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Intercom Systems

Video Door Stations

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
10028692GIG Technologies2GIGRPTR13452Gig Wireless Repeater$64.15Details
10673042N Telekomunikace91378357Grandstream Ip Phone With 4.3Inch Lcd Co$399.80Details
9590602N Telekomunikace91378358Grandstream Ip Phone$566.53Details
8536612N Telekomunikace91378365WH2N® Indoor Touch Poe - White$926.89Details
824279Aiphone245710Back Box Ix Ss StnsCall for Price.Details
896664AiphoneCOPIPSSCop Audio Only Ip Door Station For IsCall for Price.Details
847728AiphoneCOPISIPDFWORP10Is-Ipdvf-Rp10 Vid W/O Rp10Call for Price.Details
323038AiphoneCOPISIPDVFHIDIIs-Ipdvf & Built-In Hid R10 ReaderCall for Price.Details
582226AiphoneCOPISIPDVFRP10Cop-Isipdvf-Rp10 Custom PartCall for Price.Details
112957AiphoneCOPISIPDVFTWIs-Ipdvf Video Door Station Tw Series TowersCall for Price.Details
828942AiphoneCOPIXDFHIDITWIx Station With Iclass Reader, Fit For TowerCall for Price.Details
113444AiphoneGF103HBA***Eol*** Gf/Gh Surface Box W/ Rain HoodCall for Price.Details
113448AiphoneGF202HGf Rain Hood 4-ModuleCall for Price.Details
112717AiphoneGH1KDS3.5" Clr Video Handsfree Room Station FoCall for Price.Details
112718AiphoneGH1KDSWHandsfree Video With Service ButtCall for Price.Details
952702AiphoneGT1C7Video Tenant Station, Lcd Screen, 7 Inch, Hands-FrCall for Price.Details
1026990AiphoneGT1M33.5" Lcd Screen, Hands-Free Color Video Tenant StaCall for Price.Details
113325AiphoneGTDDoor Station, Gt Series, Audio-Only, Individual Call for Price.Details
998773AiphoneGTVDES104AVideo Entrance Panel Kit, 10-Key, 1X4 Size *ReplacCall for Price.Details
966415AiphoneGTVDES202AVideo Entrance Panel Kit, 10-Key, 2X2 Size *ReplacCall for Price.Details
112452AiphoneISIPDVFIs Ip Vandal Res Door Stn. Color Video Door Station. Flush MountCall for Price.Details
323032AiphoneISIPDVFHIDIp Video Door Station, Vandal Resistant, Flush MouCall for Price.Details
113347AiphoneISIPMVIf Video Master Station For The Is SeriesCall for Price.Details
360238AiphoneISSIPDMFIp Kit,1 Mv 1 DfCall for Price.Details
113044AiphoneISSOFTSoftware, Master Station, Is Series Call for Price.Details
113625AiphoneISSS0X2Is Series Master Station Add-On Kit (2)Call for Price.Details
113626AiphoneISSS2X0Is Series Door Station Add-On Kit (2)IsCall for Price.Details
863011AiphoneIXBANetwork Door Station, Ix Series, Indoor/Outdoor, ACall for Price.Details
852251AiphoneIXDANetwork Door Station, Ix Series, Indoor/Outdoor, ACall for Price.Details
717042AiphoneIXDFNetwork Door Station, Ix Series, Indoor/Outdoor, ACall for Price.Details
952786AiphoneIXDF2RAFRIp Video Emergency Station, W/ Standard & EmergencCall for Price.Details
1010321AiphoneIXDF44-Button Selective Calling Ix Door StationCall for Price.Details
892171AiphoneIXDFHIDNetwork Door Station, Ix Series, Audio/Video, StaiCall for Price.Details
862512AiphoneIXDFPIIx-Df-Pi Video Dr Fl W/O HidiCall for Price.Details
783072AiphoneIXMVNetwork Master Station, Ix Series, Direct Video, ICall for Price.Details
846720AiphoneIXSSNetwork Door Station, Ix Series, Indoor/Outdoor, ACall for Price.Details
1068355AiphoneIXSSRAFRIp Audio Emergency Station, W/ Emergency Call ButtCall for Price.Details
113372AiphoneJKDVFACDoor Station W/ Access Control Keypad, Jk Series,Call for Price.Details
113062AiphoneJKS1AEDFDoor Station Kit W/ Memory, (1) Jk-1Med, (1) Jk-DvCall for Price.Details
582234AiphoneJOS1AScreen, 7 Inch, W/ Touch Buttons, Hands-Free, 1 XCall for Price.Details
582235AiphoneJOS1FScreen, 7 Inch, W/ Touch Buttons, Hands-Free, 1 XCall for Price.Details
582236AiphoneJOS1VScreen, 7 Inch, W/ Touch Buttons, Hands-Free, 1 XCall for Price.Details
725169AiphoneMKDV*Eol**Aiphone Surface Mount VandalCall for Price.Details
113426AiphoneNAR2AReset But For Nem Sub StationCall for Price.Details
112787AiphoneNAR6ACall But For Nem Sub StationsCall for Price.Details
112804AiphoneNEM40A40 Call Master Station W/ HandsetCall for Price.Details
113485AiphoneSBX2BVVertical Surface Mount Box, Hid-SsCall for Price.Details
388013Alpha Communications7403INOXCOLORColor Video Inox Digital Panel$1,828.74Details
322681Alpha Communications7403IPColor Video Ip Digital Panel$2,662.49Details
359847Alpha CommunicationsM200Ip Color Video Monitor-Handsfr$791.69Details
388075Alpha CommunicationsTEKNAR5COLORTekna R5 Color Video Monitor$260.39Details
388076Alpha CommunicationsTENKAPLUSCOLORTekna Plus Color Video Monitor$290.24Details
980656Alpha CommunicationsVKGB2AS2-Unit Videointercom Kit-Al-Surface$991.42Details
119723AltronixVB1Conversion Module, 12-24 Vdc Input To 24 Vdc @ .17$28.68Details
143895Channel VisionA0915Custom Ipodsyst. For One Room$356.83Details
147064Channel VisionAB9044 Src 4 Rm Cats Audio Kit White$921.51Details
143936Channel VisionDP0232Ant Brass Door Plate 1/4"Thick$212.21Details
145227Channel VisionDP6282CDp-6282C-C5 Door Station-Color Cam-Blac$320.83Details
143945Channel VisionDP6302Door Plate With Color Camera Satin Nicke$320.83Details
147142Channel VisionIC512Round In Ceiling 5.25" Pair$96.28Details
145249Channel VisionIC514Round In-Ceiling 5.25In Spkr$87.23Details
145751Channel VisionIU6212White Finish ¼” Solid Brass Intercom Uni$245.60Details
145756Channel VisionIU6242PChrome Finish Intercom Unit W/Color Cam Wtrprf$278.68Details
145757Channel VisionIU6252Iu Door Sta.Oil Rubbed Bronze W/Color Cam$245.60Details
716566Cyrex Networks / Comelit1456BME1Vip Master Multi-User Gateway W/ Voip Call - 1 Usr$133.11Details
906337Cyrex Networks / Comelit1456BME10Vip Master Multi-User Gateway W/ Voip Call-10 User$1,232.99Details
923381Cyrex Networks / Comelit1456BME50Gateway Master (Mug) Up To 50 Users$5,357.89Details
875249Cyrex Networks / Comelit1456BSE1Vip Slave Multi-User Gateway W/ Voip Call - 1 User$36.98Details
955838Cyrex Networks / Comelit1456BSE200Gateway Slave Up To 200 Users$3,805.17Details
893145Cyrex Networks / Comelit1456GSip Interface Device (Vip)$557.54Details
915731Cyrex Networks / Comelit1459Call Log Server. Vip System$1,788.36Details
958641Cyrex Networks / Comelit3205RIEntrance Panel (Flush) W/ A/V Intercom + 5 Buttons$959.39Details
856624Cyrex Networks / Comelit32062RIEntrance Panel (Flush) W/ A/V Intercom + 6 Button$968.49Details
756163Cyrex Networks / Comelit4682KCColor Audio / Video Unit For Vip Kit System, Ikall$761.79Details
720060Cyrex Networks / Comelit4895IMPCVip Entrance Panel With 1 Push Button & Pull Cord$969.79Details
182227Cyrex Networks / Comelit5714IBrckt F/Smplebs Intrcm Srvc Cabl$60.94Details
182228Cyrex Networks / Comelit5722Hands Free Color Bravo Monitor$245.35Details
852552Cyrex Networks / Comelit6202HBVip System Hands-Free Color Monitor, Planux Series$400.94Details
608531Cyrex Networks / Comelit6202WCMonitor (White) W/ 3.5" Lcd Screen & Memovid (Vip)$538.64Details
1055063Cyrex Networks / Comelit6203WBMIntercom (White) Hands-Free Station W/ Induction$151.19Details
156978Cyrex Networks / Comelit6214CPnlx Monitor Brkt/Planx Managr$258.99Details
608535Cyrex Networks / Comelit6304Monitor W/ 3.5 Lcd Screen$415.79Details
787906Cyrex Networks / Comelit6304GSmart Monitor And Slave Gateway For Apartment$659.09Details
895993Cyrex Networks / Comelit6501H7Stelle Series Vip Monitor$639.89Details
156981Cyrex Networks / Comelit8171Bravokit Vid Kt 1 User W/B/W Mon$420.61Details
754153Cyrex Networks / Comelit8461MSingle-Family Kit W/ Quadra & Mini, Simplebus Syst$562.94Details
157294Cyrex Networks / Comelit8494BUMaestro Z Family Kit Black Monitor$1,948.71Details
156984Cyrex Networks / Comelit8494GUMaestro 2 Family Kit - Grey Monitor And$1,948.71Details
608546Cyrex Networks / Comelit8504Vip Kit W/ Vandalcom Entrance Panel$1,086.79Details
608549Cyrex Networks / Comelit8512IMKit W/ Ikall Metal Entrance Panel$1,093.00Details
608550Cyrex Networks / Comelit8513IM1-Ikal-Door/Wifi & 3G/4G$816.39Details
737317Cyrex Networks / Comelit8521H.264 Ip Intercom Kit W/ Ikall Metal Ent$966.42Details
157003Cyrex Networks / ComelitEX5802Genius Kit Color Expansion Monitor$277.42Details
182259Cyrex Networks / ComelitEX5900BMaestro Exspansion Monitor W/Bracket Bla$719.24Details
149833Cyrex Networks / ComelitEX5900GMaestro Color Expansion Monitor Black$719.24Details
149834Cyrex Networks / ComelitEX6101B**Eol*Color Expansion Monitor For Planux$383.49Details
149835Cyrex Networks / ComelitEX6101BPPlanux Color Expansion Monitor F/Planux Kit Black$419.07Details
157305Cyrex Networks / ComelitEX610WPColor Expansion Monitor For Planux Kit$385.05Details
712999Cyrex Networks / ComelitEX6202WPMonitor Expansion For Kit W/ 3.5"" Lcd Screen$569.07Details
965556Cyrex Networks / ComelitEX6602WPExpansion Icona Monitor For All Vip Kits$493.30Details
149837Cyrex Networks / ComelitEX700HColor Expansion Hands Free Monitor$186.03Details
352855Cyrex Networks / ComelitEX720HHands Free Color Expansion Monitor$208.47Details
775379Cyrex Networks / ComelitEX8000HIcona Handsfree Color Monitor, Sbtop$240.55Details
608555Cyrex Networks / ComelitHFX900LVideo Intercom Kit With 7" Monitor$445.37Details
182267Cyrex Networks / ComelitPA8SPowercom Audio Surface Mount, 8 Push But$487.11Details
157319Cyrex Networks / ComelitPV6SPowercom Vid Surface Mt 6 Push Bttn Entry Panl Kit$805.60Details
149847Cyrex Networks / ComelitPV8SPowercom Video Surface Mount 8 Push Butt$819.00Details
157200Cyrex Networks / ComelitSK9000Complete Unit For Sk Basic ( Master Cont$366.50Details
608580Cyrex Networks / ComelitSK9000ISimplekey Basic Reader (Simplebus/Vip)-All Series$351.03Details
161054Edwards / GS Building SystemsEG4RS2Speaker, Wall Mt., 25V Rms, 24Vdc, Red$22.35Details
154655Fire-Lite / HoneywellVISORALARMMaint Ip Receiver$2,040.35Details
189496Golden State InstrumentGS20815W Flush Mount Speaker$9.55Details
195060International Connector & Cable / ICCIC107SAPALModule, Stereo Audio, 3.5Mm, Almond$5.17Details
195061International Connector & Cable / ICCIC107SAPIVModule Stereo/Audio -Ivory$5.17Details
346017Intra SonicRETRODBBlack Retrofit Door Station$59.30Details
271078Kramer ElectronicsVM10421:2 Rgbs &Amp; Component Video Distribution$536.60Details
225185Lee Dan1803084Door King Panel, Flush Mountm Hands Free$1,097.19Details
466935Lee Dan1896012Lcd 1837 Directory Display-8 Line-20 Character$622.34Details
745039Lee DanIK204STwo Station Intercom Kit$194.59Details
199396Lee DanIR104E4 Wire Apartment Station$23.99Details
637494Lee DanIR207B4-Wire Intercom$36.98Details
637495Lee DanIR207BRQ4-Wire Brass Apartment Station$130.19Details
209313Lee DanIR310CStaff Station Plastic$215.59Details
1023971LevitonINDBBRough In Box For Use With Ip Enabled Sip Door Stat$31.18Details
638899Linear / Music & SoundNW68RS8" Dlx Outdr Spkr W/Radio Remt$103.08Details
638971Linear / Music & SoundTE1BM S Te1B Etl Transformer Assem$44.47Details
213718Logenex InnovationsAD102SVCDoor Station Speaker With Color$562.25Details
222500MitekATS183GS8Garden Speaker Short Base 8Ohm$358.06Details
204379MitekEFT30Fan Top Pnl W/550 Cfm 30D 19W$458.12Details
222518MitekFAP8CXTStrat 2, 8" 2-W Comp Dr Coax Spk Sys T60$358.06Details
204395MitekHT42Constructed With Audio Grade Laminations$19.25Details
236201MitekI128SYSIp Spk Sys 8" 1X2 Drop In Enc$990.26Details
222751MitekLT600VCTel Xfm 600 M Matching$55.83Details
204404MitekPM8CXBPend Mnt 8" Cx 60W 70V/8M Blk$421.69Details
222764MitekPM8GDBPend Mnt 8" Gd 16W 70V/8M Blk$273.03Details
222776MitekSM12CXTWSpk 12 In Coax T7/60W Cab Sys Wht$674.54Details
204430MitekT1988Enclsr Sq 240 Center Blk$16.23Details
225744Muxlab500058Component Video/Stereo Audio Balun$119.46Details
302797Muxlab500058WPUSComponent Video/Stereo Audio Wall Balun$141.12Details
788653NapcoDL30003*Eol*Audit Trail Polished Brass Finis$706.62Details
276431NetPromaxDX915G5009-Ch Dvr W/ 500G Hdd, Cd-Rw, Mpeg4, Live$1,065.23Details
237731NutoneNF200MWHFrame For Master Station Nm200$29.70Details
205913NutoneNM200ALVoice And Music Master Station Intercom$621.96Details
277354On-Q / LegrandHA5009GB7 Inch Lcd With Standard Lyriq, Gloss Bl$686.06Details
238240On-Q / LegrandHA5009TI7Inch Lcd Console With Lyriq-Titanium$660.96Details
238241On-Q / LegrandHA5010LA7In Lcd Cnsl W/Hi Prfrmnc Lyriq-Light Almond$733.62Details
230540On-Q / LegrandHA6101Intergration Expansion Module$1,256.06Details
238244On-Q / LegrandHA6401BS3 Room Unity Kit W Bs Vdoor &Amp; Lcd W Lyri$3,020.25Details
277374On-Q / LegrandIC5003ABSelective Call Antique Brass Video Door$386.82Details
941186On-Q / LegrandLC2303WHRadiant Rf Wh Scene Controller Wh$76.99Details
238266On-Q / LegrandLC2354Unity Rs232 Lighting Controller Kit$155.78Details
301877OrevoxI40B40" Sound System Ipod/Comp. - Black$386.59Details
979968Paso Sound Products559BColor Camera/Speaker/Mic$877.49Details
250149Select Engineered SystemsPCBNSG3MRPcb New Sg3 2 Modem/Receiver$744.55Details
721471SpecoVDP5000***Eol**Pro Video 4-Wire Video$350.81Details
289527Talk-A-PhoneKHP3High Power Wall Mnt 5 Watts Sub Stat$206.88Details
1035476Talk-A-PhoneVOIP201C3SYSDoor Intercom/Telephony Complete System$2,182.49Details
864111TOA ElectronicsAT10KAMVolume Control, Remote, 10K Ohm Resistance Potenti$41.48Details
265801TOA ElectronicsCS154Paging Speaker Wide Range Indoor/Outdoor 15W White$96.64Details
265816TOA ElectronicsDM1300USMicrophone, Handheld Speech / Vocal, Stand Adapter$147.53Details
254580TOA ElectronicsF1300WTBox Speaker, 2-Way, 130Mm, 30 Watt, 70V, White $151.54Details
852427TOA ElectronicsN8020MSYMaster Station, Industrial-Grade, Handset, Two-Wir$668.97Details
695430TOA ElectronicsNX100SPSUSNetwork Audio Adapter, Economy Version,$1,193.06Details
254616TOA ElectronicsPM660UMicrophone, Desktop, Paging, Ptt Switch, 600 Ohms,$114.58Details
695449TOA ElectronicsQRS180BZEmergency Sub-Station, Ada Compliant, Outdoor, Shi$752.45Details
290235TOA ElectronicsTS775Remote Delegate Interface Unit, Ts-770 Series, Inc$535.18Details
254637TOA ElectronicsV01SRemote Master Volume Control Module, Vca, Line In$68.67Details
854978TOA ElectronicsWM5320HF01Wireless Bodypack &Amp; Hset Mic 64Ch Electret Cond F01 Frequency BoardCall for Price.Details
695561TOA ElectronicsYC150N-8050Ds Accessory, Flush Mount Backbox, For Inter$22.41Details
228072Tripp LiteB136100WPComponent Video W/Stereo Audio$47.68Details
229590Viking ElectronicsDNA510Paging Device Digital Evacuation Announcer$315.47Details
291825Viking ElectronicsE30PTEWPPush To Talk E-30 With Ewp Option No Min Qty$450.00Details
291838Viking ElectronicsE75BKBlack Double Gang Entry Phne W/Proxcard Rdr&Camera$743.05Details
267573Viking ElectronicsE75BNEWPDbl Gang Entry Phone W/Prox Card Rdr-Camera Brnze$939.89Details
267574Viking ElectronicsE75SSDoor Phone W/Card Reader And Cam- Stainless Steel$759.19Details
294601Viking ElectronicsE75WHEWPSatin White Entry Phone$939.89Details
267581Viking ElectronicsK15007Panel Phone Vandal Resistant Stainless Steel$266.20Details
257068WatchnetMICDVRAAmpli.Dvr Microphone$54.27Details