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Intra Sonic

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
989664Intra SonicACABLE3.5Mm Cable$3.88Details
1022302Intra SonicAUDWPAudio 2 Pair Wall Plate$18.99Details
964972Intra SonicB3HTPACKMini Cube 5.1 Black Home Theater Pack, I$483.06Details
309619Intra SonicB3WHTPACKMini Cube 5.1 White Home Theater Pack, I$483.06Details
729660Intra SonicBTRECEIVERBluetooth Receiver For Music Streaming$61.33Details
1040484Intra SonicCPTCrimpt Tool, Rj45, Rj12, Rj11$8.69Details
309618Intra SonicEX206C6.5" 20 Degree Angle Speaker, 5-100 Watt$125.41Details
309617Intra SonicEXC656.5" 2-Way In-Ceiling Speaker, 5-100 Wat$100.20Details
634620Intra SonicEXC80IIModel Ex-C80Ii: 8? 2-Way Fiberglass Co$170.39Details
926696Intra SonicEXI65IIExtreme Series 6.5" 2-Way In-Wall Speake$109.75Details
859443Intra SonicEXI80IIExtreme 8 2-Way Fiberglass Woofer &Amp; Tit$153.36Details
346062Intra SonicEXR6T6.5" 2-Way In-Ceiling Speaker, 5-100 Wat$147.90Details
980121Intra SonicI1000ANTAntenna Use With I1000M Master 35 Feet ($21.90Details
1024298Intra SonicI1000DAAlmond Door Station, Plastic$53.77Details
994508Intra SonicI1000DBOiled Bronze Door Station, Metal$115.85Details
1052417Intra SonicI1000DBLKBlack Door Station, Plastic$53.77Details
982190Intra SonicI1000DEMOBOXDurable Plastic Box With Demo I1000M Sys$614.61Details
980454Intra SonicI1000DNNickel Door Station Metal$115.85Details
938165Intra SonicI1000DRDoor Release Unit Used With I1000M$19.49Details
1023931Intra SonicI1000M4PACBasic Pack Includes: "(1) I1000M White M$638.05Details
1048277Intra SonicI1000MA35 Watt Almond, Music Distribution &Amp; Com$338.15Details
634621Intra SonicI1000MACPACDeluxe Intercom Package Almond - I1000Ma$820.66Details
935826Intra SonicI1000MAPACStandard Pack, Almond$748.53Details
1012134Intra SonicI1000MB35Watt Black Music Distribuition &Amp; Comm$338.15Details
346056Intra SonicI1000MBPACStandard Black Package Includes 1) I1000$748.51Details
981690Intra SonicI1000MC4PACBasic Plus 4 Pack Includes: "(1) I1000M$686.57Details
1075545Intra SonicI1000MFPMaster Face Plate, White$21.90Details
1069794Intra SonicI1000MFPAMaster Face Plate, Almond$21.90Details
1066850Intra SonicI1000MFPBMaster Face Plate, Black$21.90Details
1042471Intra SonicI1000MS35 Watt Stainless, Music Distribution &Amp;$338.15Details
346052Intra SonicI1000PAAlmond Weather Resistant Patio Station$78.54Details
309602Intra SonicI1000RAAlmond Room Station (Lcd) With Remote St$70.14Details
992679Intra SonicI1000RAFPRoom Unit Face Plate, Almond$5.26Details
346051Intra SonicI1000RBRoom Station, Black$70.14Details
976137Intra SonicI1000RBFPRoom Unit Face Plate, Black$5.26Details
977328Intra SonicI1000RFPRoom Unit Face Plate, White$5.26Details
346049Intra SonicI1000VCWhite Satellite Volume Control For An I1$42.35Details
1061210Intra SonicI100CWhite 8" Watt Ceiling Speaker With Metal$79.06Details
1004586Intra SonicI100C41PACCeiling Home Theater Pack 4.1 No Center$359.49Details
1014560Intra SonicI100C51PACCeiling Home Theater Pack 5.1 With Cente$396.59Details
928344Intra SonicI100CCWhite 8" In-Wall Center Channel With Met$41.96Details
1056100Intra SonicI100CPACInclude 2 Pr 100 Watt Ceiling Speakers$145.03Details
1024438Intra SonicI100CW51PACMix Of In-Wall And Ceiling Home Theater$400.90Details
1010119Intra SonicI100CW5PACMix Of In-Wall And Ceiling Home Theater$212.56Details
1001590Intra SonicI100WWhite 8" Watt In-Wall Speaker With Metal$83.15Details
1032883Intra SonicI100W51PACHome Theater Pack 5.1 Includes: "(2Pr) I$405.20Details
1060317Intra SonicI100W71PACHome Theater Pack 7.1 Includes: "(3Pr) I$485.66Details
965954Intra SonicI100WPACInclude 2 Pr 100 Watt In-Wall Speakers$153.96Details
941362Intra SonicI2000ANTAm, Fm Anetnna.$24.11Details
894177Intra SonicI2000BLKDoor Unit Black$115.85Details
717162Intra SonicI2000DBZDoor Unit, Oiled Bronze$115.85Details
727143Intra SonicI2000DNDoor Unit, Nickel$115.85Details
988908Intra SonicI2000DRI2000 Module To Connect A Drm (Door Rele$20.45Details
723352Intra SonicI2000DRMDoor Release Mechanism$34.57Details
842701Intra SonicI2000HRough-In Kit For Master Unit, With Anten$45.88Details
745853Intra SonicI2000HGRMp3 Hanger Bracket For The I2000R Room S$4.48Details
728812Intra SonicI2000MMaster Unit, White, With Audio Cable$348.33Details
1029851Intra SonicI2000M4PACStandard White Pack Includes 1) I2000M W$670.36Details
853462Intra SonicI2000MBI2000 Master Unit, Black, With Audio Cab$348.33Details
714573Intra SonicI2000MCPACDeluxe Pack Includes 1 I2000M White Mast$863.88Details
752721Intra SonicI2000MFPMaster Face Plate$21.90Details
777382Intra SonicI2000MPACStandard Pack Includes 1 I2000M White Ma$784.13Details
877150Intra SonicI2000PPatio Unit, White$81.10Details
815413Intra SonicI2000PBPatio Unit, Black$81.10Details
1016185Intra SonicI2000PMPDOORPersonal Music Player Door For I2000 Mas$16.05Details
791815Intra SonicI2000PSBPatio Surface Mount And Recess Box For I$28.49Details
924746Intra SonicI2000RRoom Unit White$72.24Details
728779Intra SonicI2000RAI2000 Room Unit, Almond$72.24Details
861896Intra SonicI2000RBI2000 Room Station, Black$72.24Details
850292Intra SonicI2000RFPRoom Unit Face Plate, White For Int-I200$6.14Details
873578Intra SonicI2000VCWhite, Amplified Volume Control With Sou$70.67Details
1029513Intra SonicI30CPACIncludes 2 Pr 30 Watt Ceiling Speakers$84.52Details
978662Intra SonicI30WWhite 6 1/2In In-Wall Speaker With Metal$48.00Details
1003746Intra SonicI30WPACIncludes 2 Pr 30 Watt In-Wall Speakers$91.32Details
1046261Intra SonicI51WPHome Theater Wall Plate, 5.1$27.75Details
634623Intra SonicI600White, 80 Watt In-Wall Music System, Up$328.60Details
634624Intra SonicI600AAlmond, 80 Watt In-Wall Music System, Up$328.60Details
634625Intra SonicI600AMPI600-Amp Stereo Music System Amplifier$204.46Details
634626Intra SonicI600BBlack, 80 Watt In-Wall Music System, Up$328.60Details
884744Intra SonicI600EXTREMEPACVECTORVector I600 Music Stereo System Kit$844.69Details
984108Intra SonicI71WPHome Theater Wall Plate, 7.1$33.89Details
309590Intra SonicIPRSBMetal Recessed Box For I1000P Patio Stat$11.58Details
309589Intra SonicIRBMetal Recessed Box$36.00Details
1008329Intra SonicITESTERRj45 Continuity, Short And Wiring Tester$35.29Details
1017644Intra SonicJA65CMMagnetic 6.5” Ceiling Speaker, 20 ~ 100$109.05Details
988171Intra SonicJAB3BIIPair 100 Watt 6-Ohms 3" Mini Cube Speake$87.40Details
346039Intra SonicJAC6AII6.5" 2-Way In-Ceiling Speaker, 10-100 Wa$88.61Details
309586Intra SonicJAC8AII8" 2-Way In-Ceiling Speaker, 10-150 Watt$108.37Details
1010670Intra SonicJACC5AII5.25" 2-Way Center Channel Speaker, 10-1$83.15Details
309584Intra SonicJAD6AII6.5" Dual Voice Coil In-Ceiling Speaker,$60.66Details
1010041Intra SonicJAI6AII6.5" 2-Way In-Wall Speaker, 10-100 Wa$101.56Details
997888Intra SonicJAI8AII8" 2-Way In-Wall Speaker, 10-150 Watt$126.76Details
309582Intra SonicJARK820GY8" 2-Way Rock Speaker, 250 Watts, Grey$100.87Details
346037Intra SonicJARK820SB8" 2-Way Rock Speaker, 250 Watts, Red$100.87Details
346036Intra SonicJASS1010" Active Subwoofer 120 Watt.$203.80Details
951777Intra SonicJASS76"X9" Active Subwoofer 80 Watts$171.75Details
1013343Intra SonicJAT5B5.25In Pair Woofer Outdoor Speaker, Blk$98.84Details
1050926Intra SonicJAT5B1Single, 5.25 Woofer Outdoor Speaker, Bl$57.25Details
195756Intra SonicJAT5W5.25In Pair Woofer Otdr Spkr 120W, Wht$98.84Details
749920Intra SonicJAT5W1Single, 5.25 Woofer Outdoor Speaker, Wh$57.25Details
346034Intra SonicJAVNB75Impedance Matching Volume Control, 150 W$26.28Details
309581Intra SonicJAVSL100Impedance Matching Sliding Control, 180$29.64Details
346033Intra SonicJB2702KDRemote Power Supply 18 Volt Dc 4 Amp For$49.42Details
741685Intra SonicRETRO5MAAlmond Colored Intercom Master$548.79Details
1045010Intra SonicRETRO5PAAlmond, Retro-Fit Pation Station$79.06Details
346029Intra SonicRETRO5PBBlack Retrofit Patio Station$79.06Details
309577Intra SonicRETRO5RAAlmond, Retrofit Room Station$58.62Details
935139Intra SonicRETRO5RAH5" Horizontal Metal Adaptor Plate For A$16.05Details
1001273Intra SonicRETRO5RAV5In Vertical Metal Adaptor Plate$16.05Details
346026Intra SonicRETRO5RBBlack Retrofit Room Station$58.62Details
346025Intra SonicRETRO5RHAAlmond, Horizontal Retro Room/Patio Plas$29.22Details
1081998Intra SonicRETRO5RHBBlack, Horizontal Retro Room/Patio Plast$29.22Details
1034271Intra SonicRETRO5TPWhite, 5" Plastic Trim Plate For A Retro$16.05Details
949841Intra SonicRETRO5TPAAlmond Trim Plate For Retro-5R$16.05Details
1000038Intra SonicRETRO5TPBBlack, 5" Plastic Trim Plate For A Retro$16.05Details
309574Intra SonicRETRO8ATWhite 8" Rm Station Trim Plate$43.24Details
309573Intra SonicRETRO8ATAAlmond, 8" Retro Room Station Plastic Tr$42.35Details
939596Intra SonicRETRO8ATBBlack, 8" Retro Room Station Plastic Tri$42.35Details
1049628Intra SonicRETRO8RAPMetal Adaptor Plate For 8" Retro Room/Pa$21.90Details
1021612Intra SonicRETRO8TPWhite, 8" Plastic Trim Plate For A Retro$21.90Details
971665Intra SonicRETRO8TPAAlmond, 8" Plastic Trim Plate For A Retr$21.90Details
996871Intra SonicRETRO8TPBBlack, 8" Plastic Trim Plate For A Retro$21.90Details
1037481Intra SonicRETRODARetrofit Almond Door Station$59.30Details
997070Intra SonicRETRODAPAAlmond, Adaptor Plate For Nutone Door St$16.05Details
346017Intra SonicRETRODBBlack Retrofit Door Station$59.30Details
787476Intra SonicRETRODBBRetro Door Button. A Two Wire Doorbell B$16.05Details
346016Intra SonicRETRODBZOiled Bronze Door Station, Metal$102.23Details
1028677Intra SonicRETRODEMOBOXDurable Plastic Box With Demo Retro-M Sy$693.62Details
1037276Intra SonicRETRODNNickel Door Station, Metal$102.23Details
1008835Intra SonicRETRODRBRetro Door Recess Box$29.22Details
346012Intra SonicRETROMAAlmond, Retrofit Master, Includes Mounti$548.79Details
988938Intra SonicRETROMABRetro-M Master Adaptor Bracket$21.90Details
967537Intra SonicRETROMBV4PAC"Retro Black Vertical Package Includes;$873.37Details
841029Intra SonicRETROMCTPARetro Almond Combo Cover Plate$61.35Details
902865Intra SonicRETROMCTPBRetro Black, Combo Cover Plate Trim$61.33Details
1020284Intra SonicRETROMH4PACRetro-M Horizontal Standard Pack Include$873.37Details
844241Intra SonicRETROMHAPACRetro Almond Package Horizontal Package$1,075.57Details
346010Intra SonicRETROMHPACRetro-M Horizontal Standard Pack Include$1,075.57Details
309569Intra SonicRETROMTPTrim Plate White Retro Master$43.24Details
1076423Intra SonicRETROMTPAAlmond, Retro-M Master Trim Plate$42.35Details
309568Intra SonicRETROMTPBBlack, Retro-M Master Trim Plate$43.24Details
309567Intra SonicRETROMV4PACRetro-M Vertical 4 Pack Includes:"(1) Re$873.37Details
346008Intra SonicRETROMVPACRetro-M Vertical Standard Pack Includes:$1,075.57Details
309566Intra SonicRETRONCR5" New Construction Ring For Installing$16.05Details
939424Intra SonicRETROPMPDOORPersonal Music Player Door For The Retro$16.05Details
916813Intra SonicRETROTPAAlmond Trim Plate$16.05Details
971491Intra SonicRJ4520Rj45 Connector Pack, 20 Pcs$10.28Details
1051874Intra SonicRJ455Rj45 Connector Pack, 5 Pcs$3.74Details
790939Intra SonicSPKBKT8CSpeaker Mounting Bracket For 8 Inch Ceil$17.54Details
838109Intra SonicSPKBKT8IWSpeaker Mounting Bracket For 8 Inch In-W$17.54Details
309496Intra SonicV18MONITORSony Color Video Monitor Includes (1) 30$187.43Details
955340Intra SonicV18MONITORRSony Color Video Monitor With Picture Re$255.58Details
309495Intra SonicV304KITCamera Kit$328.60Details
997915Intra SonicVIDEODEMOBOXPlastic Tabletop Demo Stand With Video D$308.89Details
309494Intra SonicVIDOORColor Camera Includes; (1) 30 Ft Cable A$153.34Details
831235Intra SonicVKEYKey Fobs For Vidoor-K$5.26Details
634629Intra SonicVSTANDStand For V18Monitor$31.77Details
634630Intra SonicWSKITWireless Amplifier / Receiver For One Pa$177.21Details