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Tools Kits

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
788819Arlington IndustriesDWH0805Wire Grabber Kit$5.31Details
322039Arlington IndustriesDWYT0805Wire Grabber Kit$5.49Details
851438Arlington IndustriesEB0708BLEquipment Box (7"X8")$15.75Details
715310Belden WireDBPSAKITTech Express Kit Db Psa$109.19Details
131437Bi-TronicsYVVGAKITC75Hd15(M) Hd15Mezb-Install Kit 75Ft$207.19Details
131680B-Line9A1004Splice Kit$20.99Details
132441B-Line9P551222SHTrapeze Kit$36.98Details
740625B-Line9PWSCT412B-Line Wall Sleeve$951.59Details
1021507B-LineSB254101Isolation Kit$62.99Details
139464Byte BrothersBB6HDSMKAUniversal Kit W/Superbond Mini Plates-Keyed Alike$31.89Details
354344Byte BrothersCFK6ARMKABLKArmour Kit-Keyed Alike,$118.99Details
142146Carolina DesignANT51585.1-5.8Ghz 6Dbi Omni Antenna Kit W/Surge Protector$315.89Details
142565Carolina DesignD4ANT2X258175Ghz 17Dbi 2X2 Mimo Antenna Kit$576.44Details
141339Carolina DesignD4ANT2X258905Ghz 90 Degree 2X2 Mimo Antenna Kit$569.69Details
929505CDW797636Fluke Elect Contractor Telecom Kit W/Ts30 Tel Test$512.99Details
157766Data Comm Electronics504423WHKITFlat Panel Tv Cable Organizer Kit With Power Solut$102.19Details
764270Erico / Caddy FastenersRMX912Non-Metallic Sheathed Cable Clip/Non-Mtllc Cbl-Bem$158.19Details
153245Erico / Caddy FastenersSCMKBScmkb For Beam Flange (Flange Thickness 1/8"-1/4")$23.25Details
153246Erico / Caddy FastenersSCMKTScmkt For Tee-Bar (Grid Size 15/16")$29.99Details
171133Erico / Caddy FastenersSCMKWSecurity Camera Mounting Kit- Wall Mount$42.04Details
756379Fiber InstrumentF10053HMFis Hotmelt Tool Kit With 6-Port 110V Oven$1,869.99Details
349406Fiber InstrumentF10053MSBFis Mini Basic Fiber Optic Tool Kit$488.69Details
186814Fiber InstrumentM96172MOHAWKFiber-6Fiber-Multimode-50 Micron-Om3-Central Lose$6.66Details
162717Fiber InstrumentTKTUNICAMPFCCcs Unicam Pertium Installation Tool Kit$2,476.24Details
626519Gem ElectronicsEZPCTRBAccessory, Replacement Blade, For Get-Ezct $14.83Details
165293Gem ElectronicsEZTKAccessory, Ez-On Rj45 Tool Kit Includes (1) Crimp$229.59Details
735933Gem ElectronicsRJ45CKComponent Kit, Rj45 $42.78Details
177392Great Lakes Case and CabinetCM11Cable Management Ring Kit; Includes Five Rings, Inner Dimensions 3"W X 5"D$65.10Details
1040558Great Lakes Case and CabinetCM25Cable Mgmt Rings$63.70Details
311463Great Lakes Case and CabinetGR101Grounding Kit, 53 Amp Capacity #10 Terminal Size$100.79Details
627206Greenlee Textron015813Carrier,Tool 11"$113.39Details
189551Greenlee Textron015814Bag,Zipper Small$15.16Details
311456Greenlee Textron0158163-Piece Pouch/Belt Combo$121.79Details
189552Greenlee Textron015819Bag, Tool Carrier W/Part Bin$57.99Details
177410Greenlee Textron0159366 Pc Hand Tool Kit$92.39Details
311428Greenlee Textron5702Phase Sequence Indicator$198.79Details
627283Greenlee Textron84009Greenlee-Tex Con Anch Kit$12.19Details
166578Greenlee TextronPA4370Kit Economy Computer Service Zipper Case$156.79Details
177528Greenlee TextronPA4908Datacomm Pro Starter Tool Kit$148.39Details
172280Greenlee TextronPA4923Ultimate Tool Bag$82.59Details
627312Greenlee TextronPA4924Ulitmate Fiber Tool Kit$541.34Details
166583Greenlee TextronPA4932Ultimate-Technican Tool Kit$718.89Details
172281Greenlee TextronPA4934Pro Tool Kit, Ultimate Dataready$494.09Details
189676Greenlee TextronPA4938Elco Tool Kit$634.49Details
177530Greenlee TextronPA4939Ultimate-Compression Tool Kit$674.99Details
177531Greenlee TextronPA4940Grippack Pvc Pouch$42.78Details
177532Greenlee TextronPA4941Pro Technician'S Kit$179.19Details
189677Greenlee TextronPA70009Computer& Phone Crimp Bundle$44.94Details
189681Greenlee TextronPA901053Dataready Kit$261.79Details
908417Greenlee TextronPA901378Kit Dataready Pro Prof.Data Inst. Kit$494.09Details
309853Ideal Industries31541Volt Guard Eyelet Repair Kit$29.99Details
181491Ideal Industries33410Rf Coax Crimp & Compression Kit$349.64Details
170834Ideal Industries33505Technicians Service Kit/Punch- Down Tool/66&Amp;110/Scissors/Case Stripper/Probe Pick$149.79Details
193132Ideal Industries33704Crimp Kit:Crimper/Mod Plugs 15 Each-4&Amp;6 Position Stranded Rj11/8-Position Rj45$106.39Details
632412Ideal Industries33706Master Series Net. Service Kit Utp/Coax Cut,Strip,Crimp Tools Linkmastr,Tone/Probe$481.94Details
632439Ideal Industries35312Ergo Junior Pouch (Standard)$83.99Details
181518Ideal Industries35418Large Mouth Bag 16"$60.19Details
193187Ideal Industries364324Pc Spade Bit Kit W/Pouch$22.49Details
808635International Connector & Cable / ICCICACSGK6ASGrounding Kit, Cat6A, Shield Conn - 10/Pack$18.75Details
194464International Connector & Cable / ICCICCMSABRSCBracket, Wall Mount, Ez-Fold, Enclosure Kit$78.39Details
195507International Connector & Cable / ICCICCMSRFLKTRack Floor Mount Kit, Concrete$13.18Details
908199Irwin43697Augr Bit 13Pc Solid Cntr In Pouch$167.99Details
195993Irwin4402011Electricians Tote$41.33Details
214170Irwin440201912" Contractor Bag$19.49Details
636963L.H.Dottie153423 Pocket - 16" Tote Bag With Top-Side Plastic Tra$56.70Details
198651L.H.DottieTG10KHXTPAnchor Kit Hex/Slotted #10 Blue, Triple Grip A$15.75Details
271332L.H.DottieTG10KSQTPAnchor Kit Square Drive #10 Blue Triple Grip A$15.75Details
206275L.H.DottieTG10KTPAnchor Kit/Slotted #10 Blue Triple Grip A$15.75Details
198770Labor Saving Devices57708Identify-Zit Kit For Wire-8 Caps Idzac8$223.99Details
207392Labor Saving Devices57716Identify-Zit Kit For Wire-16 Caps Idzac16$272.99Details
198771Labor Saving Devices57724Identify-Zit Kit For Wire-24 Caps Idzac24$294.29Details
207393Labor Saving Devices57732Identifies Zit Ac, 32Cap$353.69Details
342989Labor Saving Devices57908Identify Zit Unit With 8 Caps, Works For Cctv,$223.99Details
207424Labor Saving Devices637167/16" Base-Boar-Zit Kit$155.39Details
224708Labor Saving Devices80600Atm, Master Threaded Took Kit$1,036.09Details
271494Labor Saving Devices81117Creep-Zit Cmpct 24'Threaded Cnctr Wire Runing Kit$111.99Details
207437Labor Saving Devices81400Cz-Case Rplcmnt Case W/Caps$17.25Details
342985Labor Saving Devices81625Cz 24 Case Only( 24" Wire Connector Kit )$25.49Details
271936Lee Dan1601241Plastic Arm Hardware Kit$118.99Details
995478LutronRKS10IV10 Color Kits For New Ra Sw$114.79Details
275275Mierproducts / BWDA606LKWireless Light Kit Which Includes A Da-6$162.39Details
206905Ortronics20500236St Acssy Kit For 2.4 &Amp; 3.0Mm Jkt. Fiber - Incls 2 Conn Boot And Crimp RingsCall for Price.Details
242083Platinum Tools100007Ez-Rjpro Hd Convenience Pack$123.19Details
242087Platinum Tools100016Ez-Rjpro Hd Convenience Pack, With Pn100$142.79Details
497850Platinum Tools100543K1Field Service Kit For Die Set (100543)$60.19Details
280639Platinum Tools15020CDouble Ended Coax Stripper, Rg 7/11 &Amp; 59$12.03Details
211687Platinum Tools15021CSealsmart Rg6Quad Coax Stripper, (Blue). Clamshell$12.03Details
242124Platinum Tools15022Sealsmart Coax Stripper, For Rg6 (Black).$12.03Details
246196Platinum Tools4002PTZipper Tool Case With Handles, Nylon-Pltnm Logo$27.75Details
975424Platinum Tools4006Big Mouth Canvas Tool Bag, 12.75" X 8.75" X 8"$37.69Details
497855Platinum Tools4015Punchdown Tool Pouch. Bulk Pkg.$12.69Details
242161Platinum Tools90136Ez-Rj45 Termination Kit With Nylon Zip CaseCall for Price.Details
336435Platinum Tools90152Pro Punchdown Kit, W/Tool Pouch. Box.$82.59Details
220802SiemonCIKITS814 Impact Tool/66&Amp;110 Blades Probe-Pic/Scissors/Mini-Screwd River/Cpt-Web/Pouch$240.04Details
992441VETO PRO PACCP4Cargo Pouch 4 Pack$61.59Details
1052420VETO PRO PACCTLCCargo Totes - Ct-Lc$106.39Details
994884VETO PRO PACCTXLCargo Totes - Ct-Xl$124.59Details
1027118VETO PRO PACLTLaptop Bag - Lt$298.34Details
987582VETO PRO PACMBTech Series - Mb$59.50Details
1065003VETO PRO PACMB2Tech Series - Mb2$81.19Details
1007176VETO PRO PACMCClosed Top Tool Bag - Mc$128.79Details
1027977VETO PRO PACOTXLOpen Top Tool Bag$286.19Details
980229VETO PRO PACPB4Parts Bag$61.59Details
1025365VETO PRO PACPB4L4 Parts Bags Pb4L-Parts Bags$67.90Details
1031721VETO PRO PACPB55 Parts Bags - Pb5$61.59Details
984348VETO PRO PACSHOULDERSTRAPTECHTech Shoulder Strap$39.14Details
1058458VETO PRO PACTECHOTMCCompact Open Top Tool Bag$207.19Details
1058645VETO PRO PACTECHPACTech Series - Tech Pac$301.04Details
1013777VETO PRO PACTECHPACLTTech Series - Tech Pac-Lt$278.09Details
1081374VETO PRO PACTP3Tech Series - Tp3$59.50Details
1027302VETO PRO PACTP4Tool Pouch$78.39Details
996459VETO PRO PACXLTLaptop And Tool Storage Tool Bag$346.94Details
230793West Penn WireFI3635Optimax St Compatible Tool Kit$1,249.29Details
293131Wiremold / LegrandOFR484GX4 Gang Crossover Kit$92.39Details