, Wall Mount, Selectable$53.75Details
181349Cooper / WheelockSBL2WMounting Accessory, Backbox, White, Surface Mount,$16.71Details
413887Cooper / WheelockSP40SBSafepath Communication System, Supervised, 24 Vdc$1,642.28Details
154839Cooper / WheelockSP4LOCFBRemote Microphone & Local Operator Console, Safepa$1,401.01Details
149250Cooper / WheelockSP4RMXSafepath, Accessory, Microphone Expansion Module <$417.02Details
316299Cooper / WheelockSPB804BAudio Power Booster, For Safepath Communications S$1,642.28Details
154844Cooper / WheelockSPRMGPSafepath, Accessory, Microphone General Paging, Fo$290.02Details
156651Cooper / WheelockSQADCMultitone Alarm Horn$31.23Details
156661Cooper / WheelockSTWStrobe, Exceder, White, Wall Mount, 12 / 24 Vdc $38.58Details
181406Cooper / WheelockWPBBWMounting Accessory, Backbox, Weatherproof, White,$16.38Details
154873Cooper / WheelockWPKITGasket Kit, Mounting Accessory, Rear Wiring For Ou$7.36Details
181413Cooper / WheelockXB11DB425ULX70CLRREDXb11/Db425 Ulx(70)Clr/Red$1,769.15Details
154875Cooper / WheelockXB11UL02406ANBNNNR**Eol*Explosion Proof Strobe/ Weatherprf$635.85Details
154879Cooper / WheelockXB12UL02406ANBNYNRXenon Beacon (21 Joule), Class 1, Div 2,$959.63Details
767040Cooper / WheelockXB15UL0240506RNPNNExplosion Proof, Weatherproof Strobe, Ul$725.24Details
788791Edwards / GS Building Systems105FINHGG1Signaling Products, Flashing Halogen Lig$242.70Details
185139Edwards / GS Building Systems105FINHRN5Flash Halogen 120V Ac Red$242.70Details
185153Edwards / GS Building Systems116DEGEXFJStrobe Hazardous Location 16-33Vdc Clear Lens$945.31Details
185246Edwards / GS Building Systems1253Y06K125 Re Nc 3Amp Mag Y, Cbl 18/2$94.19Details
169289Edwards / GS Building Systems125INCSG120ASteady On Incadescent 120V Green Light$60.26Details
152674Edwards / GS Building Systems152AEDr Opener 3-8Acdc$84.32Details
185303Edwards / GS Building Systems2412R*Eol* 2 Zn Fore Panel Red$229.89Details
185305Edwards / GS Building Systems2441S1575WStrobe W/Tb White$93.95Details
419028Edwards / GS Building Systems3334G14 Inch 24V Dc Bell$176.22Details
169351Edwards / GS Building Systems3336E16 In Sgl Stroke Bell 12V Dc$179.73Details
152728Edwards / GS Building Systems449Back Box F/6"8"& 10"Bell$19.95Details
152729Edwards / GS Building Systems48FINAG52OWHFlashing &Amp; Stndrd Amber Light$142.90Details
169370Edwards / GS Building Systems52CN540WHClear 120V Retating Beacon$252.57Details
152765Edwards / GS Building Systems620LBButton Push Lighted$11.48Details
185385Edwards / GS Building Systems867N5Industrial Horn Srfc$154.67Details
350803Edwards / GS Building Systems930719KFBReadyset Air Smplng Smoke Dete$1,145.29Details
741764Edwards / GS Building SystemsANS100XRAudio Evacuation Expansion Panel, 100W,$1,270.01Details
868106Edwards / GS Building SystemsANS50MDRAudio Evacuation Expansion Panel,50W,Red$1,584.71Details
419048Edwards / GS Building SystemsANS50XRAudio Evacuation Expansion Panel, 50W, R$1,123.10Details
896841Edwards / GS Building SystemsANST28180Audio Evacuation Accessory, Power Transf$64.41Details
419049Edwards / GS Building SystemsANSZS4BAudio Evacuation Accessory, Zone Splitte$310.58Details
727544Edwards / GS Building SystemsANSZSC4AAudio Evacuation Accessory, Class A Conv$203.20Details
615783Edwards / GS Building SystemsC210BDoor Chime 2 Entrance Beige$18.30Details
419079Edwards / GS Building SystemsCV10937Quick Connect Fitting. Use With P/N Cv1$154.38Details
169442Edwards / GS Building SystemsEC100RBeam Smoke Detector,100M$996.13Details
747510Edwards / GS Building SystemsEFS101R*Eol*1 Zone Red1 Class B$200.47Details
161043Edwards / GS Building SystemsEFSC1004RFacp,10 Zone,120V,Red$594.38Details
161044Edwards / GS Building SystemsEFSC1004RDFire Panel W/Dialer 10 Zone Red$763.17Details
615789Edwards / GS Building SystemsEFSC302GDFsp W/Dact ,Facp,3 Z,120V,Ed,G$483.65Details
161046Edwards / GS Building SystemsEFSC302RDFire Shld Panel W/Dact Dialer$483.65Details
185431Edwards / GS Building SystemsEG1MGenesis Signal Master$39.74Details
169975Edwards / GS Building SystemsEG1RFHDHorn, Temporal, High/Low Db, Marked "Fir$23.36Details
161059Edwards / GS Building SystemsEGCFS7Speaker 70V W/Fire$23.90Details
152845Edwards / GS Building SystemsEWSMSV4WRemote Magnetic Motor Starter 1 Phase, W$2,583.31Details
170152Edwards / GS Building SystemsEWSV3Sirens,Vert,Horiz,230V$13,480.55Details
350776Edwards / GS Building SystemsEWSV43Sirens,Vert,Horiz,230V/460V$10,766.28Details
185447Edwards / GS Building SystemsEWSV9Warning Siren Dc Motor$30,060.86Details
926610Edwards / GS Building SystemsFX254GDFire Alarm Control Panel, Fx Intelligent$867.70Details
899948Edwards / GS Building SystemsFX254RFire Alarm Control Panel, Fx Intelligent$724.74Details
850783Edwards / GS Building SystemsFX3RDFire Alarm Control Panel, Fx Conventiona$455.50Details
896936Edwards / GS Building SystemsFX64GFire Alarm Control Panel, Fx Intelligent$584.37Details
775453Edwards / GS Building SystemsFXCUFire Alarm Control Accessory, Configurat$14.95Details
1009166Edwards / GS Building SystemsG4HFWNS7Wall Speaker Speaker 70V White$24.48Details
615814Edwards / GS Building SystemsKH2006Klaxon A1 230Ac$1,263.35Details
185456Edwards / GS Building SystemsMFCAFir Control Eccesory Mlti Function Encls$72.48Details
170167Edwards / GS Building SystemsSDCJController,Sd,E-Shield,Rj$82.53Details
185464Edwards / GS Building SystemsSDCTController Terminals For Duct Detectors 4 Wire$82.53Details
152866Edwards / GS Building SystemsSDT8Duct Det Sampling Tube 8"$8.30Details
154294Fire Detection DevicesCF1352Fixed Temp. Only 135 Deg. F$46.73Details
154297Fire Detection DevicesCF135CEWTExplosion Proof Heat Detector. Rate Of R$215.80Details
162764Fire Detection DevicesCF162MPDbl Ckt Fxd Tmp Only 165D$65.17Details
186837Fire Detection DevicesCF165Thermal Flex Heat Detector,165 Degrees F$29.39Details
154301Fire Detection DevicesCF2002CFixed Temp Only 200D F$53.75Details
186838Fire Detection DevicesCF2002CODbl Crct N/O N/C Fxd Temp Only 200D$57.08Details
186839Fire Detection DevicesCF200CEWTFixed Temp Only 200 Deg F$215.80Details
186841Fire Detection DevicesCF2852CDbl Cir Norm Clsd Fxd Tmp Only 285 D F$71.74Details
186844Fire Detection DevicesCR1352CMPR-O-R Fxd Tmp 135D F$129.70Details
154308Fire Detection DevicesCR1352MPR-O-R Fxd Tmp 135D Dbl Ckt Both N/O$99.76Details
154311Fire Detection DevicesCR1652Rate Of Rise + Fixed Temp 165 D F$59.71Details
186848Fire Detection DevicesCR1652CRate Of Rise + Fixed Temp 165D F$67.17Details
162772Fire Detection DevicesCR1652MPDbl Ckt R-O-R Fxd Tmp 165D$119.81Details
174276Fire Detection DevicesCR2002Rate Of Rise + Fixed 200Deg F$46.73Details
712492Fire-Lite / Honeywell5012RB*Eol*Master Control$318.01Details
186882Fire-Lite / Honeywell7720PProgramming Tool For The Ipgsm-Com$232.53Details
186883Fire-Lite / Honeywell90285Kit,Fcps-24Fs Module$17.19Details
154342Fire-Lite / Honeywell90442Kit,Ship,Ms-9050Ud$27.48Details
186897Fire-Lite / HoneywellACTRMBLKAc Terminal Block Kit,9050Ud$13.23Details
162813Fire-Lite / HoneywellALMSC119Programming Cable For Ipdact$36.54Details
154354Fire-Lite / HoneywellANN80SBKITRSurface Mount Back Box$29.22Details
154355Fire-Lite / HoneywellANNMBRLYOptional Mounting Bracket (Ann-Rly)$29.22Details
174327Fire-Lite / HoneywellANNSB80KITWBack Box Surface Mount Kit White$29.22Details
743700Fire-Lite / HoneywellB200SRLFLow Frequency Sounder Base Assembly, Bac$89.80Details
162830Fire-Lite / HoneywellCABRMRMounting Enclsr F/Fcrm$95.26Details
174344Fire-Lite / HoneywellCMP2402BCtrl Panel, 2 Zone, Style B (Class B), 2$382.04Details
186930Fire-Lite / HoneywellDNRWDet,Duct,Intell,Watertight,Nr$163.56Details
186932Fire-Lite / HoneywellDP9692Dress Panel For 9600Ls And 9200Udls$96.22Details
162844Fire-Lite / HoneywellELR47KEnd Of Line Relay Resistor 47K Ohms$5.17Details
154381Fire-Lite / HoneywellFCMGMMessage Generator Module$153.15Details
162847Fire-Lite / HoneywellFCPS24S6RBRepl Brd F/Fil-Fcps24Fs6$293.81Details
174361Fire-Lite / HoneywellFSS2400EBlue Push Button Emerg W/O Cover$51.49Details
154387Fire-Lite / HoneywellFSS2440EEmerg,Blue,Key Reset,Fl.W/Cov$105.84Details
162864Fire-Lite / HoneywellIPBRKTMounting Bracket F/Ipdact$23.21Details
154405Fire-Lite / HoneywellIPDACT2UDIncludes Ipdact2 And 2Ud Daughter Board$456.18Details
174385Fire-Lite / HoneywellMR201TDpdt - Relay Track Mnt$21.05Details
186976Fire-Lite / HoneywellMRP2001Deluge/Preaction Control Panel$687.97Details
849324Fire-Lite / HoneywellMRP4424**Eol**Fire-Lite Mrp-4424$606.18Details
162875Fire-Lite / HoneywellMS25EAssy,Fnl,25Pt Panel,Fl Hv”. This Is The$510.31Details
162876Fire-Lite / HoneywellMS2EAssy,Fnl,Firelite Panel,Ms-2 – 220 Volt$320.10Details
186980Fire-Lite / HoneywellMS2L8Fire-Lite Ms-2 2 Zone Control$320.10Details
174388Fire-Lite / HoneywellMS44 Zone Fire Control Panel$403.60Details
186981Fire-Lite / HoneywellMS4412BRBFire-Lite Ms-4412Brb Rplcmnt$525.38Details
174389Fire-Lite / HoneywellMS4424BRBFire-Lite Ms-4424Brb Board$525.38Details
186997Fire-Lite / HoneywellSYNC1Accessory Card For The Cmf-300-6$53.16Details
174417Fire-Lite / HoneywellWA7626CAAdaptor$62.55Details
174420Fire-Lite / HoneywellXRM24BExt Transformer 6 Amp For Ms9200Lds$104.23Details
187808GE Security / UTC Fire & Security10322Dual Action (Spst) Manual Fire Alarm Sta$32.35Details
163809GE Security / UTC Fire & Security13481Amseco Strobe, Red, 15/75 Cd Or 30/120 C$42.21Details
175829GE Security / UTC Fire & Security13487Red, Square, Fire Alarm Speaker Strobe W$59.35Details
163811GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1500TKEsl 1500-Tk 1500 Panel Semi-Fl$28.29Details
163956GE Security / UTC Fire & Security562NSR20PKG500N Wireless Conventional, Sounder, 2 B$580.96Details
188330GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityEOL47PK2Fire Control Accessories, End-Of-Line Re$4.73Details
158365GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityEOL47PK7Fire Control Accessories, End-Of-Line Re$17.42Details
158368GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityF2500Moose F2500 Commercial Fire$142.62Details
188338GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityFX64ELECFire Alarm Control Accessory, Basic Mast$651.24Details
166804GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityNX870EBOFGNx-870E Dual Dialer Module-Board Only$68.52Details
804140GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityNX8ECFKITRW*Eol* Fire Kit W/Red And White Keyp$554.42Details
166205Gentex3450354000Commander 2 &Amp; 3 Fire Bezel, White$2.86Details
177176Gentex60501257109 Wire Harness$5.17Details
1075570Gentex605118Wire Harness For 7100F/9123F$5.17Details
189318Gentex710CSXCPe 177Cd Horn Frma Clng 120V$103.28Details
177193Gentex7200220 Vac Photo Electric Smoke Detector$46.52Details
900355Gentex8103PTY120 Volt, Temporal Sound, Integral Heat$56.67Details
177202Gentex8240Y24Vdc Syst Smk, Nonlatching$44.81Details
177203Gentex8243PHPe Iso Ht Frm A &Amp;C Lat Temp$57.90Details
189330Gentex8243PT24 Volt, Temporal Sound, Integral Heat T$57.27Details
171979Gentex8243PTYPe135F Ht Frm A&Amp;C Nolat Tem$57.27Details
171994Gentex9220TFPe 135F Heat Frm A&Amp;C Rly2$67.35Details
780106Gentex9223H220Vac/9Vdc Sngl/Multpl Station Photoelectric Smke$56.46Details
711006Gentex9223T220 Volt, Temporal Sound, Integral Heat$56.46Details
780204Gentex9223TF220 Volt, Temporal Sound, Integral Heat$67.35Details
189357GentexGB6120Gb6120 6" Bell 120 Volts$26.46Details
166255GentexGCCA24PCR24V Hrn Strb Ceil Mnt Ambr Lens Red Unt$48.84Details
177224GentexGCCA24PCW24V Hrn Strb Ceil Mnt Ambr Lens Wht Unt$48.84Details
172002GentexGCCB24PCR24V Hrn Strb Ceiling Mnt Blue Lens$48.84Details
189360GentexGCCG24PCR24V Hrn Strb Ceil Mnt Grn Lens Red Unit$48.84Details
189361GentexGCCG24PCW24V Hrn Strb Ceil Mnt Gren Lens Wht Unit$48.84Details
172003GentexGCCR24PCR24V Hrn Strb Ceil Mnt Red Lens Red Unt$48.84Details
166257GentexGCCR24PCW24V Hrn Strb Ceil Mnt Red Lens Wht Unit$48.84Details
172007GentexGCSR24PCRStrobe, Red Lens, 24Vdc, Plain, Ceiling$37.21Details
172008GentexGCSR24PCWStrobe, Red Lens, 24Vdc, Plain, Ceiling$37.21Details
166272GentexGECG24PWRGreen Lens, Red Body, 24 Volt Horn/Strob$47.68Details
172021GentexGEH24PRHorn Wall Mt Red 24Vdc Plain$21.05Details
189383GentexGEH24PWHorn Plain White 24Vdc$21.05Details
172033GentexGESG24PWWStrobe Selectable Candella 24V Green Lens Plain Wh$36.05Details
177247GentexGESR24PWWStrobe, Red Lens, 24Vdc, Plain, Wall Mou$36.05Details
172034GentexGN200** Eol ** 120Vac Photoelectric Smoke$27.48Details
177256GentexGX93PWMini Hrn Temp 12/24 Pln$12.57Details
172046GentexS1209120Vac/9Vdc Photoelectric Smoke Alar$48.49Details
189403GentexS1209F120V Smoke Alarm With Relays$51.81Details
189415GentexWGEC2475PWRLPHorn Strobe 24 Volt Weatherprf 75 Cand Plain Red$63.98Details
189417GentexWGECA2475PWRHorn Strob Red Body 75 Cndela$63.98Details
172054GentexWGECA2475PWWHorn Strb 75 Cndla White Bdy$63.98Details
166318GentexWGES2475WRLPWeatherproof Strobe W/Backbox Flush Mount Red$55.81Details
189423GentexWGESA2475PWRWp Stb Amb Lns W/Bkbx Fl Mt Re$55.81Details
756162GentexWGESA2475PWWLP24 Volt Outdoor Rated Strobe Only, With$55.81Details
166326GentexWSSPK241575WRWeatherproof Speaker Strobe, 24 Volt Dc$84.18Details
177295GentexWSSPKRWeatherproof Speaker Red$33.73Details
933404GFX PowerMS5024UDGUARDIANKit Films5024Ud,Fildp5024Ud,$722.40Details
172505GRI Telemark2600LSW12K2600 Water Sen Low Sen W/12K Res$22.49Details
169963Honeywell Power ProductsHPTVPMK22"Pole Mount Kit For Wp Encl$56.13Details
192595Honeywell Power ProductsHPTVPMK33"Pole Mount Kit For Wp Encl$59.33Details
221860Mircom Technologies20010060Controller F/60 Suites$349.64Details
204271Mircom TechnologiesFS340RSelect-A-Strobe, Wall Mount, Red$51.13Details
718526Mircom TechnologiesMR2312LDRFire Panel Microprocessor Based C/W 12 I$690.91Details
646972Mircom TechnologiesMR2602R2 Zone Fire Alarm Control Unit$322.02Details
276070NapcoFW2102Wire Smoke F/Safewatch Ez Pnl$301.54Details
735935NapcoFWC4Z**Eol**Firewolf24V Facp, 4 Zones$315.17Details
237750NutoneQTXN110SLHumidity Sens Exaust Fan 110 Cfm$361.46Details
676431Potter Electric2020132Hold Up Button, Hub-T, 2-Button *Model Number: Hub$21.62Details
247394Potter Electric4370040Reset Key *Model Number: Husd-15-Key* $2.34Details
247413Potter ElectricADSDPRAnalog Photo Duct$145.92Details
848234Potter ElectricCF285**Eol** Fixed Temp. 285 Degrees..$44.02Details
965331Potter ElectricCHS24GWWPWall Mount Horn/Strobe Green Lens White$68.96Details
247728Potter ElectricCHSB24BGColor Hrn Strb Out/Dr 24V Blue Strb Gry$68.15Details
247730Potter ElectricCM24WRWall Mount Chine 24Vdc Temporal/Non Temp$30.90Details
247754Potter ElectricEVAX100R8ZEvax 100R/8Z Voice Evac$2,948.14Details
212097Potter ElectricEVAXMIC35100004 Evax Mic$116.26Details
844717Potter ElectricEVX5050 Watt Voice Evacuation Module With Mic$2,138.08Details
212100Potter ElectricEVXSCEvx-Sc Remote Mic Supv Card$128.28Details
212101Potter ElectricFDL25UAnalog Fixed Temp Heat Detect$50.26Details
212105Potter ElectricFRMC2Potter Mini Contact Miduler$49.84Details
280885Potter ElectricFRR01UPDANormaly Open Contact Mdl$49.00Details
212106Potter ElectricFRR01UPFConventional Detector Initiating Mdl$72.16Details
242373Potter ElectricFRR01UPMManual Station Contact Mdl$49.84Details
280886Potter ElectricFRR01UPSLSupervised Output Mdl$69.76Details
280887Potter ElectricFZA12UDetector And Module Programmer$272.62Details
242381Potter ElectricIBA246Ind Gry Bell 24Vac 6" Non Fire$53.16Details
212119Potter ElectricIBBKIndustrial Grey Back Box F/ Iba-12010$29.06Details
242391Potter ElectricMH1224WAmseco 4-Wire Mini Piezo$10.40Details
906767Potter ElectricOSYSU2CRHValve Supervisory Device - Weatherproof$136.71Details
280930Potter ElectricPFC3005RPotter 5 Zones Fire Panel$275.83Details
336376Potter ElectricPFC5008Fire Panel - W/Out Dact - Red$419.07Details
300585Potter ElectricPFC5008DPfc-5008D Red 8Zone Facp W/Dact[3992175]$613.13Details
242423Potter ElectricPS1002Wtr Flw Pressur Swtch Dpdt$145.53Details
212164Potter ElectricPS10EXPressure Switch Explsion Proof$477.83Details
280944Potter ElectricPSMFTMic W/Test Bzr Flsh Mnt$91.81Details
247804Potter ElectricRALCDRemote Lcd Annunciator$437.62Details
212179Potter ElectricRALED48Remote Announciator For 9000 Series$197.25Details
497755Potter ElectricRLY5Rly-5 Relay Expander$278.36Details
247819Potter ElectricSHB24G75CHorn Strobe Combo/Gray Body, Clear Lens$57.72Details
242478Potter ElectricSTS2Sts 2.5 Duct Sampling Tube 2 1/2 Ft$9.44Details
281003Potter ElectricSTS5Sts 25Ft Duct Sampling Tube (2.5-5')$11.35Details
242488Potter ElectricVSA1KKit With Vsa1 Controller Mic And Annunciator$396.64Details
281008Potter ElectricVSR22'' Water Flow Switch$130.69Details
281011Potter ElectricVSRC2Waterflow Swith For Copper Pipe 2"$204.08Details
281012Potter ElectricVSRC3Water Flow Switch 3" Vane Dpdt$204.08Details
242499Potter ElectricVSRFEX8Potter Vsrfex 8" Vane Spdt$1,501.99Details
213914Revere IndustriesPIDSSI/D Surface Mount Siren$14.04Details
244264Revere IndustriesR123STMini Strobe For Indoor Series$20.69Details
282329Revere IndustriesR200PD2Double Gang, Flush Mount, 2 Tone, 12 Vdc$23.60Details
252389Revere IndustriesRST2GRRed Indoor Double Gang Strobe 12Vdc$21.81Details
214285Revere IndustriesRVL36SRN36 Watt 12Vdc Two Tone Siren$20.75Details
283429Saf-Com500120VAC500 Series 120Vac Vibrting Mechanism$182.14Details
258835Saf-Com8100Faast Conventional$2,632.25Details
245709Saf-ComEST12Z32-Zones F-Panl$1,312.51Details
245718Saf-ComQS4CPU1Quick Start Annunciator Cpu W/1 Annun$1,010.22Details
1013930Saf-ComSIGA2PCHOSIntelligent Smoke Detector$169.86Details
1010689Saf-ComSIGA2PCOSPhoto Smoke Detector Head, /Carbon Monox$149.87Details
283446Saf-ComSIGARBDetector Relay Base$46.66Details
215512Saf-ComSIGASBEdwards Standard Base For Siga$15.65Details
814023Saf-ComSIGAUIO6RUniversal Input/Output Module Motherboar$139.13Details
283448Saf-ComSIGAWTMEdwards Sigw-Atm$117.80Details
930185Safety Technology Inc. / STISS2422NTENStopper Station, Blue W/ Shield, Key To$59.33Details
216075Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI1102Sti 1102 Horn Assy. For 1100$40.93Details
283832Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI1200AHTRPull Station Enclosure W/ Heater Assembly & 4 Inch$546.72Details
216104Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI1229HTRHAZStrobe Dome Environmental Enclosure W/ Heater Asse$546.72Details
216125Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13220NWCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Spacer & White$92.22Details
259268Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13420NBUni Stpr Mesg Hood W/Horn No Relay Enc Backbox Blu$129.28Details
259355Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI7510AHTRKey Lock Enclosure W/ Heater Assembly, Polycarbona$119.71Details
246366Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI7550Extra Large Protective Cabinet W/ Backplate & Key$462.38Details
284001Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI8130Smoke Detector Stopper Sper. Damage Stopper. With Conduit Spacer Clear$29.66Details
216390Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI9730Horn / Strobe / Speaker Wire Guard, Damage Stopper$73.05Details
216414Safety Technology Inc. / STISUB7520HTRLow Voltage Heater For Sti7520 Series$96.73Details
942762Samsung TechwinPARTFEE2DAYProcess Fee$43.50Details
946612Samsung TechwinPARTFEEGROUNDProcess Fee$25.01Details
1044096Samsung TechwinPARTFEENEXTDAYProcess Fee$84.00Details
261391Securitron54032190Green Replacement Led For The Pb2$7.78Details
263059SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSGX32SK1Explosion Proof Pull Station, Single Act$386.83Details
982123Silent Knight005860Intelliknight Accessory, Remote Annunciator, 80 Ch$312.23Details
509694Silent Knight0058654Fire Annunciator, Led, Reset & Silence, 15 Zones,$339.38Details
287578Silent Knight151209N5820Xl Installation Manual$26.28Details
250765Silent Knight151274L5808 Installation Manual$20.61Details
220968Silent Knight51040Sik 51040 Pc Board For 5104$218.11Details
509707Silent KnightB200SAudible Sounder Base, Plug-In, Capable Of Producin$56.30Details
287615Silent KnightB200SRAudible Sounder Base, Plug-In, Capable Of Producin$53.87Details
848443Silent KnightB200SRLFSounder Base Assembly, Low Frequency, Backwards Co$87.60Details
843796Silent KnightEVSINT50WAmplifier, Intelliknight, Internal, Intelligent 50$502.28Details
287679Silent KnightSKEB450Accessory, Pc Board, For Ske-450 $1,236.07Details
263265Silent KnightSKEZN4Evacuation Zone Splitter, Capable Of Splitting Aud$339.38Details
251413SpaceageIAVHORN12/24 Vdc Mini-Horn$22.89Details
251434SpaceageIGP1SS1 Gang Stainless Steel Plate$4.70Details
263730SpaceageIGP1YIgp Plate 1 Gang Yellow$4.70Details
251435SpaceageIGP2SSDouble Gang Stainless Steel Decora Plate$5.87Details
288116SpaceageIGP2W2 Gang White Plate$4.70Details
263731SpaceageIGP2Y2 Gang Yellow$5.87Details
288118SpaceageIGP3SS3 Gang Stainless Steele Plate$7.04Details
221680SpaceageIGP3WFaceplate Infinity 3 Gang Decora White$5.87Details
251436SpaceageIGP3Y3 Gang Yellow$7.04Details
251438SpaceageIGP4SS4 Gang Stainless Steel Plate$8.21Details
221681SpaceageIGP4W4 Gang White Decora Plate$7.04Details
251439SpaceageIGP4Y4 Gang Yellow$8.21Details
263732SpaceageIGP5SS5 Gang Stainless Steel Gang Plate$10.74Details
263733SpaceageIGP5W5 Gang White Plate$8.21Details
263734SpaceageIGP5Y5 Gang Yellow$10.74Details
221682SpaceageIGP6R6 Gang Red Plate$8.58Details
221683SpaceageIGP6SS6 Gang Stainless Steel Decora Plate$12.89Details
288120SpaceageIGP6WSix Gang White Decora Plate$8.58Details
288121SpaceageIGP6Y6 Gang Yellow$12.89Details
263748SpaceageMSRHKAPATRemote Alarm With Horn, Alarm Trbl, Pil$54.53Details
251473SpaceageSSU00672Fire Drawing Box Red$64.13Details
221890SpaceageSSU03500Round Smoke Det Guard White$21.50Details
251494SpaceageSSU03501Heat Detector Guard$21.50Details
251496SpaceageSSU03515Smoke Device Guard$31.61Details
288200SpaceageSSU55000225Ionization Smoke Detector Head$62.55Details
221896SpaceageSSU55000328Photoelectric Duct Detector Replacement$65.88Details
252933Sperry WestSW2900LBFire Strobe Covert Camera B/W$205.27Details
253838System SensorP2WKOutdoor White Horn Strobe$64.29Details
225410System SensorPC2WH2 Wre Hrn/Strb Ceil Mnt- White$56.59Details
986555TEPGRMS1TEMERGENCYBLUESingle Pole, Single Throw Pull Station,$31.87Details
1038652TEPGRMS6TEXPKOExplosion Prf Wthr Prf Fire Signal$304.45Details
938761TEPGSP1C415ASpst N/O Toggle Switch Manual Pull"$31.15Details
294135XtralisVHX0200Hli Link Slid Window$1,073.44Details
294133XtralisVSP501Lasercompact Aspirator$507.86Details