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Flair Electronics

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
1031604Flair Electronics100024BRContact - Cc, 3/4In Gap, 2 1/2In, Brown$9.88Details
971088Flair Electronics100024S42536BRNSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1" Gap, 2 1/$8.62Details
959365Flair Electronics100024S42536WHTSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1" Gap, 2 1/$8.62Details
950278Flair Electronics100024S42548BRNSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1" Gap, 2 1/$8.93Details
982585Flair Electronics100024S42548WHTSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1" Gap, 2 1/$8.93Details
968372Flair Electronics100024S425BRNSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1" Gap, 2 1/$8.08Details
966448Flair Electronics100024S425WHTSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1" Gap, 2 1/$8.08Details
948510Flair Electronics100024SBRNUrface Mount Contact - Cc, 1" Gap, 2 1/2$7.63Details
1074672Flair Electronics100024SWHTSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1" Gap, 2 1/$7.63Details
1045208Flair Electronics100024WHContact - Cc, 3/4In Gap, 2 1/2In, White$9.88Details
996069Flair Electronics100034SWYBRNSurface Mount Contact - 1 1/2In Wg, Br$15.44Details
622981Flair Electronics100034WWHTSurface Mount Contact - Spdt, 1 1/2" Wid$10.38Details
1062213Flair Electronics100037CBRNIndustrial Surface Mount Magnetic Contac$4.54Details
1011525Flair Electronics100050SGGRYClamp On Overhead Door Contact - Cc, 3In$46.53Details
1019248Flair Electronics100055SGClamp On Overhead Door Contact - Oc, 3In$46.88Details
1063445Flair Electronics100063SGNo Ohd Contact$68.11Details
935719Flair Electronics100064SGLamp On Heavy Duty Surface Mount Contact$63.34Details
969966Flair Electronics100064VBMSHeavy Duty High Security Surface Mount B$103.84Details
993805Flair Electronics100064WVBMSHeavy Duty High Security Surface Mount B$103.84Details
1039122Flair Electronics100065Surface Mount Contact - Aluminum Gate$29.25Details
954193Flair Electronics100065SGClamp On Heavy Duty Surface Mount Contac$60.63Details
929910Flair Electronics100065Y722 N/C Switches 6Ft Armored Cable$41.82Details
948594Flair Electronics100065YBMSHeavy Duty High Security Surface Mount B$60.49Details
1000616Flair Electronics100073SGClamp On Overhead Door Contact Spdt 3$47.53Details
1005808Flair Electronics100077Taut Wire Fence Sensor-Cc, 1India X 12In$103.71Details
1036022Flair Electronics100077HSSensor, Tilt Switch, 1In X 12In Long$129.64Details
961380Flair Electronics100077WTaut Wire Fence Sensor Wireless$146.93Details
1000069Flair Electronics100077WHSSendor, Tilt Switch, 1In X 12In Long, Wl$171.12Details
865894Flair Electronics100096LVBMSHigh Security Overhead Door Balanced Mag$144.91Details
870865Flair Electronics100096LYOverhead Door Contact - Dpdt, 3" Gap, 3$84.62Details
778654Flair Electronics100096LYBMSHeavy Duty High Security Overhead Door B$115.93Details
893775Flair Electronics100096ZOverhead Door Contact Spdt 3 In Gap 3 1/$43.24Details
972374Flair Electronics100098LYOverhead Door Contact - Dpst, 3" Gap, 3$35.80Details
1000046Flair Electronics100098LYBMSHeavy Duty High Security Overhead Door B$60.49Details
312886Flair Electronics101064XSurface Mount Aluminum High Security$50.13Details
622982Flair Electronics101064XCMagnet Only, High Security Surface Mount$22.22Details
765748Flair Electronics1010H20WHTWater Sensor, Small Probes And Hidden Te$7.02Details
1017876Flair Electronics102024Surface Mount Contact - Cc, 1" Wide Gap,$8.93Details
1021665Flair Electronics180096Overhead Door Contact - Cc, 3" Gap, 3 1$54.04Details
312885Flair Electronics190096Latchguard, Spdt, 3In X 1 1/4In Bracket$16.67Details
162922Flair Electronics190098Latchguard, Cc, 3In Bracket With 10Ft Le$15.74Details
1039083Flair Electronics2B531BBOXModel 531B Single Gang Plastic Surface M$42.96Details
875194Flair Electronics500CMAnnunciator Communication Module - Links$1,043.26Details
622984Flair Electronics503A16Sixteen Zone Surface Mount Annunciator,$1,284.02Details
720881Flair Electronics503A161316 Zone Surface Mount Annunciator Indivi$1,284.02Details
990077Flair Electronics503AA32Hirty-Two Zone Surface Mount Annunciator$2,049.50Details
996405Flair Electronics503AA40Forty Zone Surface Mount Annunciator, St$2,296.44Details
943709Flair Electronics531Eight Zone Recessed Annunciator Stainles$408.36Details
744531Flair Electronics5318Eight Zone Recessed Annunciator, Stainle$408.36Details
969333Flair Electronics531817Eight Zone Recessed Annunciator, Stainle$408.36Details
1013460Flair Electronics531BEight Zone Surface Mount Annunciator, St$496.71Details
622988Flair Electronics531C8Eight Zone Surface Mount Annunciator, St$722.27Details
958629Flair Electronics550ALR11174422Graphic Local / Remote Annunciator - 11"$2,662.20Details
960549Flair Electronics550S8111616 Zone Led Annunciator Hinged Door 3 In$533.37Details
622989Flair Electronics561A16Sixteen Zone Recessed Annunciator, Stain$1,043.26Details
825462Flair Electronics561A1613599Sixteen Zone Recessed Annunciator, Stain$1,203.79Details
818970Flair Electronics561A2417Twenty Four Zone Recessed Annunciator St$1,473.86Details
960426Flair Electronics561A32Thirty-Two Zone Recessed Annunciator, St$2,083.46Details
622990Flair Electronics561AA56Fifty Six Zone Recessed Annunciator, Sta$3,240.94Details
622991Flair Electronics561BS8Eight Zone Slope Desk Top Annunciator, S$882.77Details
906110Flair Electronics561RL32Thirty- Two Zone Local Rack Mount Annunc$3,549.60Details
1062789Flair Electronics580101424Twenty-Four Zone Surface Mount Annunciat$1,328.01Details
1026169Flair Electronics580101424ABTwenty-Four Zone Surface Mount Annunciat$1,505.08Details
977640Flair Electronics580101524ABTwenty-Four Zone Surface Mount Annunciat$1,311.81Details
622992Flair Electronics599Back Box For 561A Annunciator$103.71Details
1042691Flair ElectronicsAA100024SRBRNSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1In Gap, 2 1$8.08Details
872774Flair ElectronicsAG10012WHTPull Apart Switch - Cc, 3/4" Dia. X 1 1/$24.89Details
312883Flair ElectronicsBR77Taut Wire Brackets$50.13Details
1065544Flair ElectronicsDA115RDoor Alarm, Single Gang Stainless Steel$15.28Details
1018731Flair ElectronicsEN1233SInovonics Single Button Pendant Wireless$82.96Details
622993Flair ElectronicsLMS28YSurface Mount Contact - Dpst, 3/4" Gap,$5.67Details
622994Flair ElectronicsLMS29YSurface Mount Contact - Dpdt, 3/4" Gap,$11.68Details
937530Flair ElectronicsM100022Surface Mount Contact - Oc Magnasphere,$10.66Details
939271Flair ElectronicsM100022SSurface Mount Contact - Oc Magnasphere,$10.13Details
349360Flair ElectronicsMN123787Rare Earth Magnet - 1/8In Thick 3/8In Wi$3.74Details
934843Flair ElectronicsMN161610Bare Rare Earth Magnet, White$1.84Details
984362Flair ElectronicsMN25050Rare Earth Magnet, 1/4" Diameter X 1/2"$2.08Details
1025712Flair ElectronicsMN25075Rare Earth Magnet, 1/4” Diameter X 3/4”$2.98Details
1045207Flair ElectronicsMN252510Rare Earth Magnet Only, 1/4" Square$1.80Details
939736Flair ElectronicsMN37050Rare Earth Magnet - 3/8In Diameter X 1/2$3.74Details
857421Flair ElectronicsMN37075Rare Earth Magnet - 3/8" Diameter X 3/4"$5.27Details
1013734Flair ElectronicsMN400Rare Earth Magnet - 3/8In Diameter X 1/2$2.48Details
1007205Flair ElectronicsMN600Rare Earth Magnet - .600" Diameter X 1/8$1.84Details
1040302Flair ElectronicsMRMS332Recessed Stubby Contact - Oc Magnasphere$9.22Details
999484Flair ElectronicsMRMS932Recessed Stubby Contact - Oc Magnasphere$7.22Details
843331Flair ElectronicsMSS10019High Security Surface Mount Balanced Mag$155.75Details
749414Flair ElectronicsMSS1004VBMSGRYHigh Security Balanced Magnetic Recessed$93.45Details
1037497Flair ElectronicsMSS1004WYRecessed Contact - Dpdt, 1In Wide Gap In$13.10Details
979342Flair ElectronicsMSS1004YBMSHigh Security Balanced Magnetic Recessed$81.00Details
806628Flair ElectronicsMSS1006VBMSWHTHigh Security Balanced Magnetic Recessed$60.49Details
622995Flair ElectronicsMSS1007BRNRecessed High Security Balanced Magnetic$38.73Details
1003626Flair ElectronicsMSS1007WHTRecessed High Security Balanced$38.73Details
927736Flair ElectronicsMSS1008TWRecessed Contact - Cc With Tamper Loop,$27.80Details
988502Flair ElectronicsMSS2007BRNRecessed High Security Balanced Magnetic$36.57Details
349355Flair ElectronicsMSS2007WHTRecessed High Security Balanced Magnetic$36.57Details
941617Flair ElectronicsPFC401Recessed Contact - Cc, 1/2In Gap$6.68Details
1030493Flair ElectronicsPFC40A942CGRecessed Contact - Cc, 1/2" Gap In SteelCall for Price.Details
970684Flair ElectronicsPFC40WBRNRecessed Contact-Cc, 1In Wide Gap, Brn$8.42Details
976989Flair ElectronicsPFC40WWHTRecessed Contact-Cc, 1In Wide Gap, Wht$8.42Details
312874Flair ElectronicsPFC41W13/4 Dia 1 Inch Gap Norm Open$7.43Details
1018615Flair ElectronicsPFC42WRecessed Contact - Spdt, 1In Wide Gap$8.56Details
989399Flair ElectronicsPFC42WYRecessed Contact - Dpdt, 1In Wide Gap$13.10Details
1034614Flair ElectronicsPFC42WYBRNContact - 1In Wide Gap In Steel,. Br$13.10Details
758783Flair ElectronicsPFC42YBMSBRNHigh Security Balanced Magnetic Recessed$53.77Details
860434Flair ElectronicsPFC42YBMSWHTHigh Security Balanced Magnetic Recessed$53.77Details
788178Flair ElectronicsPFC42YWHTRecessed Magnetic Contact - Dpdt, 1/2" G$10.59Details
1033512Flair ElectronicsPFC48GRYRecessed Contact - Cc, 1/2" Gap In Steel$6.71Details
174439Flair ElectronicsPFCBAdaptor, 3/4In Diameter With 3/8In Hole$0.44Details
174440Flair ElectronicsPFCWAdaptor, 3/4In Diameter With 3/8In Hole$0.44Details
312872Flair ElectronicsPS2003 Amp Power Supply For Fence Vibration$333.36Details
622997Flair ElectronicsPW48WHRecessed Pre-Wire Plug - 3/4" Dia. X .90$0.56Details
944474Flair ElectronicsPW942WHPre-Wire Plug, 3/8In Diameter White$0.28Details
1017429Flair ElectronicsRMS56TWRecessed Contact - Cc With Tamper Loop,$10.77Details
958856Flair ElectronicsRMS681Recessed Contact - Cc, 1/2In Wide Gap$4.01Details
789414Flair ElectronicsRMS947WHT3/8" Dia. Recessed High Security Balance$36.57Details
1046581Flair ElectronicsRP6644Recessed Resistor Pack - Two 1K Ohm 1/8$3.56Details
882488Flair ElectronicsSZA200H2OSingle Zone Recessed Flood Alarm Use Wit$216.08Details
949343Flair ElectronicsSZA210Single Zone Surface Mount Alarm, Nc Or N$193.59Details
622998Flair ElectronicsVG1224CCVehicleguard Wireless Pressure Mat For$343.36Details
760033Flair ElectronicsVIB100WWireless Vibration Sensor Detects Climb$341.69Details
622999Flair ElectronicsVIB300Vibration Metal Sensor, Off-White Nema 4$216.08Details
349349Flair ElectronicsVIP100037GRYSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1 1/2In Gap$7.81Details
1081128Flair ElectronicsVIP100050BRIndustrial Surface Mount -Wg-Brn$13.25Details
1017543Flair ElectronicsVIP100050WHTIndustrial Surface Mount -Wg-Wht$13.25Details
963741Flair ElectronicsVIP1000651Heavy Duty Surface Mount Contact - Cc, 1$12.85Details
1013897Flair ElectronicsVIP100098LContact Overhead Door$21.12Details
623000Flair ElectronicsVIP100098L24Overhead Door Contact - Cc, 3" Gap, 3$22.50Details
1045249Flair ElectronicsVIP100098ZOverhead Door Contact-Cc 3In Gap, Armore$19.10Details
187021Flair ElectronicsVIP1000H20WHTWater Sensor$12.89Details
977275Flair ElectronicsVIP100ALMSurface Mnt Contact -Cc, 1In Gap, Almond$2.56Details
1067857Flair ElectronicsVIP100BContact Brown$2.68Details
1046377Flair ElectronicsVIP100BRNWGSurface Mount Contact -Wide Gap - Br$2.44Details
994321Flair ElectronicsVIP100CBRNSurface Mount Magnet Only Brown$1.26Details
969658Flair ElectronicsVIP100CWHTSurface Mount Magnet Only - 2In L X 1/4I$1.26Details
1022986Flair ElectronicsVIP100TANSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1In Gap Tan$2.56Details
1053674Flair ElectronicsVIP1202TBRNMini Disappearing Surface Mount Contact$3.78Details
1005724Flair ElectronicsVIP1202TWHTMini Disappearing Surface Mount Contact$3.78Details
743565Flair ElectronicsVIP1202WHTContact Surface Mount Pill W/Leads Wht$3.36Details
986563Flair ElectronicsVIP1301WHTSurface Mount Closed Loop Switch 18"$2.60Details
975790Flair ElectronicsVIP1302BRNSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1In Gap,$2.60Details
989585Flair ElectronicsVIP1302CBRNSurface Mount Magnet Only - 1 1/3" L X$2.08Details
998448Flair ElectronicsVIP1302WHTSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1In Gap,$2.60Details
951869Flair ElectronicsVIP39ALMS13CWHTLarge Sm Contact W/ ¼In X 1 Mag Bright W$2.90Details
949812Flair ElectronicsVIP39AMN12093WHTSurface Mount Contact, Cc, 3/4In Gap$2.84Details
1070212Flair ElectronicsVIP39AMN161610Vip39A Contact W/ Mn161610 Magnet$3.08Details
1019672Flair ElectronicsVIP39BRNSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1In Gap$2.50Details
939782Flair ElectronicsVIP39WHTSurface Mount Contact, Terminal, White$2.50Details
623002Flair ElectronicsVIP481A942CWHTRecessed Contact - Cc, 1/2" Gap In Steel$3.84Details
949516Flair ElectronicsVIP48A942CRecessed Contact - Cc, 1/2 Gap In Steel$3.84Details
1001103Flair ElectronicsVIP48BRNRecessed Contact - Cc, 1/2In Gap In Stee$4.14Details
1050990Flair ElectronicsVIP48WHTRecessed Contact - Cc, 1/2In Gap In Stee$4.14Details
964631Flair ElectronicsVIP52TWHTRecessed Plunger Switch - Cc, 3/4In X$4.27Details
961850Flair ElectronicsVIP52WHTRecessed Push Button Switch - Cc, 3/4In$3.73Details
1037645Flair ElectronicsVIP78Tamper Switch With Bracket, Cc, 3/8" Dia$4.90Details
767469Flair ElectronicsVIP88AWHTSurface Mount Switch Only - Cc, 1 1/2"$1.48Details
965138Flair ElectronicsVIP88CTANSurface Mount Magnet Tan$1.26Details
982086Flair ElectronicsVIP88SSurface Mount Contact, Cc, 7/8In Gap$2.78Details
995879Flair ElectronicsVIP88SBRNSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1In Gap$2.78Details
955514Flair ElectronicsVIP88STANSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1In Gap Tan$2.78Details
1049617Flair ElectronicsVIP88SWHTSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1In Gap,$2.78Details
187023Flair ElectronicsVIP88WHTSurface Mnt Cont. Cc, 1In Gap, 22In, Wht$3.14Details
623003Flair ElectronicsVIP941BRNRecessed Contact - Cc, 3/4" Gap, 3/8" Di$2.14Details
1015349Flair ElectronicsVIP941CWHTRecessed Magnet Only - Cc, 3/8" Dia. X$1.38Details
1010862Flair ElectronicsVIP941NBRRecessed Mini Contact W/ Mn400, Br$4.43Details
1026570Flair ElectronicsVIP941NWHTRecessed Mini Contact W/ Mn400$3.34Details
162926Flair ElectronicsVIP941WHTRecessed Mini Contact-Cc, 3/4In Gap$2.56Details
1024843Flair ElectronicsVIP942100100 Pack Of 3/8" Press Fit Contacts$1.84Details
623004Flair ElectronicsVIP942CWHTRecessed Magnet Only - 3/8" Dia. X 3/4"$1.48Details
945888Flair ElectronicsVIP942WHTRec. Stubby Cont. -Cc, 3/4In$1.92Details
1059780Flair ElectronicsVIP94W1WHTRecessed Contact - Cc, 1In Gap$1.78Details
1019008Flair ElectronicsVIP94W2BRN3/8" Contact$3.80Details
927274Flair ElectronicsVIP94W2CRecessed Wide Gap Mag Only, 3/8In X 1In$1.32Details
1034700Flair ElectronicsVIP94W2WHTRecessed Stubby Contact - Cc, 1 1/4In W$3.80Details
952550Flair ElectronicsVIP991TBRDome Switch - C.C., 3/4In Dia.X1In L, Br$4.16Details
1078928Flair ElectronicsVIP991TWHTDome Switch - C.C., 3/4In Dia. X 1In L,$3.46Details
780711Flair ElectronicsVIP991WHTDome Switch - Cc, 3/4" Dia. X 3/4" L, 18$3.44Details
1054263Flair ElectronicsVR310Variable Eol Resistor,$32.31Details
980431Flair ElectronicsWDPS1010H2OWHTWater Probe, Dummy (No Electronics), "Wd$7.02Details