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Intrusion Security Systems

Asset Tracking and Protection

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
152086DSI / Designed SecurityES5200R2Tailgate Detection System, Standard Unit, Mullion$2,724.60Details
968088EyezOnZCEZ120Gps Personal Tracker$214.34Details
769663Linear Corporation250910Rf Splitter, 1-Output, 1Db, Minimal Insertion Loss$29.45Details
810170Linear Corporation2512Rf Splitter / Combiner, Bi-Directional, 2-Way, Dc$8.32Details
816313Linear Corporation2514Rf Splitter / Combiner, Bi-Directional, 4-Way, Dc$12.05Details
841125Linear Corporation253225Rf Splitter / Combiner, Bi-Directional, 2-Way, Dtv$61.25Details
813465Linear CorporationDA550BIDRf Amplifier, Bi-Directional, 1-Input For Catv, 2-$223.02Details
876307Linear CorporationDA550HHRRf Amplifier, 1-Input For Catv Or Off-Air Antenna,$223.02Details
746070Linear CorporationLPF470Rf Filter, Low-Pass, Removes All Channels Above 47$29.29Details
729882Linear CorporationLPF750Rf Filter, Low-Pass, Removes All Channels Above 75$43.11Details
741125Linear CorporationNF469Rf Filter, Notch, Removes Catv Channels 64-70 / Uh$35.77Details
863485Linear CorporationSSR00066Mid-Range Receiver, 16-Channel, 27.255 Mhz, 7.9 In$273.62Details
273222Linear CorporationSSR00068Mid-Range Receiver, 1-Channel, Outdoor, 27.255 Mhz$215.35Details
275266Mierproducts / BWDA066Remote Chime Transmitter For The Da-068$39.38Details
221735Mierproducts / BWDA611TOSensr Trnsmtr For Da-600 W/ 50' Cab$264.46Details
234250Paxton Access696100USHands Free, Card Holders, Windshiel$22.22Details
1048443S-O-S ElectronicsPTPBAPersonnel Long Range Rfid Tag$26.55Details
257478Winland ElectronicsVAP10*Eol* - Vehicle Alert Probe W/10' Of Dbc$101.21Details
257479Winland ElectronicsVAP1000Vehicle Alert™ Probe With 1000' Of Direc$462.05Details
230891Winland ElectronicsVAP200Vehicle Alert™ Probe With 200' Of Direct$186.23Details
268538Winland ElectronicsVAP350Vehicle Alert™ Probe With 350' Of Direct$265.55Details
230892Winland ElectronicsVC10Vehicle Alert Cable 10' (3.05 M)$6.80Details
268539Winland ElectronicsVC100Vehicle Alert Cable 100Ft Direct Barrier$52.65Details
257481Winland ElectronicsVC1500Vehiclealert, Additional Cable, 1500'$689.90Details
257482Winland ElectronicsVC200Vehicle Alert Cable - 200' (61 M)$98.95Details
268540Winland ElectronicsVC350Vehicle Alert Cable - 350' (106.7 M)$173.67Details
257483Winland ElectronicsVC500Vehicle Alert Cable - 500' (152.4 M)$245.84Details
704914Xtralis1015000Gps Antenae And Cable$272.55Details
704915Xtralis1160014Audio Board$749.29Details
704921Xtralis1400222Nano Octo Cable$145.46Details