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Intrusion Security Systems

Automated Security

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
1026682Ai NextAPX101Directional Ceiling Mount Wide Angle 40 X45$83.99Details
991192Ai NextAPX201Motion Ceiling Detector W/Long Range Pattern$83.99Details
1055399Ai NextPS0021Threaded Package Proximity Sensor$5.13Details
1050221Ai NextPS510106Proximity Sensor 0.5A 10W On Distance = 15~30Mm Of$4.77Details
967369Ai NextTZ0046Magnet Tz0046 (Correct Pn Has One Less Zero)$3.50Details
122334AmsecoAFS101BFence Sensor Normally Open Normally Closed Loop$32.63Details
144489Cellar SaverCS2029BOCellar Saveer Base Only No Contact W/Swing Arm$15.75Details
598254Chamberlain Professional / SentexSW4705011G3Swing Gate 115V 1/2 Hp.$1,168.56Details
598255Chamberlain Professional / SentexSW4905021G3Swing Gate 230V 1/2 Hp$2,132.56Details
836655ComNet / Communication NetworksPIM1Power Injection Module For Netwave$41.89Details
156343Crosspoint IndustriesFPWAVa6000T Fcplate W/Sealed Wide-Angle Lens - 10 Case$152.59Details
156344Crosspoint IndustriesGORTSensor Robotic Hi Intensity Light$3,019.99Details
903943Detector Electronics / Det-Tronics102359001Rubber Stopper Plug$22.49Details
796624Detector Electronics / Det-Tronics103922001475 Hart Communicator Handheld$11,746.15Details
609624Detector Electronics / Det-Tronics227117013Cylinder Nitrogen$546.74Details
161096EE Systems Group / Electronic EngineeringEE860DTSolar Power Illuminator,Black$85.39Details
826744Functional DevicesRIBXGHASplit Core Current Sensor Adjustable Output$41.33Details
1020772Functional DevicesRIBXGTFSplit Ring Fix C/S-Terminals$29.73Details
163295Functional DevicesRIBXKTFSolid Core Fix C/S-Terminals$20.99Details
731355GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6078303ISSb2000 Automation Module Rs232 Is$67.19Details
176051GE Security / UTC Fire & Security60836Superbus 2000 Voice Module. Superbus 2000 Voice Module. Adv Voice Message Function. Dig Vocabulary Of 2000 Words$73.91Details
163564GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityNX534EGe Two-Way Voice Mdoule$60.94Details
1032231GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityWST702Pir Motion Detector, 345Mhz$42.40Details
311378GRI Telemark0843ALPool Alarm Plastic All Weather Button Surf Mt Alm$23.25Details
775620GRI Telemark1846ALSurface Mount Button Only For Pool Sensor Almond$20.99Details
347830GRI Telemark2500KWater Sensor Open Loop 12 Volt Dc W/1 2600T-Phs$23.25Details
167202GRI Telemark2500TBWater Sensor Open Loop 12Vdc W/2600T-P Brown$26.99Details
177715GRI Telemark25052505 Water Sensor N/O 5 Volt Dc$20.99Details
189838GRI Telemark2524WWater Sensor Open Loop 24 Volt Dc White$20.99Details
1060883GRI Telemark2600300Water Sensor Closed Loop Gray With 25' Wire Lead$33.34Details
167206GRI Telemark2600BWater Sensor 4 Wire Surface Mount Brown$22.49Details
172504GRI Telemark2600KWater Sensor Closed Loop 12 Volt Dc W/1 2600T-Phs$21.75Details
1010603GRI Telemark2600LS12KLow Snstvty Wtr Snsr W/12K Res$32.63Details
172506GRI Telemark2600TLS12Vdc Wtr Sensor/Low Sensitivity/Undr Carpet Probe$30.44Details
177717GRI Telemark2600TPHSRemote Sensor W/Terminal Connection F/2500K 2600K$5.22Details
172510GRI Telemark2800WOpen Looped Water Sensor W/2 Cond. Cable. White$19.49Details
172516GRI Telemark2893ALPool Alarm Recessed Almond Instant On$78.39Details
167217GRI Telemark2894AL2 Alarm Surface Mount Instant On Almond Etl Listed$78.39Details
167218GRI Telemark2894KITPool Alarm Kit Surf Mnt Instant On Pwr Sply Btn$124.59Details
189854GRI Telemark289N1Recessed Pool Alarm Delayed - No Etl Markings$78.39Details
177727GRI Telemark289N2Pool Alarm Closed Loop Surface Mount No Etl$78.39Details
808118GRI Telemark289N3ALPool Alarm Recessed Instant On Non Etl Almond$72.79Details
172883GRI TelemarkDPA10DALPool Alarm Delayed Surface Mount Almond$57.39Details
347793GRI TelemarkDPA10DRBatt Pwred Pool Alarm W/7Sec Delay & Re-Entrybttn$81.19Details
982049GRI TelemarkDPA10DRALPool Alarm, Ul Surf Mnt Delay W/Remote Wire Pkg W/$81.19Details
167696GRI TelemarkDPA10RPool Alarm Kit Surf Mnt Re-Entry Btn Instant On$81.19Details
178298GRI TelemarkWS20Home Water Leak Alarm Sensor W/One 20'Jckt Cbl Sns$57.99Details
190415GRI TelemarkWS20240SExtra Sensor With 20 Ft. Wire For Ws-20$19.49Details
167996H.A.I. Home Automation10A081Cable, 20 Pin, Gray$8.98Details
347766H.A.I. Home Automation18A0020Microcontrol Energy Management Demo Case$1,269.10Details
168036H.A.I. Home Automation35A14ALColor Change Kit- Almond$6.79Details
178353H.A.I. Home Automation35A14BLHai 12 Ea Lot Black Switch$6.32Details
168038H.A.I. Home Automation35A14GRCSSwitch Color Change Kit Grey Case 12$67.19Details
190469H.A.I. Home Automation35A14IVCSSwitch Color Change Kit Ivory Case 12$67.19Details
178360H.A.I. Home Automation38A04IVRoom Contrl Change Kit- Single$4.72Details
178361H.A.I. Home Automation38A04IVCSRm Cntrl Chnge Kit Ivory Cse12$55.09Details
190481H.A.I. Home Automation38A05IVCSHouse Cntrl Chge Kit Ivory C12$55.09Details
190482H.A.I. Home Automation38A16BLHlc- Table Top Scene Switch Black$190.51Details
347760H.A.I. Home Automation44A004Lcd Lumina Pro Controller. 110V Power Supply$1,006.19Details
178381H.A.I. Home Automation55A001BRW Dimmer Switch - Brown$152.35Details
190498H.A.I. Home Automation56A001Recess Door &Amp; Window Exmitter$53.03Details
168071H.A.I. Home Automation71A001Hlc Load Control Module$221.55Details
178409H.A.I. Home AutomationPROMO1SECURITYSecurity And Surv Promo Kit$3,006.85Details
923350H.A.I. Home AutomationRC1500WHZBLumina Rf Universal Thermostat$274.04Details
627645H.A.I. Home AutomationVRC0P1LWPlug-In Interface Module$126.20Details
738690Kwikset97402734740J 3 Smt Cp K4$33.34Details
636943Kwikset98001128800Hexcn 15 Smt Cp$194.59Details
200511Linear Corporation2510427Dst-Mstr Stk Harness Swr/Swc 115V Apex$27.75Details
639239Linear Corporation2510439Apex Module & Pwm Mtr Bd Assy$360.44Details
200726Linear CorporationHAE00040Garage Door Opener Motor Control Board$66.50Details
211415Litton / Terminus ProductsSP2539Fence Kit With Sensor. 1/2"$58.10Details
273308Litton / Terminus ProductsSP32232DPass Thru Fnce Kit W Sensor, Damped, 3/4"$82.59Details
211416Litton / Terminus ProductsSP32232UPass-Thru Fence Kit W Sens.3/4"$71.39Details
914729Micro Wave Sensors1030Plastic Surface Mount Box 6" Round Compatible$24.75Details
854570Micro Wave SensorsESC59R6Stainles Steel Escutcheon For 59R6 Series$76.99Details
811754Micro Wave SensorsTC26BLng Rng Mcro Prcssr Cntrl Vhcl$779.99Details
219643Micro Wave SensorsTC30Ultrsn.Veh.Presnc Detct/Trf.Cn$487.34Details
275264Mierproducts / BWDA053Drive Alert Burial Cable Only-Is Sold By The Foot$0.92Details
238620OptexTR20URepeater, Wss Series, 2000 Feet $94.61Details
281122Preferred Technology Group / CartellAA1General Annuciator For Any Security System$55.83Details
212364Preferred Technology Group / CartellCB1RBControl Board Only For Cb1R$86.79Details
212366Preferred Technology Group / CartellCF2CCCf-2C-C Case Only$42.78Details
281124Preferred Technology Group / CartellCP1003WCp3 Egress 100'Cable Sys 3Wire$187.59Details
212367Preferred Technology Group / CartellCP1100Copper Probe With 100'Cable$275.79Details
242598Preferred Technology Group / CartellCP180Copper Probe 80Ft Cable$267.39Details
281127Preferred Technology Group / CartellCP31005WCp3 Egress Self Contained System W/5Wire$221.19Details
212368Preferred Technology Group / CartellCP3103WCp3 Egress 10'Cable Sys 3 Wire$139.99Details
248533Preferred Technology Group / CartellCP3105WCp3 Egress 10'Cable Sys 5 Wire$142.79Details
242600Preferred Technology Group / CartellCP32005WCp3 Egress Selfcont System W/200' Cable &5Wire$306.44Details
212369Preferred Technology Group / CartellCP33005WCp3 Egress 300'Cable Sys 5Wire$398.24Details
212370Preferred Technology Group / CartellCP35005WCp3 Egress 500'Cable Sys 5Wire$581.84Details
212372Preferred Technology Group / CartellCT2BGPfrd Gate Controller With Conformal Coding$204.39Details
212375Preferred Technology Group / CartellCT5500Burial Wire 2 Conductor 500 Feet$288.89Details
281132Preferred Technology Group / CartellCT62003XCt6 With 200 Foot Probe 3X Sensitivity$181.99Details
281136Preferred Technology Group / CartellCT6APfrd Detached Probe$90.99Details
281138Preferred Technology Group / CartellFC12Pfrd Fc12 Outdoor Photocell$46.39Details
242614Preferred Technology Group / CartellFC6Pfrd Fc6 Photocell$26.25Details
281139Preferred Technology Group / CartellSD6200Short Driveway Probe 200'$204.39Details
677326Protection TechSDI76XL224VDCWide Angle 50Ftx50Ft,24Vdc Power,Lens A$681.19Details
249640Protection TechSDI77XL2EXOUT24VDC24Vdc Sensor Explosion Proof Outdoor$2,889.99Details
249642Protection TechSDI77XLDIRMotion Sensor, Piramid, Outdoor, Ir, Microwave Det$598.04Details
281462Protection TechSDI77XLDIRLT24VDCLadder/Twr Sensor 24Vdc$916.49Details
212754Pulnix / TakexDA291UFlush Mount Door Sensor$517.04Details
249664Pulnix / TakexDLS100R0.2/1M Red Led Background Suppression Photo Sensor$201.59Details
249669Pulnix / TakexGS5SNMini G Photo Sensor$114.79Details
249671Pulnix / TakexHTF24High Power Heater Kit For Quad Beams$136.32Details
300388Pulnix / TakexNAR10F24/240 Volt Ac/Dc Photo Electric Sensor$135.79Details
498052RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsRB6COutdr Uv Protected 6 ConductorCall for Price.Details
498053RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsRBCABLETIES610Stainless Steel Cable Ties For 500Ft SensorCall for Price.Details
788868RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsRBIROC10Only A Spool 100' SensorcableCall for Price.Details
498054RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsRBIROC152500Ft Ironclad Sensor Cable OnlyCall for Price.Details
766877RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsRBIROC1Z1000KITCall for Price.Details
498065RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsRBIROC1Z152KITIronclad Single Zone 500Ft KitCall for Price.Details
825361RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsRBIROC2Z1000KITIronclad Dual Zone 1000Ft KitCall for Price.Details
498058RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsRBIROC2Z305KITIronclad Dual Zone 500Ft KitCall for Price.Details
498060RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsRBIROC3051000Ft Ironclad Sensor Cable OnlyCall for Price.Details
893068RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsRBIROC50Only A Spool 50' SensorcableCall for Price.Details
498061RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsRBJB303Ip65 Rated Weatherprf Enclsr F/Lpu-303 Proc.UnitCall for Price.Details
498062RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsRBLPU3031Local Analyzer Unit(Single Zone)W/1 Relay Output+RCall for Price.Details
498063RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsRBLPU3032Local Analyzer Unit(Dual Zone)W/2 Relay Output+RsCall for Price.Details
924843RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsRBMAGNETHeavy Duty Contact MagnetCall for Price.Details
498091RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsRBMIC152Indr/Outdr Mic Sensor Cable 500 FtCall for Price.Details
498119RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsRBMIC1Z152KITSingle Zone 500 Ft Sys Conf MicalertCall for Price.Details
498075RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsRBMIC1Z305KITDual Zone Of 2- 500 Ft. Sys MicalertCall for Price.Details
498104RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsRBMIC2Z305KITDual Zone Of 2-500 Ft. Sys MicalertCall for Price.Details
498105RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsRBMIC2Z610KITDual Zone Of 2-1000 Ft. Sys MicalertCall for Price.Details
498106RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsRBMIC305Indr/Outdr Mic Sensor Cable 1000 FtCall for Price.Details
1077042RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsRBSEISMOCBLSeismo Cable With Sensors Daisy Chained On The CabCall for Price.Details
1049968RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsRBSEISMOHUBHub For The Seismo Cable Only, Monitors The CableCall for Price.Details
1051678RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsRBSEISMORMBRelay Management Board For Seismo Hub.Call for Price.Details
783751RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsSEISMOE1Single Sensor Kit, Dry Contact OutputCall for Price.Details
947581RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsSEISMOE3Seismo E-3 Kit (3) Seismic Detectors, StandaloneCall for Price.Details
1021845Resolution ProductsRE108NTranslator Hardwire To Napco Wireless(Li$72.16Details
1069090Resolution ProductsRE920S0300Simon Xt/Xti Compatible Ip – Zwave Gatew$117.14Details
941337Resolution ProductsRE920X0300Powerseries/Vista/Concord/Nx Compatible$138.31Details
1010302Resolution ProductsRE926S0300Simon Xt/Xti Compatible Wi-Fi – Zwave Ga$138.31Details
1064019Resolution ProductsRE926X0300Powerseries/Vista/Concord/Nx Compatible$156.65Details
1077002Resolution ProductsRE927S0300Simon Xt/Xti Compatible 3G Gsm - Zwave$172.17Details
983308Resolution ProductsRE928S0101Simon Xt/Xti Compatible Cdma – Zwave Gat$167.93Details
966984Resolution ProductsRE934TWireless Card, Universal Translator, Hel$65.76Details
944369Resolution ProductsRE934ZWireless Card, Zwave, Helix$38.19Details
1052012Resolution ProductsRE934ZTWireless Card, Zwave &Amp; Translator Combo,$88.20Details
259278Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI30325Lighted Building/Home Number, Solar Powered, Led L$22.49Details
261265Seco-LarmSLI762PPKExtra Key Fob (Controler) F/Sli 762Pp-Iss$18.75Details
1006078S-O-S ElectronicsPRFANTRWRemote Whip Antenna$53.16Details
251388Southwest Microwave415Passive Infrared SensorCall for Price.Details
224599SureactionBBEXTSureaction 24"Extension Bar$12.03Details
289190SureactionDSE2Marine Outdoor Sensor F/Fiberglass Boats Pack 2$118.99Details
932818SureactionHA2BCTwo Zone Processor$88.19Details
224600SureactionHPP12High Performance Pulsor Pak Of 12$611.54Details
331846SureactionMGHPP22 Pack Of High Performance Pulsors$123.19Details
224605SureactionMGRMarine Guard Non Gps Transmitter$321.29Details
264862SureactionMGRCDualtech Radar Sensor$114.79Details
289195SureactionONOFFSuractn Day/Night Photocell$62.99Details
814049SureactionWP5C50Complete Battery Operated Probe System W/ P500-50$672.29Details
296294SureactionXHPExtreme Performance Pulsor$66.50Details
944349Taiwan Panda InternationalESCORT4580Phone/Automtn Control Module - Maxsys$108.64Details
1017142Taiwan Panda InternationalESCORT5580TCTelephone/Automation Control Module$108.64Details
1010343Taiwan Panda InternationalHSEMS400Thrmstat Commnictr 1Heat/1Cool/1Pump$173.49Details
1080904Taiwan Panda InternationalPC5401*Eol*Data Interface Module$84.27Details
295064United Security Products / USPFA9001Bed System 1"X30" Sensor Pad$643.94Details
295063United Security Products / USPFA9002Bed System 2"X30" Sensor Pad$647.99Details
255666United Security Products / USPFA9004Bed System 14X24" Snsr Pad,Lt-900 Mhz Enunc/Hrnstb$602.09Details
255667United Security Products / USPFA9005Bed System 18"X24" Sensor Pad Lt-900 Transmitter$657.44Details
228376United Security Products / USPFA9006Bed System 24"X30" Sensor Pad Lt-900 Transmitter$612.89Details
330598United Security Products / USPFA9007Floor Systm 24"X36" Sensor Pad$618.29Details
848635United Security Products / USPNCA22"Y" Adapter- Adapts Pa(X) Units And Nurse Call But$13.51Details
228388United Security Products / USPP1022Industrial Sensor Pad$167.99Details
697529United Security Products / USPP122Bed-Edge-Or-Bed-Rail-Sensor-Strip-1"X30"$32.63Details
697530United Security Products / USPP1222Toilet-Sensor-Strip-1"X3"-$36.98Details
291172United Security Products / USPP222Bed-Edge-Or-Bed-Rail-Sensor-Strip-2"X30"$52.93Details
228389United Security Products / USPP322Bed-Sensor-Pad-14"X24"-$61.59Details
255677United Security Products / USPP422Bed/Floor Sensor Pad 18" X 24"$71.39Details
291173United Security Products / USPP522Floor Sensor Pad 24 X 30$93.79Details
255678United Security Products / USPP622Wheelchair Seat Sensor Pad 9"X16"$57.28Details
697531United Security Products / USPP6COVSoft Feel Cover For 9X16 Sensor Pad$7.72Details
697532United Security Products / USPP722Chair-Sensor-Pad-6"X24"-$47.84Details
266864United Security Products / USPP822Floor Sensor Pad 24 X 36$103.59Details
255679United Security Products / USPP922Floor-Sensor-Pad-24"X60"-$141.39Details
228390United Security Products / USPPAPatient-Alert-Monitor$42.78Details
697533United Security Products / USPPA1Patient-Alert-Monitor-W/One-1"X30" Bed Rail$67.19Details
875092United Security Products / USPPA2Patient Alert Unit Sensor Pad$82.59Details
1048729United Security Products / USPPA418" X 24" Bed Floor Sensor Mat$111.99Details
560966United Security Products / USPPA524"X30" Pressure Mat W/120Db Enunciator Included$131.59Details
228393United Security Products / USPPRSPower-Restore-Sensor-110Vac$47.13Details
295059United Security Products / USPSDNC24'Cord Sd3 Nurse Call Station$31.18Details
291190United Security Products / USPXP490018"X24"-Bed-Sensor-Pad-Wireless-Long Range$232.39Details
811837UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix5501MMoisture Sensor Accessory, Processor, Brown, Accom$51.48Details
791052UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix5515GMoisture Sensor, Surface Mount, Gray, 10' Lead $20.96Details
965087UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix60362N293195Sensor, Door/Window, 319.5, Uv White $25.32Details
268528Winland ElectronicsL0160226Vc-500 Vehicle Alert Cable - 500Ft$260.39Details
768710Winland ElectronicsM0010107WUCUUnder Carpet Sensor Works W/Wb200 & Wb350$85.39Details
704982XtralisCH19000301Ifm-485-St, Interface Module, Bi-Directi$577.54Details