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Fish Tape

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
127413B.E.S.BC120Replacement 10' Ballchain$11.86Details
128887B.E.S.MAG6589Magnetic In-Wall Wire Pulling Sys$141.39Details
128904B.E.S.RL10001000'Fibersnake 5/16" Rodder$1,714.99Details
356047Belden Wire658GFS000100018-4C+22-3P+22-2C+22-3P Str Bc Frpvc/Frpvc Ind Shld Unjkt Cmp "Banana Peel"$1,065.99Details
356046Belden Wire658GFS000500Bonded Filler Composite$735.79Details
141748Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & Betts120052001/2In Blu Pvc Tube 200Ft Coil$78.39Details
141749Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & Betts12005R2001/2" Red Ent 200' Coil$81.19Details
143825Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & Betts12005Y2001/2" Yellow,Electrical 200'Coil,Non-Metallic$95.19Details
354202Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsDL4X1C2503" R/G Pvc Corr Org W/Tape-250'$626.39Details
142143Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsVC9982All Weather Quickset Clear Cement With Dauber Appl$21.75Details
794534Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsVC9992Ent Blue Cement W/Brush-Quart 313$34.08Details
927796Dymo / Rhino409143/8" Blue Letter On White Tape$16.49Details
160098Dymo / Rhino409153/8" Ref Letter On White Tape$16.49Details
1030485Erico / Caddy Fasteners615880Rod,Ground,Cu,Ptd,5/8X8$29.99Details
762415Erico / Caddy FastenersCATHPPLRErico Cable Puller For Cathp Pk 2$21.75Details
934373Erico / Caddy FastenersCP58Clamp,Grd Rod,Sil Brz,Std$2.40Details
161622Erico / Caddy FastenersRPSE1H57Caddy Pyramid Epdm, 5-7" High Up To 1"$27.75Details
154259Fiber InstrumentF201Dry Loose Tube, 62.5/125 Sc-Sc 300Ft Jumper W/Pull$534.59Details
836160Fiber InstrumentWH24Stud Wire Caddy$50.03Details
312638Garvin IndustriesFSPAD7X7X1/8" Fire Stop Putty Pad$7.72Details
155150Garvin IndustriesPUL1QWire Pulling Lubricant 1 Quart$10.21Details
177406Greenlee Textron015525A25' Power Return Tape Double Tang, Sided$15.75Details
347930Greenlee Textron12711Fishtape 100'$113.39Details
1062933Greenlee Textron35746Fiberglass Fish Tape 200'$721.49Details
627232Greenlee Textron35908$50.74Details
177437Greenlee Textron430Poly Line Bucket 6500 Feet 210 Lbs Break Strength Same As Greenlee 430$46.39Details
189590Greenlee Textron4382X25 Foot X 1/4 Inch Flat Steel Fish Tape$18.75Details
876950Greenlee Textron5408MMini Glo Stix Kit - 8'$52.19Details
759137Greenlee Textron6132 Inch Conduit Piston$19.49Details
166542Greenlee TextronFTF540100Fiberglass Fish Tape In Winder Case - 100' X .175"$253.39Details
347885Greenlee TextronFTF54050Fiberglass Fish Tape In Winder Case - 50' X .175"$165.19Details
177486Greenlee TextronFTFS43950Flexible Steel Fishtape In Winder Case 50'$146.99Details
172250Greenlee TextronFTN536100Fishtape, Nylon 100'$153.99Details
311404Greenlee TextronFTN53650Nylon Fish Tape In Winder Case 50Ft$110.59Details
311403Greenlee TextronFTS438125Steel Fish Tape 1/8In X 125Ft Rugged, Self Tensioning Case One Piece Handle$79.79Details
172252Greenlee TextronFTS43865Steel Fish Tape 1/8 In X 65 Ft Rugged, Self Tensioning Case One Piece Handle$52.93Details
189646Greenlee TextronFTS438DL150150' Steel Fishtape Laser Etched In Wider Case$90.99Details
166543Greenlee TextronFTS438DL250250 Ft Steel Fishtape W/A Lead$113.39Details
172253Greenlee TextronFTS438W100100' Steel Fishtape Winder Case$113.39Details
347884Greenlee TextronFTSS438100100' Stainless Steel Fish Tape$113.39Details
189647Greenlee TextronFTSS438200200' Stainless Steel Fish Tape$146.99Details
627299Greenlee TextronGELQWire Pulling Lubricant 1 Quart$11.86Details
172298Greenlee TextronS438W200Fishtape,Steel-1/4"X200' No Case$146.99Details
904402Ideal Industries30673100X1/8 X .060 Ss Rplmnt Tape Bulk Pack$104.99Details
632391Ideal Industries31004Repl. Fish Tape 50"X1/8"X.06"$26.25Details
193110Ideal Industries3101050Ft. Steel Thumb Winder$24.75Details
191876Ideal Industries31055Ideal Tuff-Grip Pro Fish Tape$62.30Details
170820Ideal Industries31056100' Steel Tuff Grip Fish Tape$69.99Details
191878Ideal Industries31065Tuff-Grip 200'S-Class Ft W/Eye$359.09Details
170822Ideal Industries31067Tuffgrip 240 Ftx1/8 In Stnless$137.19Details
170823Ideal Industries31074240Ft Fish Tape$124.59Details
862769Ideal Industries31087100' S-Class Fishtape$239.39Details
862355Ideal Industries31091Zoom Fish Tape Replacement, 50' W/Eyelet$62.30Details
887297Ideal Industries31096Zoom Fishtape 200Ft W/Eyelet$260.39Details
632396Ideal Industries31156Fish Tape Field Repair Kit$152.59Details
632400Ideal Industries31208200'Fibergls Fish Tape W/Eyelt$387.44Details
193116Ideal Industries31314Muletape,400Lb,4500 Ft B$349.64Details
449971Ideal Industries31315Muletape , 1800 Lb, 1300' Bucket$211.39Details
193118Ideal Industries31340Pull Line 200Lb Min Tensile Strength 6500' Bucket$57.28Details
922783Ideal Industries31348Powr-Fish Pull Line, 210Lb. X 500 Pack Of 6$72.79Details
191884Ideal Industries313711Gal Pail Aquagel Wire Lubrict$29.99Details
170828Ideal Industries313755Gal Pail Aquagel Wire Lubrcnt$92.39Details
191885Ideal Industries31388Pulling Lubricant 1 Quart Squeeze Bottle$12.03Details
449972Ideal Industries31391Yellow-1Gal-Bucket-Wire Pulling Lube-77Plus$31.18Details
193123Ideal Industries313981Qt Sqz Btl Wire Pulling Lub$15.33Details
713097Ideal Industries31471Foam Carrier, 2 In., 1-Pack Bag$17.99Details
191886Ideal Industries31472Line Pkgs,1/2"X75',10Pck,Red$39.88Details
632402Ideal Industries31542Volt-Guard 60', Fish Tape$110.59Details
744334Ideal Industries31554Volt-Guard Nylon Fish Tape Replacement, 120'$127.39Details
181486Ideal Industries31601Duct Seal 1Lb$6.30Details
170831Ideal Industries31605Duct Seal$19.49Details
193437Ideal Industries772242Unit 1"X5' Flex Tubing$9.39Details
309821Ideal IndustriesKB017312" Speed-Grip Assembly, Kit$29.73Details
215893Jar Industries / NCSF2STSTFRMPE450FT6Fbr,I/O,Mm Term W/St & Pll Ey$556.19Details
1040369Jar Industries / NCSFSM12SCSCIOPLPE300Sc To Sc 12-Fiber I/O Plenum With Pulling Eye$999.69Details
635250Jar Industries / NCSFSM2LSLSPE100Corning Sm 2Fiber Mic Indoor Riser Rated Lc/Lc$103.59Details
198722Jar Industries / NCSFSM2STSTPE450FT6 Fiber I/O Sm Trmintd W/St On End & Pull Eye-450'$499.49Details
960095L.H.Dottie381203/8 X 1200' Pull Rope - Polypropylene - Yellow$181.99Details
205703L.H.Dottie6502P6500' Pull Line Two Ply Dispensing - Pai$48.58Details
205720L.H.DottieCG10Standard Cauking Gun-Friction Type$6.66Details
343325L.H.DottieCGS10PPremium Skeleton Caulking Gun$11.20Details
205772L.H.DottieFRS18Fire Stop Putty 18 Cu. In. Stick$36.98Details
223440L.H.DottiePGE3000Polyester Pull Line Measuring Tape 1/4"X3000'$326.69Details
271283L.H.DottieRTV10W10.3Oz Silcone (Cartridge) - Wh$9.55Details
343304L.H.DottieRTV3WSilicon White$4.86Details
206210L.H.DottieRTV87.25Oz Silicone (Pressurized Can) - Clr$14.83Details
271285L.H.DottieRTV8W7.25 Oz. Rtv Silicon Sealant White$14.83Details
342982Labor Saving Devices83136Fekt36 Fish-Eze 36" Stainless Tube$21.75Details
207453Labor Saving Devices84240Creep Zit 2-3-4 Push Pull Rod Kit$23.25Details
637246Labor Saving Devices85353Replacement Fiberglass Fish Tape Without The Holde$106.39Details
207458Labor Saving Devices85900Fish Tailz Mesh Pull Sock Kit$86.79Details
224737Labor Saving Devices85905Mesh Socks 3/4"$13.18Details
198845Labor Saving Devices85914Diameter Mesh Pull Sock,Pz1/4"$32.63Details
198846Labor Saving Devices85915Diameter Mesh Pull Sock,Pz3/8"$39.14Details
271519Labor Saving Devices85916Diameter Mesh Pull Sock,Pz1/2"$44.94Details
271520Labor Saving Devices85917Diameter Mesh Pull Sock,Pz3/4"$51.48Details
207459Labor Saving Devices85918Diameter Mesh Pull Sock,Pz1"$57.99Details
271521Labor Saving Devices85919Diameter Mesh Pull Sock,Pz1-1/1/4"$62.30Details
224739Labor Saving Devices85920Diameter Mesh Pull Sock,Pz1-1/2"$68.59Details
224740Labor Saving Devices85940Pull-Zit Pull Sock Combo Kit, Set Of 4 ($223.99Details
224805Labor Saving DevicesPW36047Pw36047 Reference Bits (10-Pack)$15.68Details
224840Labor Saving DevicesWN1010Ft Drop Chain Replacement Pc For Ls-Wnr5$9.88Details
198950Labor Saving DevicesWNRSWnrs Wet Noodle And Retrievers.$26.25Details
213435Red Devil871Clear Caulking 5.5 Fl Oz$8.44Details
255276Tripp LiteEZA05050 Ft Type A-Ez Cable$65.76Details
228082Tripp LiteEZA050PEz-Pull Analog Plenum Trunk Cable 50 Ft.$197.25Details
255277Tripp LiteEZA100PPull Cable Plenum Base 100Ft$367.19Details
255278Tripp LiteEZAVGAAM2Ez Pull Cable Kit Male To Male 1'Long$24.75Details
255279Tripp LiteEZAVGAAX2Easy Pull Kit W/Male And Female Connectors And Plt$27.75Details
295183Tripp LiteEZAVGACSAM2Type A Easy Pull Kit (2) Hd15$51.48Details
741401Tripp LiteEZAVGACSAX2Easy Pull Type-A Connectors - M/F Set Of Vga,3.5Mm$56.70Details
266516Tripp LiteEZAVGAM2Easy Pull Vga-M (X2) Connectors (Use W Type A Cabl$23.25Details
560253Tyton / Hellerman16960021Convoluted Tubing 1" Slit,Black,Polyamide 6,50Ft/B$130.19Details
882184UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix1905Sentrol 1905 Rtv Mountng Glue$9.41Details