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Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Power Supplies

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
108463Ademco / Honeywell SecurityPS24Power Supply 24V$167.99Details
582809Alarm Saf00902Fmc-12/15-Bd/Ul-Config$151.19Details
359972Alarm SafBN10004APD16FULPower Mgmt, Beacon, 12-24 Vdc, 10 Amps, 16 Program$852.02Details
118268AltronixAL1012ULXPD16RUl 10A 12Vdc P/S W16 Fused Red$275.79Details
118271AltronixAL1024ADA10A P/S Board Fire Switch 10$208.59Details
117547AltronixAL1024ULACMRUl 10 8 Out Access Red Encl$317.24Details
117551AltronixAL1024ULXPD4CBR10 Amp Access 8 Amp Fire Red Cabinet W/Pd4Ulcb Ins$275.39Details
118934AltronixAL1024ULXPD8CBRPower Supply 24 Volt @ 10 Amps 8 Ptc Outp Red Encl$278.09Details
118630AltronixAL175ULXR12/24Vdc 1.7 Amp Red Cabinet Power Supply Ul List$131.59Details
744409AltronixAL300M22012/24Vdc 2.5A P/S W/Mom5 220V$207.19Details
119023AltronixAL300ULXXR2.5 Amp Extra Large Cabinet Red$169.39Details
800854AltronixAL400ULPD8CBRPower 12V@3A,24V@3A Pd8Cb Red$195.99Details
118956AltronixAL400ULPD8RUl Listed 8 Output 12-24V Power Supply R$195.99Details
964471AltronixAL400ULXXRXl Cabinet In Red$177.79Details
118963AltronixAL600ULB8Power Supply Board For The Al842Ulada$166.59Details
117910AltronixAL600ULMRPower Supply-Charger, 12 Vdc Or 24 Vdc @ 6 Amp, W/$258.26Details
118966AltronixAL600ULPD4RPower Supply 12/24Vdc @ 6 Amp In Red Enclosure$254.79Details
119045AltronixAL600ULPD8CBRPower Supply 12 Or 24Vdc 6 Amo W/Pd8 Ulcb Red Cab$257.59Details
117916AltronixAL600ULXPD16R12/24Vdc @ 6A W/2 Pd8 Red Encl$275.79Details
119048AltronixAL600ULXXRUl Pwr Sply 6A X Lg Red Cabnt$239.39Details
715787AltronixAL602ADA2206A 4 Zone Nac P/S W/Sync 220V$270.19Details
118661AltronixAL800ADARepl P/S Board For Al802Ulad$283.49Details
911911AltronixAL802ADA2208 A 24Vdc Ada Expander 220V$310.49Details
884122AltronixAL842ADA22024Vdc @ 8A Nac Extender 220V$355.04Details
118977AltronixAL842LGKLogic Board For Al842Ulada$298.34Details
795985AltronixFSW1000Replace P/S, 1002/1042, Fireswitch108$208.59Details
137082Bosch SecurityFPPRNAC8A4CRemote Notification Appliance Circuit (Rnac), Adds$382.39Details
136327Bosch SecurityFPPRNAC8AA4CRnac 8 Amps 4 Circuits$419.84Details
136994Bosch SecurityPAM4Accessory, Power Supervision Module, 9 To 40 Vdc *$16.71Details
144399CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsAPW9VAC600MAPower Supply For Ab400Comp, Cat5Tx, Cat5Rx$18.75Details
181289Cooper / WheelockPS8BPower Supply 24Vdc 8Amp Black$472.49Details
149189Cooper / WheelockRPS2440APower Supply, 24 Vdc, One 4 Amp Output Or Two 2 Am$222.98Details
998936DitekDTK120SR120V-20V Ser Hybrid W/Emi/Rfi$106.39Details
894495DitekDTKTSS2NMProtects 120Vac Power (120Srd) In A Nema 4X$221.19Details
810598Dynalock5500BBU27FACKLCPwr Supply,W/Battery Backup,Fire Alarm Mod,Keylock$541.34Details
615671Edwards / GS Building Systems12V65ABtry,Sec.Pbacid,12V,65Ah$334.79Details
615691Edwards / GS Building Systems2490027Transformer, Power, 283:70, 130C, 112.2W, Cm$125.99Details
152763Edwards / GS Building Systems596Xfmr 120Pr1 6/12-18$21.75Details
160970Edwards / GS Building Systems598598 8/16/24V Xfmr$28.49Details
185374Edwards / GS Building Systems599599 24V 40Va Transformer$28.49Details
185406Edwards / GS Building Systems8850Transf 120V 50 Watt$103.59Details
350797Edwards / GS Building SystemsAPS10AAux/Booster Power Supply 10A$421.19Details
152820Edwards / GS Building SystemsBC2Battery Cabinet 2 Position Gray$138.59Details
615782Edwards / GS Building SystemsBC2RBattery Cabinet Red$138.59Details
169441Edwards / GS Building SystemsEBPS10AFire Alarm System,Booster Power Supply,1$407.69Details
161036Edwards / GS Building SystemsEBPS6ABooster Power Supply 6A$345.59Details
1000817Fenwal12F27121020100T275 Degree Open Vertical Heat Detector Stainless S$279.44Details
186884Fire-Lite / Honeywell90286Fcps24Fs Modular Kit$9.88Details
186935Fire-Lite / HoneywellESD100Ul Listed Surge Suppressor$344.24Details
1002269Fire-Lite / HoneywellFCPS24FS6EPower Supply 6Amp W/Nac Sync E 220V$371.24Details
349373Fire-Lite / HoneywellFCPS24FS8CRmt 8 Amp Pwr Spply W/Bttry Chrgr-Nac Pwr Only$415.79Details
154384Fire-Lite / HoneywellFCPS24FS8EPower Spply 8Amp 220Vac,Export Version$429.29Details
186989Fire-Lite / HoneywellR14E4-Gang Relay,Spdt,Multivolt,Track Mount, Metal Enc$90.99Details
986212Honeywell AnalyticsMVIP36325A5A 24 Vdc Power Supply In Vented Nema 4 Enclosure$909.15Details
179945Honeywell Power Products90474Kit, Hardware, Hpff8$17.99Details
180976Honeywell Power ProductsEQBBD4Bbox, D Size, Equip, Blk$361.79Details
169930Honeywell Power ProductsEQDRD4HDoor For Eqbb-D4$384.74Details
192577Honeywell Power ProductsHPF24S6CPower Supply 6 Amp 24 Volt$373.94Details
179956Honeywell Power ProductsHPF24S6E6A 24Vdc F/A 220 Power Supply$373.94Details
169943Honeywell Power ProductsHPF24S824Vdc Fire Power Supply 6 Or 8 Amp$388.14Details
169944Honeywell Power ProductsHPF24S8C8A 24Vdc F/A Nac Power Supply$425.24Details
192578Honeywell Power ProductsHPF602ULADA6A 24Vdc Ul Listed Fire Alarm Nac Expand$293.81Details
192580Honeywell Power ProductsHPFF12CME12A Nac Ps Rack 220V$630.44Details
179957Honeywell Power ProductsHPFF12E12A Nac Ps Wall 220V$604.79Details
859288Honeywell Power ProductsHPFF8CME8A,24Vdc,F/A Nac P/S Chass Export$491.39Details
637965LifeSafety PowerE1RFlexpower Building Blocks, E1 Enclosure, Size 12W$104.12Details
638153LifeSafety PowerFPO150D8E1RFire Protection Power System, 8 Auxiliary Outputs,$271.23Details
638165LifeSafety PowerFPO150F8E1General Purpose Systems, 150W, 12A/12V Or 6A/24V,$277.22Details
1045807Potter Electric3006439Pca Pwr Sply F/ Pfc-8500/8060$180.59Details
1069920Potter Electric3006446PSN106B24Vdc 10Am Nac Pwr Supply Blk$410.39Details
242427Potter ElectricPSN100010 Amp Intelligent Pwr Sply$538.64Details
247796Potter ElectricPSN10624Vdc 10Amp Nac Power Supply$410.39Details
771961Potter ElectricPSN63006442Psn6 Nac Replacement Board$179.19Details
280947Potter ElectricPSN64Nac Power Supply 6 Amp 4 Output$348.29Details
281069Preferred Power ProductsAN503PKIT1Ea 50'Hdmi/3'Hdmi/Hdmi Wallplt/1Drct Wallplt W/Cb$95.19Details
243783Raco27129RPuzzle-Plate Cable Protectors$1.26Details
514691SafeAwakeSART9V10Receiver,Bed Shaker,Power Supply,Battery$279.99Details
245769Safety Technology Inc. / STI405440Gasket For Sti-6514$6.48Details
259927Sargent Manufacturing Company3520Power Supply 24Vdc 1 Amp$232.39Details
740544SDISOLO726Charger For Solo 760 Battery Batons$218.11Details
218804Security Lock3520Power Supply 24Vdc 1 Amp$323.99Details
261818Security Lock4204Power Supply 12/24Vdc 4 Amp$414.44Details
287552Silent CallBATCHGRBattery Charger$19.49Details
250805Silent KnightBAT12550Sealed Battery, Lead Acid, 12V, 55 Ah $269.05Details
1011845XtralisVPS100US120120V Ps Single Zone Power Supply$450.89Details
983915XtralisVPS300US120Power Supply, Multi Zone With Housing$808.59Details