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Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Equipment

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
113185Alarm Controls9024Plug In Combo.Pkg. 24 Vdc,Relay,Base,Tap$23.21Details
115202Alarm ControlsSPN3969Sg Ss 3Es Dsw-1 Green Non$200.47Details
116154Alarm SafBN10002ULPower Mgmt, Beacon, 12-24 Vdc, 10 Amps, Ul 1481 Ul$419.45Details
1000338Alarm SafCPS440DXUL12/24Vdc,4/4 A, W/Fai Output, Lrg Cabnet$428.64Details
582945Alarm SafPS2BDPower Supply, 6-12-24 Vdc, Field Selectable Output$70.81Details
996408Alarm SafPS512025B03ULPower Supply/Charger Ps5$302.66Details
118061Alpha CommunicationsAM61206S6 Plast Butt L/S Panel-Surf-Al$165.59Details
118212Alpha CommunicationsBC265CSurface Pushbutton-Silver-Unlt$10.91Details
117846Alpha CommunicationsLI381Corr. Lamp-1 Bulb-White-2 Gang$29.27Details
764011Belden WireFF3U06SD6-Port Fx Ultra Frame Om3 Sc Duplex-Sc Duplex Aqua Adapters$45.81Details
719188Belden WireFFZH00BBFx Ultra Frame, Blank$10.73Details
979527Bosch Security (CCTV)D263THC2Wamkdtrw/Heat And Crly$48.73Details
597938Chamberlain Professional / SentexAFB120Fire Switch In Red Box$75.17Details
147328Chemtronics / ITW741660Ar5 Adapter Plate$3.46Details
154594Cooper / Wheelock108119Wheelock Power Supply Board$235.75Details
180820Cooper / Wheelock109014Wheelock Back Box$16.07Details
151810Cooper / WheelockAMT24MCWARMulti Tone/24 Volt/ Agent-Red$91.06Details
149027Cooper / WheelockAPSAccessory, Industrial, Adapter Plate, Silver $9.87Details
151818Cooper / WheelockASR24MCWNRHorn Strb/Red Lens/No Words$49.84Details
149036Cooper / WheelockBATCBWheelock Batcb Battery Cabinet$222.91Details
156117Cooper / WheelockDBBRAccessory, 4" Deep Backbox, Red $8.60Details
149066Cooper / WheelockE50SBWAccessory, Backbox, Surface, White, For E50 Speake$12.90Details
149068Cooper / WheelockE50SSBWAccessory, Backbox, Surface, White, For E50 Speake$14.39Details
181202Cooper / WheelockECHSG50FWSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, White $6.55Details
156313Cooper / WheelockEN4Wheelock Nema Housing F/Strobe$141.16Details
413864Cooper / WheelockET70WP2475CALRSpeaker/Strobe, Et Series, Red, Ceiling Mount, 8-W$82.70Details
181234Cooper / WheelockEWRStrobe Accessory, Enclosure, Weather Resistant, Dr$152.28Details
149111Cooper / WheelockHS4241575WFRWheelock Hs4-241575W-Fr Single$79.66Details
154531Cooper / WheelockHSRHorn / Strobe, Exceder, Red, Wall Mount, 12 / 24 V$51.45Details
149118Cooper / WheelockIOBWAccessory, Surface Backbox, White, Outdoor, Indust$14.16Details
149122Cooper / WheelockISPRWheelock Isp-R Indoor Surface$4.32Details
792659Cooper / WheelockLSPKBBCRLed Spkr Surface Backbox Ceiling Red$13.51Details
413868Cooper / WheelockLSPKBBRBackbox, Surface Mount, Red, For Lspk Series Speak$13.51Details
181256Cooper / WheelockMPSRODSReplacements For Mps Units$15.30Details
975132Cooper / WheelockNSPWFWWheelock Nspwfw White Plate$5.62Details
316307Cooper / WheelockPX99900122Xb4/Xb5/Xb12 Sm87Hxb Xenon Tube (Replacement Bulb)$86.94Details
991735Cooper / WheelockPX99901257Xb12 Cvr/Lens Red/Red$494.79Details
156476Cooper / WheelockRPRAccessory, Retrofit Plate, Red $8.60Details
969532Cooper / WheelockRSAPERWheelock Rsape-R Installed In$1,689.55Details
156519Cooper / WheelockSERRAccessory, Surface Extension Ring, Red $11.19Details
156521Cooper / WheelockSFPRAccessory, Semi-Flush Plate, Red $7.25Details
156522Cooper / WheelockSFPSAccessory, Industrial, Semi-Flush Plate, Silver $7.25Details
149243Cooper / WheelockSHBBWMounting Accessory, Backbox, White, Surface Mount$11.19Details
1077937Cooper / WheelockSP40SPMKSp40S After Mkt 8 Message Factory Progrm$143.12Details
982166Cooper / WheelockSPM4BZMounting Base For Splitter Card$62.92Details
1024432Cooper / WheelockSTWALBAlert Wording, Blue Lens$44.57Details
181400Cooper / WheelockWBBR34T34BWeatherproof Back Box ¾ Top ¾ Bottom Ho$17.91Details
149269Cooper / WheelockWBBSAccessory, Industrial, Outdoor Backbox, Silver $14.45Details
156672Cooper / WheelockWPBBRAccessory, Weatherproof Backbox For Series Aswp $16.38Details
1023481Cooper / WheelockXB11DB3UL24REDRED**Eol**Hrn Strb 24V W/Clr Lns Red$2,005.56Details
782747Cooper / WheelockXB15UL0241506CNBPRExplosion Proof/Weatherproof Str.Clear$750.63Details
160803Edwards / GS Building Systems105BMBracket Mount For Use With 105 Series$47.05Details
160804Edwards / GS Building Systems105BXWall Mount Box For Use With 105 Series$33.09Details
901726Edwards / GS Building Systems105XBIRGA120A105Xbri Chameleon Red/Green/Amber120V Ac$452.55Details
757412Edwards / GS Building Systems105XBRMR120A105 Class Xbr Led Beacon Red. 120V Ac$270.58Details
160878Edwards / GS Building Systems153ABBuzzer 5-10Dc 6-12Ac$58.24Details
160884Edwards / GS Building Systems1882A12" Analog Clock 120Vac Gray$67.80Details
185291Edwards / GS Building Systems1882B12" Clock 120 Vac Brown$67.80Details
169327Edwards / GS Building Systems1888Guard 8 &Amp; 12 Clock$94.05Details
160890Edwards / GS Building Systems235196PTransient Protector For Bell And Horn Ci$3.46Details
152695Edwards / GS Building Systems2459WPBREdwards 2459Wpb Weatherproof - Red$25.62Details
160902Edwards / GS Building Systems2459WPBWEdwards 2459Wpb Weatherproof - White$49.72Details
967182Edwards / GS Building Systems254ELECFXFire Alarm Control Accessory, Basic Mast$832.46Details
314238Edwards / GS Building Systems260097Programming Cable (Pc To Qsc, Qs2, Qs8)$188.05Details
160910Edwards / GS Building Systems276BRSBSurface Mount Bck Box F/ Pllst$12.36Details
160913Edwards / GS Building Systems280APLPlastic Mounting Plate$3.71Details
152710Edwards / GS Building Systems3404N54" 120V Vibrate Adaptable$106.05Details
169352Edwards / GS Building Systems343AG1Buzzer 24Vdc$144.80Details
185334Edwards / GS Building Systems391BT06K391-B Dpst Mag T 18/4 Sjt0-Wa$208.21Details
185342Edwards / GS Building Systems439DEX10WAExp Proof 10'' Bell 20-24Vdc$627.44Details
160946Edwards / GS Building Systems50LMP25WHRepl Lamp - 25W Halogen$32.38Details
185350Edwards / GS Building Systems50LMP40WHReplacement Halogen Lamp 40Wat$23.40Details
314200Edwards / GS Building SystemsANSREMGAudio Evacuation Accessory, Remote Micro$345.06Details
314199Edwards / GS Building SystemsANSREMRAudio Evacuation Accessory, Remote Micro$345.06Details
615770Edwards / GS Building SystemsANSREMSUPAudio Evacuation Accessory, Super Card,$71.57Details
842450Edwards / GS Building SystemsANST2885Audio Evacuation Accessory, Power Transf$45.37Details
314198Edwards / GS Building SystemsANSZS2AAudio Evacuation Accessory, Zone Splitte$310.58Details
758200Edwards / GS Building SystemsANSZSRAudio Evacuation Accessory, Relay Card$35.08Details
169980Edwards / GS Building SystemsEG4FS770 Volt Strob$22.35Details
615793Edwards / GS Building SystemsEOL47*Eol* Fire Control Accessory, 47 Eol$8.60Details
170150Edwards / GS Building SystemsEWSMSV3Remote Magnetic Motor Starter 1 Phase$1,549.73Details
615798Edwards / GS Building SystemsF3ELECFire Alarm Control Accessory, Replacem$279.13Details
615799Edwards / GS Building SystemsF5ELECFire Alarm Control Accessory, Replacemen$317.47Details
185453Edwards / GS Building SystemsFSUIMUniversal Interface Module, Fx Conventio$141.74Details
161069Edwards / GS Building SystemsFTRIM35RTrim Ring F/3&5Zone Pnl, Red$32.15Details
350772Edwards / GS Building SystemsLSRASBSurface Mount Box - For *Sra Series$42.34Details
419117Edwards / GS Building SystemsP0412140144RCover Raw Plastic Cvr F/Str P04769701 P0$7.74Details
314170Edwards / GS Building SystemsRAENC1Annunciator Enclosure, Single Unit Mt$71.57Details
615832Edwards / GS Building SystemsRAENC2Annunciator Enclosure 2 Unit Mt$89.47Details
749209Edwards / GS Building SystemsRAENC3Annunciator Enclosure,3 Unit Mt$107.38Details
161083Edwards / GS Building SystemsSDGSKCover Gasket Kit$10.73Details
154296Fire Detection DevicesCF1352MPDbl Ckt Fxd Tmp Only 135D F$99.76Details
162765Fire Detection DevicesCF1652Circt Brd Fixed Temp Only 165 D F$59.71Details
154299Fire Detection DevicesCF1652CDble Cir Norm Cls Fxed Temp Only 165 D F$67.17Details
154300Fire Detection DevicesCF165CFixed Temp Omly 165Deg F$42.56Details
174051Fire Detection DevicesCF165CMPFixed Temp Only 165 Deg$83.82Details
174052Fire Detection DevicesCF165EWTFixed Temp Only 165 Deg F$229.85Details
174056Fire Detection DevicesCF2002MPDbl Ckt Fxd Tmp 200D F$99.76Details
186840Fire Detection DevicesCF200CMPFixed Temp Only 200 Deg F$67.02Details
154303Fire Detection DevicesCF2852Dble Circt Fxd Temp Only 285 D F$64.29Details
154304Fire Detection DevicesCF2852MPDbl Ckt Fxd Tmp Only 285D$124.40Details
154305Fire Detection DevicesCF285CFixed Temp Only 285Deg$47.30Details
174057Fire Detection DevicesCF285CMPFixed Temp Only 285 Def F$99.88Details
771424Fire Detection DevicesCR1352CD*Eol*,No/&Amp;N/C Rate Ris Fxd Tmp 135D$34.38Details
162771Fire Detection DevicesCR135CEWTRate Of Rise + Fxd Temp 135 Deg F$215.80Details
186849Fire Detection DevicesCR165CRate Of Rise &Amp; Fixed Temp 165Deg$42.56Details
174275Fire Detection DevicesCR165CMPRate Of Rise &Amp; Fxd Temp 165Deg$83.82Details
186850Fire Detection DevicesCR165EWTRat Of Rise + Fixed Tmp 165 Deg F$229.85Details
154313Fire Detection DevicesCR2002CRate Of Rise + Fixed Temp 200D F$53.75Details
154315Fire Detection DevicesCR200CEWTRate Of Rise + Fixed Temp 200 Deg$215.80Details
982908Fire Detection DevicesCR200CMPRate Of Rise &Amp; Fixed Temp 200Deg$67.02Details
782404Fire Detection DevicesR2002CMPCr-200 Heat Detector - Dual Circuit, Bot$99.58Details
186857Fire Fighting Enterprises1000018F5000 Detector Wire Protect Cage$39.31Details
961100Fire Fighting Enterprises3000209F-3000 Controller Back Box. Conduit Knoc$52.53Details
174303Fire-Lite / Honeywell71085Frlt Pwr Rib Cbl 10Wr,Mps-P3T$17.19Details
162794Fire-Lite / Honeywell71086Frlt Pwrhrnes 7Wr-Cpu2000Mps$26.28Details
154340Fire-Lite / Honeywell75203Assy,Cbl,4X Batt,.250 Lug210 Cable For Ms-9050Ud$9.44Details
966756Fire-Lite / Honeywell762655' Extension Cable For An Alarmnet Gsm A$45.68Details
186886Fire-Lite / Honeywell90408Hardware Kit With Cable And Line Resistors$44.85Details
1006196Fire-Lite / HoneywellABF2DFFire-Lite Abf-2Df Flush Back$153.96Details
833369Fire-Lite / HoneywellANNSECSecondary Annunciator Bus$173.19Details
977255Fire-Lite / HoneywellB210LPBase 6.0" Flanged$13.70Details
1080190Fire-Lite / HoneywellBAT1260BPBat,Sla,12V,26Ah,.250X0.032Tab$270.61Details
154365Fire-Lite / HoneywellBB100Cabinet For Batteries And Power Supply$303.09Details
154366Fire-Lite / HoneywellBB17FBattery Box To Mount Ps12120$66.54Details
186907Fire-Lite / HoneywellBB2Access-Module Encl-2 Board$61.33Details
943977Fire-Lite / HoneywellBB200Assy,Fnl,Cabinet,Bb-200$432.14Details
174331Fire-Lite / HoneywellBB26Battery Box, Holds Up To Two 26 Amp$116.66Details
154367Fire-Lite / HoneywellBB2FCabinet, Holds 1 Or 2 Multi-Addressable Modules$72.16Details
154372Fire-Lite / HoneywellBG12LAOBDual Action Pull Station With Auxiliary$98.21Details
1017050Fire-Lite / HoneywellBGTRFire-Lite Bg-Tr Trim Ring For$12.28Details
949192Fire-Lite / HoneywellCFFT1Chassis For Firefighter’S Telephone$132.78Details
186924Fire-Lite / HoneywellCMF300Fire-Lite Cmf300 Control Monit$70.56Details
1022067Fire-Lite / HoneywellDP1RFirelite Dp1R Dress Panel For$60.54Details
174348Fire-Lite / HoneywellDP2411Udac Internal Dress Panel. Required F$64.15Details
979760Fire-Lite / HoneywellDP4RFirelite Dress Pnl F/Ms5210Ud$72.16Details
1064338Fire-Lite / HoneywellDP9200UDUse Fil-Dp9692$78.58Details
442268Fire-Lite / HoneywellECC125DADistributed Audio Amplifier. Externally$1,496.26Details
442269Fire-Lite / HoneywellECC125DAEDistributed Audio Amplifier. Externally$1,496.26Details
442272Fire-Lite / HoneywellECC50DADistributed Audio Amplifier. Externally$796.68Details
442273Fire-Lite / HoneywellECC50DAEDistributed Audio Amplifier. Externally$796.68Details
442277Fire-Lite / HoneywellECCCE6Circuit Expander Module - Provides Conne$332.48Details
442278Fire-Lite / HoneywellECCFFTFire Fighter Telephone. System Provides$1,116.83Details
312903Fire-Lite / HoneywellFHSCRFOptional Fire Fighter Handset Cabinet (R$238.95Details
186941Fire-Lite / HoneywellFHSCSFFire Phone Storage Cabinet Surface Mount$238.95Details
162849Fire-Lite / HoneywellFHSFFireman'S Telephone Hand Set$80.19Details
174380Fire-Lite / HoneywellMDF300Fire-Lite Mdf300 Dual Monitor$96.22Details
1076971Fire-Lite / HoneywellMS9200UDLSEAddressable Fire Alarm Control,198-Point$856.23Details
162882Fire-Lite / HoneywellMS9600LS636-Point Addressable Fire Alarm Ctrl Pa$1,301.53Details
154432Fire-Lite / HoneywellROM1FCPS24FS68Sftwr,Upgrd,Fcps-24Fs6/8Call for Price.Details
162890Fire-Lite / HoneywellROMERelay Option Module Enclosure$271.03Details
1006070Fire-Lite / HoneywellRP2002Assy,Fnl,6Z Agent Facp,Not$786.03Details
174407Fire-Lite / HoneywellRPJFRem Pag Jack,Acc-Fft$96.22Details
154437Fire-Lite / HoneywellSB10Fire-Lite Sb-10 Surface Back$12.28Details
186994Fire-Lite / HoneywellSBA10Firelite Sba-10 Srf Bkbx/Hra10$16.05Details
174410Fire-Lite / HoneywellSBIOSurface Mount Back Box Indoor Outdoor$12.28Details
186999Fire-Lite / HoneywellTR1RFirelite Tr-1R Trim Ring, Simi$56.13Details
187000Fire-Lite / HoneywellTR3RSemiflsh Mntng Rng Fr Ms-5024$48.17Details
187001Fire-Lite / HoneywellTR4XRFirelite Tr-4Xr$44.85Details
442286Fire-Lite / HoneywellTR6RTrim Ring For Ecc-Rpu (Red).$64.15Details
154654Fire-Lite / HoneywellTRCETrim Ring Used W Sfp-5 &Amp; 10Ud, Red$76.97Details
187002Fire-Lite / HoneywellUBS1FFirelite Ubs1F Metal Enclosure$101.43Details
711269Fire-Lite / HoneywellWUSBSoftware Interface (Via Usb Port) For Co$272.62Details
187003Fire-Lite / HoneywellXAL53Frlt Man Sta Exproof No&Nc Con$626.29Details
187810GE Security / UTC Fire & Security10325Esl 103-25 Red Surfaxe Backbox$17.22Details
163791GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1116Y12K111 Re 1Amp, 12 Ft 18/2 Sjto$31.23Details
786306GE Security / UTC Fire & Security462290107Fire Alarm Control Accessory, 4.7K Eol R$4.73Details
958843GE Security / UTC Fire & Security5961303ARPcb Assy Comm Fire Advanced Repl$608.28Details
158309GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityDHARMBReplacement Cone, Extension Rod And Catc$30.19Details
626912Gentex3450356000Plain White Bezel For The Wall Mount Str$3.44Details
177194Gentex7200T220V Smk Alrm W/Intergrt Heat$49.17Details
172019GentexGECB24PWRBlue Lens, Red Body, 24 Volt Horn/Strobe$47.68Details
177249GentexGOELPRLow Prfle W/P Backbox For Red$21.48Details
172038GentexGOEPRWeatherproof O/D Enclosure In Red, Plain$21.48Details
942391GentexWGECR2475PWLPHrn/Strb Red Lens Red/Wht Faceplt$63.98Details
963900HoffmanH2OMITTERCondensation Device$667.83Details
937932Honeywell Power ProductsIPDACT2UDInternet Dig Alrm With 2 Additional$456.18Details
1083767LifeSafety PowerFP075150C8D8E2Fpo75/Fpo150 | With C8 D8 | E2 Encl$491.71Details
275220Mierproducts / BWBW108NMPOPlastic Back-Panel For Bw-Sl1084, Bw-Sl1$34.90Details
940429Mierproducts / BWBW1210PM33” Pole Mount Kit For The Bw-Sl12104, Bw$62.65Details
976323Mierproducts / BWBW1210PM44” Pole Mount Kit For The Bw-Sl12104, Bw$65.25Details
954688Mierproducts / BWBW312C12 Wx12 Hx3.5 D Hingeless Bell Box Paint$58.77Details
236069Mircom Technologies3011BMircom Back Box F/3011F Frame$35.35Details
204254Mircom Technologies3014BMircom 4 Panel Back Box$51.13Details
275417Mircom Technologies3014FFrame Housing For 4 Panels$176.12Details
646970Mircom TechnologiesMR2312FTSemi-Flush Trim Ring, Black$65.21Details
904180Mircom TechnologiesMRIADDAddress Card For Mri-2000 Series Bases.$15.66Details
1067047Mircom TechnologiesRBMR2350MBReplacement Main Board For Mr-2350$530.04Details
204332Mircom TechnologiesTX38EC8 Relay Control Expander Cabinet$299.09Details
204336Mircom TechnologiesTX3USBADUsb To Rs-485 Adapter For Tx3$163.93Details
225829NapcoFWCFSLCCZMSingle Module, Allows Monitoring Of Dry Contacts S$75.26Details
236761NapcoFWCFSLCEZM2Conventional Input Module, 2-Zone, Provides (2) In$91.45Details
204934NapcoFWCFSLCISOFire Isolation Module, Can Be Used To Meet Class A$57.84Details
236762NapcoFWCFSLCPROG2Programmer, For Programming Addresses Into Slc Dev$218.99Details
204935NapcoFWCFSLCPULLFire Pull Station, For Addressable Slc Systems $79.77Details
204936NapcoFWCFSLCRM2Dual Relay Module, Provides (2) Outputs While Only$60.69Details
225830NapcoFWCFSLCSMK6BBase, For Fwc-Fslc-Smk & Fwc-Fslc-Heat Devices $7.54Details
204937NapcoFWCFSLCSOM1Fire Supervised Output Module, Used For Output Fun$80.15Details
276081NapcoGEMC12V2APSRRemote Supervised Power Supply, 12 Vdc, Connects T$207.35Details
225837NapcoGEMC24VRRegulator, Add-On, 24V, Required If Using Fwc-Fslc$50.49Details
793487NapcoGEMC96MBRMotherboard, Replacement, For 96-Point Gemc Contro$303.90Details
225840NapcoGEMCEZM8Expansion Module, 8-Point, Suitable For Commercial$73.14Details
276087NapcoGEMCF8ZCPIMConventional Fire Input Module, 8-Zone, Plugs Into$60.94Details
236775NapcoGEMCFK1Lcd Fire Keypad, Red, For Gem-C Combo System $164.65Details
236776NapcoGEMCFPRINTPrinter Module, Supports Parallel Printer, For Com$91.45Details
225843NapcoGEMCNLMODInternet Reporting Module, For Commercial Fire And$181.73Details
236778NapcoGEMCOUT8Pgm Output Module, Provides (8) Open Collector Pgm$53.04Details
225844NapcoGEMCRECVWireless Receiver, Supports (255) Devices, Maximum$152.45Details
276090NapcoGEMCRM3008Relay Output Module, Provides (8) Form-C Outputs,$134.15Details
236779NapcoGEMCRS232Rs232 Adaptor, Provides Serial Output From Gem-C C$72.16Details
225846NapcoGEMCWLWD2Wireless Module, 2-Input, For Commercial Fire And/$50.49Details
650980NapcoHW6461VIDEOTECHTRONICSOverlay Cover With Customer Name$2.28Details
953409NapcoSLE34GCFBCommercial Fire/Burg, 3G/4G Red Enclosur$218.02Details
1039392NapcoSLE34GCFBPSCommercial Fire/Burg, 3G/4G Red Enclosur$309.20Details
227465NutoneLA130WHWhite/Wood 2 Note Chime$44.25Details
1078470OrtronicsORKSSCFiber Adapter$8.84Details
932009Potter Electric1BBKGray Weatherproof Back Box$19.77Details
242253Potter Electric3006230Accessory, Board, Replacment, Ul / Ulc / Ce *Model$604.85Details
775313Potter Electric303003Explosionproof Smoke Detector$4,647.63Details
848259Potter Electric4890259Accessory, Speaker Backbox, Outdoor, White Finish$23.46Details
247396Potter Electric4BX3RSurfc Mnt Back Box Red$11.35Details
242286Potter Electric5050315Potter Cover Only For Vsrf$15.13Details
1037334Potter Electric5090165Red Housing$5.17Details
211872Potter ElectricAE1414 Card Accessory Enclosure$256.59Details
211873Potter ElectricAE88 Card Accessory Enclosure$152.35Details
242303Potter ElectricAIBIsolator Base$49.84Details
242322Potter ElectricARBAnalog Relay Base$56.13Details
242325Potter ElectricASBAnalog Sounder Base$59.33Details
981987Potter ElectricASSBX1RRed Back Box For Outdoor Strobe$15.13Details
1028087Potter ElectricAVBBIndoor Surface Back Red Or White$13.23Details
242328Potter ElectricBBK1Potter Weather Proof Back Box$15.13Details
280840Potter ElectricBBX1Weatherproof Backbox For Bell$16.05Details
280849Potter ElectricCA6075Ca-6075 Class A Module$144.33Details
247729Potter ElectricCIZM4Addressable Conventional Initiating Zone Module (4$83.40Details
1060869Potter ElectricCLNGBBCeiling Surface Red Or Whit$13.23Details
247737Potter ElectricCR200WC200 Ror Norm Closed$44.43Details
791585Potter ElectricEOLDEol Resistor &Amp; Diode Assy [3005012]$6.17Details
497762Potter ElectricFIB1000Fiber Optic Interface Bridge$618.54Details
1048692Potter ElectricHUS5KResettable Tool F/Hus-5$2.66Details
242392Potter ElectricMOM4Monitored Output Module (4-Inch Mount)$76.97Details
247769Potter ElectricMSKARRemote Alarm Led (Red And Key Test$37.38Details
954964Potter ElectricMXTCFire Phone Hand Set$425.26Details
933317Potter ElectricPCVS2CRHPotter Control Valve Switch (Double Swit$117.47Details
1028026Potter ElectricPFC5004ER4 Zone Expandable To 8 Microprocessor$356.83Details
247788Potter ElectricPFC8500CABEnclosure For 127-508 Points$309.29Details
212162Potter ElectricPOWERSUPPLYPFC8000Power Supply Board$144.33Details
949435Potter ElectricPTCK2525Vrms Connector Card - Connects Amplifi$42.78Details
1081906Potter ElectricPVX200M16Z100W Mass Not Voice 16 Spkr Ckts$5,946.22Details
854889Potter ElectricPVXRM16Remote Mic 16 Switches$1,317.28Details
212180Potter ElectricRD131500Rd13-150-0 1 1/2" W/O Check Valve$279.90Details
935126Potter ElectricRMS6TLPBLUBlue Emergency Door Release$70.56Details
247811Potter ElectricRPLRMCARDEvax Card$125.48Details
212193Potter ElectricSBP1Surface Plate F/ Shb/Slb Plastic Red$5.69Details
247813Potter ElectricSBP1GSurface Plate For Shb/Slb Plastic Grey$5.69Details
1057191Potter ElectricSBX1GRAmseco Back Box For Slb,Grey$15.13Details
247816Potter ElectricSCIShort Circuit Isolator$57.72Details
212195Potter ElectricSCM4Addressable Single Contact Module (4-Inc$54.81Details
280987Potter ElectricSLCE127Signaling Line Circuit Expander$309.29Details
871418Potter ElectricSPG100Serial Parallel Gatwat/Printer Interface$240.55Details
1013604Potter ElectricSPSL1A***Eol*** Semi Flush Mntng Plate$5.69Details
242483Potter ElectricTRM4Addressable Twin Relay Module$65.76Details
1075583Potter ElectricUTCUniversal Tone Card - Field Selectable T$62.22Details
242489Potter ElectricVSA2KKit With Vsm Mic Vsa Mic And Rta Remote Annunciatr$458.50Details
1010907RectorSeal6631220.2 Oz. Metcaulk 1000 Sausage Each$24.44Details
919921Resolution ProductsRE150Siren Transmitter$20.61Details
681250Rutherford Controls / RCI990RBMOX28990Mo Red Blank Mb 28$77.13Details
245372Rutherford Controls / RCI990RMOX28990Mo Red Exit Mb 28$83.13Details
740337Rutherford Controls / RCIR1210A368**Eol**Duplicate Use Ruc-1210A36X28$283.77Details
1058864Saf-ComECLEDRemote Alarm Led$26.49Details
215504Saf-ComINTWBWeatherproof Box, Red, Surface (For Inf8$25.47Details
283441Saf-ComSA340BBrk Innsation Smk Det$39.56Details
215509Saf-ComSIGAIPHSEdwards Intelligent 4D Multi$128.31Details
334625Saf-ComSIGAMM1Monitor Module Single Input$68.40Details
1078562Safety Technology Inc. / STI1102RReplacement Horn Kit$40.93Details
793663Safety Technology Inc. / STI7510FOWPolycarbonate Enclosure With Enclosed Wh$88.20Details
245796Safety Technology Inc. / STI92099Gasket For The Sti-6520,6521 & 6522$8.93Details
215602Safety Technology Inc. / STI9641*Eol* For Emergency Light$47.50Details
245803Safety Technology Inc. / STIBIO7505Identification Reader Cover, Bio Protector, Polyca$29.90Details
283802Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI1100Pull Station Cover Stopper W/ Horn, Stopper Ii, Po$82.24Details
259243Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI1210EHorn/Strobe Damage Stopper. Cover And Open Backbox. For Flush Mount$36.08Details
259251Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI1229Strobe Dome Cover Stopper W/ Enclosed Backbox, Sto$58.95Details
246133Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI1229HTR240HAZStrobe Dome Environmental Enclosure W/ Heater Asse$546.72Details
246136Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI1283Accessory, Backplate, For Sti-1210D/Sti-1210E &Sti$14.52Details
246137Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI1284Accessory, Single-Gang Mounting Adapter, For Sti-1$15.69Details
216110Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI1286Backplate For Sti-9711 &Amp; Sti-9714$18.90Details
283879Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13410CBCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Enclosed Backb$96.31Details
259285Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI34200Wireless Mailbox Alert (Includes 4-Chann$80.19Details
259302Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI6516Mini Bopper Stopper. Polycarbonate Covers. With Spring Loaded Hinges. Clear$15.47Details
259303Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI6517Stpr Sta, Labled "Lift Here"Not A Stnd Alone Cvr$17.10Details
246345Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI7501CEnclosure W/ Open Backbox & Interior Thumb Lock, P$47.66Details
246352Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI7510FEnclosure W/ Enclosed Backbox & Exterior Key Lock,$52.61Details
283984Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI7511AEnclosure W/ Solid Enclosed Deep Backbox & Exterio$53.75Details
216223Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI7511CEnclosure W/ Open Backbox & Exterior Thumb Lock, P$52.29Details
849251Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI7521OWOpaque White Nema 4X Cabinet With Thumb Lock$140.76Details
259366Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI7550ACFire Control Panel Protective Cabinet W/ Air Condi$2,333.88Details
246368Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI7551AHFire Control Panel Protective Cabinet W/ Air Condi$2,527.19Details
283995Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI7560AH24X36"X8" Steel Encl W/150 Watt Heater And Ac$2,527.19Details
979675Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI7710Polycarbonate Cover With Open Back Box A$41.51Details
1080179Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI7730Polycarbonate Cover W/ Gasket, Enclosed Backbox &$49.84Details
283997Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI8100Smoke Detector Cage Stopper, Damage Stopper, Polyc$23.79Details
259384Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI9605SSMini Smoke Detector Web Cage Stopper, Web Stopper,$36.21Details
246408Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI9712Photo Electric Surf Mt Smoke Detect Wire Grd Cover$29.57Details
284028Safety Technology Inc. / STISTIHTR550TCabinet Heater W/ Fan 120Vac, 550W W/Thermostat$378.86Details
284029Safety Technology Inc. / STISTISA5000WAlarm Mini Controller W/ Flashing Led, Select Aler$45.52Details
216407Safety Technology Inc. / STISUB71100AGGreen Statin Stopper Back Box 1.5" Green$8.66Details
681642Safety Technology Inc. / STISUB71101ARBack Box And Spacer Kit Red$14.47Details
216411Safety Technology Inc. / STISUB71101AYBackbox/Spacer Kit For 1,3,4,7$14.47Details
334060SDICYC01HHolster For The Cyclone Canless Air Syst$27.48Details
261147SDITC3Testifire 3-Pack Co Capsules$214.89Details
218055SDITC6Co Capsules 6 Pack$380.42Details
285636SDITRUT702Clear Diaphram Seal$68.96Details
261152SDITRUT703Red Diaphram Seal$68.96Details
261153SDITRUT704Large Clear Diaphram Seal$68.96Details
285639SDITS3Testifire 3-Pack Smoke Capsules$214.89Details
261154SDITS6*Eol* Capsules 6 Pack$380.42Details
285702Seco-LarmEVDSLGQConduit Box For Ev-122C-Dvavq And Ev-270$11.24Details
218117Seco-LarmEVDSLWQConduit Box For Ev-122C-Dvhvq And Ev-2706-Nfwq$11.24Details
262512Select Engineered SystemsSPRFC1Controller, Select Pass Series, Stand-Alone, Keypa$186.45Details
220856SigCom / Signal Communications8901683Sg-Wp Replacement Gasket$4.66Details
220947Silent Knight122465Accessory, Bezel, Painted Gray, For 5860 Fire Syst$38.08Details
333114Silent Knight122537L8Cabinet, Painted Red, 5104$72.16Details
220951Silent Knight130388Cable Assy Rev A 2P-Op 36 Inch$7.33Details
263167Silent Knight151253Manual F/5499 Panel$7.22Details
287581Silent Knight1601052 Wire Smk Det Base W/ Rly$24.57Details
220980Silent Knight5820XLCBSlnt Kngt Cabinet Assembly For$214.89Details
263185Silent Knight5860TGSik Surface Mnt Trim Ring For$33.22Details
287600Silent Knight5860TRSik Surface Mnt Trim Ring For$33.22Details
287614Silent KnightAUDVAPHONSUPVTelephone Supervisory Module$330.93Details
250800Silent KnightAUDVASPLTMBSplitter Mother Board$425.26Details
686056Silent KnightDST10Accessory, Sampling Tube, 10 Feet, W/ Holes, Stain$30.38Details
250835Silent KnightIDPACBAccessory, Cabinet, Built-In Chassis, For Sk-Contr$68.82Details
686116Silent KnightP2RHorn/Strobe, 2 Wire, Wall, 12/24 Volt, Mc 15, 15/7$47.79Details
686117Silent KnightP2RHKHorn/Strobe, 2 Wire, High Candela, 135, 150, 177,$80.16Details
263258Silent KnightSKB224BIIsolator Base$41.51Details
263275Silent KnightTR1RAccessory, Trim Ring, Semi-Flush Mounting, For Sk-$55.90Details
686217Silent KnightVIPTRKit,Trim Ring,Voice Products,Sk$56.06Details
287694Silent KnightXRM24Transformor Only For A Sk-2.$56.13Details
263701SpaceageIAMEFADEfad Infinity 4G Usb W/ 4Gig Flash W/Fad$43.11Details
263727SpaceageIGB1BIgb Backbox 1Gang Blk Surface 2-3/4X 4-1/2 X 1-15/$11.10Details
999162SpaceageIGB2BEsb Backbox 2 Gang Surface Black$15.03Details
221675SpaceageIGB2REsb Backbox 2 Gang Surface Red$15.03Details
288111SpaceageIGB3REsb Backbox 3 Gang Surface Red$19.52Details
221678SpaceageIGB5REsb Backbox 5 Gang Surface Red$24.41Details
221690SpaceageMR701CRRelay Cab Red 12Vdc 24Vdc; 10A Spdt Pola$19.10Details
263741SpaceageMR702CR12 Vdc - 24Vdc Relay 10Amp Spdt Polarize$23.67Details
221717SpaceageSSU00685Fire Alarm Documents Storage Cabinet Red$99.41Details
956650SpaceageSSU00722Red Indoor Backbox For Xl8$117.07Details
221873SpaceageSSU01819Xl8 Sra01 Per 8 Lamps/Leds Adder$117.07Details
263766SpaceageSSU01909Gl8/Xl8 Aux Swt Rocker Switch$29.75Details
263784SpaceageSSU50000Gl8 Box A Clear Anodized$108.40Details
1029844SpaceageSSU50002Back Box$151.76Details
1069682SpaceageSSU51002Gl8 Md Cover F Clear Anodized$764.97Details
263789SpaceageSSU52006Graphic Design Layout Service Cad/Eng Ad$53.90Details
332346SpaceageSSUMR8INTK8" Relay Track$3.86Details
978897SpaceageSSUMSR100RSMsr Remote Accessory Cntrlr$102.16Details
251527SpaceageSSUMSR100RWRemote Controller With White Decora Plate$83.19Details
508881SpaceageSSUMSR50RMWSingle Gang Remote Accessory W/Magnettest-White$44.04Details
332344SpaceageT24DG24SURGEVolt Term Spd$56.39Details
1051825SpaceageTC118 Pt Terminal Cabinet$62.87Details
263844SpaceageYG4007N-Ann-I/O Wiring Graphic Only$242.14Details
263850SpaceageYZ0100Custom Lot Charge A$160.36Details
221950Specified TechnologyFS2002” Firestop Ready Sleeve$43.43Details
289318System SensorBBSSP2WSys Sensor Bbssp2W Surface$9.92Details
842304System SensorBBSW*Eol*Sensor White Back Box For$8.30Details
694121System SensorC58376101Cover For I3$0.24Details
225391System SensorC5838900Dust Cover For Our I3 Series Smoke Detec$1.26Details
265523TekToneBA001Battery, 12Vdc. 2 Required For Each Pk12$56.13Details
265532TekToneCM80012Pnl Cm800 W/12 Lights$358.76Details
289932TekToneOF206Call Ny For Quote. 6 Gang Frame$240.55Details
289953TekToneRP090KGreen Lens For Li380, Li384A, Li386B - 10 Each$42.35Details
254388TekToneSF401EXStrain Relief Cable, Din Plug$11.35Details
958674TEPGRMSBBRed Back Box For Pull Stations$9.83Details
1031909TEPGSPWPRain And Dust Proof Enclosure$306.18Details
256476Viking ElectronicsSL11 Milion Cndl Pow Strb Light$125.08Details
267778VisonicMCS730ACUniversal Powermax Siren Works W/All Pow$155.55Details
1074060Wiremold / LegrandRFB4LPBBrkt W/Low Profile Bezel$15.84Details
1082935XtralisOSI10Imager - 7º Coverage, 24V Dc$631.71Details
945804XtralisOSI45Imager - 38º Coverage, 24V Dc$686.96Details
1056533XtralisOSI90Imager - 80º Coverage, 24V Dc$811.67Details