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ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
162905Firetide2100Ac/Dc Power Supply Adapter,Two 2.4 Ghz 5 Dbi Anten$198.79Details
442287Firetide30009000ELE1Hotview Pro Mesh Management Software (Electronic License) Per Node$150.56Details
1045354Firetide30009000ELE103000-9000-Ele-10 Hotview Pro Mesh Mgmt Software, Electronic License Per 10 Nodes$1,215.05Details
622962Firetide30009000ELE100Hotview Pro Mesh Management Software (Electronic L$4,870.23Details
622963Firetide30009000ELE30Pn: 3000-9000-Ele-30 Hotview Pro Mesh Management Software License$2,701.99Details
174422Firetide31005101Hotport 3100 Family Wall Standing$85.39Details
187005Firetide3200210430 Meter Power Cable$204.39Details
187006Firetide320030013200 Series Weatherised Power$260.39Details
622965Firetide3200EXT3Extended Warranty For 3 Year For Any Of Our Produc$1,201.19Details
622966Firetide3200EXT5Extended Warranty For 5 Year For Any Of Our Produc$1,698.74Details
162908Firetide400011112.4Ghz Omni Directional Antenn With 7.5 Dbi Gain (N-Type) Hotpoint Ap'S Only$181.87Details
187009Firetide4100Hotpoint Indoor Thin Access Point, 802.11B/G, Up To 400Mw, No Cert. RequiredCall for Price.Details
154660Firetide4500Hotpoint 4600 Access Point - Indoor$656.49Details
1014564Firetide5020Hotport 5020, Outdoor Mimo-802 11N Capable, Dual Radio, Tri Band Spectrum 2.4GhzCall for Price.Details
622967Firetide5020ESpectrum 2.4 Ghz/4.9 Ghz/5 Ghz,400 Mw,Wireless M$1,121.21Details
622969Firetide5020LNK2.4 Ghz/4.9 Ghz/5 Ghz,400 Mw,With Pre-Configured$2,898.74Details
622970Firetide5020M5020 Mesh Node,Outdoor Mimo-802.11N Capable,Dua$1,447.49Details
1062008Firetide5020POE15020 Poe + Power Injector For Powering 5020 Series Products$126.06Details
187010Firetide5100Hotpoint 5100 Mimo Indoor Access Point, Dual Radio 802.11 A/B/G/N 100Mw$448.20Details
622971Firetide5100PK1010 Pack 5100 Indoor Ap Bundle With Hotview Pro Lic$3,692.93Details
622972Firetide5100PK100100 Pack 5100 Indoor Ap Bundle With Hotview Pro Li$29,541.07Details
174423Firetide5200Hotpoint 5200 Mimo Outdoor Access Point, Dual Radio 802.11 A/B/G/N 100Mw$933.56Details
622973Firetide5200PK1010 Pack 5200 Indoor Ap Bundle With Hotview Pro Lic$8,123.97Details
622974Firetide5200PK100100 Pack 5200 Indoor Ap Bundle With Hotview Pro Li$73,850.25Details
950598Firetide7010Hotport 7010, Indoor Wireless Mesh Node, Tri Band Spectrum 2.4/4.9/5 Ghz, 400Mw$1,215.05Details
162909Firetide7010900Hotport 7100, Indoor 900 Mhz And Mimo-802.11N Capable, Dual Radio, Tri Band$1,619.39Details
992997Firetide7010FIPSHotport 7100, Indoor Mimo-802.11N Capable 2.4 Ghz/4.9 Ghz/5Call for Price.Details
1018914Firetide7010WHotport 7010(W) Weatherized Mesh Node W/Dual Radio$2,266.24Details
162910Firetide7020Hotport 7020, Outdoor Wireless Mesh Node, Tri Band Spectrum 2.4/4.9/5 Ghz, 400Mw$0.02Details
174424Firetide702010016 Pin Female Dc Power Connector For Hotport 7000$27.75Details
622975Firetide70201002Rf Terminator - 50 Ohms - N Male$27.08Details
162911Firetide7020900Hotport 7020, Outdoor 900 Mhz And Mimo-802.11N Capable Dual Radio$2,701.99Details
1041933Firetide7020FIPSHotport 7020, Outdoor Mimo-802.11N Capable, Fips 140-2 Nist CompliantCall for Price.Details
918872Firetide7100FIPSHotport 7010 Outdoor Mimo-802.11N Capable Fips$1,539.99Details
187011FiretideAO024MIMO8Omni Directional Antenna, Bsa Mimo 3X3, 2.3-2.7 Ghz$323.47Details
349370FiretideAO024N2.4 Ghz Omni Directional Antenna$485.99Details
162912FiretideAO050MIMO9Omnidirectional Bsa, Mimo 3X3 Omni, 4.9-6.1 Ghz, 3X9 Dbi Gain$277.86Details
174425FiretideAO050N4.9-5.8Ghz Omni Dir Ant,10Dbi Gain,1.5M Lmr400 Cbl,N-Connect W/ Litning Suppresor$177.83Details
949778FiretideAO9008900 Mhz Omnidirectional Antenna, 8 Dbi Gain, Includes MountsCall for Price.Details
312891FiretideAOI245MIMO25Indoor 6-Port 2.4, 5 Ghz Dual Band Ceiling Antenna With 3 2.4 Ghz Connectors$89.94Details
162913FiretideAP024N2.4 Ghz Subscriber Panel Antenna$485.99Details
154661FiretideAP050N5.1-5.8Ghz Sub Panel Ant,23Dbi Gain,1.5M Lmr400 Cbl,N-Connect W/ Litning Suppresor$257.67Details
726501FiretideAP10050MIMO2310 Degrees Patch Antenna, 2X2 Mimo, 4.9-5.9Ghz$403.64Details
154662FiretideAP20050MIMO19Ap20-050-Mimo-19, 20 Deg Patc Ant Mimo 3X3 4.9-6.1 Ghz 19Dbi$277.68Details
174426FiretideAP4090012900 Mhz 12 Dbi Panel Antenna, 43 Degrees By 42, Includes MountsCall for Price.Details
917119FiretideAP5050MIMO285 Degrees Parabolic Dish Antenna 2X2 Mimo 4.9 6.1 Capable$472.55Details
154663FiretideAS024N2.4 To 2.7Ghz 90Deg Sector Ant 15.5Dbi Gain,1.5M Lmr400 Cable N Connecter,Adj MtCall for Price.Details
174427FiretideAS050N5.1-5.8Ghz 90Deg Sector Ant 16Dbi Gain,1.5M Lmr400 Cable N Connecter,Adj Mt$550.50Details
174428FiretideAS120024MIMO11120D Sector Ant,Bsa Mimo 3X2.3-2.7 Ghz 3X11.5 Dbi$398.24Details
162914FiretideAS90024MIMO13As90-024-Mimo-13, 90 Degree Sector Antenna, Bsa Mimo 3X3 2.3-2.7 GhzCall for Price.Details
154664FiretideAS90050MIMO1690D Sector Ant,Bsa Mimo 3X3,4.9-6.1Ghz,3X16 Dbi$604.79Details
154665FiretideAS90050MIMO16TAs90-050-Mimo-16-T, Triple Polarized 90 Deg Sector Antenna$450.14Details
174429FiretideCB015NAntenna Cable Assembly 1.5M Lmr-400 W/Lightning Suppressor N-Type Connector$146.51Details
174430FiretideCB015NMIMOMimo Antenna Cable Assembly For 5200 &Amp; 7020. 3 In 1 Bundle 1.5 Meter Lmr-400$501.78Details
162915FiretideCB025NMIMOMimo Antenna Cable Assembly For 5200 &Amp; 7020. 3 In 1 Bundle 2.5 Meter Lmr-400$579.74Details
154666FiretideCB050NAntenna Cable Assembly 5M Lmr400 Cable W/ Lightning Supresor, N-Connectr$222.29Details
312890FiretideCBC015NAntenna Cable Assembly, 1.5 Meter Lmr-400$57.55Details
622977FiretideCBC015NMIMOMimo Antenna Cable Assembly For 5200 &Amp; 7020. 3 In 1 Bund 1.5 Meter Lmr-400$166.71Details
1006529FiretideCBC025NMIMOMimo Antenna Cable Assembly For 5200 &Amp; 7020. 3 In 1 Bund 2.5 Meter Lmr-400$197.04Details
915299FiretideCBC050NAntenna Cable Assembly, 5 Meter Lmr-400$120.23Details
312889FiretideCBLT01Rf Lightning Arrestor$126.06Details
923391FiretideEXW701011Yr Extended Warranty-Tech Suppoprt F/7010$179.19Details
792288FiretideEXW701033Yr Extended Warranty For 7010$488.69Details
1080058FiretideEXW7010W11Yr Extended Warranty And Tech Support F/7010(W)$330.74Details
936595FiretideEXW7010W3D3Yr Extended Warranty/Technicalsupport F/7010$669.59Details
750993FiretideEXW702011 Year Extended Warranty For A 7020$330.74Details
798031FiretideEXW70203D3Yr Extended Warranty&Technical Support F/A/7020$681.19Details
986699FiretideEXW702090011Yr Extension Warranty-Tech-Support F/7020-900$430.64Details
442288FiretideFMC2000Firetide Mobility Controller For Mobility Upto 256 Mesh$4,398.16Details
953283FiretideFWB205Pt-To-Pt Wireless Bridge, Mimo Two Outdoor Fwb-200 Nodes W/ 2 Ext 4.9 &Amp; 5 Ghz AntCall for Price.Details
154668FiretideFWC2000Rack Mountable Firetide Wlan Controller For 50 Acc$4,427.37Details
162916FiretideMT7100Hotport 7100 Family Indoor Mounting Kit For Wall, Upright Ceiling And Office$20.58Details
162917FiretidePO010N6000 Series Outdoor Rated 10 Meter North America Ac Power Supply$57.55Details
1061026FiretidePS80604500Repair Charge For Hotpoint 4500/4100 Out Of Warranty Unit, No DiscountCall for Price.Details
1039637FiretidePS80604600Repair Charge For Hotpoint 4600/4200 Out Of Warranty Unit, No DiscountCall for Price.Details
972754FiretidePS80606100Repair Charge For Hotport 6100 Out Of Warranty Unit, No DiscountCall for Price.Details
1036749FiretidePS80606200Repair Charge For Hotport 6200 Out Of Warranty Unit, No DiscountCall for Price.Details
968632FiretidePS80607100Repair Charge For Hotport 7010 Out Of Warranty Unit, No DiscountCall for Price.Details
1052178FiretidePS80607200Repair Charge For Hotport 7020 Out Of Warranty Unit, No DiscountCall for Price.Details
993229FiretidePS8060ANT6000Repair Charge For 6000, 4000 Series, Antennas Out Of Warranty UnitCall for Price.Details
944660FiretidePS8060ANT7000Repair Charge For 7000 Series Antennas Out Of Warranty Unit No DiscountCall for Price.Details
1057904FiretidePS8115Advanced Replacement Charge For Hotport 7000 And Hotpoint 5000 Series$284.19Details
768351FiretideSN1AP275Nbd Support For Ap-275 (1 Year)$123.19Details
1067743FiretideSP2100012100 Series Replacement Indoor Ac/Dc Ps Adapter, Kit Of Intl Plugs IncludedCall for Price.Details
1046040FiretideSP2200012200 Series Replacement Poe Injector With North America Ac Power CableCall for Price.Details
162918FiretideSP2200024600 Series Replacemnt Outdoor 75 Centimetre Poe Cable That Connects The 4600Call for Price.Details
1064195FiretideSP4100014100 Series Replacement Indoor Ac/Dc Power Supply Adapter KitCall for Price.Details
1044861FiretideSP4200014200 Series Replacement Poe Injector With North America Ac Power CableCall for Price.Details
935203FiretideSP4200024200 Series Replacemnt Outdoor Pole Mounting KitCall for Price.Details
162919FiretideSP6100016100 Series Replacement Indoor Power Supply$75.59Details
934600FiretideSP7100017100 Series Replacement Indoor Power Supply Desktop Brick 12V Dc$57.55Details
174431FiretideSP7200027200 Series Replacement Weatherized Erthernet Rj45$12.03Details
975622FiretideSP7200037020 Series Replacement Outdoor Clawtooth Mounting Kit$217.25Details
622978FiretideSP7200047020 Series Outdoor Rated Replacement 5 Meter Nort$42.78Details
349369FiretideSPMNT01Panel Antenna Mounting Bracket$47.84Details
761310FiretideSW7000MIMO30Firetide 7000 Series Mimo License (Electronic Lice$37,087.99Details
349368FiretideSW7000RADIO17000 Series Radio License Allows Users To Enable/Use A Second Radio$471.14Details
909614FiretideSW7000RADIO30Firetide 7000 Series Radio License (Electronic Lic$13,160.13Details
914607FiretideSWMC001ELE1Mobility Controller Software Electronic License Per 30 Node Supports Mobility$150.56Details
622979FiretideSWMC001ELE10Mobility Controller Software Electronic License Per 10 Node Supports Mobility$1,215.05Details
162920FiretideSWMC001ELE30Mobility Controller Software Electronic License Per 30 Node Supports Mobility$2,701.99Details