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Intrusion Security Systems

Control Communicators

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
7468202GIG Technologies2GIGCPX1345EControl Panel, Gc2, Security & Home Automation, Br$190.83Details
8077972GIG Technologies2GIGDBELL1345Doorbell, Wireless $34.83Details
104275ACTI CorporationLXNR420000020Xnr-4200 S/W Upgrade Package 20Ch$2,222.36Details
106209Adams Rite8900LR36US3Semi-Concealed Top Rod Only With Lr Sol$1,039.58Details
114101Alarm Controls30203Mounting Box, Die-Cast Zinc, Painted Gray, 4 5/16$10.40Details
114102Alarm Controls4152KSControl Panel Accessory, Killswitch, 10 A, Dpst, T$17.19Details
114126Alarm ControlsAM6326Angle Bracket, For 1200 Series Double Locks, 1 X 1$50.26Details
114004Alarm ControlsDUC9C1200D Mag Lock Dress Up Cover Polished Chrome$64.95Details
114357Alarm ControlsKR4Latching Panic Station, 1 1/2" Red Latching Mushro$141.93Details
114362Alarm ControlsMCK24Mortise Cylinder Station, Dpdt Alternate Action Sw$73.36Details
113683Alarm ControlsMCK45Mortise Cylinder Station, Pneumatic Time Delay, 2$193.24Details
113703Alarm ControlsPN1111Push Plate, 1.75" Narrow Style, Spdt, Momentary Ac$83.40Details
114047Alarm ControlsPN1141Push Plate Spdt Momentary Ada Symbol$92.61Details
114548Alarm ControlsPS1141S.P.D.T Mom Ada Symbol Black Fill$99.43Details
113732Alarm ControlsRP30Remote Plate, 1/4 Inch Diameter Red Led, 6 Inch Re$15.47Details
114372Alarm ControlsRP44SLIMRemote Plate, Slimline, Alternate Action Push Butt$21.05Details
1037361Alarm ControlsRP44SLIMMOMMomentary Remote Plate Slss With One Fa-$21.05Details
115013Alarm ControlsSLP3LMonitoring Control Station, 3-Station, (3) Dpdt Mo$165.19Details
114611Alarm ControlsSPN27582G Ss 6Ea Fa200 Switch$67.35Details
114615Alarm ControlsSPN2904Sg Ss 3Ea Dsw-4 1Red 1Gr$160.36Details
114182Alarm ControlsSPN2926Double Gang Stainless Steel With 4 Dsw-$200.47Details
115053Alarm ControlsSPN2955Sg Ss 2Ea Anti Vndl Sw$104.23Details
114616Alarm ControlsSPN2956Sg Ss 1Ea Fa200 1Ea 11C Guard Ring$25.77Details
115054Alarm ControlsSPN2965Ts-2 Push To Call$56.13Details
114417Alarm ControlsSPN29852G Ss 4Ea Anti Vandal Sw Scr 1-4$270.61Details
114420Alarm ControlsSPN31202 Gang S.S. Plate With 5 Dsw-2Red Non-Il$309.29Details
114421Alarm ControlsSPN3121M-2 Console With 5 Dsw-2Red Non-Illum. L$309.29Details
115061Alarm ControlsSPN3268Ts-33 On Double Gang$152.35Details
114195Alarm ControlsSPN36962G Ss 1/2" Red Led 1Ea Sc628 1Ea 2G Bell$200.47Details
114440Alarm ControlsSPN3730M1 W/4 Dsw1 Green Non Illuminated$164.78Details
114904Alarm ControlsSPN3893Ts-21 Yellow Less Plate Abd311Yellow$56.13Details
114212Alarm ControlsSPN3951Jumbo Plate Holes Only F/Sc628$29.90Details
114926Alarm ControlsSPN40622G Ss 1Ea 1/2" Red Led$68.15Details
114714Alarm ControlsSPN4070Sg Ss 1.5" Red Mushroom Latch 1No Luc Sc$144.33Details
582446Alarm ControlsSPN41092G Jumbo Ss 1Ea Sc628 1Ea 1/2" Red Led W/Term Bloc$84.99Details
114931Alarm ControlsSPN4111Pbl-L2-Gr Blue Mushrm Blue Ink On Screen$213.28Details
114242Alarm ControlsSPN4157Sg 302 Ss 1/2" Toggle Sw$72.16Details
114782Alarm ControlsSPN4182Ts-21R Latching No Screen$107.44Details
114940Alarm ControlsSPN4196Red Mush 1.5" Latch 2No 2$56.13Details
114946Alarm ControlsSPN4262Ts-32 Scr Push To Release Door$113.86Details
741280Alarm ControlsSPN5887Spn-4109 (1Ea Sc628 1Ea1/2" Red Led W/Te$84.99Details
114886Alarm ControlsTS2TDRequest-To-Exit (Rex) Station, 2 Inch Square Led I$139.51Details
115284Alarm ControlsTS33Key Contrld Door Rls, 1 N/O &Amp; 1 N/C 10A$137.91Details
872479Alarm ControlsZLP11.75" Ss Plate With 1/2" Red & Green Leds 12/24V$33.22Details
715024Alarm ControlsZLP2Zone Light Panel 2 Sets Red/Green$41.51Details
387823Alarm LockPG21EDoor Alrm W/Addtn'L Term Strip$160.41Details
117248Aleph AmericaAL40Pir Intrusion Det$19.02Details
359874Alpha CommunicationsA1012Security Panel 12 Zone$780.86Details
118048Alpha CommunicationsAA702Ind. Master Station-Surf-Beige$596.20Details
1083811Alpha CommunicationsEPS337W/R Emerg Pull Station-'Nc'-Ul$93.09Details
118815Alpha CommunicationsVI402S015D15 Butt Vip Panel-Surf.-W/Dir$355.27Details
118986Alpha Technologies7400115001Kit Rck Mnt Fxm350$46.04Details
118871AltronixHUBWAY2IIsolated Out,24Vac Main Unit$463.91Details
119566AltronixSMP7CTXXSmp7 With Transformer Xl Enclosure$213.28Details
823343AltronixSTRIKEIT1VDual Panic P/S 220V In 16 In/Out 12/24Vdc$337.96Details
121457American Video Equipment / AVE119006Rs 232 To Rs 422/485 Converter$64.15Details
359080American Video Equipment / AVE8PSWT8 Position Sequential, Homing, Bypassing$171.11Details
1048750BEA10LZRI30Safety Sensor For Industrial Doors$1,350.39Details
1016044Bioscrypt / L-1 IdentityVSTATIONAGRFingrprnt/Iclass Mifar Crd Rdr W/Keypd$2,228.18Details
992926Bioscrypt / L-1 IdentityVSTATIONAH**Eol**Fingrprnt/Iclass Crd Rd$2,300.66Details
945121Black Box USALPB2926A26 Port Gigabit Managed Poe+ Switch$726.06Details
721564Bolide Technology GroupBE8013EOCPower Ethernet Extender / Coax Converter$224.70Details
134910Bosch SecurityAE1Enclosure, Universal, Small, Grey Security Escort$29.36Details
135255Bosch SecurityAE20To Be Discontinued 12-31-04, Accessory, Enclosure,$10.20Details
135912Bosch SecurityAE4Ds7400Xi Accessory, Housing, Universal, Large, Red$73.82Details
134994Bosch SecurityC900V2Ethernet Dialer Capture, Ip Communication Module $298.96Details
134998Bosch SecurityCX4010Accessory, Transformer, 18 Vac, 22 Va $9.85Details
134942Bosch SecurityD101FLock & Key Set, Fire $4.12Details
135992Bosch SecurityD102FKey, For D101F Lock, Fire $1.10Details
134947Bosch SecurityD1255WAlpha Numeric Command Center With Vacuum Fluorescent Display - White Enclosure$142.76Details
134953Bosch SecurityD1260BAtm Style Alpha Command Center With Lcd Display - Grey And White Enclosure$209.09Details
136008Bosch SecurityD132BReversing Relay, Multi-Use $34.86Details
134961Bosch SecurityD185Accessory, Interface Module, Reverse Polatiry $95.06Details
135157Bosch SecurityD280Detector Base, 2 Wire, 24 V $9.47Details
135056Bosch SecurityD304Remote Annunciator Plate $17.21Details
136240Bosch SecurityD54BFlush Mount Kit For D1255 Style Command Center - Brass$20.85Details
135076Bosch SecurityD55Desktop Command Kit $23.18Details
135593Bosch SecurityD56Conduit Box, Off-White $11.90Details
136258Bosch SecurityD7048Ocal Driver Module $110.14Details
136274Bosch SecurityD8103Enclosure, Universal $32.86Details
136288Bosch SecurityD9131APrinter Interface Module, Parallel $111.03Details
135359Bosch SecurityDX2011Dx2010, W/ D203 Enclosure $56.60Details
135957Bosch SecurityDX3010Octo Output Module $77.87Details
136083Bosch SecurityFMM100BBGBack Box, Surface Mount, Green, For Fmm-100 Series$24.59Details
137071Bosch SecurityFMM100DATKManual Station, Dual Action, Lock, Red, Die-Cast M$31.31Details
136120Bosch SecurityFMM325ADAnalog Manual Station, Double-Action, 24 Vdc, 28 M$91.78Details
136123Bosch SecurityFMR7033Lcd Keypad, 2-Line / 32-Character Alphanumeric Dis$125.44Details
136124Bosch SecurityFMR7036Lcd Keypad, 2-Line / 16-Character, For Fpd-7024 $172.87Details
136481Bosch SecurityRF3226Rf Receiver, Iti, 6412 / 7240 $119.69Details
986946Bosch Security (CCTV)B3512KD16 Point Control Communicator, B11, Cx40$158.86Details
1001030Bosch Security (CCTV)B3512KD91516 Point Control Communicator, B11, Cx40$248.81Details
763527Bosch Security (CCTV)WDSRP3**Eol**Ds Programmer F/Ds7400$147.49Details
596347Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM12607224Single Gang Stainless Steel 2 Spdt Maint$131.77Details
596883Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCMRFL40249(2) Cm-40/2 Wheelchair Symbol, (2) Cm-49$310.58Details
764616Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV352E(1) Two Door Rs485 Controller, 2 Amp Po$494.11Details
762184Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV940Metal Biometric Fingerprint Reader &Amp; Sof$747.71Details
597926Chamberlain Professional / Sentex888LMLiftmaster Myq Control Panel$48.10Details
1001722Channel VisionAB134IMulti-Source Amplified Key Pad For A-Bus$139.85Details
774289ComNet / Communication NetworksCLLFE16POECEthernet Extender, Copperline Series, Local, 16-Ch$4,914.18Details
714951ComNet / Communication NetworksCLLFE1POEUEthernet Extender, Copperline Series, Local, Singl$525.03Details
919610ComNet / Communication NetworksCLLFE4POECLocal Four-Channel Ethernet-Over-Coax Extender Wi$1,354.25Details
797564ComNet / Communication NetworksCLRFE1EOCEMCable, Copperline, Mini, Single-Channel, Ethernet-$270.01Details
773236ComNet / Communication NetworksCLRFE1EOCPMCable, Copperline, Mini, Single-Channel, Ethernet-$270.01Details
774125ComNet / Communication NetworksCLRFE1POECEthernet Extender, Copperline Series, Remote, Sing$510.03Details
861415ComNet / Communication NetworksCLRFE1POEUEthernet Extender, Copperline Series, Remote, Sing$525.03Details
149030Cooper / WheelockASB24MCWNWAudible Strobe, As Series, White, Blue Lens, Wall$75.31Details
156821Corby0086Timer Module With Relay$61.74Details
157261Cyrex Networks / Comelit3561Surface-Mounted External Panel$99.43Details
149822Cyrex Networks / Comelit8491UDivakt 1 Famly Color Kit Smplbus 2 Wire Silver$650.74Details
158246Digital WatchdogDWSPMAXIIPWRTRPower Transformer For A Dw-Max-Ii Serie$48.17Details
610945Digital WatchdogHDWD5000AVVS500Gb 3.5" Sata Hard Drive Western Digit$209.92Details
610990DitekDKFPK1Fire Alarm Control Panel Protection Kit$103.71Details
715627D-Link SystemsDXS3600EM4QXS4-Port 40G Expansion Module For Dxs-3600$3,669.00Details
611306D-Link SystemsDXS3600EM4XT4-Port 10Gbase-T Expansion Module For Dx$2,191.31Details
919131D-Link SystemsDXS3600EM8T8-Port 10/100/1000Base-T Expansion Modul$855.27Details
838234D-Link SystemsDXS3600EM8XS8-Port 10Gbe Sfp+ Expansion Module For D$2,833.59Details
903449D-Link SystemsDXS3600EMSTACK2 X 120 Gbe Cxp Physical Stacking Module$658.80Details
968719Dortronics430211324 Vdc Basic Solar Control Box - 6002, 6$495.77Details
184059Dortronics7286PT524Door Alarm, W/ Key Switch, Open Door Delay, 2-90 S$355.94Details
351104DSI / Designed SecurityRPDETENTSHOCKSPRINGDetent Shock Spring 315-43$49.84Details
160475Dynalock500221Primary Circuit Board Assembly. For 5500 Power Assembly$172.26Details
152405Dynalock500302Fire Alarm Option Board. For 5600 Series, 12V$45.12Details
160828Edwards / GS Building Systems1156Y20K115 Re 1Amp Mag Y Cbl 18/2$55.81Details
152725Edwards / GS Building Systems439D6AWEdwrd Polarized 6"24V Fire Bel$67.94Details
169380Edwards / GS Building Systems5531M24N5Adaptatone 4 In 4 Out 120V Ac$1,141.11Details
160979Edwards / GS Building Systems6538G5Call F/Assistance 24V Ac$144.80Details
314202Edwards / GS Building SystemsANS100MDRAudio Evacuation Panel,100W,With Mic,Red$1,897.83Details
350788Edwards / GS Building SystemsECLLTBeam Detector Accessory,Ground-Level Con$206.37Details
825536EnerSysNP2612Yuasa Np2.6-12 12V 2.6Ah Batt$26.45Details
161571Engineered Mechanical InnovationsRMKBTD191U Rm Sld Kybrd Shelf W Kybrd$378.77Details
153137Engineered Mechanical InnovationsSTA683Fan Tray 3 Fan 19"Hpo$350.76Details
154322Fire Fighting EnterprisesFIRERAY5000Beam Det Detector Head, Controller And 1$611.42Details
187901GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1906NSpacer, 1082 Series, White$0.98Details
187904GE Security / UTC Fire & Security19122LZ Bracket,1045/1045T Series Aluminum$8.43Details
163843GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1965W10PKGSpacer, Thin, White For 3000 Series. 10-$3.04Details
175870GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1985GMagnet For 2302$15.81Details
312248GE Security / UTC Fire & Security597430195R16ZGec Concord Intg Rf 16 Cpu$93.60Details
155793GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6001030Dc Power Supply, Wall Mount 12Vdc 500Ma,$9.97Details
188027GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6001061Door Kit For Simon Xt New Look$3.12Details
155801GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6001061PK25 Pk Door Kit F/Siomon Xt New Look$48.29Details
155807GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6018920PKGDoor/Window Sensor Spacer, White, 20-Pac$8.91Details
802444GE Security / UTC Fire & Security60683*Eol*Siren Assmbly W/Surf Mnt Box$20.61Details
155834GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6072911Micro Magnet, Brown, 10-Pack$23.85Details
164010GE Security / UTC Fire & Security60793Panel Or Expansion Enclosure:$25.49Details
176036GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6080101Iti Concord Comm. Hybrid Cntrl$193.89Details
188076GE Security / UTC Fire & Security60846Recessed Micro Door/Window Sensor$13.51Details
188080GE Security / UTC Fire & Security60875113SPNSpanish Simon 3 For Us W/2Way Voice Rf$221.42Details
312240GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6540WMotion Sensors, 40' Res, W/Swivel Brckt$17.15Details
176076GE Security / UTC Fire & Security80010344Concord 4 Kit W/Fixed Eng Tp, Ap100Pi Pi$222.33Details
720511GE Security / UTC Fire & Security8002664**Eol**Concord 4 Starter Package H11$157.98Details
164062GE Security / UTC Fire & Security8009634Concord 4 Hardwire Pkg F12 W/Ftp 1000 Tc$176.76Details
823635GE Security / UTC Fire & Security8009724*Eol*4 Kit W/Keychain Tp Ftp 1000 Tp$157.82Details
348749GE Security / UTC Fire & Security802133XTISimon Xti Demo Kit$462.21Details
176087GE Security / UTC Fire & Security805173XGe 80-5173X Simon Iii Kit$289.43Details
188133GE Security / UTC Fire & Security80644Ge Adt Concord Express Lcd$147.53Details
791064GE Security / UTC Fire & Security806493NMNXTIATSimon Xti Monitronics Gsm Kit, At&Amp;T$451.55Details
188142GE Security / UTC Fire & Security80796Iti Pkg Kit W/ 60-707-0195R$259.71Details
176110GE Security / UTC Fire & Security808023NMNMoni Simon 32-Way Starter Pkg$205.98Details
164109GE Security / UTC Fire & Security808744Concord 4 Wirless Crystal Pkg$300.48Details
348726GE Security / UTC Fire & Security80942Adt Express Starter Package$161.24Details
1025677GE Security / UTC Fire & Security8096841070Concord 4 Hardwire Pkg W/ 600-1070$151.13Details
164115GE Security / UTC Fire & Security809724Concord 4 Kit W/Keychain Tp$157.82Details
164132GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityACURRE1BUse Lf Process Rre1 Processor Board Only$340.39Details
176147GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityACURRE2PRre2 Processor Board Only (137470-02$511.34Details
772734GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityACURS02E1L00A*Eol*- 2-Reader Panel, Serial &Amp; Lan, W$1,092.61Details
312202GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityAL12058 Input Dgp W/ Pwr No Encl$245.52Details
1035727GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityAL1809Interface - Ip Interface$204.40Details
188196GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityAP669RKRecessed Mount Kit For Ap669$26.36Details
176399GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityHLG24048High Temperature 48 Volt D.C. Power Supp$173.32Details
176507GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityNX4Nx-4 Control Panel Includes Owner’S Manu$35.26Details
176525GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityNX6BOFGGe Nx-6Bo-Fg Nx-6 Board Only$46.86Details
166801GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityNX6KITAPTNx-6 Kit W/Nx-108E Keypad And Apartment$103.43Details
166805GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityNX8BOFGGe Nx-8 Board Only$75.42Details
188612GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityNX8CBGe Nx-8 Commercial Control$148.82Details
164698GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityNX8EKIT8Ge Nx-8E Controller Kir With$185.54Details
348437GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityRIM16E00Rim,16 Alarm Input Interface, No Enclosu$397.87Details
164727GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityRIM16E1LRim,16 Alarm Input Interface W/Key Locke$453.86Details
989969GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityUXTOUCH01Ultrasync Secondary Touchscreen - 7", 4$156.88Details
167059GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityZ1100EG/E 8 Zone Ctrl Expands T 16$264.38Details
949859GFX PowerBC1000PKB Connectors- 1000Pk$42.56Details
979287GFX PowerBCG1000PKB Connectors Gel - 1000 Pk$50.07Details
943907GFX PowerCOMP6SAFT3.6V 2.25Ah Aa Lith Batt$8.08Details
189509Golden State InstrumentGSSLPPOE1Poe Injector 48 Vdc$157.21Details
189510Golden State InstrumentGSSOLPK2Solar Power Kit - 12Vdc -30 Watts- Lithi$699.17Details
166618GRI Telemark10112WGBMini Surf. Mt. Sw. Set, W/ Flanges, Open$7.97Details
189862GRI Telemark28AWGW56Srfc Mnt Spst-No Wht 5.6 Res$8.12Details
167629GRI Telemark8679WS20Rs-12-W-Gen W/Mm-9 Magnet$3.30Details
190182GRI TelemarkHVACO10KHvac Kit With A Omni-Directional Tilt Se$35.50Details
173083GRI TelemarkMM9RSWH3/8 Recessed White Magnet Only.$1.58Details
825709GruberFP12BNCL7IGRUBnc Feedthru Panel Loaded 12 Port 1U 75-$146.93Details
743632GruberFP24BNCL5GRUBnc Feedthru Panel, Loaded, 24 Port, 2U,$69.15Details
826257GruberFP24BNCL7GRUBnc Feedthru Panel, Loaded, 24 Port, 2U,$157.29Details
721825GruberFP48BNCL7IGRUBnc Feedthru Panel Loaded 48 Port 2U 75-$325.01Details
178340H.A.I. Home Automation20A008Omnipro Ii Controler F/Structured Wireing Enclsure$1,190.10Details
173374H.A.I. Home Automation47A002Wireless Quad Pet Immune Motion Detector$114.51Details
190525H.A.I. Home AutomationRC1000WHZBOmnistat2 Single Stage Conventional & Heat Pump,$268.13Details
310361Home SafeguardHOVTED1616Ft. Enclosed Delivery Fire Test Kit$690.17Details
632418Ideal Industries33990FA01Ftek Fdx,Mm 850/1300 Led$6,106.70Details
193148Ideal Industries33990FA02Multimode (850/1300Nm)Testing Kit With Vcsel/Laser Light Sources For Lantek 2Call for Price.Details
309849Ideal Industries33990FA05Lantek 2-Mm (850/1300Nm)Test Kit W/Vcsel/Laser Mm Adapters &Amp; Laser Sm AdapterCall for Price.Details
193605IluminarIR148A12024Ir Iluminator 60 Deg Angle 43'/13M 850Nm$441.71Details
183346IluminarIR312A6024Infr-Red Led Illuminator 60 Degree Angle$550.04Details
193322IluminarIR330A3024Ir Iluminator 30 Degree Spread, 100M Ran$650.05Details
716978IluminarIRC180A3024Infrared Illuminator, Opto Range, 30 Degree Angle,$149.80Details
185161IluminarWL105120POEWhite Light Led Illum 120 Deg Angl$450.02Details
1000424Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTPRTWXZX8DINProtégé Wx 8-Zone 16 Zone With Zone Doub$107.44Details
902055InovonicsFA209**Eol**Inovonics Fa209 Xmtr, Wireless$134.71Details
197872KantechTR1675Kt-400 Xfrm Wire-In 16.5V 75 Va 110 Vac$69.29Details
1072850KBC NetworksKBCVPS220024200W - 24Vdc Remote Power Kit. Side Pane$2,354.56Details
461424Keri SystemsNXT4DXGENETECAccess Control Panel That Is Genetec Ena$1,884.29Details
1044062Kramer ElectronicsCXLQMXLQF50Xlr (M) To Xlr (F) Quad Style Cable 50'$33.80Details
823534LifeSafety PowerFPA100AFpa Series 120Vac In 24/28 Vac Out 100Va$35.80Details
839034LifeSafety PowerFPA100ARE5100Va Toroid Transformer With Remote Res$395.02Details
761281LifeSafety PowerFPA600AR3A8E22 X 300Va Toroid Transformer | 8 Auxilia$606.70Details
775642LifeSafety PowerFPO150M8PE1Power Supply Board 150W, 12A/12V Or 6A/2$438.36Details
969494LifeSafety PowerFPX200A75250A82C8NL2E4200Va Toroid Transformer 16-18V Output |$824.99Details
638451LifeSafety PowerFPX200A752A8PD8E2200Va 16Out &Amp; Fpo75 With D8 | E2 Encl$360.02Details
1078658Linear Corporation216979001Button Only (Home Button) For The Pers U$1.28Details
232471Linear CorporationDRA4Linear 12 Volt, 4 Channel [Dnr00057]$57.72Details
1014705Linear CorporationMCS1011Multi Code Set Containing On Mcs10920 An$39.27Details
211225Linear CorporationMCS4140014 Channel Transmitter 300Mhz$21.86Details
273707Logicmark37914Life Sentry Base Station$166.53Details
341019Louroe ElectronicsASK4304DVFour Zone Audio Interface W/ 4 Dv Microp$784.10Details
913378Mierproducts / BWBW106BC*Eol* Knockout, And Screw- Down Cover$23.52Details
204144Milestone AV TechnologiesCM2L40UCinematic Lift, With Psbu$3,021.73Details
646967Mircom TechnologiesMR2306DDR6 Zone Facp C/W Dialer$579.99Details
1073931Mircom TechnologiesMR2308LRFire Panel Microprocessor$538.27Details
222784MitekVP161AR88 Inch White Baf$74.65Details
222801MobitexMXM12DEVKITCSBWSensor Board Black And White In Aluminum$252.36Details
222802MobitexMXM12DEVKITCSCSensor Board Color In Aluminum Block (Cs$252.36Details
225794Napco816PREMPAKPanel Zone Control, Custom Lcd Keypad, Trf $201.14Details
773348NapcoALIMEPOEP**Eol**Not Valid Must Buy From Alarmlock$456.18Details
950664NapcoGEMCSDWSchottky Diode Harness - 4 Pcs$14.67Details
236782NapcoGEMK120PAKAccess Control Kit, Includes Keypad, 50X50 Micro W$145.78Details
204959NapcoGEMP1632INTROPKAccess Control Pak, Control Panel, 16 To 32 Zone C$205.28Details
338887NapcoGEMP1632LB16/32 Zone Control Panel$112.90Details
791112NapcoGEMP1664EXPCBD16/64 Zone Control Panel Bd$75.14Details
276102NapcoGEMP3200Control Panel, 8 To 32 Zone Gemini $163.91Details
204961NapcoGEMP3200EX8 To 32 Zone Control Panel$127.92Details
236788NapcoGEMP40044 Zone Cnt Pnl W/Keypad$339.47Details
727673NapcoGEMP800PAK*Eol*Control, Gem-Rp8 Keypad$149.77Details
819977NapcoGEMP800PAK2***Eol****8 Zone Control,$155.58Details
276105NapcoGEMP801EX8 Zone Control Panel$38.54Details
276106NapcoGEMP801EXPCBDGem-P801 Pc Board$84.67Details
236792NapcoGEMP816EX8/16 Zone Control Panel$77.28Details
236793NapcoGEMP9600Control Panel, 8 To 96 Zone Gemini $306.14Details
276109NapcoGEMP9600EXPCBDGem-P9600 Bd.Only$227.33Details
225871NapcoGEMX255Control, Hybrid, 8 To 255 Zone Genisis $410.48Details
204984NapcoH219Housing For Mfa6024$80.82Details
276120NapcoH266RHousing For Ma1000$22.34Details
225883NapcoK816PERFPAK816 Panel, Gem-K3Dgtl, Trf $127.13Details
225891NapcoMA1000ELBNB6 Zone/Fire In Large Box$154.41Details
236818NapcoMA1008ENBControl Panel, Fire, 8 Zone, Rp1054E Backlit Keypa$258.62Details
225894NapcoMA3000LKDLControl Panel, Fire / Burglary, Commercial, 8 To 9$308.00Details
236821NapcoMX519Fuse 1Amp 1Ag Type$0.34Details
227555NuvicoACDV4MFANSmall Motherboard Fan Only For Dv4$41.51Details
230475On-Q / LegrandCM5002LAColor Auto Day/Night Ball Camera White$271.78Details
277622OptexAXTTOptex Pre-Assembled Double Sided Tower I$802.62Details
994367OptexAXTW100SPhotobeam Enclosure 3'3" Single Sided Freestanding$240.55Details
238589OptexHX40AMHigh Mount, 40 Foot To 50 Foot Detection Range, Fo$192.43Details
206743OptexHX40RAMHigh Mount, 40 Foot To 50 Foot Detection, Wireless$232.53Details
231951OptexMDC16ETXMorse Mdc16Etx Expanded Contrl$312.84Details
337958OptexRN42575A80' To 245' High Security Active Infrare$1,067.60Details
337957OptexRN42575B80' To 245' High Security Active Infrare$1,067.60Details
277656OptexSIP3020Pir Detector, Super Intelligent, 100 Foot X 65 Foo$462.38Details
238617OptexTD20UTransmitter, Long-Range, Indoor/Outdoor *Optional$64.15Details
337909OrevoxNC8008" Construction Brkt Sqr$22.35Details
813150Pach & CompanyAPMGBL**Eol**Purpose Gang Box For Apm'S$128.28Details
233216Pach & CompanyUPMGBLGang Box F/Apm1 20"H X 20"W X 2"D$136.32Details
239438Paxton Access325040USRs485 Idc Connection Module, Pack Of 5$77.45Details
938310Paxton Access477500USNet2Air Bridge - Ethernet, Poe, Plastic$248.89Details
301481PeerlessPRGSALU2026Prgs And Adjustable 18-24" Extension Col$166.28Details
676259Potter Electric1000260Accessory, Spdt, 12 Vdc / 115 Vac / 230 Vac, 10 Am$15.09Details
676446Potter Electric3002115Accessory, Adder Card Series 5000, 4 Zone, 2 Signa$134.92Details
676448Potter Electric3002125Accessory, Relay Card Series 5000, 8 Adder, For Fi$116.54Details
497778Potter Electric3002275Accessory, Led Annunciator, 8 Zone, White, For Fir$157.21Details
497781Potter Electric3992020Fire Alarm Panel, 4 Zone, Red Cabinet, Expandable$348.06Details
336396Potter Electric3992175Fire Alarm Panel, 8 Zone 5004E Kit, Built-In 2-Lin$598.06Details
242255Potter Electric3992275Fire Alarm Panel, 8 Zone, 5004E Kit, Red Cabinet,$408.77Details
280857Potter ElectricCMW202Amseco Wireless Electronic Chi$60.96Details
280897Potter ElectricHUSK20Hold Up Switch$17.27Details
778138Potter ElectricPVCDPS100Distributed Panel, Single Channel, 100 W$3,070.55Details
741639Potter ElectricXR1250LED**Eol**Transformer$9.62Details
212716Protection TechSDI76MHS124VDCPiramid Ultra High Security (Includes Fl$1,762.88Details
281467Pulnix / TakexBA6SLSolar Panel And Battery Kit For Pvin75Sw$555.15Details
281478Pulnix / TakexBT2006' 6" Beam Tower Enclosure,Double Sided$641.75Details
212763Pulnix / TakexGS1100Glass Break Sensor Utilizing An Ultrsoni$80.19Details
212776Pulnix / TakexPA680513' Spot Protection, Dual Element, Up To$68.96Details
281499Pulnix / TakexPA6810ECeiling Mount Passive Ir$68.96Details
212778Pulnix / TakexPA6812E40" W Angl Dual Elemnt Pir Up To$70.56Details
281516Pulnix / TakexTAW1003' 3" Wall Mount Beam Tower Enclosure ,$329.39Details
281518Pulnix / TakexTX114FROutdr Wrls Pir 2 Cntr Heads Indpndnt Adj40'Range$378.86Details
242994Pulnix / TakexTX114TR40X40Wide Dual Elmnt/Detctn Selectable No&Nc$279.90Details
1035955QolsysQS7120840Iq Hardwire 8 - Translates 8 Hardwire Zo$84.70Details
986432QolsysQS7121840Iq Hardwire 16 Zone$124.46Details
1038723RBtec Perimeter Security SystemsRBTSEISMOE3Seismo E-3 Kit - Three (3) Seismic DetecCall for Price.Details
1031544Resolution ProductsRE927X0300Communicator, 3G Gsm, Flex, Tx, Zw$193.34Details
252371Revere IndustriesR100PD2Revere Single Gang Flush 2$18.98Details
213916Revere IndustriesR200SMRevere Dbl Gang Surface Mnt$5.58Details
252373Revere IndustriesR200SPKRevere Dbl Gang Flush Mnt 15W$16.77Details
282347Revere IndustriesRSTCRevere Rstc Clear Xenon Strobe$23.94Details
282349Revere IndustriesRT1250SLMRevere Ul 12Vac 50Va Sup/Led$20.18Details
252649Rokonet / RiscoRK2000DT0000A*Eol*Industrial Lunar$133.49Details
214596Rokonet / RiscoRK200RC0000ARemote For Industrial Lunar$115.84Details
825888Rokonet / RiscoRK315DT0000A**Eol**Watch Out Dt$202.86Details
214600Rokonet / RiscoRK800PT0000A*Eol*Iwise Pir Pet 35Ft 80Lbs$29.66Details
252718Rokonet / RiscoRK815DTGLUSBIwise Dr 15M Act &Amp; Gl,Us$50.00Details
992193Rosslare Security Products / RSPACK16FAc-825Ip Four Door Kit - 4 Readers - 100$1,203.72Details
244602Rosslare Security Products / RSPAYK14Outdoor Rated Micro Mullion Clock$58.21Details
514821Rosslare Security Products / RSPHLX40GUSHlx-40G - 433.92Mhz With Ps-Dc1613 - 16$116.10Details
253365Rosslare Security Products / RSPINT2BGUAdvanced Homelogix 40-Zone Wireless Alar$296.91Details
514832Rosslare Security Products / RSPINT2GUSInt-2G Classic - 433.92Mhz With Ps-Dc161$208.07Details
244621Rosslare Security Products / RSPPYR2011Advanced Wireless Spherical Lens Pir Det$63.95Details
253376Rosslare Security Products / RSPSA32Wireless Cylindrical Magnetic Contact Se$45.68Details
780137RSI Video Technologies / videofiedXTOIP630X Series Outdoor Control Panel - Ethernet&CellularCall for Price.Details
283428Saf-Com276GLRGlass Rod F/276,277,278 279 Ser Pll Stat$24.42Details
283970Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI7500EEnclosure W/ Backbox & Interior Key Lock, Polycarb$45.41Details
283979Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI7504Access/Keypad Stopper Cover, Snooper Stopper, Poly$23.21Details
246411Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI9779Mounting Pedestal, For Access Control, 60 Inches H$104.57Details
259414Safety Technology Inc. / STISUB102722RAccess For Stopper Stations 5/8" Spr Red$7.13Details
216403Safety Technology Inc. / STISUB319Remote Wiring Harness For Sti-6600 Series$21.48Details
809620Safety Technology Inc. / STISUB9002" Conduit Spacer For Sti-9110$18.03Details
259425Safety Technology Inc. / STISUB901Clear 2"Spacer F/Sti 9105$14.31Details
246433Safety Technology Inc. / STISUB905Clear 1.25" Spacer For Use With The Sti-9105$14.31Details
218133Seco-LarmMVDV11011RQAdditional Active Vga Receiver For Use W$72.16Details
218134Seco-LarmMVDV12011QActive Vga Distributor Over Cat5E/6 With$120.27Details
261274Seco-LarmSM216QGYSurface-Mount N.C. Contac$6.50Details
285892Securitron75012075MOMRepl Four Zone Board F/24Vdc Lck$363.23Details
286002SecuritronLCP424FSecuritron Custom Locking Ctrl$598.73Details
287014Select Engineered SystemsT1HF995Basic Telephone Entry, Lcd Display, 995 Capacity,$1,290.49Details
1051587SenstarG5EM0200Flexps Circuit Card Assembly On Mounting$1,948.71Details
685534SenstarG5FG0403Flexps Two Zone Fence Protection Kit$3,663.46Details
832480ShaxonMPFF24Panel Face 24 Port F Catv Female To Fema$60.49Details
1082643Signamax0651167A10/100Baset/Tx Media Converter W/ Ethern$542.54Details
263149Silent Knight054990Replacement Part, Pc Board, For 5499 $355.97Details
221648SpaceageFE040001Remote Test For Fe50Ru Single Gang Stainless Steel$141.72Details
288079SpaceageFE100RUReflective Beam Detector 12-24Vdc$668.99Details
263697SpaceageFE50000315000 Beam Auto Align W/Prism No Cntrlr 24V Lazer$623.04Details
288082SpaceageFE500004Long Range Prism Kit/ 3$119.07Details
288083SpaceageFE5000103500 Beam Auto Align E/Control Cab W/Pri$795.96Details
263698SpaceageFE50RU160 Ft Reflective Beam Detector$512.51Details
288168SpaceageSSU01705Gl8/Xl8 Sht01 Base Rocker Sw Lamp$130.07Details
288169SpaceageSSU01802Gl8/Xl8 Sht01 Per 8 Lamps Test Audibl$26.01Details
288173SpaceageSSU01910Annunciator Led Color Change$35.93Details
263769SpaceageSSU02004Mini Annunciator Outdoor Bacbox In Blacl$92.22Details
221877SpaceageSSU0203424 V/Led Ann-Slo Wiring/ 16 Zone-Indoor-$271.10Details
296878SpaceageSSU02209Led Per 8 Adder Kit$35.70Details
263772SpaceageSSU02215Factory Lettering$84.18Details
251491SpaceageSSU02270Mini Annunciator Outdoor Cover , W/Stnd$170.07Details
221902SpaceageSSUMR201TRelay Trk 24 Vac/Dc 120 V/240 Vac 10A$15.96Details
251516SpaceageSSUMR311CRSingle Pull Dbl Throw Relay Red Cab 3Vdc$27.57Details
686998SpaceageSSUMR401CRRelay Cab Red 24Vdc/Vac 10A Dpdt Manual$39.27Details
263798SpaceageSSUMR401TRelay Trk 24Vac/Dc 120Vac 10A Dpdt Manua$27.09Details
687000SpaceageSSUMR404TRelay Trk (Q4) 24Vac/Dc 120Vac 10A Dpdt$108.77Details
221913SpaceageSSUMSKARRemote Alrm W/Red Led Key Test$32.67Details
224612SureactionP8000CComplete Sirectional Probe Sys$540.00Details
1035209Taiwan Panda InternationalHS2016NKCP01Neo Hs2016 Control Panel With Cp01 Softw$56.04Details
1045803Taiwan Panda InternationalHS2016PCBCP01Neo Hs2016 Printed Circuit Board Only Wi$46.17Details
941694Taiwan Panda InternationalHS2032NKNeo Hs2032 Control Panel In A Large Cabi$72.63Details
1012384Taiwan Panda InternationalHS2032NKCP01Neo Hs2032 Control Panel With Cp01 Softw$72.63Details
1026683Taiwan Panda InternationalHS2032PCBCP01Neo Hs2032 Printed Circuit Board Only Wi$64.09Details
1072587Taiwan Panda InternationalHS2064NKNeo Hs2064 Control Panel In A Large Cabi$94.36Details
974742Taiwan Panda InternationalHS2064NKCP01Neo Hs2064 Control Panel With Cp01 Softw$94.36Details
998236Taiwan Panda InternationalHS2064PCBCP01Neo Hs2064 Printed Circuit Board Only Wi$65.28Details
1058313Taiwan Panda InternationalHS2128NKNeo Hs2128 Control Panel In A Large Cabi$240.39Details
993848Taiwan Panda InternationalHS2128NKCP01Neo Hs2128 Control Panel With Cp01 Softw$240.39Details
1020616Taiwan Panda InternationalHS2128PCBNeo Hs2128 Printed Circuit Board Only.$161.41Details
946490Taiwan Panda InternationalHS2128PCBCP01Neo Hs2128 Printed Circuit Board Only Wi$161.41Details
927229Taiwan Panda InternationalHS2TCHPNeo 7” Touchscreen Kypd - Mutli-Lng - Wh$233.34Details
1023908Taiwan Panda InternationalKIT49514CP01*Eol* Alexor Dist Wrless Panel$312.40Details
1059724Taiwan Panda InternationalKIT49515DCP013-1-1 Plus Gsm Ethernet Alexr Wrls Pane$577.94Details
1004751Taiwan Panda InternationalKIT4951CP01Alxr Panel 3-1-1$351.45Details
1053794Taiwan Panda InternationalLC104PIMWWDig Pir/Microwave Det W/Pet Immty$49.16Details
928790Taiwan Panda InternationalLC120PIPassive Infrared Motion Detectors$25.14Details
1006902Taiwan Panda InternationalLCD4521RMALcd4521 Ul Edition 8 Rma Usa Only$58.46Details
1011135Taiwan Panda InternationalP16128NKATECDsc Astech P16128Nk$235.94Details
996000Taiwan Panda InternationalP832NKATECDsc Astech P832Nk$69.15Details
1046963Taiwan Panda InternationalPC1616NKCP016-16Z Control Panel - Large Can - Cp01$56.99Details
1028106Taiwan Panda InternationalPC1616PCB6 Zone Hybrid Control Panel Expandable T$59.04Details
981571Taiwan Panda InternationalPC1616PCBCP01Powerseries 6-16 Zone Hybrid Control Pan$59.04Details
1027397Taiwan Panda InternationalPC1616SHS**Eol**Sam-Cb-Dsc Mnting Plate$55.36Details
970660Taiwan Panda InternationalPC1616SNKCP01Powerseries 8-16 Zone Hybrid Control Pan$55.07Details
1012085Taiwan Panda InternationalPC1832NKCP018-32Z Control Panel - Large Can - Cp01$73.75Details
957029Taiwan Panda InternationalPC1832NKCULPc1832 Cul W/Cmc-1 Cabinet$116.17Details
1056267Taiwan Panda InternationalPC1832SHSPc1832Nk Control Panel With Sam-Cb-Dsc$70.22Details
1017299Taiwan Panda InternationalPC1864NK8-64Z Control Panel – Large Panel$94.42Details
1042000Taiwan Panda InternationalPC1864NKCP018-64Z Control Panel - Large Can - Cp01$94.42Details
934918Taiwan Panda InternationalPC1864PCBZone Hybrid Control Panel Exp To 64Zn$93.10Details
1006495Taiwan Panda InternationalPC4020CFPCBRMAPc4020Cf Ul Edition 8 Rma Only$125.16Details
1042174Taiwan Panda InternationalPC4020NKMaxsys 16-128 Zone Control Panel With Ca$256.91Details
946948Taiwan Panda InternationalPC4020NKSIMPLEXDsc Maxsys Control Pnl 128 Zn$267.29Details
1079878Taiwan Panda InternationalPC4020PCBDsc Pc4020 Board Only$229.70Details
1051017Taiwan Panda InternationalPC500PCBDsc Pc500 Board Only$37.45Details
952237Taiwan Panda InternationalPC5010NKCULDsc Pc5010Nkcul Commercial$110.60Details
974464Taiwan Panda InternationalPC5015PCBDsc Pc5015Pcb Pc5015 Board$74.20Details
1011720Taiwan Panda InternationalPC5020HSDsc 864 Zone Hybrid Hardwire/$89.60Details
950869Taiwan Panda InternationalPC9155CP01Stand Alone Alexor Distributed Wireless$178.19Details
1036468Taiwan Panda InternationalPL1555RKZGRDsc Pl -1555Rkz Labels For$1.52Details
945570Taiwan Panda InternationalPT4Proximity Tag Used With The Wt5500$13.50Details
1061673Taiwan Panda InternationalRFK5564ENG64Z White Na 2X16 Lcd Rf Kypd/Eng Txt Fu$154.83Details
1029858Taiwan Panda InternationalSCW457Scw9057-433 Stdalone Us$178.19Details
1056632Taiwan Panda InternationalTL260GSUSA*Eol* Gsm/Prs Dual Path Alrm Comm$247.83Details
943099Taiwan Panda InternationalWT4911B2 Way Wireless Outdoor Siren W/Blue Strb$122.75Details
1016974Taiwan Panda InternationalWT5500D2 Way Wrls Wire Free Kypd W/2X16$150.56Details
928167Taiwan Panda InternationalWT5500P2 Way Wrlss Wire-Free Kypd 2X16$157.11Details
937075Taiwan Panda InternationalZP16128NKDsc Partner Generic 16128Nk$235.94Details
933623Taiwan Panda InternationalZP16128NKCFDsc Partner Generic 16128Nkcf$341.28Details
1072085Taiwan Panda InternationalZP16128NKDICDsc P16-128Nkcf Dictograph$235.94Details
930660Taiwan Panda InternationalZP16128NKEASTDsc P16-128Nkcf East Coast Sec$235.94Details
1020188Taiwan Panda InternationalZP6BNKDsc Partner 6-32 Zone Hybrid$48.92Details
966578Taiwan Panda InternationalZP6BPCBDsc P-6Pcb Board Only$45.36Details
987259Taiwan Panda InternationalZP832NKDsc Partners Control Panel No$69.15Details
1023406Taiwan Panda InternationalZP832NKCSTDsc Partners Control Panel No$69.15Details
1022344Taiwan Panda InternationalZP832NKEASTDsc East Coast Security P832Nk$69.15Details
967943Taiwan Panda InternationalZP832NKGENESISDsc P832Nk Genesis 8 Zone Cont$69.15Details
1005881Taiwan Panda InternationalZP832NKPROTECDsc Partners Control Panel No$69.12Details
1015922Taiwan Panda InternationalZPC1555SPROCONCPTDsc Pc1555S Pc1555 Progressive$77.57Details
1081367Taiwan Panda InternationalZPC5010PCBWSSDsc Pc5010 Board Only Wss$63.94Details
1010553Taiwan Panda InternationalZPC550CENDsc Pc550 Generic 4 Zone With$75.85Details
254065Tane Alarm ProductsLMAGWHMagnet Only White Tane Met200 Alum 2 Inc$1.48Details
783674Tane Alarm ProductsMA350***Eol****$80.65Details
254079Tane Alarm ProductsSAFETYFLASHREDSafety Flasher Red, With Magnet Bases$26.85Details
226441Tane Alarm ProductsSM21WGWHClsd Lp,3" Gap,C.Sf Mnt,White$8.37Details
289660Tane Alarm ProductsSTB10PLUGBR3/8" Pre Wire Plug In Brown$0.24Details
254121Tane Alarm ProductsTV7007"Lcd Service Kits$377.28Details
289930TekToneOF202Frm 2G 17.75H 10.25W 2.5D$94.61Details
289936TekToneOH202Flsh2G 16.875"H 9.375"W3.875"D$42.35Details
254376TekTonePO402IPostal Option$52.81Details
738540TekToneTE905ANP*Eol*Entry Control Unit, No-Telepho$1,001.43Details
331498Telular / TelguardTG1XGX002Full Data Cellular Alarm Communicator. U$169.99Details
969694Transition NetworksIPOTW1052111LRTIndstrl Ethernet Extndr,(1)100Base-Tx Rj-45,(1)2$330.02Details
941264TRENDnetTEG3028428Port Web Smrt Swtch W/24Xggbt Prt/4X10G Sfp+Slot$433.77Details
994795TRENDnetTEG4012812-Prt 10G Web Smrt Swtch W/8X10 Gbase-T Port$1,628.23Details
290699TRENDnetTEG424WS24Port,10/100Mbps Web Smart Switch W/4 Gigabit Prt$143.28Details
266386TRENDnetTEG448WS48Prt,4 Mini Gbic,Smart Switch48 X Gigabit Ports$541.23Details
266391TRENDnetTEGS24DG24-Port 10/100/1000Mbps Greennet Gigabit$141.12Details
255157TRENDnetTEW637AP300Mbps Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader$46.52Details
266497Tripp LiteB0700161916 Port Netcommander 19 Vga Console Cat$1,379.58Details
228081Tripp LiteECO850LCDEco 850Va Energy-Saving 120V Standby Ups$123.20Details
290844Tripp LiteINTERNET550U550Va Standby 120V Ups W/ Usb Port$85.57Details
290960Tripp LiteSU1500RTXL2UAOn Line 1500Va Expandable Rack Mount Tower Ups$875.41Details
696659Tripp LiteSU1500RTXL2UN1500Va 1200W Ups Smart Online Rckmnt 100V-120V 2Ur$1,142.56Details
752760Tripp LiteSU2200RTXL2UN2200Va 1600W Ups Smart Online Rackmount 110V / 120$1,487.21Details
1047673United Security Products / USP714WWindow Bug Glass Break Detector - Cc &Amp; O$17.30Details
266821United Security Products / USP724WWindow Bug That Is Hg Compliant (No Mer$18.84Details
266863United Security Products / USPMC3Usp Mc-3 Single Zone, Local Al$68.63Details
255707Universal BatteryC2402Inside Siren/Rj Block And Cord/16.540Va$30.33Details
560866USA Vision Systems84IOBOX1612EUGv-Io Box 16 Port ( With Ethernet) V1.2$216.50Details
885406UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix4I4OIDFour Input Four Output Device, Addressable, Allows$68.22Details
1082161UTC / GE Secuirty / Interlogix6073401Concord Hybrid Control Panel, 8-Zone Hardwire Pane$125.97Details
833556UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixNX6FP12Nx-6 Fastpack, Includes Nx-6 Panel, Nx-1508E Sliml$156.41Details
733017UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixNX6KITLXNx-6-Kit, Includes Nx-6 Panel, Nx-108E Led Keypad$98.98Details
805041UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixNX824KITNx-8 Kit, Includes Nx-8 Panel, Nx-124E Led Keypad,$139.38Details
911372UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixNX848FPNx-8 Fastpack, Includes Nx-8 Panel, Nx-148E Lcd Ke$219.09Details
719828UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixNX8ICNx-8 Control Panel, Canada Approved, Includes Owne$85.04Details
805462UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixNX8KITLXNx-8 Kit, Includes Nx-8 Panel, Nx-108E Led Keypad$128.76Details
698081UTC / GE Security / Fiber Options / IFSD9130Rs232:Datarepeater,Laser,2 Fiber, Db25$1,264.69Details
256052Video Mount Products / VMPSCM1Suspended Ceiling Mount Kit - Incld Scfr$83.23Details
228761Videocomm TechnologiesMMRUB5824S5.8Ghz/2.4Ghz 3Db Omni-Directional Knuck$29.82Details
829755Videocomm TechnologiesSPK280X327150 Watt Solar Power Kit - Requires 3 X$3,427.80Details
291786VigitronVI24044-Port Maxiicopper Ethernet Extender Ove$634.01Details
229570VigitronVI24088-Port Maxiicopper Ethernet Extender Ove$1,034.92Details
256471Viking ElectronicsQ171270Replacement -Handset-For There Stainless Steel$120.27Details
256547Viscount Communications503172Epx 72 Line Expansion Shelf$3,059.81Details
291968Visonic0101932Power G Glassbreak Detector$133.11Details
256563Visonic23700050Plastic Neck Chain For Wt201Wp$2.46Details
229754VisonicAMBERXTRANSFORMERTransformer For Amber X$11.95Details
291985VisonicCLIPMCWPERSCurtain Detector Clip Mcw For The Amberx$84.42Details
291995VisonicGB501PG2Power G Glassbreak Detector$133.11Details
292036VisonicPLASTICNECKCHAINVisonic Plastic Neck Chain$2.46Details
229813VisonicPMASTER30311Power G Powermaster30 64 Zone Panel$409.79Details
780201VisonicPMPLSPO*Eol* Panel Only, Battery, Transform$200.47Details
330079VisonicPOWERMASTER30G2Powermaster 30 With Gsm$556.69Details
560739VisonicPOWERMASTER30GPG2Powermaster 30 311 Gsm Power G Powermas$556.69Details
560740VisonicPOWERMASTER30PG2Powermaster 30 311 Power G Powermaster30$409.79Details
267816VisonicPOWERMAXPRO211GSMKITPwrmax Pro(315)211&Amp;Tags Gsm Enrl.Kit$417.51Details
267824VisonicREALALARM15Pmaster-10(915-0:Any)Usa Ra Kit$595.36Details
704150Winsted Manufacturing57580Marmoleum For Cpu Can 56220$137.58Details
292828Winsted Manufacturing5758115 Degree 22 3/4 Inch Deep Marmoleum Wrksurface$162.11Details
329732Winsted Manufacturing5758345 Deg 22-3/4"D Marmoleum Ws$162.11Details
268617Winsted Manufacturing5758590 Deg 22-3/4" D Marmoleum Ws$162.11Details