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ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
124699Arlington IndustriesLV1Single Gang Low Voltage Mounting Bracket$1.76Details
122897Arlington IndustriesLV1LPLow Profile Low Voltage Mounting Bracket$1.92Details
124065Arlington IndustriesLV2Arlington 2-Gang Low Volt$2.60Details
122900Arlington IndustriesLV33 Gang Mounting Bracket$4.05Details
124068Arlington IndustriesLVD2Arlington Dual Voltage Device$5.13Details
725723Arlington IndustriesLVD2052G Low Volt. Mtg Brkt 5 Pack$24.75Details
123900Arlington IndustriesLVDR2Arlington Dual Voltage Box,$6.66Details
730563Arlington IndustriesLVDR2052G Low Volt. Mtg Brkt 5 Pack$32.63Details
123901Arlington IndustriesLVH1Low Voltage Brkt Horiz *Each*$0.92Details
735686Arlington IndustriesLVH110Low Volt.Mtg Brkt 10 Pack$13.84Details
123903Arlington IndustriesLVMB11Gang New Construction Ring$1.48Details
123904Arlington IndustriesLVMB22Gang New Construction Ring$2.50Details
763259Arlington IndustriesLVN110Low Volt. Mtg Bracket 10 Pack$0.86Details
124966Arlington IndustriesLVN2Arlington D/G Nail On Lv$2.30Details
770718Arlington IndustriesLVN2052G Low Volt. Mtg Brkt 5 Pack$13.84Details
122903Arlington IndustriesLVN33G Low Volt. Mtg Brkt$4.14Details
885209Arlington IndustriesLVN3053G Low Volt. Mtg Brkt 5 Pack$22.49Details
124967Arlington IndustriesLVS1Arlington Screw On Lv Mounting$1.02Details
733698Arlington IndustriesLVS110Low Volt. Mtg Bracket 10 Pack$12.38Details
754710Arlington IndustriesNM901Snap-In Blanks (Plastic)$0.28Details
141758Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsB118A1 Gng Switch Box 18 Cube In$1.02Details
832746Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT21HPAB1 5/16In Assembled To Angle Bracket - 1/4In$4.77Details
153183Erico / Caddy FastenersMP1Mounting Plate Single-Gang Bracket Metal (Mp1)$2.30Details
161618Erico / Caddy FastenersMP1PMounting Plate Single-Gang Bracket Plastic For Old Work$1.74Details
185775Erico / Caddy FastenersMP1SMounting Plate Single-Gang Bracket For New Work 25/Box$2.00Details
171127Erico / Caddy FastenersMP2SMounting Plate Double-Gang Bracket For New Work 25/Box$3.30Details
171128Erico / Caddy FastenersMPLSScrew On Mounting Plate Single Gang Box Eliminator For Old Work$2.60Details
153186Erico / Caddy FastenersMPLS2Box Eliminator 2-Gang Screws To Drywall For Old Work$3.50Details
786129Garvin Industries52151SDR1-1/2" Deep, 4" Square Drawn Box$1.62Details
944838Garvin IndustriesDPB20W2G Dual Pow Box, 2-1/2"D, Owc$8.98Details
229259Leviton49265BKTVersi Duct Mount Bracket Kit 2 Per Pk$16.49Details
275219Mierproducts / BWBW108BMetal Box Enclsr 11.25” X 11.25” X 3.5”$23.25Details
1001292Raco2664-11/16 Box 2-1/8Dp Box-Loc 1/2-3/4 Tko$6.57Details
911603Raco6863-Gang Sw Box 2-1/2Dp Fm-Brkt 1/2-3/4 Ko$34.79Details
1016181Raco6945-Gang Masonry Box 2-1/2 Deep 1/2-3/4 Ko$39.88Details
816565Raco823Gang Box Cover - 4 Gang Raised 3/4$32.63Details
1055792Raco9001Mounting Brkt 16In Span 3-Box Position$6.57Details
1071841Raco9013RMntng Bkt Adj 16In Spn 1-1/2 Or 2-1/8Dp$6.21Details
1035125Raco9015RMntng Bkt Adj 24In Spn 1-1/2 Or 2-1/8Dp$8.44Details
956376Raco911124-11/16 Box 2-1/8 Deep 1/2-3/4 Tko - Red$4.95Details
952515Raco911154-11/16 Box 3-1/4 Deep 1/2-2 Ko - Red$18.75Details
924415Raco9422-1/2 Deep Gang Box - 3 Gang 1/2-3/4 Ko$96.59Details
812518Raco9432-1/2 Deep Gang Box - 4 Gang 1/2-3/4 Ko$130.19Details
732152Raco9531-5/8 Deep Gang Box - 4 Gang 1/2-3/4 Ko$67.90Details
1019487Raco976Switch Bx Extnsn,1-Gang,Adjustable 1/4" To 1"Steel$11.04Details
1005225UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix1962LSentrol Z Bracket 2727 A$11.53Details
952972Wiremold / Legrand40N2F55Nm Device Box 40N Natl$8.98Details
949866Wiremold / LegrandEFB10MB10-Gang Mounting Bracket$60.90Details