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Hardware and Tools

General Hardware

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
8775543M Electrical Products Division4053PMTool For Separating Ms2 Supermate 4005Dpm/Tr Module From Other Module$288.60Details
8213233M Electrical Products Division6192B254X2D4HLapping Film, 254X Type R3, 2 Mircon W/ Hole, 50 Per Pack$0.48Details
8410783M Electrical Products DivisionE9BMCrimp Tool Parallel Adjustable Jaws 10:1 Advantage For All Scotchlocks$78.53Details
7782313M Electrical Products DivisionE9JWork Saving Crimp Tool Jaws 10:1 Advantage For All Scotchlocks$56.75Details
1036183M Electrical Products DivisionE9YCrimp Tool Stepped Jaws For Use With Scotchlok Butt &Amp; Tap Connectors$27.63Details
7449783M Electrical Products DivisionE9YPE-9Y Step Jaw Crimping Mechanical Advantage Not For 19Awg PlusCall for Price.Details
873265AASTRA / Mitel68768027Standard Battery Pack 610D, 612D, 620D, 622D, 630D, 632D$0.02Details
915140AASTRA / Mitel68773027Power Battery Pack 620D, 630D - Requires Power Battery Cover$0.02Details
820958AASTRA / Mitel68980010Charging Cradle/Ac Adapter 610D, 612D, 620D, 622D$0.02Details
896572AASTRA / Mitel80C00001AAAA6865I No Ac Adapter Charcoal$0.02Details
910228AASTRA / Mitel80C00002AAAA6867I No Ac Adapter Charcoal$0.02Details
732215AASTRA / Mitel80C00005AAAA6863I No Ac Adapter Charcoal$0.02Details
106033Ademco / Honeywell Security4401Ademco Double Stick Tape$20.91Details
112370Aim Electronics / Emerson279102Bnc 3 Piece Crimp For Rg6$3.30Details
113001Aim Electronics / Emerson2791913Pc Bnc Crimp F/Rg58 Plenum$2.60Details
387473Aim Electronics / Emerson279210Bnc Crimp On Connector F/Rg59$2.70Details
582180Aim Electronics / Emerson409509SDb9 Female Solder Type$0.70Details
582182Aim Electronics / Emerson409525SDb25 Female Solder Type$0.96Details
117407Alltel / Windstream SupplyVBDM12412"Double Mount Bracket$131.59Details
853656Amphenol227944Crimp Tool Only Less Die For Rg Cable$721.32Details
732579Amphenol227983Crimp Hand Tool For 82-5589-Cc Twinax Connector With Die$252.17Details
746955AmphenolCTL1Crimp Tool Bnc With Dies For Rg58/59/62 And Plenum 3 Piece Conn$127.30Details
911101AmphenolCTL2Crimp Tool With Dies For Rg6/174/179/187/188/316 Belden 8281$136.19Details
892162AmphenolCTL3Crimp Tool N With Dies For Rg8/58/213/214 - Ethernet 3 Piece Conn$132.55Details
874014AmphenolCTL4Crimp Tool With Dies For Twinax, Belden 8227,9207&Amp;89207 Ibm 7362211$79.02Details
796941AmphenolCTL6Bnc Crimp Tool For Rg58/59 With 20Awg Center Cond/ Rgb&Amp; Svh Cbl/8 Miniature$167.06Details
872481AmphenolCTL8Bnc Crimp Tool For Amphenol 75 Ohm Conn For Rg6/Rg58/Rg59With 20 Awg Center Cond$409.08Details
1045317Apex Tool0012CHk Porter, Jaws, Pair For 0090Fc$59.99Details
1034276Apex Tool8613CKCutterhead, Replacement 8690Ck$313.15Details
980943Apex Tool8613CSCutterhead,8690Cs,3"Soft Cable$283.32Details
934946Apex Tool8613FHCutterhead,8690Fh$211.67Details
966601Apex Tool8613TNCutterhead/8690Tn$376.84Details
122904Arlington IndustriesLVS2D/G Screw On L.V. Bracket$2.40Details
128398B.E.S.BELLC12123/8"X12" Carbide Bell Hanger'S Bit$17.25Details
130030B.E.S.BELLC14121/4"X12" Carbide Bell Hanger'S Bit$17.25Details
128577B.E.S.FIB518Pull Ring 1"Diameter Connects To 3/16" 5/32" Rods$4.14Details
128644B.E.S.FIBEX14541/4"X54" Flex Bit Extension For 3/4" Piranhabits$24.75Details
128579B.E.S.FIBEX14721/4"X72" Flex Bit Extension For 3/4" Piranhabits$26.25Details
128646B.E.S.FIBEX5454" Flex Bit Extension For 3/16" Shaft$24.75Details
127446B.E.S.FIBEX7272" Flex Bit Extension For 3/16" Shaft$26.99Details
130058B.E.S.FIBGUDGives Added Control To Flexible Shaft Drill Bits.$23.99Details
131594Belden WireA0270165Qtbix16A:Seating&Amp;Cutting Tool F/Terminating Conductors On Bix Connectors$67.91Details
918359Belden WireAX101852Outlet Termination Station For Gigaflex Modules Ax101852$8.46Details
808708Belden WireAX102775Patch Cord Tool$7.31Details
319145Belden WireAX104270Field Installation Kit Fiberexpress Brilliance$1,373.19Details
907939Belden WireAX104293Precision Cleaver Replacement Blade$273.74Details
885786Belden WireAX105568Rapid Termination Tool Headset For Keyconnect Jacks Cat5E &Amp; Cat6+$26.67Details
750189Belden WireC0054642Leather Pouch For Bix Tool Attaches To Any Standard Size Belt - Qtbix16S$15.59Details
896025Belden WireCPCAT5PDT110 Punchdown Tool, Cable Pro Blue, LightCall for Price.Details
798029Belden WireCPLCCTLS5911F Connector - 7/16" Nut Compression Tool$132.33Details
846353Belden WireCPLCCTSLMRCompression Tool$121.73Details
592201Belden WireCPLCRBCBRDouble Bubble Compression Tool$97.05Details
971291Belden WireCPRJ1145Telephone Crimp Tool Blue, LightCall for Price.Details
814238Belden WireCST596711Strip Tool For Rg6/Rg59/Rg11 Use With Snap &Amp; Seal Connector F, Bnc &Amp; Rca Conns$27.18Details
926838Belden WireGTT4Terminator Tool For Blue, LightCall for Price.Details
752911Belden WireGTT7Terminator Tool-Gilbert 7" Blue, LightCall for Price.Details
949245Belden WireGTTPPLT4Gtt-Pplt Combo-4 W/ PackagingCall for Price.Details
1067851Belden WireGTTPPLT7Gtt-Pplt Combo-7 W/ PackagingCall for Price.Details
838652Belden WireIT1000Coax Stripping And Install Tool For Rg6 And Rg59 Snap-N-Seal$110.24Details
872516Belden WireIT10002Blade Cassette Spare For Snap-N-Seal Strip Tool It1000 Anixter 183516$15.61Details
922177Belden WireL3011BCable Termination Tool Used With Sns7As &Amp; Sns11As Connectors$90.38Details
1070599Belden WireLMTIPHOLDERTip, Lcct-Lm, Holder Chrome, BrightCall for Price.Details
810348Belden WirePS11Pro Strip F11 Stripper Blue, LightCall for Price.Details
912010Belden WirePS596RGBPrep Tool Rg 59&Amp;6 And Mini Rgb CoaxCall for Price.Details
766053Belden WirePSA596Adjust Stripper-Flaring Tool Chrome, BrightCall for Price.Details
1015377Belden WirePSNETStrip Tool,For Cat5/Cat6 CableCall for Price.Details
1037528Belden WireRVUCT01Cable Preparation Tool For Revconnect Jacks And Plugs$17.42Details
934384Belden WireRVUTT01Revconnect Termination Tool$113.29Details
717669Belden WireSNSUTLInstalling Tool Non-Ratchet For Snap &Amp; Seal Conns. For Rg59 &Amp; Rg6$84.43Details
1024159Belden WireSS596Siamese Stripper 59/6 Chrome, BrightCall for Price.Details
988563Belden WireVTT4Terminator Tool 4" Blue, LightCall for Price.Details
774658Belden WireVTT7Viewsonic Terminator Blue, LightCall for Price.Details
724028Bi-TronicsCAC44143.5Mm Mini Plug Mono$1.80Details
1068796B-LineTN227Tn227 (#10-32)Zn Twrl Nut$8.10Details
1077005BURNDY / HubbellMD6Mech Crimping Tool (Hytool) W/Bg 5/8 D3 Grv24 Bent Hndl W,X,W-Vt Die Types$404.69Details
956513BURNDY / HubbellMD68Hand Operated Mech Crimper Bent Hickory Hndl Hytool W/O D3 Grv 24Call for Price.Details
777117BURNDY / HubbellPAT750LI12 Ton Battery Tool (Uses U-Dies) 18 Volt Lithium-Ion$4,304.55Details
722067BURNDY / HubbellPAT81KFTLI4-Point Dieless Battery Tool 18 Volt Lithium-Ion$4,283.96Details
788001BURNDY / HubbellPATCUT245LIBattery Cable Cutter Cu/Al (Cables Up To 2.45") 18 Volt Lithium-Ion$3,388.78Details
969450BURNDY / HubbellPATMD68LICUTKIT1Burndy Tool Patmd68 &Amp; Cutter Jaws &Amp; Case, 6 Ton Crimp Force Li-Ion BatteryCall for Price.Details
960022BURNDY / HubbellPATMD6LIDCBattery Operated Crimper 6Ton Li-Ion Battery,Grooves D3 &Amp; Bg 18 V-Dc Op Voltage$2,392.99Details
796389BURNDY / HubbellY122CMRRatchet Hand Crimp Tool Crimps 12-2 Awg Cls B &Amp; I Strd #2 Sol &Amp; #3 Strd$417.15Details
841237BURNDY / HubbellY1MRTCRatcheting Crimp Tool For Taps Crimps, Terminals, &Amp; Splices$277.63Details
820536BURNDY / HubbellY1MRTCKITRatcheting Crimp Tool For Taps Crimps, Terminals, &Amp; Splices Kit W/Case$515.11Details
908874BURNDY / HubbellY644HSXT"1" Crimp Dieless Self Contained Hydraulic Hypress Tool High Speed$2,248.18Details
772992BURNDY / HubbellY81KFT4-Point Dieless Self-Contained Hydraulic Hypress$2,203.68Details
727237BURNDY / HubbellY8MRB1Hand Held Full Cycle Ratchet Crimping Tool, 22-8 Awg$298.43Details
919615Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & Betts11809YT500C1/4" P&C Flex W/Tape,Ye$1.80Details
930878Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & Betts118102501.5" Grey Pvc Outdoor 250'$2.10Details
1023431Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & Betts11810T2501.5"Grey Pvc W/Tape Outdr 250'$1.98Details
597268Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & Betts12007AA0013/4In Flex&Ent Pvc Blue 1000Ft$535.94Details
141751Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & Betts12007R1003/4" Red Ent 100' Coil$72.79Details
597269Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & Betts12007Y1003/4In Yellow Ent 100Ft Coil$0.92Details
597270Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & Betts120087501" Blue Ent 750' Reel$639.89Details
597271Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & Betts120097501 1/4In Ent Blue 750Ft Reel$922.99Details
809161Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & Betts120107501 1/2" Blue Ent 750' Reel$1,240.19Details
143829Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & Betts120115002In Blue Ent 500Ft Reel$980.19Details
597272Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & Betts1207AAY001Flx Pls Interduct 3/4" 1M Yllw$662.99Details
1062730Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & Betts6791.5 In Erickson Coupling Iron$29.25Details
317323Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsA13D2S1JNNB5002" Corr Plastic Conduit 500'$587.24Details
766335Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsA240E3/4" Ent Coupling 100/Box$179.19Details
141755Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsA240F1" Ent Coupling$169.39Details
844212Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsA243E3/4" Ent Male Adapter Threaded$353.69Details
810421Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsA243F1" Innddct Cnnctr$7.54Details
900084Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsA253E3/4" Male Adapter Snap-In$3.60Details
920792Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsA253F1"Trmnl Adptr F/12008Y100 50Pk$195.99Details
842138Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsA340F1"Cmp Coupler F/1"Innderduct$2.90Details
811997Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsA353F1" Snap-On Adapter, Plenum Min Qty Of 100$3.60Details
142467Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsA4104" Sq 1/2" Raised 1 Gang Cvr$3.10Details
142469Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsB112HBHandy Box$3.00Details
142471Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsB118BUPCSingle Gang Box W/Bracket$3.98Details
142472Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsB120AUPC20 Cub" 1 Gang Zip Box$1.30Details
141299Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsB121ADJ1-Gang Adjustable Switchbox$8.44Details
142473Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsB122AUPCSngl Gng 3-1/2" Deep Box 100Pc$1.52Details
597277Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsB618RUPCRound Old Work Zip (Each)$6.39Details
143832Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsB620HGUPC3.0/4.0 Ceiling Box W/Bar & Gl$8.44Details
597278Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsB620K4/0 20 Cu In Ceiling Box W/Lgr Hgr$8.56Details
317322Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsB620LUPC4/0 20 Cu In Ceil Box W/L Bracket$8.56Details
892294Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsB708SHK4 In.8 Cu.In Non-Metal Ceiling$11.86Details
141764Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsBH235A2Gang Box, 35 Cu Inches, 48/Pk$6.30Details
742737Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsBJ4X1C15002 Inch Gen Purp Orn Tape Cl$1,978.74Details
799012Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsBJ4X1C20002 Inch General Purpose Orn W/Tape$2,521.24Details
412738Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsCD4X1C5001/2"Plenum Gard Corr Orn W/Tape-500 Feet$1,206.39Details
853507Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsCE4X110003/4"Pln-Gard,Orng,Empty(1000')$2,453.74Details
1052812Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsCF4X1C1001" Cmp Innerduct Orng Rl 100'$427.94Details
412739Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsCF4X1C15001" Cmp Innerduct Orng Rl 1500'$3,708.79Details
143834Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsCF4X1C5001" Cmp Innerduct Orng Rl 500'$1,346.24Details
719195Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsCJ4X1C14002Inch Plenum Gard Corr Org W/Tape$7,910.47Details
142478Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsCJ4X1C2252" Plenum,Orange,Non-Mettalic Conduit W/Tape-225'$1,354.99Details
842443Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsCL4X1C1503" Plenum Guard W/Tape - 150Ft$1,751.24Details
142120Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsDE4X110003/4" Risergard Pvc Corrug 1M$521.09Details
412740Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsDF4X1C15001" Rsr Grd W/Tape Orng 1500'$1,026.99Details
597281Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsDG4X1C5001 1/4" Rsr-Grd Orng W/Tpe 500 Ft$450.89Details
597282Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsDH4X1C12001 1/2" Rsr-Grd Orng 1200'$1,302.49Details
142124Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsDJ4X1C1002"Rsr Grd W/Tape Orng 100'Coil$187.59Details
354201Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsE940G1 1/4"Cplng F/Schedule 40 Cndt$0.98Details
142125Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsE940H1-1/2" Coupling$0.54Details
143843Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsE9763BTrpl Brown Cover Assy$232.39Details
141304Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsE976AK2Activation Kit F/Floor Box$36.98Details
412745Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsE977EC3/4" Straps (Clamps)$0.38Details
317318Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsE97ABR2Floor Adapter For Brass Cover$26.25Details
597287Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsE97BRDplx/Gfci Flr Box Cvr Brss$153.99Details
143845Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsE97DSBDs Dplx Recep Flr Box Cvr Brwn$45.68Details
597292Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsE980CNCARSingle Gang Cover Blank$4.68Details
965904Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsE980DFN1/2" Fse 1-Gng Wp Bx-New Style$16.49Details
143846Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsE987R6X6X4 D/B Wthrprf Jnctn Box$15.75Details
143847Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsE989NNJCARE989Nnjcar 4X4X4 Pvc Elec Box$16.15Details
597295Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsE989UUN12X12X4 D/B Wthrprf Jnctn Box$42.78Details
597296Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsGQ12007AA0013/4" Flex-Plus Non-Metallic Bl Flex Raceway 1000Ft$472.49Details
597297Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsLT9LF1" Pvc Lock Nut$0.88Details
894078Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsMB120ADJPregalvanized Steel Mud Ring$14.83Details
970468Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsRB1521 1/2-3/4 Reducing Bushing$8.73Details
141308Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsRC3200Extend Door Chime$37.69Details
142487Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsRC3250Plug-In Door Chime$32.63Details
917063Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsRC3253Add On Plug Indr Chime$26.99Details
141309Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsRC3260Plug In Entrance Alert Package Of 3$37.69Details
142493Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsSC12CC1/2" Three Wire Stacking 10/Pk$8.89Details
141318Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsSC14CC1/4" Co-Axial Staple$12.69Details
142135Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsSC200ADJC2Gang Low Volt Adjustable Brkt$11.53Details
142494Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsSC200DV2Gang Dual Voltage Box$6.12Details
142136Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsSC300PRBRdv 3 Gang Old Work Plate$35.53Details
142543Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsSC34CC#6 Ser Service Entrance 20/Pk$9.55Details
141320Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsSCA240E3/4" Resi-Gard Quick Connect$1.68Details
143852Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsSCA240F1" Quick Conn Couplings 20/Pk$2.90Details
141321Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsSCA243E3/4" Resi-Gard Q.C Threaded Adapter$2.80Details
143854Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsSCA253E3/4" Resi-Gard Qc Snap-In$2.10Details
142137Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsSCA253F1" Quick Conn Snap-In Adapter$3.20Details
142544Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsSCDIVLow Voltage Divider Plate$1.06Details
143857Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsSCE977EC3/4" Resi-Gard Conduit$3.40Details
597319Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsSCF4X1C1500Scf4X1C1500 1"Resi-Gard W/Tape 1500'$1,021.79Details
142552Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsSCJ4X1C500Scj4X1C500 2"X500' Resi-Gard$868.39Details
142142Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsVC9963SCPint, Resi-Gard, Clear Cem$11.53Details
605804comCablesTOCRIMP90RPTRapid Punch Down Tool, 90 Degree $82.60Details
784937comCablesTOCRIMP90RPTC90 Degree Rapid Punch Down Tool Performa$72.80Details
1038214Commscope108066457EADust Cover For Mps Jacks Electric Ivory Pack/100 108066457$19.97Details
1048294Commscope1480MSS1 1/4" Coax Jacket Strip Tool For Cellreach + Extremeflex 1480-Mss$185.61Details
964392Commscope1480PTEzfit Automated Cable Preparat Ion Tool For Fxl-1480 Coaxial Cable$363.00Details
1071937Commscope207270Crimping Tool For Attaching Gr Ounding Lugs To Grounding Kits$432.54Details
986660Commscope540MSS1/2" Coax Jacket Striping Tool For Cellreach + Extremeflex 540-Mss$163.79Details
1032024Commscope780EZPTEzfit Automated Cable Preparation$376.65Details
982628Commscope788H1Punchdown Tool For 110 System Seats &Amp; Trims 10 Conductors 108062043$243.38Details
967091Commscope788M2Head-Replacement For 788H1 Part Of 110 Cntr Sys 107975864$115.54Details
1077454Commscope78HPT7/8" Hand Prep Tool, Ezfit$149.04Details
1052965Commscope78HPTVSEzfit Manual Cable Preparation Tool For 7/8 In Smoothwall Co Axial Cable$139.69Details
1067162Commscope8762D88Blade Replacement 110/88 Type For D814 &Amp; 914 407728427 At8762Call for Price.Details
944015CommscopeA5EZPTAva5 Series Cables Automated Prep Tool Ezfit Connector Only$377.60Details
1072003CommscopeA6EZPTAva6 Series Cables Automated Prep Tool Ezfit Connector OnlyCall for Price.Details
1074499CommscopeA7EZPTAva7 Series Cables Automated Prep Tool Ezfit Connector OnlyCall for Price.Details
979449CommscopeBCPT5600Cable Preparation Tool For Cnt -500 Braided Cable$118.93Details
963563CommscopeCPT12UEasiax Automated Cable Preparation$230.52Details
934917CommscopeCPT158UEasiax Plus Automated Cable Pr Eparation Tool For 1-5/8 In Co Axial Cable$276.30Details
1018642CommscopeCPTBK6Replacement Blade Kit For Cptl 6 Automated Cable Preparation Tool$68.91Details
974413CommscopeCPTBK7Replacement Blade Kit For Cpt- 158U Automated Cable Preparati On Tool$68.91Details
950252CommscopeCPTBKS1Replacement Blade Kit For Cpt- L4Arc1, Cpt-L45Arc, Cpt-E2L2N, And Cpt-E2L2Din AutCall for Price.Details
1004995CommscopeCPTBKSF4Replacement Blade Kit For Cpt- F4B Automated Cable Preparatio N Tools$88.56Details
942971CommscopeCPTBR400KITCable Preparation Tool For Cnt -400 Braided Cable$163.28Details
1005185CommscopeCPTE2L2NEasiax Plus Automated Cable Pr Eparation Tool For Efx2-50 And Ldf2-50 Type N Conn$279.69Details
936477CommscopeCPTL1Easiax Plus Automated Cable Pr Eparation Tool For Ldf1-50 Typ E N Connectors$242.05Details
993176CommscopeCPTL2Easiax Plus Automated Cable Pr Eparation Tool For Ldf2-50 Din Connectors$279.69Details
944056CommscopeGKT114SGAluminum Grounding Kit Prepara Tion Tool For 1-1/4 In Corrug Ated Cable Sg SeriesCall for Price.Details
992208CommscopeGKT158AGrounding Kit Jacket Removal Tool For Ava7 &Amp; Vxl7 Series Cables$174.85Details
989788CommscopeGKT158SGAluminum Grounding Kit Prepara Tion Tool For 1-5/8 In Corrug Ated Cable Sg Series$218.22Details
927864CommscopeGKT78AGrounding Kit Tool Aluminium 7/8" Coaxial Cable (Ava5) Earth Preparation$164.19Details
964375CommscopeGKT78SGAluminum Grounding Kit Prepara Tion Tool For 7/8 In Corrugate D Cable Sg Series Gr$207.27Details
1033556CommscopeGKTBK67Replacement Blade Kit For Gkt- 114A And Gkt-158A Grounding Ki T Preparation ToolsCall for Price.Details
981075CommscopeGKTF4AAluminum Grounding Kit Prepara Tion Tool For Fsj4-50B Coaxial Cable$163.79Details
990716CommscopeGKTL4AGrounding Kit Tool Aluminium Ldf4 1/2" Coaxial Cable Earth Preparation$164.19Details
1058860CommscopeGKTL4SGAluminum Grounding Kit Prepara Tion Tool For 1/2 In Corrugate D Cable Sg Series GrCall for Price.Details
954395CommscopeHGSTTSHand Termination Tool Seat Only 760152876$17.94Details
932588CommscopeKS22035L2Spudger Tool Used To Remove Insulation On 110 Blocks 405423260Call for Price.Details
1012571CommscopeMCPT3812Easiax Manual Prep Tool Fsj2 3/8" &Amp; Fsj4 1/2" Cable Cable Preparation$23.90Details
1039830CommscopeMCPTBK4Manual Replacement Blade Kit For Mcpt-L4 (5 Blades Per Pk)$13.13Details
995281CommscopeMCPTBK5Manual Replacement Blade Kit For Mcpt-78 (5 Blades Per Pk)$13.13Details
1046422CommscopeSFXMSS1/2" Coax Jacket Striping Tool For Superflex Only Sfx-Mss$168.69Details
989427CommscopeTBCOMPKITConnector Attachment Tool Kit, Includes Tool Box$1,024.22Details
1029815CommscopeTW12EZFCTorque Wrench For 1/2" Ezfit Connector$95.69Details
1032613CommscopeTYPEHPOLISHINGPAPER6X6100SHPolishing Paper Type H 6X6 Pk/100 760066969$108.33Details
931802CommscopeVP360788HEADVisipatch 360 X10D 4-Pair Block Punch Down Tool Head$0.02Details
972280CommscopeVP360914BITVisipatch 360 X10D 1 Pair Punch Down Tool Bit 760060368Call for Price.Details
984529CommscopeVP360914BITEVisipatch 360 X10D 1 Pair Punch Down Tool Bit 760142463$43.59Details
830376Corning110104501Anaerobic Adhesive, Activator And 10 Syringe Tips$71.81Details
719371Corning150610101Polishing Film 2 Um Silicon$0.60Details
792847Corning210450201Fiber Stripper Dual Hole Plier Type For 250Um And 900Um$71.04Details
902440Corning320500401Fiber Stripper Plier-Type 103-S Miller Tool$65.09Details
884764Corning320600101Jacket Stripping Tool For .8 Mm To 2.6 Mm Diameter Cable Claus Product$48.44Details
833537CorningFC451Fiber-Clean (45 Wipes) For Cleaning Of Fiber Optic Components$22.64Details
770604CorningFCCCLEANERCONNConnector Cleaning Fluid Fiber Optic Fcc-Cleaner-Conn$23.58Details
883281CorningHANSTANDARD900Um Fiber Handler$21.11Details
802137CorningOFT000Optical Fiber Access Tool For Midspan Splits Buffer Tubing O.D. 2.4-3.0Mm$306.57Details
876918CorningOFT001Replacement Blades For Oft-000 (Ofat) Set Of 4 Per Pack$24.33Details
748067CorningTKT005Cable Stripping Tool Kit Fiber$646.99Details
762430CorningUAT3000Universl Fiber Access Tool For Midspan; Splits Buffer Tubing Adjst O.D 5.0-24.0Mm$1,110.46Details
984231Corning GilbertGCATASCompression Tool For Gilbert F Sns "F" Conn For Rg11 And 7 Coax Cable$123.30Details
948873Corning GilbertGCATUNIVERSLFXCompression Tool For Gilbert F, Bnc &Amp; Rca Conns For Rg59 &Amp; Rg6 Coax Cables$84.91Details
988034Corning GilbertGCPT1100Strip Tool For Rg7 &Amp; 11 Coax Conn$82.22Details
1039890Corning GilbertGCPT6590Strip Tool For Rg59 &Amp; 6 Coax Conn$50.49Details
1013648Corning GilbertGGTT7Terminator Tool Locking With Extension For Gtp59 Theft- Proof Terminator$23.64Details
1032084Corning GilbertGS200Security Sleeve Tool$23.22Details
316066D & S TechnologiesBB44 Gang Surf Mt Back Box$89.59Details
183211Dolphin ComponentsDC516N5/16 Nylon Cable Clamp/100Pack$5.49Details
183513Dolphin ComponentsDCAD505Female/Male/Femle/T Adap Bg/10$18.75Details
158775Dolphin ComponentsDCAD506Female-Female-Female T Adapter$20.25Details
158817Dolphin ComponentsDCLPM2Low Profile #6 Cable Tie Holders 1000/Ba$85.39Details
160100Dymo / Rhino43613Dymo D1 Tape 1/4In X 23Ft Blk Print Wht$16.49Details
152189Dymo / Rhino45017Blk Prnt On Red Tape 1/2 X 23"$17.25Details
184740Dymo / Rhino451131/2" X 23' Blk & White Tape$17.25Details
826951Erico / Caddy Fasteners1231/4" Bottom Hole Z Purlin/Assy$0.88Details
616448Erico / Caddy Fasteners123812MClip,Z Purlin,Pkg Con / Zpurlin Clip$2.00Details
171094Erico / Caddy Fasteners2BR123/4" Screw Bridle Ring$0.56Details
171095Erico / Caddy Fasteners2BR201 1/4" Bridle Ring$0.70Details
153140Erico / Caddy Fasteners2BR32Bridal Ring W/2"Dia$1.00Details
153142Erico / Caddy Fasteners2BRT81/2"Bridle Ring 10-24 Threaded$1.36Details
616453Erico / Caddy Fasteners2H43/32-6/64 Hammer Flange Clip$0.80Details
780138Erico / Caddy Fasteners304B2Cable Protection Plate$0.82Details
350610Erico / Caddy Fasteners4G8WHClip, Fixture, Support -$1.68Details
185748Erico / Caddy Fasteners4H245/16-1/2 Hammer Flange Clip$0.96Details
153146Erico / Caddy Fasteners4H585/16-1/2 Hammer Flange Clips$1.00Details
419284Erico / Caddy Fasteners4TI24Combo Box/Conduit Hanger$1.90Details
153148Erico / Caddy Fasteners4TIBRod Wire Hanger$1.50Details
813345Erico / Caddy Fasteners51220Electrical Box Hanger 20 Span$12.19Details
185750Erico / Caddy Fasteners512HDXT3 5/8"H Extension Bracket$4.14Details
153152Erico / Caddy Fasteners6Z34Mlti-Fnctn Clip 3/8"$0.68Details
874439Erico / Caddy Fasteners812M58SM1/2-3/4" Conduit Clip Side Mnt$2.00Details
1037682Erico / Caddy FastenersABAngle Bracket W/1/4" Hole$0.54Details
901750Erico / Caddy FastenersBC23A000EGClamp,Strut,Column,1 5/8 Deep Channel,Electro-Galv$22.49Details
171103Erico / Caddy FastenersBC260025EGBc260025Eg 1/4"Beam Clamp,Box Of 100$2.40Details
616465Erico / Caddy FastenersBC32M2 Cnduit-Beam Thru 1/2" Flange$3.90Details
419287Erico / Caddy FastenersBC4003/8" Thrd Rod F/3/8"-16Blts$5.94Details
153158Erico / Caddy FastenersBFCAT64VF141/8" Thru 1/4" Vertical Flange$8.89Details
153160Erico / Caddy FastenersBHCBox Mounting Clip$0.72Details
616467Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT100CMDouble J Hook For Cat 5$6.39Details
171105Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT1224Hammer-On 1/8In Thru 1/4In Flange$5.22Details
161597Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT1224SM3/4Inj-Hook Assembled To Side Mount$3.69Details
616469Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT1258Hammer-On 5/16In Thru 1/2In Flange$5.31Details
616471Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT126Z34Clip,Cable,Cat5 Wire,Rod Pln/Thd To 9/16 Flng$3.80Details
171107Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT12ABJ-Hook -3/4In Diameter Loop-With Angle B$3.70Details
185753Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT12BCScrew-On 1/8In-1/2In Flange 3/4In Loop$4.41Details
161600Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT2124Hammer On Flang 1/8"-1/4"$6.57Details
153165Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT2158Hammer On Flange 360$6.75Details
185756Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT216Z34Mid Size J-Hook 3/8"Rod 40/Box$4.86Details
171108Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT21BCCaddy® Cablecat J-Hook With Bc Beam Clam$5.85Details
616479Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT21BC2001/8"-5/8"Flange Cable Clip$6.66Details
616480Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT21BCBScrew-On 1/8In Thru 1/2In Flange$6.84Details
864959Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT21HP241 5/16In To Flange Clip, 1/8-1/4In,Hammer-On$5.38Details
832180Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT21HP24SM1 5/16In To Flange Clip, 1/8-1/4In,Side Mount$5.04Details
812117Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT21HP581 5/16In To Flange Clip, 5/8-1/2In,Hammer-On$6.84Details
171110Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT3224SMHammer-On 1/8In Thru 1/4In Flange$5.76Details
616483Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT3258Hammer-On 5/16" Thru 1/2" Flange - Rotat$7.54Details
616484Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT326Z34J Hook 2In W/Clip 3/8In Per Each$5.67Details
153169Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT32AFAB32" J Hook W/Angle Bracket$6.48Details
616486Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT32AFAB4Hanger,Cable,Assy,2 In$6.48Details
171112Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT32BCBScrew-On 1/8In Thru 1/2In Flange$7.72Details
616487Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT32CD1B2In Jhook Under Floor Support Per Each$5.49Details
798980Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT32HP9122 In J-Hook To Flange Clip, 1/2-3/4$8.44Details
989065Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT425Adjustable Cable Support, Box Of 10$17.99Details
161605Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT425BCScrew On Cablecat$19.49Details
161606Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT425WMCat5 Cbl Suppt Wall Mount$17.99Details
419293Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT600RKITCaddy Cable Cat Vert. Support Strut Mount$132.99Details
616491Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT6424Cat64-1/8-1/7 Flange Bttmmnt$10.54Details
185764Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT64BCJ Hook To Beam Clamp$9.88Details
171116Erico / Caddy FastenersCAT64PLRPulley Kit Cat64 J-Hook$26.99Details
171117Erico / Caddy FastenersCATHBAAngled Hanger Bracket, 1/4In Threaded Ro$2.10Details
161614Erico / Caddy FastenersCG4Cat5 Stud Support$0.60Details
171122Erico / Caddy FastenersESG1MEsg1 Plastic Grommet$0.32Details
878355Erico / Caddy FastenersH23Mount Box Supports For 2 1/2 Or 3 1/2 Studs$2.30Details
171123Erico / Caddy FastenersK123/4Inch Bat Wing Bracket$0.66Details
171124Erico / Caddy FastenersM24Hammer On Clip With Flange Clip 1/8 In -$1.36Details
161616Erico / Caddy FastenersM24S1/8" Hmmr On Clp W/Stud$1.54Details
161617Erico / Caddy FastenersM58Hammer On Flange Clip$1.38Details
884869Erico / Caddy FastenersMAC224Mc/Ac Cable Clip Double Run-100 Bx$160.99Details
773227Erico / Caddy FastenersMP1SCBBracket,Support,Conduit Mpcb1220 With Mp1Sx$3.90Details
153185Erico / Caddy FastenersMP2Mounting Plate Double-Gang Bracket Metal 100/Box$2.70Details
910669Erico / Caddy FastenersMP2SCBBracket,Conduit,Support Mpcb1220 With Mp2S$4.50Details
798325Erico / Caddy FastenersMSP20Metal Stud Punch$452.24Details
185776Erico / Caddy FastenersPCS1Drp Wire Cbl Support Clp$0.80Details
153187Erico / Caddy FastenersPCS21/2-3/4" Conduit Clip$0.84Details
855846Erico / Caddy FastenersPT16Lock-On Twist Clip For 15/16" Tee -3/4" Stud$1.72Details
171130Erico / Caddy FastenersRBS16Bx Mnting 16" Brkt F/Btwn Stds$4.68Details
716878Erico / Caddy FastenersRPS50H4EG4" Pipe Pier$27.75Details
171131Erico / Caddy FastenersS3575BP1001/4-20 X 3/8" Round Head Screw$0.14Details
153244Erico / Caddy FastenersSC2ASnap Clip 1/16In-3/16In Flange$0.72Details
724458Erico / Caddy FastenersSC2DCable Snap Clip$57.99Details
733891Erico / Caddy FastenersSC8AClip,Snap,Cable Mc/Ac To 5/16 1/2 Flange$52.93Details
866039Erico / Caddy FastenersSCH64BStrut Clamp 3-1/2" Emt Or Rigd$6.12Details
616514Erico / Caddy FastenersSCH72BStrut Clamp- 4" Emt Or Rigid To Strut*$7.54Details
161624Erico / Caddy FastenersSGB16A16" Screw Gun Bracket$4.41Details
171137Erico / Caddy FastenersTSGB16Screw Gun Bracket, Telescopic$3.96Details
161630Erico / Caddy FastenersWMX3Hanger Conduit Flexible$0.60Details
161631Erico / Caddy FastenersWMX61 3/4 Cable Hanger F/Mc & Ac$0.94Details
1077733ESTEX MANUFACTURING181514HB2GBag Canvas 14 O/S Pkts 15 I/S Pkts 2-Grommets Hard Body Tool Bkt$145.54Details
961628ESTEX MANUFACTURING1818Bucket Aerial Tool Canvas 15L X 7W X 9H, 9 Inside Pockts 1 Inside Pouch$103.96Details
983825ESTEX MANUFACTURING2060Bucket Lineman Canvas 12"X17" W/ Plastic Bottom Leather Rope Holes$106.32Details
968781ESTEX MANUFACTURING2063Tool Bucket Aerial Heavy Canvas 12" Dia X 15" H Plastic Bottom$66.14Details
1083930ESTEX MANUFACTURING2066Bucket Tool 12"D X 15"H, Vinyl Coated Nylon W/Plastic Bottom Steel Top Ring$66.14Details
998037ESTEX MANUFACTURING2070Bucket Tool 12"D X15"H W/ Plastic Bottom &Amp; Snap Leather Rope Holes$70.21Details
969866ESTEX MANUFACTURING2190Tool Bag 24" Vinyl Coated Nylon,Orange,Hard Board Bottm Weather Flap,2"Hndl$165.37Details
908782Fluke Networks10051000D914 Punch Down Tool Built In Hook And Spudger Without Blades$72.51Details
857175Fluke Networks10051100D914 Punch Down Tool Built In Hook And Spudger With 66 Blade$79.88Details
782251Fluke Networks10051110D914 Punch Down Tool Built In Hook And Spudger With 110 Blade$79.88Details
761642Fluke Networks10051120D914 Punch Down Tool Built In Hook And Spudger With 66 &Amp; 110 Blade$92.18Details
775569Fluke Networks10051300Adapter For Torque Tool-Bits &Amp; Sockets For Punchdown Tools D914 &Amp; D814$44.56Details
806800Fluke Networks10051501D914 Punch Down Tool 66 &Amp; 110 Built In Hook And Loop With Free Screwdriver Bit$92.18Details
782938Fluke Networks10054000D814 Impact Tool Handle Only 402024723$60.21Details
868674Fluke Networks10055000D814 Impact Tool With 66 Blade Adjustable Impact$72.51Details
735810Fluke Networks10055110D814 Impact Tool With Eversharp 110 Blade$72.51Details
843026Fluke Networks10055200D814 Impact Tool With 66 &Amp; 110 Blade Adjustable Impact$84.81Details
742400Fluke Networks10055501D814 Impact Tool 66&Amp;110 Blade Adjustable Impact W/ Free Wood Screw Starter Blade$84.81Details
825504Fluke Networks10055503D814 Impact Tool With 66/110 Eversharp Cut Blade &Amp; Bix Blade$104.45Details
767233Fluke Networks10056000Blade Replacement 66 Type For D814 Or D914 Tool$26.33Details
846162Fluke Networks10056500Eversharp 66 Blade Punchdown 3X Longer Life/For D814/914/ 214 Tools$31.81Details
837057Fluke Networks10057000Blade Replacement 630 Type Non-Impact For D814 &Amp; D914 Tool$31.81Details
790003Fluke Networks10061000D914S Ergonomic Punchdown Tool Built In Hook And Loop Without Blades$84.81Details
846170Fluke Networks10061100D914S Ergonomic Punchdown Tool Built In Hook And Loop With 66 Blade$92.18Details
758506Fluke Networks10061110D914S Ergonomic Punchdown Tool Built In Hook And Loop With 110 Blade$92.18Details
720849Fluke Networks10061120D914S Ergonomic Punchdown Tool Built In Hook And Loop With 66 &Amp; 110 Blade$104.45Details
901794Fluke Networks10061501D914S Punchdown Tool 66 &Amp; 110 Free Blade$104.45Details
765933Fluke Networks10061503D914S Impact Tool With 66/110 Eversharp Cut Blade &Amp; Bix Blade$124.12Details
769294Fluke Networks10061810D914S Impact Tool With Eversharp 66/110 Cut Blade$79.88Details
914576Fluke Networks10176000Blade Replacement 110 Type For D814/056664 &Amp; D914/165946$25.02Details
924776Fluke Networks10176500Eversharp 110 Blade Punchdown 3X Longer Life/For D814/914/ 214 Tools$31.81Details
785169Fluke Networks10178600Eversharp 66/110 Blade Punch- Down 3X Longer Life/For D814/ 914/214 Tools$45.82Details
755990Fluke Networks10436001Blade Center Punch For D814 &Amp; D914 Punchdown Tools$25.02Details
778485Fluke Networks10465001Blade Punchdown Tool For 3M System D Terminations For D814 &Amp; D914 Tool$92.18Details
819577Fluke Networks10565000Krone Blade For D814 &Amp; D914 Punchdown Tools$67.59Details
730728Fluke Networks10645001Blade Punch Wood Screw Starter For Wood,Masonry &Amp; Metal For D814 &Amp; D914 Tool$25.02Details
870773Fluke Networks10665000Bix Blade For D814 &Amp; D914 Punchdown Tools$60.21Details
923676Fluke Networks10979002Case D-Blade For Punchdown Blades$18.44Details
724842Fluke Networks10979003D66 Blade Kit-2X66 Blades/1X 630 Blade,1Xwood Screw Starter Blade/Case$78.67Details
821777Fluke Networks10979004D110 Blade Kit-2X110 Blades/1X 66 Blade, 1Xwood Screw Starter Blade/Case$78.67Details
884537Fluke Networks11212530Crimp Tool Modular 6 Position Rj11/8 Position Rj45 We/Ss Style$61.45Details
852557Fluke Networks11230002Cable Stripper Adjustable For Round Utp/Stp Phone &Amp; Data Cable$36.92Details
831881Fluke Networks11231255Multi-Level Coax Stripper Rg58, Rg59, Rg62Au &Amp; Rg6 Coax$31.81Details
792206Fluke Networks11289000Elec Contractor Telecom Kit Ii Tone&Amp;Probe/Punchdown/Stripper Probpic/D-Snips/Case$286.79Details
758493Fluke Networks11290000Elec Contractor Telecom Kit I Buttset/Punchdown/Stripper Probpic/D-Snips/Case$405.30Details
856029Fluke Networks11291000Is40 Pro-Tool Kit W/Belt Pouch D814 Punchdown/Blade/D-Snips/ Cable Strip/Probepic$183.12Details
862589Fluke Networks11292000Is50 Pro-Tool Kit W/Belt Pouch D914 Punchdown/66-110 Blade/ Cable Strip/D-Snips$195.41Details
727165Fluke Networks11293000Pro-Tool Kit Is60 Deluxe W/ D914S Impact Tool, D-Snips, Maglite &Amp; Sharpie$232.29Details
812878Fluke Networks11293400Pouch For Is60 Kit$50.92Details
898584Fluke Networks44200013Double Slotted Stripper 22/24 Awg Wire 2329092$30.55Details
751797Fluke Networks44210013Stripper, 22/24 Ga Wire Comb Double Slot W/Cutter 2329113$66.36Details
859799Fluke Networks44210015Stripper, 24/26 Ga Wire Comb Double Slot W/Cutter 2329124$66.36Details
850661Fluke Networks44600000Probe Pic Nylon$13.05Details
1068636Fluke NetworksC3004INDSoft Tool Bag For Industrial Kit$97.13Details
1079536Fluke NetworksFLKTISBC3BAdd. Smart Battery Charger$229.01Details
770732Fluke NetworksJRADC2Jr-Adc-2,Jackrapid Termination Tool (For Adc Km8, Copper Ten 18Mon Warranty$109.38Details
808661Fluke NetworksJRADC2HJr-Adc-2,Jackrapid Replacement Blade Head (For Adc Km8 Copper Ten$72.51Details
829956Fluke NetworksJRERGOHANDLEJr-Ergohandle, Jackrapid Ergonomic Handle$49.65Details
808849Fluke NetworksJRLEV1Jackrapid Punch Down W/ Cat 5 Leviton Bld, Terminates 5 Pairs On 110 Block$109.38Details
852678Fluke NetworksJRLEV1HReplacement Leviton Blade Only For Axe# 283851 Jackrapid$72.51Details
875945Fluke NetworksJRLEV2Jackrapid Punch Down For Jack Model:5G110 Ca5E, 61110 Ca6,4Pairs 8Wires$109.38Details
909741Fluke NetworksJRLEV2HJackrapid Replacement Blade Head, For Leviton 61110,5G110, 6110G, Axe# 328658$72.51Details
906638Fluke NetworksJRORT2Jr-Ort-2,Jackrapid Termination Tool For Ortronics Tj5E00 Tj600, Tj610$109.38Details
766591Fluke NetworksJRORT2HJr-Ort-2,Jackrapid Replacement Blade Head For Ortronics Tj5E00,Tj600, Tj610$72.51Details
859638Fluke NetworksJRPAN2Jackrapid Termination Tool For Panduit Nk688M And Nkp5E88M$109.38Details
898963Fluke NetworksJRPAN2HJackrapid Termination Tool Rep Head For Panduit Nk688M$72.51Details
808823Fluke NetworksJRSYS2Jackrapid Punch Down Systimax Mgs400,Mgs500,Mfp420,Mfp520 Tool W/ Blade Head$109.38Details
817292Fluke NetworksJRSYS2HJr-Sys-2-H,Jackrapid Repl. Blade Head For Systimax Mgs400 Mgs500,Mfp420,Mfp520$72.51Details
753235Fluke NetworksJRSYSUNI1Jackrapid Punch Down Mps100E,C5,M1Bh,Unj600/500/300 Tool W/ Blade Head$109.38Details
848062Fluke NetworksNFCCASEFiber Clean Kit Case Only$71.78Details
163321Garvin Industries5215112DR4"Square Box 1 1/2" Deep Drawn With 1/2" Ko$2.20Details
1012774Garvin Industries52151DWS4"Sq.Bx 1-1/2"D.1/2"&3/4"Ecentric K.O.'S$3.10Details
782861Garvin Industries52151REDBox 4" Square 1/2" And 3/4" Knockouts$3.10Details
788408Garvin Industries54151HU4" Octagon Box With Bar Hanger$6.30Details
312648Garvin IndustriesBR400NPBridal Ring With No Pin - Use Screw To Mount$4.95Details
187471Garvin IndustriesDST200PPlastic Distribution Ring 2"$1.20Details
889491Garvin IndustriesDST300PPlastic Distribution Ring 3"$1.42Details
855034Garvin IndustriesG19282342"X4"X2-1/8"D Handy Box,3/4$4.32Details
878224Garvin IndustriesG19290Hand Box Cover 2" X 4" Blank$0.40Details
970264Garvin IndustriesGBDC123Mud Ring 1/2" 3 Gang$8.44Details
349143Garvin IndustriesIB1001" Emt Isulating Bushing 100 Pieces$0.30Details
312632Garvin IndustriesIB50Insulationg Bushing Emt Pipe 1/2"$0.10Details
158319GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityDHWExtension Rod Wrenches. Wrenches. For Dh Sers Mag Door Holder$3.64Details
189548Great Lakes Case and CabinetVLB4832Vertical Lacing Bar Kit, 48"H X 32"D Enclosure$104.99Details
347942Great Lakes Case and CabinetVLB8432Vertical Lacing Bar Kit, 84"H X 32"D Enclosure$118.99Details
177407Greenlee Textron015812Bag Heavy Duty 18 Inch$59.50Details
172183Greenlee Textron10497Nose Book$14.50Details
311452Greenlee Textron10498Nose Bullet$11.53Details
733167Greenlee Textron1903Cable Stripping Tool$107.09Details
627223Greenlee Textron30005Bit,Step #5 (Pkgd)$60.27Details
627224Greenlee Textron30008Bit, K/S Step #8 (Pkgd)$90.90Details
1058853Greenlee Textron30008CBit, Step #8 Cobalt$111.19Details
759993Greenlee Textron31872Draw Stud 3/4-16 X 4.03$61.59Details
347924Greenlee Textron341367/8 300Ft Pulling Rope$1,253.19Details
627227Greenlee Textron34401Bit,Step #1 (Pkgd)$38.80Details
933750Greenlee Textron34401CBit, Step #1 Cobalt$53.27Details
945815Greenlee Textron34403CBit, Step #3 Cobalt$79.67Details
966171Greenlee Textron34411Bit,Step #11 (Pkgd)$64.50Details
627230Greenlee Textron34733Bearing Drive Nut$61.59Details
979255Greenlee Textron35884CBit, Step Kit #1, #3, #8$243.22Details
958073Greenlee Textron36022Bit,Step 32,5Mm (Pkgd)$106.71Details
1022253Greenlee Textron37869Bit Naileater 11/16 X 18 W/ 7/16 Hex Shank Bit,Impact 11/16$43.40Details
1068094Greenlee Textron37870Bit Auger Impact 13/16X 18 Lg$48.37Details
347919Greenlee Textron39245Kevlar Tape ,Measuring-2500# (Polyaramid)$1,377.49Details
444751Greenlee Textron4435Measure Pull Poly Tape 3M 1250Lb$386.09Details
627243Greenlee Textron4436Tape, Measuring-1800# Polyester$441.44Details
712768Greenlee Textron45469Voice And Category 5 Data Kit W/Case,Stripper,Pnchdwn,Conn Blade,Trans&Amp;Receiver$402.22Details
730589Greenlee Textron45470Cat 5 Termination And Test Kit Cutter, Stripper, Punchdown Crimper, Conn, Test$508.53Details
627245Greenlee Textron45471Professional Installation Kit For Voice,Data,Catv, &Amp; Coax Et Hernet Applications$1,097.64Details
172209Greenlee Textron45473Telecom Field Technician Kit- Contains Tools &Amp; Testers For Telecom Networks$1,226.73Details
166493Greenlee Textron45553Telephone Ratchet Crimper For 6 And 8 Position Plugs$82.15Details
627249Greenlee Textron45578Coax Cable Stripper$35.54Details
737466Greenlee Textron45579Twisted Pair Stripper$33.15Details
166495Greenlee Textron45677Kwik Stripper Catv Utp &Amp; Coax Stripper, Come With Both Utp And Coax Cartridges$36.42Details
172211Greenlee Textron46020Punchdown Tool Only$78.33Details
925165Greenlee Textron46021Punchdown Tool W/#66 Blade$96.47Details
177445Greenlee Textron46022Greenlee Replacement Blade 66$26.10Details
627251Greenlee Textron46023Punchdown Tool With Number 110 Blade$96.47Details
166499Greenlee Textron46024Greenlee Replacement Blade 110$26.10Details
848017Greenlee Textron46025Bix Style Punchdown Blade$65.97Details
838050Greenlee Textron46602Professional Coax Tool Kit - Short, Green 6-In-1 Tool$179.58Details
726823Greenlee Textron46603Professional Coax Tool Kit - Long, Blue 6-In-1 Tool$179.58Details
961986Greenlee Textron645001Drill, Packaged$10.53Details
1083771Greenlee Textron645002Pilot Drill, Packaged$12.69Details
311417Greenlee Textron737BB1.5-2.0" Punch Set$274.39Details
897757Greenlee Textron801818" Hook Sheave$765.69Details
893130Greenlee Textron802424" Hook Sheave$1,103.69Details
166523Greenlee Textron830Hole Saw Kit For 1/2" Through 2" Conduit Rugged Carrying Case$131.52Details
876301Greenlee Textron90503899O-Ring-2.00X2.37X.187 Nitrile$4.59Details
840218Greenlee Textron90508327Ring,Bu-Spiral 2.00X2.37X.185$6.93Details
734123Greenlee Textron90513398Ring,Bu,Spiral .875X1.12X.121 Tefln$6.93Details
1066220Greenlee Textron925001Drill Pkg,Small Pilot-Hss$8.84Details
1032749Greenlee Textron925002Large Pilot Drill$10.49Details
960605Greenlee Textron925011Arbor Pkg,Hss-Small$20.09Details
1077068Greenlee Textron925022Large Arbor With Pilot Drill$59.93Details
166531Greenlee Textron9510Caddy, Deluxe A Frame Mobile$549.44Details
949739Greenlee TextronEK425LD011Crimper 6 Ton Cjd3O 120V Ek425L 120 V Crmping Tool Li-Ion Batt W/ Chrg$2,435.26Details
917602Greenlee TextronEK50ML12011Crimping Tool Kit With 12Mm Jaw And 110V Charger With Carrying Case$671.55Details
823700Greenlee TextronEK50ML12022Crimping Tool Kit With 12Mm Jaw And 230V Charger With Carrying Case$651.98Details
723722Greenlee TextronEK50ML13822Crimping Tool Kit With 13.8Mm Jaw And 230V Charger With Plastic Carrying Cse$651.98Details
812983Greenlee TextronFI100CASESoft Carry Case$42.12Details
969294Greenlee TextronGMFTMMMini Fibertools Kit Multimode$1,212.17Details
1077585Greenlee TextronGMFTSMMini Fibertools Kit Singlemode$1,619.83Details
939889Greenlee TextronLDTAPKITExtended Dtap Kit (Pop)$63.13Details
189665Greenlee TextronPA1923Untwist Tool For Untwisting Twisted Pair Conductors Prior To Termination$16.35Details
189666Greenlee TextronPA19283Way Catv W/Extraction$20.91Details
766562Greenlee TextronPA2064Die Set Rj45 Amp$36.60Details
785199Greenlee TextronPA2076Die Rg58/6 (Aim)$32.51Details
827651Greenlee TextronPA8106Jack Terminator For Systimax Mgs400/500 Mgs600/,Mfp420/520$106.79Details
172878GRI TelemarkDP500BL$0.22Details
804947GRI TelemarkT125BL1/2" Double Stick Tape 5 Yards Black$15.75Details
754390GRI TelemarkT125W1/2" Double Stick Tape 5 Yards White$15.75Details
842042GRI TelemarkT145YDWDouble Stick Tape 5 Yards White$21.75Details
167967GRI TelemarkT385YDW3/8"Double Sticky Tape 5 Yd Wh$13.18Details
1081259GRI TelemarkT5934Tape, 3M4492 Bags Of 100$8.98Details
761661HARTING09990000319Han-Yellock Removal Tool For Crimp Contacts$37.61Details
775875Hirschmann / Belden61905Strip Tool Awkz 3/4$179.86Details
740780Hirschmann / Belden61906Strip Tool Awkz 12/19$52.85Details
876982HubbellT5PPD110Punch Down Tool 5-Pair For 110 Blocks$270.14Details
836068HubbellTBL66Replacement 66 Blade For Tbd110 Punch Down Tool$29.93Details
728942HubbellTCS3Cable Stripper/Cutter Cat5E&Amp;6Utp/Stp-.145"To.275" Cuts Utp/Stp To.350"$23.30Details
824151HubbellTK8Tool Kit,8-Piece W/ Pouch Punchdwn W/110&Amp;66Blds- Fiskars Snips-Scrwdrvr-Strpr$257.95Details
924007HubbellTPD110Punch Down Tool 110$96.75Details
895231HubbellTX4PHReplacement Head For One-Punch Tool$130.89Details
880275HubbellTX4PHBLReplacement Blade For One-Punch Tool$63.10Details
187179ICM / International Communications Manufacturing3000801Diamond 1/2"Drive Rings-Pack Of 50$8.98Details
880444ICM / International Communications Manufacturing3000804Drive Ring 5/8'$0.28Details
767542ICM / International Communications Manufacturing3000805Drive Ring 7/8'$0.40Details
192949ICM / International Communications Manufacturing3000807Diamond 1-1/4"Somm Dr Rng$9.39Details
632372Ideal Industries2006SCrimp Connectors 100 In Box$16.49Details
170797Ideal Industries3007618-10G Wire Nut, Red 100/Box$21.75Details