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Back Boxes

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
112384AiphoneBBX1EMaster Sentry Audio-Video Sys, Backbox For Lef-3B,Call for Price.Details
112385AiphoneBBX3ELef Open Voice Sys, Back Box For Lef-5C, Lef-10C OCall for Price.Details
112405AiphoneGF2BGf Component, 2-Module Back Box Call for Price.Details
112406AiphoneGF2FGf Component, 2-Module Front Frame Call for Price.Details
112408AiphoneGF3BGf Component, 3-Module Back Box Call for Price.Details
112966AiphoneGF3FGf Component, 3-Module Front Frame Call for Price.Details
112833AiphoneSBX2GAccessory, Steel Box, 2-Gang, Surface Mount Call for Price.Details
112834AiphoneSBXACEAccessory, Device Enclosure, Ss Call for Price.Details
113493AiphoneSBXLSEAccessory, Locking Cover, Stain Less Steel, For JfCall for Price.Details
112837AiphoneSBXNVPSurface Mount Box, For All Nvp Sub Stations Call for Price.Details
113806AiphoneSSB2Ceiling Speaker Accessory, Mounting Bracket, CeiliCall for Price.Details
960143Arlington IndustriesBE33 Gang Box Extender$5.49Details
952846Arlington IndustriesDBHS1WLow Profile Inbox For New Vinyl Siding Constructn$17.99Details
1037350Arlington IndustriesDBVR141WLow Profile Inbox For Retrofit Siding Construction$20.99Details
124025Arlington IndustriesDBVS2C2 Gang Low Profile In Box For Siding$25.49Details
1007272Arlington IndustriesDVFR3BL3 Gang Recessed In Box$18.75Details
972985Arlington IndustriesFLB5331NLFloor Box With Nickel Plated Cover$66.50Details
887257Arlington IndustriesFLB55492 Gang Stl Flr Comb Bx$10.54Details
716283Arlington IndustriesFLB5552MBCombo Floor Box Kit With Installed Low Voltage Div$97.99Details
819935Arlington IndustriesFLB5552NLCombo Floor Box Kit With Installed Low Voltage Div$106.39Details
1030251Arlington IndustriesFLBCF101LANon-Metallic Floor Boxes For New Concrete Pours$27.75Details
856978Arlington IndustriesFSC405RShallow Sconce Box$5.49Details
124308Arlington IndustriesTVB713Power & Multiple Low Voltage Openings W/Inter Tray$19.49Details
124978Arlington IndustriesTVBS5052Gang Metal Box$27.75Details
779508Arlington IndustriesTVBS8108X10" Power/Low Voltage Box (Steel)$59.50Details
800277Arlington IndustriesTVBU505KGCMulti Gang Tv Box For Power And Low Voltage Kit$27.75Details
888734Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsNJ1210L12X10 N12 External Hng Lid - Opaque$31.18Details
141307Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsNJ1412L14X12"N12 Ext Hang Lid-Opaque$38.43Details
813112Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsNL1210B12 X 10 N12 Ext Hng Body$52.19Details
166680DSI / Designed SecurityS2Box, 2-Gang, Surface Mount $62.73Details
152125DSI / Designed SecurityS3Box, 3-Gang, Surface Mount $82.63Details
1072444Garvin Industries521711RED4" Sqbx, 2-1/8D, 1" Ko Red$6.30Details
977424Garvin Industries52171RED4"Sq.Bx 2-1/8"D.Wld 1/2"&3/4"Ec Red$5.40Details
819839Garvin Industries52181FS4" Sqbx, 3-1/2D, F Bkt$8.98Details
854949Garvin Industries52191RED4" Sqbox 4"D,1/2&3/4, Red$13.18Details
155141Garvin Industries54151121-1/2 Inch Deep, 4 Inch Octagon Box With$1.66Details
349158Garvin Industries54151DEOW4"Oct Box W/ Knockouts And Four Mounting Tabs$4.32Details
349156Garvin Industries9218112RED5-1/2" Sq.Red Fire Alarm Box-1/2" Knockouts$12.03Details
312652Garvin Industries9218134RED5-1/2" Sq.Red Fire Alarm Box-3/4" Knockouts$12.03Details
228970Leviton3000C00Chth 1G Shallow Cutn Bx$201.59Details
228971Leviton3003C001-Gang Non-Metallic Cut-In Box$303.74Details
947396Leviton3251WE7 Gang Decora Flip Lid For Rubber Box - Black$71.39Details
1045459LumenosityEOL1End Of Line Termination Box$29.25Details
1036489Mierproducts / BWBWHARDYBOXHardybox$261.79Details
245160Perplas CorporationGBOW22Double Gang Box-Off White$15.49Details
894841Potter Electric3992075Bb-1 1 Red 1 Slot Backbox$85.39Details
676692Potter Electric4890252Accessory, Backbox, Indoor, Surface Mount, Red Fin$12.90Details
676693Potter Electric4890253Accessory, Backbox, Indoor, Surface Mount, White F$12.90Details
999737Raco2574-11/16 Box 2-1/8 Deep 1/2-3/4 Tko$4.68Details
805555Raco6874-Device Box, 2-1/2" Deep, 1/2" & 3/4" Side Knocko$48.58Details
904476Raco82404Sqbxw/Tsbkt 2-1/8Dp Nmsc&1/2Ko$21.75Details
260773SDC / Security Door Controls492BBSurface Mount Box Blue. Surface Mount Box. For 492 Emergency Door Release. Blue$29.99Details
260909SDC / Security Door ControlsDECJInterior Surface Mount Box. 3 Gang, For 101-Dec$62.99Details
331841Suttle Apparatus1701790017X17X5 Carton$4.32Details
832971Thomas & Betts5835112Sc 583511/2 4X2-1/8 Utility Bx,Stl$5.85Details
848549Thomas & Betts664CSTSWALMAluminum Cover For 664 SeriesCall for Price.Details
231133Wiremold / Legrand2448FWDevice Box-Fog White$12.69Details
1072326Wiremold / Legrand827TCALGYTwo-Gang Carpet And Tile Flange$95.19Details
1023749Wiremold / Legrand880CS2IDeep Two Gang Box$151.19Details