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Fire Alarm Systems

Smoke Detector Bases

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
5783022GIG Technologies2GIGSMKT3Wireless Smoke Detector$72.16Details
350764Edwards / GS Building SystemsRB4USmoke Detector Base, W/ Aux. Rela$33.00Details
622921Fire Detection Devices7050CVault Heat Sensor N/C Ulc$31.52Details
154293Fire Detection DevicesCF135Ht Det W/Fixed Temp To 135 D F$17.27Details
1017872Fire Detection DevicesCF135CHeat Det. C/W Closed Contact$28.79Details
1060614Fire Detection DevicesCF135EWTExpl. Proof 135' Fixed Temp$199.81Details
1012018Fire Detection DevicesCF135MPThermoflex Mk 11 Cf-135-Mp Heat Detect$62.36Details
174054Fire Detection DevicesCF200Ht Det W/Fixed Temp To 200 D F$17.27Details
998119Fire Detection DevicesCF2002Heat Det C/W 2 Open Contacts$46.73Details
1004729Fire Detection DevicesCF2002CMPDouble Circuit, Both Normally Closed, Se$132.43Details
1077122Fire Detection DevicesCF200CContact N/C Fixed Temperature$28.79Details
945542Fire Detection DevicesCF200EWTExplosion Proof Weatherized$199.81Details
622924Fire Detection DevicesCF200WWhite Plastic Design/Cf200$15.26Details
162768Fire Detection DevicesCF285Heat Detector Fixed Tmp 285Deg$30.45Details
1057137Fire Detection DevicesCF285EWTHeat Dtcr,Explsn Pf,285Deg Fxd$223.27Details
154306Fire Detection DevicesCR135Rate Of Rise + Fixed Temp 135 F$17.27Details
174273Fire Detection DevicesCR1352Heat Det C/W 2 Open Contacts$46.73Details
981589Fire Detection DevicesCR1352COHeat Det. 1 N.O. &Amp; 1 N.C. Cont$57.08Details
186845Fire Detection DevicesCR135CHeat Det. C/W Closed Contact$28.79Details
154310Fire Detection DevicesCR135EWTExplosion Proof Weatherized$199.81Details
186851Fire Detection DevicesCR200Ht Det R/R &Amp; Fxd Temp To 200F$17.27Details
954383Fire Detection DevicesCR2002CODble Circ N/O N/C R-O-R &Amp; Fxd Tmp 200D.$57.08Details
932045Fire Detection DevicesCR200CCombo Rate-Of-Rise &Amp; Fxd Temp$28.79Details
932034Fire Detection DevicesCR200MPCombo Ror Fixed Moisture Proof$62.36Details
622928Fire Detection DevicesCR200WCombination Rate Of Rise &Amp; Fixed Tempera$15.26Details
1071270Fire-Lite / Honeywell302021E24Flame Detector, Uv, 24Vdc, Explosion Pro$2,720.48Details
154328Fire-Lite / Honeywell302AW135Frlt Det All Wthr Vrtl Mt 135F$35.70Details
1078808GE Security / UTC Fire & Security13476Amseco Horn/Strobe, White, 15/75$54.13Details
1062728GE Security / UTC Fire & Security701U10PKG6Inmounting Base For 711U And 711Ut, 10-$77.50Details
966272GE Security / UTC Fire & Security702E10PKG4" Universal Mounting Base 700 Series W/$92.34Details
939495GE Security / UTC Fire & SecuritySMEXT1Esl Sm-Ext-1 Extension Accesso$8.78Details
1042066Gentex713F**Eol** Square Smoke Detector With$38.54Details
975061Gentex7200F220 V Photoelectric Smoke Detector$49.17Details
177195Gentex8100H120 Volt Smoke Detector With Isolated He$56.06Details
177197Gentex8103PT120 Volt Smoke Detector With Temporal So$56.67Details
998922Gentex8240PTY** Eol **24V 4 Wire Photo Electric Smoke$57.27Details
930116Gentex913Battery Operated Smoke Alarm$51.16Details
1023250GentexGN203** Eol ** 120Vac Photoelectric Smoke$27.48Details
991992Kidde21026065Kidde P3010Cu Combination Smoke &Amp; Carbon$79.70Details
1056812Mircom TechnologiesMID65IKIonization Plug In Smoke Detectr C/W$47.97Details
646974Mircom TechnologiesMRI3100Intelligent Photoelectric Smoke Sensor$50.49Details
1080415Mircom TechnologiesMSTN252.5' Sampling Tube For Mdh-Sl2000$8.61Details
716424NapcoGEMCWLCOCarbon Monoxide Detector, Wireless, Compatible Wit$104.86Details
1081205Panasonic SecurityMSS0245XPFBase$231.77Details
300609Potter Electric1430005Ams Asb-6 Analog Smoke/Heat Base$8.77Details
247734Potter ElectricCR135CWRor Heat Detector Up To 135Dg Nc Cntct In White$47.33Details
280895Potter ElectricHSC4R4 Wire Base Relay$21.48Details
212191Potter ElectricSB81RSmoke Base/Relay - 81Ma Draw 6" Base$28.35Details
1022173Potter ElectricSCV**Eol** Scv Vault Contact$91.41Details
989197QolsysQS5110840Iq Smoke - Photo-Electric Wireless Smoke$77.78Details
1006815Remee ProductsZM4C18M1B18 Awg 4 Cond Low Smoke Zero Halogen$786.46Details
1055459Rokonet / RiscoRWT6C040000AWl Co Detector 433 Mhz$180.99Details
883050RSI Video Technologies / videofiedISD601Smoke Detector, Indoor *Only Compatible With W SerCall for Price.Details
1038305Saf-ComSIGAIBSmoke Detector Base$59.92Details
283998Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI8100BKSmoke Detector Cover In Black Polycarbonite Fabric$25.08Details
259372Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI8170Sti Sti8170 Smoke Detector$18.59Details
259381Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI9602Smoke Detector Web Cage Stopper, Web Stopper, 9-Ga$29.57Details
334531Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI9845Smoke Detector Damage Stopper F/Xtralis Osid Dctr$40.19Details
786265SDISOLOA78.7Oz Detector Duster (Non-Flammable For$16.05Details
221002Silent KnightB210LPDetector Base, Plug-In, Flanged, Includes Screw Te$12.90Details
287616Silent KnightB224BIIsolator Detector Base, System Sensor Series, Plug$40.50Details
250801Silent KnightB501Detector Base, Plug-In, 4-Inch, Includes Screw Ter$15.51Details
251403SpaceageIAM4ZDm4 Zone Annunciator Ul$33.00Details
251404SpaceageIAMAUDKAnnunciator Module Keyed$81.94Details
288087SpaceageIAMAUDRAnnunciator Module W/Maintaining Rocker Switch$81.94Details
288088SpaceageIAMAUXKMIam Ann Key Switch/Maintaining$29.28Details
221657SpaceageIAMAUXKSDm4 Aux. Key'D Momentary (Spring)$29.28Details
263700SpaceageIAMAUXRMDm4 Aux. Rocker Maintaining$19.52Details
221658SpaceageIAMAUXRSAnnunciator Module Aux Rocker Momentary Switch$19.52Details
288089SpaceageIAMDRILLKKey Switch Fire Drilled Maintained$53.90Details
288090SpaceageIAMFFPJACFireman'S Phone Jack Rng/Tip$24.41Details
288107SpaceageICMAUXKSAnn Control Module Aux Key Momentary$50.52Details
251425SpaceageICMAUXRMAux Rocker Maintaining Switch$37.71Details
251426SpaceageICMENGAGEDschoa Key Engage Switch For Annunciator$59.19Details
263722SpaceageICMHOAKDsc Control Module Key'D$81.94Details
221673SpaceageICMHOARDsc Control Module Rotary$72.86Details
251427SpaceageICMLEDTSTIcm Control Module Led Test$42.44Details
958898Sperry WestSW2250AHDSmoke Detector Covert Camera With High Definition$190.83Details
1080975Sperry WestSW2250IPSmoke Detect(Side View) Covert Camera W/Ip Compat$664.13Details
264284Sperry WestSW35SWFCovert Smoke Detect Cam W/Ip,4 Gb Sd Card & Remote$586.08Details
253790System SensorB110RLPSys Sensor B110Rlp Plugin Base$15.47Details
253791System SensorB114LPSys Sensor B114Lp 110 Volt$80.19Details
958408System SensorB401B**Eol** B401B 2 Wire Base$8.78Details
1058575System SensorB402B**Eol**Sys Sensor B402B 4 Wire$26.55Details
891458System SensorB406B*Eol* B406B Bases$26.55Details
984998XtralisVLS204Detector With 2 Blank Plates And Scanner$6,900.97Details
947881XtralisVLS214Detector With A Centrally Mounted Lcd Pr$7,696.27Details