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Fire Alarm Systems

Pull Stations Covers and Accessories

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
147575Commercial Product Group / CPG3670183Wire Guard For Horns And Horn Strobes 7 X 7 X 6$27.75Details
615829Edwards / GS Building SystemsP0419170039Repl_Lamp_240Vac$36.98Details
882785Light Engineered DisplaysWD200SGlass Surface Pull Station Cover$63.70Details
303695Mierproducts / BW124ACHTW24X24X12 Wpencl W/Bkpnl/Ac/Htr$2,611.24Details
646269Mierproducts / BW136PO22X34 Bk Pnl Only For 136 Encl$67.90Details
235877Mierproducts / BWBW100RNLInstrument Box Painted Red Without Cam Lock$43.49Details
646332Mierproducts / BWTSWPlunger Tamper Switch With Nc And No Conacts$9.55Details
676270Potter Electric1000447Pull Station, Fire Terminal, Single-Action, Spst,$23.04Details
761508Potter Electric3001004Abort Switch Assembly - Blue$124.59Details
982483Potter Electric3002275RA8FW8 Zone Annunciator In White$165.19Details
1027347Potter Electric5050291COVERSMALLREDDIECASCover For Ps402 Osysu Series$15.75Details
997768Potter Electric5050729Cover-Tamper For Pts-C$2.90Details
212149Potter ElectricPAM124Vdc/24Vac/115 Relay$15.49Details
242406Potter ElectricPAM4Form C Relay$15.49Details
921834Potter ElectricRMS6TWPEXPKLRms-6T-Wp-Exp-Kl$379.34Details
243792Raco7744" Square Cover Steel 1"Raised$1.78Details
829640Raco7804" Squared Electr Box Cover$2.80Details
677580Raco8964Sq Cvr Swvl Fxtr Hng Ts1/2&3/4$52.19Details
244659RSGRMSLPLift And Pull Cover For Fire Alarm$7.54Details
258853Safety Technology Inc. / STI02003BBlue Emergency Molded Stopper Station Cover$13.51Details
681443Safety Technology Inc. / STI02003YYellow Stpper Sta Shell W/Raised Mld Emergency Lbl$13.51Details
894894Safety Technology Inc. / STI02013KReplacement Key To Reset Switch (Stopper Station #$34.08Details
215520Safety Technology Inc. / STI02013MMomentary Activation Short Switch Type$34.08Details
258856Safety Technology Inc. / STI05050RTranslucent Red Lens For Select Alert$10.21Details
245735Safety Technology Inc. / STI05050WWhite Lens Cover For Sa5000$10.21Details
258860Safety Technology Inc. / STI06540Red Mini Stopper Shell$16.49Details
283457Safety Technology Inc. / STI07503Thumb Lock For Bubble Corosion Resistant$11.53Details
258864Safety Technology Inc. / STI07550WRFlat Wire Shelf For Sti-7550Aed$14.34Details
245738Safety Technology Inc. / STI10102Latching Key To Reset Button$34.08Details
283460Safety Technology Inc. / STI10109Key-To-Activate Switch W/Key$22.49Details
298922Safety Technology Inc. / STI10115Replacement Touch Sensor For Ub1Tf$42.78Details
514692Safety Technology Inc. / STI1015980Surface Spacer$3.78Details
215526Safety Technology Inc. / STI10271WBlank White Shell For A Stopper Station$12.75Details
245742Safety Technology Inc. / STI10273WWhite Octogon Push Button With Hole$3.69Details
215531Safety Technology Inc. / STI1102Sti Replacmnt Horn-Stopper Ii$43.49Details
215532Safety Technology Inc. / STI1130SPAStpr Cvr W/Horn& Spcr Spanish$97.99Details
245744Safety Technology Inc. / STI1150Stopper 2 W/Horn Otdr Flh Mnt Fire Labeled Red$92.39Details
258877Safety Technology Inc. / STI1200B1200 Cover, In Blue$57.39Details
258878Safety Technology Inc. / STI1200SPAStopper Cover- Spanish$57.39Details
258883Safety Technology Inc. / STI1227Stopper Dome F/Stb Surface Mnt$42.04Details
283475Safety Technology Inc. / STI1230GStpr Ii No Hrn,W/Con Spcr,Grn$67.90Details
258884Safety Technology Inc. / STI1230SPAStpr Cover W/Spacer-Spanish$67.90Details
283476Safety Technology Inc. / STI1283Fire Alarm Signal Damage Bckpl$15.33Details
1015549Safety Technology Inc. / STI13220NBFREBlue Universal Stopper-Surface Mount W/ Horn-Frenc$97.99Details
245752Safety Technology Inc. / STI13420CBUni Stpr, Mesg Hood W/Horn$137.19Details
334616Safety Technology Inc. / STI14500NGUnvrsl Stpr Lowprofile W/O Horn/Encl Bb/Open No Lb$95.19Details
215551Safety Technology Inc. / STI16202"Turn To Reset" Label (Sticker) For Our$0.46Details
514704Safety Technology Inc. / STI18726Ac/Heater F/7560 Series Units$1,984.99Details
681452Safety Technology Inc. / STI19020Mounting Clips F/All Wiregurds$0.60Details
245763Safety Technology Inc. / STI19093Standoff#8-32 1/2" Long Aluminum 1/4"Hex Width-Bkt$1.94Details
215562Safety Technology Inc. / STI3004Sti Rigid Conduit Gasket 3/4"$6.84Details
215568Safety Technology Inc. / STI4130Break-Glass-Cover-Large-W/Red-2"Condui.Spacer$62.30Details
245770Safety Technology Inc. / STI6004Conduit Gasket F/Mini Stopper$6.84Details
245771Safety Technology Inc. / STI6200R24V Remote Theft Stpr$38.43Details
283496Safety Technology Inc. / STI6205Defibulator Stopper$32.63Details
334612Safety Technology Inc. / STI6297316Gasket F/D&E Sti7500/01/10/11$9.08Details
283500Safety Technology Inc. / STI6501Sti 6501 Wthr6Skt/6500 5/16"$8.98Details
283503Safety Technology Inc. / STI6516New Mini Bopper Stopper ,Cover$15.75Details
215578Safety Technology Inc. / STI6552Weather Gasket For Widebody Keypad Prote$9.39Details
283509Safety Technology Inc. / STI6560Wide Body Kypd/Prtr/Lckclr$38.43Details
283516Safety Technology Inc. / STI6700Generic Break Glass Cover$47.84Details
245782Safety Technology Inc. / STI6720Breakglass Key Holder$21.75Details
258930Safety Technology Inc. / STI7500VSm Bubble Stopper W/Keylock$45.68Details
258931Safety Technology Inc. / STI7501DPoly Carb Enclosure W/Open Conduwitt Backbox Surfa$52.19Details
283518Safety Technology Inc. / STI7501HHorz Sm Bubble Stopper W/Thmb$45.68Details
258932Safety Technology Inc. / STI7504Snooper Stpper Clear(Kypd Grd)$24.75Details
215600Safety Technology Inc. / STI9632Sfty Tch 15"Clck Wire Guard$42.04Details
782398Safety Technology Inc. / STI9708KIT8 Sf-9708$233.79Details
334607Safety Technology Inc. / STIAP1RICS2Not Ul/Do Not Use In Us/Pr/Cdn$228.19Details
953156Safety Technology Inc. / STIG70498AGasket For Dome Cover$8.73Details
1050954Safety Technology Inc. / STIKIT10EMLrg Repl Break Glass - In Case Of Emergency Lbl$17.25Details
1028647Safety Technology Inc. / STIKIT123Gasket Kit$15.75Details
1008776Safety Technology Inc. / STIKIT900Conduit Spacer Clear$19.49Details
942345Safety Technology Inc. / STIKITEA13512Inch Actvtn Crd F/Sti6600$3.20Details
514700Safety Technology Inc. / STINQP7550Opaque Protective Cabinet (Sti-7550)$288.89Details
681479Safety Technology Inc. / STISF13420CYYellow Universal Stopper Cover W/Enclosed Backbox$137.19Details
334606Safety Technology Inc. / STISS02003RRed Replcmnt Shell W/Emerg Lbl$13.18Details
245822Safety Technology Inc. / STISS2002FStpr Stat Psh Ktr W/2C Red F$28.49Details
1059501Safety Technology Inc. / STISS2002FENStopper Station, Red, Push And Key-To-Reset Octag$35.53Details
961080Safety Technology Inc. / STISS2002FFRStppr Sta,Red,Push And Key-To-Reset Octag Bttn$35.53Details
258980Safety Technology Inc. / STISS2012FStp Sta 2 C Rly Cvr Fire Red$33.34Details
989609Safety Technology Inc. / STISS2079PSENRed Stppr Sta,Univ Cvr W/Spcr, No Hrn,Illum,Push$109.19Details
1070745Safety Technology Inc. / STISS2079ZAENRed Stppr Sta,Ttr,Surf Mnt Ind/Otd Cvr,Custom Lbl$116.19Details
999361Safety Technology Inc. / STISS2274PSENYllw Stppr Sta,W/Sti-13210 Cvr,Mmntry,Fuel P Shut$111.99Details
1032730Safety Technology Inc. / STISS2301ZAENWht Stppr Sttn,No Cvr,Trn To Reset,Cstm Label,Engl$66.50Details
681562Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI02007WWhite Molded Stopper Cover: Emergency Power Off$13.51Details
711408Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI1100RCFREStpr Ii,With Horn & Relay,Flsh Mnt,French Labeling$92.39Details
738130Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI1130NRStopper Ii With Horn/ Clear Spacer, No Fire Label$97.99Details
910527Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI1200AFREStopper Ii W/4 In Deep Encl Back Box,Fr Fire Txt$121.79Details
999473Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI1200CRStppr Ii,Red,Flsh Mnt,No Horn,Custom Label$64.39Details
216103Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI1229HTRStrobe Dome Enclosure W/ Heater Assembly, Stopper$579.14Details
259252Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI1229HTR240Signaling Appliance Enclosure With Heater 240 Volt$579.14Details
1010245Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI1250CRStopper Ii, Weather, No Horn, Flush Mount, Red, Cu$69.99Details
259255Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13000NCUniv Stopper Fm Cover Nc. Universal Stopper Cover. Flush Mount-No Label. No Spacer. Clear$34.79Details
813212Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13000NCFREUniversal Stopper, Flush Mount, Clear, No Horn, Fr$36.98Details
681569Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13010CKUniversal Stopper, Flush, Custom Label, Black Labe$51.48Details
988189Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13010FKIT6 Sf-Sti13010F$254.79Details
681570Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13010NKCover, Universal Stopper Series, Polycarbonate, Uv$51.48Details
259258Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13020CKCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Black Horn, Po$86.79Details
283860Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13020CYCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Yellow Horn, P$86.79Details
334558Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13020FRFRERed Uni Stop W/Horn Labl Frenc$79.79Details
246147Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13020NGCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Green Horn, Po$86.79Details
334557Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13020NKUniversal Stopper W/Horn; Flshmount No Label Black$86.79Details
283863Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13020NWUniv Cover Fm W/H Nl White. Universal Stopper Cover. Flush Mount W/No Electronics. No Label. White$86.79Details
216112Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13030CGCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Green Horn, Po$103.59Details
514613Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13030CWCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ White Horn, Po$103.59Details
246150Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13030NGCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Green Horn, Po$103.59Details
832767Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13200NCFREClear Universal Stopper, Surface Mount, French Lab$49.29Details
681576Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13200NGUniversal Stopper, Green Spacer For Surface Mount,$56.54Details
514623Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13200NRCover, Universal Stopper Series, Polycarbonate, Cl$55.09Details
259261Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13200NWCover, Universal Stopper Series, Polycarbonate, Cl$56.54Details
259262Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13200NYCover, Universal Stopper Series, Polycarbonate, Cl$47.84Details
1013824Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13210CGFREGreen Universal Cover, Surface Mount, No Horn, Fre$61.59Details
259263Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13210CKCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Spacer, Polyca$61.59Details
681577Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13210CWWhite Universal Stopper Cover, Surface Mount, No H$61.59Details
845942Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13210FRSPARed Univ Stppr Cvr,Spacer-Surface Mnt,No Hrn,Sp Lb$56.54Details
246154Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13210NBUniv Stppr Cover Sm Lh Nl Blue. Universal Stopper Cover. Label Hood Without Horn. No Label. Blue$61.59Details
681578Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13220CKBlack Universal Stopper Surface Mount With Horn Cu$97.99Details
298870Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13220CRCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Spacer & Red H$97.99Details
216119Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13220CWProtective Cover W/ White Horn F/ Surface Mounting$97.99Details
681579Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13220FRFRERed Universal Stopper Cvr, Surface Mount W/Horn Fr$90.99Details
298869Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13220NKCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Spacer & Black$97.99Details
246159Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13230CBUniversal Stopper,Blue,W/Horn,Remote Contact,Space$127.39Details
514624Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13230CGCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Spacer & Green$127.39Details
259266Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13230CRCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Spacer & Red H$127.39Details
283876Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13230NBCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Spacer & Blue$127.39Details
216128Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13230NYCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Spacer & Yello$127.39Details
681584Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13310CBBlue Univ Stpr W/O Horn, Encl Flsh Bk Box,Cust Lbl$79.79Details
334555Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13310CWWhite Univ Stpr W/Custom Label$79.79Details
334554Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13310CYYellow Universal Stpper W/Custom Label$79.79Details
681585Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13310NRRed Universal Stopper Wo/Horn, Enclsd Flush Backbx$72.79Details
514627Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13310NWWht Univ W/O Hrn/Encl Bb No Lbl$79.79Details
298868Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13320CBBlue Univ Stpr W/Horn And Custom Label$120.39Details
514628Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13320CGUniversal Stopper W/Flush Backbox & Custom Label$111.99Details
870115Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13320CRRed Universal Stopper, Enclosed Flush Backbox, Hor$111.99Details
725673Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13320CWWht Uni Stpr W/Encl Flush Bckbx,Hrn & Cust Label$111.99Details
946950Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13320CYYellow Universal Cover, Enclosed Flush Backbox Wit$111.99Details
334551Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13320NBBlue Univ Stopper W/Horn No Label$111.99Details
757056Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13320NRRed Univ Stppr, Encl Flush Backbox, Horn, No Lbl$104.99Details
681586Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13320NWUniversal Stopper W/Flushbox/White Horn/No Label$111.99Details
801941Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13320NYUniv Stpr W/Horn,Ylw,Encl.Flush Back Bx,No Lbl$111.99Details
298867Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI133300NKUniversal Stppr W/Hrn&Remote Encls Bb/No Lbl Black$116.19Details
1075359Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13330CGUniv Stppr W/Green Horn/Relay-Flsh Encl Bck Box$116.19Details
681587Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13330CRRed Universal Stopper, Enclosed Flush Backbox, Hor$116.19Details
513751Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13330CYUniversal Stopper W/Horn&Relay/Encl Flsh Bb &Label$116.19Details
911869Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13330FRUniversal Stopper With Horn & Relay, Encl. Flush$109.19Details
824424Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13330NWWht Univ Stpr,Encl Flsh Bacbox,W/Horn & Remote Cnt$116.19Details
283877Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13400NBCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Enclosed Backb$95.19Details
514816Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13400NGUniversal Without Horn/Enclosed Bb/Sld Mntplt No L$95.19Details
216129Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13400NKUniv Cover Eb/Smp Black. Universal Stopper Cover. Encl Back Box W/Sealed Mnt Plt. No Electronics/No Label. Black$95.19Details
216130Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13400NYCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Enclosed Backb$95.19Details
334550Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13410CGCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Enclosed Backb$102.19Details
216131Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13410NBCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Enclosed Backb$102.19Details
513898Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13410NGGreen Universl Stopper W/Horn&Backbx Sealed/No Lbl$102.19Details
246162Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13410NKCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Enclosed Backb$102.19Details
216132Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13410NYCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Enclosed Backb$102.19Details
681591Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13420CKBlack Universal Stopper, Enclosed Backbox W/ Seale$137.19Details
765555Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13420FRREDUni Stpr W/Enclsd Bb & Sld Mnt Plt W/Elc Bx$130.19Details
681594Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13420NGCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Green Horn, En$137.19Details
681595Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13420NKCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Black Horn, En$137.19Details
298865Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13420NWCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ White Horn, En$137.19Details
513060Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13430NBBlue Univrsl Stpr W/Hrn&Rely/Encl Bb/Seald Mnt Plt$144.19Details
681602Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13430NGCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Green Horn, En$144.19Details
681603Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13430NKBlk Uni Stpr,Enc Bkbx W/Sld Mnt Pl,Hrn&Rly, No Lbl$144.19Details
216134Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13500NBCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Enclosed Backb$95.19Details
283886Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13500NRProtect Cvr W/Red Enclsed Backbx & Open Mntg Plate$95.19Details
259269Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13500NWCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Enclosed Backb$89.88Details
334549Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13500NYCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Enclosed Backb$95.19Details
681609Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13510CRCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Enclosed Backb$102.19Details
952591Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13510CRFRRed Univ Cvr,Encl Backbox W/Open Mntng Plate07450$102.19Details
334548Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13510CWUnv Stpr W/O Hrn Encl Bb W/Custom Lbl$102.19Details
216135Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13520CBCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Blue Horn, Enc$137.19Details
681613Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13520CRCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Red Horn, Encl$137.19Details
298864Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13520NYCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Yellow Horn, E$137.19Details
681616Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13530CGCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Green Horn, En$144.19Details
334545Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13530NBCover, Universal Stopper Series, W/ Blue Horn, Enc$144.19Details
681621Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI13530NGUniversal Stopper, Green, No Label, With Horn & Re$144.19Details
298862Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI1401Gasket For Enclosed Flush Backbox$9.39Details
298859Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI14200NRRed Universal Stpr Low Profile No Horn No Label$56.54Details
681624Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI14200NYYellow Universal Low Profile /No Horn Surface Mnt$56.54Details
681625Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI14400NBUniversal Stoppr Low Profile Wo/Horn Housing No Lb$95.19Details
298858Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI14400NRRed Universl Stpr Low Prf W/O Horn Housg$95.19Details
513061Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI14400NWUniversal Low Profile W/O Horn Hsg/Enclbx Sld Mt$95.19Details
808755Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI3150CRWeather Stopper Ii, No Horn, Surface Mount With Cu$85.39Details
283904Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI3150FREWeather Stopper Sta W/O Horn W/Spacer French Label$78.39Details
829814Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI34066DStopper Station Transmitter & Horn. "D" Style$57.99Details
1034102Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI4100FRBreak Glass Stopper Large French Labeling$58.79Details
971420Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI4130EMBreak Glass Cover, Large, Red Spacer, Emergency Wo$69.99Details
1038621Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI4130FRBreak Glass Stppr Sta,Lrg Sz,W/Spcr, Red,French$69.99Details
975738Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI6100FRStopper Break Glass Cover, French Label$55.83Details
681629Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI6200WIR8Wrls Fire Extinguisher Teft Stppr W/8Ch Receiver$114.79Details
283923Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI6505GMini Stopper Cover With Green Conduit Spacer$47.13Details
283924Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI6505YMini Stpr Ylw No Horn Spcr$47.13Details
979528Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI6517AFREStopper Station Shield With Sounder, French Label$47.84Details
857481Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI6517ASPAStppr Sta Shld,Cvr Only,W/Sounder,Spanish Labeling$35.53Details
720445Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI6517DWireless Stopper Station Shield With Button Sound$65.79Details
882439Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI6518FREBopper Stopper Cover W/ French Labeling$18.75Details
513073Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI6520C63Emergency Brake Cover For M63 Train$125.99Details
216179Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI6531BBconduit Spcr F/Srfce Mnt-Blue$15.31Details
216181Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI6531G1 1/2"Cndt Spcr F/Mini Stp Grn$16.48Details
216192Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI6545FREMini Stppr Red W/Clr Spc No Hrn Stndr French Label$56.54Details
259324Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI6550SWide Body Keypad Protector W/O Lock, Polycarbonate$35.53Details
216197Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI6561Keypad Cover With Thumb Lock$38.43Details
246331Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI6602Replacement Horn For Mini Stopper Red$44.23Details
1073468Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI6700FRKeys Under Glass Break Glass Cover, French Label$54.38Details
513045Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI6931Call Point Stopper Surface Mount Cover Red$44.23Details
259345Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI7500BPoly Cvr W/Encl Bbox/Dbl Gang. Polycarbonate Enclosure. Cover W/Enclosure Backbox. Double Gang Box. Interior Key Lock$50.74Details
283978Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI7501VMini Mega Stopper Vertical. Cover With Thumb Lock Vertical$45.68Details
283980Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI7505Snooper Stopper Smoked. Polycarbonate Covers. Smoke Color$24.75Details
216222Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI7511ASPE7511A Modified To Have An Open Back$72.79Details
246355Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI7511BEnclosure W/ Solid Enclosed Deep Backbox & Double-$55.83Details
216345Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI7515FAccess Control Sealed Housing W/ "F" Backbox, 2.0$71.39Details
259363Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI7521Protective Cabinet W/ Backplate & Thumb Lock, Poly$111.99Details
259364Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI7522Fire Alarm Protective Cabinet W/ Backplate, Auto S$166.59Details
216347Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI7523Protective Cabinet W/Alarm Thumb Lock Back Plate$166.59Details
283990Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI7531HMini Cover Stopper W/ 2 Inch Spacer & Thumb Lock,$113.39Details
216352Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI7532Protective Cabinet W/ Backplate, Siren Alarm & Key$216.99Details
283994Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI7554Extra Large Protective Cabinet W/ Red Siren/Strobe$522.44Details
1057847Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI8171Poly Backplate For 8100/8200 Series$20.25Details
246379Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI9105SSmall Thermostat Cover W/ Key Lock, Heavy-Duty Pol$25.49Details
284008Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI9617Beacon & Sounder Cage Stopper, Heavy Gauge Steel W$27.75Details
284020Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI9709Wire Cover Stopper For Hubbel Light$110.59Details
216389Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI9716Camera Cage Stopper, Damage Stopper, 9-Gauge Steel$135.79Details
259399Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI9717Speaker/Strobe Cage Stopper, Damage Stopper, 9-Gau$25.95Details
259400Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI9720Speaker/Strobe Cage Stopper, Damage Stopper, 9-Gau$29.57Details
1004636Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI9741Exit Sign Damage Stopper - Ceiling Mount$59.50Details
1076546Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI9742Exit Sign Damage Stopper Wall Mount$57.99Details
298852Safety Technology Inc. / STISTIED55Rex Plus Ii Electronc Watchdog$100.79Details
284038Safety Technology Inc. / STISUB09Sti Replcmnt Glass F/Sf-6100$9.36Details
246425Safety Technology Inc. / STISUB10Sti Rplcmnt Glass F/Sf-4100$7.54Details
259416Safety Technology Inc. / STISUB122Emviro-Kit F/Sti-1210B&1210C$10.40Details
216401Safety Technology Inc. / STISUB314Back Plate$15.33Details
216405Safety Technology Inc. / STISUB65Breakaway Seal Kit (Set Of 5)$4.84Details
216406Safety Technology Inc. / STISUB67Saftech Rplcmnt Glass F/6700$9.88Details
287497SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSTFRC01$47.84Details
251497SpaceageSSU03523Round Wire Guard Chrome For Clock Guard$66.50Details
288237SpaceageYJ0018Adapter Plate Cover A34 With Audible Only$20.66Details