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Intrusion Security Systems

Batteries, Lithium and Alkaline

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
106034Ademco / Honeywell Security465$15.03Details
106143Ademco / Honeywell Security466$8.62Details
106558Ademco / Honeywell SecurityCR20323V Lithium Battery- Not Rechargeable$5.71Details
106559Ademco / Honeywell SecurityCR24303V Lithium Battery - Not Rechargeable$7.06Details
945291Ademco / Honeywell SecurityK0257$17.25Details
899938BRK ElectronicsCO7103V Lith Bat Co Alrm& Dig Dsply$49.29Details
161747Eveready Industrial / Energizer30LITHIUM110HX965DEl1Cr2Bp$4.23Details
932097Eveready Industrial / Energizer357BPZEnergizer 357 Silver Oxide Button Cell Battery$0.22Details
841913Eveready Industrial / Energizer387STZEnergizer 387 Tear Strip Pack$4.32Details
829685Eveready Industrial / Energizer522BPEnergizer Max Alk 9V-1$5.85Details
841752Eveready Industrial / Energizer522BP2Energizer Max Alk 9V-2$10.21Details
1023416Eveready Industrial / EnergizerA23BPZ12V Alkaline Battery$1.42Details
617075Eveready Industrial / EnergizerAZ13DP8Energizer Size 13 Zero-Mercury 8-Pk$12.03Details
796428Eveready Industrial / EnergizerE93BP2Energizer Max Alk C-2$5.85Details
853020Eveready Industrial / EnergizerE93BP4Energizer Max Alk C-4$10.21Details
881115Eveready Industrial / EnergizerE95BP2Energizer Max Alk D-2$5.85Details
827250Eveready Industrial / EnergizerE95BP4Energizer Max Alk D-4$10.21Details
881779Eveready Industrial / EnergizerEBR1225Energizer 1225 Coin-Lithium Battery Tear Strip Pac$1.64Details
171241Eveready Industrial / EnergizerECR1620BPLithium Coin Cell Blister Pack$1.42Details
185906Eveready Industrial / EnergizerECR2016BP3V Lithium Cr2016 Blister Pack$1.30Details
153362Eveready Industrial / EnergizerECR20232BP3V Lithium-In Blister Pk$1.30Details
153363Eveready Industrial / EnergizerECR2025BP3V Lithium Cr2025 Blister Pack$1.30Details
185907Eveready Industrial / EnergizerECR20323V Lithium-In Tear Strip-5/Str$1.60Details
171242Eveready Industrial / EnergizerECR2430BP3V Lithium Cr2430 Blister Pack$1.74Details
185908Eveready Industrial / EnergizerECR2450BP3V Lithium Cr2450 Blister Pack$2.70Details
171243Eveready Industrial / EnergizerEL123APBP3V Lithium Cr123A Blister Pack$2.30Details
153364Eveready Industrial / EnergizerEN229V Akaline Battery$1.88Details
171245Eveready Industrial / EnergizerEN91Aa Akaline Battery$0.44Details
153365Eveready Industrial / EnergizerEN92Aaa Akaline Battery$0.44Details
171246Eveready Industrial / EnergizerEN93C Size Akaline Battery$1.04Details
171247Eveready Industrial / EnergizerEN95D Size Akaline Battery$1.52Details
153367Eveready Industrial / EnergizerL91PB4Aa Lithium Ultimate 4-Pack$12.38Details
171249Eveready Industrial / EnergizerL92BP4Aaa Lithium Ultimate 4-Pack$12.38Details
185912Eveready Industrial / EnergizerLA5229V Lithium Battery$8.62Details
419352Eveready Industrial / EnergizerNH35BP2Enr Rechrg Nimhc-2 Cvolt 2Pk$13.68Details
419353Eveready Industrial / EnergizerNH50BP2Enr Rechrg Nimh D-2 Dvolt 2 Pk$13.68Details
196168InovonicsBAT610Battery, For Echostream High Traffic Motion Detect$22.62Details
272795Linear Corporation203814$284.84Details
274195Max Power CellCR123A3 Volt Lithium Battery$2.20Details
846428Max Power CellCR20253.0 Volts, Coin Cell, 160 Mah$0.94Details
862434Max Power CellCR2025M3.0Volt Coin Cell 160Mah$0.90Details
823387Max Power CellCR20323.0 Volts; Coin Cell; 230 Mah$0.94Details
744274Max Power CellCR2032M3.0 Volts; Coin Cell; 230 Mah$0.90Details
944524Power-SonicPSL1220012.8Volt 23.0 Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (Lifepo4)$377.99Details
1072957Power-SonicPSL1245012.8V 45.0Ah Lithium Iron Po4$677.29Details
931564Pulnix / TakexLS33600Saft 3.6V Prmry Lithm-Thionyl Chloride(Li-Soci2)$31.89Details
969415RSI Video Technologies / videofied700060LS14500KLithium Aa (5-Pack) - Saft Ls14500Call for Price.Details
679843RSI Video Technologies / videofiedPP1Pp1 - X Series Primary Batteries (Qty 4 Saft Lsh20Call for Price.Details
283908Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI33950Accessory, Lithium Battery Pack, 3V, Size Cr2032,$6.03Details
685932Silent CallRECHGBATRechargeable 9 Volt Battery$17.25Details
1055357UltraTech Power ProductsLS14250Lith Batt Hi Capacity 1/2 Aa 1200Ma$3.10Details
968660UltraTech Power ProductsLS14500BA3.6V Aa Lithium Battery 2250$3.69Details
1071344UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix60010693V Coin Lithium Battery, 10-Pack$26.25Details
837297UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix60699Battery, Coin, Lithium, 3V, 190 Mah *Package Of 10$15.51Details
914774UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix60710Battery, Alkaline, 1.5 Vdc Aaa Alkaline, For Use W$7.47Details
771739UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix6088209Accessory, 3.6V Lithium Battery W/Leads *Pack Of 9$44.96Details