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Home Automation Systems


ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
8967052GIG Technologies2GIGZLDM50PKPlug-In Lamp Dimmer (Sold In Units Of 50$2,362.51Details
598235Chamberlain Professional / SentexSNRLITASSYDirectory Light Assembl$49.33Details
598236Chamberlain Professional / SentexSNRLITBLOCKLGBlock,Lamp,4-Recessed,Kp,Large$60.54Details
1065393Emerson Network Power / Edco321205WRj11 Wp,Single,Smooth Fin,Wh$1.24Details
936315Emerson Network Power / Edco321214WRj11 Wp,Dual,Std Finish,Wh$1.70Details
190499H.A.I. Home Automation59A001CS*Eol* Hlc Plug-In Lamp Modle Cntrls$786.25Details
168068H.A.I. Home Automation68A042Unvrsl Mnting Plate Assmbly$238.95Details
347757H.A.I. Home Automation95A10ALCSHi-Fi 2, Rim Color Change Kit-Almond$43.94Details
190519H.A.I. Home Automation95A10IVCSHi-Fi 2, Rim Color Change Kit-Ivory$43.94Details
347756H.A.I. Home Automation95A11ALCSHi-Fi 2, Vsc Color Change Kit - Almond -$43.94Details
190521H.A.I. Home Automation95A11IVCSHi-Fi 2, Vsc Color Change Kit-Ivory - Case Of 12$43.94Details
1061533H.A.I. Home Automation95A15ALHi-Fi 2 Brim Color Change Kit - Almond$8.79Details
627633H.A.I. Home Automation95A15LTAHifi 2 Brim Colorkit$8.79Details
627636H.A.I. Home AutomationHL352WCfl/Led Dimmer. 600W Incandescent/Haloge$76.62Details
628316Hayden / Canplas775601Trim Plate (Vacusweep Series)$8.55Details
178776Hayden / Canplas804331RVShose 30 Wir Iv Rv Sw/Unv$141.99Details
447784Hayden / Canplas80588233-P Switch Assy Kit *$18.90Details
310785Hayden / Canplas805884Handle Swivel Assy Kit *$15.87Details
841029Intra SonicRETROMCTPARetro Almond Combo Cover Plate$61.35Details
902865Intra SonicRETROMCTPBRetro Black, Combo Cover Plate Trim$61.33Details
926882Jasco Products45652WBLamp Module Plug-In - Dimmer - Supports$58.95Details
341734Leviton49254BP44Ru Blank Filler Panels$44.56Details
272745LevitonVRI061LZZ-Wave 600W Incand Dimmer, No Neutral$96.15Details
210433LevitonVRI101LZZ-Wave 1000W Incand Dimmer, No Neutral$110.95Details
232214LevitonVRMX11LZVizia Rf Plus Magnetic Low Voltage$79.86Details
938926LevitonVRP151LWVizia Rf+ Plugin S$91.88Details
909125Linear CorporationHUSBZ1Usb Stick, Quickstick Combo, For Z-Wave Automation$34.80Details
781710Linear CorporationHUSBZB1Usb Stick, Quickstick Combo, Houses Both Zigbee &$38.28Details
781340Linear CorporationLB60Z1Light Bulb, Bulbz Z-Wave Series, Led, 60-Watt Equi$18.47Details
921585Linear CorporationLB65R6Z1Light Kit, Bulbz, Retrofit, Indoor, W/ Led Bulb, F$41.76Details
926893Linear CorporationWA00Z1Light Switch, W/ Z-Wave Radio, Wireless, Smart, Wa$41.76Details
639549Linear CorporationWDKITALTrim Kit, 4-Piece, Almond, For Wall Dimmer $5.62Details
639550Linear CorporationWDKITBKTrim Kit, 4-Piece, Black, For Wall Dimmer $5.62Details
999701Linear CorporationWF00Z1Z-Wave Water Presence Detector-Sensor W-$35.67Details
467475Linear CorporationWS15Z1Wall Switch, Z-Wave Series, 3-Way Capable, 120 Vac$38.28Details
467476Linear CorporationWT00Z1Accessory, Dimmer Switch, Z-Wave Series, 3-Way, Wa$38.28Details
639555Linear CorporationWTWSKITBKTrim Kit, 4-Piece, Black, For Wt/Ws Series Standar$5.62Details
976264Mierproducts / BWDA071Wireless Light Switch For Mier'S Drive-A$60.49Details
303667Mierproducts / BWDA072Wireless Lamp Module For Mier'S Drive-Al$48.34Details
951104NutonePB41BGLPushbutton, Polished Brass Stucco — Unli$6.35Details
227490NutonePB41LSNNutone Lighted Stucco Button Satin Nickl$9.60Details
652818NutonePB41LWHNutone Lighted Stucco Button White 24 To$10.54Details
276886NutonePB7LSNSatin Nickel Lighted Pushbutton Pack Of 12$6.64Details
653395On-Q / Legrand36472221Alc 900W Non-Dimming Switch W/Led, Smoot$104.79Details
653432On-Q / LegrandDRD2AIn Wall Rf Incandescent Dimmer 600W - Light Almond$57.13Details
653433On-Q / LegrandDRD2BIn Wall Rf Incandescent Dimmer 600W - Black$57.13Details
206438On-Q / LegrandDRD2WIn Wall Rf Incandescent Dimmer 600W Whit$57.13Details
238177On-Q / LegrandDRD3AV2In-Wall Rf Light Switch In Light Almond$57.13Details
238178On-Q / LegrandDRD3WV2In Wall Rf Switch - White$57.13Details
277301On-Q / LegrandDRD4BIn Wall Rf Universal Dimmer 600W - Black$57.72Details
230487On-Q / LegrandDRD4WMiro Decorator Rf Universal Dimmer, White,$57.72Details
238182On-Q / LegrandDRD5WV2In Wall Rf Whole House Scene Controller$83.40Details
238183On-Q / LegrandDRD6WV2In Wall Rf Room Scene Controller - White$83.40Details
238185On-Q / LegrandDRD8WV2In Wall Rf Multi-Location Controller$51.81Details
653437On-Q / LegrandF1194WHBlank Trademaster® Decorator Wall Plate$0.88Details
206501On-Q / LegrandLC6001Rf Lighting Event And Interface Controll$254.98Details
653499On-Q / LegrandWP5003TIStudio Triple Gang Wall Plate-Titanium$4.19Details
1003778QolsysQZ2130840Iq Outlet$51.92Details
1068303QolsysQZ2140840Iq Dimmer$51.92Details
947129ShaxonBM303IP22Port Ivory Face Plate$1.02Details
986405Steren200258ALPlate Blank Almond$0.44Details
693526Steren310394&Nbsp;5-1/8" Cable Distribution Ring$3.64Details
1073827SterenWCCAT5EGRMBCat5E Green$92.67Details