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Intrusion Security Systems

Bell Boxes

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
111011Ademco Sensors735BEAdemco 705-820 In Tamp Cab,Bge$59.72Details
360424Ademco SensorsAB12MUl Grade A Motor Bell In Box$251.58Details
122333AmsecoABB101212Vdc Bellbox Slimline 4 Bolt$102.19Details
122442AmsecoABB101412Vdc Bell Box Slimline Hinge$102.19Details
852689AmsecoABB1014UL4010003Bell Box Hinged$102.19Details
121482AmsecoABB103312Vdc Motorbell W/Beige Stl Bx$60.90Details
121719Angell & GirouxAG1000HWBT1000Series Bellbox W/10"Bell&Plungr Tpmr Swtch Bge$81.19Details
122779Angell & GirouxAG1010HWHBell Box,Hinged,Wh Pwdr Coat,Less Bell&Tampers$41.33Details
123522Angell & GirouxAG1010LZ$43.49Details
122502Angell & GirouxAG1010ZBeige Box With Bolts & No Bell$42.78Details
121721Angell & GirouxAG1010ZSSSs Bell Box Without Bell Or Tamper$72.79Details
121722Angell & GirouxAG1010ZSSWBTBell Box With Tamper Switch Installed Stainlss Stl$137.19Details
122782Angell & GirouxCBB2BECmplt Ca Bell Box-Hinged Beige$95.19Details
122783Angell & GirouxCBB2WHCmplt Ca Box-Bell-Tamper White$97.99Details
121724Angell & GirouxCBB4BEComplete Bell,Box&Tampers,Bge$97.99Details
142480Carlon Telecom Systems / Thomas & BettsCK225Chime Kit Hard Wired$17.99Details
161091EE Systems Group / Electronic EngineeringEE518SPKSrf Mt Spk Stat 8 Ohm 1W$13.18Details
733094MG ElectronicsMGSB700TBSpkr Uv/Saltwater Air Proof W/Rustprf Alum Brkts$207.19Details
891069MG ElectronicsMGSB700TW2 Way In/Outdr Spl W/70V Xfmr Pair$207.19Details
852449MG ElectronicsSB800TBSpkr Sys W/6.5In Mica/Poly Woofer,Hi Temp Ksv Coil$237.99Details
861250MG ElectronicsSB800TWHITE2Way Indoor/Outdoor 70/25V White Pair$237.99Details
221525Mierproducts / BWBW101BPO13"Wx16"H Back Panel Only Beige$19.49Details
221530Mierproducts / BWBW112CB-W 112 Side Mt Srn Cab Lo-Wts$27.75Details
204074Mierproducts / BWBW113CMier Bw113 15 Watt Siren Box$29.99Details
204086Mierproducts / BWBW314Flush-Mount Enclosure - Door Is 16"X16"$57.39Details
235939Mierproducts / BWDA091External Siren$35.53Details
267806VisonicPMSIRENPowermax Siren$14.83Details