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GAI-Tronics / Hubbell

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
962215GAI-Tronics / Hubbell12509042Telephone Management Application$951.39Details
772051GAI-Tronics / Hubbell13353Addressable Amplified Speaker 600-Ohm Input, 8 Watt 12Vdc$825.47Details
916656GAI-Tronics / Hubbell13363Addressable Amplified Speaker Vhf, 154-174 Mhz 12Vdc$1,354.75Details
1044173GAI-Tronics / Hubbell210001Corridor Telephone, Stainless Steel, Tamper-Resistant Hardwa Ada Compliant$543.39Details
1009860GAI-Tronics / Hubbell226001226 Industrial Telephone Super Rugged Sandcast Aluminum Indoor And Outdoor$987.99Details
937704GAI-Tronics / Hubbell227001227 Industrial Telephone Rugged Alum Auto Dial Wall Or Pole Mount$1,006.28Details
848059GAI-Tronics / Hubbell233001Screwdriver For Tamper Proof Screws$44.08Details
1049074GAI-Tronics / Hubbell239WM001239Wm-001 Slim Wall-Mount Stanchion$1,266.64Details
931394GAI-Tronics / Hubbell255003OR255-003Or Nema 4X Weatherproof Telephone Enclosure, Orange, W/Wall-Mnt Rj11 Jack$208.05Details
1008578GAI-Tronics / Hubbell255003RD255-003Rd Nema 4X Weatherproof Telephone Enclosure, Red, W/Wall-Mnt Rj11 Jack$208.05Details
973129GAI-Tronics / Hubbell255003YL255-003Yl Nema 4X Weatherproof Telephone Enclosure, Yellow, W/Wall-Mnt Rj11 Jack$208.05Details
943212GAI-Tronics / Hubbell256001A2SKOutdoor Phone W/ 25' Armor Kit And Spring Return Door$748.66Details
1004616GAI-Tronics / Hubbell276001270 Series Wall Phone Standard Flush Mount Stainless Steel Armored Cord Nema 3R$662.31Details
985335GAI-Tronics / Hubbell277001270 Series Wall Phone Autodial Flush Mount Stainless Steel Armored Cord$728.18Details
1004338GAI-Tronics / Hubbell351001Industrial Telephone Division2 Outdoor Weatherproof Noise Cancel Mic&Amp;(Hac)$951.39Details
987165GAI-Tronics / Hubbell354001354-001 Nema 4X Gray Analog Telephone$812.33Details
1002233GAI-Tronics / Hubbell354001OR354-001Or Nema 4X Orange Analog Telephone$830.64Details
952762GAI-Tronics / Hubbell354001RD354-001Rd Nema 4X Red Analog Telephone$830.64Details
1008813GAI-Tronics / Hubbell354001YL354-001Yl Nema 4X Yellow Analog Telephone$830.64Details
988268GAI-Tronics / Hubbell397001RTEmergency Phone Custom To Retrofit Ramtel$869.80Details
1054517GAI-Tronics / Hubbell40411004Switching Power Supply For Clean Room Telephones 120V Or 240V Type$63.06Details
955874GAI-Tronics / Hubbell4115ASurface Mounting Kit For Strobe/Beacon$72.52Details
987647GAI-Tronics / Hubbell531ABeacon/Strobe Lamp Mounts In 234 Stanchion 24 V Dc$768.42Details
964614GAI-Tronics / Hubbell84501201Stanchion Assy Brnz Emer Graph Main Body Only$2,005.51Details